Tin Can Sailors Grants

The Thomas J. Peltin Destroyer Museum Grant Program was established in 1992. The program assists with the restoration and operation of several ships as museums.

Ship Location 2018 Grant Total To Date
USS THE SULLIVANS (DD-537) Buffalo, New York $10,000 $372,900
USS KIDD (DD-661) Baton Rouge, Louisiana $10,000 $375,700
USS LAFFEY (DD-724) Charleston, South Carolina TBD $339,900
USS JOSEPH P. KENNEDY, JR. (DD-850) Fall River, Massachusetts $8,077 $337,727
USS ORLECK (DD-886)* Orange, Texas 0 114,200
USS EDSON (DD-946)** Bangor Township, Michigan $10,000 $261,750
USS TURNER JOY (DD-951) Bremerton, Washington $10,000 $378,200
USS SLATER (DE-766)*** Albany, New York 0 $20,000
USS STEWART (DE-238)*** Galveston, Texas 0 $12,500
Program Total   $48,077 $2,194,800

* USS ORLECK joined the Historic Fleet in October 2000.
** USS EDSON was returned to donation hold in 2004 and rejoined the Historic Fleet in 2013.

In addition to the grants listed above, Tin Can Sailors contributed $5,000 this year to the Historic Naval Ships Association to underwrite their efforts to assist destroyers of the Historic Fleet. That assistance has totaled $148,500 over the years.

By being a member of Tin Can Sailors, you help to ensure that these ships will be there to inspire, to honor, and to educate for years to come. Typical projects our grants are used for include:

  • Developing exhibits on destroyer history and life aboard destroyers.
  • Buying paint, welding equipment, etc.
  • Modifying and refurbishing compartments to make them ready for public access.

Because of our support, many ships of the "historic fleet" admit our members without charge except when touring as a part of a reunion group. A Tin Can Sailors membership card can be your "ticket" to many ships. Click here for a list of ships offering benefits to Tin Can Sailors members.