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AR-9 Dick Backlund OM1 1967 to 1969 upscope (AT)  
AR-9 Larry Beaty EMFN 06/66 - 11/67 larry (AT) greatfull to hear from my shipmates
AR-9 Mike Bell SN 1969 - 1970 mbell6380 (AT) all to contact me there is a ships reunion in sep 2006
AR-9 Raymond Bengston EN 1942- 1945 Topgun151986 (AT) stomach cancer is killing me slowly, respond before too late.
AR-9 Kenneth Birkby EN3 12/59-4/62 kbirkby (AT) would like to find as much information as phone#is 214-733-0798
AR-9 William Callen SK3 1961 to 1964 billcallen (AT) Served as Electronic Technician Striker then moved to Supply
AR-9 Richard (Otto) Carkhuff FTG1 12/63 to 2/66 caralma (AT) I would like to hear from shipmates
AR-9 John Claycomb BT3 4/61-10/64 jonden (AT) Would like to hear from my shipmates
AR-9 Jim Collins IC3 9/59-3/62 jcoll4224 (AT)  
AR-9 Harry Corralez SNSM 3/60 - 3/63 mfujii2 (AT) 117 E.Ave.45-L A, CA -90031--323- 223-3818 =323-263-5511
AR-9 David Courtright BT3 1965-1967 a49erfandave1 (AT) Sure was hot in that fireroom
AR-9 Francisco De La Fuente E-3 04/65-02/68 f.delafuente (AT) 2nd Division BM
AR-9 William Dickman SF1 41/44 mafoster48 (AT)  
AR-9 Garvin Dille PO3 1950-1952 iamdily (AT)  
AR-9 Bob Dixon MRFN 1966-1967 bdixon2 (AT)  
AR-9 John Donaldson Y2 3-11/45 wdonalds (AT) For my father, John (Les) Donaldson
AR-9 Gary Dougherty EM3 6/65 - 1/67 ldougher (AT) Gary is my brother and I can relay any information to you
AR-9 Jimmy ''Speedy'' Durrett   08/1943-07/1945 herdmu (AT) In memory of my Dad. Would love to hear from buddies.
AR-9 John Evans RD3 1966 jle (AT)  
AR-9 Tom Fischer YN2 6/68 to 3/70 fisch1948 (AT) looking forward to hear for anyone Was in the chaplin office
AR-9 Gilbert Flores E-3 1960-62 num1surgtek (AT)  
AR-9 Thomas Griffith RD1 11/63-8/67 tgriff90 (AT) Had radarmen learn morse code & stand signal watches in port
AR-9 Dwain Grindinger SN 4/60 - 7/61 jdwain (AT) 1st Div (after flunking ETA school)
AR-9 Terry Guillaume SF3 2/69 - 4/70 Tlguill (AT) Ships company. WESTPAC cruse. Glad to hear from any one
AR-9 David Gwinnett SN 1963 to 1967 dgwinnett (AT) I am trying to find some of my shipmates.
AR-9 Curtis Hanson SF3 1965to 1969 linecutter55 (AT) anyone from D.C. Div. and I still miss eating Delta burgers!
AR-9 Daniel Harnett LCDR mid 40's harnett (AT) In memory of Dad... love to hear from shipmates
AR-9 Ralph Hogue HT1 1969-1970 rthogue16 (AT) Looking for shipmates during this time period.
AR-9 Dr. Robert Jungman LT(jg) mid 1951 to 1953 wrj (AT) My father was a Dental officer-please share stories with me!
AR-9 Terry Kaehr SN 8/59-61 Terry_Kaehr (AT) Looking for anyone for second division deck force.
AR-9 Vince Lackner LT(jg) 1944-1946 v.lacknre (AT) I'd like to hear from any of my shipmates
AR-9 Stan Larson SFP4 1968 thru decom jlars53154 (AT) USS Delta Association - 2009 reuion will be in Portland, OR-for more info email or call 414-764-6247. TY.
AR-9 Henry Lee ML3 5/62 - 5/66 htdpslee (AT) hey Danny Miller -Dutch -Stretch ,where are you guy's ?
AR-9 Leo Lessard M1 1941-1943 cowboybilliards (AT) For my Father, Leo E. Lessard, Metalsmith
AR-9 Tom May ETN3 6/66-10/66 shatom (AT) In port at Alameda, CA
AR-9 Stephen McCain RD3 4/65-8/68 Deltaar9 (AT) Living in Oregon
AR-9 John Meharry QM3 1967-1968 delta5181 (AT)  
AR-9 Thomas Miggins BMSN 1961 - 1965 tom16048 (AT) would like to hear from my shipmates
AR-9 Bob Miller   1942-1945 Millervega (AT) Dick Miller was my dad. Been gone since 83.
AR-9 Charles Miller   8/45- 7/46 Clairecarnessali (AT) posted for my dad would like to hear from shipmates about the nagato and then onto china
AR-9 Arthur W. (Bill) Miller BT2 7/68-1/70 bmiller4480 (AT) Looking for info re:sailor beat up at Subic Bay (10/69)picked up by servicemen in pickup,beaten,thrown off & left.
AR-9 Ronald Miller BM3 1963 to 1967 rojo (AT) 2nd division
AR-9 Dick Pearson MM3 1963-1965 tjp2250 (AT)  
AR-9 Michael Pitman MR2 5/69-6/70 cml_cps_cms (AT) served on last cruise to decommissioning
AR-9 Richard Plumb GMMSN 1964-1965 gunner (AT)  
AR-9 Buck Rudd ETNSN 12/60 to 9/60 buck28 (AT) Looking for Fred Long from Rush Springs, OK.
AR-9 James Scott E-3 1961 to 1963 scottjames3 (AT) I was both in the engin room and shipfitter shop
AR-9 Albert Serafine ETSN 10/64-4/65 pserafine (AT) My sea duty before ETA School
AR-9 Art Serrano SK3 1954 to 1955 Ragtime30 (AT)  
AR-9 Dale Sheppard RM3 4/67 - 8/68 mbroidery (AT) Living in Norwalk, Ohio. Just trying to stay in touch.
AR-9 Micheal Stai SNSM 6/63 - 6/65 ibmicheal (AT) first ship
AR-9 Albert Thorp MMFN 03/65 - 07/65 thumperalbert (AT) Pre-nuc school. Retired MMCS(SW) 05/90.
AR-9 Vincent (Jimmy) Tiscio   1940s vtiscio (AT) Posted by son for my long past father
AR-9 Elmer (Whitey) Tompkins   1940's kimimclroy (AT) In Loving Memory of my dad: 1924 - 2003
AR-9 Glenn (Tommy) Tompkins E-4 1965-1968 gtompkins1 (AT) dc-a div. worked ac flats boat house rem. delta burgers
AR-9 Ed West ETR3 6/65 to 10/66 lapisant (AT)  
AR-9 Raymond Williams EM3 1944 to 1946 autolite (AT) entered in memory of my father by Richard Williams
AR-9 Milton Williams F2 10/45 to 5/46 emdub (AT)  
AR-9 Chuck Worcester SK2 1962 to 1964 Charlesw (AT)  

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