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AR-7 Kenneth Ambers HT1 1967-1969 vmariah (AT) I was in R -1 Division,shipfitter and sheetmetal shop.
AR-7 Ken Bluma SN 2/77-6/78 kjbluma (AT) On her almost a year and a half, the best time of my life.
AR-7 Leroy Bostic MM 1966-1969 leenan (AT)  
AR-7 Ted Clikeman ET1 11/54-4/57 clikeman (AT)  
AR-7 John Cole 1/c 1945 HarleyCharley99 (AT)  
AR-7 Cliff Cortez HM2 6/76-6/77 doozyrn (AT) Enjoyed my time on the Hector. Lots of great memories!
AR-7 Richard L. Cothran MMCS 12/72 - 5/74 cothranrichard (AT) Looking for anyone I steamed with
AR-7 William Dell BT1 7/77-11-78 smdancer (AT) BT in charge of #1 Fireroom went to Tahatii/Subic and then discharged.USNR-R 1992
AR-7 Arthur Derouen EM2 1957-1961 grammie70591 (AT) Would like to hear from former shipmates
AR-7 Jeff Diatko MM3 2/74-2/76 chief.1pa (AT)  
AR-7 Richard Duffy MMCM(SW) 3/80 - 3/83 dickduffy (AT) I was the Command Master Chief / Davy Jones
AR-7 Douglas R. Ebert HTCS 5/80-9/83 kdebert (AT) Great repair ship. made 25th WesPac tour, Aust.,N.Z., Kenya
AR-7 Ronald Edelstein CWO4 10/82 - 4/84 aduana (AT) Reserve Det attached. Ship's nav
AR-7 Ronald Gulbranson MM1 7/69 to 5/73 swaby91 (AT) R2 div outside repair
AR-7 Tony Hendrickson EN3 1984/1986 ezekial317 (AT) made two west pacs with her
AR-7 Donald (Hoppy) Hopkinson BR1 10/69-10/72 hoppymom (AT) Deceased 3/7/04
AR-7 Johnnie Hutson SN/E-3 1968-1970 cmnazrat (AT)  
AR-7 William (Rod) Johnston HT2 7/80-8/83 rodj41061 (AT) Heavy Metal Shop R-1 Div.
AR-7 John King FN 1970-1971 john_k98117 (AT) Good duty and a good crew
AR-7 Clifford Kinney MR2 Jan 1974 to Sept 1977 mibpaladin55 (AT) She was a great ship with a great crew
AR-7 Jimmy McGuire MM1 1985-1986 jxmcguire1 (AT)  
AR-7 Willis Miller MM3 02/53-11/56 wrmiller (AT) Almost 4 years in evaporater room - LOVED HER
AR-7 Billy Mullins SF1 3/63-7/65 befm-37110 (AT) lot of work
AR-7 Elmer Navarro BT2 1975 to 1977 max4922 (AT) BR Shop
AR-7 Bruce Olsen MS3 8/81-3/84 theresa (AT) met my best friend micheal j.jones i miss you brother.
AR-7 Cory Reilly HT2 1971-1972 cory.reilly (AT) Remember Black Bart? Westpac 72?
AR-7 Frank Ricker SF2/E-5 1965-1969 fricker259 (AT)  
AR-7 Douglas Rolph HT2 2/77-12/78 whiskers-13 (AT) DC-Shop Tahiti was something
AR-7 Rick Schenkemeyer HT2 1/73-4/76 toonafrog (AT) R-1 division, carpenters shop, than shipfitters shop
AR-7 Albert Serafine ETR3 3/66-9/66 pserafine (AT) I went to WestPac in 1966. Remember Olongapo?
AR-7 Jerry Smiley SFP2 1967 to 1968 jerrysmiley (AT) Just looking for some old buddies to go down memory lane.
AR-7 John Smith HTC 1969 to 1972 jasjr (AT) love to hear from old shipmates.
AR-7 Joe Szczyradlowski SK1 1979-1981 joeski0302 (AT)  
AR-7 Tony Wheat BM3 1981to 1985 tony_wheat2000 (AT) Wish I would have stayed in. Looking for others
AR-7 Harry Wiliford SN 1950 wb9iiv (AT) I have fond memories of being OB the Hector .My enlistment ended while on the Hector
AR-7 Joseph Leon ( J.L. ) Williams TM3 OR TM2 1943-1946 wrightblueeyedpi (AT) My paw paw JL served aboard this vessel. Im not sure of exact dates, but he was enlisted from 4-7-43 until 8-8-46
AR-7 Grant Williams SM2 03/61 to 02/63 grante (AT)  

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