Ship Reunion Information

(Reunion listings were last updated September 12, 2014)


  Ship Reunions   

For information about a ship reunion for a destroyer, click on the first letter of the ship's name:

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For information about a reunion for:
Destroyer Squadrons,
click here     Other Ship Types, click here     Other Organizations, click here

If a ship does not have a future reunion scheduled, we will list the most recent information we know of for that ship. That may at least give you someone to contact to find out whether your ship has plans.

Click here or email us at to notify us of a reunion that's not listed on our website.
   Reunions in Review 

Because of space limitations in our newspaper, reunion highlights are no longer printed there.
The complete versions are now posted on our website.

Click here
to read the reviews we have received about ship reunions.
Please note: our listings are alphabetical by the Navy's official name for the ship. For example, the crew may have called the ship "the SMALL" but her full name was "USS ERNEST G. SMALL."
She'll be listed under "E" not under "S."


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