All Hands,


March 2008 was a pretty good month for DD850 in furthering our progress towards overhauling this ship to its late 1960s/early 70s appearance.   As always, volunteers provide the backbone of the manpower to preserve this last Gearing class destroyer that is still associated with the United States Navy.   The fruits of our labor during the past 7 years are really starting to show as a good deal of our compartments accurately represent the 1960s and early 70s USN to the public.  We still have a long way to go to finish the job but the path is certainly the right one.


March mini field day




Owen Hayes (USS Waldron DD699)
Maury Crotteau (USS Harwood DD861)
Jim Mulvihill (USS Waldron DD699)
Al Lungstren (USS John Paul Jones DD932)
Bobby Young (USS Patterson FF-1061)
Mike Angelini (USS J.P. Kennedy Jr. DD850) 
Don Furlong
Bob Washburn (USS William R. Rush DD714)

Steve Whynot (USS Trippe FF-1075)

Rich O'Connor (USS Vesole DD878)

Bob Sipos (USS Fred T Berry DD858)

Jim Caruso
NAPS students
Dave Stawicki (Museum Employee)

Rich Angelini
Projects and museum support undertaken during the field day included:

-- The missing bulletin board, fire wand, 1.5" sea strainer, and a spanner wrench were installed and secured in the recently painted FOX Division berthing to give this space a more authentic look.  Labels and signage were cleaned as we continue to finalize the detailing of this berthing area which is used for Boy Scout overnights.  It was also noted that the location for Petty Officer lockers is such that we can install one for restoration purposes without hindering overnight guests.  (Don Furlong, Rich Angelini, Mike Angelini, Jim Caruso)

-- An in depth scrapping and wash down of the scullery passageway was completed to prepare the area for painting.  It is hoped that the scullery and associated passageway will be sprayed in April. (Bob Washburn, NAPS)

-- A new door knob,  locking mechanism from USS Des Moines,  and a se rvice tray from USS Puget Sound were installed on the door to the ET shop after work was done to drill out a riveted plate that hindered the original "Dutch" door. (Steve Whynot)


-- Scraping and prepping continued in the BOSN locker to prepare it for painting.  The hope is to have it sprayed within the coming month.  (Bobby Young, NAPS) 


-- Outlet covers, light fixture enclosures, and switch covers were installed in the BOSN Locker along with cleaning up of loose wiring.  This area of the ship has not been restored and has not been painted since at least the mid-80s.   (Gene Byers, Jim Caruso)


-- The counter, dish racks, and the equipment in the WR Pantry have been detailed and cleaned.  This space is just about ready for final display.  (Rich O'Connor)

-- Electronics repairs in the ET Shop. (Maury Crotteau, Jim Mulvihill)

-- General electrical repairs, bulb and starter changes, etc. (Owen Hayes)


-- Removed and secured rare and valuable historic items from the Bridge in preparation for the Independent film being shot aboard KENNEDY on 16-18 March.  Also, weekly caretaking of this almost completed space. (Al Lundgren)


Weekly Projects


As you will see below,  the work in the Bridge is winding down as that space nears completion while our momentum grows in the Combat Information Center.

-- Moving ahead with the radar repeater restoration by Bob Ledux (USAF), one of the recently acquired SPA-25 repeaters from USS Puget Sound has been powered up and is sweeping in CIC!  New volunteer, Larry Ransom (EM, USS Beatty DD756) traced the power source and we are excited that this equipment is going live.  Welcome aboard Larry and your grandson Gary!


-- The lighting circuits in CIC are being traced out and fixed so that white lights or red lights come on according to the switch indicator.  (Larry Ransom, Owen Hayes)


-- The power and signal sources for the SPA-4 radar repeater in CIC have been traced and readied for hookup.  (Maury Crotteau, Bob Ledux, Harry Miller -USS Norris DD859)


-- Signage and various covers in the BOSN locker and Windlass Equipment room area are being detailed for display.  (Jim Mulvihill)


-- The deck in the WR Pantry has been prepared and completed.  The placement of artifacts for display is just about complete.  A Steward's serving jacket and an apron from the late 60s are being washed for display in this space.   The WR Pantry is expected to be completed by no later than mid-April. (Rich Angelini)


-- A fire wand, 1.5" sea strainer, spanner wrench, and a bulletin board have all been painted during the detailing of Fox Division.  The first coat of white paint was applied to the interior of the main passageway access hatch and the emergency scuttle to the CPO Head.  A new USN style door knob has been installed on the SONAR Equipment Room door to make the space more cosmetically appealing.  It is hoped to complete the detailing of Fox Division by the end of April.  (Rob Angelini, Tim Conrad)


-- The deck of the Bridge has been painted with a second coat and this space is now ready for all the final touches.  The newly refreshed and accurately restored Bridge should officially be complete by the end of April-- with a sweeping Radar repeater!  (Al Lundgren, Bobby Young)


-- The Bridge interior passageway or foyer area has received its first coat of white paint.  It is hoped to get a second coat in this entry way in the next few weeks and have the whole area restored by the end of April.  (Don Furlong, Bobby Young)


-- The correct reduction gear thermometers that KENNEDY carried in the late 60s and early 70s were acquired from USS Des Moines.  The process of cleaning and installing them in the Aft Engine Room has begun.  (Mike Angelini)



Recent Donations:


Thanks go out to the following individuals for their recent contributions to support  USS J.P. Kennedy Jr. DD850.  Every contribution is very much appreciated.  Without your support, we will not be able to acquire the equipment missing from DD850 or complete the major restoration projects that this last USN Gearing class destroyer needs to accurately represent the men who rode these ships.


1.  Ned Dodds (USS Cone DD866) -- $10,000 donation towards the acquisition of authentic equipment and artifacts associated with Gearing class destroyers.  With this donation,  Ned has lifetime visitation to our museum and USS J.P. Kennedy Jr. DD850.  Ned also plans to join in our ship activities when he can.


2.  Len Barrett (USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr DD850) -- Financial donation towards the acquisition of equipment to enhance restoration projects.  Len was a crewmember on KENNEDY in the early 1960s and worked in CIC and has supported our strip trip and research activities aboard.  This contribution will support the restoration of his duty station aboard DD850.


3. Dan Davis (USS Arnold Isbell DD869) -- Dan has recently donated his original inflatable life vest that he used on DD869 and the original large Holiday Ensign flown in the early 70s.  These will be a great addition and the life vest will go in our restored CIC when completed as Dan was a OS on DD869.


4. Dave Hood (USS McKean DD784) -- Dave has donated his original foul weather USN rain suit rubberized canvas coat and bib overalls for lookouts that he had while aboard DD784.  This suit will go on display in the restored Bridge to represent the lookouts who stood watches on both Bridge wings.


5.  USS Perry DD844 artifacts -- The museum recently acquired the original Wardroom clock and lead Quartermaster's binoculars.  Both of these items were removed from DD844 upon decommissioning.  The clock is now on display as "The" wardroom clock on DD850 while the binoculars are on display in the restored Chart Room.


6.  Dan Pillie (USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr DD850) -- Dan sent us photos of DD850 during her last cruise in 1972 when he was stationed aboard and many showed great detail for restoration purposes.  Of note is the last known photo taken of Fox Division , which  we are currently restoring.


1. The April mini field day is coming. The dates are 18-19-20 April. Please let us know if you plan to attend.

2. We will have a ALL Hands meeting on Saturday 19, April at 1215 to discuss ship projects, business, and news.


Join the effort...Please consider helping KENNEDY in any manner you can..history and this ship depend on YOU.

Fair winds and following seas,
Rich Angelini
Assistant Curator, USS JOSEPH P KENNEDY JR DD850