Memorabilia sent in by our members

Ad from early '50's Havana Express featuring One-Eyed Indian
San Miguel Beer coaster
Tiger Beer bottle opener
Tattoo Jerry

DesRon 6
USS Champlin (DD-601)
USS Higbee (DD-806)
USS Leonard F. Mason (DD-852)
USS Warrington (DD-843)

Bumper Stickers
USS Arthur W. Radford (DD-968)
The Australian Bicentenary (1788-1988)
USS Aylwin (FF-1081)
USS Biddle (CG-34)
USS Coontz (DDG-40)
USS Dewey (DDG-45)
USS Farragut (DDG-37)
USS John Hancock (DD-981)
USS Kalamazoo (AOR-6)
USS La Moure County (LST-1194)
USS Lawrence (DDG-4)
USS Leftwich (DD-984)
USS Mobile Bay (CG-53)
USS Peterson (DD-969)
USS Savannah (AOR-4)
USS Scott (DDG-995)
USS Sunbird (ASR-15)
USS Willamette (AO-180)
USS Willamette (AO-180)

Business Cards
Neptune Bar & Night Club (Hong Kong Circa 1966)
Susie Wong Bar
Tsui Wai Tailor (Hong Kong Circa 1966)
Arizona Bar & Night Club
White Horse Bar
New Tokyo Bar & Night Club
King Star Restaurant & Bar

Armed Forces Liberty Card May 17, 1961
Domain of the Golden Dragon Wallet Card
Liberty Card Issued 1-15-47
USS Lynde McCormick (DDG-8) ID Card Sticker
A Trusty Shellback and Flying Dragon Wallet Card from 7 May 1947
USS Samuel N. Moore (DD-747) Christening Invitation June 24, 1944.
USS Lowry (DD-770) Commissioning Invitation
USS Morton (DD-948) Commissioning Invitation
USS Puget Sound (AD-38) Commissioning Cover
USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. (DD-850 Commissioning Program
USS Eugene A. Greene (DDR-711) Commissioning Ceremony Program
USS Harmon (DE-678) Commissioning Program
USS Willis A. Lee (DL-4) Commissioning Cover
USS John S. McCain (DL-3/DDG-36) Commissioning and Decommissioning info
USS John R. Craig (DD-885) Decommissioning Invitation
USS Charles P. Cecil Decommissioning Ceremony Cover
USS Decatur (DDG-31) Decommissioning Booklet Cover
USS Lockwood (FF-1064) Decommissioning Program Cover
USS Morton (DD-948) Recommissioning Program Cover
USS Eugene A. Greene (DDR-711) European Cruise 1955
USS Frontier (AD-25) Dance Program, 1946
Subic Bay Enlisted Men's Club Ticket Stub
USS Decatur (DDG-31) Change of Command 1983 Booklet Cover
USS George K. MacKenzie (DD-836) Change of Command Ceremony Booklet 10/19/1973
USS Gurke (DD-783) Change of Command Program 1958
USS Morton (DD-948) Change of Command Program Cover
USS Antietam (CG-54) Change of Command Booklet Cover 1 October 2008
USS Gurke (DD-783) Welcome Aboard
ROKS PUSAN (DD-93) ex USS Hickox (DD-673) Welcome Aboard Program
USS Gearing (DD-710) Armed Forces Day Welcome Aboard Program 1958
USS Gherardi stamp authorized by the US Postal Service to commemorate the "Unknown" USS Gherardi Sailor
USS Eugene A. Greene (DD-711) Launching Button Marching 18, 1945
USS Kendrick (DD-612) Launching Ribbon
USS Laub (DD-613) Launching Ribbon)
USS Harwood (DD-861) Launch Invitation
USS Gherardi (DD-637) and USS Butler (DD-636) and Launching announcement and launching envelope
USS Preston (DD-795) Plan of the Day


Christmas Menus
USS Bulmer (DD-222) 1938
USS Eugene A. Greene (DD-711)
USS Hamilton (DD-141) 1938
USS Lawrence (DD-250) 1927
USS Henderson (DD-785)
USS Lowry (DD-770) 1951
USS Rupertus (DD-851) 1969
USS Saufley (DD-465) Christmas 1944 and Thanksgiving 1943


Christmas Cards
Asiatic Fleet
DesRon 16
USS Howard (DMS-7)
USS Bulmer (DD-222)
USS Cotten (DD-669) 1958-59
USS English (DD-696)
USS Forrest Sherman (DD-931) 1955
USS Frank E. Evans (DD-754)
USS Goodrich (DD-831) Circa 1952
USS Noa (DD-841)
USS Orleck (DD-886) 1947
USS Putnam (DD-757)
USS Richmond K. Turner (DLG-20)
USS Sims


Cruise Book Covers
USS Charles P. Cecil (DD-835)
USS Leonard F. Mason (DD-852)
USS Lansing (DER-388)
USS Meredith (DD-890)
USS Nicholas (DD-449)


Master At Arms
Master at Arms Badges
Master at Arms Badge
USS Charles H. Roan (DD-853)
USS Charles P. Cecil (DD-835)
USS Dewey (DLG-14)
USS Eugene A. Greene (DD-711)
USS George K. MacKenzie (DD-836)
USS Henley (DD-762)
USS John R. Pierce (DD-753)
Master at Arms Sleeve Band
USS William M. Wood (DD-715)




Des Div 41
Des Div 42
Newport, RI Navy Piers 1 & 2 and Barracks "C" Training Station
US Naval Station Treasure Island
USS Buchanan (DDG-14) "Over the Hump" from 1984-85 Westpac
USS Charles P. Cecil (DD-835)
USS Dahlgren (DLG-12)
USS Davidson (DE-1045)
USS Eugene A. Greene (DD-711)
USS Eugene A. Greene (DDR-711)
USS George K. MacKenzie (DD-836)
USS Hammerberg (DE-1015)
USS Ingersoll (DD-652) Circa 1952-54
USS W.S. Sims (1971-1977)
USS W.S. Sims (1978)
Great Lakes Training Center
Great Lakes Training Center Set 2
Great Lakes Training Center Set 3


Signal Flags
U.S. Navy Signal Flags


Thanksgiving Menus
USS Bulmer (DD-222) 1938
USS Gurke (DD-783) 1956 and 1959
USS Eugene A. Greene (DD-711)
USS Charles P. Cecil (DD-835) 1965
USS Hamilton (DD-141) 1938
USS Henderson (AP-1) 1942
USS Lowry (DD-770) 1961
USS Saufley (DD-465) Christmas 1944 and Thanksgiving 1943 Menus


1958 Clothing and Small Stores Price List
Auto detail work highlighting USS Hanson
Basic Military Requirements Training Book-cover
Boatswain's Mate 3 & 2 Class Petty Officer Book--cover
Certificate of Participation Quarantine of Cuba
Cerveza Beer Labe
Coffee mugs
ComDesRon 20 Deployment Performance
Dog Tags
E.M. Club Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 1960s
Enlisted Leave Authorization
TCS sign for car rear window
License plates
USS Aaron Ward (DM-34) Anchor
USS Caperton (DD-650) confidential letterhead
USS Caron (DD-970) Mug
USS Charles K. Bronson (DD-668) Cribbage Board
USS Charles P. Cecil (DD-835) Check-in Sheet
USS Charles P. Cecil (DD-835) Performance Commendation
USS "Cloud" (DD-84) ship model
USS Delphy (DD-261) Damaged Screw
Desron 22 Key Fob from 1940s
USS George K. MacKenzie (DD-836) Model
USS Forrest Sherman CPO Ashtray
Go Navy! Pennant
Hong Kong Comb
Japanese Flag from WWII
Mail Clerk Identification
Navy Mother Banner
Navy Pay Receipt
Operation Crossroads--The Atomic Bomb Test (DD-835)
Pay rates from Navy Occupational Handbook 1959
Popeye the Sailorman Collection
Seaman Naval Training Course
USS Overton Pennant
USS Philip Ship's Position Slip 12/25/1952
Shore Patrol Armband
USS Eugene A. Green (DD-711) Transfer to Spain
USS Everett F. Larson (DD-830) Plan of the Day
USS Gainard (DD-706) Unit Commendation Letter
USS Greenwood (DE-679) ID Tag
USS Higbee (DDR-806) Letterhead
USS Hobby (DD-610) Memorabilia
USS Hollister (DD-788) Night Order
USS Kenneth D. Bailey (DD/DDR-713) watercolor
USS MacDonough Drawing
USS Marshall (DD-676) Ship's History Navy Day October 27, 1945
USS McKean (DD-784) Plan of the Day
USS Nicholas (DD-449) News Article
USS Orleck (DD-866) Flat Hat
USS Richmond K. Turner (DLG-20) Challenge Coin
USS Saufley (DD-465) Ship's Dance 1946
Seth Thomas Navy Clock
USS Preston (DD-795) Letterhead
USS Stack (DD-406) Oil painting
US Navy Knives
Wall Displays
WWII Flat Hat
WWII V-Mail Letter Form
USS Bridgeport (AD-10) Football Team taken in 1917
USS Arkansas (BB-33) July 4th Menu
USS William R. Rush (DD-714) Buz Sawyer Cartoon
Vigilance Magazine Cover February 1973