Destroyer Models

Welcome to our gallery of destroyer model photos.  Click on thumbnail to see a larger version of a photo.

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USS Agerholm (DD-826) - Built by: John Hummel
USS Allen M. Sumner (DD-692) [as of 1967]     Built by: Al Ross     Scale: 1 inch = 16 feet
USS Bainbridge (DLGN-25)     Built by: Arnold Saltzman     Scale: 1 inch = 4 feet
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USS Barney (DDG-6)     Built by:  Dirk Mennigke     Scale 1:350
USS Blue (DD-387) - Built by: Al Hartmann
USS Brownson (DD-518)    Built by Jody Carpenter  14 1/2 inches
USS Brownson (DD-868)     Built by: Dick Brastin
USS Cassin Young (DD-793)     Built by: James Jack       Scale: 1/125 and is 36" long
USS Charles P. Cecil (DD-835)               Built by: William Foley
USS Clarence K. Bronson (DD-668)     Built by:Charlie Rahn    Scale: 1 inch = 16 feet
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USS Douglas A. Munro (DE-422)         Built by: Gary Hanson            Scale: 1/96

USS Epperson (DD-719) [as of 1968]     Built by: Don Preul     Scale: 1 inch = 16 feet     Research by: Bob Sumrall
USS Eugene A. Greene (DD-711)     Built by: Jad Sortore
USS Evarts (DE-5)     Built by: Bob Robinson        Scale: 1/24    12 feet long with 17 inch beam
USS Fiske (DD-842) Circa 1966     Built by: Dick Hersey     Scale: 1 inch = 8 feet
USS Forrest Sherman (DD-931)     Built by: Bob Mehlrose     Scale: 1 inch = 16 feet
USS Forrest Sherman (DD-931)     Built by: Geoffrey Cook     Scale: 1/350
USS Fred T. Berry (DD-858)     Built by: J. W. Monsted     Scale: 1 inch = 16 feet
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USS Gearing (DD-710)           Built by: Larry Bennett
USS George K. MacKenzie (DD-836)           Built by: Craig Mathis
USS Gilmer (DD-233) - Built by: Al Hartmann
USS Gyatt (DD-712) - Built by: John M. Johnsey     Scale: 1/192
USS Hanna (DE-449) - Built by: Albert Butkus
USS Herbert J. Thomas (DD-833) - Built by: Carl Ellis   Length: 49 1/2 inches
USS Higbee (DD-806)     Built by: Mannie Gentile     Scale: 1 inch = 10.4 feet
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USS Higbee (DD-806)     Built by: Dan Turygan     1:96 scale

USS Ingersoll (DD-652)     Built by: Lee Rush

USS Ingersoll (DD-990)    Built by: Lee Rush


USS James C. Owens (DD-776)     Built by: Robert Kilkelly     Length: 24 inches
USS Jenkins (DD-447)     Built by: Jack Bitters     Scale: 1 inch = 8 feet
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USS John R. Craig (DD-885)          Built by: Hank Lehtola   Scale: 1/350
USS Johnston (DD-557)          Built by: Robert Villaverde    Scale: 1/125    
USS Kenneth D. Bailey (DD-713)     Built by: Peter V. Tufts
USS Kidd (DD-661)     Built by: Bob Steinbrunn     Scale: 1 inch = 16 feet
SM-DD661-v2.jpg (39635 bytes) SM-DD661-v3.jpg (23713 bytes) SM-DD661-v4.jpg (29356 bytes)  
USS Laffey (DD-724)     Built by: Dan Turygan
USS Lawrence (DD-250)     Built by: Ralph Wegener     Scale: 1/48
USS Little (DD-803)           Built by: Frank Whall
USS Lloyd Thomas (DD-764)        Built  by: Jim Gee         Scale: 1/125
USS Lloyd Thomas (DD-764)        Built by: Jim Gee          Scale: 1/96
USS Mac Donough (DD-351)      Built by: Bill Elhart

USS Maddox (DD-731)     circa 1944      Built by: Lee Rush



USS Mayo (DD-422)     Built by: Arnold Saltzman     Scale: 1 inch = 4 feet

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USS Mayrant (DD-402)     Built by: R.A. Jaycox     Length: 45 inches
USS Melvin (DD-680)     Built by: Jovan Silva (from Brazil)     Scale: 1/125  Length: 3 feet     Motorized
USS Melvin (DD-680)     Built by: Jim Petty        Scale: 1/125 Lindberg kit
USS Mertz (DD-691)          Built by: William Dunn       Scale: 1/125th
USS Miller (DD-535)         Built by: Herb Phelan        Length: 36 inches

USS Moale (DD-693)          Built by: Bruce Bell        Length: 4 feet
USS Myles C. Fox (DDR-829)     Built by: E. H. Hartman     Length: 34 inches
USS Noa (DD-841)     Built by: Arnold Saltzman     Scale: 1 inch = 8 feet
NoaDD841.jpg (9636 bytes)        
USS Norman Scott (DD-690)     Built by: Mark VanDerVoort
USS Norris (DD-859)            Built by: Bob Snow  Scale: 1/48
USS O'Brien (DD-725)            Built by: Wayne Hamilton  Scale: 1/96
USS Orleck (DD-886)          Built by: Dan Turygan         BAD Ship Model
USS Parrott (DD-218)      Built by: Dan Turygan     BAD Ship Model Scale: 1/8

USS Radford (DD-446)         Built by: Hank Lehtola        Scale: 1/350





Sloop of War Peacock     Built by: Hank Strub      Scale: 1:48

USS Rich (DD-820)     Built by: Dan Turygan     BAD Ship Model Scale: 1/98


USS Roper (DD-147)       Built by: Dan Turygan       Bluejacket model 1/8th scale
USS Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413/DD-823/FFG-58)      Built by: Anthony Sardinelli
USS Sierra (AD-18)   Built by: Robert Morales   1/700 scale
USS Soley (DD-707)     Built by: Tom Brennison     1/350 scale
USS Stormes (DD-780)     Built by: Ralph Wegener     Scale: 1/48
USS Sturtevant (DE-239)     Built by: Theodore E. Prager     Scale: 1/8
USS Tattnall (DDG-19)                    Built by: Tom Brennison                             Scale: 1:350
USS The Sullivans (DD-537)            Built by: Clarence "Spider" Dascomb           Scale: 1/96
USS The Sullivans  (DD-537)           Built by: Lee Rush           Scale: 1/350
USS The Sullivans (DDG-68)        Built by: Lee Rush       Scale 1/350
USS W. S. Sims (DE/FF-1059)     Built by: Steve Donofrio     Scale: 1/350th
USS Ward (DD-139)     Built by: Harvey Chapman     Scale: 1/240
USS Wiltsie (DD-716)     Built by: Don Preul     Scale: 1 inch = 16 feet     Research by: Bob Sumrall 
SM-DD716a.jpg (29974 bytes) SM-DD716b.jpg (35953 bytes) SM-DD716c.jpg (28308 bytes) SM-DD716d.jpg (40161 bytes)  
USS Wren (DD-568) 1961 configuration     Built by: Morris & Robert Hill     Scale  1 inch = 10.4 feet
USS Zellars (DD-777) FRAM II (circa 1960-63)     Built by: Don Howe     Scale: 1:192 (1 inch = 16 feet)