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DD-860 Albert Gregonis FT1 1/1/50-7/7/54 G41tre334 (AT) was a good ship and crew then
DD-869 Ron Acuna SK3 9/66-3-69 scotsman (AT)  
DD-869 Alton Anderson SN 1967 to 1968 Alton007 (AT)  
DD-869 Richard (Dick) Bacino SM1 1972 to 1973 rodi2 (AT)  
DD-869 Tom (Bart) Bartmess STG3 8/71-2/72 tlbartmess (AT) Good to see some names I remember. I had the roster when we cossed the equator but lost it. I would like to know what happened to Randy Steele ,Mike Rhinehart,R.W. Desgrange,Mike Mccarthy. If you remember me let me know.
DD-869 George Belliel IC2 11/67 - 8/69 grgblll (AT) Would like to contact anyone who was onboard for the 68 cruise especially for
DD-869 Arthur L. Bender Jr. BM1 1962 to 1966 Mryktct1112 (AT) Would like to hear from anyone on board 1962/1966
DD-869 Arthur L. Bender, Jr. BM1 1962-1966 bendermary (AT) would like to hear from shipmates on board at this time.
DD-869 Jim Berg LT(jg) 8/65 - 4/68 jaberg1 (AT) DCA, R-Division
DD-869 Kevin Berger E-4 68-70 kevin_berger (AT)  
DD-869 Bob Berhalter RD3 10/13/1969 - 1/15/1970 mail4bberh (AT) Fat-finger? Short stay, great radar gang
DD-869 Clinton Berneau SN3 1-60- 6/62 c.berneau (AT) spent most of the time aboard in Bremerton Wa.
DD-869 Steve Bilbo RM2 12/61-07/63 steve (AT)  
DD-869 Richard Blake ETR2 01/69 to 07/71 blake (AT)  
DD-869 Glenn (Crock) Blanton BTGFN 4/56 - 11/57 gbblanton (AT) Served with brother (Gator) in forward fire room. Captain Zumalt
DD-869 Arnold Borgen EM1 Jan 61 - Aug. 65 revrick (AT) Looking for old shipmates especially SNIPES !
DD-869 Bob Brandon MM2 7/54 to 8/56 bbrandon (AT)  
DD-869 William (Bill) Brazil BM Striker 1964 to 1966 paulahornbarger (AT) looking for robey robenson bm 2
DD-869 David Bredemann LT 7/70-1972 pbredemann (AT) Supply Officer
DD-869 Steve Brown BT3 1971-1973 sdbrown (AT) renioun
DD-869 Van Buckner BM/E-3 1968-1969 Vbchevman (AT)  
DD-869 Edward W. Burgess Y2 1/46-5/46 Burgdad (AT)  
DD-869 Barton Burlison BT2 1965 to 1969 dianebart (AT) I would like to contact anyone that was in the forward fireroom, just to talk about old times
DD-869 Bill Carr RD2 5/54 to 9/56 billwcarr (AT) Would like to hear from anybody who knew me in my navy days.
DD-869 Merideth Carson SFM3 1967-1969 MONTECOKTAR (AT)  
DD-869 Wallace Charo BM3 5/1958-31960 wallace2925 (AT)  
DD-869 Joseph Clark QM2 12/45 to 9/47 jrclarkks (AT) I went aboard the Isbell at least 1 month before it was commissoned to keep charts up to date
DD-869 Salvatore Colacchio EM 1948-1949 quillkay (AT)  
DD-869 Mike Collins SF3 69-71 Mshellback (AT)  
DD-869 Zachary (Harry) Cotronis STSN 11/73-3/76 starhawk001 (AT) If anybody still remembers 04DEC73, please let me know.
DD-869 Bob Cronan STG3 6/65-4/68 bcronan1 (AT) would like to hear from old shipmates
DD-869 James M. Culliton RM2 6/59 to 2/62 mickeyc32 (AT)  
DD-869 Barry Dahlberg ET2 July 1956- March 1957 barry.dahlberg (AT) Looking for shipmates(any dates served)to arrange a reunion
DD-869 Raymond Damkaer FTSN 1963 to 1954 rdamkaer (AT)  
DD-869 Dan Davis OS2 3/71 - 6/73 xdd869 (AT)
DD-869 Clifton Davis GM3 1955-1957 cliffandcarolyn (AT) I served with my brother Linwood E Davis GM2. Had a great time on the cruise to Wellington,NZ
DD-869 Robert Day ENS 6/46 - 10/49 rddaysr (AT) Stores,commissary & disbursing off-A Kinneberg was acting stores,commissary,disbursing when I came aboard.
DD-869 Howard Dean F1 1946 to 1948 rootkeeper (AT) This was my father
DD-869 Gerald Deas SK3 4/62-10/64 jeralddeas (AT) Be glad to exchange greetings with anyone serving between those dates.
DD-869 Robert E. Devenberg SMC 1960-1965 Deceased Died 01/19/05 Pocotello, ID
DD-869 William Dick LT(jg) 1962-1962 wjdick61 (AT) I remember Sheldon EMC and Romney IC1- great teachers
DD-869 Robert Dillard FT2 1956 to 1958 k6dnr (AT)  
DD-869 Jim Dillon LT 4/71-11/72 Jim (AT) I miss those days!
DD-869 Richard Dodge SK2 5/53-10/55 radodge (AT) I would like to hear from old friends...50 years older.
DD-869 Frank Donchez BTFN 1/72 - decom frnkdonchez (AT) FFR crew w/T Guess,D French,R Niswonger,Sterling Sweetback Jefferson,J Hunter,D Feeney,R Haldaman
DD-869 Ed Doranski RM3 1/46 to 8/46 edlbi (AT)  
DD-869 Joe Dothage GM2 2/52-11/55 jdothage (AT) The Isbell was one of the best ship in the Navy. The officers and crew were the best.
DD-869 Cecil Dugger EM1 7/53 - 9/54 cgdugger (AT)  
DD-869 Gary Earp E-4 1968 to 1971 twoearps (AT) I'm looking for shipmates named Mike McClary, Mike Rhinehart and John Saffle
DD-869 Raymond Michael Eckard ETSN Nov 1965 - May 1966 rmeckard (AT)  
DD-869 Paul Edwards ENS June 46-June 47 grubmayo (AT) Shipmates I can remember--George Fitchett, Jack Haney, Bob C
DD-869 Charles Ehaney FTSN 1952-1955 hitestdd869 (AT)  
DD-869 Robert Everard CS3 1971 to 1973 catfish28318 (AT) Was one heck of a ship.
DD-869 Roger Fahnert SK3 1952 to 1956 rjfahnert (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates who served aboard her
DD-869 Harold Farren BT3 5/58-6/60 hfarren (AT) after fireroom
DD-869 Dan Feeney BTFN March 73 to Dec 73decom dfeeney4 (AT) Hi to all of you former B-Div Bilge rats
DD-869 Howard Flowers E-3 10/65 thru 12/1967 hdf7778199 (AT) Haas vs Cunningham(Bluewater)-Port Lookout & Jack-in-the-Dust-Need confirmation of port-of-call, after the Brinkley Bass-Widdell collision Tonkin Gulf..
DD-869 Michael Folsom SOGSN 1962-1964 assetps (AT) came across this site by accident. Anyone from weapons division still around?
DD-869 Charlie Foster SN 4/69-1/71 ccfoster (AT) Lots of great memories and friends.
DD-869 Mickey Freese RD2 10/65 to 9/68 mfreese (AT)  
DD-869 Chris Galbraith GM3 11/67 - 1969 trapperlou (AT) Great ship , had alot of fantastic adventures .
DD-869 Alfred Garcia SH3 9/58- 9-62 dellarocky6 (AT) worked with harless and roland good shipments
DD-869 Frank Gearhart BT3 1957 to 1959 earlyriser3 (AT) I enjoyed the reunion and hope to attend the next one
DD-869 Robert Gentry BTFN 1970 granchboy (AT) Who got my good sea bag?
DD-869 George Gowens RD3 1/68-2/70 gmgowens (AT) Zvorbans gang
DD-869 William Graham RM3 Jan to Aug 1946 wwgraham I was plank member when ship commissioned Jan 5 1946
DD-869 Jack H. Gray SFPFN 1956 to 1957 oneidjac2 (AT) old ship mates contact me
DD-869 Greg Gregonis FT1 50-54 g41tre334 (AT) illegitimus non carborundum
DD-869 Chuck Grivakis SN 4/69-10/70 chuckgr-50 (AT)  
DD-869 Treverse (Ted) Guess BT3 12/70-12/72 guess.te (AT) Living now in Iowa. Would like to see everyone at our reunions.
DD-869 Leon Guidry   1958-1962 louise (AT) looking for J R Stone and R L LaBlanc
DD-869 Victor Gunderson RD2 1970 vgunde (AT) Nick Name Gundy
DD-869 Wayne Bruce Hacking GM3 1956-1959 wbhacking (AT) I became a (Golden Shell Back) on this can. Good times.
DD-869 William Hagen EM3 6/63-10/66   phone. 873-2423 or 291-0091
DD-869 Rudy Haldiman BT3 4/70-8/73 chaldiman (AT) Unrepped on April Fool's Day--spent 3+ yrs in the FFR. Met some great guys-look fwd to contact w/all of 'em.
DD-869 Rufus Hall FN 1948-1952 littlecreek (AT)  
DD-869 James Harless SHC 6/56-6/60 jharless (AT) Would enjoy hearing from shipmates of the time
DD-869 Lee Harrington PH3 1970 Cruise lee_valiermt (AT) Photographer Wespac 70 Cruisebook. I kept the negatives
DD-869 Bill Hatton RM1 1966-1967 billyjim586 (AT) more fun looking back than it was doin' it
DD-869 Jerry Henderson TE3 5/52 to 6/53 jdhendy (AT) Excellent ship great crew - good friends
DD-869 Thomas Henry FTSN 1951-1953 tcjmhenry (AT) great ship,,great people
DD-869 James Herweg BT1 1962 jherweg (AT) 848 Beechcraft Ave. Grand Prairie, Tx 972-264 7357
DD-869 John Hodge SFM3 Sept. 1965-Sept. 1966 pamizzell (AT) I was part of the welding shop for ship fitters.
DD-869 William Clark Hodges LT(jg) 9/66 - 12/68 utahclark07 (AT) Sonar/ASW and Navigator
DD-869 Myles (Mike) Hodson SN 09/65-06/67 xplor4me (AT) Will respond if contacted...
DD-869 Frank Hoene FT2 1966-1969 Hoenes6 (AT)  
DD-869 Philip Hofeld BMSN/E-3 1965 to 1967 deckape100 (AT) I would like to get in contact with any of the crew that was on the isbell during those dates. Thank you
DD-869 Jim Hoffmann EM3 1963 to1965 klh5129 (AT)  
DD-869 Tom (Dutch) Hollander RD2 1968-1970 tah55 (AT)  
DD-869 Donald Holman LT(jg) 1951-1952 holmor (AT)  
DD-869 John Houghteling LT(jg) 1951 Ruth83 (AT) Died 3/21/09-served und Adm Fitzpatrick-loved his ship/shipmates.Wore Arnold Isbell cap all the time-Great Guy.
DD-869 John Hunter BTFN Nov. 72 until sold jhnhunter (AT)  
DD-869 James Hurst MM3 2/68 to 9/71 jahurst1 (AT) Would like to hear from anyone on board when I was.
DD-869 William (Bill) Jacobs BM2 1947-50 philmar29 (AT) Let me hear from any shipmates that remember me.
DD-869 Richard Kaczerowski GMG2 1964 to 1966 rkaczerowski (AT) Known as ''Ski''.
DD-869 Joseph Kiefner SK2 1969-1973 foresthilljoe (AT) Would be great to hear from some of the guys
DD-869 Paul Kirkpatrick MM1 June 1955-Feb. 1958 pwee5 (AT) Elmo Zuwalt was my Skipper. Best Skipper I ever worked for.
DD-869 Francis T. Kleber LCDR 1954 to 1956 frankkleber (AT) Serving with CDR Elmo Zumwalt was a joy!
DD-869 Fred Koester LT(jg) 8/55-1/58 FredK44044 (AT) Best ship in the Navy- all time. CIC/Comm/Nav/Gun Boss
DD-869 George Kopsho EM2 9/68-971 kopsho3 (AT) would like to hear from any of my shipmates
DD-869 Tim Kozack MM2 1/62-6/64 tkozack (AT) aka;kozacek, kozy
DD-869 Michael Kunst RD2 Jan-June 1964 mkunst (AT) Came aboard as short timer. Spent most of the time in WesPac
DD-869 Richard Larch MM2   Mirandal (AT) In loving memory of my grandfather. Richard (dick) Larch. RIP November 8th 2012 of Alzheimer's.
DD-869 Wilson Larry RD2 1968/70 ljwilson54 (AT)  
DD-869 Steve ''Doc'' LaRue SN (HN striker) 5/60-7/64 slarue1 (AT) I would like to hear from any shipmates - I have many photos
DD-869 Mickey Lawrence MM3 1968-1970 mickeylawrence869 (AT) Lookin for the Steamers''''
DD-869 Joe LeBrun FTG3 2/69 to 1/72 dlebrun (AT)  
DD-869 Gordy Lee PN3 8/64-7/66 gordyterri (AT) great ship & crew. I ran the post office duting viet nam cruise. would love to talk to shipmates
DD-869 David Lite ETN2 62-64 dlite (AT) I live in Salem Oregon
DD-869 George Mahurin QM3 1970 to 1972 besemeyerman (AT) remember Maui? Would like to hear from the gang!
DD-869 Alfred Martinez RM2 1964-1968 Alfredwfg (AT)
DD-869 Bob Matthews ET2 4/56 - 7/58 prudyrmatt (AT) great experience
DD-869 Ben Matus QM3 8/59-1/61 bpgardenpeople (AT) An experience I wouldn't have missed!
DD-869 Joseph Maupin MMFN 1948-1951 Ussisbell (AT) Made the reunions,2004&2006 plan on 2008.Talk about a dying breed''! Perino where areyou? ''
DD-869 Alec McCaig FN 1/55-5/57 amccaig (AT) served in forward fireroom&sick bay
DD-869 Darrell R. McDew SK3 5/65 - 66 dmac249 (AT)  
DD-869 Tim McGriff SH3 1962 to 1963 sonshineelectric (AT)  
DD-869 Jack McIntyre RD3 1967-1968 2jmcintyre (AT)  
DD-869 Howard McLaughlin, Jr. FA 1948-1951 mell102930 (AT)  
DD-869 Joe McMichael GMG3 Feb.1969-Feb1971 jsmcm (AT)  
DD-869 Tom McRae RD2 1965 tjmacs (AT) Only onboard for a couple months. Viet Nam 4 month extension--came on board from Discharge Barracks
DD-869 Norbert Meyer E-3 1962 to 1964 heynorb (AT) also known on ship as'' fritz''
DD-869 Ben Meyers RD2 1951 to 1954 lorenallie (AT) Best ship in the navy
DD-869 Robert L.(Bob) Middleton RMC 12/59-9/63 travelingma1432 (AT) Died 12/1/2001 wife Lou
DD-869 Jack W. Miller EM2 3/1956 - 4/58 moc105 (AT) Had a great time, 1st cruise to NZ and 2nd cruise to Austral
DD-869 Mike Montano SN 11/72-decomissioning Mdmontano869 (AT) BM1Smith/ Rick Torgenson/anybody out there!!!!!!!!!!!
DD-869 George Cranwell Montgomery LT(jg) 9/66-1/69 cmontgomery (AT)  
DD-869 Joseph M. Morrison SN1 1949 AHeitz1252 (AT) I will receive all email at this address
DD-869 Alan Musselman YN2 1966-1967 almus0957 (AT)  
DD-869 Alan Norris QM3 1969-71 sailor (AT)  
DD-869 Jerry O'Connor HN 1969 to1971 oconnorj (AT) Great ship, Great experience.
DD-869 Mike Ogden RM3 1965 to 1967 woldtvedt (AT) Great ole girl
DD-869 Rolf Olsen YN2 6/70 to 10/70 tommytrojan (AT)  
DD-869 Larry Parson SH2 4/66-6/67 ld_sk_systems (AT) Great ship, Even better times.
DD-869 Vincent Pensoneau RM3 9/66-6/69 VLP1970 (AT) HOMETEL.COM Many great memories.
DD-869 Rick Peoples PN3 1970-1972 rpeoples1997 (AT) West-Pac was the tiime of my life. Glad to hear from any of my old shipmates.
DD-869 James (Jimmy) Perino SN 1948-1950 jpindonner (AT) 3 great years on a great ship
DD-869 Jimmie N. Pollock YN3 8/50-2/52 jnpollocksr (AT) Would like to hear from those aboard during above dates.
DD-869 Bobby Prather BTG/FN 1/ 52- 3/55 bobcat (AT) Old Isbell always brought us home safe and sound,
DD-869 Robert S. Rawlins STG2 08/69 - 10/70 rsrawlins (AT) The Gator is alive and well. Shipmates, I am looking for u.
DD-869 Dan Reynolds EM3 4 April 62 to Oct. 64 gpstroker (AT)  
DD-869 Fred Reynolds MM2 8/61-8/63 frededel (AT)  
DD-869 Gerold Ricks, Sr. SKC 1969 to 1971 GGRicks (AT) Great Ship and Crew
DD-869 LeRoy Riddell RD2 1965-1966 nccusnrt90 (AT) A good ship and great crew. Toured Viet Nam with them.
DD-869 Raymond Rivard BM3 8/71 to decom star_jake (AT) Hey deck hands, Bosun'Mates drop me a line. She was great !!
DD-869 Mel Roland SH1 1955 - 1958 mroland (AT) Great ship, would like to hear from old shipmates.
DD-869 Louis (Eddie) Rushton BM2 1968-1969 ETRush4757 (AT)  
DD-869 William Russell   8/58 - 7/58 tedrussell (AT) I am his son, looking for people that knew him.
DD-869 Robert Sales FTG2 10/59 - 10/62 randdsales1912 (AT)  
DD-869 Paul Schuelke RM2 1966 to 1968 paul (AT) god bless you From Shoke
DD-869 Bruce Scott BM3 1965-1967 scottbd (AT) would love to hear from anyone aboard at this time
DD-869 James Scruggs GM1 9/46-5/47 jscruggs1 (AT)  
DD-869 Fred Seibel GMG3 12/66-1/69 fredcoco (AT)  
DD-869 Larry Shafer MM2 1962 to 1963 lsquad (AT)  
DD-869 Mike Shiveley ETN2 Feb. 70 - Nov. 70 mike (AT)  
DD-869 Thomas Shugrue CS3 ? shegrew (AT)  
DD-869 Gail Harold Skinner RDSN 1967-1969 deacontate (AT)  
DD-869 Robert Spadarotto LT(jg) 1957-1959 spadar (AT)  
DD-869 Frederick L. Stevens FCS3 1947-1948 fredsue123 (AT) went to China on her
DD-869 Charles Stewart GM3 1951-1955 bobberdown33 (AT)  
DD-869 John Stork Cook 1948 to 1952 alanbensen (AT) Died in 1991, however, grandchildren interested in anything they can learn about his service during the Korean War.
DD-869 William Strother MML3 1/51-9/55 w_strother869 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates.
DD-869 David Sumstad MM1 1962-1964 poppydave369 (AT)  
DD-869 Herschell Tankersley BT1/2/c 1957 - 1965? lizzie42 (AT) Lives in the State of Washington at this time with my SO.
DD-869 Francis (Fritz) Thavenet MM2 8/55-12/58 thavo (AT) Live in Tulsa, OK
DD-869 Timothy Thorne SN 1965 to 1966 thetinkert (AT)  
DD-869 Rick Torgeson SN 1971 to 1973 decom leah1650 (AT) It is great to see so many familiar names. Those are good times that are never forgotten.
DD-869 Orvie Townsend BT3 11/51 to 9/53 orvbet2 (AT) 2607 John Ave - I would like to hear from anyone aboard in 50, 51 & 52
DD-869 David Trudeau BM3 1970-1972 d.trudeau (AT) Rank was typo
DD-869 Hilton Vidrine BT1 01/57 - 08/65 tony_vidrine (AT) great memories/people on the Isbell, hope remember me?
DD-869 Robert Vigil GMG3 1963 to 1965 mirag1404 (AT) survived Nam, would like to hear from shipmates
DD-869 Richard Villelas BT/FN 02/57 - 02/59 villelas1 (AT) It was great to see many of my old shipmates and hope to hear from them.
DD-869 John Viola HM2 !952 to 1954 jackv8331 (AT) I wrote a book,The Second Truth,1950-53,Korea,the forgotten war-it is being considered for a movie or TV series
DD-869 Norman G. Walker RM3 1950 -1953 ngwalker (AT) Served as Radioman. Would appreciate hearing from other who served on board during the same period.
DD-869 Roderick (Rick) Waltemath BM3 1963 to 1966 rdpjwalt (AT) would like to hear from shipmates on board at the time
DD-869 Henry Watson MM3 62-64 hankdd869 (AT) new cell # 580 271 1844
DD-869 Jim Weber RM1 1968-1970 charles.weber133 (AT) Looking for anyone who may remember me, or who I may know.
DD-869 Charlie Weems BT2 10/65-2/69 kionaharley1 (AT) Hey there-you dirty bilge diving snipes-hi Tank-you were up fwd when I rep aboard-Geo Kopsho how ya doing
DD-869 Paul Wheeless BTFN 4/69-2/71 makamae (AT)  
DD-869 Steve Wilcox RM3 1970 sewilcox (AT)  
DD-869 Mark Williams FTG3 1969 to 1971 faulhund (AT)  
DD-869 Clarence Wilson Class E 53-56 Queen_of_farts (AT) This is my granddaughter's email
DD-869 Chuck Winthrop LT(jg) 1971-1972 chaswip (AT) 1st Lt. and ASW Officer, Weapons Dept, Jim Dillon LT
DD-869 Mark Woods MM3 66 - 68 mpwoods (AT)  
DD-896 Mickie Lynch RD3 01/69-01/71 seadog1219 (AT) ww1 flying ace....sugercookie 2-5

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