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DD- Morris Gillett     smjeremiah (AT) My father, Morris F Gillett died on Feb 26, 2020.
DD-126 Lawrence Cestaro     kcrc1980 (AT) Looking for photos of dad or of the USS Badger.
DD-126 Morris Gillett CRT 9/42 - 6/44 mgillett (AT) Old as they may be, I am still searching for shipmates.
DD-126 Benjamin F. Hayes WT3 2/44-7/45 krishira (AT) Looking to see who was aboard in 44-45
DD-126 Herbert Marek   1940-1942 vmjn2002 (AT)  
DD-126 Lawrence Ortmann ST 1941-1945 jeich (AT) Died on 11/16/00. Niece would like to correspond with mates.
DD-126 Charles Pederson BM1 43-44 Chillymn1 (AT) Grandson Of BM1 Louis Pederson
DD-126 Robert Walter Phelps TM2 43-44 ccavara (AT)  
DD-126 Frank Ploskonka BT 1941-1945 kenplos (AT) Looking for pictures of my Dad
DD-126 Homer Riddle CM2 8/41-6/44 LilaRiddle (AT) If you remember me, please contact me.
DD-126 Wallie Sanderson FC3 42-43 wsanderson (AT) Just to wish all tin can sailors ahappy retirement--Sandy
DD-126 Don Shorts RM2 1942-1944 fourstacks (AT) Also listed under DD-704 and DD-866
DD-196 Brad Tyler unk ? 1943 1944 45 peoriapmpr (AT) Would like any information on my father Norman Tyler, Anything appreciated.
DD-657 Thomas (Jerry) Hebert TM3 1951-1955 ninnee (AT) I am registering my dad that doesn't have a PC. He has many of pictures to share but no names on them.
DD-657 Peter Mallek   1943-1945 Sylviamallek21 (AT)  
DE/FF-1071 Allan S. Redmond MM3 '72-'75 bulldustworks (AT) just checking in-living in Perth,W. Australia-sinking was best thing they ever did
DE/FF-1071 Rene Valenzuela E-3 01/77-0179 rvair8 (AT) I'm glad I found this site.
DE-1071 Bruce Aiton HMC 7/70 to 4/73 b8ton (AT) Just hanging out.
DE-1071 Steve Arnold STG3 Late 71 to 1/73 srarnold (AT) looking for fellow ST's, ASROC GM's or TM's
DE-1071 Steve Barkley E-3 4/75 - 1/76 stevebarkley61 (AT) sad to see the old hag sink
DE-1071 Daniel Bolyard SN 70-72 boneyard57 (AT) Plankowner
DE-1071 Raybion Bryant BTC 11/72- 1/73 rbryantusn (AT) none
DE-1071 Richard Buehrer E-4 1971-1974 r_buehrer (AT) Proud Plank Owner
DE-1071 Booth Butler EN3 70-73 Boothbab (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1071 David Cobourn BTFN 1972 to 1974 sparkydgc (AT) Boarded ship in Subic during 72 West pac. Got sea sick first day out.
DE-1071 Jeryl Cockerham SN 6/73-6/76 signmanad001 (AT) Would like to be in contact with anyone that served with me.
DE-1071 Gene Donaldson     eevee999 (AT) My Grandfather, Gene Smith, was an elec onboard-Elec dur Korean War-looking for anyone who knew him.
DE-1071 Russell Farmer CS2 1973 - 1975 scoottramp1 (AT)  
DE-1071 Gerald Gugel MM2 70-71 boxcarjoe2000 (AT) Proud Plank Owner
DE-1071 Carl Helge BT3 1970-1972 carlhelge (AT) Plankowner
DE-1071 George F. Hopkins MM3 9/71 thru 6/72 kc7mdx (AT)  
DE-1071 John ''Jack'', ''Sam'' Houston QM2 1970-1974 john_jack_h (AT) houstonj (AT)
DE-1071 David Hughes LT 7/70 - 6/73 bdskhughes (AT) Betsey and I living in MA; would love to hear from shipmates
DE-1071 Leroy Judy EM3 1971-1973 samford6 (AT) Plankowner attended first reunion
DE-1071 Ronald Lamontagne HT2 1970 to 1972 welder1949 (AT) Proud plank owner. If anyone remembers me feel free to e-mail me. I'd love it.
DE-1071 Garry McCuistion YN4 7/70-7/72 allredsevens (AT) Original Plank Owner and worked in Yeomans Office.
DE-1071 James Mercado BM3 12/70-11/72 jmercado50 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DE-1071 Frank Patermostoro HT3 1972 to 1774 patermostoro (AT)  
DE-1071 Marvin Pederson E-3 7/70-6/72 marvepederson (AT) I was wondering if there is a cruise book from our west-pac tour of 1927?
DE-1071 Francis X. Walter TM2 1970-1972 Mrzave1 (AT) comcast. Net Looking for shipmates
DE-1071 Bob Wilson GMG2 6/70-12/72 bob-wilson1151 (AT) I am a proud plankowner aboard the USS Badger.
DE-1071 Patrick Winchester EM2 1970-1973 patwin (AT) Plank owner
DE-1071 Bill Zier STG3 10/73 - 4/75 zierb (AT)  
FF1071 David Anderson HT2 81-82 david.r.anderson (AT) good ship, good crew, good times.
FF1071 Nonah Hadnot HT3 09/89-12/91 nonah.hadnot (AT) My first ship and best crew of the 20 years I done in the navy.
FF-1071 John (Cole) French FC2(SW) WestPac 88 colej62 (AT) Living it up in Texas, lots of great memories of the Bucky B and Battleship Bob
FF-1071 Charles (Chuck) Alderman FC2 5/85-6/89 chasjr1 (AT)  
FF-1071 Tony 'Doc' Ambris HM2 12/75-08/78 Aambris (AT)  
FF-1071 Aaron Anspach SMSA 12/90 - 09/91 aaron_anspach (AT) NC1 still in the Navy.
FF-1071 Todd Ashbaugh EM2 1988-1991 ktash (AT) Great group of guys. Had a lot of fun
FF-1071 Jim Balcom STG2 02/90-11/90 jimmy192064 (AT) Decom Crew
FF-1071 Russell G. Barker MS3 1975 to 1979 rbseawolf (AT) Had great times here, looking for shipmates
FF-1071 Lance Barrett TM2 3/82-3/85 lrade (AT)
FF-1071 Ed ''Rocky'' Barsano SK3 8/74 - 5/78 edbar (AT) Looking for Shipmate Terry Blackwell
FF-1071 Saul Basch RD2? 1970 to 1972 Saulbasch (AT) Plank owner
FF-1071 Dan Behringer ET2 12/86-3/00 dbehring (AT) Many comments...none fit to print.
FF-1071 Rick Brotbeck OS3 1979-80 brotbeck (AT) Eichten, Mace, Wakeling, Carlo - call me. Liberty, MO
FF-1071 Jimmie Brown BT3 10/78 - 5/82 thunder1 (AT) where is nick olar
FF-1071 Terry Carter HT1 1970-72 plankowner terrycarter1946 (AT)  
FF-1071 Robert Childers LT Jul72 - Dec74 onezbuz (AT)  
FF-1071 Dave Clemens LT(jg) 1985-1988 mail (AT) 1st LT, CommO, ASWO, Weapons Officer
FF-1071 Eddie Couitt MS3 79-81 edwardcouitt (AT) Some of best times of my life-good friends were r poudrier,B Watson,t pascone,k gray,& b ovalle to name few
FF-1071 Tom Creech AT3 3/79 - 10/79 tc5700 (AT) HSL-37 Det 5
FF-1071 Michael (dog eater) Daugherty/Marleaux SM3 4/76-11/79 (661) 723-5552 looking for QM2 Roger Beebe
FF-1071 Bob Davis HM1 1990 to 1991 BobRNEMT (AT) Decomm Crew
FF-1071 James DePodesta OS3 09/72-11/75 depodesta (AT) Looking for anyone who served aboard the ''Buckey B'' OI Div
FF-1071 Ralph DeSio FTM1 1979-1983 RADESIO327 (AT) Living In San Diego. Tony Jensen I'll try your email soon!
FF-1071 John Dudek MM3 12/75-7/78 jdudek (AT) looking for cruisebook/reunions
FF-1071 Cal Eustaquio ET1 6/84-5/87 catman351 (AT) Sad to see her go. God rest your soul, Bucky B!
FF-1071 Frank Felix OS2 1977-1980 fearless (AT)  
FF-1071 Scott Fitzpatrick AW2 83-84 sfitzpatrick59 (AT) Member of HSL-37 Det 8. Aircrewman on the LAMPS
FF-1071 Larry Flippo OS2 1981 to 1983 lflippo (AT) looking for old shipmates from the Bucky B
FF-1071 Robert Flournoy LCDR 1970-72 plankowner flournoy (AT) terrific shipmates
FF-1071 Dale Foster ET3 1/90 to 12/91 dfoster43 (AT) decom crew
FF-1071 Jim Goist Deckape 7/82-6/84 goist (AT) hey hey hope everyone is doing fine
FF-1071 Wayne Greenfield MMFN 11/76 11/78 roadkingou812 (AT) gmail  
FF-1071 Les Holden LT/SC 5/86-11/87 Les_Holden (AT)  
FF-1071 Chris Hope OS2 1978-1979 uscgr (AT) Was sad to hear that Badger was sunk for target practice.
FF-1071 Louis Jalbert STG2 3/79- 3/82 lej (AT) Aaaaaauuurgh!
FF-1071 Tony Jensen FTM1 9/79-4/84 tjensen (AT) Great times, where's Ralph Desio or George Gronroos
FF-1071 Charles Johnson FN2 78-80 cjmj14 (AT)  
FF-1071 Scott (Ole) Johnson RM3 12/81-3/83 jhnviking (AT)  
FF-1071 Glen Junco HT 1974-1976 gdjunco (AT)  
FF-1071 Troy Jurgens HT2 1986-1989 troyjurgens (AT) It was a fun time!!!
FF-1071 Kevin Labudde MS2 3/84-10/87 kevinlabudde (AT)  
FF-1071 Brian Lewis EW3 1990 to 1992 BKLewis201 (AT) Anyone up for a dive trip?
FF-1071 Rob Leyda STG3 1982 to 1984, 1986 to 87 alex25502 (AT) Looking for shipmates from the times I was onboard.
FF-1071 William (Bill) Masewicz FTM2 1982 to 1983 wmasewicz (AT)  
FF-1071 Frank McCafferty HTC/DCC 1986 - 1989 frank (AT) We had some steaming times
FF-1071 John McDermott EM2 1979 to 1984 jmcdermottjr (AT)  
FF-1071 Jeff McEwen BM3 July 80 - Apr 80 jbmcewen (AT)  
FF-1071 James Mercado BM3 10/70-11/72 jmercado50 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
FF-1071 James Miller RM2 6/84 - 12/87 DPDZEP (AT)  
FF-1071 Rodney Parks SMCM 07/88 07/90 parksrhc4 (AT)  
FF-1071 Gary (Fred) Phillips FC2 06/85-11/89 gbeman (AT) Great times! Great Guys! Anyone Know where James Slim Swenson is?
FF-1071 Doug Porray STG2 6/74-10/77 doug_porray (AT)  
FF-1071 Rick Rogers RM3 8/76-8/78 rickrogers56 (AT) Hope to see you at the reunion
FF-1071 Willy Schmahl BM2 7/76-7/80 deamericano (AT) Hi dogeater, I still remember my signals you taught me :)
FF-1071 Joe Scott E-3 1974-1976 jocin (AT) 406-750-4688 For any Shipmates wanting to talk about our good times aboard the Bucky B
FF-1071 Ralph Scott OS2 1984 to 1987 rgscott (AT)  
FF-1071 James Sena MM3 4/86 - 1-88 magnaargh (AT)  
FF-1071 Glenn Shepherd BM2 12/86 - 12/88 gpshephe (AT) A Great Crew, Great Ship and Great Fun!
FF-1071 Christopher (Chirs) Sherrod OS2 8/81-7/85 r.l.sherrord49 (AT) Chris loved serving on the Badger!
FF-1071 Stanley Shimada MR3 1974 to 1976 Stanley.Shimada (AT)  
FF-1071 Peter Sikes EW2 (SW) 7/87-7/91 PHSikes (AT) Does a 90 day drug-ops count as a cruise? yep.
FF-1071 Kenneth Simms AW3 10/77 - 5/78 kennethsimms (AT) i was in hsl-37. thank you badger crew for putting yourselves out for us
FF-1071 Andrew Smith OS3 8/76- 8/78 ams38 (AT) looking for shipmates
FF-1071 Bruce Stange MM2 11/76-6/80 bruce_stange (AT)  
FF-1071 Jeffrey Swierski ET3 12/85 - 12/88 Squidman1 (AT) Works fine, lasts a long time, dumps in the bilge
FF-1071 James G. Taylor BTCS precom 1973 jamesretnav (AT) Put in commission, first cruise in combat WestPac '72
FF-1071 William Thomas STG3 1983-1986 unkawill (AT) Fond memorys of my shipmates and the bucky ''B'' subbusters
FF-1071 Dennis Thompson FTM2 1980-1984 dkthompson61 (AT) Great to serve aboard her,Miss the disployment but life goes on
FF-1071 Kenneth Thorp MMCS 06/74-06-77 nona (AT) Lots of fun
FF-1071 Gerald Travis SN 1971-74 n6kju (AT) Looking for cruisebooks and photos
FF-1071 Rene Valenzuela E-3 01/77-01/79 rv (AT) I'm glad I found out about this organization.
FF-1071 Scott Welch OS3 1975-1978 oswwelch (AT)  
FF-1071 William White E-3 8/84-4/86 Willwhite10 (AT)  
FF-1071 Dave Wilson SM2 5/82-11/86 WILSONdwils (AT)  
FF-1071 Chris Young OS 83-86 Dowser307 (AT) AKA Catdaddy
FF-1071 Max (Rabbit) Young STG3 1986 to 1989 max_young (AT) AKA''Rabbit''

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