List of
Destroyer Tenders/Repair Ships (ADs/ARs)

Note: Ships marked with an asterisk (*) were cancelled.

Destroyer Tenders (AD)

Listed by Hull Number

  Listed by Name
Hull Number Name   Hull Number Name
AD-1 USS Dixie   AD-42 USS Acadia
AD-2 USS Melville   AD-34 USS Alcor
AD-3 USS Dobbin   AD-11 USS Altair
AD-4 USS Whitney   AD-23 USS Arcadia
AD-5 USS Prairie   AD-35* USS Arrowhead
AD-6 USS Panther   AD-9 USS Black Hawk
AD-7 USS Leonidas   AD-10/AR-2 USS Bridgeport
AD-8 USS Buffalo   AD-36 USS Bryce Canyon
AD-9 USS Black Hawk   AD-8 USS Buffalo
AD-10/AR-2 USS Bridgeport   AD-33* USS Canopus
AD-11 USS Altair   AD-43 USS Cape Cod
AD-12 USS Denebola   AD-16 USS Cascade
AD-13 USS Rigel   AD-12 USS Denebola
AD-14 USS Dixie   AD-1 USS Dixie
AD-15 USS Prairie   AD-14 USS Dixie
AD-16 USS Cascade   AD-3 USS Dobbin
AD-17 USS Piedmont   AD-24 USS Everglades
AD-18 USS Sierra   AD-25 USS Frontier
AD-19 USS Yosemite   AD-28 USS Grand Canyon
AD-20 USS Hamul   AD-30 * USS Great Lakes
AD-21/AR-23 USS Markab   AD-20 USS Hamul
AD-22/AR-22 USS Klondike   AD-29 USS Isle Royal
AD-23 USS Arcadia   AD-22/AR-22 USS Klondike
AD-24 USS Everglades   AD-7 USS Leonidas
AD-25 USS Frontier   AD-21/AR-23 USS Markab
AD-26 USS Shenandoah   AD-2 USS Melville
AD-27 USS Yellowstone   AD-32* USS New England
AD-28 USS Grand Canyon   AD-6 USS Panther
AD-29 USS Isle Royal   AD-17 USS Piedmont
AD-30* USS Great Lakes   AD-5 USS Prairie
AD-31 USS Tidewater   AD-15 USS Prairie
AD-32* USS New England   AD-38 USS Puget Sound
AD-33* USS Canopus   AD-13 USS Rigel
AD-34 USS Alcor   AD-37 USS Samuel Gompers
AD-35* USS Arrowhead   AD-26 USS Shenandoah
AD-36 USS Bryce Canyon   AD-44 USS Shenandoah
AD-37 USS Samuel Gompers   AD-18 USS Sierra
AD-38 USS Puget Sound   AD-31 USS Tidewater
AD-41 USS Yellowstone   AD-4 USS Whitney
AD-42 USS Acadia   AD-27 USS Yellowstone
AD-43 USS Cape Cod   AD-41 USS Yellowstone

USS Shenandoah



USS Yosemite


Repair Ships (AR)

Listed by Hull Number


Listed by Name

Hull Number Name   Hull Number Name
AR-1 USS Medusa   AR-6 USS Ajax
AR-2/AD-10 USS Bridgeport   AR-10 USS Alcor
AR-3 USS Prometheus   AR-13 USS Amphion
AR-4 USS Vestal   AR-12 USS Briareus
AR-5 USS Vulcan   AR-2/AD-10 USS Bridgeport
AR-6 USS Ajax   AR-14 USS Cadmus
AR-7 USS Hector   AR-9 USS Delta
AR-8 USS Jason   AR-15 USS Deucalion
AR-9 USS Delta   AR-21 USS Dionysus
AR-10 USS Alcor   AR-28 USS Grand Canyon
AR-11 USS Rigel   AR-7 USS Hector
AR-12 USS Briareus   AR-8 USS Jason
AR-13 USS Amphion   AR-22/AD-22 USS Klondike
AR-14 USS Cadmus   AR-20 USS Laertes
AR-15 USS Deucalion   AR-23/AD-21 USS Markab
AR-16 USS Mars   AR-16 USS Mars
AR-19 USS Xanthus   AR-1 USS Medusa
AR-20 USS Laertes   AR-3 USS Prometheus
AR-21 USS Dionysus   AR-11 USS Rigel
AR-22/AD-22 USS Klondike   AR-4 USS Vestal
AR-23/AD-21 USS Markab   AR-5 USS Vulcan
AR-28 USS Grand Canyon   AR-19 USS Xanthus