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DD- William Watt TM2 1943-1946 lilli.callalea (AT) Hoping to make contact with any men that may have served with my late grandfather.
DD397 William Modrell Unknown 1941 - till sunk pndmodrell (AT) Died 1/90-at the helm when struck by torpedo-I have captains binoculars, the only part of the ship that exists.
DD-397 Robert Brewer E-4 1942 admjag753 (AT) looking for anyone who can reunion with my cousin who served
DD-397 Cissel Grimes Unknown 1940-1942 smokingnow (AT) Died 1968. Add in dads honor. Would like to hear from mates
DD-397 Quentin Kruse E-5 3/42-11/42 dkruse4 (AT) My dad (died 7/02)-he said the Benham was at Coral Sea Battle-fnd oth info that this could be true-son Danny.
DD-397 Ralph Mills LT(jg) 2/39 - 11/42 wmamills (AT) My father-died 9/1990-had fond memories of his time onboard-he was a proud to have served in the US Navy.
DD-397 John Penrod MM1 1940 - 1942 dadsnavydays (AT) Passed away 1978. Son would like to hear from dads shipmates.
DD-796 Tony Alloy ET2 Sept. 51 to Aug. 54 tonal25 (AT)  
DD-796 Harry Babiak MM1 4/52 -10/55 harry535 (AT)  
DD-796 Donald Barnes FTC 1956-58 donbarnes27 (AT)  
DD-796 Robert Barry LT(jg) 7/57 to 6/60 rlbarry796 (AT) In writing an autobiography, am reconstructing time aboard
DD-796 Raymond Berger RD3 05/59-06/60 rberger1940 (AT) Looking to correspond with shipmates who wer aboard 5/59-6/60 Especially RD rates
DD-796 Herb Borges SK1 1/52-5/56 hborges (AT) Trying to contact Kukendall, Don Gaudette, Saulte, Esslinger
DD-796 Roland W. Boucher FA 11/53 to 6/54 rolandssubs (AT) Live at 57 Portland Ave,Dover NH (603)-743-6487 (Sum) 311 lakeside Cir, Winterhaven, FL (863)422-7202 (Winter)
DD-796 John Bowerman ET2 12/54-2/57 jbower10 (AT) yahoo.geo shut down the Benham web page without warning. We resurfaced as,
DD-796 Burl Buchanan FN 1957-1958 burlbuchanan (AT) Email me if you know me
DD-796 Nicholas Camenares RM2 5/44 - 3/45 nick-w2pav (AT)  
DD-796 Martin Cosgrove LT(jg) 7/52-1/54 megabriell (AT)  
DD-796 Malcom Davis   2/43-11/45 dvsmdvs (AT)  
DD-796 Bob Drew FP2 Early 54 to late 56 bdrew (AT) looking for Hank Marani....shipmate
DD-796 Bob Eisenhauer IC3 1/51 - 4/53 bobikee (AT) Looking for shipmate on from 1951 to 1953
DD-796 Anthony Esperito     leftymoe (AT)  
DD-796 Arthur J. Flanagan QMSN 10/55-10/57 krserran (AT) Our reunions are the greatest
DD-796 Gwynn Fletcher EM1 1943 thru 1945 dd796-1 (AT) On Benham during construction thru return to Brementon, WA
DD-796 Donald Gagne SN 9/57-12/59 dgdg21045 (AT)  
DD-796 William Gobble QM3 1950-1953 stevedsr (AT) Our Dad was on the Benham with the Byland brothers. He died in February 1999 of colon cancer.
DD-796 William I. Griffin EM1 3/50-12/56 ka9ybn (AT) like to hear from old shipmates.
DD-796 Robert Grimm CSSN 10/55-7/59 ram1968 (AT) I would enjoy hearing from any of my shipmates.
DD-796 Jack Hasson S/S 45-46 JACKFLO200 (AT) Just learning to use a PC (Great)
DD-796 William Higgins EM3 12/43-8/44 whiggins4 (AT) Plankowner: on board during construction
DD-796 Ronald Holcombe SO3 03/58-08/60 phc411 (AT) in the band Benham Drifters w/Harry Oakley,Joe Lyons & Poudier-anyone knows their whereabouts pls email me
DD-796 Arthur Holze   1944 to 1945 johnholze (AT) My father passed away in 1960 any of his ship mates please email with any information
DD-796 Wilbur Hurley 2/c 1953-1957 lmh21869 (AT) Like hear from anyone who served at this time. Would like to know port-o-calls ship made during this time period
DD-796 Sandy Jackson RM2 51-52 SJMktg (AT) also aboard USS Taussig DD746 1949-50
DD-796 Jerry Johnson EM2 57-58 Gooberz10 (AT)  
DD-796 Edward Kiewra M3 1952-1954 larry (AT) (deceased) for more info
DD-796 Robert B. Krueger RM3 3/43 - 10/45 bobki9n (AT) 708/598-6884 Always interested in hearing from my war time shipmates.
DD-796 Kermit Lambert CRT 10/43-8/45 knorm (AT) Will answer E-Mails and swap info
DD-796 Len LaRosa DK3 7/58 to 3/60 citilen (AT)  
DD-796 James Lunde SN 3/54 - 3/56 jandelunde (AT) Best time of life. 1ST Div, 5 38 single mount gun
DD-796 Earl MacFarland     boompamac (AT)  
DD-796 Alan R. MacHattie MM2 5/54-8/55 alrmac (AT)  
DD-796 Wilbert (Bill) Manley SOG2 3/51 -4/52 ManlyWill (AT) Would be great to hear from '51/'52 shipmates
DD-796 Stu Martell BT3 10/56 -12/59 cixpax (AT) Would like to hear from any one that served in that time
DD-796 Kenneth McAnally PTF 1951-1954 miaya (AT)  
DD-796 Frank McCormack MM2 1/52-4/55 Fmccormack (AT)  
DD-796 George Miller FT2 1955 to 1957 georgewm796 (AT) after round the world cruise
DD-796 Charles Nix EM3 2/59 - 4/60 lionhunter01 (AT) I am trying to find the XO during this time period.
DD-796 James D. Nixon PhM1 2/44 to 12/45 jdn1121 (AT) Phone 931-648-4378
DD-796 Bob Olsen EM3 11/44-11/46 oleools (AT) Was in after steering by myself during Typhoon Cobra 12/44
DD-796 Warren O'Sullivan LT(jg) 1/59-5/60 osullwk (AT)  
DD-796 Kenneth Ott FTN 2/59-8/60 keno (AT) Carib cruise, Med cruise and Persian Gulf patrol
DD-796 Alfred Paris GM2 1958-1960 Alfredmanc (AT) Tranferred to shore duty. Walter Reed Army Comm
DD-796 Ed Pelton RDM/PO3 1950-1954 redpelican796 (AT) I always enjoy looking thru this site .Lots of memories of good ole days with shipmates.
DD-796 Rudy Polacek MM3 3/56-11/57 polacek (AT) Looking for Jim McManus
DD-796 Roy Postell BT2 4/51-1/54 oldracer (AT) Took her out of mothballs.Rode her a hell of a long ways.
DD-796 Bob (Ski) Ptaszenski SK3 3/53 through 12/53 bobbyski (AT) Looking for Eric Struckman (Stru)
DD-796 Stanford Ray CWT 11/43 - 8/45 stanmary519 (AT) 757-356-0752 519 Pagan Road, Smithfield, VA 23430
DD-796 David Rippl ME2 10/52 - 6/56 metworip (AT)  
DD-796 Norman Roton BT3 3/52 to 9/54 norm111129 (AT)  
DD-796 Chuck Sass QM3 1958- 1959 chsass1 (AT)  
DD-796 Thomas J. Sault, II SK2 4/52-10/53 (AT)  
DD-796 Jimmie Schumacher MM2 1/58 to 1/59 Spider1 (AT) does anyone know Louis Brent MM2, if so ask him to contact me.
DD-796 Edward (Sid) Siderits E-3 6/1/59 to 1960 patbowers (AT) I was On the Bridge Signalmem
DD-796 Robert Sloan MM3 1958-1960 rsloan10 (AT) After engine room - 1960 transfer to USS Brownson DD-868
DD-796 Ted Soper GM2 1956 to 1959 tednln (AT) Played basketball for Destroyer Force Atlantic Fleet .
DD-796 Alvin Soper SN 1957 alsoper1 (AT) forgot actual dates and served aboard the uss yosemite ad 19
DD-796 Jon M. Surprise ET2 11/56 thru 8/59 jsurprise1 (AT)  
DD-796 Richard Swift SFP3 4/60-7/-60 rswift (AT) Was aboard till she was transferred to Peru.
DD-796 Donald Tetreault SK2 7/58-1/59 dontetre (AT)  
DD-796 Jack Trimmer SM 1954-1956 cpotrimmer (AT)  
DD-796 Ronald Turnbull MR3 1953 to 1955 rlturnbull33 (AT) Very good ship.
DD-796 Frank Scott Tygert MM3 1957 to 1959 Tygertguitars (AT) Interested in hearing from any waterkings or fellow shipmates
DD-796 George F. Walter MM2 11/57-7/58 geowall001 (AT) After Eng. Rm. From USS Monssen DD798
DD-796 Bob Ward RD3 2/58 - 2/60 BWARD62 (AT)  
DD-796 Vernon Gene Warrick WTR1 2/44-11/46 danwarrick (AT) My Father-(dates are close)-was on her first trip to Pearl Harbor-came home aft the surender was signed by Japan.
DD-796 William Watt TM2 1943-1946 lilli.callalea (AT) Died 7/4/13-granddaughter hoping for contact with shipmates or their families for pictures/stories-pls email
DD-796 Fred Wescott   54 Spwescott (AT) My father past in 1993 just wanted to know if any one knew him
DD-796 Ralph Wright FN 1955-1959 rewright51 (AT) I was on and off ship - Special Services Deslant Boxing Team. Would like to here from my shipmates. My home phone 508-996-1989

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