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Destroyers (DD, DDE, DDK, DDG, DM, etc.)

Ship names beginning with A-K

USS Abbot (DD 629)
USS Aaron Ward (DM-34)
USS Agerholm (DD-826) (Association)
USS Allen M. Sumner (DD-692)
USS Ammen (DD-527)
USS Basilone (DDE/DD-824)
USS Bausell (DD-845)
USS Belknap (DLG/CG-26)
USS Bell (DD-587)
USS Benjamin Stoddert (DDG-22)
USS Berkeley (DDG-15)
USS Bordelon (DD/DDR-881)
USS Braine (DD-630)
USS Brinkley Bass (DD-887)
USS Brownson (DD-868)
USS Buchanan (DDG-14)
USS Buck (DD-761)
USS Bush (DD-529)
USS Capps (DD-550)
USS Caron (DD-970)
USS Carpenter (DD/DDE-825)
USS Charles H. Roan (DD-853)
USS Charles P. Cecil (DD/DDR-835)
USS Charles R. Ware (DD-865)
USS Claude V. Ricketts/USS Biddle (DDG-5)
USS Cochrane (DDG-21)
USS Cogswell (DD-651)
USS Compton (DD-705) Association
USS Cone (DD-866)
USS Cony (DD/DDE-508)
USS Conyngham (DD-371/DDG-17)
USS Corry (DD/DDR-817)
USS Dahlgren (DDG-43)
USS Dale (DLG/CG-19)
USS Daly (DD-519)
USS Davis (DD-937)
USS DeHaven (DD-727)
USS Dennis J. Buckley (DD/DDR-808)
USS Duncan (DD/DDR-874)
USS Dyess (DD/DDR-880)
USS Edson (DD-946)
USS Elliot (DD-967)
USS Ernest G. Small (DD/DDR-838)
USS Everett F. Larson (DD/DDR-830)
USS Fiske (DD-842)
USS Fletcher (DD/DDE-445)
USS Forrest Royal (DD-872)
USS Forrest Sherman (DD-931)
USS Fred T. Berry (DD/DDE-858)
USS Furse (DD/DDR-882)
USS Gainard (DD-706)
USS Gearing (DD-710)
USS Goldsborough (DDG-20)
USS Gregory (DD-802)
USS George K. MacKenzie (DD-836)  (facebook)
USS Gurke (DD-783)
USS Gyatt (DD-712/DDG-1/DDG-712)
USS Hale (DD-642)
USS Halford (DD-480)
USS Halsey (DLG-23/CG-23/DDG-97)
USS Harold J. Ellison (DD-864)
USS Harwood (DD-861)
USS Henry W. Tucker (DDR-875)
USS Higbee (DD/DDR-806)
USS Hollister (DD-788)
USS Horne (DLG-30)
USS Hull (DD-350, DD-945)
USS Ingraham (DD-694)
USS James C. Owens (DD-776)
USS John A. Bole (DD-755)
USS John King (DDG-3)
USS John Paul Jones (DD-230, DD-932, DDG-32 & DDG-53)
USS John R. Craig (DD-885)
USS John R. Pierce (DD-753)
USS John W. Thomason (DD-760)
USS John W. Weeks (DD-701)
USS Johnston (DD-821)
USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. (DD-850)
USS Joseph Strauss (DDG-16)
USS Jouett (DLG/CG-29)
USS Kearny (DD-432)
USS Kenneth D. Bailey (DD/DDR-713)
USS Keppler (DD/DDE-765) (facebook)
USS King (DLG-10)
USS Knapp (DD-653)

Ship names beginning with L-Z

USS Laffey (DD-724)
USS Lawrence (DDG-4/DD-250)
USS Leary (DDR-879)
USS Little (DD-803)
USS Lloyd Thomas (DD/DDE-764)
USS Lowry (DD-770)
USS Lyman K. Swenson (DD-729)
USS Lynde McCormick (DDG-8)
USS MacKenzie (DD-614)
USS MacDonough Reunion Association
USS Maddox (DD-731)
USS Mahan Association
USS Manley (DD-940)
USS Mansfield (DD-728)
USS McCaffery (DD/DDE-860)
USS McCord (DD-534)
USS McGowan (DD-678) (facebook)
USS Meredith (DD-434/DD-726/DD-890)
USS Moale (DD-693)
USS Morton (DD-948)
USS Mullany (DD-528)
USS Mullinnix (DD-944)
USS Mullinnix Association (DD-944)
USS Myles C. Fox (DD-829)
USS New (DD-818)
USS Newman K. Perry (DD/DDR-883)
USS Norris (DD/DDE-859)
USS O'Brien (DD-725)
USS O'Hare (DD/DDR-889)
USS Orleck (DD-886) [USS Orleck Association]
USS Ozbourn (DD-846)
USS Parsons (DD-949/DDG-33)
USS Paul F. Foster (DD-964)
USS Perry (DD-844)
USS Picking (DD-685)
USS Power (DD-839)
USS Preble (DLG-15/DDG-46)
USS Preble (DDG-88)
USS Putnam (DD-757)
USS Radford (DD/DDE-446)
USS Renshaw (DD-DD/DDE-449)
USS Rich (DD/DDE-820)
USS Richard B. Anderson (DD-788)
USS Richard E. Byrd (DDG-23)
USS Richard S. Edwards (DD-950)
USS Richmond K. Turner (DLG-20/CG-20)
USS Robert A. Owens (DD-827)
USS Robert H. McCard (DD-822)
USS Robert L. Wilson (DDE-847)
USS Robinson (DD-562)
USS Robley D. Evans (DD-552)
USS Rogers (DD-876)
USS Rooks (DD-804)
USS Rowan (DD-782) Vietnam 1971-73
USS Samuel B. Roberts (DD-823)
USS Samuel N. Moore (DD-747)
USS Shields (DD-596)
USS Shubrick (DD-639)
USS Sigsbee (DD-502)
USS Soley (DD-707)
USS Somers (DDG-34)
USS Southerland (DD-743)
USS Sproston (DD/DDE-577)
USS Stephen Potter (DD-538)
USS Sterett (DD-27/DD-407/DLG-31/CG-31/DDG-104)
USS Stevens (DD-479)
USS Stribling (DD-867)
USS Stoddard (DD-566)
USS Strong (DD-758)
USS Tattnall (DDG-19)
USS Taylor (DD/DDE-468)
USS Towers (DDG-9)
USS Truxtun (DLGN/CGN-35/DDG-103)
USS Turner (DD-259, DD-434, DD-648, DD/DDR-834)
USS Wainwright (DD-62, DD-419, DLG/CG-28)
USS Waldron (DD-699)
USS Waller (DD/DDE-466)
USS Warrington (DD-843) Alumni Organization
USS Wilhoite (DE/DER-397)
USS Willard Keith (DD-775)
USS William C. Lawe (DD-763)
USS William M. Wood (DD-715)
USS William R. Rush (DD/DDR-714)
USS Wiltsie (DD-716)
USS Witek (EDD-848)
USS Worden (DD 352)
USS Zellars (DD-777)

Destroyer Groups

Destroyer Leaders Association
Newport Dealeys
Tin Can Sailors of Goose Creek

Destroyer Escort & Frigates DE, FF, DEG, FFG, etc.)

Destroyer Tenders/Repair Ships (AD/AR)

Web sites for other ships

Ship Information

Haze Gray & Underway
Destroyers Online (Facebook Page)

Navy Groups and Associations

Adams Class Veterans Association
Ammunition Ship (AE) Sailors Association
Cruiser Sailors Association
Destroyer Escort Historical Foundation
Destroyer Escort Sailors Association
USS John C. Butler (DE-339) Chapter of DESA
Destroyer History Foundation
Escort Carrier Sailors and Airmen Association
Historic Naval Ships Association
Mare Island Historic Park Foundation
Mobile Riverine Force Association
US Naval Training Center Bainbridge Association
Navy Club of the USA
Navy Memorial Foundation
Navy League
Navy TV
National Sonar Association
Operation Deep Freeze/DE(R) Site
Sampson WW-2 Navy Vets
The Retired Enlisted Association (TREA)
Together We Served
Knox Class Frigate Development Assocation

Navy and other Military Websites

Navy Office of Information (East)
All Hands Magazine
Cold War Recognition Certificate
Department of Defense
Military Personnel Records
Naval Historical Center
United States Air Force
United States Army
United States Coast Guard
United States Marines
United States Navy

Other web sites of Interest

American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia
Armed Forces Museum
Illinois Veterans Memorial
Kilroy Was Here
Make the Connection
The Moving Wall
The National League of POW/MIA Families
The Retired Enlisted Association
(information about reunions for many types of ships)
USNTC Bainbridge
Vietnam War 50th
Virtual Vietnam Memorial Wall
Wounded Warrior Project

Email addresses for ships that don't have web sites
USS Allen (DD-66):
USS Bradford (DD-545):
USS Cushing (DD-55 & DD-376 & DD-797 & DD-985):
USS Davison (DD-618 / DMS-37):�
USS Lardner (DD-487):
USS Rupertus (DD-851):
USS Weiss (APD-135):