I served on board USS Greene from January 1966 until November 1968 as the ship's Electronics Counter Measures (ECM) Officer and Communication Officer. I qualified as an Officer of the Deck for Fleet Steaming and served in Viet Nam. USS Greene gave me the opportunity to circumnavigate the world, transit both the Suez and Panama Canals, cross the Equator and International Date Line and visit countries around the world. What an experience for a young person!

USS Greene was my home and passage to a larger world then I had known existed. She was a "window to the world" and was a teacher of responsibility, trust, respect and friendships that have lasted over the years. The lessons learned in those early years have served me well in my career and personal life.

The 50th Reunion of USS Greene demonstrated the need for a brief but comprehensive history of the ship on which all hands had served. I decided that a review of collected OPNAV Reports could yield this result. Along with the help and recollections of many shipmates this report was complied. I owe a special debt of gratitude to William Gost who added many editorial comments.

Few recollections overcome the hazards of sentimentality. Nostalgia produces its own share of emotions and sensations, especially when applied to military service. Clear-sightedness about the past requires ample measures of understanding and above all truth. I trust that these virtues are reflected in this history.

Hopefully you will enjoy reading about your time and the history you made on board USS Greene . I have no apprehensions nor regrets in feeling a lasting gratitude about the time I spent on board the destroyer USS Eugene A. Greene (DD-711).

Robert J. Clark