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AD-3 Johln E. Atkins WO 1938-1945 jnkingery (AT) Fath aboard/fam on base P Harbor, 12/7/41-wlthf anyone onboard/children/child liv onbase tht day. Jeannette
AD-3 Woody Baker CPO 1941 BB4Racing (AT) My father-deceased-was on board on Dec 7-trying to get service record-don't have service number-can anyone help.
AD-3 H. D. (Junior) Bishop C3P3 1943-1945 bishopsphotography (AT) My father-was a baker-he does not do e-mail but I do-he would love to hear from any shipmates.
AD-3 Gary Breckenridge SN1 1944- 1945 tuftger (AT) to charlie rahn:i was on dobbin when ran aground,e-mail me
AD-3 Thomas Brumvield SF2   Deceased Passed away June1 2012, 56 days short of his 90th birthday/ in Dallas, Texas
AD-3 Everett Calhoun CPO Dec 7 1941 michaelc (AT) Father was a boatswainmate aboard. He is with Christ and I miss him. Did anyone know him.
AD-3 William Connors   12/7/1941 connors_k (AT) My Dad is very proud to have been on this ship.
AD-3 Harry Daniel (Dan) Cotterman YN3 1943-1944 Liscarkat (AT) Dan Cotterman was my father. Passed away 3/21/05 at age 79.
AD-3 Maxwell Dickson SN1 1940 to 1943 gunsrcool_2000 (AT) Pearl Harbor Survivor
AD-3 L. P. Disharoon LT 1932-1945 libbydavep (AT) My Uncle was a Lt., CWO, & CPO while on AD3 for 13 years. Was at Pearl Harbor 12/7/41..Deceased 1988.
AD-3 Jess K. Dodge CDR 12/7/1941 Clark (AT) My Dad passed away in 1967, but told me of that day.
AD-3 William Garcia S1 1941 1945 bjaquis700 (AT) I am looking for this shipmate for a Clarence Primard
AD-3 H. T. Gibbs 2/c   iloveferretsx2 (AT) Don't know him but my husband found his tag while metal detecting in Charleston (Ft Sumpter) Anyone know him?
AD-3 Garner (Hinten) Goodin   40 to 44 Chiefsvdh (AT)  
AD-3 Pete James BM3 1940-1944 peterinsky1920 (AT) Would like to hear from any crew members.
AD-3 Victor (Joe) Kleiss CPO 4/41 to 1944 mkleiss (AT) Joe died 3-17-06.He did not go gentle into that good night..
AD-3 Werner Klemm B1 1941-1943 6825 Altavista, Port Richey, FL 34668  
AD-3 Lloyd Liddiard CBM 1938 to 1943 Redrockmtn (AT) At Pearl Harbor. My CDR Thomas C. Latimore was never found.I believe he was taken by the Japanese.I am 88 years now and still going strong.I have been to the 60th,63rd and 65th Pearl Harbor Reunions. Born 1919....and still going
AD-3 Jefferson Maner FN1 1/41 to 8/44 anniem1922 (AT) would love to hear from shipmates! that's my wife's e-mail
AD-3 John Mansfield BM 1939 john (AT) My father-att reun 1974-91-no longer travels-- 6856 E Portland Ave Rm 13,Tacoma,WA-call me 253-202-6433.
AD-3 Michael Vincent Matthews PO3 1923-19?? michael.eric.matthews (AT) My grandfather ( was a coppersmith)-don't have much detailed info about his service-please email if you knew of him.
AD-3 James Mays     brmays (AT) my grandfather, James Mays, served on this ship.
AD-3 William Monfort RM2 April 40 - Feb 41 monfort1 (AT) Based at Pearl Harbor
AD-3 Arthur Ness   12/41 to1942 Nessjohn9 (AT) Grandfather served as pharmasist Mate according to my Father on Dec 7 1941-maybe one of you might know or remember him.
AD-3 Jack Parks PhM3 3/41 to 5/43 jlparts (AT) Was a Corpsman at Pearl when war started. Went to the USS Mugford from the Dobbin on
AD-3 Charles Rahn BTR2 1943 1944 1945 chas396 (AT) My latest E-mail address. Would like to hear from any crew members
AD-3 Jack Smith, Jr. CBM   kenandcathysmith (AT) My dad(died in 83)on this ship at Pearl-also in Sydney-married an Aussie-aft a few years settled in Australia
AD-3 Edward T. Theis SN? 1941 snowday2 (AT) My father ret. as CPO- Worked as BT at some point & was on USS Dobbin at Pearl Harbor when bombed by the Japanese.
AD-3 Walter Lee Thompson LCDR ? to 5/41 writestormy (AT) My grandfather was the Chaplain on the USS Dobbin
AD-3 Vinson (V. H.) Wagnon   1943-1945 ruthspearl (AT) My gfather-frm Arkansas,tall/thin man,spoke slowly/thoughtfully-love to learn about his service/hear from his shipmates.
AD-3 Harold Walters SFC 12/7/1941 Bowalters1 (AT) hotmail.comi My uncle-my hero-spoke of his times at Pearl & WWII--would like to thank all of you and please email if you like

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