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AD-37 Lisa (Ball) Yelder EM3 1985 to 1989 lisa_yelder (AT) E-Division
AD-37 Abby (Metzger) Morales SH3 4/87 amoralesca (AT) Looking for old friends
AD-37 Steven Adams BM3 76-80 adams3112 (AT) What a great time seems just like yesterday
AD-37 Clifford C. Andersen SN 11/69 - 2/71 leo76031 (AT) I enjoyed being on the Happy Harry.
AD-37 John M. Andersen SK3 Aug. 1971 thru Aug. 1972 anderjm (AT)  
AD-37 Orville Anderson DM2 08/72 - 06/73 omanderson (AT)  
AD-37 Bruce Attebery MM3 11/70-10/71 batt31 (AT) Worked in valve shop
AD-37 Adrianne Averill TM2 SW 12/81-6/85 Adrianne_Averill (AT)  
AD-37 Georgia Baldwin-Degel YN3 1986-1989 Vinny_Roxy (AT)  
AD-37 William Banks MM2 8/72 to 8/73 hoby847 (AT) Engineroom. Remember MMC Hargis run those model plane eng
AD-37 Richard Bass HT2 1981 to1985 DixieLineFan (AT) Deceased
AD-37 Nora Bastian Duwa E-3 1993-1995 luv4pigs74 (AT)  
AD-37 Terry M. Bates EM1 1967-1968 pogybates (AT)  
AD-37 Craig Baumann DK3 9/1990-1/1994 crazycraig (AT)  
AD-37 Dennis Bell RM3 1970-1972 dennis (AT)  
AD-37 Richard Benavides ICFN 6/67-8/69 BENAVIDESR (AT) Plankowner icman on ship. Precom.
AD-37 Greg Bender ETR3 2/70 - 6/70 bearhaven (AT)  
AD-37 Tim Bergeron PN3 1973 to 1976 tbergeron1 (AT)  
AD-37 Stephen Binczik E-4 1972-1975 jbinczik (AT)  
AD-37 John (Jack) Blake BT 1/75 - 10/77 bobjak2 (AT) the legend of subic bay is alive & well in calif.
AD-37 Malissa Blindt RM1 02/93-10/93 malissa.blindt (AT) or blindtma (AT) Had a good time looking back
AD-37 Stu Bloom FTG1 1970 to 1971 sbloom (AT)  
AD-37 Brooke Bogacz SN 2/84-10/85 trauma65 (AT) I miss my ship. She was the best!
AD-37 Mike Bogacz HT2 04/84-08/86 mtbogie (AT) Married HN Hedlund Brooke
AD-37 James Bordier E-3 1974-1977 jimbordier (AT) Like to hear from some old shipmates.
AD-37 Paul Borek GMG2 1968-1969 pborek (AT) Looking for guys from R-5 division
AD-37 Eloise Bridges EM3 1987 - 1990 eloise.carey (AT)  
AD-37 Jim Britt   1967-68 cammy.britt (AT)  
AD-37 Paul Brock MM 1974-1974 wolfden333 (AT) I worked in the machine shop by a door that opened to the outside, starboard side. She was a good ship,
AD-37 Dan Brown ML1 precom to 1969 molderbrown (AT)  
AD-37 Ronnie Brown TM3 6/71 to 2/73 ICURALSO (AT) I enjoyed my tour on the Sammy G. & Weapons Division
AD-37 Teresa Buie IC3 1986-1989 tbuie9 (AT) E-division IC shop
AD-37 Heidi Bullert BM2 9/82-5/86 nostromox13 (AT) The sea will always be my home thanks to that grand ole-gal.
AD-37 Robert Bundy RM 1989-1992 robbybundy (AT) Looking for Steve Pallister, he worked in the rigging dept.
AD-37 Stanley Butryn, Jr. E-4 1974-1978 stancalifdreamer (AT) Westpac was the best of times-hey Dan McQuitan frm RI how are you-you and I were up in the I-C-E shop
AD-37 Wayne Cadd MLC 1/80-1/85 wayne4424 (AT)  
AD-37 Lance Call GM 5/79 - 5/82 lcflyfisherman (AT) looking for p.o. j.e.paul ( mojo) chilly w illy & guthmiller
AD-37 Jim Campbell RD2 68-70 jimrcampbell (AT) I would love to hear from any old shipmates
AD-37 Mars Capen TM2 11/69-7/73 Marsc49 (AT) Did a 3rd cruise on Gompers May84-Dec84
AD-37 Larry Chambers BM1 84-88 testerchambers (AT) Be glad to hear from anyone who remembers me!
AD-37 Douglas Chandler ET1 1984 to 1987 lonestar (AT)  
AD-37 Paul Chapman DC3 8/69 to 8/71 uscgchappy (AT) Get tour of duty. Worked in R-Div, Fire Extinquisher Repair Shop. I had more fun than any man deserves.
AD-37 Anthony (Tony) Chavez EM3 2/82-5/84 chavez2021 (AT) aka Tony
AD-37 Margaret Chester BMC 1989-1992 machester (AT) Boats and Cranes
AD-37 John Ciolina E-6 1966 - 1971 denycern (AT) Was in Viet Nam, read about a new Tender being built at Bremerton, re-inlisted for AD-37.
AD-37 Dave Clor MR2 precom 67 to 69 daveclor (AT) Worked in machine shop
AD-37 Thomas (Tom) Code MRC 5/3/70 - 11/30/71 codecarol (AT) Chief Thomas (Tom) Code died Jan. 4, 1972
AD-37 Jennifer Cole E-4 5/88-12/91 JENNIFER677 (AT)  
AD-37 Del Contreras Herrod MSSN 12/89-4/91 del.herrod (AT)  
AD-37 Del Contreras-Herrod MSSN 12/89 - 4/91 dherrod (AT)  
AD-37 Gwen Cooper/Edmond IC3 1985 - 1987 g_edmond6 (AT) looking for old friends
AD-37 Leon Cotey PNCM 8/75 - 8/78 pensonwheels (AT) Personnel Officer, Would like to locate Steve McNabb, Admin
AD-37 John P. Courtney MR3 1970-1972 courtneyjpc (AT) To My Nuc Friends/Friends
AD-37 Jim Cowan ML2 3-78 to 8-79 jimschaff (AT)  
AD-37 John Oren Craig, Jr. GMG3 1977-1981 JCRAIGJR45 (AT)  
AD-37 Scott Curtis MM3 3/1981 - 8/1981 sc2340 (AT) Worked in engineroom over the West Pac. Went on to nuke school afterwards.
AD-37 Christopher Curtis BM3 1980-1984 cac622000 (AT) operated/directed ships cranes 3rd division
AD-37 Tracy Cutler (Weakland) OS3 10/89 - 4/90 USSDuckied (AT) Would love to hear from old friends!
AD-37 Daniel Daigle ML1 2/93-8/94 dan.daigle (AT)  
AD-37 Jim Davis TM2 73-77 dachief1234 (AT)  
AD-37 Tom Davis CDR 10/76 - 8/77 kirraka (AT) XO
AD-37 Glenn de Dios   1989-1993 gdedios (AT) or gdedios (AT) mvtrans drop a line!! or hit me up at 602-721-6952.
AD-37 Andy Dean MM2 1975 - 1980 deans4jesus (AT) Assigned to A-Div., Reefer Decks
AD-37 Scott Degel RM3 1986 to1989 Vinny_Roxy (AT) looking for former hell raising buddies
AD-37 Curtis DeGuia OS2/E-5 1974 to 1978 cdeguia (AT)  
AD-37 Rodger Dent MM2 3/67-4/69 dentr (AT) Plank Owner
AD-37 Kenneth Detweiler SN 7/72 7/75 sandywildman (AT) hope everbody is doing well
AD-37 Dale Dickinson E-5 3/90-12/95 dickthelocksmith (AT)  
AD-37 Jimmie Doane, Jr. SM3 1986 - sept 90 blkjakskol (AT) looking for old friends, mainly shawn willis
AD-37 Joseph Downs EMFN 1/73-6/75 joseph_downs (AT)  
AD-37 Marty Drilling MM3 1977-1980 Marty (AT) In ''A Gang'' Most of the time, Engine Room at the end
AD-37 Marie Duran (Boeckmann RM3 5/85-12/86 marieellen (AT) I like to find a couple of friends of mine.
AD-37 Robert Dziondziak BTFN 1986-1988 robertdziond (AT) Melton&Ornduff i'm glad to see your names on the list we'll have to get in touch with each other!
AD-37 Keith Early OS2 1984 to1988 early4all (AT)  
AD-37 Lynn Edwards QM2 1984-1987 Tmomof4nuts (AT) Hello everyone-I am still looking for Melissa Metz-IC3
AD-37 Jimmy Edwards E-4 1974 to1976 zip316j2ya (AT) looking Mike Delagarruie
AD-37 Debra Eldridge ET2 07/92-06/94 deldridge (AT)  
AD-37 Karen Emerson HTFN 1/84-11/86 kemerson (AT) looking for Patty Taylor and Sharron Jones. Found Kim!!
AD-37 Eric Engels IC-2 6/73 to 8/76 erickengels (AT) E Div, IC Shop
AD-37 Bryant Ewing TM3 1981-1984 TMCG56 (AT)  
AD-37 George R. Fears DKCS 1972-1974 DKCSUSN (AT)  
AD-37 Ricardo Fermo DK2 02/86-08/89 rfermo (AT)  
AD-37 Deatra Flanagan (Meier) E-3 12/92 to 3/94 deatra.flanagan (AT) I miss u Barbie Velasquez, my best friend
AD-37 Robert Flores RM1   robertmflores (AT) Radio LPO/Ships MAA nicknamed FLIP and Sherlock
AD-37 Gena Foulk MM3 1986-1990 thnkn66 (AT) Looking for the people from M-DIV
AD-37 Gerald Frison IC3 1/88 - 7/90 frisongl (AT) IC-3 trying to stay in touch with old shipmates.
AD-37 Gina Garrett HT3 3/85-12/88 gdcann (AT)  
AD-37 Pete Gelhar EN3 1978-1980 knuklhed (AT) I ws in 'A' gang the whole time. A lot of great memories from those days.If I knew now...
AD-37 Dale Grant E-3 9/70 thru 5/72 D GRANT (AT) AOL. COM  
AD-37 James Gregory BT2 1968-1972 jwgregory (AT) Hello to any one who remembers the old guppy!
AD-37 Ed Griffes MM3 11/80-12/84 (AT) Would like to hear from MMs and BTs 80-84
AD-37 Jose Guerrero DP2 6/79-9/82 mailman (AT) anyone out there from that time?
AD-37 Carlos Guzman ET1 01/91- 10/95 guz45 (AT) I worked in the RADIAC Cal Lab R-6 div.
AD-37 Gerry 'Charlie' Haight OM1 6/75-9/79 charliehaight (AT) Optical ship, MIRCS LAB
AD-37 Don Hall TM2/TM1/TMC 68-70, 75-78, 85-90 oac_aac (AT) W-1 Div first 2 tours / 3-M Coordinator
AD-37 Jim Hansen OS3 1972 revjim52 (AT) Yo Pat....Yo Ron Ricco....where are you guys?
AD-37 Sandra Hartono MS3 Feb 1990- 1994 codeman820 (AT) email me if you know me...
AD-37 Ray Hauser EN3 69-71 rayhauser (AT) First ship. Started in the Fireroom ended in A-Gang
AD-37 Brooke Hedlund HN 04/84-09/86 trauma65 (AT) Married HT2 Bogacz Mike
AD-37 Jimmy Heins E-3 81-84 jim.heins (AT) It was a great 4 years, had a ball, miss the Wes Pacs,
AD-37 John Hejduk STC 06/84 to 06/85 john.b.hejduk (AT)  
AD-37 Vicky Hernandez MM3 5/89-7/92 navymm (AT) Don't miss the 6 & 6 watches but I do miss my shipmates.
AD-37 Preston Hill E-1 1981- 11/84 prestonhill (AT) 1st yr BM as we affectionatly to as deck ape-then to ET shop the rest of my 3+ yrs aboard.
AD-37 Michael Hilvers GM3 1968-1972 Plank Owner rhilvers (AT) Looking for Robert Rosa
AD-37 Roland Hinrichs RM2 12/69 - 3/72 rickhinr (AT) Sad to hear she was sunk!
AD-37 Shannon Hinton (Patton) MM3 1990-1992 bears_fan_1 (AT) Looking for Joyce Pacheco, Anita Densford, and Ann Novak
AD-37 Phu Ho EMFN 12/90 - 08/93 phugho (AT)  
AD-37 Dave Hoenecke SH3 86-90 dshoneycomb3 (AT) i am on facebook look me up
AD-37 Gary Hoffer PC3 1971-1972 twocreek (AT) Would like to hear from you if you remember me
AD-37 Eric Hollins YN3 5/82-5/85 ehollins (AT) looking for Detona Worthy or Tressa Lee
AD-37 Joe Holloway ICC precom-9/69 jobohojr (AT) Retired Jan,77
AD-37 Frank Hoople MR1 1/67-10/69 fhoople (AT) Would like to hear from former shipmates
AD-37 Hank Hopkins BTFN 11/76 - 8/78 hankhopkins (AT) Came on in Subic 76 looking for Jack Blake B-Div
AD-37 Guy G. ''Hoppy'' Hopkins SN/E-3 74 thru 77 ghopkins (AT) 2nd Division Deck Ape
AD-37 Ernie Hopson DC3 1970-71 Ehlotto (AT) Great ship mates and tough times.
AD-37 James Hudson PNCM 3/81-2/84 JMHUDSON100 (AT)  
AD-37 Wayne Hutchens HT3 1970 to 1971 whutchens (AT) Carpenter shop
AD-37 Rudolph Jeter, Jr. E-1 4/76-10/76 ellajeter (AT) Looking for Cline, Clarke Paige, Melton or Soto or anyone.
AD-37 Donald Johnson CWO2 4/67-4/70 emcmdmjoh (AT) no comment
AD-37 Dick Johnson ET1 03/67-10/69 shipmatejohnson (AT)  
AD-37 Neda (Tai) Johnson (La Fleche) MRFN 9/92-9/95 temoro2003 (AT)  
AD-37 Michael Johnston MM1 1977-1979 AudioArcher (AT) Had a pretty good time
AD-37 Bobby Jones GMCS 3/68-12/69 cacob8 (AT) I was in the gun and launcher shop. R5 div.
AD-37 Laverne Josey WO1 1968 ljosey (AT) Temporary DCA
AD-37 Bob Kardos EM2 Precom - 1969 rbrtkrds (AT)  
AD-37 Cathy Keller DC2 1988-1992 dolfan1972 (AT) any damagecontrolman out there during that time ?
AD-37 Rick Kelley BM3 1976 to 1979 I had the privilage of serving with great shipmates in 1ST Division. Two Westpacs, two tatoos, great times
AD-37 Pat Kelly BM3 1977-1979 PTK613 (AT) 1st Div; Cranes, and also was a dental tech striker
AD-37 Kim Kevan MMC 6/91-10/94 kkevan9718 (AT) last command of 20 year career
AD-37 James Koreper BT2 1978-82 JKOERPER (AT) Looking to contact my old shipmates, ESP boiler room gang.
AD-37 David Kraeger E-5 12/86 - 1989 david.kraeger (AT) Any and all. A-ganger's especially
AD-37 Daniel Kreftmeyer QM3 1971to1972 dkreftmeyer (AT)  
AD-37 Ken Kroncke YN3 2/71 - 2/75 kkroncke (AT) Great memories of Sammy G and the great destroyers that we served.
AD-37 Jerry Kubat BMC 01/87 to 01/90 skubat (AT) Flight deck
AD-37 Tom La Bo FTG3 1967-1970 tombetty6953 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates. Played on ships softbball team. R-5 div.
AD-37 Charles Lesher SHC 3/67 - 5/68 Acey.Ducey (AT) Plankowner
AD-37 Wesley Linscott RM3 2/71 - 8/72 wlinscott (AT)  
AD-37 Debra Lohman-Longo BM3 1982-1983 earp1dd (AT) Life is wonderful!
AD-37 Billy Long BTFN 1980 to 1984 jahlives (AT) Hello Shipmates!!! and Hold Snipes!!!
AD-37 Patrick Long STG2 Dec 1986 - Oct 1990 Exidor (AT) Shipmates! Visit
AD-37 Jim Mantia DC1(SW) 1987-1990 jmantia (AT) anybody from the dc shop during west pacs 87-89 out there?
AD-37 Karla Marciniak YN1 1986 to 1989 kmar (AT) Maiden name used to be Williams
AD-37 Eugene Maresca LT(jg) 11/68-10/69 GeneMMaresca (AT)  
AD-37 Ron Marshall E-5 4/68 - 5/70 Gompers (AT) Rate SFP worked in pipe shop
AD-37 Michael Martin GM3 4/93-10/95 mykl2111 (AT)  
AD-37 Jeff Martin EN3 1980-1982 bigrigdad6_99 (AT)  
AD-37 David Martin BT/E-3 1970 dmartin1516 (AT)  
AD-37 Scott Martin BT2 1968-1969 scott (AT)  
AD-37 Gary Martinez E-3 12/78 to 12/81 garystage (AT) hi mates i am still alive, Ivan lewis miss you thanks for being a friend !
AD-37 Gary Martinez/Feliciano E-1 12/78 ricardstage (AT) WHERE ARE YOU NOW
AD-37 Jesse Mason BTC 2/71 - 8/71 jesse.mason (AT) look for BOY BRc
AD-37 Reuben May HT2 1978-1981 rem1110 (AT) gompers still floating 8/26/02 have some pictures
AD-37 John McAvoy OM2 8/67-10/70 jmcavoy48 (AT)  
AD-37 Jerry McCormick YN1 1972-1972 jerrywgn (AT) Personel Office,Educational Service,Chaplin's Yeoman
AD-37 Lyle McDaniel GSM1 1986-1989 mcdanilr (AT) R-2 Division - GasTurbine Repair Shop
AD-37 Kevin McGarry BM3 79-83 kmcgarry (AT) The Gompers site is now at
AD-37 Michael A. Meadows MMC April 90 - Oct 91 MMcToad (AT) Worked in Repair office as Ship Sup.
AD-37 Thomas Melton BT3 3/86-11/88 widmer889 (AT) like to hear from yea.send e-mail
AD-37 Joe Meno EM2 07/77 - 10/82 bdhrdy (AT)  
AD-37 David Messer BM3 1986-1988 Badnews66 (AT) Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me .
AD-37 Bill Mills SFM2 1966 to 1970 fmbllc (AT) Plank owner, hard work, good friends and fond memories
AD-37 Roger Mitchell CWO2 8/68-9/71 rnavycwo4 (AT)  
AD-37 Eddie Molina HT2 12/76-5/81 thunder_one_23 (AT)  
AD-37 David Moralez TM3 02/83 - 06/86 davemoralez64 (AT)  
AD-37 Greg Morgan EM3 11/86 - 7/89 gnrmorgan (AT)  
AD-37 Angela (Hasty-Jackson) Morgan SKSA 1/94 - just before decom angela-morgan (AT) Looking for shipmates- I saw her in Portsmouth, VA. 8/02 :(
AD-37 Keith Morlan MM3/2 1985-1988 fkjen (AT) e-mail) anyone that remembers me contact(mitch,ed and keith smitty)
AD-37 David Mungia GSEC 10/93 - 10/95 david (AT) One of the best ship tours I had.
AD-37 Matthew Murle SN 77 to 81 mattc10041 (AT) excellent website at
AD-37 John Murphy CS5 5/67-9/70 jmurph2pat (AT)  
AD-37 Linda Mysliborski SN 1994-1996 lilbootsco1 (AT) .com  
AD-37 Christopher Napier OS3 86-90 NAPIER67 (AT) GMAIL.COM Hope all is well - had a great time. Thanks for the memories!
AD-37 Karen Naukam BM3 02/79 - 03/81 kymfawn (AT) Sure would love to hear from some shipmates-Vivian Fritz(Lovik),Pat Santa,Lisa Cole,PO Caro & many more
AD-37 Leo 'Willie' Nelson MMC(SW) Oct 1994 - Sep 1995 nelleo (AT)  
AD-37 Beth Nibbe (Fricks) MSSN 1979 to 1980 brf549 (AT)  
AD-37 Jack Nix STG3 11/78-05/80 jackenix (AT)  
AD-37 Patty Nush E-4 1987-1990 pgrant209 (AT) DC/HT's where are you? Remember the times on the fantail?
AD-37 Sam Orduna HT2 01/88-07/92 samorduna (AT) anybody from the weld shop, R! or R6
AD-37 Robert Ornduff BT2 1986-1988 RCOrnduffCNIns (AT)  
AD-37 Joe Pacheco EN3 1976-77 jpachec1 (AT) I worked in ''A'' Div. on boats Was call Mr. P.
AD-37 Tim Patterson ET3 1985-1987 tcdpatterson (AT)  
AD-37 Dale Patterson BM3 1977/78 dalepatterson1 (AT)  
AD-37 Gary Pearson SN2 04/86-10/89 gjjk (AT) Plankowner
AD-37 Barbara Peavyhouse/Rosenquist SN 11/84 thru 5/86 BusyB (AT) I'd love to hear from anyone that remembers me...
AD-37 Dawn Peery MM3 10/88 - 10/90 hondamech294 (AT) looking for the gang
AD-37 Chris Pena HT/MM3 5/88-7/91 thrillriderecords (AT) desert shield and storm - what oil king?
AD-37 Chad Peterson HT3 1/84-9/86 peterson302 (AT) looking for jack person jim collozo jef f colman ....
AD-37 James (Pete) Peterson RDC 3/67 - 9/68 petenanc3744 (AT) Plank Owner, precommisioning crew. Made Chief in Yokosuka, Japan.
AD-37 Richard Pierantozzi CWO3 1979-1981 oldlionsden (AT) Looking for shipmates
AD-37 David Plemmons IC3 1990-1993 avatar64 (AT) I miss you Gloria Jesus and will never forget you.
AD-37 Bill Polidoro ICC 70-71 jbe (AT)  
AD-37 Robert Poston TMC 8/68 - 11/69 postontmcm (AT)  
AD-37 Charles Potucek TM3 5/80-7/82 POTUCEK45 (AT)  
AD-37 Robert W Reese CWO 1967 - 1969 rreese1 (AT)  
AD-37 Cory Reilly DCC 89-91 cory.reilly (AT) Lots of good and some not so good memories. Many many very good people though!
AD-37 Lawrence J. Reilly, Sr. GMCM 3/72-5/74 TheChiefE9 (AT) Weapons Div.
AD-37 Anthony Tony Riley MS2 1988-1991 mragriley (AT) Looking for old shipmates
AD-37 David Ristrom ETN3 1/67-9/71 dwristrom (AT) flag ship,spit and polish, yet best command i served with r-4 div.
AD-37 Guy E.Roberson, III BT3 July 1977-June 1980 aalpha2guyrobe (AT) Where's Beckenhauer,Watne,Barr,Adams,and Tonole.
AD-37 Sarah Robinson-Soprito E-3 1990-1992 thesopritos (AT) Hi-looking for Shannon Patton & Noel Razmuz(worked with me in Eng Rm), Tonja Rash or Robert Lee(Deck Depts)
AD-37 Oscar Rodriguez SN 05/75 - 15/78 ozzy5150 (AT) best years i ever had.
AD-37 Chris Romero HN 8/85 to 7/87 kaatchme (AT) Hi to everyone I served with in medical dept.
AD-37 Travis G. Ross SN Nov 1972-Jan 1973 Trosshill (AT) Assigned aboard TemDu awaiting arrival of permanent ship
AD-37 Michael Ryer BTFN 1970 MRyer1951 (AT)  
AD-37 Jessie Santos SK2 1991-1994 Jesse.Santos (AT) Email me anytime if you remember me!
AD-37 Chris Schelhorn EM2 11/85 to 9/89 CRANEMAN66 (AT) Worked in engineering department, E Division, power shop
AD-37 Charles Schmidt CWO4 1970-71 and 1973-76 cschmidt (AT) ship's gunner
AD-37 James Schneider MM3 10/72 to 6/75 jamesl (AT)  
AD-37 David Schnorr MMFN 1975-1977 davynavy55 (AT) phone 920-922-3724
AD-37 Stanley Schrock HT1(SW) 12/90 to 04/94 schrockme (AT)  
AD-37 Richard Scott DM2 1967 to 1969 dscott (AT) RS Division
AD-37 Bradly Setering STG2 1972-1973 bradas (AT)  
AD-37 Sandra Gail Shaffer-Stoddard BM3 06/1979 to 12/1981 nanosnama1 (AT) The best time in my life was serving aboard the fat sam. I remember being in the deck department, sidecleaners. I am looking for BM2 Manteck.
AD-37 Stephanie Shanks SN 1/86 - 8/87 early4all (AT)  
AD-37 Georgina Shockley E-3 1988-1991 varmitch (AT) Looking for Melissa Stapley who was in Ediv email doesnt wor
AD-37 Steve Simmons BTCS 2/76-1/83 ssimmons1 (AT) Looking or anyone in R-2 Dept or onboard during this time.
AD-37 Alda (Bowens) Simms (Ally) HM 93 - 95 almisi (AT) Looking for shipmates who were aboard for the last West Pac
AD-37 Christopher Slevin EN2 1/82-9/83 slevin (AT)  
AD-37 Nicholas (Nick) (Smitty) Smith   6/67 - 01/71 ss (AT) Played on ship's softball and basketball teams ... lots of good times! Officers' Barber...Ship serviceman/ship's store
AD-37 Fred Dewayne Smith HT/SFP3 10/69-10/72 seadew04 (AT) worked in R-1 Div., made several west-pacs on two different ships
AD-37 Mary Snider (Gregory) EN2 82-86 / 90-93 lakeriedog (AT)  
AD-37 Steve Sparhawk HT3 1977-1980 eagle (AT) was in r-1 division
AD-37 Fred Spears BM3 8/71 - 5/74 fspears (AT)  
AD-37 Chuck Spears SKSN 10/70-7/72 tcspears1951 (AT) Would enjoy hearing from former shipmates.
AD-37 Regelio St. John BM3 1967-69 matusula (AT) plank owner
AD-37 Barry Stanford MM3 1977 to 1980 tbstan (AT) iatelcom found Ken looking for Dave & Rick 641-236-7675
AD-37 Leona (Lee) Staples (Taylor) FTG2 10/80-12/83 leehldygrl (AT)  
AD-37 Bob Steve BMSN 1983-1986 Stevejetbob1 (AT) 3RD. DIVISION BOAT DECK
AD-37 Dean Struckoff DC2   dstruckoffjr (AT)  
AD-37 Peter Strzyzewski ML1 4/76-8/79, 7/80-8/82 luckeypete45 (AT) Looking for R-2 division people at that time
AD-37 Perry Swenson QM3 1971 to1972 plswen (AT)  
AD-37 Dennis Szeba FTM3 precom - 1968 dszeba (AT) 1 of first 30 crew assigned...ship was yellow. Great duty!
AD-37 Frank Tartaro IC2 2/75 - 9/78 mojo.worx (AT) Looking for old shipmates. especially E-Div where I served in the IC room.
AD-37 Fred Tate BM3 76-80 gemini1661 (AT) Looking for guys in 1st div. during this time.
AD-37 Kimberly Thomas SH 1/93-1/94 sweetangel122173 (AT)  
AD-37 Johnny Thomas, Jr. E-2 1973 to 1975 johnneyt60064 (AT) I would like to have pictures of the crew
AD-37 Jackie Thornton TM1(SW) 2/81-4/84 tmcsw90 (AT) Would love to hear from any and all old shipmates from 81-84
AD-37 Gail (Boudreau) Toney ET2/E-5 10/89-11/93 ctoney (AT) Don't always check email regularly.
AD-37 Jim Tripp PC3 1976 -1977 monsteride (AT) hope to hear from some shipmates
AD-37 David Trostle, Jr. TMCS Nov 69 - Dec 72 trostle (AT)  
AD-37 Dick Vallin CDR 8/77-7/79 amt (AT) XO
AD-37 Terry Van Dyke BT 4/75-11/78 t-mvandy (AT) F.ast A.ttack T.ender Sam may she rust in peace
AD-37 Jerome Veerkamp PNC 8/75 to 7/78 jveerkamp1940 (AT) Positions/Personnel Office Supervisor/ESO Supervisor/Captain's Writer
AD-37 Crystal Vila E-4 84-87 cavila1 (AT)  
AD-37 Matthew Vince EN4 12/76-7/80 matthewvince (AT) I was in A gang all the time
AD-37 Gaudencio Vitug, Jr. E-4 89-93 diggy619 (AT)  
AD-37 Donald Wakida CWO3 1/80-84 dwakida (AT) Aloha shipmates. Hope to hear from you if you were aboard
AD-37 Tom Wascher MR 2 2/74 - 6/76 thomaswascher (AT)  
AD-37 Charles Watson GMC 1983-1986 cswatson66 (AT)  
AD-37 Mike Watters MS3 1988-1991 us1996 (AT) looking for any of the old gang-you know who you are give me a e-mail
AD-37 Jim Wegman SK3 1971 to 1973 j_wegman (AT) Spent most of my time in Stock Control
AD-37 John Welsch HT3 3/71 - 10/74 tox_medic (AT) Looking for old shipmates from the Sheetmetal Shop and R-1 Division
AD-37 Jeff Western HT2 Aug 83 - Dec 84 WesternJA (AT)  
AD-37 Kimberly Wigfall rm3/E-4 10/85 - 3/89 zeahkim (AT) I am still looking for best friend, Tracy Serena Holland.
AD-37 Gary Wiles IC3 4/77 - 5/78 wilesgm (AT)
AD-37 Tim Williams PC2 04/1986 - 8/1989 kael112 (AT) Would love to hear from all shipmates - especially the pc's!
AD-37 Marlo Williams WT3 11/85-09/88 marloclifton (AT)  
AD-37 Barbara Williams SN 11/84 thru 5/86 BusyB (AT) I'd love to hear from anyone that remembers me.
AD-37 Jim Witt TM3 74-76 jjwitt2 (AT)  
AD-37 Matthew Woerndell HT2 04/76 - 12/80 tekzun2 (AT) R-1, 56A (Pipe shop)..Looking for old shipmates
AD-37 David Wood LT 6/86 to 1/88 navyoldsalt (AT)  
AD-37 Brad Woolworth HTFN 12/69-6/70 BWOOLWORTH (AT) Worked in the sail loft
AD-37 Greg Young EM3 1983 to 1986 gsba (AT)  
AD-37 Peter Young HT1 1990 to 1994 peter77.young (AT) Hi to everybody from R-Div Eng Dept-was a hard working div with best people aboard ship-hope you're all doing well
AD-37 Craig Zimmerman IC2 1973-1976 thewizardman (AT)

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