Tin Can Sailors
Shipmate Registry

Last updated June 16, 2016 1:22 PM
All data entered in the registry as of Ocotber 17, 2016 at 11:00 AM
has been collected.  We hope to have the registry updated by the end of this week.
Thank you for your patience.

Please remember that this Registry is to assist shipmates in locating each other.
It is not to be used to obtain names and e-mail addresses for commercial efforts, other web sites, etc.

To view the data in the registry, click on the category for your ship:
DEs/FFs  |  ADs/ARs  |  Destroyer Squadrons  |  Foreign Destroyers

For a list of which ships have the most entries, click here

To add your data to the Registry, click here
(If you served aboard more than one ship, you need to do a separate entry for each ship.)

If you make an error, if your e-mail address changes, or you need to update your entry,
click here to reenter your info and we'll update it for you.

                             Due to space limitations only listings from these types of ships will be posted:
          Destroyers (DD, DDG, DM, DMS, DDE, DDR, etc.),        Frigates (FF and FFG)
          Destroyer Leaders (DL, DLG)                                      Destroyer Escorts (DE, DER, etc.)
          Destroyer Tenders (AD) or Repair Ships (AR)              Cruisers (If a former DLG)