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AD-29 Stephen Aldrete MM2/E-5 1966-1968 petrophysax2 (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmates from this time period.
AD-29 Joe Bancroft TMC 1963 to 1966 bancroft (AT) Best dang torpedomen ever served with.Great bunch
AD-29 Fred Barker SFC 1962-67 n6pdz (AT) Pipe Shop & Shipfitters Shop Great Ship and Crew
AD-29 James Beckman MM3 1950- 1952 jfb1ut (AT) Helped restore refrigeration on 23 destroyers and 6 mine sweepers.
AD-29 Robert Bell FTG2 1962 to 1965 piranha (AT)  
AD-29 Lee Bennett MM2 1962-65 benquini (AT) Worked in R-2 Div (head of Lagging & Insulation Shop)-best friend was Larry (Smitty) Smith who has since died
AD-29 Alexander Bewkes BM2 1/70 to 6/70 highlandlight (AT) 1st Division
AD-29 George Blair FN 1965 to 1966 George.Blair (AT) currently reside in Glendale, AZ
AD-29 James Boldebuck FP2 1951-1954 jboldebuck (AT) Looking at these pictures brings back many fond memories.
AD-29 Alvin Boudreaux BT3 1963-1966 KCChampagne2003 (AT)  
AD-29 Tom Boyer PC 9/67-6/68 tblb (AT)  
AD-29 John Brennan PN3 1965 to 1967 (505) 227-3856  
AD-29 David Brickhouse BT3 4/65-12/68 house12063 (AT)  
AD-29 Terry Brown SN 2/63 to 9/66 terrybrown6235 (AT) would like to hear from anyone from s3 division
AD-29 Vernon Brown YN3 4/62 - 9/62 Hamuel321 (AT)  
AD-29 Henry Brown BT2 1962 to 1964 henry2727 (AT) I would like to hear from you all
AD-29 Tom Buckley IC2 1963 to 1967 tom.buck (AT) Interior Communications
AD-29 William Callender BT3 62-66 dependablelawn98 (AT) 225 567 2661
AD-29 Murry Campbell GM 1962-64 murryreid (AT)  
AD-29 Ron Carlson SS3 08/69- 02/70 RCWHITESOX (AT)  
AD-29 Richard Cohagan EMCS 1/70-1/71 RtrdEmcs (AT) Rewind shop,1970 and decommissioning crew 1971.
AD-29 John Comstock GMG3 1962 - 1966 Johnthecoinguy (AT) Like to hear from some of my ship mates that know me!
AD-29 William Ctibor PN2 10/70-9/71 Williamctibor (AT) Served as Separations/Reenlistment/Discharge Personnelman
AD-29 Terry Cunningham BT3 4/64 - 7/66 tlc529 (AT) A lot of fond memories of my shipmates. would like see all of you !
AD-29 Gary Daugherty MM3 1965 to 1967 gary9628 (AT)  
AD-29 Dub Davis MR2 64-67 ushistrybuff (AT) retired Mustang LT in reserves
AD-29 Duglis Daw SN 5/62-5/64 U066 (AT) Was a deckhand. Also assigned to ship's laundry.
AD-29 Benjamin Delgado AD1 9/69- 8/70 mypapa59 (AT) like to hear from the dash crew ( remember when we went to nas barbers pt. shopping fpr furniture for our lounge)
AD-29 John Delles SK2 9/66-2/70 freddiedel23 (AT) Remembering our WestPac deployment 66-67 and two Hawaii deployments.
AD-29 Micheal Derouin SA 11/61-11/63 madraven43 Served on board 61-63
AD-29 Jack Deshazo SN 6/62-7/64 501-623-4322 Hot Springs, Ark phone 1-501-623-4322
AD-29 Patrick Enloe BT3 9/65-5/69 patrick_enloe (AT)  
AD-29 Max Eskildsen SN 10/51 - 12/52 maxeski (AT) I remember the people and the work. We had fun too.
AD-29 Henry (Hank) Ferguson EM3 1968 to 1970 hferg1229 (AT) Worked in rewind shop. Looking for an old friend Steve Clark
AD-29 John Fielding CWO2 3/68 - 8/70 Fielprn (AT) Supply Department
AD-29 Larry Fiore DCFN 1969 to 1970 CHEVYMAN1 (AT) would like to hear from any DC controlman in this time frame
AD-29 Doyle Ford EN3 1964 to 1966 ddford (AT) Assigned to A-Division, Boat shop
AD-29 Frank Frankenberger MM2 1965 to 1968 franknsandy (AT) Remember the LST we cut in half?
AD-29 Lonnie Gabbard MR3 12/64 - 8/67 gabbard (AT) Served in heavy machine shop
AD-29 Mike Gigliotti SFM3 2/70 - 12/70 debmikegig& sheet metal shop&SF shipfitter/Decom team botuuned up flus
AD-29 Don Gray FA 1958-1959 popeye (AT)  
AD-29 Daniel Gregory MM 1966-1968 dsgregory1 (AT)  
AD-29 Jon Hansen E-3 06/68-9/69 jdhansen (AT) I remember the card games in the VALVE SHOP w/Frank MM-2
AD-29 David Hildebrand MR2 1962 to 1966 dajuhilde (AT) Would like to hear from all who remember me.
AD-29 John Hodge SFM3 10/62-8/65 pamizzell (AT) I was part of the R division.
AD-29 Tom Jeffers BT3 1964 - 1966 wapitiln (AT)  
AD-29 Van Johnston PM2 1968-1970 johnston.van (AT) would like to here from anyone in carpenter/pattern shop from around 1968-1970.
AD-29 Clifford Jones PN3 5/54 - 2/56 cljones112 (AT)  
AD-29 Tom Junkins BT2 11/64 - 10/67 junkins-at-large (AT) R-2 Div. Started in Valve Shop (Outside Repair) - reassigned to Boiler Repair Shop. Would love to hear from anyone willing to admit to having known me. (Ha - Ha).''
AD-29 Ronald Keeler MM3 1968 to1969 parttimer055 (AT)  
AD-29 Gary Kiss IC2 1962-1963 garykiss540 (AT) Would like to talk to Tom Buckley IC2
AD-29 Herb Kober IM3 7/65-8/67 herbnmar (AT) R2 Div
AD-29 Karl Koch LT 1967-1969 kocheudora (AT) Long Beach-Pearl Harbor-Long Beach, etc.
AD-29 Dean Korba SK1 1/62-5/64 deankorba (AT)  
AD-29 Redd Lacheney SN 6/62-5/64 warchief43 (AT) put in commision in '62. she had a great crew. does anyone know what happened to richard churchill?
AD-29 Bob Lloyd YN2-P1 12/59-12/60 boblloyd838 (AT)  
AD-29 Roy (Skip) Loveland PN/SN 1963 to 1966 royloveland (AT) Looking for ship's rock band members, Frank,Danny,and Moe
AD-29 George Lowell SFP3 1965 to 1969 george (AT) Isle Royale Web Master & Reunion coordinator
AD-29 Larry Mahorney MM3 1965 to 1968 lemahorney (AT) Served in engine room, would like to connect with Bob Karl and any other ship-mates
AD-29 Pat McCann FN 6/66 to 6/67 pmccann (AT) Please write and let's visit.
AD-29 Bob McGraw MMFN 1965-68 netpro (AT) Visit our ships website: for more
AD-29 Ronald McKenney BT3 05/66-02/70 vivron (AT) Was in Boiler Repair Shop last 2 years on board
AD-29 Frank Morelli SFP3 1964 to 1966 asibari (AT) I was in the pipefitting shop
AD-29 Carlos Navarro DN 69-70 navarrodental (AT) dental duty, slept in sickbay...just above the bakery!
AD-29 Ernie Nye TM1 1967 to 1968 ehnye (AT) worked in the torpedo shop and put the MK 46 bench in commission.
AD-29 Robert L. Patrick SN 01/63-03/64 Phone 706-648-3191 185 Jimmerson Rd. Thomaston Ga, 30286
AD-29 John E. Patterson BT3 8/62 to 6/65 jpatterson0377 (AT) R2 div. boiler repair shop, have a lot of fondmemories of years and shipmates.
AD-29 Rance Plumb BT3 1/68 to 10/69 rance (AT)  
AD-29 Robert B. Powers, Jr. SN 1952-53 rbpowersjr (AT) Served in Records Division. Joined HU-1 later overseas.
AD-29 Harry Ray SM 1962-1963 none 140 Bobs Dr., Mableton, GA 30126 770-944-9334
AD-29 Lawrence Ricchio SN 11/64-12/65 larydababa (AT) Worked many jobs aboard ship above and below decks, mess etc.
AD-29 Roger E. Rice RM3 Feb 63-Oct 63 rjar (AT) Finished out my active reserves on this one
AD-29 Bill Royston PC3 11/65-11/67 w.royston (AT) would enjoy hearing from people that served aboard ship
AD-29 Lowell 'Jay' Sage YN1 5/63/9/64 JAYANDHELGA1954 (AT)  
AD-29 Danny Salyer SF2 1970 Hulltec (AT)  
AD-29 Charles Schmidt WO1 1964 to1966 cschmidt (AT)  
AD-29 Nick Semonza HN 64-65 Nicksemonza (AT)  
AD-29 Charles Smith SFM3 1963-1966 Twonahotub (AT) Would love to hear from any of my shipmates.
AD-29 Craig Smith ATN2 08/68-09/69 qh50d (AT) Worked on Dash system
AD-29 Roger Sorrells GMM1 3/63-3/65 r.sorrells (AT) Repair-5 Div. FT/GM
AD-29 Obie Stanford BMSN 1962-1964 obiestanford (AT)  
AD-29 Chester D. Statton MM2 1952-54 stratt853 (AT)  
AD-29 Morris Stewart SN 2/63-9/66 morrisharley (AT) I still love her.
AD-29 Chester D. Stratton MM3 1952-53 chetsuewindy (AT) Would like to hear fron anyone serving in Long Beach 1952-53
AD-29 Alan Tarkiainen IM2 1969-1971 adtark (AT) W/Steve Zupkis, Kurt Walet, Chuck Conlen, CMDR Steadman
AD-29 Gene Thatcher DP2 17/67 to 6/70 eugethatch (AT)  
AD-29 George Thompson MLFN/E-3 1962-1965 ArtByMimee (AT) anyone familiar with the foundry? Medical problems?
AD-29 Arnold Thompson MRFA 70-decom arniet49 (AT) met some great guys, had some great times, pier e-club
AD-29 Lawrence Tuttle QM3 5/70 lftuttle (AT)  
AD-29 Lowell Weber MM2 8/66-6/67 lowandwiki (AT)  
AD-29 Leonard Wilson SFM2 12/62-12/63 leonardwilson_82 (AT) Would like to hear from any of the ship fitters that served
AD-29 David Wimmer PN2 4/67-5/70 dmwimmer (AT) X-Div, Retired from reserves in 1997 as a CWO4(Ships Clerk)

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