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DD/DDE-471 Mike Ball SKSN 1961-1964 mabtwosd (AT) great adventure for a kid from South Dakota. Would lite to hear from anyone in Supply Div
DD/DDE-471 Robert Buck LT(jg) 1966-1967 abuck3187 (AT)  
DD/DDE-471 James l. Clark BT3 60-64 jkclark (AT) great web site
DD/DDE-471 Marcel Dawson SN 1961 to 1964 nccpd39 (AT) The best were on the Beale
DD/DDE-471 Charles Fitzsimmons RD2 6/61-5/64 chuck821 (AT) Maybe best 3 yrs of my life-no midshps passageway-rem the rouge wave that would catch you on the 01 level!
DD/DDE-471 Thomas Grimes SN 1/61 - 5/64 thom (AT) God Bless America and tin can sailors
DD/DDE-471 Hugh Harris RDM2 1942-1945 ph1756 (AT) dad served in the aleutians and South Pacific deceased but proud of his service
DD/DDE-471 Louis Isabell RD1 1953-1957 Cisabell4925 (AT)  
DD/DDE-471 Leon (Ski) Kucharski GMG3 10/60-6/63 lkucharski (AT) One great ship, one great crew
DD/DDE-471 Charles P. Miller GM 1942 - 1945 Deceased Died today 4/8/09-Kamikaze survivor (various pacific battles)-he requested his ashes be scattered into pacific ocean
DD/DDE-471 Joseph Repasch SO2 1/52 to 11/55 jjrjrr (AT) Surfing the web. Glad there are web sites on the Beale
DD/DDE-471 David Stevens SM3 61 - 63 signalman63 (AT) wish I was 18 again !!!!!!!!!!
DD/DDE-471 Jerry Stucky BM3 60-63 jls1sls (AT) Visit my Beale site.
DD/DDE-471 Leonard Wilson SFM3 1/55-12/58 leonardwilson_82 (AT) Best ship in the US Navy. Re-enlisted on Beale.
DD/DDE-471 Daniel Yadesky SN/E3 9/67 - 8/68 Yadcomus (AT)  
DD/DE-471 Stephen Pankow EM2 01/43 - 11/44 tjpankow1966 (AT) My dad (died July 1993) hoping to hear from anyone who knew him,served with him or went to reunion with him
DD-471 Tom Abbott LT 11/63 - 10/66 tomabbott65 (AT)  
DD-471 Angelo J (Angie) Abbruzzi FTG2 1961-1963 pm79 (AT) Like to hear from old crew members.
DD-471 Raymond B. Allen E-3 07/1945-1/1946 cjblaine (AT) Known as R. Bruce Allen. He passed away Apr 22, 2006.
DD-471 Warren Anthony (Scott) ET3 12/66-12/67 swarren (AT) Nam Cruise, made it to Med-Marseilles, anyway.
DD-471 Robert Armstrong SM 1943-1946 Randy.Wasch (AT) I am submitting this for a family friend. (Has no e-mail)
DD-471 Ed (Ted) Bales LT(jg) 1960-1963 ebales (AT) Bay of Pigs & Cuban Missile Crisis. Capt Loomis was the best.
DD-471 Paul Barry RM2 8/65 - 2/67 pbarry4 (AT) Looking for shipmates that made the 1966 World Cruise
DD-471 Sidney Becnel FT2 1943-1945 gentlegiant (AT) I would like to here from my old buddies. Thanks. Sid.
DD-471 Herman Bliss SN 03/66 to 03/67 hmbliss (AT) Rear engine compartment
DD-471 Rodney F. Bohl BTFN 10/1962-4/63 rfborig (AT) looking for ship mates
DD-471 Richard Bolin EN3/E-4 06/04/59 - 06/04/63 TBOLIN1 (AT) COLUMBUS.RR.COM THIS IS HES SON EMAIL AS HE DIED 2008
DD-471 William Bowen MM2 1958-1962 william (AT)  
DD-471 David Brady MR2/P1 1960 - 5/62 danddbrady (AT) would like to hear from ther other rms' of this time period.
DD-471 Dave Brandt E-3 1965 to 1966 Eleanor-2 (AT) Alive and well.... In Phoenix AZ. Send an email if you remember me.
DD-471 Wayne Brewer RM3 1966 to 1968 tincanbrew (AT) best buddys and shipmates anywhere, couldn't ask for better
DD-471 William Brings BT1 4/65-10/68 abtchief (AT) good ship/good crew
DD-471 Robert Brown MM2 12/57 buzza38 (AT)  
DD-471 Robert Brownu MM2 6/57-9/60 Buzza38 (AT) Would like see roster for engineering div
DD-471 Kenneth Brumley MMFN 5/66 - 3/67 saltydog39 (AT)  
DD-471 Suda Chet FTG2 9/62-7/65 chetsdepot (AT)  
DD-471 Jerry Chitwood IC2 1962 to 1966 usnavyretired1981 (AT) My first ship and the best.
DD-471 John D. Chomoa EM2 9/65-6/68 duke31543 (AT) wespac cruise 66 was the best
DD-471 David Chuttey STGSN 1967-1968 dkchutt (AT) Med '67-'68; the final cruise
DD-471 Larry Coleman MM 10/63-4/65 Janetandlarry (AT)  
DD-471 Jim Corwin CS3 1956 to 1962 jamescorwin (AT) living in Lynchburg Va
DD-471 John Croghan F1 1/44-1/46 kristi-croghan (AT) Dad passed away 3/26/04. The brotherhood of those that served on the USS Beale was very important to him...
DD-471 John Davis BM3 9/63- 3/66 psalm51johndavis (AT)  
DD-471 Leon Deraedt BT2 1952-1955 leonderaedt (AT) Boiler room forward. God bless the USA.
DD-471 Anthony DiBitonto MM3 04/51- 5/54 datonto7 (AT) This Site is an Honor to all Navy Veterans
DD-471 George Dieter LT 12/42-12/44 ghdieter (AT) looking for shipmates
DD-471 Bob Dowdall FTGSN 1965-1966 rdowdall04 (AT) e-mail me
DD-471 Robert H. Dowdall, Jr. FTG3 65-68 rdowdall04 (AT) just wanted to update my e-mail address as I have it wrong in your listing, Thanks
DD-471 Robert Duke LT 1963 to 1966 radserv (AT) Served as EMO and Navigator
DD-471 Dick Dwigans PNSN 2/53 - 4/54 dedwigans (AT)  
DD-471 Jerome Eggers LT 1967-1968 eggerssd (AT) Med cruise spent alongside tender in Naples
DD-471 Calvin Emery   1943-1945 katy_emmett (AT) anyone remember my dad? he was only 18 when he served on the Beale
DD-471 Mark Evdemon RM2 1958-1960 markevdemon (AT) USS Beale, sister ship of the USS Bache in Desron 28
DD-471 Jim Fortunes ETR3 1962-1964 4tunes (AT) A great time in my life...
DD-471 Robert B. Foster BTFN 1958 to 1960 bobgob143 (AT) the best ride i ever had.
DD-471 Gary Francis EM1 1965 to 1967 anchorclanker60 (AT) Made the around the world cruise in 1966,had a great crew
DD-471 Donald Garst SM3 1964-1967 donaldgarst (AT) Around the world in 66, what a ride! 55 degree roll
DD-471 David Gould FTG2 4/64-6/67 david.gould1 (AT) looking for shipmates
DD-471 Jerry Gray FT3 12/60 to 4/61 heyoka (AT) Like to hear from old shipmates - living in South Dakota
DD-471 Herbert A. Guss SOG2 1959-1961 haguss (AT) looking for shipmates
DD-471 Harry Haerr MM2 1962-1965 hhaerr (AT) wouldn't trade the experence for the world
DD-471 James Hall FTG3 6/62 to 11/62 Halldeepdiver (AT) Very rewarding experience
DD-471 Alexander (Sandy) Hansen RD3 1/66 - 11/67 ahansen62 (AT)  
DD-471 Rich Hays SN 1965-1967 madidar (AT) great site, really enjoy it
DD-471 Jim Herdman BT2 11/65 - 5/67 jherdmansr (AT)  
DD-471 Howard Hewett MM2 1962-1966 hchewett (AT) Great Memories
DD-471 James Hicks TN 1966 to 1967 jwhhicks (AT) became a shellback on the Beale.
DD-471 Jerry Holtzman QMSN 1966-1968 holtzmanjerry (AT) world cruise seen alot of the world forgot to get addresses of shipmates
DD-471 Tom Hostetler BT3 1955-1958 trh3 (AT)  
DD-471 Charles Hunnell LT(jg) 7/65-5/68 hunnell65471 (AT) An honor to serve aboard her.
DD-471 Walter Keener   1943 to 1946 sharken1973 (AT) Dad passed away January 31st 2008
DD-471 Jim Kelleher RD2 1961 - 1964 keijwki (AT) Great crew & good memories.
DD-471 Richard (Ski) Kowalczyk BM3 09/63 -09/65 skitrikes (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DD-471 Leon (Ski) Kucharski GMG3 10/61-6/63 leonk1 (AT) Great ship and crew, mount32 the best
DD-471 Jerry Lamoureux Y1 12/42 - 2/46 asti28 (AT)  
DD-471 Scott Long RM3 11/65/11/67 scotlong (AT) Great time
DD-471 Dudley Mackey SNTM 9/63 to 8/65 smackey (AT) would really like to visit with any old shipmates...........
DD-471 George Mathias BT3 1962-1963 rfborig (AT) George passed away 1/31/01
DD-471 John T. Maxwell, II BM3 1966 - 1968 maxwellbm3usn (AT) Made Westpac cruise became shellback, then made Med cruise the transfered to USS Waller
DD-471 Jim McAuley LT(jg) 8/66 - 4/68 mcauleypuget (AT) Good ship and geat crew.
DD-471 Thomas McCullagh RM2 12/42 - 7/44 tmccullagh (AT) WWII plank
DD-471 James Miller LT(jg), SC 12/61 - 4/63 janddmiller45 (AT) Great crew, great experience, happy memories
DD-471 John Millette LT(jg) 1962-1965 millette (AT)  
DD-471 Eddie Morris MM3 9/64-12/66 cmorris6 (AT) Made the around the world cruise...WOW what a great time and great bunch of guys!
DD-471 Kent Nichols MM3 1965-1968 knich (AT) Need to heal from anyone westpac cruise about agent orange
DD-471 Edward Orrison   1960's   If you remember me you can call 717-464-5013
DD-471 Francis Ouimette BT3 1964-1966 fouimette (AT) Remember the Nam cruise and the noise. ( Frenchy)
DD-471 Brian Phelps GMSN 5/66 to 9/68 bephelps65 (AT) Shipmates-anyone have cancer? poss related to Agent Orange-have Essential Thrombocytosis-pls let me know
DD-471 James Pilat FN(BT) 1967 to 1969 kitemaster57 (AT) My first time aboard a ship in the fleet-I will never forget
DD-471 Gerald Plemmons RM2 8/62 - 10/65 Jplemmon (AT)  
DD-471 Phil Porter MM2 1967-1968 pporter44 (AT) Made Med Cruise Looking for John Erickson
DD-471 Kenneth Powell   12/42-4/45 kpowell (AT) My father passed away 12/2/2004 at 96. He enjoyed the Beale
DD-471 Peter Prato MM3 1966-1968 pprato (AT) WestPac Great Crew Where are the magnifcant 7?
DD-471 Stanley Pritchard MM3 1960-61 spudnut1 (AT) great site and ship.
DD-471 Charles L. Randle FNE3 1967 Cmbishop30 (AT) submitting for my dad
DD-471 Gary Reed PC3 9/63 to 6/66 patreed (AT)  
DD-471 John Rippon BT2 60-62 poprip74 (AT) many great times often think of old shipmates J Flugger Tex Lippard R.Shank D.C.Davis
DD-471 Joseph (Joe) Ruggiero   6/42 to 6/45 frcr143 (AT) Joe Ruggiero passed away on 8/92-anybody know my uncle?
DD-471 Thomas Ruiz BT3 11/63-4/66 Truiz546 (AT)  
DD-471 Bud Ryle RM3 11/54-5/56 howardryle (AT) taking to locate Oscar Corumn
DD-471 Mike Sabatino TMSN late 67 thru decom internetjoe717 (AT) Was sea detail helmsman and was on decomissioning crew
DD-471 Ron Sanford BT 1960to1964   call me (AT) 614-476-4130
DD-471 Russell Schillaci SN1 1943 to 1946 rschillaci (AT) want to talk to fellow shipmates
DD-471 Wallace Selnow SN1 12/42- 5/43 ebcody (AT) plank owner
DD-471 Jim Settles BT 1959to1963   call me (AT) 541-372-8003
DD-471 Donald Sexton QM3 5/66-10/67 chewbeetoo (AT) good times on a good ship with some of the best shipmates
DD-471 Gary Sizemore MM2 8/1962- 8/1966 sizemore (AT)  
DD-471 Robert Sliper ETN2 9/61-9/62 rjsmaps (AT) Lots of good memories
DD-471 Austin Smith Mach Rep-3 1963 to 1966 nujac44 (AT) Cell Phone - 409-382-7898
DD-471 Chet Stagg DC2 66 to 68 Nstagg54 (AT) hosting 2016 reunion. Email for info or see Facebook site USS Beale 2016 reunion
DD-471 William Steen   1942 ? janeyandgary (AT) I am doing this in memory of my dad who passed away in 1983.
DD-471 Chet Suda FTG2 9/62-7/65 chetsdepot (AT) Great reunions
DD-471 Vivian (Sully) Sullivan MM2 12/42-12-45 Gibby0919 (AT) Dad-died 6/21/02-loved the Navy and all of his buddies on the Beale. He even went to a couple of the reunions!
DD-471 Al (Sully) Sullivan GMSN 01/61-03/62 jcsullie (AT)  
DD-471 Leslie Terry BM1 1944-1946 doug.runion (AT) Dad died Sept 2002.
DD-471 LeRoy Thurn STG2 6/65 - 3/68 ldtretired (AT) Sailed around the world on the Beale , Great crew.
DD-471 Tom Trumper GMG3 1965 to 1967 trtrumper (AT) Made Cuba Westpac and Med Cruises. If you were there call me (707) 972-9544
DD-471 William Tulloh unk 1951 to 1955 (989)684-6944  
DD-471 Jerry Tuomey FT2 6/57 - 7/59 jerrytuomey (AT) Living in Fredericksburg, VA.
DD-471 Ellis Underkoffler RD6 7/62-7/65 beunderk (AT)  
DD-471 Aldo Valentini   1942-1945 rudyval41 (AT) I'm doing this for my dad. He doesn't have a computer
DD-471 William Waldon E-3 1951-1953 Davewaldon0331 (AT) I wish everyone would join the service. Veterans are what this country stands on! I loved it!
DD-471 Ernest Wall FA 1966-1967 aviator2 (AT)  
DD-471 Rick Wallikas MM3 7/63 - 6/65 deyohill (AT)  
DD-471 Robert Wasbes GMG3 1967-1968 robert.wasbes (AT) WestPac Cruise
DD-471 James Weppler SN 1967-1968 Jim4457 (AT) Was part of the decommissioning crew in 1968
DD-471 John Whiteside EN3 1967-1968 jwhiteside (AT) made her last cruse
DD-471 Mike Wilson SKSN 67-68 papawmike (AT) would like to hear from any who served on beale
DD-471 Daniel Yadesky SN 9/67 - 8/68 Yadcomus (AT)  
DD-471 Del Zehnder RM3 67-68 gustl (AT)  
DD-471/DDE-471 Ubaldo Barreda RD3 4/62-10/63 u.barreda (AT) I was aboard during the Cuban Crisis.
DDE/DD-471 Leon Kucharski GMG3 10/61 - 6/63 leonk1 (AT) The Beale - a great ship with a great crew....mount31
DDE-471 Dave Achs SM2 1960-1962 daveachs (AT) visit my web site-
DDE-471 Robert B. Almeida GM3 1951 - 1952 RBA100 (AT) Called back inactive duty during Korean war. Buddy-Dewey.
DDE-471 Gordon Arber RMSN 1953-1955 FeeBee65 (AT) Looking for fellow crewmen from these dates
DDE-471 Henry Babin TM3 58 -60 hbabin (AT)  
DDE-471 Lyle Baker SN 1955 to 1957 BakerofNC (AT) BellSouth.Net Looking for ex-Army, GM2 Henry Hunt. Left Beale to PaxRivMd. in 57.
DDE-471 Bernard Barr BT3 11/54 to 56 brnrdbrr (AT) was stationed in forward fire room would like to get in touch with former shipmates
DDE-471 Ubaldo Barreda RD3 7/61-10/63 U.barreda (AT) Will never forget Oct 62 when we were in middle of Cuban crises-looking for anyone in CIC during that time.
DDE-471 Walter D. Blair SK2 1958 - 1960 wdblair (AT) Welcome email from anyone who remembers me.
DDE-471 Rodney Bohl BTFN 10/62-4/63 rfborig (AT) would like to find John Jamison BT2
DDE-471 Tom Brizzolara SN dec 1953 - june 56 brizzolara (AT)  
DDE-471 Danny Broom BM3 1955 - 57 dbroom114 (AT) beale was a great ship
DDE-471 Jim Corwin CS3 9/56-9/62 jcor372001 (AT) Just looking for old shipmates and saw my email address was
DDE-471 James Davis SO2 4/56-6/59 Davisjf469 Any guys out there from these years, would love to hear from
DDE-471 Al Desantis LT(jg) 6/59 to 6/62 hwood95 (AT) great adventures at point pete with the best crew in task group alfa.
DDE-471 Ken Dietsch ET2 02/60 - 10/62 kdietsch (AT) Those years at sea were the best years of my life.
DDE-471 Ted Dukles PNSN 1953-54 teelduk56 (AT) A great experience
DDE-471 Mark Evdemon RM2 4/58-6/60 usnavymark (AT) Remember me? Get in touch......
DDE-471 Arthur Finch FN 1958-1960 mistyblue (AT) Great times with the guys I worked with in fwd boiler room-if anyone remembers it would be nice to here from you.
DDE-471 Gerald Galen BMSN   usngalen (AT) Was on the ship for task group alfa in the first division the bostmate first class was bmi aires
DDE-471 Gary Gill RM1 1955-1958 gillg (AT)  
DDE-471 Roger Gillingham LT(jg) June 1959-September 1960 soinbook (AT) Attend annual reunion . Next year: Daytona, FL. Join us.
DDE-471 John E. Golden TM2 10/54-9/58 nlg5g1b (AT)  
DDE-471 Jerry Gray ETA3 1960-1961 heyoka (AT) new email for 2007
DDE-471 Marvin Hanft SKSN 1/57-9/60 marvncandy (AT)  
DDE-471 Alex Hanson QM3 1/55-6/58 ahanso (AT) only good memories of a great crew.
DDE-471 Lawrence Harkenreader BT2 late 50's Deceased Passed away in November 2013
DDE-471 Rich Hays SN 2/65 Thru 10/67 Madidar (AT) Great to have a web site for the best sailors, in the Navy
DDE-471 Henry C. Heller RD2 1956 -1959 hch (AT) Visit
DDE-471 Jay Hoffer FT2 1960 to 1963 tistess (AT) would like to hear from old ship mates
DDE-471 Louis O. Isabell RD1 12/53 - 4/57 cisabell (AT) If you remember me, drop me a note.
DDE-471 Harvey Isabell QM2 1/57-6/58 heisabell (AT)  
DDE-471 James Jenkins SOG2 5/1959 - 11/1960 jpjenkins (AT) Only DD with its own band
DDE-471 Robert Johnson ETSN 5/56-6/58 ryjtoday (AT)  
DDE-471 A.D. ''Tin Can'' Jones GMG2 2/59 - 5/61 tjboreal (AT) Would like to hear from anyone that remembers me
DDE-471 William B. Jones BMSN 12/52-7/54 Billskay (AT) I was the only guy in the 2nd Division, who could read their own mail.
DDE-471 Paul Keller QM3 1953 to 1957 PKe9011149 (AT)  
DDE-471 Kenneth Kelley RD3 7/61-9/62 masterchief (AT)  
DDE-471 Solomon (Solly) Kelman RD2 8/59 - 4/62 s.kelman (AT) Love talking to Beale shipmates and the Beale reunions.
DDE-471 Ron Kipp ETN2 9/62 - 10/64 Ronald.Kipp (AT) Great website - Lots of great memories - Any ET's out there?
DDE-471 John Kleinfeldt SN 12/1958-12/1961 25 Grand ST.,Smithtown,NY 11787 631-265-0133 would like to hear from any shipmate.
DDE-471 Dick Kloppenburg GMM3 1/57-12/58 kloppy1006 (AT) Cruised the Persian Gulf under the command of Capt. W. E. Ruhe, with LCMDR Light as the Exec with DESRON 28. From Sheboygan, Wis.
DDE-471 Leon (Ski) Kucharski GMG3 10/61-6/63 leonk1 (AT) a great ship with a great crew and officers
DDE-471 Dave Leslie SN 1959-1961 Delroyd37 (AT)  
DDE-471 Edward (Jack) Lezotte RM2 1953 -1955 jacklezotte (AT) looking for shipmates from these dates
DDE-471 Robert Light LCDR Sept 1956 to May 1958 emlight (AT) Served as navigator and Executive Officer. Died in July 1996
DDE-471 Eugene Vick (Tex) Lippard BT3 1958 to 1961 elippard (AT)  
DDE-471 Richard Mank CS2 12/55-8/57 richard.mank (AT) would like to hear from shipmates that I served with.
DDE-471 John Manning, Jr. FC3 8/51-8/52 john_m5 (AT) juno.com_  
DDE-471 Harvey marschner RD3 1959-1961 harv471 (AT) just found this site
DDE-471 Ken McGuire SO3 6/53 - 11/55 Marykenmcg (AT)  
DDE-471 John McKeaney BT1 9/51-2/55 boojon11 (AT)  
DDE-471 Clarence (Mac) McKeever EN3 1/3/53-1/11/53 macmar55 (AT)  
DDE-471 John F. Miller RM2 12/61- 6/62 mulch (AT) Looking for Roger Flora RM2 or others aboard same time
DDE-471 Michael Moore RD3 12/57-06/61 Mikeym38 (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates.
DDE-471 Dwight Mutchler QMSN 9/55 to 6/56 DMutc13749 (AT) Every young man should go to sea
DDE-471 Dave Myerly RDSN 1959-6/60 DaveDDG2 (AT) Like to hear from buddies and Keep a listing of ALL Beale Crew Members
DDE-471 Francis Ouimette BTFN 1964-1966 fran (AT)  
DDE-471 H. Jim Paul SN1 12/58 - 9/61 hjimpaul (AT) We have a ship's reunion every year. E-mail me for info
DDE-471 Gerald Plemmons RM2 8/62 - 10/65 Jplemmon (AT)  
DDE-471 Robert Porter RM3 1/57-12/58 bobporterus (AT) Looking forward to hearing from old shipmates
DDE-471 Thomas Power MMFN 59 -60 capttom955 (AT) Left the Beale to become UDT/SEAL
DDE-471 Stanley Pritchard MM3 1959-1961 sdcjpritchard (AT) Didn't know these were; write me
DDE-471 Charlie Reboulet FT2 1959 to 1962 creboulet (AT) Great experience
DDE-471 Gary Reed PC3 9/63-6/66 reed.patricia (AT)  
DDE-471 John Rippon BT2 60-62 poprip74 (AT) are there any of us left great crew.
DDE-471 John Rishel SO2 1954 to 1957 jlrish (AT) Great news I attend reunions now that I found out about them
DDE-471 Bud Ryle RM3 1955-1957 howardryle (AT) Trying to locate one Oscar Corum on board Beale Approx. yr.
DDE-471 Fernando J. (Pancho) Scuteri SN 1952 - 1954 fjscuteri (AT) I would like to hear from old shipmates
DDE-471 Richard Shank BT3 59-62 richshank (AT) I would like to hear from my shipmates.
DDE-471 Lester Ken Springstead LT(jg) 1959 to 1962 lkspringstead (AT) I remember many a cold midwatch on the open bridge in winter
DDE-471 Dave Stevens SM3 61-63 ardissteve (AT) good times good mates
DDE-471 Wendell Stimets LT 1952-1955 MVSSI (AT) Dad-died 3/20/08-took 100 b/w pics ofCuba/Haiti 53, 450 color pics of N Eur/Med Goodwill cru 54-will share.
DDE-471 William Sublett EMP3 1956-1959 rsublet1 (AT) hear from ship mates who knew me
DDE-471 Albert Sullivan GMSN 01/61-03/62 junesullie (AT) Would enjoy hearing from shipmates.
DDE-471 Mike Tillman RM3 5/66-4/68 Jmike007 (AT) Had a great time with a great crew.
DDE-471 Larry Trachta GMG3 Mid 1960's Trachtas (AT) Dad passed away 8/27/2000. Son's e-mail. Have just a few pictures.
DDE-471 Bill Whatley RD3 1/59 to 1/61 billwhatley (AT) I still miss the old radar gang Would love to hear from old shipmates
DDE-471 Charles Wietzke ETC Late 50's wietzkew (AT) Died 8/6/07. Son's email.
DDE-471 Leonard Wilson SFM3 1/55-12/59 leonardwilson_82 (AT) best ship in the navy
DDE-471 William (Bill) Zimmer SN 1955 billzimmer (AT) looking for shipmates . living in fairbanks alaska
DDE-471 Joe Zollo YN1 1953 to 1957 Jakpot6 (AT)  
DDE-471 Daniel Zucal FT3 9/55 - 3/57 danz (AT) I was a Firecontrol Technician and hung out in the torpedo room and sonar room.

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