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AD-19 Ronald Ackerman ML2 3/59 to 61 CRAFTY 1743 (AT) Good friends good times
AD-19 Stephen Adamowicz EM3 1962 - 1964 Stevedd777 (AT) Ships Co. electrical gang---Didn't go to sea to often --But
AD-19 Abe ''Axe'' Aksal BM3 82-86 Crt261 (AT) Hello all I miss the great times we've had and the people i've served with. I hope ALL of you are doing well.
AD-19 Abe Aksal Axe BM3 82-86 Crt261 (AT) Hello all I miss the great times we've had and the people i've served with. I hope ALL of you are doing well.
AD-19 Todd Allen SN 9/91 to 10/92 tjinnavy (AT) Seeking Cruise Book from Yo-Yo's last deployment.
AD-19 Robert Arnold MM1 10/70 - 4/74 rmarnold (AT)  
AD-19 Patrick Augostino YN3 12/54-08/57 patarline (AT) Looking for shipmates assigned to COMDESLANT personnel office during this period.
AD-19 Anthony Augustine BM3 10/77 - 07/81 anthony (AT) Are there any shipmates on the internet?
AD-19 Arnold Bailey FN 10/61 thru 4/62 abailey16 (AT) Ships Co. Electrician awaiting EM school.
AD-19 Jody Bailey MM3 8/91 to 8/93 jbailey198 (AT) the yo yo come on she was something I don't think
AD-19 John Baker PNT3 03/1960 - 06/1960 topkick65 (AT) Worked in Legal office
AD-19 Antonio Baldwin PC3 1977-1981 zak584 (AT) it would be like regaining my youth to talk to my old shipmates
AD-19 Vince Banks MM2 1953 to 1955 pecan033 (AT) Worked in the machine shop OSR
AD-19 John Banocy RM2 1956-1960 cgypcii (AT)  
AD-19 Stephen Bardwell FN Late 79 to early 81??? stephenb02 (AT) Pete T. Bloomfield, NJ, forward eng room where ya at??? Steve.
AD-19 Alvin Barkley RM1 12/75 - 12/79 ajb1649 (AT)  
AD-19 William Barlow SH2 05/76-05/78 williamebarlow (AT) Looking for SH2 David Baldwin
AD-19 Ronnie Barnett EM2 1970 - 1972 reb746 (AT) would like to hear from any old shipmates
AD-19 Don Barr RM2 3/49 - 7/52 donshirl (AT) Assigned to Flag Div out of Radio School at Norfolk
AD-19 Bob Barto HTFN 1992- decom rbarto (AT)  
AD-19 David Baumann MM 1982 to 1984 wdworker2002 (AT) good times and good sailors in R-2 division
AD-19 John Beaver YN2 9/48 - 1/51, 9/55 - 19 JSB107223 (AT) 2 tours on DESLANT Staff
AD-19 George Becker MR3 1985 to 1986 kc6uvm (AT) Worked in pump and machine shop.
AD-19 Joseph Beckner HT3 2/88-8/90 jbeckner (AT)  
AD-19 Jennifer Beilstein DT2 4/83-10/84 jmbeilstein (AT) Remember the IO cruise of 1983? Best memories of 20 years!
AD-19 John Benedetti SN1 1946-discharged jbenedetti (AT) Like to hear remembering the card games before lights out/////
AD-19 John Benware MM3 1968-1971 benware-mmcs (AT) First command at sea
AD-19 Raymond Bergeron BMCM 1988 to 1991 raymond -bergeron (AT) Served on AD-19 from 1972 to 1975 and from 1988 to 1991-retired on AD-19 in May 1991
AD-19 Rick Bernheimer HT2 01/75-01/79 fiftyricky1 (AT) We had hard work to do and we partied hard.
AD-19 Kenneth Bess DC2 1952 to 1955 kwb (AT) carpentry shop diving gang
AD-19 John Billingsley Ruler Of The Atlantic Ocean 91-93 milspec_14 (AT) I had a great time on the YOYO, made some great friends, Glover,Dorsett, and many more.
AD-19 Donald Bilodeau MR2 3/59 to 6/61 db4dtd (AT) Enjoyed Med cruise in 59
AD-19 William Don Bishop RD3 53-55 wbishop526 (AT) Looking for Bemis & Elliott,....Kendall & Rusty (Russell G.)
AD-19 Donald Bitsch MR3 6/68-2/72 bigdad48 (AT) Looking for shipmates in the machine shop.
AD-19 Thomas Blalock RDC 1968-1969 tf_blalock (AT)  
AD-19 Carroll Blazer YN3 06/74-03/75 ceblaze1 (AT) Chaplains Yeoman, Petty Officer in Charge of the Cruise Lounge, Libraru, and Sound Studio
AD-19 Robert Blechman SA 1958 to 1958 info (AT) Went to USS Barry DD933. Departed as FTL2/P1 in 1961.
AD-19 Angelica Bobe   1988 to 1990 amber723 (AT) Best trips of my life.
AD-19 Edward Bole CS3 1968 - 1971 jel_129 (AT) I'm looking for anyone who was on the ship with me.
AD-19 Brian Boyle BT1 1984 thru 1985 bboyle4583 (AT) Next best thing to being stationed ashore; Building 19.
AD-19 Jeff Brady BT3 1976 to 1980 jabrady (AT) boiler repair
AD-19 Thomas Breward FN 06/63 to 12/63 bontom2002 (AT) yahoo.comTT Transferred from USS Keppler DD 765 Pending Discharge,Service completed.
AD-19 Steven Broton HT2 8/92 - 12/93 brodyshow (AT)  
AD-19 Ernest Brown MM2 1981 to 1984 & 1993 brown.ernest14 (AT)  
AD-19 Gregory Brown DN 5/83-3/86 uno1097 (AT) looking forward to hearing from old friends and crew
AD-19 Don Buonomo ETRSN 3/58-1/60 dbuonomo2932 (AT) O-Div, Ship's Company ET with Lawson, Hardy, Bryers and Katz
AD-19 John (Bill) Burchill SFG23 3/58-11/60 drbmjk (AT) looking for shipmates especially er division
AD-19 Robert Burdewick YN3 1951-1953 sgtbob206 (AT) Assigned to Flag - DESLANT
AD-19 Owen Burk T/3 4/44 - 5/45 owen (AT) looking for torpedo men from 1944 to1946 ohio
AD-19 James Burns ET3 4/54 - 7/55 jgbfjb (AT)  
AD-19 Anthony Burzawa MM3 91-93 Aburzawa (AT) Always made her commitment
AD-19 Robert Busch IM3 11/52 - 11/56 seasidepearl (AT)  
AD-19 George Butler MR1 8/67-10/69 lazyguy1939 (AT) R-2 Div.
AD-19 Jim Byrom SN 1952 jimbyrom (AT)  
AD-19 Mike Caccioppoli SN 1960-1961 sambuca0701 (AT) Was assigned to TAD Ft. Adams to White House Staff during Pres. Eisenhower's stay.
AD-19 Manuel Campos RM1 6/50 - 12/55 mcampos1 (AT) Assigned to Security Group, Enl Allow COMDESLANT
AD-19 Bob Cantu EM2 1962-1965 robtucan (AT) Ships company electrician
AD-19 Terissa Cardoza HT3 1984-1988 Terissa43 (AT) I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me!
AD-19 Matt Carmichael SN 1988-1990 matt423 (AT)  
AD-19 Jim Carr S1 1946-1948 irishjim (AT) Great experience for a young man
AD-19 Anthony Cavalluzzi SN 1968-1971 vze48ptz (AT)  
AD-19 Thomas (Charlie) Cavuoto MM 4/61 - 2/63 bigtom5332 (AT) looking for MR HANNAH
AD-19 Michael Cervero MM2 8/68 - 8/72 mikelc1821 (AT)  
AD-19 Fred Champion E-3 4/60 to 6/63 fred (AT) worked in the machine shop
AD-19 Delisa Chaney (Sliker) MR2 05/87-12/90 delisasliker (AT) Great ship with great people.
AD-19 Kenny Chavies MR3 5/86-12/88 kenchavies (AT) Worked in the Machine shop
AD-19 Jerry Chopp EN3 12/65-4/67 gchopp46 (AT)  
AD-19 William Christenson SN 1/70-12/73 william.christenson (AT)  
AD-19 Jim Cindle MR3 62-64 jcindle (AT) served with my half brother Jack Hooper SK2
AD-19 Matthew Clark SK2 6/55 - 2/59 Pikmin75 (AT) Lookin for Bob Binnenger
AD-19 Vincent Clayton LT 8/67 - 8/68 vclaybc (AT) Ops Officer -- Carribean - New Orleans (Mardi Gras) trip
AD-19 Johnny Clayton BT2 6/91 - 6/93 johnny.clayton (AT)  
AD-19 Kevin Clifford SA 6/4-3/76 kcs4425 (AT) from med cruise to boston a lot of fun
AD-19 Edward Cloak RM3 70-72 intled48 (AT) Enjoyed working in radio with RMCM Flenick.
AD-19 Steven Closson LT(jg) 1963 to 1965 closson12 (AT) Cruises to New Orleans and Cuba
AD-19 Dave Coburn HM3 1987-1991 topdoc67 (AT) Love to chat with some old shipmate
AD-19 Walter Cochran EN1 11/1980-02/1984 wacochran (AT)  
AD-19 Richard Cohagan EM1 7/60 - 8/60 RtrdEmcs (AT) On the way to Instructors School for EM class 'A7 'B' school
AD-19 Steve Collins SN 10/88-6/90 rigupdog (AT) where my dogs at?
AD-19 Larry Collins SN 1971 to 1972 Jamieark (AT) Would like to hear from anyone in Deck div esp a guy named Bethell (Teddy Bear).
AD-19 Larry Collins E-3 1970 to 72 jamieark58 (AT) Like to hear from Deck Dept-Ski,Teddy Bear,Terrible T,etc-contact me-how are you and all of the guys doing?
AD-19 Jerry Collins MM3 1958-1960 shorty44.carol (AT) Med cruise. Like to chat with crew members. Remember me?
AD-19 Mike Cook DM3 1973 to 1975 mikec530 (AT) looking for guys who I served with in the ra office
AD-19 Kim Cooper SN 1982-1983 kaydeebee (AT) Deck Division / Medical Division
AD-19 Charles Cordino EN3 7/55 - 9/55 chuck_cordino (AT) Transferred from USS Brough DE-148 End of enlistment
AD-19 Tony Cortemelia PM3 1970 to 1973 tcortem (AT)  
AD-19 Jim Cowan MLC 10/82 to 10/88 jimschaff (AT)  
AD-19 Joseph Coward HTC 8/77-9/80 9/85-9/86 Joecoward38 (AT)  
AD-19 Mason Creel EN3 1970-1971 MAY-SON (AT) Boatshop
AD-19 James M. Culliton IMCS 7/76-1/79 & 1/82-1/85 mickeyc32 (AT)  
AD-19 Jim Cumbee BT1 02/80-09/83 cumbee (AT) love to hear from any bt/mm in eng at that time
AD-19 Robert (Bob) Cummings YN1 8/73 to 8/75 frabobc (AT) Engineering Log Room YN - Great Duty, good friends
AD-19 Frederick Dalton SN 1966-1968 I was in second division. Looking for shipmates. email me or call 417-781-4752
AD-19 Frank Davis SM1 1944-46 CLD8SEC (AT) Looking for Jacob DeLauter
AD-19 Jerry Day ICFN 1961-1962 rmunguiajr (AT) worked in gyro lab
AD-19 Domenic Decapua BT3 1957to11/59 tellicod (AT) missed reunion anyone,how was it
AD-19 Peter DeLeo SM 12/58-11/61 Deleo4471 (AT)  
AD-19 David Demarest HT2 3/66-3/70 ddema069 (AT)  
AD-19 Joseph Dermody CS3 1971-1974 joedermody53 (AT) YO-YO was my first ship in my 24 years in the Navy and was one of the best.
AD-19 Vincent Diomede EM2 12/58-12/59 vdiomede (AT) shore.monmouth.nj. I served in ships company
AD-19 John Dolan MM3 1/61-1/63 jadmal (AT) would like to hear from shipmates
AD-19 Mark J. DonDero DC2 1959-60 mdondero (AT) Carpenter shop
AD-19 Thomas Donson BTCM 1990-1992 rdonson (AT) Good Times, Good Friends, I'll never forget...............
AD-19 Stuart Dunn E-4 1989 to 1993 stuartsolo (AT) Howdy to everyone-I'm looking for Don Geiser (BM)
AD-19 David Dunn IC2 1963 - 1966 Dsquare44 (AT) Almost three years then off to the Corry DD-817
AD-19 Julie A. Eckenrod PN1 1984-1987 jjeck (AT) I'm looking for PM1 Bill Stroud! Any help out there?
AD-19 Erny Ekblom E-3 1/62 to 9/62 ernynsv (AT) I was an IC striker waiting to start IC school
AD-19 Jackeline Elepan AG2 10/85-10/87 jackyo62 (AT) Please write...
AD-19 Robert Ellis SN 1950 to 1954 bettyandbobe (AT) Anyone remember Ray & Earl Camp?
AD-19 Spindler Ernest EM3 1967-1968 espinx (AT) someone make the coffee!
AD-19 Charles Ernst MU2 8/56-12/58 ernstny (AT) ComDesLant Band Newport
AD-19 Nicholas N. Eropkin SM2 1944-46 NNE5 (AT) Plank Owner
AD-19 Carlos Espin     ESPIN50 (AT)  
AD-19 Jeff Even GMG3 91-94 jse82 (AT) trying to find Darryl Carter...aka Urkle
AD-19 Albert Fenley LCDR 9/47-6/49 lindajoy (AT) Want to hear from all who served with my father
AD-19 Linda Fernandes DK3 1983 to 1984 Nascarmama (AT)  
AD-19 Jack Feyerabend SH3 9/57 - 960 Neilfireball (AT) Nickname: Fireball
AD-19 Jay Finnern BM3 1974-1975 Juleus (AT) Say Hey to Anderson, Berding and McNight
AD-19 Raymond Fiorentino CS3 1968 - 1971 RAYLOTTO (AT) Did entire Navy tour on Yo-Yo, Great ship, Great crews
AD-19 Howard Flamer PHM3 10/47-4/48 hsfflorida (AT) any shipmates living, e-mail me
AD-19 Walter Flowers HTFN 3/77 - 1/79 walt (AT) its been a long time
AD-19 Harry Forson BRC 1962 to 1966 ofelia67 (AT) worked in boiler repair dept. Home port New Port RI.
AD-19 Richard Fosher FN 10/61 to 4/62 RFosher (AT) waiting for em school assigned to Battery locker
AD-19 Larry Fountain HT1 1967-69, 1972-74 lfandlf (AT) Glad I found this site and Ahoy Shipmates. Was in carpenter shop R1 div as DC2, in ER div last as HT1
AD-19 Arthur Freeburg FA 1970 bigbusbutch (AT) was station on the yosemite a month while waiting for ship
AD-19 Ted Furgal YN3 10/58 - 10/60 bendix61 (AT)  
AD-19 Robert Furlani EMFN 1956 to 1959 rangerbob ships co. electrician
AD-19 Jarret Gant BM3 1/83-12/85 jarret_gant (AT) drop a line via e mail bad with names but pics may bring back memories
AD-19 Brigitte Garrett PN2 8/88-01/91 blgbaltimore (AT) I had some good times and some bad, but I learned lot and met some good people!
AD-19 Robert Gatewood CS3 1965 to 1968 rjgate (AT) Great Ship - Great Crew
AD-19 Joseph W. Gerber YN1 1951 Esther Gerber (AT) I was on a supply ship as Yoeman ynt 1 temporary. Then went to Thorn. DD647.
AD-19 Roger Gibson FT3 6/56 - 6/58 rogergibson13 (AT)  
AD-19 Roland Giguere MM3 1964-1966 oldlady1553 (AT)  
AD-19 George Gilbert HT3 1/72-1/74 swabbymcnasty (AT) just found this sight, i know a bunch of you swabs
AD-19 Floyd Gilliam ET3 1/48 to 8/48 floybarb (AT)  
AD-19 Scot Glover BM3 1/91 - 1/94 jaysusfareek (AT) good times
AD-19 Harry Goodrich MM3 9/62 - 6/63 hagoody (AT) Remember the Cuban Crisis well From kingstonHarbor.
AD-19 Mark Gould MSSN 9/81-11/83 ngould1 (AT) like to hear from anyone who knew me
AD-19 Ken Green SN Oct. 57 - March 58 jascain (AT)  
AD-19 Michael Griffin TM2 6/83-11/85 mgriffin1555 (AT)  
AD-19 HG Grimes BM3 8/66 - 2/68 boats1 (AT)  
AD-19 Douglas F. Grimm SK1 1973-76/80-82 Grimbo44 (AT)  
AD-19 Doreen Grotsky-Richard HT2 1986-1989 Yahoo instant msg Abeline1960 Desperately looking for Edie Scothorn, Cordoza & Chambers
AD-19 Mitch Grubbs HT2 1981 - 1985 MGRUBBS (AT) CFL.RR.COM  
AD-19 Julie Hall DT3 1985 to 1988 Deceased Julie passed away in a motorcycle accident in 2004. She was a good sailor, and the best friend one could hope for.
AD-19 Greg Hallahan FT2 9/53-7/54 Tincangreg (AT) I was not ships company, but was in the repair gang
AD-19 Keith Hansen SN 88-90 glosol (AT) 2nd division deck department
AD-19 Paul Harrison BRC 1970-1973 rdnkbama (AT) loved the yo-yo
AD-19 George Hauser SFP2 1962-1963 maxalf1 (AT)  
AD-19 Tim Hayes HT3 72-74 hlcpromow (AT) mayport to med and back. stops in africa turkey spain italy greece.
AD-19 John Healy SN1 6/44-5/46 973-542-1777 no email- home phone:973.542.1777
AD-19 Mike Hartley Hegeler RM3 12/58-9/59 hartah1 (AT) Learned teamwork,responsiblity,discipline & accountability bef I was 21-visited many Med ports Med w/6th fleet
AD-19 Gary Henley GMT2 1965 to 1968 garyhenley (AT) Served in W2 Division ASROC Shop
AD-19 Arthur Wayne Hensley MMC 1979 to 1980 AWHensley (AT)  
AD-19 Roberto ''Herc'' Hernandez BM3 11/90-01/94 titosuazo27 (AT) ''Weight testing ninja riggers'' or decommission ship crew
AD-19 Richard Hersey RD2 Nov67-April68 Bearlodge (AT)  
AD-19 Ronnie Hicks SN 5/61-12/61 RHICKS (AT) HVC.RR.COM  
AD-19 Fred (The Colonel) Hill SC 1961-62 poppy70 (AT) Ships Cook. Still miss it all…
AD-19 Ricky Hobbs RM3 1963-1965 pgk3674 (AT) Charlie Johnson if your out there email me.
AD-19 Ray Holtzclaw TM1 1966-1969 r.holtzclaw (AT)  
AD-19 Gilbert Honermann EM2 7/57 - 12/59 smokeyh (AT)  
AD-19 Larry Horne SK3 7/71-7/73 horne.larryg (AT) Would like to hear from any of you guys in supply during this time.
AD-19 Edward Hovatter SF1 3/64 to 5/65 HOVA235 (AT)  
AD-19 Albert Hums CS3 1969-1972 kc4eoe (AT) Served up chow to many a crew member.
AD-19 Carl R Hunsicker ICCS 6/69 - 6/71 u4x8x4gt (AT) Was ships company and also my last ship. transferred to NRD-Dallas, TX and retired 03-78
AD-19 Norman S. Ingram EMFN 11/54 to 7/55 airpptman (AT) Ships company part of evap gane fresh water maker.
AD-19 Jim Isgro E-4 1968 to 1971 jim (AT) Ship's Association is at
AD-19 Kenneth Jackson IM2 11/70-03/74 kenneth.jackson (AT) I have photos of my time aboard including drydock repairs.
AD-19 Catherine James HT3 1986 jgncg7 (AT) 1986-6 month Indian Ocean Mediteranian cruse
AD-19 Rick Jarka ETN3 1/69 - 10/72 rjark (AT)  
AD-19 Joseph Jerominek SF3 12/63 - 6/65 rsadlow (AT) this was ship that could repair, build anything this is some of the best years of my life
AD-19 Steven Johnson E-2 1970-1971 nomet8855 (AT)  
AD-19 Frank Johnson YN3 9/54-8/58 realtoad (AT) Looking for old shipmates
AD-19 Dave Johnson MM2 1963 -1965 Dajohnso (AT) Yards in Boston-springboard cruise to Gitmo and San Juan
AD-19 James Johnson SN 8/54 to 3/56 jimwalleye17 (AT) Radio Shack- Flag Div Looking for mates
AD-19 Arthur Jorgensen PH2 2/63 - 4/65 photojorgie (AT)  
AD-19 Samuel Joyner E-5 12/84-10/87 samuel.joyner819 (AT)  
AD-19 John Jurrius ET3 8/83 - 10/86 Hcivicjohn (AT) Saw a lot of exciting places. Met some decent people.
AD-19 Hipolito Justiniano Jr BT1 1978 to 1980 sunsmar (AT) retired Chief 1994 and enjoying it
AD-19 Alex Kalmowita YN3 1950 to 19954 Alex1954 (AT) Worked in the Log Room for four years
AD-19 Alex Kalmowitz YN3 1950 - 1954 alex171 (AT) Worked in the log room
AD-19 Edward Kamenski RD2 7/65 - 9/66 EFKinSC (AT)  
AD-19 Donald Kasserman RMC 6/75-7/77 kasey (AT)  
AD-19 David Kendall TM2 1973-1975 Dave2bnsf (AT)  
AD-19 Francis (Joe) Kennard ML2 09/71 - 01/75 Kenhurst (AT) Moulders e-mail me!!!
AD-19 Larry Kielbasa GMG3 02/1963 to 01/1965 LKIELBASA (AT)  
AD-19 Jerry Kiley IC2 5/54-2/57 jakiley57 (AT)  
AD-19 David King E-3 1981 to 1984 DNKING (AT) Made a lot of pals. Where are they now ?? Boats Division
AD-19 Betsy Kirshaw HT2 82-85 Serendipity_280 (AT)  
AD-19 Jennifer Klusek DS2 5/91-3/93 waleyj (AT)  
AD-19 Alan Koepke SFM3 1/66 - 1-68 ajkoepke (AT) Worked in Sheet Metal Shop. This si my new e-mail address
AD-19 Steve Kowalski MM1 1981 to 1983 swampratt (AT)  
AD-19 Martin Kreutzke MR3 1976-1979 martyk89 (AT) Wish I could have seen her sink.
AD-19 Raymond Krueger E-3 1963-1966 not sure kruegerray (AT) [SON} If anyone knew my father from that time email me.
AD-19 Mike Krzeszewski MR3 68-69 Skiman49 (AT)  
AD-19 Randall Kuhn HTC Nov. 1977 - July 1979 rgkuhn (AT)  
AD-19 John Lach PO2 1952-1953 jlartist (AT) Swaped from the USS McCaffery DDE 860 to the tender
AD-19 John Ladd FC3 01/88 - 08/89 johnladd (AT)  
AD-19 Thomas Lahey MM1 1950 - 1953 tlahey (AT) Retired 1985 as DCCM from USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)
AD-19 Clarence D. 'Red' Lail TEC 2/53 - 5/56 CDredlail (AT) Postal Clerk
AD-19 Alan Lambert FN 3/62-4/65 alanwl (AT)  
AD-19 Bob Lang MU3 1/59 - 11/61 jeraldlang (AT) ComDesLant Band
AD-19 Donald U. Laperle SN 55-56 laperle969 (AT)  
AD-19 Robert (Scooter) Latour HT2 2/91-3/93 hot454bbc (AT) Miss the crew! Anyone remember pipes w/asbestos insulation bursting in R1 Berthing? Anyone out there?
AD-19 Bob Leasure PN3 1955 - 1957 rdleasure (AT) Like to hear from Comdeslant Personnel shipmates
AD-19 John LeBlanc SH2 11/69 - 12/73 leblanc3638 (AT)  
AD-19 Melissa Leonard E-5 1987-1990 sidetracktobacco (AT) S-3 Div. Some of the best memories ever!
AD-19 Vincent Letourneau RD2 1/65 - 5/65 fordstang1 (AT) If you remember me, email me to say hi.
AD-19 Jim Lewis TE3 1953 to 1956 JRL33 (AT) Looking for members of the radio shack
AD-19 Rik Libby BTFA 76-77 Riklib (AT) Hung out at Fat City Saloon !
AD-19 Steve Linden EM2 10/63-10/65 linden (AT)  
AD-19 Robert Litza SK1 1/61 - 8/61 TAD rlitza (AT) Transferred from USS John Willis DE 1027 TAD left in August for CINCUSNAVEUR in London
AD-19 Donald Lizee IM2 4/4/56-5/3/57 dliz1 (AT) Looking for any IM's typewriter/watch shop
AD-19 Tom Loftis CWO4 1974-1976 LoftisUSN (AT) R-1 Division Officer
AD-19 Jim Lonberger BT3 06/80-05/81 temimijich (AT) many good memories
AD-19 Raymond Loney BTF 05/1964-12/64 rloney1106 (AT)  
AD-19 Jack Loutzenhiser MR 1965 - 1967 jacpat (AT)  
AD-19 Edward Lrick F2,V-6 (SV) 1946-1948 Peanut37918 (AT)  
AD-19 Frank Lucas RM1 8/65--07/66 flucas2745 (AT)  
AD-19 Robert Lupinski SH2 12/64 to 7/66 RWLUP (AT) Was in sheet metal shop - boss was Tony Gacetta SFC
AD-19 Marshall Luse FA 2/56-9/56 marshallluse (AT)  
AD-19 John Lynch HTFN 12/80 - 1/84 jflynch3 (AT) Great time on board the Busy Lady ''We came to work''
AD-19 Michael A. Mancuso EM3 1951-1953 sharonm (AT) Would appreciate hearing from old shipmates..
AD-19 Richard ''Dick'' Manning   1953-1955 kimcowboy (AT) (daughter)  
AD-19 Larry Marcum BMSN 53-54 mountfolk2 (AT) I almost caught the''phantom gobbler'' in 2nd div. berthing sp
AD-19 Glenn Markle DC2 4/86 - 10/89 damarkle (AT) Great bunch of Sailors to serve with (Repair Division)
AD-19 Larry Marshall RD3 10/63 - 2/64 chiefmars1919 (AT) Underway VACAPES OP AREA (move the coffee gnds)
AD-19 Dave Martin E-3 1/76 to 9/78 da9735 (AT) What a ship, what a time
AD-19 Santos (Joe) Martinez EM3 1987-1990 smartinez (AT)  
AD-19 Raymond Mathis IC2 1962-1963 yar2339 (AT)  
AD-19 Carl Matthews MRCS 1973-1976 ccmatthews (AT) Avanced to MRCM on Transfer to NRD KCMO
AD-19 Donald Matthews SN 1950-52 donnss99 (AT) Captain's Orderly
AD-19 Chuck Maus DT2P 1968-1970 Mausers3 (AT) fabricated Hollywood smiles'' in the prosthetic laboratory dental spaces with fellow''
AD-19 Mike May OS2 5/85-6-90 Fire019 (AT)  
AD-19 Mike McCarthy SA 12/61-8/62 paddymick (AT) My first duty assignment out of boot camp. Made a Caribbean cruise with while awaiting Radioman class A school.
AD-19 Harold G. McDaniel MM2 July 1957 July 1959 gene_mcdaniel (AT) We broke away from the pier and coffee grounds
AD-19 Phil McDermott FT3 1961 - 1962 mcdermph (AT)  
AD-19 George McDonald ML2 5/66-11/69 bricktroll (AT) Great ship-still in touch with some guys-if your memory isn't as bad as mine/you remember me,shoot me an email.
AD-19 Richard McGill TM2 3/63 to 3/67 richardmc (AT) phone 210-657 1983
AD-19 Jerry McGiver E-4 7/65 - 6/67 jsmcgiver (AT) An interesting 2 years. Still alive and well and living in the Hartford Ct. area. Hi to Nubbie, Cecil & Jo Jo.
AD-19 George McNeil BMSN 10/58 - 2/62 houserock38 (AT) made med. cruise in 59 in 2 div. looking for john crosby, herman locke bm2
AD-19 James McWaters FNMR R2Div 1968-1969 jerry (AT) Anyone that was on the ship contact me. Yosemite Association
AD-19 Jorge L. Mendez PH3 1/89 thru 10/91 chito67 (AT)  
AD-19 David Meyer ME2 1952-1956 xchiefnme (AT) charter. net  
AD-19 John Michael E-4 1981 to 1985 johnboy59 (AT) met alot of good people
AD-19 Richard Milinkovich SO3 4/48 RMILINK (AT) Taught sonar in shipboard classroom
AD-19 Frederick Miller PH3 1964 - 1966 joker528 (AT) Was POinC Repair Department - R/A Photo Lab
AD-19 John Miller BM3 1968-1969 miller_1987 (AT) incharge maintenance of boats, top deck + craines
AD-19 Bob Millerick GM2 7/53-8/54 rwmmhd (AT) Great gun Gang ----Havana was wild
AD-19 Robert (Bob) Mitchell SA 7/62-9/62 Rjerseydevil (AT) Assigned Forward Deck Div, awaiting USS Semmes Pre-Com
AD-19 Stephen Mitchell PM2 1970 to 1973 chevelle064 (AT)  
AD-19 Roger (Chris) Mobley ET2 5/58 - 3/60 ranger690 (AT)  
AD-19 Dan Moffitt MR2 1965 1966 jeno336 (AT) One of the great experiences of my life. great ship, great bunch of guys
AD-19 Robert Montgomery MM3 1/81 to 3/83 Navy83 (AT) I used to work alot on Adams Class DDG's
AD-19 John Mooney ETN1 68-71 smooney503 (AT) Loved Newport, Naples and Mayport.
AD-19 Karen Moore-Wright RM3 1982 kmoore7000 (AT)  
AD-19 Walter Moran PHSN 6/59-4/61 jmoran (AT) R-3 Div. photo lab, took pictures & made 60 med cruise
AD-19 Louis Morella DKSN 12/80-10/83 biglou2923 (AT) softball, football, boxing, basketball, bones lotta good people
AD-19 Andrew C. Mosher QMCS 2/67-1/70 c10b657 (AT)  
AD-19 Greg Mosher HT2 1988 to 1992 gdmosher (AT) Wher'es the softball boys!!! Mayport one pitch champs!!!
AD-19 Robert Murray MR1 1956-1957   4627 Rt. 9, East Nassau, NY 12062
AD-19 Martin Myers SN 12/66-09/68   My address is 42 Park Place Saratoga Springs New York Tel#518-587-6625
AD-19 Susan Neveau SN 1982 to 1983 smneveau59 (AT)  
AD-19 Thomas Nienburg IC2 11/63 - 4/66 tnienburg (AT) Ships company IC gang.
AD-19 Ron Nordman SM2 1983 - 1986 sm2ron (AT) Enjoy hearing from former shipmates aboard the Yosemite.
AD-19 Walter Nordstrom FT3 53-55 wancan (AT) Ships Company Great ship
AD-19 Margaret Norris AN 4/82 to 6/84 WintrWren11 (AT) The best part of my Navy tour!!!
AD-19 Mike Norten EM3 1974-1977 Plugger54 (AT)  
AD-19 Mel Nowak CS3 09/66-04/68 melnowak30 (AT)  
AD-19 Dave (O. C.) O'Connor BM3 1981 to 1984 ocster (AT) Some of the best times of my life, and some of the strangest
AD-19 John ''Ogie'' Oglialoro HT3 11/90 - 11/93 johnoglialoro (AT)  
AD-19 Dennis A. O'Leary EM3 06/60 - 07/60 wolfie146 (AT) Awaiting separation from Navy.
AD-19 Leopoldo ''Polo'' Olivarez HT2 1980 to 1984 polivarez (AT) The Yosemite demanded the best.
AD-19 William (Bill) Olive MM2 12/83 to 03/88 wcarey7777 (AT) Aft Engineroom I/O cruises Med Cruises Hole snipe.... ended up a O4E
AD-19 Robert Olson BM 1965-1967 bradolson1 (AT) Glenn Davis please call.. anyone please call 815-467-9327
AD-19 Tara O'Neil SH3 1988-1992 otaras32 (AT)  
AD-19 Keith Owens HT2 06/89-05/92 woodworker_83 (AT) The best ship I was station on. I was in R-1 weld shop
AD-19 Carolina Pacheco SN 81-83 cpach218 (AT) Good Times, Great Peeps!
AD-19 William Pagdon OMSA 4/80-11/82 WilliamPagdon (AT) Anyone have the GPS numbers of the sinking site?
AD-19 Jay Painter HT unknown pntroc (AT) I submitted this for my father who is now deceased.
AD-19 Ted Painter FTG2 04/67 - 04/70 thepainters2 (AT) 1st Division and R-5 Division
AD-19 Milan Panayotovich BMSN 2/61-1/63 psychov11 (AT) want to get in touch with any one in 2nd division.
AD-19 Dave Paplow ENG3 10/65 - 2/67 DPSNIPE (AT) I was on the boat deck, engine shop. Gills was chief
AD-19 Robert Peak EN3 1979-1981 powderhorndesign (AT) Went on the 80 Med cruise, got out while in Mobile....
AD-19 Glen Penner GM2 1956-1957 gmpenner (AT) retired 1972 master chief gunners mate technician
AD-19 Aura Pertuz E-3 12/89-4/91 aurajuanita (AT) Blessings to All my shipmates.Wonderful memories. Email me.
AD-19 Tracy Peters, Jr SA 3/55-8/55 tpeters1 (AT)  
AD-19 Tracy Peters, Jr. SN 4/55-9/55 tracypeters (AT) Sorry to hear it was destroyed in 2003
AD-19 Leonard Peterson TM2 8/73-8/76 Lwp76116 (AT)  
AD-19 Dave Pfau HTFN 8/77- 6/78 Daddydonzi (AT) Pure Hell R-1 Shipfitters
AD-19 William Phillips SN 1957 to 1960 fdoretta (AT)  
AD-19 Albert Piasecki DK2 12/54 - 10/57 apiasecki36 (AT) Looking for anyone who served on COMDESLANT STAFF DURING THIS TIME PERIOD.
AD-19 Brad Pickerill HT2 87-88 bpic (AT) good times
AD-19 Hugo Polanco LT 05/89 - 02/91 wetrunner (AT)  
AD-19 Stacey Porter MM3 6/87-6/91 staceylynn (AT)  
AD-19 Stacey Porter (Ulery) MM3 1987-1991 sljlu (AT)  
AD-19 Frank Poteat SH3 4/73 - 1/75 mnftigger24 (AT) Any reunion info.
AD-19 Richard Primeau S1 1945 - 1947 hipnanny1840 (AT) Does anyone remember my husband, he died 1988
AD-19 Norman Quiel ME2 1956 to 1957 tangospa (AT)  
AD-19 Lee Rahn FTCM 1972-1973 lrahn (AT)  
AD-19 Lee Rahn FTG1 1960-1961 lrahn (AT)  
AD-19 Robert A Ramsdell B3 Jan 46-Jan48 pbramsdell (AT)  
AD-19 Ralph Rankin FTGSN 1967 Reran (AT) Spent 63 days on board in FT gang awaiting end of hitch.
AD-19 Clyde Redmon SN 10/63 - 10/65 litlebisuit (AT) Deck Force 2nd Div
AD-19 Robert Reeves MR2 12/54 to 7/55 jefe (AT) great ship
AD-19 Rick Reher E-3 10/76 - 5/80 rick0567 (AT)  
AD-19 Donald Reid FN 1969-1970 smlasp (AT) A DIVISON BOATSHOP
AD-19 Jeff Richardson LT 1991 to 1994 gunslinger105 (AT) Assistant 1st Lt Dept, Eng Dept P-2 Divo
AD-19 Brooks Riley YN2 1954 to 9/55 BRiley3230 (AT) YN2 ComDesLant Staff communications office
AD-19 Tim H. Roberts CAPT Jul 81- Jun 83 figtree (AT) CO
AD-19 Robert Daniel Robinson MR2 12/55 to 5/58 joydan60 (AT) came on board 12/24/55 right out of great lakes, 17yrs old
AD-19 Carlos Ruiz E-4 8/85 7/87 gbr490cr (AT) looking for my team mates loftus bandits i was third base ma
AD-19 Ron Russell E-3 1974-1977 ronnie.russell19 (AT) Love to here from some of the old guys. Come on Cookies!
AD-19 John Russo STGCS 07/74 - 12/74 jrusso1646 (AT) Sonar Calibration & Alignment Training Team, Naples, Italy.
AD-19 Dan Rutkowski BT3 1969- 1972 djrutkow49 (AT) Worked in Oil Shack
AD-19 Dennis Ryan EM3 11/1957-10/1960 dryan82511 (AT)  
AD-19 Jimmy Sample YN2 09/92-09/93 jrsample (AT) On board only a short time, but was sad to hear she sank
AD-19 David Sanders MM3 1965-1967 orphan64 (AT)  
AD-19 Bob Schlehr ETN3 4/66-4/67 aspenmail (AT) Shop 67A was great!
AD-19 Joseph F. Schmitt SH3 1967-1968 Elecret (AT) USS Yosemite Association
AD-19 John Schoch ET1 11/76 - 8/79 jschoch (AT) Remember Building 19. GONZO where are you.
AD-19 James Schoemann SN 4/50-4/53 jimanny (AT)  
AD-19 Peter Schoppenhauer CS3 6/60 to 1/63 baker1936 (AT) Worked in bakeshop w/Perlmutter & Pat Corcoran (who is deceased)-went to Jamaica during Cuban missile crisis
AD-19 Joseph Schrank USN 1947 to 1970 adina (AT) Looking for fellow shipmates aboard the Yosemite with Joseph Schrank
AD-19 Walter Schriver MU3 12/51 to 2/55 wschriver (AT) Member of the USS Yosemite Assoc.
AD-19 Roger Schwintosky HTC 1/75-4/80 rerealtor (AT) Weld Shop/P&E
AD-19 Edith (Edie) Scothorn-Knapp IM2 11/1986 - 6/90 Scothorn4 (AT) Retired as YN1 Knapp, 3/14 with the USNR! Live in Pensacola, FL-still married to HTC (SW) Knapp, Larry ??
AD-19 Rick Scullen HT3 3/85-4/88 rickscully2 (AT) Looking for all of my shipmates that I once new back in 85-88. Please feel free to contact me if you want
AD-19 Buddy Semple MLFN 12/60-9/64 buddy (AT) bowling league, softball team, football team. love to hear from old mates.
AD-19 Carmen Sepulveda EM1 1991-1993 lajefabonita (AT) Sailor of The Year 1992, Ships Company E-Div! Best time ever, great friends!
AD-19 Peter Serdynski HT3 11/69 to 72 kcszmspjs (AT) Had great duty in the E&R shop.....
AD-19 Dennis Sexton SN 1963-1964 ColDen222Comcast.Net Looking for Old Salts and Memories
AD-19 John Shaw MR2 1/5/56-9/5/59 jwshawboy (AT) lookinf for Bob Foster,Bob Kent, Woody Heim and Chuck Adams
AD-19 Thomas Sheehan MSSN 10/81 - 9/83 baldysheehan (AT) All MS's drop a line
AD-19 Michael Sheppard BT1 3/85 - 7/89 mshep234 (AT)  
AD-19 Raymond Shever FTM2 10/61-05/62 rshever (AT) R-5 Div
AD-19 Clarence Shuemake HT2 81-85 claypatty12 (AT)  
AD-19 Ed (Sid) Siderits E-3 1960-1962 edsiderits (AT) i was on comdeslant staff i was a driver started in communications on the pier
AD-19 Norman Simonelli LT 1965 to 1965 Normies (AT)  
AD-19 Ed Skiba EN2(DV) 6/64-9/67 chapedskiba (AT) R-1 Diving locker. Great crew!!!
AD-19 John Skogstrom EN2 4-63 - 8-64 jskogstrom (AT)  
AD-19 Alvey R. Smith TM3 1964 to 1966 asmitty652 (AT)  
AD-19 Frederick Smith TM1 9/63-12/67 frsmith29 (AT) Would love to hear from old shipmates
AD-19 Bill (Smitty) Smith SN 4/80 - 6/83 bill (AT) Med, Gitmo, Mobile...what else is there?? Great times!
AD-19 Dick Snider BT1 78 to 81 rsnider001 (AT) LPO Boiler repair shop
AD-19 Monica Snodgrass E-3 1990-1992 monica.swiggett (AT) ''Deck Hand''
AD-19 Monica Snodgrass-Swiggett BM 1990-1992 mswiggett (AT) New Email Address...Love to hear from ya'.....
AD-19 Kevin Soltwedel SN/E-3 78-79 ksoltwedel (AT) Tender-Hopper Looking for others
AD-19 Joseph Sortino ME2 1951-1954 jsortino1595 (AT) Served on the YO YO at Newport, Rhode Island.
AD-19 Charles Soule PH2 1982-1986 sunraisen2 (AT) It was the worst of times and the best of times...
AD-19 John J. Souza FA 05/56-09/56 wildbikerjohn1 (AT) Pier #1-Newport,RI
AD-19 Michael Sperduto E-3 8/66 - 1/68 Regis320 (AT)  
AD-19 Ernest Spindler EM3 1967-1968 ESPINX (AT) Loved Rosie Roads & New Orleans
AD-19 Tony 'Brooklyn' Spinelli SF3 1967 - 1969 OSPREY49 (AT)  
AD-19 Kathleen Stankes-Arsenault HT2 1082-1986 Karsenault63 (AT) Looking for Fireman Hill (bigtime) Betsy and Ruthie and Taryn!!
AD-19 Michael Stant SA 1977-1978 SDHBY (AT) Soltwedel, saw your name, e-mailed you, waiting on answer, any
AD-19 Dan Stark BT2 2/82 - 8/84 danstark4 (AT) BDiv-couldn't wait to get out,but aft thought,an awesome time-good people-took care of each oth-email if you rem me
AD-19 Bob Steffenilla FN 2/69 -8/70 bsteff12 (AT)  
AD-19 Joseph H. Steinberg PL3 3/48-3/50 Printer3 (AT)  
AD-19 Tim Sterling MR3/E-4 1/69 to 11/72 tspattee49 (AT) looking for shipmates that worked in the machine shop (R-2 Division)
AD-19 Kevin Stewart MR2 89 - 92 kstewa37 (AT) Great time on the Yo Yo
AD-19 Fred Stratton EM2 1960 chuchu16 (AT) Nice ride after Destroyer.
AD-19 Francis (Joe) Strickland FN 1955-1956 eriefoxpd (AT) Hornell had more action than Newport, R.I.
AD-19 Charles (Tommy) Tamberg HT2 1972 to 1976 maligna2 (AT) I worked in the pipe shop (R-1) Div. with Chief crazy horse Smith zak big bird dingger and brownie
AD-19 Thomas J. Terluk EN2 6/54-3/55 Tterluk (AT) Boat Shop
AD-19 Junior Testerman   1948 to 1952 Cfcollision352 (AT) Looking for crewmates
AD-19 James Thomas RM1 9/62-03/64 jim.thom (AT) Memories of Cuban crisis, and 30 days anchored at Kingston, Jamaica. Lt Kornblatt was OPS back then......
AD-19 Robert Tomlin ML2 9/72-2/76 bobtomlin_5 (AT)  
AD-19 Blane Tor   1977-1981 BlaneEnalb123 (AT)  
AD-19 Roy Tossava EM2 1/56 - 5/58 Rytssv (AT) E Div. Trying to contact old friends and shipmates
AD-19 William Tremblay SN 06/68-10/69 billtremblay829 (AT)  
AD-19 Patrick van Loo QM2 30JUL65 to 21AUG 67 ps2988 (AT) I'm still alive and a grandfather
AD-19 Grady Vann BT1 1/74 - 2/76 lvann (AT) assigned to shop 41 Boiler repair
AD-19 Larry Vanve Koven DC3 7/4/66 to 4/1/70 frankemile (AT) Everyone remembers me from shooting pool at the Navy y
AD-19 Larry VanveKoven DC3 7/4/66 to 4/1/70 Larrybob1 (AT) Carpenter shop, but most will remember me from shooting pool in town
AD-19 John Varney, Jr. MM3 9/81 to 9/85 justakeepin (AT) couldnt wait to get out but i keep in touch with my true friends to this day
AD-19 John R. Varney, Sr. MM3 2-54 to 3-55 cabbage13 (AT)  
AD-19 Claude S. Vaughn FN 1960 cavaughno (AT) 18 yrs old from Covington Ga. worked in evap room makin water
AD-19 Charley Verkade EM2 10/62 - 2/64 oakhill01 (AT) Boat Shop Electrician and Ships company Battery Room
AD-19 William (Bill) Vestal SN/CS 1959 to 1959 Wvestal (AT) Left ship to go thru Pre-Com school to put USS Dewey in svc.
AD-19 Philip Vinnacombe SN3 10/63-10/65 VINNACOMBE9 (AT)  
AD-19 Bill Wagner YN2 1/59-12/62 yncwag (AT) assigned to ship's office.
AD-19 James Wagner SH3 06/53 to 01/55 kiwisr1 (AT)  
AD-19 Jeffrey S. Wahl SN 1967 -1969 yankeebuilding (AT) One heck of a boat.
AD-19 Howard Wakefield MR2 6/68-12/69 wakefieldh (AT) Had a great Med cruise on the Yoyo
AD-19 Jack Walker BT3 1967 jnw46 (AT)  
AD-19 William (Bill) Waller, Sr. EM2 1958-1959 bwsr (AT)  
AD-19 Richard Wareing SN 1956-1957 rsjw (AT) COMDESLANT personel office
AD-19 Ted Washburn E-3 2/72-11/73 washburn77 (AT) A-Gang ( Steam Ht, AC&R, Boat Shop ) Looking for old shipmates!
AD-19 Johnny Washington MM1 3/82 - 5/85 jraywash (AT) M-Division (aft-engine room).....looking for old snipes/shipmates. Send me an email if you remember me?
AD-19 Joe Watkins TM2 3/82 to 7/86 herecomtheirish (AT) I have some great memories with some great friends
AD-19 Kimberly Watson (Bourdage) SM2 01/87-06/90 tkwatson12 (AT) 2 Med's and 3 trips to GTMO! Who said we didn't get u/w?!!!!
AD-19 James Webb MM1 3/74-3/77 webbjames (AT)  
AD-19 Mark Webb SN 12/80-2/83 pop2times (AT) Med cruise, Mobile drydock, GTMO: Any Deck crew out there?
AD-19 Scott P. Webb, Jr. SN 1967 we7sco (AT) I was a Dental striker in the Dental Clinic. we were stationed in Newport, R.I.,
AD-19 Steven West HT3 3/92 to 11/93 fishingis4play (AT)  
AD-19 Paul Weton HT3 1974-1976 paulweston4 (AT)  
AD-19 Don Whitehouse DC2 4/55-12/55 dew109 (AT) Stuart, FL
AD-19 Mike Wiles E-2 Jan74 - Feb74 MWiles1 (AT) Mayport, Fl Deck Dept.
AD-19 Barry Wilkinson FT2 (R5 div) 6/57-5/58 Tricycle6 (AT)  
AD-19 Douglas Williams SM3 1974 - 1978 willief320 (AT) If anyone remembers me e-mail me
AD-19 Brian Wilson MM3 1987-89 bwilson1 (AT) Love the Yo-Yo..anyone out there remember me?
AD-19 Amos Winnett HTCS 74 to 75 arwinnett (AT) Any one from R1 division?
AD-19 Henry Wittkamp     rugrat24u (AT) Trying to locate shipmates of my dad,so I'm not sure of the years he was on.any info would be appreciated
AD-19 Loma Worden Smith DN 6/83-6/85 lornadufre (AT) looking for old friends on the yoyo
AD-19 Coy Wyatt FA 5/48 to 4/49 Coywyatt (AT) My first ship after boot camp
AD-19 John Young EM3 1962-1965 jyoung (AT) Any one in the rewind shop
AD-19 Stephen Zachar RM3 1957-1958 stephenp (AT) assigned to flag div.
AD-19 John ''Harry'' Zimmerman FN 1/80 to 5/81 zimmafam (AT) Looking for Salvador Standardo ,were are you.

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