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AD- Ivan Richards     eme (AT)  
AD-14 Marvin Aaby PO3 1959-1961 aaby (AT) Two of the best yrs of my life-WesPac Cruise-still trying to contact shipmates via the internet-No luck yet
AD-14 Darrol Adam E-3 8/78-10/79 sargespam (AT)  
AD-14 Fred Akins DM1 7/75 - 11/77 akinsf (AT) Worked in the Repair Office and retired from the Dixie, looking for old shipmates
AD-14 James Alexander ET3 6/48-2/49 jalex755 (AT)  
AD-14 Tim Allen BT2 1979-1980 tallen375 (AT) One of my Best Ships.
AD-14 Montie (Andy) Anders MM3 3/63 - 9/66 ahandy44 (AT) Lost a friend, Keith Lynch when DA tank blew. I was in M & A div. First in Evaps 3/66, then A div til 9/66
AD-14 Scott Anderson BM3 78-79 bonetone1957 (AT) Trying to get hold of guys in Deck Divison.
AD-14 Joseph S. Anton HTC(SW) 12/79 - 5/82 jsant5 (AT)  
AD-14 Shelby Appleton CS2 1970 to 1972 Leighappleton (AT) fond memories,met a bunch of good friends,hope to see all of them at the next reunion
AD-14 Jim Arbonies EN3 4/77 - 12/80 jjarbonies (AT) A - Gang
AD-14 Steve Archibald MM2 1977-1980 quietcelt (AT)  
AD-14 Kelly (Chuie) Archuleta HT3 12/74 to 6/79 ZekeDaFreak1 (AT) Just looking brought back a rush of memories
AD-14 Alvin Arisohn BM3 5/76 thru 5/80 AlSheilaAri (AT) Where is everyone?
AD-14 Ronald Ashby ET2 9/54 thru 9/56 RDAshby (AT)  
AD-14 Leslie Auld TM3 1945 lauld (AT)  
AD-14 Stephen Backman HM2 1971-73 sbackman (AT) any medical or dental personal who west pac ed1972
AD-14 Joseph Bader ET3 9/79-9/81 LILJOENHOSS (AT) Best time I have had, made a lot of great friends.
AD-14 Phillip Baggett MR3 01/71 - 04/73 fillbaggs (AT) Dixie reunion association-meets every 2 years in diff parts of the country-around a 150 members at reunions
AD-14 David Baker SA 04/72-02/75 seavoyaging (AT) looking for old shipmates in any ratings
AD-14 Roderick Balch SN 08/74 to 6/76 rodncindybalch (AT) Ret'd in '93 as BM1 (SW) fm Combat Systems Tech School Command
AD-14 Roger Baldus TM 1963-64 artlooker (AT) Send an email
AD-14 James Bales EM2 63-65 rbales (AT) Would like to hear from anyone who knew me
AD-14 George Bamman ETR3 12/69 - 9/70 gbamman (AT)  
AD-14 William Banks MM1 6/78 to 8/80 hoby847 (AT) This ship could lick her wounds and keep going
AD-14 Kenneth Bartol FN 1964-1965 kensher (AT) was in A-Division
AD-14 Rob Beaty QM3 2/77-10/80 finefinishesbyrob (AT) the cruisebook picture ain't me!
AD-14 David Beber DN 1967 to 1968 dave (AT) Hey, Mulso! How are you doin'?
AD-14 Bill Belarde ME2 1949-1953 hottotrot4036 (AT) looking to talk with old shipmates
AD-14 Greg Bender ETR2 6/70 - 10/70 bearhaven (AT)  
AD-14 Paul Bengtson TM3 1963-64 paulbengtson (AT)  
AD-14 Larry Benning BM2 3/96-10/70 cajunguy1947 (AT)  
AD-14 Robert Bevis ME2 5/53-1/55 bobann149 (AT)  
AD-14 Don Bickford BT3 1977 - 1980 dbickford (AT) A lot of great memories.
AD-14 Mike Bigley FN 70 - odiedody75 (AT) SR Randy Smith , Marshalltown Iowa 1970 from NTC you here?
AD-14 Jake Bigner MRC 12/73-12/75 jlb (AT)  
AD-14 Gerald Bland SN/DC3 54 to 56 gbland10 (AT)
AD-14 Ray Boller ETN2 1963-1966 rkboller (AT) R-4 Div, See website:
AD-14 Arthur Boone CS2 1965-1969 arthur.boone (AT)  
AD-14 Larry Boschee PN2 2/72 - 6/75 citc172 (AT) Two deployments shipmates I'll never forget
AD-14 Leroy Bostic MM 1960-1962 leenan (AT) ships company a-gang
AD-14 Steven Boudreaux BT3 1972 - 1975 sjbou (AT) Great times. Great ship.
AD-14 Dennis Bradburn HT2 1976-1979 sp1 (AT)  
AD-14 Tom Braun SK2 1960 to 1962 braun916 (AT) We were just getting computerized and the supplyofficer didn't like it.
AD-14 Dan Bristow HT2 1975-1977 coachnxs (AT) NDT lab
AD-14 Matthew J. Brooks EM3 Out Rep 1953-1955 kandsmedical (AT) The good ol days.....Looking for old shipmates who served on the Dixie.
AD-14 Randy Brown ETN2 1/79 - 5/80 rbrown837 (AT) R-4 div-worked in Cal Lab-experienced Diego Garcia before new construction-still have piece of her teak deck!
AD-14 Gene Brown CPO 1971 to 1972 usnbrc (AT)  
AD-14 Henry Brusacoram EM2 1943 to 1948 stcloud (AT) Want to talk to Bikini survivors
AD-14 Ken 'Buck' Buchholz GMMSN 3/68 to 1/69 buchholz (AT) Like to hear from others in ordinance repair
AD-14 Lee Bugge ME3 1954/1955 lbugge (AT) Locating shipmates from the repair division in 54/55
AD-14 Troy Burrell E-2 1961-1962 BURRELLRADIO (AT) Lookin for Cruise Book from 1962 ..…
AD-14 Greg Burtch GMG3 12/60 - 7/63 whippersnapper45 (AT) R5 Division
AD-14 Charles Busenlehner LT 1966-1968 Navybus (AT) Two Wespac tours, both good times
AD-14 Jay Caffrey     fpcaffrey (AT)  
AD-14 Lee Callahan GM3 10/62-5/65 bcallaha (AT) Would like to renew friendship with old shipmates.
AD-14 John Candler GM3 7/74-10/77 johnscandler (AT) Love those Dixieburgers.
AD-14 Grady Capps CPO 1950 cappreal (AT)  
AD-14 David Carlson ML3 1956 to 1959 708 755 3879 the best years of a 17 years olds life what a time couldnt been any better thanks
AD-14 Art Carnes BT2 FWD Boiler Room 10/51-6/55 eaglenm1 (AT) I was on a kiddy cruise (Out the day before age 21) 3years 10 mo. 3 days posted 12/07/2012
AD-14 Robert Carr BT3 4/7/69 to 4/7/72 robertcarr18 (AT)  
AD-14 Ricky Carter MLFN 11/75-11/77 ric6112 (AT) I worked in the foundry for Chief Ross.
AD-14 Jeff Cary DP3 1/71 - 9/72 MRTBYRD (AT) Great memories, would luv to hear from anyone!!!
AD-14 Donald Cassidy ETN3 1966 to 1968 dgb6375 (AT) Had a great time and many memories.
AD-14 Ronald Caudill CPO 1972-1975 ronaldcaudill (AT) Looking to connect with shipmates in NDT lab (or Master at Arms force) Ch Dorito(deceased)was chief in charge
AD-14 Rick Chase SN 10/73-2/75 rchase1265 (AT) would like to hear from former shipmates-worked in div 3 operated cranes, drove utility & lcm boats & oth BM duties
AD-14 John Christman DS2 7/76 - 8/80 jrxman (AT) DIXIE can do! Served 4 years on DIXIE & had a Blast.
AD-14 Edgar (Eddy) Cintron E-3 12/79-7/81 ecintron912 (AT) looking for buddies.i`m the guy that did all that fighting...
AD-14 Steven Clark EN2 10/71-11/73 Steven_Clark2005 (AT)  
AD-14 Joseph Clay MR2 9/73 to 9/75 clay.joseph76 (AT) I still can do!
AD-14 Daniel Cook BTC/E-7 1977-1981 dancook (AT)  
AD-14 Gary Corley FTG2 1973-1974 gcorley (AT) She was an old ship
AD-14 Joseph Cormier FN 1960 to 1962 stenjo1 (AT) I was part of Div B-I was a boilerman-left the ship sometime during 62 on a swap to the USS Rogers DD558.
AD-14 James Corrado   ? - WW2 Frankiecorrado (AT) This is my grandfather. I'm not sure of the dates he served aboard the Dixie.
AD-14 Bob Coughlin EMCS 11/78-05/81 crazybob166560 (AT) Great mates, Great feeder. CPO Mess treasurer. Had 51D
AD-14 Allen Cowles FN 1959 -1961 rgcowles (AT)  
AD-14 Robert Coyne SK3 1954 - 1955 patbobcyne (AT)  
AD-14 Ted Crady FM1 12/1944-03/1946  
AD-14 Larry Crawford MM2 1979 to 1981 Larrycrfrd (AT) I was in R-2 Division, Valve Shop, then to Planning & Estimating Office.
AD-14 Jerry Crouse LI2 1954 to 1956 jlcrouse (AT) Would especially like to make contact with anyone serving in the print shop during the years of 1954-56.
AD-14 Melvin Crow SFM2 8/68 - 12/70 Gongacrow (AT) Great ship and crew
AD-14 Lloyd Crumrine AN 11/64-11/66 trout45 (AT) Onboard when the DA Tanks blew up
AD-14 David (Duck) Cummings E-4 1973-1974 DC62245 (AT)  
AD-14 Charles Currier HT3 1973 to 1976 pipesupt (AT) Eng. R Div. Looking for my shipmates!
AD-14 Paul Curtis PN3 7/1962 - 9/1963 pncurtis (AT) First Division, First Lieutenant's Office, Chaplain's Yeoman and then off to ComCruDesPac
AD-14 Dan (Junior) Dahlquist TM2 7/60-6/63 Barnacledan (AT) Looking for Spanky and Moose
AD-14 Ernest Dale MM3 1965-1967 ernie_dale (AT) Forward Engine room and A-Gang
AD-14 Ned Daniels OM2 1977-1980 neddlydan1 (AT) Just updating Email address
AD-14 Richard (Dick) Daubert   ?- 1952 or 1953 sobcairns (AT) We don't know much. Dad didn't talk about his time in the service. all we know is that he was on the USS DIXIE and it was before I was born and I was born in 1953 . Anything anyone knows, my sisters and I would be grateful.
AD-14 Paul Davis HT3 1973 - 1976 pauld55 (AT) I worked in the pipe shop
AD-14 Larry DeCan E-4 1978-1980 LDECAN (AT) COX.NET Joined the Dixie in 78-did Indian Ocean cruise-became Golden Shellback-am interested in locating all old friends…
AD-14 Sam DeJesus EM3 1976-1979 josed777 (AT) Proudly served
AD-14 Michael Delaney HN 10/64-1/66 mdelaney (AT) Lots of good times in Sick Bay playing hearts at sea
AD-14 Leon Delker HT3 mar1975-june1979 budman58703 (AT) worked in r1 shipfitter shop
AD-14 Daniel DePozo HTC 8/75-10/79 annedan1 (AT) I was one of the chief in the NDT lab.
AD-14 Philip DeSiano HT2 1973-1977 philipdesiano (AT) Does anyone have contact info for HT1 Cuba, please contact me, thanks.
AD-14 Robert Desplaines CS 1/76 to 12/77 Hummer5 (AT) Ret 10/80 MCPO 32yrs service Dec'd 4-2001
AD-14 Mike Dexter BT3 78-81 madexter (AT) can't believe I found a site with the e-mail addresses of those dirty hole snipes I grew to know like family.
AD-14 Phillip Dickinson     sherryandbud2 (AT)  
AD-14 Ronald Dickson deck hand 10/52 - 6/55 vernj5154 (AT) Looking for shipmates of my father
AD-14 Mike Doherty SFM3 1958 MICKEY644 (AT) Served my last 6 months before separation on USS Dixie
AD-14 Vincent Donald, Jr. BM3DV2 70 -72 Dvjdonald (AT) Fell overboard in the 71 West Pac.Cruse in Hawaii from the O2 boat level.WHAT A SPLASH
AD-14 Bill ''Red'' Dorman SK3 11/59 - 09/62 redsugar (AT) Looking for Wayne Shelton, Bill Holman & Jim Blackett
AD-14 Mark Dougherty SN 1967-1970 mdougher4 (AT) would like to hear from anybody that might or remembers me
AD-14 Jay Doughty SK1 59-61 jayd (AT)  
AD-14 Phillip Dudley HTFN 78-81 guitarmonsterphil (AT) Todd Shipyard-40th ann-WestPac-plankowner-eng Rdiv-away the flying squad! Awesome memories-great shipmates!
AD-14 Mike Dunn HT3 1/77 to 1/80 MDUNN2880 (AT) R-1 DIV. WELD SHOP
AD-14 Dennis Eberlein RM2 1976-1979 denniseberlein (AT) served 3 years on board the Dixie and it was a great time. Remember it just like it was yesterday.
AD-14 Robert Eckel SK2 07/69 - 06/72 keckel1 (AT) Enjoyed the liberties in west pac.
AD-14 Mark Edwards EMFN 1981-1982 mre57 (AT) Served in R-3 Div. Motor Rewind Shop.
AD-14 Rick Edwards HT2 77-80 rikiti1113 (AT) Lots of great times, good friends and YEA Subic City, lol, Diego Garcia BIOT very cool
AD-14 Wayne Ehlenfeldt OM2 1979-1981 EhlenW (AT)  
AD-14 William Eichelbarger TM2 1961-62 wfeike (AT) Good ship good Dixie Burgers
AD-14 Donald Enderle CPO 4/46 -10/47 3/49 - 50 jamesenderle (AT) Info provided by his son, James Enderle
AD-14 Robert Epling SK1 1955-1956 repling (AT)  
AD-14 Jack Evans HTC(SW) 6/81-6/82 jackevans (AT) Engin - R Division
AD-14 Ken Exum TM2 1976-1979 kjexum (AT) W1 Division
AD-14 Richard Faina YN3 9/64 - 1/66 rlfaina (AT) Served in Engineering Division as Log Room Yeoman
AD-14 Dale Farley ENC 04/80 - 06/82 pamatawan (AT) E-Mail me if u remember me.
AD-14 Don Farrell SF2 10/69-1072 rigby1516 (AT) Great Time!!!
AD-14 Anthony Fay MM2 1950 to 1952 afay (AT)  
AD-14 Greg Ferguson E-4 6/79-6/71 ferguso7 (AT) Worked in sheetmetal shop-looking for Larry Gilkey and Crow from New Mexico
AD-14 Mike Fishman E-3 11/76 - 6/80 mikefishhouse (AT) looking for people from ops dept. or the stranded beach party on diego garcia.
AD-14 Tom Fontaine DP2 1974-1977 tomfontaine1 (AT)  
AD-14 Bob Foote E-3 6/73-9/75 F.footebob3 (AT) Electrican/ IC
AD-14 Gene Ford E-3 1960 to 1962 ponchito105 (AT) Machine shop- Looking for Eugene Christienson
AD-14 Elof Forsberg FN1 1/46 - 11/47 Elofforsberg (AT) Good crew, good ship, good time, enjoyed it. Would like to hear from anyone who served with me.
AD-14 Carl Fuller SN 1944-1945 vn6769 (AT)  
AD-14 Charles Garcia GM3 11/1945- chas USS Harry E Hubard DD-748
AD-14 Andrew Gee MM3 2/65 to 2/69 donald-pa (AT) Great time in Subic Bay and Hong Kong and loved those Dixie burgers.
AD-14 Herman George SN 1/66 - 5/69 hwgsr (AT) wanted to correct the date I was on the ship
AD-14 Michael Gibbs EM3 12/79 to 04/81 tubaman62 (AT) Shipmates contact me
AD-14 Marc Gibson EN2-3 69-70 nwhdbiker (AT) Survived the Boat Shop and the P.I.
AD-14 Ed Good E-4 6/73 to 12/75 edgood11 (AT) Fwd Eng Rm-transfered to Chief Eng's Office-looking for John Vogel,Steve Wright other shipmates-Westpac 74-75
AD-14 Bob Graham HT3 1976-1977 bob (AT) attached to ndt lab, worked in R1 Div. office
AD-14 Robert Granger MM2 1958 - 1960 Rgranger250 (AT)  
AD-14 Donald K. Gray FN 3/56 wildhoss65 (AT) would like to hear from anyone in pipe shop from 56 to 58
AD-14 Robert Greco SF2 12/58-1/62 Rgreco1939 (AT) Looking for shipmate Charlie Armenta
AD-14 Salvador B. Greco, Jr. EM3 1952 to 1954 sbg65 (AT) Have good memories while on board the Dixie
AD-14 Tom Green SN 1967-1968 nascar949 (AT) It was a long time /but good times
AD-14 Norman Green HT2 1980-1982 normdgreen (AT) a lot of good times
AD-14 Denny L. Greene GM3 1955-1956 Flowerchild417 (AT) Nickname = Cool Breeze
AD-14 Anthony Greene EM3 5/63-8/64 pnmoose (AT)  
AD-14 Lee J. Guidry BM1 1/42-10/45 SissyCars (AT)  
AD-14 Luis Gutierrez E-3 draftsman 1980 - 1982 ifforever (AT) did 2 westpacs saw some great ports
AD-14 Robert L. Hale   1949-1953 Deceased Deceased 7/20/12
AD-14 Fred Haltof MR2 3/52 - 7/55 fredseasunsurf (AT) Hello all
AD-14 Jack Harrington RMSN 11/72 - 1/74 wkngjack (AT) Had a ball on the Dixie. Hey RMC Legg, remember me (''Harry'')
AD-14 William Harris E-3 7/68-2/69 leroy660 (AT) Will not forget the Phillipines
AD-14 Larry Harris SFP2 2/70-7/71 ldh4688 (AT) assigned to R-1 shipfitter shop
AD-14 Charles Hayes EN2 1/48-6/54 slpatterson (AT) My dad serves on the Dixie and is now 84. He would love to reunite with his shipmates. please write!
AD-14 Troy Hayes E-4 1970 troy5046 (AT) Would like to hear from JJ Jones and Brenie Harrison.
AD-14 Ralph Henderson TMC 3/69-10/70 lawlady271 (AT)  
AD-14 John Henderson MM2 3/1/42 - 43 johnnpat258 (AT)  
AD-14 Harold Hickok MM2 1951 to 1955 1heh (AT) Looking for MM's that served at the same time as me
AD-14 Patrick Higgins F1 1944 to 1946 higginspj (AT) Boarded the USS Dixie from Samar, Philippines
AD-14 Richard Hinspeter SFP2 1967 to 1969 rhinspet (AT)  
AD-14 Bill Hitch TM2 4/74-6/77 billhitch (AT) w-2 division was great
AD-14 Albert Hoehener E-4 1946-47 alhoe3180 (AT) My father Albert Hoehener passed away August 13, 2006 He was a patternmaker
AD-14 Donald Holmes (Washburn) RMSN 7/61 - 7/64 dwashb (AT)  
AD-14 Mike ''Hoppy'' Hopkins CS2 3/71-11/74 ihavebrain (AT) My dad served on the Dixie about 49 to 53 as the baker CS3
AD-14 Donald (Hoppy) Hopkinson CPO/E-7 12/76-12/77 hoppymom (AT) Deceased 3/7/04
AD-14 Bruce Horne FN 1961 to 1965 1bhornets (AT)  
AD-14 Willie Horton SN 10/31/67 to 12/23/68 whorton (AT) R-5 Division Ordance Repair as Firecontrol striker. Made Westpac Cruise in 1968
AD-14 John Howard E-3 06/64 - 05/66 jhward13628 (AT) I work on First Div. and I miss the Dixie Burgers.
AD-14 Jim Howard CWO3 1970 to 1972 jtincan (AT) Good memories
AD-14 Harry Hoyt BT2 62-63 479-524-3369 Enjoy hearing from old snipes
AD-14 Walter Hrozenchik MR2 9/51-11/54 walthroz (AT) How time flies when you're having fun?
AD-14 Kenneth Hulett EMP2 1943-1946 gashba_ks (AT) They called me Greek because of my nose. Would love to hear from anyone from the old days.
AD-14 Dennis Hunsberger MR3 1970-1972 Denbass8147 (AT) Looking for David Henrie
AD-14 Walter Huskisson FA 01/81 - 05/82 Red Iron 62  
AD-14 Kenneth Hutchins SK3 2/58-2/61 hutchkm (AT) knew sweet fine mudd ballard scoggins doughty davis alcott
AD-14 Don Hyland ETN2 1959-1963 dbhyland (AT) Best four years I ever lived.
AD-14 Paul Iversen FTG3 10/77-10/78 captskag (AT) does anyone know me from this tub!!
AD-14 Thomas Jacobs BM2 2/74 - 4/74 seahorsefortom (AT) Was the only BM2 to serve in sick-bay as my duty station.
AD-14 Douglas Janson BM3 1967 1968 DOUGTOTO (AT)  
AD-14 Richard Jenkins ET1 1976 to 1980 r-jenkins2 (AT) Diego Garcia (1979-1980), Where's Hector The Shark?
AD-14 Robert H. Johnson BT1 1945/1949 info (AT)  
AD-14 Ivan Johnson E-3 02/61 - 08/64 idjohnson.7 (AT) looking for shipmates during my time on board
AD-14 William Johnson DT3 6/80 - 5/82 wjohnson29 (AT) My favorite ship ever. It was great
AD-14 Hans Johnson HT2 1980-1982 hansj (AT) had the best time on Dixie than any other time in the 8 years I was in the Navy!
AD-14 Robert Johnston SFP5 1961 to 1965 ROBERTANDMAX (AT) looking for Mike F. Mahoney SFP3 from R1 shipfitter/pipefitter shop or anyone I served with
AD-14 Gary Jones SN3 9/61 - 2/64 glj13 (AT) assigned to 1st div. transferred to operations (RD) .
AD-14 Nathaniel Jones RM1 10/73-1/75 K8DJE (AT) Worked in Teletype Repair Shop with RMC Richard Legg.
AD-14 Bill (W. R.) Jones ETN2 12/71-1/73 yazjones (AT) Calibration Repair Shop Ops. Good Memories!!!
AD-14 Michael Joriman CWO4 9/81-6/82 gunneraoe1 (AT)  
AD-14 Harold Kaysen FPG3 9/50 - 4/52 hmkaysen (AT) The repair division was the greatest duty in the service
AD-14 John Keating FTG2 1/71-10/72 keating46 (AT)  
AD-14 Jim Keaveny RM3 6/65-8/66 phinnigin (AT) Still have paycheck from Oct. 1965, gonna cash it some day
AD-14 Steve Kendrick SA 3/56 - 10/56 pattillodk (AT) This is my daughter Debbie's email-contact me through using it-visiting about the past during our time on the ship.
AD-14 Bill Kennedy BM3 1/67-2/69 wkennedyjr (AT) crane operator
AD-14 Dave Kern SN 1970-1972 kern_david (AT) looking for bruce alm
AD-14 Robert Kerr ICC 4/64 to 6/67 bobkerr45 (AT)  
AD-14 John Key TM2 1962-1964 jekcsk40 (AT)  
AD-14 Alton Kies SN 1949 ww3w.SonnyFromBethlehem (AT) I was evacuated from Tsingtao, China when Commies took over,
AD-14 Paul Kight SCPO 4/40-8/45 PAULWILLIE8 (AT) Plankowner
AD-14 John Killin RD2 2/71 to 7/71 jmkillin (AT) I also remember the Dixie Burgers. great bunch of guys in CIC, Shoemake, Applegate, Hathorn, Neighbors, et al
AD-14 Donald King HT3 9/76-3/80 blackout (AT)  
AD-14 Stan King HMSN 1971-1973 stanking (AT) Too long ago to remember correctly....
AD-14 Edmond Kirby E-4 73-76 janeted (AT) Looking for shipmates
AD-14 Larry Knecht TM3 9/71-6/73 lknechttj (AT) Looking for someone other than Taylor
AD-14 Lloyd Knight RMCS 1966-1967 lloyd04 (AT) I served as Chief in Charge of Operations Division
AD-14 Phil Kochel TM3 5/79 - 10/79 sirleo (AT)  
AD-14 David Kraatz EN3 1968 to 1970 DKRAATZPOSSUME (AT)  
AD-14 David Kundert DP3 11/75 - 04/78 d.kundert (AT) Great times on board and off. Mostly in SD but got in one Wespac. Planning to attend the 2008 reunion in San Diego.
AD-14 Jerry Kyle IC2 1/69-12/71 Jmkyle (AT) Looking for Wickstrom
AD-14 John S. La Gioe SFM3 12-63 to 12-65 heliarc1 (AT) Was in Hull Repair Shop
AD-14 Loren Lane PO2 1955-1958 garjyn (AT)  
AD-14 Rhea Larsen TM3 1966-67 vrlarsen (AT)  
AD-14 Lou Larson SN 1/71 - 1/73 llarson (AT) Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
AD-14 Dennis Lee HT2 1979 to 1980 dennis.lee (AT) NDT Lab R-8 Division
AD-14 Richard Legg RMC 4/72-6/76 relcpo1 (AT) Worked in Radio Central--Teletype Repair---Ship Super
AD-14 Fred Leslie SN 1/55-8/58 lewisleslie (AT) three trips to far east
AD-14 Robert Letiecq PTR3 1948 to 1948 bobletiecq (AT) Would like to hear from anybody from the printshop at that time
AD-14 Donald Lewis CSC 04/55 - 11/59 donaldrlewis (AT)  
AD-14 Jerry Lewis HT2 01/76 - 06/79 jrlewis (AT) Eng R-div Looking for old shipmates
AD-14 Allen D Lewis Jr. FTG3 Aug. 70 -Nov. 73 louielouie (AT)  
AD-14 Stewart Lieberman SN 11/70-04/74 Stew (AT) Contact me
AD-14 Jim Link   1939 - 1945? links4 (AT) I'm told my grandfather served on the Dixie. Arthur Link. Any information is appreciated. He was a skilled jeweler. Is there a plank owner's list?
AD-14 Kenneth Littlehales SFM2 1/65-6/67 kenann07 (AT) GREAT SHIP, GREAT ASSOCIATION
AD-14 Art Lockhart SK1 3/69-8/71 bigukblue (AT)  
AD-14 Tom Loftis SF2 1960-1962 LoftisUSN (AT)  
AD-14 George Loudermilk SM 7/62-7/63 georgeloudermilk (AT) Storekeepr worked in supply ofc
AD-14 David Lowry SN 6/76 - 7/79 davshel1 (AT) Worked 1st Division and then Medical Department.
AD-14 Antoine Madere LT(jg) 1975 to 1978 Antoine.Madere (AT) Disbursing Officer, Food Service Officer, Security Watchstander
AD-14 Ray Maguire HM2 03/78-06/80 raykmaguire (AT) I'd love to hear from any of my old shipmates
AD-14 Joseph Malloy MMS2 1946-1947 JEM016 (AT) WWII Veteran, still in PA. Looking forward to 2012 reunion in New Orleans!
AD-14 Jesse Marchal EM3 1966 to 1969 jessemarchal (AT)  
AD-14 Jim Markt EM2 1969-1971 jim.markt (AT) Like to hear form others in Electrical or IC repair
AD-14 Dixon Marsh ET2 10/70-1/71 ucfcg (AT) Worked In Electronics Shop
AD-14 Marty Mattes HM3 1953-1956 martymattes (AT) some of the best years of my life aboard the Dixie
AD-14 John Mauzey SN3 11/1944 to 04/1945 bmauzey (AT) My father ''Big John'' Mauzey died on May 23, 1983.
AD-14 Lee McCallum IC3 1964 to 1967 ncddog (AT) Looking for old shipmates
AD-14 John McCauley E-3 1965 to 1967 heidi2226 (AT) 1 st div
AD-14 Lawrence McClintick EMC 1977 juanita (AT) Served on desron-13 staff
AD-14 Richard McCutchen   12/42 - 05/45 scottsbo12 (AT) My Uncle Chester Brazzil was a Coxswain on USS Dixie WWII...seeking contact with any shipmates who can tell stories on him
AD-14 Dennis McKenna HMCS 1979-1981 anchorageadmin (AT) San Diego Reunion still on?
AD-14 Ronald McPhail RD2P2 1959 ussdixie14 (AT)  
AD-14 Phillip Medina FN 2/76 - 11/77 bmedi7 (AT) Great mems-old friends havent seen in years-worked in aft firerm P-2 div,then worked in oil lab-any of you still around
AD-14 Bob Meislohn DP1 09/79 to 12/80 bobmeislohn (AT) Worked in the DP shop with the best shipmates you will ever know
AD-14 Steve Meitner YN3 1973-1975 catch (AT) I worked in the Capt Office/under Capt Maxwell
AD-14 John Merrick MR3 7-73 - 12/73 1bklarge (AT) Outside Mchine Shop
AD-14 Don Micco GM3 12/45 - 1/49 gmt1 (AT) Good ship, best of 8 stationed aboard.
AD-14 Robert Michel F 1946-1947 rhdmichel (AT)  
AD-14 Gerald Milburn HT2 7/80 untill decom annamilburn7 (AT) member of dixie flying sq. AKA Dixie Dirtbags. miss her
AD-14 John Milkovich SFP3 2/63-9/66 milkovichmdd (AT) Remember the dragon boat races in Kowchung?
AD-14 John L. Miller BTG2 11/45-9/47 kl7igz (AT) like to hear from someone who was on when at bikini /china
AD-14 Bob Miller EM2 1968 to 1970 arabobbtiki (AT) loved those Dixie burgers
AD-14 Scott Miller DP2 01/80-05/81 wizardofoz56 (AT) Coworkers were really great to work with
AD-14 Samuel Misbe SF2 10/65-10/67 semcomso (AT) Looking for exact dates and locations of overseas deployment.
AD-14 Bernard Mongan F2 1946-1947 bjmjo (AT) It was a long time ago!
AD-14 John (J. B.) Moore MM2 1965-1969 jtwotoes (AT) Boone do you still cut hair?
AD-14 Wesley Moore ETN2 6/62 - 6/64 W.H.Moore (AT) R-4 Div, Electronics & Crypto Repair-Really learned my rate
AD-14 Don Morelock OS2 1975 to 1978 relaxing (AT) she rocked
AD-14 Daniel Morris ENC (SW) 8/80-Decom danielgmorris (AT) A-Gang
AD-14 Stephen Morrow YN3 6/61 -6/63 semorrow (AT) looking for jerry brown gunners mate and bill roulin also gunners mate
AD-14 Alfred (Fred) Moyer FC3 1948-1950 moyeraj (AT) Great days-have a photo of the Dixie taken in Tsingtoa-I look at it often-remember the fire in the Charlie Noble?
AD-14 James Mulso DT3 1966 to 1969 mulso (AT) Bob Hansen, are you out there?
AD-14 Paul Myatt MMN3 06/1975 - 01/1976 pwm1256 (AT) A-Gang Crew, A/C Pack Units / TDY USS Praire AD-15 (15 Days)
AD-14 John Nall YN3 1966-1968 jaynall (AT) Was assigned to the Flag Allowance, also on AD-15,AD-17, and AD-37 also for under Admiral Freeman.
AD-14 Glen Neaville YN3 54-56 gneaville (AT) From deck div. to mess decks then yeoman in XO Office. (Red of Clay)
AD-14 Jerome Nelson RM3 4/81-1/83 jeromenelson21 (AT) lets talk shipmates
AD-14 Steven Nelson MMFN 4/80 - 9/81 seagazer69 (AT) Great shipmates, good food, and one fine old ship.
AD-14 Doug Nelson MM2 1963 to 1965 piney (AT)  
AD-14 E.J. ''Bert'' Neslony   1946 to 1949 doriswelch (AT)  
AD-14 James Newell E-3   redearth1945 (AT)  
AD-14 Everett (Nick) Nichols FTG2 9/64 - 12/67 ke4zhh (AT) Made 3 Westpac cruises/ on board for DA tank explosion claiming 3 lives in Subic
AD-14 Bernard Nickel ME3 04/52 - 12/53 czaplewski (AT) Looking for anyone that remember's my Dad when he served on the Dixie.
AD-14 William Pete Nickerson MR2 6/79-6/80 wnicke1302 (AT) still cranken the handels.
AD-14 Tony Nolan MM3 1/77 - 7/80 anthony.nolan (AT) Great time in valve shop&playing in band (Diego Garcia)-love to hear from the crazy guys I was lucky to befriend.
AD-14 Robert Nolan SK3 5/72-7/74 ESU4 (AT) last 2 years in the Navy, loved the WESTPAC CRUISE
AD-14 Paul Nordenger FTCM 1977 to 1981 nord (AT) R5 Div. Off and MCPOC
AD-14 Francisco Nunez, Jr. SFM3 08/58-08/61 topdogg040502 (AT) looking for charlie armenta and luis bruni
AD-14 Bob Nykaza FTG3 1/74 - 12/75 bnykaza1 (AT) those were some good times
AD-14 Barry O'Brien LT(jg) (LDO) 1978-1980 barry.obrien (AT) MPA
AD-14 Thomas O'Reilly BM3 1963 to 1966 irishmatrix (AT) I did two west pac cruises and one stop over in the Gulf of Tonklin and in Koshung Taiwan.
AD-14 Alvino Orozco CS3 1952-1955 MyOatis7 (AT)  
AD-14 Earl Orr ETN2 1964 to 1967 ewo (AT) R 4 division two and a half WestPac crusises including hands across the sea 1966
AD-14 Stephen Osier MM3 8/73 - 6/74 oystercpo (AT) I finally retired 1 Aug 2008. Anyone know where Bill Thomas, L.D. Simmons or Willie Williford is?
AD-14 Harry Owen TM1 5/57-1/63, 66/67 mrhubbs (AT)  
AD-14 Jim Pacetti SN 1959-1961 jpacetti (AT) Made a WestPac cruise on the Dixie. Remember well the Dixie burgers.
AD-14 John Pahl E-3 11/65-10/67 lspjrp (AT) Skated as Chaplain's yoeman for awhile.
AD-14 Ralph Parr COX 2nd Div 11/43 - 2/46 rparr88 (AT) what was the admiral's name that came aboard in Purvis bay
AD-14 Richard Pater YN3 1965 - 1966 srpater (AT) worked in captains office. (admin)
AD-14 Robert (Bob) Pearson SN 1944 to 1947 lckampf (AT) Nickname: ''Shorty''.
AD-14 James Peeks RDSN 1968 to 1969 peeksj (AT) Looking for old shipmates. Loved subic bay and the dixie bur
AD-14 Vernon Peoples CMM 03/41-03/45 dpeople1 (AT) Still going strong at 88 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Have lunch once a month with MM Jack Downs.
AD-14 Mick Perdue YNSN 76-77 mick.perdue (AT) If you recognize my name and remember me, don't hesitate to contact me.
AD-14 Eugene Perkins MM 1958-1961 tassybee83 (AT) Good old days, would love to talk to shipmates.
AD-14 Joe Perles HT3 1978-1980 joeperles (AT) 17 Alpha Sheet Metal Shop
AD-14 Steve Phillips   1980-1982 elect1960 (AT) Great times good people .
AD-14 Frederick Pike IC2 5/74-8/77 frederick_pike (AT) I served in R-3 division, Gyro shop during Westpac 74&76.
AD-14 Tom Pippenger HT1 1977-1981 nav20pip (AT) R-1 division
AD-14 John Pirre MM3 1940-1942 jhp06905 (AT) any one know of Gus Olson ?
AD-14 Jimmie Plata E-3 05/65- 05/69 JimmieP (AT)  
AD-14 Cliff Pollock SFP2/E-5 3/64 - 8-/-66 cpoll45 (AT) Engineering shipfitter-pipefitter
AD-14 Ivan Powell FT2 9/55 - 12/55 iandjpowell2002 (AT)  
AD-14 A. E. Price LT(jg) 3/42-12/45 margemc (AT) My Dad serverd on the Dixie. I have a Wardroom Officers Farewell Dinner Menu held on Dec.16 1945
AD-14 Charles B. Purdon TMC 2/79-6/80 Purdoncb (AT) Diego Garcia 1979
AD-14 Dwain Putnam MMC   jq2002 (AT) Anyone knowing my Dad please feel free to say hello!
AD-14 Alfred Ragas FN 10/55 - 2/57 ARagas05 (AT) Good ship, good times!
AD-14 Bobby Ramsey SN1 1947-1950 ad14ca132 (AT)  
AD-14 Michael Range PM3 1973-1974 mcr0112 (AT)  
AD-14 Russell Raper BTFN 7/64 - 2/66 russ1709 (AT) Looking forward to hooking up with former shipmates
AD-14 Kenny Rarick SN 12/62 - 10/64 rpm.10000 (AT) 1st DIV.
AD-14 Robin Rebsch SA 9/79-10/80 groundhogday01 (AT) Diego Garcia, Sydney, Mauritus, SUBIC BAY & Shellbacks ouch!
AD-14 Larry Reynolds BTFN 1970 lreynolds (AT) great ship and crew
AD-14 Frank Reynolds SF3 68 - 70 sreynolds (AT) Thanks for the opportunity to post
AD-14 Faina Richard YN3 6/64-1/66 rlfaina (AT)  
AD-14 Philip Ricker FTA3 58-59 desrat (AT)  
AD-14 David R. Ries BT3 7/62-9/64 davidrries (AT) good group of BT's anyone around email me
AD-14 Michael Rioux DP2 1/71-6/73 tcs (AT) Enjoyed my time on Dixie. Retired in 2002 as CDR USNR
AD-14 Earl Robinett PO1 1943-1945 care of kfmacek (AT) My great uncle was a torpedoman. I did this for him as a fellow veteran.
AD-14 Richard (Dick) Robinson SFP5 2/61 - 5/63 gadgetman43 (AT) phone 763 389 2224 leave message and phone number
AD-14 Melvin Rubin SN1 1944 to 1946 mrubin (AT) would like to hear from anyone in the deck force
AD-14 Harry Runyan HTC 12/67-7/68 zunkelrun (AT)  
AD-14 Michael Ryer BTFN 1970 - 1973 MRyer1951 (AT)  
AD-14 Frank Rytell LT 11/65-12/66 frytell (AT)  
AD-14 Jay Saba FTG2 3/80 - 7/82 jsaba (AT)  
AD-14 Alvin Samuels PH3 12/50 - 5/54 asam95407 (AT) Fond Memories, She Was A Great Ship
AD-14 Gary Saugstad HT2 1979-1982 saugdog (AT) R-1 shop 17a sheetmetal shop
AD-14 Ron Schmidt FTG3 11/70 - 12/72 rschmidt (AT) WesPac cruise deployed on my 21st Birthday. 1-5-71...R-5 division took 1st place in softball.
AD-14 Tim Schuetz EN3 1980-1983 ftn (AT) Looking for some old shipmates.
AD-14 Wayne Scroggins SK3 6/58-2/61 haybrokr (AT) Where is ballard-glynn-rilley-reynolds-pico-dorman-fine-law
AD-14 F. Carey Seigle FTM2 1968 to 1969 carey (AT) Eyes are failing....too many card games in the shop. Great chow
AD-14 Dann Selle RM2 9/61 to 12/65 sellet (AT) O&N RM-Crypto/R4 tty rep.--RMSA-RM2 while aboard USS Dixie
AD-14 Gary Shadwell MM3 10/73-5/75 gshadwell (AT) Lots of good memories (Wespac 74-75).
AD-14 Don Shane MM1 4/66 to 7/67 ronido05 (AT)  
AD-14 Tom Short SFM3 10/70-4/73 www.TShort9312 (AT) Served in the sheetmetal shop R1 division
AD-14 Steve Sievert EM2 09/70 to 07/74 sfsievert (AT) Like to hear from old shipmates. My nick name was Stump.
AD-14 Fred Simoneau E-3 06/59 - 12/61 fjsimoneau (AT) Sea goin Marine-Dixie was my favorite-loved the teak decks & driving ships company crazy.
AD-14 Ralph Singletary RMC Nov. 60 to July 62 Singleta8 (AT) like to hear from shipmates
AD-14 Karl Sjoestrom HM3 1977 to 1980 olavisjo (AT) the good old days...
AD-14 Allen Slocumb SFM3 1957 to 1960 aslocumb (AT) Sheet Metal shop
AD-14 Mac Sluss FN 6/67-01/70 MacSluss (AT) best times of my life
AD-14 Arthur Small HM2 1952-1953 asmall1 (AT)  
AD-14 Dale Smeal SH3 4/69-12/70 dsmeal (AT) My heartfelt thanks to Chief Federe,CWO4 Bidinger,CS1 Corbett & SH3 Nash for my life's lessons aboard ship
AD-14 Tim Smith HT3 79-81 blewe (AT)  
AD-14 Roger Smith STG2 11/64-1/67 RS6789 (AT) R-5 Division Rocked
AD-14 Ron Smith EN2 1971-1973 amelson (AT) A Gang Boat Shop.
AD-14 Douglas Smith E-3 6/56-4/57 doug (AT) On just a short time was in the ET gang, I believe R-4 Div
AD-14 Warren Smith LM3 1964 to 1967 thebigeasy12342 (AT)  
AD-14 James Smith SN 9/56 - 2/57 japsmmith (AT) my first ship
AD-14 Montgomery Smith OM3 7/77-1/81 montgomeryesmith (AT) No more duty!!
AD-14 David Smith PN2 06/72 - 01/76 daversmith1229 (AT) Basketball, 10cent movies, and way more fun.
AD-14 J. T. Smith NC1 1974 & 1975 jtsbhaven (AT) Made chief onboard-chairman USS Dixie Reun Assoc-great reunion S Diego in 08-for info call 615-513-2440
AD-14 Gail Snyder ENCS 9/61 - 1/62 gr_snyder (AT) Looking for former shipmates
AD-14 Ray Snyder DS1 1774-1975 ray_snyder (AT) What ever happened to Animal'' (DS2 Richard Cason)?''
AD-14 Pete Snyder E-3 4/65-8/68 petesnyder (AT)  
AD-14 Donald Solomon BT1 1963 - 1965 (360) 897-9995  
AD-14 Kent Spoerle HM3 1/77-2/79 kspoerle (AT) would love to hear from old shipmates
AD-14 Keith Spooner DP3 9/80 - 8/82 kspooner (AT) best sea duty
AD-14 Phillip Staab BM3 12/49 - 49-52 pstaab1234 (AT) old ship mates
AD-14 Lloyd Stanley GM2 1963-1964 lestanley227 (AT)  
AD-14 Jerry Stephenson BT2 1962-63 jerrydd727 (AT) Remember good friends Ivan Richardson, Harry Hoyt, Darby,Chi
AD-14 Jerry Stevens TM1 1962 N/A PO Box 428, Oak Harbor, WA 98277
AD-14 Jeffrey Stickley OM3 1973 to 1977 stickleye001 (AT) Dixie was good duty, early 70's. Miss her.
AD-14 Edward (Tom) Stone Unknown 1941-1943 orr333 (AT) Received papers & certs for wife's grandfather. Did not know he was on this ship. If you knew him, please email.
AD-14 Chris Stromberg HT2 1975-1979 chris51462 (AT) served in sheetmetal shop,pipe shop,dive locker-West pac '76-Todd shipyard-gGiving shout out to my shipmates.
AD-14 Wilson Sykes MM2 6/78-10/79 Toytaco20 (AT)  
AD-14 Steve Taylor TM3 1970-1972 staylor81651 (AT) Looking for old shipmates. Torpedo / Weapons Division
AD-14 William Teach RM2 1959-1962 wdteach (AT) Also assigned to flag command ComCruDesPac aboard AD-14
AD-14 Frank Terrell GM 79-81 bigjim46 (AT) ''Can do''. Diego Garcia, Sydney,Mauritus,Subic Bay (not a cheery boy!) Golden Shellback,Plankowner.
AD-14 Richard C. Thys, Jr. SK3/E-4 11/62-8 /65 nonandpop (AT) Deceased Aug 20, 1994
AD-14 Mike Tilly MR3 8/66-3/70 sptfish55 (AT) I would like to hear from some of my old shipmates.
AD-14 James (JJ) Timm FTG3 08/70 to 10/73 Pokerstudent (AT) R 5 Dvision 2 West Pac cruises good memories
AD-14 Joseph Topping FTG3 1970-72 jct2tx (AT) More info at
AD-14 Douglas Trudo TM3 1959-1962 Colleentrudo (AT)  
AD-14 Richard Urdiales QM2 04/1975 - 03/1979 r.o.urdialessr (AT) went on westpac and move to long beach from 32nd street
AD-14 Robert Valencia TM2 1970-1973 robert.s.valencia (AT) loved wespac..dixie chow was great.
AD-14 Dick VanCleave ETC 1979-1981 dvanc (AT) Looking for old friends
AD-14 Harlan W. Van-Es YN3 9/1970 - 7/1974 wjvanes (AT)  
AD-14 Ronald Vangasbeck HTC 66 - 68 rgvan (AT)  
AD-14 Bruce vanHaam FTG2 1977-1978 bvhndjm (AT) what a grand old ship...
AD-14 Michael Varela MM3 11/52 - 11/55 mikebv (AT) 4th Div. Outside Repair, one of the fondest times of my life
AD-14 Robert Waggoner     Bwaggoner2001 (AT)  
AD-14 Harold Ward E-4 1965-1968 Hdub47 (AT) Forward engine room underway valve repair shop R-2 Division
AD-14 J. D. Ward NA   mwward (AT) Info furnished by son of the late J. D. Ward
AD-14 Sherman D. Weld SOGSN 6/61 - 9/62 slweld569 (AT) Love those Dixieburgers - R-5 Division the best!
AD-14 Rex Wellman STC 1969-1971 wellr (AT) Snowbird:
AD-14 Mike Wheeler HT3 1973 to 1974 swheeler72 (AT)  
AD-14 Jim Wheeler SN 1957/58 wheeler (AT) I would enjoy hearing from others who were QM's at this time
AD-14 Billy Whyde HT3 12/69-9/71 starhauler (AT)  
AD-14 Melvin L. Wichelmann, Sr. E-3 3/57 - 3/63 wmff29530 (AT) My father (deceased) Just wanted to find any info about my father and anyone who may have served with him.
AD-14 Harry Wiliford SN 1950 to 1951 wb9iiv (AT) She did a lot of repairs in Sasebo,Japan
AD-14 Ken Wilkinson HT2 1976 to 1979 kenwlknsn5 (AT) Hey shipmates, see some old names, I actually remember, was in Weld shop,
AD-14 Kenneth Wilson HT2 09/75 - 1/1980 wilsonkw6633 (AT) Would like to touch base with old shipmates
AD-14 Harold Wilson BM3 1946 mwilson34 (AT) my father was on this ship in the bikini atoll a bomb test i have some pic. of him and ship mates aboard
AD-14 Henry Wittkamp     rugrat24u (AT) Trying to locate shipmates of my dad,so I'm not sure of the years he was on.any info would be appreciated
AD-14 Clark Wroten RM2 8/68 - 6/69 citv97 (AT) the only ship that I was on but if you had to be onboard she was a good one to be on.
AD-14 Jim Wunderlich BTFN 11/79-12/81 dixiebt (AT)  
AD-14 Ray Young ML3 7/74-10/77 rayy (AT) R2 Div. Foundry
AD-14 Thomas W. Young MR3 3/46 to 3/49 dixiead14 (AT) I'm a little older than I once was.
AD-14 Keith Young HT3 7/76-10/78 keitheric5 (AT) Looking for my old shipmates that served on the greatest bucket of bolts in the US NAVY
AD-14 Mike Young SK2 10/58-6/60 mkyoung (AT)  
AD-14 Rick Zellmer MM3 8/75 -3/80 rzdatzme (AT) R 2 division ruled / valve shop
AD-14 Van Zoldock BM3 9/72 - 5/75 van (AT) Would like to hear from some of my old shipmates
AD-14 Steve Zulfer   12/72-7/76 zguppy (AT)  
DD-14 Louie Waddell BM2 62 - 64 ? waddelljeff (AT) My dad's favorite ship! Lots of great stories- we spoke about the Dixie shortly before he passed away.

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