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AD-23 Bob Ervin SN 3/57 to 3/59 jerachojim (AT) had the appendix operation in the middle of the med sea
AD-42 Carole (Goossen) James ET2 1989-1993 zakasnak (AT) R-4 : Test Equipment Repair & Induction
AD-42 Kristeen (Nelson) Smith SH 1994-1995 chefkms (AT)  
AD-42 Lydia (Thompson) Nichols E-4 1984-1988 lyd87301 (AT) Looking for anyone off the Acadia. Please contact me.
AD-42 Jason Abel E-3 91-93 jabel (AT) Love to hear from anyone who remembers me
AD-42 Courtney Abrams E-6 5/88-02/91 courtney.abrams (AT)  
AD-42 Barbara Acquino DC2 11/89-2/94 barbd (AT)  
AD-42 Calvin Adolph RP3 1/92-3/94 calvin_adolph (AT)  
AD-42 Rick Agan MM3 1983 - 1987 aganrj (AT) awesome ship and crews. so much fun and good memories!
AD-42 Joel Allen HT3 1992-1994 JNJALL2 (AT) Any sheet metal shop people out there?
AD-42 LaTonya Asbury E-3 8/1990-11/1993 cinnie05 (AT) Looking for anyone in the R-3 Division.
AD-42 Shannon Baker MR3 90-93 labcpa (AT) whats up
AD-42 William Banks MMCS 11/83 to 11/85 hoby847 (AT) As LCDR Denecamp says if you're not an engineer you're a passenger.
AD-42 Nola Barnwell SK2 12/84-12/87 blkdmd2 (AT) looking for shipmates assigned to Supply Dept.
AD-42 Robert Bean MM2 8/1982 - 1/1985 frilydily (AT) there are few ships I reflect on. The Acadia is probably the one I speak of most
AD-42 Christopher Beasley ET3 3/90 - 10/92 beez (AT) Miss everyone-Great time onboard. Looking for LN2 A, Vigil
AD-42 Garrick Beck SA 1986-1988 beckgarrick48 (AT) man i would love to hear from anyone who served with me especially david murphy !
AD-42 David Bell DC3 1989-1992 david_bell554 (AT)  
AD-42 LaShonda Bell E-4 01/93-12/94 belll (AT) Of all my duty stations, I miss Acadia and her crew the most
AD-42 Deborah Bellerose SN 10/92-10/93 debpulford (AT)  
AD-42 Alice Bernardino MS2 3/88-8/84-6/88-7/91 chefcowri (AT) looking for any one out of the S2 Div best time of my life good friends
AD-42 John Bernardoni MR2 1958 to 1960 JBernard039 (AT) Had a great time.
AD-42 Smokey Bertram PN2 1980 to 1982 jerry.bertram (AT) Pre-com; Plankowner - had a great time Captain BP Hardy.
AD-42 Alex ''Sandy'' Bewkes BMSN 1965-1967 chiefmaclg6 (AT)  
AD-42 Linda Bishop SKSN 1993-1993 LindaBishop (AT)  
AD-42 Dennis Blake SK3 11/87 - 10/91 dblakester (AT)  
AD-42 James Blevins EMFN 84-85 jbblevins (AT) e-div. not just a passenger. great time, good people
AD-42 Nadine Bogner E-3 1991-1993 BOGNERNADINE24 (AT) YAHOO.COM Proud to have served my country
AD-42 Fred Bowers   81 to 86 fjb03 (AT)  
AD-42 Norman Bradley FP1 1951-1954 elgolf1 (AT) love to hear from anyone
AD-42 Jim Bradshaw ET3 86-90 alfajim (AT) R-5 / did ya see ad 42 in pearl harbour movie?
AD-42 Anna-Christine (Tina) Broderick YN3 8/84 - 5/88 angel81664 (AT) Hey Lisa !!!! Hi to all !!!
AD-42 Royce Brown EM2 precom 1982 royceb1 (AT) Lots a good friends in that ship
AD-42 Michael Brown BTFN 1980 -1982 mikeandbabes04 (AT) I am a plank owner. I was in the boiler room
AD-42 Andrea Brown (West) RM2 05/86-10/90 lkellum3 (AT) Vickie I have been wait on your call and or email for two years holla
AD-42 Andrea Brown-West RM2 5/86-9/91 lkellum3 (AT) Hey how has everyone been doing I saw some old names
AD-42 Leonard Bruno EM3 81-82 leobru1961 (AT) any old electrician mates that were in the rewind shop you know me I am looking for anybody
AD-42 Kirk Bryan MR2 9/84 - 9/86 kirk (AT) 2006 already, like to hear from somebody from this era.
AD-42 Daniel Buss E-6 1991 - 1994 daniel.buss (AT)  
AD-42 Floyd and Dorothea Byer YN3 7/53 - 5/54 FLOYDBYER (AT) Engineering Office- Trip to Med 1953-1954
AD-42 Daniel Byrd EM3 1984-1987 b1rdman (AT)  
AD-42 Leroy Byrd BTFN 62-63 byrdznest (AT) enjoyed the shipmates also during decomissiong
AD-42 Brady Byrum E-3 1981 to 1983 byrumbhive (AT) plankowner, weapons division, WESTPAC '83, email me!
AD-42 Luis Candelario IC2(SW) 1988-1989 luiscandelario (AT)  
AD-42 Alba Carothers SH2/E-5 88-90 latinmami.1 (AT) looking for my old salsa dance partners that would visit me in the laundry room during down time.
AD-42 Brad Catoe E-3 92- decom lbcayto (AT) Like to hear from Stubby or Yvonne
AD-42 Bill Chance MM3 08/88 to 09/91 chancew2000 (AT)  
AD-42 Robert Chentfant FN 3/57-3/59 RCHENTFANT (AT) SPEEDCHOICE.COM served board the grand canyon 57 to 59.
AD-42 Kristine Chevalier Any   kris0821 (AT) Looking for someone ineterested in a pen pal
AD-42 Vincent Chmielewski     dchemis1 (AT) Vincent was my Uncle - unsure of details
AD-42 Dale Christison DM1(SW) 1/81-11/83, 4/88-7/91 adlcs (AT) Looking for DMC Van de Walker - Greatest Ship Ever
AD-42 Carol Code     codecarol (AT)  
AD-42 Christopher Conlin SN 9/79 - 6/80 courierdispatch (AT) I was on the USS DYESS DD880 it is not listed under hull or
AD-42 Mario A. Constancio EM3 86/89 mario.constancio (AT) worked at battery shop above the speed line.
AD-42 David Cook IM3 1991 - 1994 d_cook71 (AT) MIRCS Lab (96A), RS Div.
AD-42 Jeffrey Cook ET2 1986-1988 jeffrey.k.cook (AT) R4 div. repair lab and 2m lab, west pac 87
AD-42 Norman Cook MM3 1947 to 1950 Eagle830 (AT) Was a great ship, Not sure of hull number, DD-777
AD-42 Jason Cooper E-3 11/92 - 5/94 gnugnats (AT) Hello - just touching base; anyone wishing to chat about the AD-42 or its 1993 West Pac, please contact me
AD-42 Mike Copeland MMC(SW) 8/86 - 8/91 copmik (AT) Valve Shop, Pump-Outside Mach Shop, R2 Div Office
AD-42 Claudia Coria-Preciado PN3 12/92 - 12/94 bubbles_480 (AT) I liked being onboard the was fun. Pls contac me
AD-42 Samantha Crawford E-4 1986 to 1989 samanthacrawford (AT)  
AD-42 Jim Craycraft LT(jg) 4/92-4/95 imbigred1 (AT) First tour as a limited duty officer - ''Blackhawk Down''
AD-42 Rodney Cryer MM3 2/88 - 9/91 Cryerrac3 (AT)  
AD-42 Daisy Custodio-Abrio YNSN 1993-1994 sunshyn.dais (AT) Miss ya! If you remember me, please email me, thanks...
AD-42 Christine Dampier (now Aguirre) SN 93-94 www.FamilyofFour817 (AT) anyone from 1st and 2nd deck division 93-94
AD-42 Joseph Danko ET1 10/84-3/85 jdanko1530 (AT) Looking for good pictures of the ship (Honk Kong pics?)
AD-42 Gary T. Davis DT1/ENS 4/65 - 8/67 gthayne (AT)  
AD-42 Phillip Davis MM3 1981-1984 porkorps (AT) Plankowner
AD-42 Frank DeLeon ENFN 1/86-7/88 frank_480 (AT)  
AD-42 John Deming MM2 1950 to 1954 demingjb (AT)  
AD-42 Louis Dennard ET1 1988-1992 Dennard786 (AT) I would like to hear from some old friends.
AD-42 Monique Des Verges EN 1985-1991 whomoe (AT) Moe Des that is me on Facebook,Boats & Cranes Div, get on there AD 42 shipmates are on there posted 4/23/16
AD-42 Monique Desverges E-5 1985-1991 whomoe (AT) Boat& Crane, A gang looking for all shipmates 85-91 e-mail me
AD-42 Marina Devine SN 1990-1994 spanishmd (AT) I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me!
AD-42 Shawn (Big Harry) Dolon SN 5/91 - 5/93 shawndolon (AT) Trying to get in touch with some old shipmates.. Mike Howard,Carlos Munoz,Laura Lynn,Pat Mckinney,Jerry Gerth....
AD-42 Peggy Doresett/Johns E-4 1990-1993 pjhali (AT) Search facebook. Wow memories
AD-42 Anthony Douthit OM3 1986 to 1988 Tony.J.Douthit (AT) Hello to all former USS Acadia crew members.
AD-42 Robert Downing MRFN 1953 to 1954 bnsheaven (AT)  
AD-42 David Dubose RM3 4/92 - 10/93 dubosedj (AT)  
AD-42 Lameka Dunn or Mcwhite E-3 1990-1991 lamekagreenlee (AT) I was the only girl in A-gang for a while, then IC GYRO
AD-42 Vicki Early RM1 6/86 to 6/89 vickiearly (AT) Ahhh, memories. Andrea get in touch girl!
AD-42 Tim Edwards FN 7/66-8/68 tedwards7 (AT) worked in the motor rewind shop....good duty!!!!!
AD-42 Burt Eichen PH3 3/91-12/94 daizee (AT) looking for RS div. people from 91-94
AD-42 Lee Elkins BTC 8/90-8/92 nivre (AT) FUN !
AD-42 Samuel Engolio MM3 84-88 sengolio (AT) R-2 DIV VLV SHOP
AD-42 Woodrow Epp BMC 1981-1986 woodysworld78 (AT) Plank owner
AD-42 Bill Farley HT3 1974-1982 William-farley (AT)  
AD-42 Wade Ferguson ETC(SW) 80-84 and 89-94 4xferg (AT) Plankowner R4, 67A, 84A two tours. What a ride, give a shout!
AD-42 Malory (Flo) Flournoy Jr. BT1(SW) 1981-1984 malory.flournoy (AT) Looking for R-2 Div. & Boiler Shop Personnel
AD-42 Scott Ford HT2 09/83-05/87 sford (AT)  
AD-42 Michael Formichella QM1 12/45-8/46 michaelformichella (AT) Ship name not listed - USS Porter - DD-800
AD-42 Norm Fox SN 06/79-02/81 angus69 (AT) Leading Seaman
AD-42 Dawn Franks PM3 1990-1993 tndfuchs (AT) Where have you been? :)
AD-42 Todd Franzen E-4 12/89-10/93 jiggs2236 (AT)  
AD-42 Michael Freedman ICC 12/80 - 06/84 michaelf (AT) Precomm + Plankowner (Ship Company ENG - E DIV)
AD-42 David D. Fuchs ET3 Feb 81 - May 83 dave (AT) Welcome inquiries from all shipmates
AD-42 Charles Gallagher MM 4/83 - 11/86  
AD-42 Titia Garvin ICFN/E-3 1993 to 1994 garvin_titia (AT)  
AD-42 Bruce Gebbeken EM1 1980-1982 gebbeken (AT) Plank Owner - First 51B PO
AD-42 Joseph Gehring MM2 2/81- 8/84 josgeh11 (AT) plankowner
AD-42 Jerry Gerth SN 12/90 to 12/92 mpjdgerth (AT) looking for shipmates from boats&cranes div.
AD-42 Gerrit Gillespie ET1 7/89 to 10/92 chiefg2 (AT) Worked in R5 running the RADCAL shop
AD-42 Irving Givens BTFN 91 to 93 GPD1331 (AT) Looking for some old friends from the fire room
AD-42 Andrew Graham QM3 1991-1993 wavediver (AT)  
AD-42 Rick Green E-4 1991-1994 KGREEN1157 (AT) Had a Great Time!!
AD-42 Ben Guest SK3 12/80 to 10/83 bguest (AT) Would love to hear from some of the old gang.
AD-42 Maria Guzman SH3 1987-1990 tanayarian (AT) Visit this site to see more members!
AD-42 David Hagen MM3 12/89 -8/92 HAGENS7 (AT)  
AD-42 Paul Hames SKSN 1982-1984 haikuokisanju (AT) had a great time stationed on this vessel... feel free to contact me shipmates!
AD-42 Lisa Hanson IC3 1984 - 1988 joseysmom2001 (AT) Wanting to catch up with old shipmates :)
AD-42 Ryan Hanson ET3 07/86 - 12/88 maxlife (AT) The RADCAL crew was the best !!!
AD-42 Brent Hardy CAPT 2/81 - 5/83 CAPBPH (AT)  
AD-42 Frank Harness CAPT 3/85-4/87 fharness (AT) Commanding Officer
AD-42 Paul Harrison BR1 1961 to 1964 rdnkbama (AT) the glades was a fine ship. I loved the time I served on her
AD-42 William Hartman IM2 12/89-12/95 whartman (AT)  
AD-42 Barry Hatfield EM1 1986 to 1989 dimindcutr (AT)  
AD-42 Gary Hawkins BT3 1976-1980 hawkins_g (AT) Id like to hear from anybody from the Boiler repair shop
AD-42 Jamie Heath PO3 6/89 - 503 jamieheath354 (AT) Uncle served on USS Trathen QM2 Woodie HeathJr. 1951 I served on USS Fitzgerald 98-03
AD-42 Mitch Helton BM3 82-85 mitchell.helton (AT) Would be great to get an email from you if you know me.
AD-42 David Henkel ETC 6/83 - 10/86 prznpoet (AT)  
AD-42 Tommy Hester     k34zen (AT)  
AD-42 Denise Hilbert RP3 11/87-7/91 hilbertd (AT) Greetings from San Diego!!!!!!
AD-42 James Hill SM2 1980-1982 Jameshill50 (AT) I was a classroom instructor during pre-com. I would like to connect with any shipmates who remembers me
AD-42 Jon Hillerich MM1 89 to 92 jhille6 (AT)  
AD-42 David Hinkle E-3 1991-1993 sugbugger (AT) I was in deck dept. 1st & 2nd Div.
AD-42 Matt Hixon MM2 12/80-10/84 mghxion (AT) Calling ALL M'' Divsion Plankowners. Any Westpac 83 M&B Div Softball team members? ''
AD-42 John Hofbauer BT2 4/90 - 7/92 MMC-John.B.Hofbauer (AT)  
AD-42 Paula Holmes YN3 1983-1985 paulaj0831 (AT) R2 division office
AD-42 Jim (Hooter) Huettemann EM3 8/86-8/90 Huetter2000 (AT) remember ''November Emergency''
AD-42 Richard Hunt HT3 10/80-10/83 rhuntfamily (AT) Plank Owner. Had a great time and great friends
AD-42 James (JD) James SH3 12/53 9/56 oyu (AT) Reunion co-ordinator for USS Arcadia one ship only reunion
AD-42 Shirley James-Ellington E-4 88-92 mescjames (AT)  
AD-42 Eunice Johnson RM2 1990 - 1993 ejoh826103 (AT)  
AD-42 Kia Johnson E-4 90-94 meloca32 (AT) looking for old shipmates if you remember me send a e-mail! let's chop it up!!!!!!
AD-42 Holland Jones E-3 1992 to 1994 tpdhjones (AT) Man, I really miss the Road House
AD-42 Tracie Jones E-3 1993-1994 mizz_tracie (AT) I'm looking for Wes pac book from 1993-1994...I was a BT1
AD-42 Tom Jones SN 1967 to 1970 tom.jones (AT) USS Leonard F. Mason (DD-852)
AD-42 Dana Jones (Richardson) RM2 5/89-1/91 ANGELIS.IMANI (AT) MAILCITY.COM Looking for anyone served onboard
AD-42 John (Jack) Jordan FP1 55&56 jjordan 143 (AT) great time of life!
AD-42 Roger Kaeberlein BT2 64 - 65 kaebe (AT)  
AD-42 Stacey Kaesser SK2 01/91-10/94 lady_vlad32 (AT) acadia was my first ship. I met alot of wonderful people, and would like to see how life has treated everyone.
AD-42 Chris Keffer EM2 1988-1992 info (AT) I served in R-3 Division in Electric Motor Rewind.
AD-42 Alex Kellner E-5 7/83-6/86 carfirestfd (AT)  
AD-42 Chong Kim DK3 10/88 - 03/91 bptco21c_john (AT) Good Memory!
AD-42 Robert King BT1 1983 to 1986 reking1 (AT) B Division. Would like to hear from anyone.
AD-42 Kelly Kinnison MM1 1989-1991 kkinnison1 (AT) Great duty. Served in Desert Storm
AD-42 David Knowles SM1 1980-83 davidsknowles (AT)  
AD-42 Tom Kohler IC2 12/82 - 1988 sandtkohler (AT) Where is the rest of the original IC gang for E-Div.?
AD-42 Frank Kowalczyk QMSN 1957 franklinak07 (AT) please correct my previous entry with regard to date
AD-42 Raymond Krasemann SN 1990-1994 Tkrasemann (AT)  
AD-42 Rachel Kretz E-4 1991-1994 rachelkretz (AT) I am trying to find the West Pac book from 1993-1994
AD-42 Kim Lane SH3 90-94 kimberly_lane05 (AT)  
AD-42 Richard Lanigan SM3 1959 to 1960 redtrout (AT) Where did we all go ?
AD-42 Roger Lawrence YNSN 06/64-10/65 rlawrence7 (AT) Worked in DC Central-LT Knotts and ENS Stanfer
AD-42 Gary (Zack, the maniac) Lawton E-5 7/86-8/88 masonic33378 (AT) looking for yolanda walker and lynn and griffen both from chi-town.
AD-42 Louis Lazar TERM3 11/55-6/56 LOULAZ4 (AT)  
AD-42 Stephanie Lee E-3 01/89 - 05/90 almualiki2 (AT) S-1 Division
AD-42 Richard Legg RMC 1972-1976 rlegg (AT) Worked in Radio Central---Teletype Repair--Ship Super
AD-42 Robert Linley FN 1960 blinley (AT) The yoyo was TAD with pier masters
AD-42 Shawna Lisk-Sprester SN 93-94 ShawnaLanne (AT) Remember Groundhogs day?
AD-42 Mike Livingston BM2 89-92 Legendlves88 (AT) Best time ever !
AD-42 Edwin Lopez MR2 5/82-4/88 edwinlopez2000 (AT) Awesome ship, will did the job well. Good job guys
AD-42 Charlotte (McInturf) Luna BM3 1983 to 1987 hotace (AT) looking for anyone stationed aboard from 1983-1987
AD-42 Charlotte Luna (McInturf) BM3 1983-1987 acadiaboatswainmate (AT) looking for old friends from these dates.....:-) might remember me as boom boom or Charlie
AD-42 Edward Lusher RM3 1980 - 1984 philly1187 (AT) Would love to hear from former shipmates/Plankowners.
AD-42 Robert Luther YN3 1991 to decommission luther.robert.d (AT) Assigned to Repair Admin and Ship's Sup Office
AD-42 Lara Lynn SN 12/90-12/94 debpulford (AT)  
AD-42 W. Glen Mabe HT1 83-85 txjoker57 (AT) Looking for the rodeo Team members.
AD-42 Harry Madine E-3 1958 to 1960 Harlane (AT) Was on the ''Deck Force''
AD-42 Sean Maggard STGSN 1990 1992 smpainter 79 (AT) any one from desert storm westpac who remembers me talk to me
AD-42 Maria Maldonado WT3 1985-1989 Mariq99 (AT)  
AD-42 Kenny Marek IM3 6/81-8/85 kenny463 (AT) Proudly served from 81-85. Would love to hear from anyone!
AD-42 Michelle Martins (McCloud/Hill) MR3 1984 to 1987 MARTINSJJJM (AT) Looking for people from that time period
AD-42 Gary (Rich) Mathews ET3 1991 to 1995 rnam6 (AT) email me- would love to get in touch with old shippees
AD-42 Billy D. McAfee BTC 1988 to 1990 bdmcafee (AT) Served as part of the reserve staff.
AD-42 Arsena McIntire E-3 92-93 rennogsd (AT) looking for sn skaggs and sn johnson
AD-42 Samuel McVey TM1 72-73 tmchief (AT)  
AD-42 Dave Meadors GSM2 1980 to 1983 Navydude (AT) Plankowner
AD-42 Wilbur Meadows ET3 66 67 wd8jvx (AT)  
AD-42 Gabriel Mendoza EN3 88-93 v8fairbanks (AT) I went by Dozzer any body from boats & crane from 88-93 who remembers me send me an e-mail
AD-42 Joanne Miller HM3 3/85-3/86 jorossi927 (AT) dated and married HM2 Nick Rossi
AD-42 Hilda Mirza HT3 1985-1988 hssterner (AT) Looking forward to hearing from old friends!
AD-42 Michelle Monfort RM2 1990-1993 Miswriter (AT)  
AD-42 Michelle Mooney SH 12/92-12/94 patmooney 528 (AT) verizon .net Had lots of fun worked in supply. holla at me
AD-42 Mike Moravek IM1 89-91 mmoravek (AT) Ahoy Shipmates!
AD-42 Keven Morehart OS1 1981-1983 keven.morehart (AT) Plankowner
AD-42 James Morgan EM3 1981-1984 jimlizmorg (AT) I was in R3 Div. From '81 to '84
AD-42 Trevor Morgan BT1 9/88-3/91 10554 (AT) hope to see u all at the reunion 9,10,11 June '06 in ATL.
AD-42 Paige Morris SH3 85-87 LHASAT (AT) Hello everybody
AD-42 Matthew Murle DP2 84 to 87 mattc10041 (AT) served on 2 tenders USS Gompers and USS Acadia
AD-42 David Murphy EM2 1985-1989 DMURPHY329ONE (AT) Looking for Miller, Duhart, Harris, Whit, Rich
AD-42 Robbie Naillon MM2 2/81-12/83 rlntnavyman (AT) Proud Plankowner from M-Division,Engineering Dept
AD-42 Maynard Nelson RMC 1984-1985 aprylmclean (AT) Looking for people who remember my dad (died in 1988)
AD-42 Regina (Biho) Nelson BMSN 10/1990-10/1992 malu (AT) Feel free to HOLLA if you remember me. Aloha from Hawaii yall!!!!
AD-42 Steven Nelson FC3 1991-1993 stvnnel (AT) Looking for old friends from R-4
AD-42 Mark Neyman E-5 1983-1987 Skrapiron13 (AT)  
AD-42 Kristine (Ard) Nichols OS3 84-87 kard1 (AT)  
AD-42 Lydia Nichols (Thompson) E-4 1984-1988 lyd_nichols (AT) Can anyone off the Acadia who remembers me e-mail me. Thanks.
AD-42 James Nix EM3 1/56-7/57 james.nix (AT)  
AD-42 Donald Noel MR2 1962 to 1963 marinesurvey1 (AT) Johny Johnson is is my best memory
AD-42 Tim OBrien MM3 1983-88 tobrien6 (AT) Had lots of fun aboard the Acadia
AD-42 Michael O'Grady ENCM(SW) 1992-1994 OGradyM (AT) R-2 DIVO during Mogadishu and Somalia campaign
AD-42 Scott Olier EM3 1983 to 1986 scottolier (AT)  
AD-42 William Oquendo DC3 9/91-9/94 william_oquendo (AT)  
AD-42 Adolph Ortiz DC2 1986 to 1989 Roccos8 (AT)  
AD-42 Barbara Padak DC2 11/89-2/94 barbd (AT)  
AD-42 Girard Passanante SH2 7/51-10/54 Aire1 (AT) Great ship!!!
AD-42 Eileen Patrick ( BMSN 1993 to 1994 epatr43321 (AT) Hope to hear from anyone that was onboard during my time
AD-42 Kevin Pearson MM1 1981-1983, 1997-1990 kekipe (AT) Looking for first A-Gangers and R5 1987-1990 R5
AD-42 Harold Peppler     wpep (AT)  
AD-42 Jacqueline Perry IT3 1984 to 1987 pecantan_00 (AT) Trying to get in contact with Juanita Yancey
AD-42 Lars Petrey DS3 01/90 - 11/91 larspetrey (AT) Looking for anybody who remembers me. Had a great time.
AD-42 John Pidgeon RM3 11/84-2/88 jjp (AT) Teletype Repair (NEC)
AD-42 Jack Pingleton FN 12/64 to 09/65 jpingleton (AT) a great old ship!
AD-42 Hector Pinuelas Betancourt MMFN 1/92-10/93 link_usn (AT) Anybody from Engineering...M division..Engine room...Evaps!!
AD-42 Kenny Preston RM2 11/80 - 7/84 kpres62 (AT) Looking for old shipmates and plankowners.
AD-42 Mike Price DC3 04/69 - 04/71 m.h.price (AT)  
AD-42 Brad Pritchett IM2 8/91-12/94 bmpritc (AT) MIRCS Lab brothers drop me a line
AD-42 Christine Puia E-3 01/91 to 09/92 cvpuia (AT) I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me; I was a wild child...
AD-42 John (Jack) Purcell EM1 7/56 - 6/57 purcell_430 (AT) Prior - served on USS Warrington DD843
AD-42 Michael Quinn GMG2 1987-1991 mq1963 (AT)  
AD-42 Richard Ravn BT2 9/51-3/55 randsravn (AT) USS Fred T Berry DD/DDE 858
AD-42 Richard Raymond ET1 7/80 - 8/84 magicv82001 (AT)  
AD-42 John (Jack) Reilly BT1 10/53-9/56 jr920 (AT) SF/Boiler Repair shop
AD-42 Carolyn Reis Karpel Zink YNSN 1981-1982 pzink (AT) Was married to BM1 Bill Karpel. Remember him?
AD-42 Stephanie Riggen DP2 1986 to 1989 jriggen (AT) Would love to hear from you...
AD-42 Allen Ringgenberg EM2 6/62 -10/63 alr (AT)  
AD-42 Ted Roach OM2 4/84 - 6/86 theoroach (AT)  
AD-42 Bill Robinson RD3 10/63 - 10/65 brobinson (AT) Remember the Virgin Islands and the Orange, TX. tour.
AD-42 Penny Rodenkirck E-5 1981-1985 pennynuckols (AT)
AD-42 Tom Roethlisberger HT1(SW) 03/84 - 03/86 tar1960 (AT) NDT Lab
AD-42 Rebecca Romero E-3 1992 rebeccatrevino61 (AT)  
AD-42 Roger Roper MMFN 8/91 - 9/92 fortyandcrazy (AT) valve shop
AD-42 Shannon Rose MRFN 6/91-4/94 sjrose (AT) i am looking for 93 94 west pac cruise book and old friends
AD-42 Sheryl Rossback-Ridens ET3 4/92-12/94 sheryl.ridens (AT) Looking for R-4 Department people
AD-42 Shannon (Shawn) Rousey SN 92-94 rousey00 (AT) Would like to hear from anyone in the Boats and Cranes division.
AD-42 Raul Ruano Gomez FN/E-3 93-94 raulruano (AT) Lots of good memories, looking for 72/A crew or anyone that knew me.
AD-42 Buck Rudd ETNSN 12/60-9/61 buck28 (AT) I served aboard USS Delta, AR 9
AD-42 Ron Russell MS 8/74-5/77 trussell (AT) Still looking for old shipmates please.
AD-42 Danny Salyer HT1 1983-1989 Hulltec (AT)  
AD-42 Terry Scherber MM2 12/82- 09/84 Terry.Scherber (AT) Best ship I was ever on. Great group of people to work with. Worked in valve repair shop.
AD-42 Jen Schmuck/Sawdy/Cole HT2 1990-1994 jcole110 (AT) I worked in the PipeShop and NDT
AD-42 Howard Schock RMC 6/80 to 6/84 howardschock (AT) Plankowner
AD-42 Joseph Schuchard SFP3 1963 to 1965 Ezschu253 (AT) Would like to hear from fellow shipmates,
AD-42 Wayne Scroggins SK3 6/58-2/61 haybrokr (AT)  
AD-42 Gene Seabolt TM2 1/63 - 5/65 tlobaes (AT) Served R-5 Div. which became Weapons Dept.
AD-42 Joseph Segien BRI 9/58-6/65 CAPADICASA (AT) Had a good 7 years on the Arcadia
AD-42 Ernest (Merle) Selph ET2 1991-1994 kristinandmerle (AT) Looking for anyone from R-4!!! I worked in 67A, mostly as the non-CIC standing supply guy
AD-42 Debbie Seymore TM3 6/86 - 12/89 msdeeg67 (AT) 2 westpacs and too much fun - Hope to hear from some friends
AD-42 Don Shane MMCS Sept. 80 to Nov. 83 ronido05 (AT) Proud Plankowner
AD-42 Frederick Shaw FN 9/52-1154 azfred_99 (AT)  
AD-42 Pat Shott HT3 1984-1988 pshott (AT) I was in the shipfitter shop.Would like to hear from anyone
AD-42 Bertrand Simoneau SF2 43-46 b.simoneau (AT) Plankowner. Not many of us left.
AD-42 Thomas Slater SN 1956 - 1958 galwayirish (AT) Would like to hear from the basketball team 1956-1958.
AD-42 Deb Sloan HTC 3/88-3/93 theeternallotus (AT) Best duty station of my career!
AD-42 John A. Smith SFC 1967 to 1968 jasjr (AT) great duty. love to hear from old shipmates
AD-42 Melody Smith EM1(SW) 1981-1985, 1987-1989 mail_mel1984 (AT) A.R.M.I.W.Y
AD-42 Todd Smith EM1 11/88-11/93 gts2k1 (AT) Looking for Paul Anderson EM1 and Daniel Buss EN1
AD-42 Darren Snyder HT3 1983 to 1986 weatherman9882 (AT) I'm searching for a Walter Glen Mabe. It's Pee Wee Rodeo Tea
AD-42 Kevin Soltwedel E-3 1978-1979 ksoltwedel (AT) Tender-Hopper, Looking for others, Please E-Mail
AD-42 Geraldo Soto ML3 1/84-10/87 geraldo_soto (AT) God I love her
AD-42 Anthony Sparks SHSN 1980-1986 ant290013 (AT) anthony sparks on facebook
AD-42 Bob Speegle LT 1989-1991 speegle_robert (AT)  
AD-42 Martin Spraker SH3 1952-1956 vrs_1962 (AT) USS Hale -DD-642, and going to the reunion in Sept
AD-42 Patrick Stahl MMC 1/84- 7/88 pstahl (AT) The best crew and more fun then anyone should deserve!
AD-42 Tammy (Lujan) Stanislas SH3 90-93 Stuput2 (AT) Would love to hear from you all lets chat.
AD-42 Darrell Statzer, MD EM3 45-46 statzermd (AT)  
AD-42 Michael Steddum MSSN 1984-1987 michael (AT) michaelsteddum I would love to hear from old friends on board the Acadia
AD-42 Beth Stevens (Jonasson) IM2 8/85 - 2/89 Bethtia7759 (AT)  
AD-42 Shelby Stewart TM2 91-93 jbwusa (AT) Wish to find my old friends
AD-42 Andrea Still SKSN 11/93-12/94 strawberryisbest (AT) I am looking for anyone I may have made friends with
AD-42 Ernest Storms DP1 1981-1982 esalus (AT)  
AD-42 Charles Strode EM3 7/1960 to 9/60 c.strode (AT) I was transferred from the USS Gainard waiting to discharged
AD-42 Victor Tatum SK3 9/84-03/87 JCCBusDir (AT) Sure wish I'd kept in touch!
AD-42 Olyn Taylor HM3 5/73-3/74 hersomtack (AT)  
AD-42 Angela Tensley LI3 1990-1991 gelilang (AT) Anyone who remembers me or from RS div, I would enjoy hearing from you.
AD-42 Kendell Theobald HT3 1991 to 1992 ktheobald (AT)  
AD-42 David Thompson HT3 80-83 davidmthompson (AT) Proud Plankowner
AD-42 Tony Tibbs PH2 8/82-01/84 tonyt1960 (AT) Westpac 83
AD-42 Rick Toracinta HT1 7/85-5/90 satelyt (AT) Some of the best friends I've ever had were here. Happy to hear from anybody.
AD-42 Cynthia Townsend (Canady) MS3 05/90-05/94 acadia934 (AT)  
AD-42 Regena Townsend-Treleaven MS3 9/90-4/94 exnavy98 (AT) Looking for MS's on this ship and all other friends
AD-42 Richard Trout SN 1971-1972 Troutwoman (AT) USS Bowen 1079 Ship name was not listed above
AD-42 Debbie Turner TM3 01/82-01/83 DST8254 (AT)  
AD-42 Stephen Turner E-4 1990-1993 stephentrnr (AT) What's up this is Turner. Get at me if you remember me.....
AD-42 Shelly Vaughn BM3 05/81 to 03/85 srb (AT)  
AD-42 Felipe (Phil) Villa BM2 6/82 - 9/86 unibeer (AT) Boats & Cranes,2nd Div & R-something (Canvas/Rigging Shop)-list of names brought back memories.
AD-42 Jessica Villarreal ENFN 92-94 JESKAUS (AT) Hello to all, would love to hear from anybody.
AD-42 Christopher Vullo MS3 4/82-4/84 lalamidnacha (AT)  
AD-42 Doug Wade BM2 83-85 SWADE1 (AT)  
AD-42 Paul Wade E-3 89-93 Pwade (AT) Looking for all my great BT friends. I miss you...
AD-42 Jim Wallisch TM3 6/66 - 9/67 jawallisch (AT) Worked in the Torpedo Shop Mark44 crew
AD-42 Jack Webber PN3 1955 to 1056 JACKMRQTT (AT) COMCRUDRSPAC STAFF
AD-42 Edgley Webber MRFN 1964 to 1966 angelgrm (AT) first step in growing up
AD-42 Karl Werner MLC 03/83-09/87 freeman_c (AT)  
AD-42 Patrick Wetherington BM3 1990 to 1991 warhorse68 (AT) Hello Shipmates!
AD-42 Mike Wheeler HT1 1986 to 1992 cottonhouse23 (AT) Adacia Reunion 2010 in San Diego, CA, July 2,3 & 4 & Cleveland,OH July 16,17 & 18-Contact me for details.
AD-42 Christine White ET2 1993-1994 cmwhite70 (AT) Was in R-4 67B. Looking to touch base with old shipmates.
AD-42 Joe White MMFN 09/93-12/94 joe.white1 (AT)  
AD-42 Lythia Whitney   1/90 - 9/92 itslythiasmile (AT) Looking for anyone in Deck Divison and E Division
AD-42 Jon Wilcoxson HT3 90-92 jwil (AT) Worked in the pipe shop, finished in supply office.
AD-42 Don Wilkins PH2 4/82-11/84 kodipup0262 (AT) looking for any PHs or anyone from RS division
AD-42 Juanita Williams BM2 1989-1991 jwill39428 (AT) 1st & 2nd Division-What can I say working sun up to sun down.
AD-42 Jonas Williams Deck/Weapons 11/92-4/94 jtw9mail1970 (AT) Everyone knew me as Will ''Jay'' Williams. Looking for old friends from Deck Division and Weapons
AD-42 Larry Williams YN3 12/83-03/87 ldwilliams20 (AT)  
AD-42 Dianne Williams BM3 1989-1993 pic7548colin (AT)  
AD-42 Devon Williams MM3 4/83-10/84 thirty7ch94sub (AT) I had a great time aboard ship and in repair div.
AD-42 Bill Williams MM1 1990 to 1992 pitsnipebilly (AT) R-2/38A & M-Division Evaps (EMO5)
AD-42 Jane Wisnewski-Bowie HT3 1988-1990 janeb66 (AT) In R-div, married MM3 Bowie
AD-42 John Wohlford MLFN 1991-1993 john (AT)  
AD-42 Kimberly Woods PM2 83-87 Kms34coupe (AT) Love to hear from anyone-Karl Werner -ya out there?
AD-42 Robert Troy Woolery, II IM2 12/87 - 10/88 troywoolery (AT)  
AD-42 Raymond Worth MR3 1984 to 1986 mach1god (AT)  
AD-42 John Wrubel QM1 04/86-12/89 JOHNMWRUBEL (AT)  
AD-42 Juanita Yancey DP3   jyancey (AT) Looking for Nola Barnwell, Jacquline Perry,
AD-42 Rachel Yobs CDR 7/80-4/83 & 8/92-5/94 rachelyobs (AT) Proud Plankowner & Last full-tour RO
AD-42 Don Young YN5 precom 8/82 lifeline4me (AT) Ops Dept-Knowels Philley,Abrahamson,Preston,Mares,Schmit,Morehart,Bracy & others-Long, Whittaker-Howdy
AD-42 Michael Zearley TM2 1981 to 1983 michael.zearley (AT)  
AD-42 Vernon Zearley TM2 1981 1984 vzearley (AT)  
AD-42 A. J. Ziraks MR3 88-91 ivan1200 (AT) Anyone know the whereabouts of BT-2 Andy Davis?

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