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AD-16 Frank (Francis) Salvatore Abate SN (E-3) Summer 1961 - 8/22/61 when discharged frankabate04 (AT) I was dischged from USS Cascade after leaving USS Samuel B. Roberts (DD-823) because it was going to FRAM.
AD-16 Thomas Ackerman ET2 1956 to 10/58 taga32 (AT) I don't see any listings for the USS Cascade AD-16
AD-16 John Q. Adams RDSN 1972 - 1974 physician97 (AT) Naples, Italy until decommission in Norfolk, VA
AD-16 Paul Allen TE3 6/51 to 10/52 gotojailucso (AT) Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
AD-16 Lee Allen ET1 1965-1968 lhallen (AT) Like to here from fellow shipmates
AD-16 Jarrell Alling MR2 1/56 to 6/57 jlatable (AT) Abord when huricane hit. Sustained damage to Port side
AD-16 Wayne Ames RM3 1972 to 1974 thearbus (AT) living out in via P and the back way to nsa naples thru the vineyard and the botchi ball game.unforgettable times and travels around the med.
AD-16 Rick (Andy) Anderson FTG3 spring 1962 - 9/64 rick9006 (AT) Solamski?, Haukhalter?, Frank Morey, John Dennis McGurk
AD-16 Michael Anderson E-3 10/72-10/74 mchlanderson1410 (AT) wanted to say hi to all of the deck apes.
AD-16 Byron ''Andy'' Anderson BM 70-72 banderson (AT) The Via Pisciarelli Gang Lives On
AD-16 Tom Bakko SN 1970-1971 tbakko (AT)  
AD-16 Vincent Balla IM2 1972-1974 veb38002 (AT) my first ship, great times!
AD-16 Edward Ban CPO 42 thru 44 housepainter (AT) Ed passed in '93. I would love to hear from any old friends
AD-16 Charles Barker BT3 1967-1970 Edbarker (AT) Looking for my shipmates
AD-16 Don Barker FT2 11/61-6/62 donellie64 (AT)  
AD-16 Robert Barnard BM2 1966 to 1969 barnbobee (AT) looking for old friends
AD-16 Larry Basile HT3 8/70 - 8/72 LKBasile (AT) was assigned to Shipfitter Shop E&R Div.
AD-16 Terry Baxter PO 1945-1946 petroc1 (AT) My dad served on this ship. Richard Ney, the actor was a shipmate.
AD-16 Gary Beals SK2 5/65 - 4/66 gb205ev (AT) Tech support SK
AD-16 Willie Beck MM2/P1 3/59-6/62 Williebeck (AT) Worked in ice machines A gang (refrig/air conditioning)-Navy taught me trade-been in air conditioning 44 yrs
AD-16 Joseph Belvin BMSN 3/52-12/52 navy43_56 (AT) How many remember hearing cool cool waters in 1952
AD-16 Jerry Bender SM 4/59 -4/61 GBenderm (AT)  
AD-16 Michael Beninda FTG2 1965 to 1968 mbeninda (AT) Operation Broken Arrow, Would like to get touch with my shipmates. I how live in Greenville SC.
AD-16 Bob Berube EM3 1962-1965 nz1r (AT)  
AD-16 Stan Bevan GM3 6/45-12/45 slb (AT) Typhoon coming & 2 Marines in boat fishing using grenades.
AD-16 Henry Blanchette RMC 1961-1963 hdblanch (AT) was on in bsn shipyard and med cruise
AD-16 Ron Bobbitt SKSN 1958-1959 rwbobbitt (AT)  
AD-16 Stephen Bolen E-3 7/67-7/68 bolensc (AT) 2nd div.,deck
AD-16 Larry Bortner PO3 1966-1967 Larkoi (AT)  
AD-16 Rondal Bostic MM3(EA) 3/64 - 9/66 rljdbostic (AT) Like to hear from old friends, if you can remember! :o)
AD-16 Jim Boyer IC3 1962-1964 jimmipinkpig (AT) Worked in ''Gyro Shop''
AD-16 Norman Brack PO2 1944- 1946 pennbracks (AT) Any WWII shipmates still out there? (806)659-2729
AD-16 John Braden FME3 1962 to 1964 JAGERJMB (AT)  
AD-16 Bert Bradley ME3 1/56-1/59 elaine32bert (AT) 2 Med cruises - 1 Gitmo cruise R1 div shipfitter shop /sheetmetal shop
AD-16 Rex (Frederick) Branton (Quackenbush) MM3 1966 to 1968 quacks101 (AT) Worked in A gang. Name changed in 1968 On bord name was that time.Looking for old crew members
AD-16 Michael Brenner E-5 1968-1970 terribrenner (AT) Wife's email address. Address is 506 W Washington Alexandria, In 46001
AD-16 Thomas Briggs IC2 1961 to1963 briggs (AT) The steamingest tender in the fleet. Great IC repair group.
AD-16 Dennis Bright BM3 1970-1973 (410) 693-2565 Homeport Newport,drydock Boston,quantonimo,Artic circle,med cruise-like to here from some of the old guys.
AD-16 Earl Brinson SF2 1943 - 1945 Scobey (AT) Served in the 9th Div, in the sheetmetal shop
AD-16 Clyde Brown SK3 5/60-10/63 cbrown315 (AT) Served und capt White & Morrison-1st yr as SN in boat div as gig COX-then to supply-made SK3.
AD-16 John Brown BM1 5/73 - 7/74 MANJBROWN (AT) LPO 1st Div.
AD-16 Robert (Bob) Brown SK1 10/70 - 7/71 sailorbrowns (AT) Naples was great-departed early to Navy Supply Corps School
AD-16 Kenneth Browne ME3 1955 - 1958 arkjbinva (AT) Worked in sheetmetal shop. Two Med cruises.
AD-16 Wayne Brueggeman TM3 4/63-9/64 bigcty (AT) anyone remember big poker games in torpedo shop,
AD-16 F. P. Skipp Bruzdzinski HTFN 1972-1974 3133 Baybriar Rd. Balto.Co.Md 21222 Iwould like to hear fromR-div. and boat crews (Hot Dog)
AD-16 Dave Butler ICFN 10/61 - 4/62 dbutler007 (AT) Coldest winter of my life
AD-16 Harold Camacho OM2 11/61-6/66 harold2595 (AT) Welcome all Emails from former shipmates
AD-16 Paul Canavan PC3 10/63-11/66 ppcan (AT) mail call......mail call
AD-16 George Canning QM3 02/63-02/65 g.canning13 (AT) Brother Mike aboard 02/62-02-64
AD-16 Albert Capecchi CPO 1070 alcof1 (AT) I love Naples
AD-16 Tom Carlin QM 1972-1974 tomcar1 (AT)  
AD-16 Paul Thomas Carr IC1 1955 to 1959 maryjocarr (AT) Paul Tom Carr died August 16 2015
AD-16 Irving Chamberlin EM 1951-1954 sandyg5 (AT) Looking for anyone that served with my Dad.
AD-16 Robert (Bob) Charles BMSN 6/69-12/70 kkgreyhound (AT) I lived in Fall River, but she was my home away from home.
AD-16 Russell Cheatham TM3 1-71 to 8-73 russellcheatham (AT) Deck 1 Yr; Weps 1.5 yr; Mess Crank 3 Mos; Boat Crew 3 months
AD-16 Claire Chesley TMCM 9/63 - 5/68 CVJnr (AT) CMAA
AD-16 Doug Childers YN2 8/66 - 7/69 drchilders.1 (AT) in x division as legal yeoman.seeking shipmates,esp terry wilson,pete banasik,john
AD-16 Don Ciaciuch SN 2/60 - 2/62 dwc329 (AT) 1st Div under Lt Nida Ran the Boatswain Locker & crewed Capts Gig-served with Brady,Chalie Noble,Billy Adcock
AD-16 Dale Clark BT2 3/63 - 9/66 drclark (AT) Operation Broken Arrow and the storm coming home.
AD-16 Dennis Cole IC3 5/65-7/67 colestudios (AT)  
AD-16 Gerald (Jerry) Collier MMS1 1943-1945 teccpa (AT)  
AD-16 Clark Collins E-5 1962-1965 brclark (AT) Fond memories of time on the ship. Did Med cruise in 62.
AD-16 Joe Conlan EM3 4/63 to 4/65 jjco39 (AT) Electrical Rewind Shop, traveled to Halifax, Norfolk, Mayport, Pennsicola and San Juan.
AD-16 Frank Connell EN3 7/69 - 3/70 fjc1008 (AT) evap rm ,earle nj ,boston beth stl
AD-16 Tom Connors MM3 3/59 - 12/61 twoconns (AT) worked in the after engine room for mm2 tygert a good boss . would like to hear from him.
AD-16 Larry Countryman LT 8/71-11/74 ldcountry (AT) First Lieutenant, acting XO for Decom
AD-16 Charles Craze SN 1/62- 2/64 charlescra (AT) Worked in the Teletype Repair Shop (ET Division)
AD-16 Bob Croghan DK3 1952-53 bobsr (AT) register 2010 reunion sept-oct Chicago area
AD-16 Bob Croghan, Sr. DK3 1952-53 bobsr (AT) worked in disbursing office - starterd reunions in 1971 st louis - had 21 so far
AD-16 Curtis Cronin MM2 02/60-08/61 curtcronin (AT)  
AD-16 Robert (Bob) Cruz SH3 71-64 - 7/2/68 bob1982 (AT) haven't heart from anyone since i got out.
AD-16 Phil Cutrara BMSN 1963-1964 philcutrara1 (AT) Puerto Rico East Coast Basketball Finals
AD-16 Leroy Dammann SF1 1/69-12/71 bhausman (AT) If you knew Wayne Dammann please contact me. Thank you
AD-16 Carl Danesi EM3 1972-1974 cdrome253 (AT) Spent most of the time in Naples, Italy and making a few cruises to the different Med
AD-16 Tony Dariano DC2 1957-1960 adarianosr (AT) I am still around and working as a Construction Official/ Building and Fire Inspector
AD-16 Bob Dean EM2 11/67 - 09/70 BDean18809 (AT)  
AD-16 Michael Dellolio TMC 1970 to 1973 mcdell39 (AT)  
AD-16 David Denis MR2 1965-1968 davedenis7 (AT) Great times, good ship. Did Operation Broken Arrow R-2 div. machine shop
AD-16 Robert Denner TM2 2/52-9/54 bob4boatin (AT) Spent much time TAD at schools. But made half Med cruise
AD-16 Roger Dereske DCFN 9/61 - 8/64 Mil_Sport (AT) Worked in the carpenter shop
AD-16 Charles (Skip) Detty SH-3 1967-1968 cdetty (AT)  
AD-16 Gary Dicks MM2 1966-7/69 gary3778 (AT) Good time in my life met good friends
AD-16 Henry Dierolf FA 12/55 to 2/56 henry28 (AT) I was TAD for the Markab, as FT striker
AD-16 Richard Dodge ETR2 1963 to 1965 rcdodge (AT) ET shop/instrument calibration
AD-16 John (Al) Dognazzi BT1 4/ 63 to 8/65 jdinsp (AT)  
AD-16 John Doherty HT3((DC) 2/70-6/72 abbcat (AT) Came aboard in E.Boston,went to GTMO,crossed the Napoli.Worked in R-1 Div.Carpenter shop.
AD-16 Daniel Driscoll BM2 1970-1972 dddriscoll (AT) Naples homeport- I was the Coxswain for the Capatins boat. Great duty!
AD-16 Wayne Eberius SMSN 1963-1965 weberius (AT)  
AD-16 John Eckler SMC 1974-1974 Johnftwobucks (AT) Retired 1979.Would enjoy hearing from some of my friends & foes....
AD-16 Chris Egan   ? -1966 nh48hiker (AT) Anyone heard from Chris? I'd appreciate pix or memories too.
AD-16 Eugene Eisert SFM3 1964 to 1968 eugene.eisert (AT) R1 DIV
AD-16 Lyle ''Chip'' English DT2 01/1970-06/1971 brjech (AT) Loved it and made many good friends
AD-16 Ira Epstein ETN2 10/61-10/64 123ihe123 (AT) 3 years of fun including trips to Gitmo and Naples, who remembers and is still around
AD-16 Charlie Fatum SN 12/57 - 1/59 CHASFATUM (AT)  
AD-16 Larry Ferek YN2 1966-1968 ljferek (AT) W-1 Yeoman - Still remember all the TM's and GMT's. Yeah, I even remember the Airdales in W-2.
AD-16 Larry Ferencik SF3 57-61 frenchyuno (AT) AKA ''Frenchy''. Weld Shop R division. Email me if you remember me.
AD-16 Joseph Fitzgibbon PC3 17/72 to 11/74 joseph.fitzgibbon (AT) Worked in the Post Office; Stationed in Naples Italy until ship was decommissioned in Norfolk.
AD-16 Tom Fleck BT3 1973 to 1974 tfleck51 (AT) Worked for BTC Hanson in the BR Shop
AD-16 Thomas Flood RD3 65-66 floodbttom (AT) was on board went we searched for warheads off the coast of
AD-16 Francis Foley TM3 3/55 -5/55 budfoley705 (AT) waiting discharge; best duty ever. served 3 years on uss compton dd-705
AD-16 Robert Fomen FN 6/64 RFomen (AT) FN on 2 week tour in Machine Shop and tool room
AD-16 Willie Forster ML2 3/53-12/55 Willieff733 (AT)  
AD-16 Glenn Funt LI2 12/71 - 11/73 gfunt (AT) RAPID TRANSIT M/C-Print Shop - Naples,Great times-Great memories. Just wish I could remember all the names.
AD-16 George Gagliardo IM3 5/62 - 9/65 gagg3543 (AT) Would like to hear from 62-65 shipmates
AD-16 Daniel Galvin FC1 1942 - 1945 quincyca39 (AT) Plank Owner-learning my Trade for 4 years as a Designer of Spacecraft Instruments & Missiles
AD-16 Daniel H. Galvin, Jr. FC3 1942 -1945 catrinky03 (AT) Commendation from Adm. Nimitz-work done on USSWedderburn
AD-16 Jim Gardner SFP2 6/66 - 11/69 jimgardner06 (AT) lot of good and bad times
AD-16 Kenneth Gardner IC3 01/62-01/63 Gardnerkeg (AT) Great old ship--Best time of my life
AD-16 Lisa Garrow   1964-1970 ? metalliza (AT) Seeking information on my brother, Gary Garrow.
AD-16 Bob Garvy TM3 3/64-7/67 garvyrep (AT) Goodrich, Rivera, Jarvis etc...
AD-16 Deborah George   1945-1951 ? not sure royrogers2 (AT) seeking mates who served with my father, Ollie George, Jr.
AD-16 David Gibson FN 1961 - 1964 whatnowait (AT) Was in ''Ice Machines'' aft Eng rm and R gang-Dick Grasso,Denny Feeny,Harold Herbert, Larry Lyles,Fitzy.
AD-16 David Gilliam BTFN 6/73 - decom davidegilliam (AT) I think Naples will always be in my memory, awh... bella Napoli
AD-16 William Ginda EM1 5/56-9/57 billyg6 (AT)  
AD-16 Gary Glass E-3 3/72 - 2/74 glassrelic (AT) Machinist Mate Throttle boards evaporaters
AD-16 Charles (Lizard) Gleason TMSN 1972 to 1974 Standing_Wolf (AT) Great times in Naples, Italy.
AD-16 Larry Goldman SK2 10/71-6/72 lcarsonn (AT) loved my time and friends in Naples
AD-16 Fred Gould ET2 11/69 - 5/73 fredrdr (AT) on board while homeported in Naples, Italy
AD-16 Joe Graeber TM3 1966 to 1968 jtorpedojoe (AT) Saw a few shipmates have some great memories
AD-16 Alvin Grams FA 5/59-9/59 abgram (AT) Was TAD before being transferred USS K D Bailey
AD-16 Richard Grasso   1962 to 1965 jdt (AT) Anybody out there have copies of the Ship Patch for sale?
AD-16 Chuck Gullette MMSN 5/69-8/69 chuck642 (AT) TAD summer '69 waiting for nuke school
AD-16 Richard Hallman YN3 1964 - 1966 RBHOKL1 (AT) CSI.COM Best popcorn maker the ship ever had
AD-16 Gerald Hand IM2 5/60-6/63 e9biker (AT) My first ship was in the typewriter and watch & clock shop
AD-16 Joe (JJ) Handley ETR2 1963 to 1965 Joe.handley (AT) worked in calibration shop with Dodge, Lewis, Scussel
AD-16 Robert Harkins HT2 6/70---6/72 acela1 (AT) newport to Naples then stayed on board till 6/72 I worked in the welding shop.781-706-5444
AD-16 Clinton Harper SFM3 2/64 - 7/67 CWHARP69 (AT) outlookcom boston shipyard shakedown cruise operation broken arrow
AD-16 Bill Harrison QM3 09/65 to 6/68 harrisonbilros (AT) Ops Division-Mates:Makely,Sussman,Wood,Pysarchyk,Boucher
AD-16 David Hatch MM2 6/64 - 8/67 dhatch3 (AT) EA Divison
AD-16 Alan Hauge MM5 69-72 hauge (AT) Looking for Wiley Adams and Richard Fink!!!! Email Me
AD-16 Bayard Haugen   1944 - 1945 haugen450 (AT)  
AD-16 Leslie Heaton TM2 4/67-8/68 Heatonlm (AT)  
AD-16 Don Hecke BM2 12/63-9/68 don9329 (AT)  
AD-16 Bert Heitz EM2 7/59-3/62 bertinboni (AT)  
AD-16 Chris Herbert ICFN 12/56-1/60 ch3454 (AT)  
AD-16 Don Hergert PO3 1953 oly484olson (AT) I worked in the photo lab and was on the 1953 Mediteranean cruise.
AD-16 Francisco Hernandez SFPFN 1965-1969 francisco1h (AT)  
AD-16 Mike Heron IC2 3/64 - 5/67 mgheron (AT) Gryo Shop, R-3 Div., Repair Dept.
AD-16 Billy Herring RM3 1964 to 1966 Bbherr666 (AT)  
AD-16 Charles Hess   1950-1951 muthhruv3 (AT)  
AD-16 James Hewitt ST1 1971-1973 jhewitt.ipad (AT) R-5 Div LPO
AD-16 Donald Hinton RD2 1962 - 1964 Donja46 (AT)  
AD-16 Ryan Hixenbaugh   1944 to 1946 ryanh (AT) My grandfather was aboard in WWII. anybody else?
AD-16 Jerry Holland   9/43 to 4/46 jimholland (AT) deceased-anyone know him
AD-16 Raymond Jackson RM3 1/55-8/56 jack3755 (AT) 56 med cruise got tranfered to US Navy Rhine River Patrol
AD-16 Floyd Jacobs IM2 1957 to 1959 jacobsinstrument (AT) R4 Division, Clock repairman. Any old friends out there?
AD-16 Al Jankoski E-4 1964-1966 ajankoski (AT)  
AD-16 Arthur Jarvis TMC 1963 to 1968 afleet7 (AT) Have been in contact with TM3 Bob Garvy and YN2 Larry Ferek, would like to hear from
AD-16 Donald Johnson MM/E-3 11/1/62 dashrj (AT) Deceased & listed by old friend, also a Navy Vet.
AD-16 Vahan Kapagian RM2 52-53 dkappy (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmates
AD-16 Donald Kashich SF3 1960-1961 dkashich (AT)  
AD-16 Thomas Keeley SK3 7/66 TKeelet159 (AT)  
AD-16 Jack Keene Shipfitter 3/c 2/64 to 7/67 keenejack (AT) R-1 Div. Crew
AD-16 Bob Keithley RM2 7/63-7/64 boblyn71 (AT) Ships company
AD-16 Kenneth Knight BMSN 06/73 to 08/75 kenstattoo (AT) worked on boats, ran liberty boats
AD-16 Joe Komonosky HT2 1972 to 1974 komo (AT) Remembering duty in Naples, ItalyLooking for shipmates who served in the Carp shop, R-1 Div
AD-16 Frank Kowalczyk QMSN 1954 franklinal07 (AT)  
AD-16 Jerry Kravetzker RM2 10/70 - 2/72 jerryk57 (AT) Aboard dur homeport trans Newport to Naples-my wife & 3 oth spouses joined us for transatlantic move
AD-16 Pete Kubinski MM3 1960 to 1961 PETEK514 (AT) Spent 1960 Christmas in Naples, EM Division, worked in the main engine room
AD-16 Mark LaFountain MM3 9/72-4/74 merlin6997 (AT)  
AD-16 John Lanehart EM3 01/1943 - 12/1944 pleiadeez7 (AT)  
AD-16 Scott Laplante SK2 1956-57 neula (AT)  
AD-16 Bert Laufer BT3 3/61 - 4/62 laufb41 (AT)  
AD-16 Major Lee HM3 9/63-3/64 maj21239 (AT) First ship to serve on. Met some great shipmates.
AD-16 Terry LeGrand SK2 1965-1969 legrandtpa2 (AT) GREAT TIME-BEST FRIENDS YOU COULD EVER HAVE.
AD-16 Joseph (Joe) Lepak, Jr. MM1 11/73 - 08/74 jmljr2001 (AT) I REAL training exercise for us 'hole snipes'! Can remember coming around the Castle to see which way the ship was 'leaning' to plan for what had to be 'pumped' first...fuel or water! A real experience!
AD-16 Dennis L'Etoile DP3 1971-1973 stone_rider_va (AT)  
AD-16 John Lloyd DK3 1/57 to 9/58 jllell (AT) She was a grand old ship ,sorry to hear she was scrapped
AD-16 Lewis Lynn SK3 1959-1960 Dlynnxx (AT)  
AD-16 Ken Lyon EM3 3/62-2/64 sang&played 4 topside barbecues under Capt Curran.
AD-16 Robert Mac Nally SN 1958-1960 macnally61 (AT) 1 st division
AD-16 Bill Manchor SFM2 4/56-10/60 sweeneyub1 (AT) 2 Med Cruises, 2 Gitmo Cruises, Boston Yard Repair
AD-16 Dave Margolin PhM2 approx.2/46-4/46 dave4313 (AT) came aboard from destroyer-minesweeper uss. cowie (dms 39) received rate of 2nd class
AD-16 Paul McCormack   Med Cruise Pmack11 (AT) Hope everyone is well
AD-16 Edwin McDowell BM 1962 smcdowell (AT)  
AD-16 Larry McElwain   1958-1963 vickiemyers2004 (AT) i worked in the print shop torpedo division
AD-16 Rhett Mckenzie HT2 1/69-10/72 rhettm (AT) R-1 Division, Sheetmetal Shop
AD-16 Kenneth McLean E-3 07/63-11/66 dyno43 (AT) Worked in R-2 Division
AD-16 Samuel McVey TM1 72 - 73 tmchief (AT)  
AD-16 Ron Melancon SN 11/58 - 1/59 RonMel (AT)  
AD-16 Ed Mendez DK3 11/63 - 4/66 trainfreak234 (AT)  
AD-16 Dick Merryman ETN2 11/61 - 10/63 dicko (AT) '62 Med cruise. I miss that old bucket!
AD-16 Dick Mielke BT3 12/71 - 11/74 rmmielke (AT) Life in the Hole''. What a way to spend our ''formative years''. Have great memories of those years.''
AD-16 Robert Miller WT2 4/44-5/46 wtmiller (AT) Bob passed away in early 1997
AD-16 Daniel Miller TM3 5/59-10/61 bass2389 (AT) Would like to hear from anyone from R-5 division
AD-16 Ralph Misiano IC2 1957-1958 misiara (AT) just to change my e-mail address
AD-16 Edward Morin SN Ship Service 1952 to 1955 samspools (AT) I worked in the laundry
AD-16 Allen Morton FN 1965 to 1966 allen_morton (AT) Operation broken arrow
AD-16 Philip Mullikin SN 1/61-8/64 cindyandphil (AT) Anyone seen Jack Coffman BM1 2nd Div?
AD-16 Robert Mustain SF1 7/66-7/68 hcmust (AT)  
AD-16 Dale Myhra S1 8/45 to 7/46 Myhra4 (AT) transfer from ship Admiral Benson in Okinawa after typhon in 45 then on to Japan then philadelphia
AD-16 Norman Nash BT2 5/69 to 10/70 Breachwaybum5 (AT)  
AD-16 Bob Newell EN2 1941-1948 joancnewell (AT) Am looking for anyone who may have known my Dad. Needle in a haystack , maybe ?
AD-16 Nash Norman BT2 1969 to 1970 Breachwaybum5 (AT) Lets hear from some BT's I steamed with
AD-16 Alan (Jim ) Obst EFSN 4/58 - 11/58 ao123 (AT) Ships company. Excellent information!
AD-16 Michael O'Connell MM3 2/67 - 6/69 MICAP910 (AT) Interested in ship's next reunion
AD-16 Bob O'Connor ETN3 2/64 -1/66 boboconnor (AT) Always wondered what happen to the guys I served with
AD-16 George Oelckers RD2 4/51-8/54 gojogo1 (AT)  
AD-16 Brandon Ogden NA NA bogden36 (AT) My great gradnfather was the first Captain of the Cascade Capt. Samuel Burr Ogden 1944
AD-16 Dick Olson   1953 oly484olson (AT)  
AD-16 Michael Oranczak MCBM/E-9 Need to find out mylinc58 (AT) My father was on this ship. Anybody know him? Thanks
AD-16 David Parent SK3 03/70-02/71 d.parent (AT) Transferred from DD-701, left for Yorktown nwd just before med
AD-16 Dennis Patterson MR2 1960 to 1964 stude58 (AT) Served in the R-2 division (machine shop)
AD-16 Joe Pecori SHB3 2/62 - 2/64 Jpecori (AT) As ship's barber, I was fortunate to have interacted with many shipmates.
AD-16 Tony Pelchat SFM3 6/67 till 12/69 t.pelchat (AT) worked in sheetmetal shop
AD-16 Carle Pennell DP2 1965 to 1967 pennell3962 (AT) Came aboard in Boston shipyard in 1965.
AD-16 James Perdue E-2 10/71-1/74 james_perdue (AT) Was on Deck force
AD-16 Bruce Perkins DKSN 12/65-8/67 perki48 (AT) Aboard for Broken Arrow
AD-16 Jim Pettit HM2 1956-1957 Jim92634 (AT) Med 56 ,lots of surgery and sick call..a great crew of guys!
AD-16 Frank Phillips IM2 06/69 - 09/72 fphillips (AT) Great Ship - Great Crew - Time of life in Naples
AD-16 Henry Pieszcynski RM3 6/64-6/66 willypies (AT) Newport,Boston, Gitmo,Med, Brolen Arrow
AD-16 Earl Poe E-3 9/71-9/73 epoe8 (AT) RAPID TRANSIT M/C Capt. driver , deck ape , gunners mate striker did we have fun riding in Naples
AD-16 Bob Ponton HT2 1970-1972 bob (AT) HT 2( I prefer the old Ship-fitter title SFM-2) Made lots of good friends in Naples. Great party's at our apartment
AD-16 Danny Portaleos CS2 12/58 - 5/60 kenlovesschool (AT) I worked in the galley and the bakery -- A.K.A. ''the Greek''
AD-16 Bob Potter QM3 53-54 bobpot4q (AT)  
AD-16 Marc Povondra E-3 65 - 67 captbear07 (AT) Worked in the OM shop
AD-16 Steven Powell SFP3 12/69 - 9/70 nycmarshal53 (AT) great times in the pipe shop, i would give anything to be back there for a week!
AD-16 Daniel (DJ) Powell TM2 11/66-10/69 djpowell1947 (AT) Building16 Pier 2. 2 operation Spingboard, and a Med cruise still remember her in all her swayback glory.
AD-16 Jim Powers CS3 1969-1971 bobet (AT) Home Port, Newport, RI
AD-16 Norris Price AS 2/52-2/56 Kf4bwg (AT) am now a ham operator kf4bwg I run the photo lab after June 1953/1956
AD-16 Michael Pryor E-3 1973 to1974 P3DOUBLENICKEL (AT) R1div. stayed for the piedmont
AD-16 Robin Purcell E-3 05/1971 - 01/1973 robinpurcell (AT) looking to reconnect with old shipmates
AD-16 Jerry Queeney ETN2 6/61-8/63 doverelect (AT) c Merryman on list Wow!
AD-16 Paul Rasmussen MR2 1961-1965 paul.rasmussen3 (AT) Newport-good duty for singl guy.Dit Gitmo,Med Cruse,Norfork,Puerto Rico,Halifax,Pencola&Jamaica. Ret in Cape Cod-like to hear from anyone.
AD-16 Ronald (Gene) Rhodes E-3 03/72-11/74 peggyrhodes (AT) Looking to fine shipmates. R-1 Div. Sheetmetal shop
AD-16 Gene Richardson TM2 5/59 - 6/61 grichardson (AT) Med cruise in 1960
AD-16 Don Rickwalt LT(jg) 09/69 to 06/71 don (AT) Served as Communications Officer
AD-16 Ronald Riddle RD3 1962-1965 ronriddle (AT) Most steaming tender on the east coast. Went from deck seaman to RD3 on board.
AD-16 Richard Rinehart EN3 12/68 - 8/70 drnova63 (AT)  
AD-16 Ronald Roberts E-3 9/63-9/66 mrbassman_000 (AT) Great experience in my life.
AD-16 Tom Roof HM2 06/71 - 05/72 TERoof (AT) Hoping to connect with shipmates
AD-16 John Ropoch MM3 63 to 65 papapoch1 (AT) did not know about this site found it by a leap of faith
AD-16 Myron Rosenstein SK2 1956 to 1958 wingspaa (AT) Great Duty Ship
AD-16 Jerry Rothenberger BM/E-2 72/74 jerryrothenberger (AT) Known mostly as Roth drove liberty boats from ship to shore. Really enjoyed Naples!
AD-16 Larry Rowley EN3 12/5/70 to 6/24/74 lwrowley (AT)  
AD-16 Harold Rubinstein BM3 1967-1968 hjr (AT) 2nd Division Deck Force
AD-16 Ray E. Runyan E-9 1971-1974 RUNYANHELL47 (AT)  
AD-16 Mark Russell DP3 8/67-11/69 mrussell (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmates that remember me.
AD-16 John Russo STGCS 12\72 - 07/74 jrusso1646 (AT) Sonar Calibration & Alignment Training Team, Naples, Italy
AD-16 David Salamida CS5 6/71-12/74 uncledavids (AT) Naples-BP,Brubaker, Salamida
AD-16 James (Sandy) Sanders SAO3 4/45 -10/46 sandy10207 (AT) I picked up the Cascade at Okinawa
AD-16 Richard Scharoun MM2 4/51-10/54 rscharoun (AT) Iwould like to hear from shipmates
AD-16 Art Schwartz DT2 3/62-5/63 asboat (AT) Dental tech, great time in Med, love to hear from shipmates
AD-16 George Schwartze Son of XO/CO 6/61-9/63 gschwartze (AT) Was sworn into the Navy by Dad aboard Cascade.
AD-16 Edward Seath SH3 12/13/1963 zeekandagie (AT) homeport newport r.i.
AD-16 Joseph Segien BRC 1970 - 1973 capadicasa (AT)  
AD-16 Charles (Chuck) Sheehan BT 6/70 - 2/74 family_sheehan (AT) Naples night life & long days in Boiler Rm-so many stories-best part knowing some very fine people onboard ship.
AD-16 John Shipley SN 6/65 - 6/67 shipleysr (AT) Served 2nd Division and Deck Division Yoeman
AD-16 Robert Silsby PM2 4/68 - 5/70 rsilsby4718 (AT) R1 Div, Carpenters Shop, made lots of comshaw and ships plaques. Springboard @ San Juan
AD-16 Stewart Sisson FN 10/60-4/61 Little_bro45 (AT) She was my first ship
AD-16 Ed Skiba EN1(DV) 1/67-1/70 chapedskiba (AT) Diving supervisor R-1 div.
AD-16 Tom Smith E-3 11/73 till 11/74 tom (AT) HT shop R-1
AD-16 John (Jack) Smith SH1 1971? janetlee1064 (AT) John was my father. Just looking for guys who served with him.
AD-16 Donald L. Smith FA 16 Apr 60 to 21 Apr 60 dls48180 (AT) just a few days on the Cascade but was my first ship.
AD-16 Leon Smith SFM2 4/63-8/65 vilsmith (AT) R1 Sheetmetal -Shipfitter shops
AD-16 Paul Snyder SN 1959-1963 koffroth.snyder (AT) 649 Walnut St, Red Hill, PA 18076 -please respond by mail.
AD-16 Hal Solomon DS2 10/70 - 11/74 cascadeds (AT) Served aboard during the entire Naples home port tour.
AD-16 Pat Speer E-3 1972-1973 patandhelenes (AT) Naples was great
AD-16 Anthony Spera SHL1 1968 to 1970 katieant (AT) Worked in the laundry sometime dry cleaning mostly the night shift.
AD-16 Rick Stahurski SK3 12/64 - 4/66 rickstahurski (AT) Aboard Christmas Eve 1964-most memorable event onboard was Oper Broken Arrow in 65,off Palomares Spain
AD-16 Troy Stanley BMSN 1956 to 1557 ptstan (AT)  
AD-16 James Stepp SN 1/1/74 - decom steppvine (AT)  
AD-16 Robert Stinnette BMSN 1964-1966 Maddog1946 (AT) I really had a cheap drunk in Cuba
AD-16 Everett Dean Stoner QM3 Dec. 1951 thru Mar. 1955 elizabet (AT)  
AD-16 Stanley Stosel EMC 1959-1964 tori39 (AT)  
AD-16 Kevan Sweeney BMSN 12/60-9/61 user742836 (AT)  
AD-16 Nelson Syler EN2 60/61 nrsyler (AT) was in A gang
AD-16 Robert Tanous PN3 11/59-5/62 tanouswright (AT) Enjoyed Newport, RI.
AD-16 Fred Tayler IM3/E-4 6/65 - 5/68 erictayler (AT)  
AD-16 William Thompson EM2 1949-1951 wdtii (AT)  
AD-16 Charles Tooley E-2 4/72-5/73 crispycritter316 (AT) looking to chat with anyone who was aboard during this time
AD-16 Charles Townsend ME3 9/55 - 12/57 chuckt85737 (AT) R1 Div Shipfitter and Weld Shops; T Div 56 Med Cruise
AD-16 Pat Trieloff SMSN 1973 ptrieloff (AT) my first at sea command
AD-16 Frank Scott Tygert MM2/P1 1959 to 1960 Tygertguitars (AT) Anyone who worked in after engine room, auxillary machinary
AD-16 William Unangst RD1 58-60 billu01 (AT)  
AD-16 Tom Veth CS2 5/70-7/71 vethwriter (AT) Cook/Records Keeper. Med/Newport RI
AD-16 Tony Violano MR3   Anthony.Violano @ served 68-70 repair Dept. nickname little guinea Tony Navarro was the big guinea
AD-16 Morrison Vogt ET1/E-6 8/71 - 7/74 morrisonvogt (AT) I worked with some of the finest sailors on this ship
AD-16 John Wade ST3 1963/1964 jdwade2 (AT) I was assigned to the ET shop
AD-16 Ron Waffle DS1 09/69 - 09/73 RAWaffle (AT) S-6 Devision ADP
AD-16 Ernest Wagner BT3 5/70-2/74 chammmer (AT) Good crew, good times,will never forget Naples
AD-16 Walter Walker SM1 1960-1961 Walterwalker (AT) This is my Dad, He served on the ship with his Dad ; Ernest
AD-16 James Wallace MR3 1963 to 1964 jwallace (AT) I would like to hear from shipmates from the 63=64 time fr
AD-16 Robert Weekley LT(jg) 1972-1974 bsweekley (AT) Naples and the MED
AD-16 Earl J. Weeks SFM2 5/62-11/65 week5523 (AT)  
AD-16 Charley Wentworth YSN 1971-1972 wosbbq (AT) Looking for the guys in weaps shop-Dan Blake are you out there? Anyone else pls E-mail me
AD-16 William Wever   1943-1946 (WWII) Gybob1 (AT) My father-remembers seeing the Pa. getting hit in Okinawa-anyone who served on his ship pls email me-thks-son
AD-16 Bob Wilson IC3 1960 to 1961 RWILSONUSN (AT)  
AD-16 Wilburn Winnett BRC 1958 to 1963 mbww (AT) Second ship on my way to 20 years
AD-16 Larry Winstead BT3 1963-1966 lwinstead12 (AT) I would like to hear from any of you.
AD-16 Donald Woodson SN 1962-1964 bigwoodson (AT) Contact me. Intrested in old friends and things in greneral about Med Cruise, ect ect.
AD-16 Henry Worrells LIC 1954 henryeworrells (AT)  
AD-16 Sam Wortham   1940's lcbrew22 (AT) Sam passed away october 24, 2002
AD-16 Henry (Bud) Zellers DC3 3/62-8/64 HJZ119 (AT) worked ER shop great gang
AD-16 Dan Zemel EM3 1969-1973 slmco5 (AT) rewind shop

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