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(Last updated 4/20/2016)


20 April  USS Momsen Departs on Pacific Surface Action Group Deployment
20 April  USS Stockdale Conducts Trilateral PASSEX Allied Navies
18 April  Photo of the Day (Pearl Harbor April 5, 2016)
18 April  Stout Powers Through Small Boat Drill
18 April  Third Illicit arms shipment in Recent Weeks Seized in Arabian Sea
24 Feb DNU Selective Reenlistment Bonus Changes. Military Saves Week Kicks off. West Coast Premier Naval Conference and Exposition "West 2016" (Video)
24 Feb USS Milwaukee Arrives in Mayport
24 Feb Photo of the Day (Philippine Sea Feb. 23, 2016)
24 Feb Photo of the Day (Philippine Sea Feb. 23, 2016)
27 Oct Photo of the Day (East China Sea Oct. 23, 2015)
27 Oct Photo of the Day (Pearl Harbor Oct. 23, 2015)
6 Oct Photo of the Day (San Diego Oct. 2, 2015)
5 Oct Cybersecurity: All Hands on Deck
5 Oct Document: Report to Congress on Navy Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense
5 Oct Naval Shipyards, Private Yards Collaborating to Manage Workload Peaks and Valleys
5 Oct Opinion: Finding Common Interest with the Russians in Syria
5 Oct Video: F-35C Joint Strike Fighter Makes Rainy Day Landing on Carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower
28 Sept Report: Chinese Complete Runway on Reclaimed South China Sea Island
28 Sept Destroyer USS Carney Arrives in Rota Competing European Ballistic Missile Defense Quartet
25 Sept Marine Leaders Discuss Innovative Ideas For Procuring, Fielding New Programs
25 Sept Document: Report to Congress on Gaps in U.S. Coast Guard History
25 Sept France to Sell Mistral Amphibs to Egypt
25 Sept Navy Set to Install Hybrid Electric Drives in Destroyer Fleet Starting Next Year
24 Sept Photo of the Day (Waters off the Coast of Japan Sept. 18, 2015)
24 Sept Photo of the Day (Atlantic Ocean Sept. 21, 2015)
24 Sept Photo of the Day (South China Sea Sept. 17,2015)
18 Sept USS William P. Lawrence Honors Fallen with 9/11 Memorial Ceremony
15 Sept Photo of the Day (Yorktown, VA  Sept. 11, 2015)
15 Sept Photo of the Day (Atlantic Ocean Sept. 13, 2015)
20 Aug 15 Sailors are reminded each day to practice OPSEC, here are five tips to help protect you and your command. (Video)
20 Aug 15 Congratulations of Chief selectees. Admiral John Richardson confirmed at next CNO. New maternity leave policy released. (Video)
20 Aug 15 Icon of POW Studies and Treatment Dies at 97
20 Aug 15 ONR Scientist Awarded for "Game-Changing" Research on Wireless Network
20 Aug 15 Developing the Sonar Technician Surface Combat Systems Training Continuum
20 Aug 15 Richard Confirmed as next CNO
20 Aug 15 Senate Confirms Richardson, Neller for Top Navy, Marine Jobs
20 Aug 15 Document: Report to Congress on Navy Ship Naming Conventions
20 Aug 15 USS The Sullivans Only Requires $100K in Repairs Following July Missile Failure
20 Aug 15 Hollande: France Will Have "No Difficulty" Finding Mistral Buyers
20 Aug 15 Photo of the day (Pacific Ocean August 4, 2015)
20 Aug 15 Photo of the day (Surabaya, Indonesia August 5, 2015)
20 Aug 15 Phishing is one of the most common techniques used to illegally obtain personal information. (Video)
20 Aug 15 The Purple Heat is one of the most recognized medals awarded to service members. (Video)
20 Aug 15 Week in Review August 1st - August 7th, 2015. A look back at your navy in Action. Photos and video submitted by the Fleet. Submit your photo via (Video)
20 Aug 15 U.S. Navy's Electromagnetic Aircraft launch System, EMALS is the launch system of choice for all future Ford-class aircraft carriers. EMALS technology permits a high degree of computer control, monitoring and automation. (Video)
20 Aug 15 GTMO's Commanding Officer Addresses Health Concern
20 Aug 15 Largest Destroyer Squadron Changes Command
20 Aug 15 Religious Ministry Professionals and RPs Prepare to Serve in the Fleet
20 Aug 15 George Washington to Arrive in San Diego, Three Carrier Swap Continues
20 Aug 15 Naval Station Norfolk's 46th Commanding Officer Takes Charge
20 Aug 15 Carrier Strike Group 2 Holds Change of Command
20 Aug 15 FEMA Sends USS Ashland, Marines to Provide Typhoon Soudelor Relief to Saipan
03 Aug 15 "On a Mission to Defend Freedom" - USS John Warner is Commissioned
03 Aug 15 Document: CNO Nominee Adm. Richardson Answers to Senate Advance Questions
03 Aug 15 CNO Nominee Richardson: Ford Carrier Cost Growth 'Unacceptable'
03 Aug 15 Marines Declare Initial Operational Capability on F-35B Joint Strike Fighter
03 Aug 15 Photo of the Day (Washington July 29, 2015)
03 Aug 15 Photo of the Day (Fargo, ND July 26, 2015)
03 Aug 15 Artifacts from the CSS Georgia recovered from Savannah Harbor. Georgia. (Video)
03 Aug 15 lS2 Randall Smith laid to rest. New medical education program for enlisted personnel. Feds Feed Families needs your help. (Video)
03 Aug 15 International Internship Strengthens Naval Bonds
03 Aug 15 Powerful Patents: Navy Outranks All Government Agencies in Yearly Report
03 Aug 15 RFID Reduces Inventory Tie Aboard Littoral Combat Ship
03 Aug 15 PCNO Opening Statement
03 Aug 15 Surface to Surface Missile Test for LCS Successful
03 Aug 15 Naval Weapons Station Yorktown Birthday Reflects on the Broad History of the Installation
03 Aug 15 Navy Recruit Graduation: July 31, 2015
03 Aug 15 Seven Decades of Naval Innovation: The Office of Naval Research
31 July 15 Vice Adm. Grosklags Nominated to Serve As Next NAVAIR Commander
31 July 15 LCS Mine Countermeasures Package Final Evaluation Delayed Due To Reliability Concerns
31 July 15 U.S. Navy Lessons from Libya Informed Australian EA-18G Growler Modifications
31 July 15 LCS anti-Sub Warfare package Too Heavy; 3 Contracts Issued for Weight Reduction Study
31 July 15 Powerful Patents: Navy Outranks All Government Agencies in Yearly Report
31 July 15 PCNO Opening Statement
30 July 15 Eye on the Fleet - U.S, Navy Photo of The Day
30 July 15 The fire that changed how the Navy trains for firefighting and response. (Video)
30 July 15 Vice Admiral Nora Tyson makes history. 4,100 Sailors to put no anchors. Annual National Naval Officer Association professional Development and Training Conference kicked off. (Video)
30 July 15 National Naval Aviation Museum Ensures USS Forrestal "Trail by Fire" Accident is Forever Remembered
30 July 15 Students Race Robot Submarines in 'Back to the Future'-Themed Competition
30 July 15 Navy Announces Command Senior Chief Rating
29 July 15 Panel: Pentagon's Future Vertical Lift Program Should Form Detailed CONOPS Sooner Than F-35 Did
29 July 15 Mabus: Adversaries Showing Interest in Directed Energy; Navy needs to Move Faster
29 July 15 Opinion: Sub Discovery Media Storm Highlights Tensions Between Russia and the West
29 July 15 Navy Pursuing Upgraded Railgun, Higher-Power laser Gun by 2020
29 July 15 Photo of the Day (Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. July 28, 2015)
29 July 15 Randall Smith Laid to Rest
29 July 15 Photo of the Day (Chattanooga, Tenn. July 26,2015)
29 July 15 Document: Naval Postgraduate School Study on U.S. Navy Strategy Development
29 July 15 Last West Coast Frigate USS Gary Decommissioned Before Sale to Taiwan
29 July 15 Document: Letter to Newport News Shipbuilding Employees on Anticipated Layoffs
29 July 15 1,500 Layoffs Planned for Newport News Shipbuilding
29 July 15 Director James Cameron's Deepsea Challenger Submarine Scorched in Truck Fire
29 July 15 US, Singapore Navies Complete Complex training, Achieve New Milestones During CARAT 2015
29 July 15 US 3rd Fleet Holds Change of Command Ceremony
29 July 15 USS Lassen Completes Successful At-Sea Phase of CARAT Singapore 2015
29 July 15 NAVSUP FLC Bahrain Test Off-Ship Bill Pay for Husbanding Services
29 July 15 Fitzgerald Implements SECNAV's New Initiative During a Darwin Port Visit
29 July 15 Photo of the Day (Pacific Ocean July 28, 2015)
29 July 15 U.S. and Republic of Singapore Navies complete CARAT 2015. USS Gary decommissioned after 31 years of service. The SAPR office wants you to know about consent.
29 July 15 Outstanding: Navy Reservist On the Cutting Edge of Science and Technology
29 July 15 Navy Restricts Use of 'A Number' of SM-2 Missiles Following USS The Sullivans Launch Failure
29 July 15 Document: Memo to Establish Task Force 64 in U.S. 6th Fleet
29 July 15 Navy Creates New Ballistic Missile and Air Defense Task Force for Europe
29 July 15 SECNAV Mabus Names Ship After Home of National Baseball Hall of Fame
29 July 15 USS Porter Arrives in Haifa, Israel
29 July 15 Central, South America Partners Gather for PANAMAX
24 July 15 US, Singapore Navies Complete Complex Training, Achieve New Milestones During CARAT 2015
24 July 15 Final West Coast Frigate, USS Gary, Decommissioned
24 July 15 USNS Spearhead, SPS-JHSV 2015 Complete Fleet Experimentation Period Two
24 July 15 SUPSALV Supports CSS Georgia Recover Operations
24 July 15 Document: Nominee Lt. Gen. Neller's Answers to Senate Advance Questions
24 July 15 Sen. Gardner: Administration Unwilling to 'Name Names' in Cyber Security Breaches
24 July 15 Neller Addresses F-35, Operations In Iraq During SASC Nomination Hearing
24 July 15 China Commissions Second Advanced Destroyer
24 July 15 Eye on the Fleet - U.S. Navy Photo of the Day
24 July 15 2015 Military Times service members honored. ONR sponsors robo boat competition. Fabrication starts on future. USS Delbert D. Black (Video)
24 July 15 USS Donald Cook Begins Third Rotational Patrol in U.S. 6th Fleet
24 July 15 Undersea Rescue Command Completed ORE; U.S. navy Returns to Deep Sea Rescue
24 July 15 EOD Techs Recover Sunken CSS Georgia
24 July 15 Diving Into History: The Archaeological Team
23 July 15 Navy to Invest Up to $1.43 Billion to Support Unmanned Mine Countermeasures Vehicles
23 July 15 Destroyer USS The Sullivans Damaged After Missile Explodes After Launch, No Injuries Reported
23 July 15 Boeing Plans to Keep Super Hornet Line Open After Positive Signs From Congress, International Customers
23 July 15 Vic. Adm. James Caldwell Nominated To Be Next Naval Reactors Director
23 July 15 Eye on the Fleet - U.S. Navy Photo of the Day
23 July 15 Details on the Navy's new extended maternity leave policy. (Video)
23 July 15 USNS Impeccable rescues fishermen. CNO releases annual navigation plan. (Video)
23 July 15 Naval Service Training Command Changes Command
23 July 15 Higgins to Provide Maritime Security in the Indo-Asia-Region
23 July 15 New IDWO Instruction Released
23 July 15 Combat Camera Deploys in Support of Southern Partnership
23 July 15 Photo of the Day (Atlantic Ocean, July 22, 2015)
23 July 15 Photo of the Day (South China Sea, July 21, 2015)
23 July 15 Photo of the Day (South China Sea, July 20, 2015)
23 July 15 Statement by Rear Adm. Jackson during July 22 Chattanooga Law Enforcement Press Conference
22 July 15 Photo of the Day (Pearl Harbor, July 21, 2015)
22 July 15 Photo of the Day (Indian Ocean July 19, 2015)
22 July 15 Photo of the Day (Klaipeda, Lithuania July 18, 2015)
22 July 15 Document: Chief of Naval Operations' Navigation Plan
22 July 15 India Asks International Defense Firms for Help With New Aircraft Carrier Design
22 July 15 Navy Building Massive Virtual Air and Sea Combat Training Center
22 July 15 Eye on the Fleet - U.S. Navy Photo of The Day
22 July 15 PCU Little Rock Christened in Marinette, Wisconsin (Video)
22 July 15 US 3rd Fleet Participates in Talisman Sabre 2015
22 July 15 USS Theodore Roosevelt Hosts CSG12 Change of Command
22 July 15 Future USS Delbert D. Black (DDG-119) begins Fabrication
22 July 15 CNO Releases Annual Navigation Plan
21 July 15 PACFLT Commander Reaffirms US and ROK Navy Alliance
21 July 15 Fitzgerald's ADEX Improves Readiness During Talisman Sabre 2015
21 July 15 USS Mustin Joins Forces with New Zealand During Talisman Sabre
21 July 15 Preble, Fitzgerald Enjoy Australian Culture In Darwin
21 July 15 USS Kauffman Conducts Exchange With Ecuador
21 July 15 USS Porter Leaves Black Sea, Rota Destroyer USS Ross Returns From 4 Month Patrol
21 July 15 Analysis: Growing the Philippines South China Sea Outpost
21 July 15 Lockheed Martin to Buy Sikorsky, Including Navy's MH-60 Line, For $9 Billion
21 July 15 Document: Report to Congress on U.S. Response to Armed Conflict in Syria
21 July 15 Video: Lockheed Martin Launches Littoral Combat Ship Little Rock
20 July 15 Update on the July 16, 2015 Navy Operational Support Center shooting Incident
20 July 15 PCU Little Rock Christening and Launch
20 July 15 Little Rock, Big Ship: Newest LCS Follows in the Wake of World War II Cruiser
20 July 15 Statement by Rear Adm. Mary M. Jackson at the City of Chattanooga's Vigil
17 July 15 A Statement from Chief of Navy Reserve Vice Adm. Robin R. Braun Regarding the Events at Navy Operational Support Center Chattanooga
17 July 15 Photo of the Day (Chattanooga Tenn. July 16, 2015)
17 July 15 Panel: Putin Surprised By E.U., U.S. Unity on Ukraine Issue
17 July 15 Document: Report to Congress on Iran Sanctions
17 July 15 Davis: F-35Bs, Aviation Combat Elements Have 'Tremendous Capability for Growth'
17 July 15 UPDATED: Four Marines Dead in Chattanooga Shooting, Three Injured
17 July 15 Britain's Top Admiral: U.S. U.K Planning for 'Closer and Stronger' Naval Alliance
17 July 15 French May Certify MV-22 for Flight Deck Operations on Mistral-Class Amphibs
17 July 15 Export Panel Bullish on Iran Nuclear Deal
17 July 15 Delays in Zumwalt Destroyer Program hamper Production of DDG-51s at Bath Iron Works
17 July 15 Pacific Partnership assists more than 6,000 patients during Papua New Guinea mission stop. Sailor uses Navy firefighting skills off day to put out fire. FFG 59 returns from Operation Martillo. (Video)
17 July 15 USS Lassen, USS Fort Worth Complete First combined South China Sea Operations
17 July 15 CNP Visits Coronado Sailors
17 July 15 FY-16 Senior Enlisted Continuation Board Postponed Until December
17 July 15 US Navy Confirms Report of Shooting at Building in Chattanooga, Tenn.
17 July 15 Photo of the Day (San Diego July 15,2015
17 July 15 Photo of the Day (London July, 15,2015)
17 July 15 SECNAV Statement on Shooting in Chattanooga, TN
15 July 15 YOUR Navy Operating Forward - Timor Sea, Indian ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Egypt
15 July 15 DoD's Personnel Overhaul and What it Means for the Navy
15 July 15 Farragut Departs Abu Dhabi
14 July 15 Opinion: Russia, Middle East Will Define NATO's Emerging Maritime Century
14 July 15 USS Kauffman Returns from Final U.S. Frigate Deployment
14 July 15 Document: Overview of Congressional Defense Acquisition Reform
14 July 15 F-35B Begins New 'Operational Readiness Inspection' this Week Before IOC Decision
14 July 15 Photo of the Day (Alexandria, Egypt July 12, 2015)
14 July 15 More Than Just A Dot
14 July 15 Sailors kick the habit with smoking cessation. (Video)
14 July 15 Updates to eDivo app. Applications for Federal Executive Fellowship and Politico-Military Master's Program now being accepted. DDG 79 returns from independent deployment. (Video)
14 July 15 USS Kauffman Returns Home
14 July 15 Coronado Navy League Adopts USS Coronado
14 July 15 Command Master Chief of USS Pinckney Relieved
13 July 15 Sailors and Marines Enhance Partnership With Singapore Armed Forces During 21st CARAT Exercise.
13 July 15 Okinawa Governor Expected to Reverse Approval for Futenma Replacement
13 July 15 Navy Issues RFP for Oilers and LHA-8 to NASSCO, Ingalls
13 July 15 Document: Report to Congress on W.S. Coast Guard Cutter Procurement
10 July 15 USS Lassen Promotes Maritime Security in South China Sea
10 July 15 USS Oscar Austin Returns Home
10 July 15 Pacific Partnership 2015's "Weapon" System"
10 July 15 Your Navy Operating Forward - South Coral Sea, Arabian Gulf. Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea
10 July 15 From Freedom to Fort Worth - A Decade as a LCS Sailor
10 July 15 George Washington: Living his Legacy
10 July 15 The Navy's fleet-wide active shooter drills help Sailors prepare for the worst. (Video)
10 July 15 Master Chief Petty Office of the Navy Mike Stevens spoke to Sailors during a visit to Fleet Activites Yorkosuka (Video)
10 July 15 ASWEX Promotes Stability, Security During Talisman Sabre
10 July 15 Carrier USS George Washington Joins Talisman Saber 2015 Exercise
10 July 15 Essay: China's Submarine Solution for the Taiwan Strait
10 July 15 Document: Report to Congress on U.S. 2015 National Security Strategy
10 July 15 Pentagon Praises U.K. Commitment to NATO Defense Spending Target
10 July 15 Rear Adm. Jabaley to Serve as Program Executive Officer for Submarines
10 July 15 Navy Lifts Moratoriums on Recovery of Submerged Large Artifacts: Permitting Regime Still Applies
10 July 15 GWCSG Improves Combat Efficiency With Dynamic War-at-Sea Exercise During Talisman Sabre
10 July 15 Sailor Provided Input Provides Basis for eDIVO Mobile App's First Update
10 July 15 Photo of the Day (Mediterranean Sea July 8, 2015)
8 July 15 6 Things You Might Not Know About Talisman Sabre
8 July 15 Four NATO Ships enter Black Sea for Annual Exercise, Russian Activity on Rise in the Region
8 July 15 Document: Report to Congress on Navy Irregular Warfare and Counterterrorism Operations
8 July 15 Opinion: Are Critics Right About the Iran Nuclear Talks?
8 July 15 World's Oldest Active aircraft Carrier INS Viraat set to Be Museum Ship in India
8 July 15 Italy Issues $1.2B Contract for New Big Deck Amphibious Warship
8 July 15 Members from all military branches and countries complete in a physical challenge to promote comradery. (Video)
8 July 15 Vaping presents many dangers on its own. (Video)
8 July 15 SECNAV announces new convalescent leave policy. USNS Mercy rescues six people en route to Papua new Guinea. Update your bookmark for the NPXC website. (Video)
8 July 15 NHHC Awards Four Research Grants, Scholarships
8 July 15 Sailors, Marines Witness Rare Presentation of Texas 'Lone Star Medal of Valor'
8 July 15 College of William and Mary Digs for History at Naval Weapons Station Yorktown
8 July 15 George Washington Carrier Strike Group Kicks Off Talisman Sebre 15
8 July 15 Senior Enlisted Leaders Exchange Ideas Before Talisman Sabre 2015
8 July 15 USS Porter Participates in Exercise Breeze 2015
8 July 15 Destroyer Higgins Departs San Diego for Independent Deployment in 5th, 7th Fleets
8 July 15 Panel: U.S. Should Think Beyond North Korea to Forge Ties Between Japan and South Korea
7 July 15 Photo of the Day (Bosphorus Strait July 5, 2015)
7 July 15 Identity Theft: It can Happen to You
7 July 15 Lassen, ONI Train Together
7 July 15 USS Higgins Departs on Deployment
6 July 15 Photo Gallery: Celebrating U.S. Independence Day at Sea
6 July 15 Photo of the Day (Indian Ocean July 3, 2015)
6 July 15 Remains of Revolutionary War Schooner Presented to Navy
6 July 15 Naturalization Ceremony Held Aboard USS Midway
6 July 15 Raising the Flag: Rota Shines Red, White, Blue
6 July 15 A dumb decision in an incapacitated state takes only seconds to make, however, the effects of that decision may last a lifetime. (Video)
6 July 15 RTC's New Executive Officer Checks Aboard
6 July 15 EOD Divers Support 13th International Human-Powered Submarine Races
6 July 15 LCS Crew 106 Commissioned for Duty
6 July 15 All Clear at Washington D.C. Navy Yard
2 July 15 Photo of the Day (San Diego, Calif. July 1, 2015)
2 July 15 Photo of the Day (Arabian Gulf June 28, 2015)
2 July 15 Photo of the Day (Washington July 2, 2015)
2 July 15 MCPON's 4th of July Message
2 July 15 SECNAV Announces New Maternity Leave Policy
2 July 15 New Pacific Russian Nuclear Missile Submarine Facility Could Open by October
2 July 15 Boeing Awarded $359M for U.S., Australian P-8 Long-Lead Materials
2 July 15 Document: Report to Congress on Ohio Replacement Program
2 July 15 Lt. Gen. Robert Neller Nominated to Serve as 37th Commandant of the Marine Corps
2 July 15 US Navy Picks First Female Enlisted to Serve Aboard Submarines
2 July 15 Eye on the Fleet - U.S. Navy photo of the Day
2 July 15 Transferring to a new command with Fido and Fluffy. (Video)
2 July 15 USS Milius returns from independent deployment USNS Comfort completes nine day mission in El Salvador. USS Fort Worth participates in CARAT. (Video)
2 July 15 Navy Sailors Dies Aboard USS Essex
2 July 15 TR Carrier Strike group Completes FLEETEX
2 July 15 Gettysburg Sailors to Fire Civil War Cannons, Return Artifacts to Namesake National Park
2 July 15 First Navy Gold Star Family at Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi Honored
2 July 15 Electrical Storm Causes Personnel Systems Outage
2 July 15 Prowler Retires Following 45 Years of Naval Service
2 July 15 Five PC Ships Conduct Test and Proficiency Fire