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DD-942 Mike Adamczewski RM2 1977 to 1979 madamczewski (AT)  
DD-942 Barry Adams HT2 1971-1972 bwadams (AT) Was on board for the NATO cruise in 1972. I was discharged while on the cruise in Glasgow, Scotland
DD-942 Ron Anderson HT3 1973-1975 randerson114 (AT)  
DD-942 Richard Anderson BT3 10/65-05/69 scoobie47331 (AT) This was my Dad who died 4/13/2011. His nickname was Andy. I am doing this for him.
DD-942 James A. Anthony EN3 7/72-10/73 danthony111 (AT) Made nato and artick circle on 1972cruse
DD-942 Kenneth Ates E-5 78-81 kenneth.ates (AT)  
DD-942 Jim Ayotte BT2 1957 to 1960 jayotte355 (AT) Plank Owner
DD-942 Tim Baier RM2 1976 to 1981 timlid.baier (AT) My first ship in the Navy. Anyone else experience what it was like as Mail Buoy Watch?
DD-942 Joe L. Bailey QM1 1970 JSPEEDONE (AT) Anyone aboard for the 1970 NATO cruse E-mail me
DD-942 Edward A. Balusek PC3 11/69-9/70 ebalusek001 (AT) Retired 04-02-07 from US Postal Service - Live at: 116 Kimo Court Bastrop, TX 78602-5456 (512)913-9805
DD-942 John Barbour RD2 1960 to 1963 Barbour2112 (AT)  
DD-942 Rick Bari ET1 1972 - 1976 rick.bari (AT) USN Retired 1982, Civilian Retired 2000
DD-942 Taylor Barney SN/HN 1978 - 1979 Feedme59 (AT) Went Corpsman A and C school, Retired as HM1 in 9/1998.
DD-942 Joe Barone BM 9/69-1/71 jba1872692 (AT) Looking for Tommy Giordano from Brooklyn,or E.A.Balusek,TX
DD-942 Homer Barrientos SN 06/64-066 homer barrientos (AT) rear left OMC 554 rear mount also weapons yeoman
DD-942 James Bass BTC 2/1977 - 6/1980 jbass97 (AT) made chief on this ship
DD-942 Tom Bates FTG1 10/69-4/73 tbates6624 (AT) Looking forward to hearing from old shipmates!
DD-942 William Bayer BT2 61-65 william.bayer (AT)  
DD-942 Darrin Benfield SN 9/77-1/80 dbenfield (AT) went on med. cruise '78 and overhaul in boston.
DD-942 Brad Bertram BT2 1975 1979 248 693 7381 al smith here from
DD-942 William Binkley FN 1975-1976 wdbinkley (AT) Aft. Fireroom, Hey BT's lets talk
DD-942 Walter Blind LT(jg) 1962 to 1963 wpblind (AT)  
DD-942 Ivar Blomquist SH2 8/77-3/81 ivarblomquist (AT)  
DD-942 Tom Blount LT(jg) 9/66 to 4/68 teblount (AT) My first ship, served as First Lt and ASWO.
DD-942 Jeff Bolding MM2 9/74 - 7/79 jbolding (AT) I have a lot of good memories of my time aboard, and ashore with friends I will never forget.
DD-942 Jimmy Boley BM3 10/67-11/68 bogeyboley (AT) What a Med cru-burned couldn't refuel underway-would love to hear from old shipmates
DD-942 Tom Bonnell E-4 1964 to 1967 tombonnell (AT) Just looked at the online pictures of her being sunk. Sort of gives you an errie feeling!
DD-942 Gaston Bowling RD3 1957 to 1960 gbowling942 (AT) Plank Owner
DD-942 Jim Boyd MM2 1976-1979 jboyd0902 (AT) Engineering E'' Ribbon, Phalanx, Med. Cruise. Where's Len Mulford, Jeff Bolding?''
DD-942 Dale Brandon RD2 03\59-09\59 debrandon (AT)  
DD-942 Robert Bremel RD3 1965-1967 robertbremel (AT)  
DD-942 Dwight Bridges CS3 6/65-1/67 DwghtsDwight (AT) EmbarqMail.Com Had a great time I was only 18 and just finished high school
DD-942 Mike Britt PC3 12/68-10/69 brittmike (AT)  
DD-942 Frederick Britting EN3 12/70-6/73 lnaplusfd (AT)  
DD-942 Edmond Brock BM1 1975-1979 boatse7 (AT) retired BMC in 88. miss that ole tin can navy
DD-942 Jeff Brooks BTFA 9/78 - 5/81 Jeff.brooks3 (AT)  
DD-942 Larry Brooks IC3 03/66-07/68 lbrooks (AT)  
DD-942 Ray Brown MR3 09/71 - 02/73 rat7735 (AT)  
DD-942 Tony Brown OS2 1977 to 1980 tb (AT) Many good memories, The unpredictable Phalanx, Key West, New York, and of course Boston.
DD-942 Daniel Brown BT3 4/80 - decom brownd (AT)  
DD-942 Earl Burgmann CS3 12/61 thru 09/64 egb210 (AT) great times in ships galley with the shipmates the cooks
DD-942 Mark Buscemi FTG3 77 - 80 mbuscemi (AT) Hope some old friends get in touch
DD-942 Tony Butler MM3 6/1976-9/1978 tbuts14mar57 (AT) Phalanx, 77-78 Med, injured prior to Boston Yard period& stayed (AT) NAS JAX Regional med. ctr
DD-942 Floyd Cady FN 7/81-decom FJCADY (AT) The pits and A gang MRs rule
DD-942 Frank M. Calandrillo, Jr. FN 1969-71 frankmcal (AT) I'm Reunion Planner for the USS Bigelow. If you served aboard, contact me.
DD-942 Stanley Cameron IC2 3/75-9/78 stanc54 (AT) was in ic and electricians shops
DD-942 John Campbell MM3 1970-1971 John.w.campbell001 (AT) NATO cruise
DD-942 Alexander Campbell ETR2 1966-1969 Deceased  
DD-942 Richard Carl ETN2 8/63 - 9/64 rlcarl42 (AT) Mediterranean Cruise ' 63, Kieler Woche ' 64
DD-942 Edward J. Carney, Jr. ETN3 April 68 - August 68 Legionbud (AT)  
DD-942 Jacinto Cervino IC3 4/76-9/79 jcervino (AT) dudes, you're all old now
DD-942 Roger (Bo) Child GMG3 1971-1975 bomando (AT) Still kickin' in NJ, but can't fit into my dress blues...
DD-942 Steve Chucknick EW3 1977-1979 frankmcal (AT) Steve was killed in WTC attack. E-mail is for Frank Calandrillo.
DD-942 Jon Clark MM3 8/78-11/81 taximan69 (AT) main engine rm 2
DD-942 Richard (Dickie) Cloutman CS3 1967 - 1968 rclou48074 (AT) came aboard after Nam cruise '67 and made the Med. cruise 68
DD-942 John Cochran   not sure 64-67 ?? karlen (AT) Wife looking for shipmates as a SURPRISE-L Howell is one
DD-942 James J. Conroy MM3 1959 jimslockshop (AT)  
DD-942 Lee Cornman TMSN 79-82 scubalee (AT) Leading Seaman forever!
DD-942 George Cournoyer HM 11/57-12/58 papabare03 (AT) im a planckowner & a shellback put her in comm. in boston
DD-942 David Coxon FTG1 1976 to 1977 coxondr (AT) Led PHALANX OPEVAL Crew 1977 - Retired in 1987 - FCCS
DD-942 Brian (Keith) Crandall FN 76 to78 brncrndll (AT) Hi Jack..Still looking for Chris
DD-942 David Creed E-5 April 73 - Aug 76 dwcreed (AT) CIC gang
DD-942 Scott Crosby BM3 9/81 - Decomm scottcrosby2 (AT) Anyone have Newspaper of Decom ceremonies-VPres Bush being piped aboard-that was me-noone believes me
DD-942 Kenneth Dandurand HTCS 80-82 dandur805 (AT) S.E.A.
DD-942 John Davidson MM3 1974-1977 jdavidson6624 (AT) Great Ship Great Shipmates worked main control
DD-942 James Davis SK1 68-71 jdavis5733 (AT) This is my Dad, He passed 01/09/01 /knew him? Contact me
DD-942 Peter Davis HM3 10/75-09/78 ihatsthisthing (AT) Looking for FTG-2 Michael Howe. and other weps/deck.
DD-942 Curt Deal RD3 1970-1971 dealc (AT) it was a long time ago
DD-942 Howard Delaney BM3 1/59. -12/63 Howarddelaney (AT) What a blast good ship great ship mates,an education second to none some of the best guys iv'e ever met
DD-942 Peter Descar, Jr. BT2 01/79-07/82 descarpp (AT)  
DD-942 Michael Desnoyers OS3 4-78 - 8-81 Mikeff40 (AT)  
DD-942 Benjamin Dewey ETR2 8/74 -1/79 dewey05 (AT) Dean, Where are you?
DD-942 Frank T. Dillon, III LT(jg) 11/75-6/77 ftdillon (AT)  
DD-942 Dan Dinsmore ET2 8/78-8/82 drddinky (AT)  
DD-942 Edouard Dionne SM1 1967 to 1968 ed_dionne (AT)  
DD-942 Ciegel Dolin E-3 1959-1961 BETTYDOLIN (AT) Would love for anyone who who remembers me to please email me.
DD-942 Les Downing TM2 6-74 to 12-79 hawgnurse (AT)  
DD-942 Bill Dugan DC3 1966 - 1968 dugiewe (AT)  
DD-942 Peter Dunn FTG3 1970 to 1972 pjdunn539 (AT) Did Nato Cruise in 70 or was it 71 with the FTG'S.
DD-942 Paul Dunning SN 9/65-9/66 pdunningjalc (AT) sailed on the med cruise winter of 65, worked deck force, mess cooking, then went to supply
DD-942 Duke Ellington FN 1973 - 1975 DDuke35 (AT) Great times loved shipmates guys like Bob Harris,(no pork) Green,Shaft,Eddy,David Dedrich,Chicken Evans . .
DD-942 Kent Ernsberger I SM2 9/76-6/80 kent_ernsberger_ii (AT) I remember the Med. cruise
DD-942 Kent Ernsberger, I SM2 9/76-6/80 ernsberger931 (AT) I remember the Med. cruise
DD-942 Gerald Ervin BT3 77-10/79 geraldervin (AT) Med Cruise from Mayport, Fla then Boston shipyard
DD-942 James Estes STG2 1970-1975 mikeestes (AT) 2 times at Gitmo-1 yd period at Charleston,2 N Atlantic cruises-booze runs to Caribbean-part of Med cruise
DD-942 Fred Farnsworth RD2 1957 to 1960   96 Foxfire St., Franklin, North Carolina (828) 349-4770
DD-942 Frank Farris E-4 6/58-6/60 frrsrlty (AT) I'd like to talk to old shipmates.
DD-942 Joe Feeney RM2 1979 - 1981 jfeeney4 (AT) I remember dry docks in east boston any old radio men email
DD-942 John Fleming GMG1 1962-1966 john37 (AT) Old shipmates drop Me line will take it and pull back,with.
DD-942 Daniel Frisbie RD3 1965-1967 thefris22 (AT) Will never forget my experiance on board and the people i served with
DD-942 Chris Gabrielson OS3 (SW) 1979 to Decom XJ6 (AT) USS Bigelow web site
DD-942 Ron Gendron FN 1978 - 79 Rgend (AT) Joined at 17-caught ship in Naples-Mayport & E Boston-what a ride-see lots of names I remember-great memories.
DD-942 Doug Gifford SK3 06/66-12/69 6giff (AT) What a ride! She was a sea going vessel. Grew up on Bigelo
DD-942 Danny Gill MM2 1976-1977 navyvet849 (AT) replaced Doug Hart as engineroom sup. for aft eng. room. Where is Danny Barrier and Danny Kimberlain?
DD-942 Ron Goetz MR3 1980 - decomision rongoetz39 (AT) A division , great group of shipmates
DD-942 Jan Goldberg MM1(SW) 1981- decom jsgoldberg (AT)  
DD-942 George Goldie BT3 78-80 georgegoldie323 (AT) gone but not forgotten,just like the good times,hey guys give a call 508-273-6356
DD-942 Leonard Good SMSN march77-may79 iamlenniegood (AT) Remember the med. cruise ? 232 days !
DD-942 Richard Gooden LCDR 66-67 rogooden (AT)  
DD-942 Sam Gorick STG3 8/75-1/79 rickgo (AT)  
DD-942 Jim Graham MM2 09/78 to 11/81 jameswghm (AT) Miss the good times, hard work, Great Engineers
DD-942 Paul Grasso GMSN 1976-1977 pgrasso0 (AT) 3rd gun mount aft, Phalanx ---Hey Gosnell--- Curt, I did drop you a line..ever here from Gosnell?
DD-942 Bodie Graves SK2 8/76-7/80 bgrave (AT) Hope all my mates are doing well. Did Boston and the Med.
DD-942 Roy Grigsby SM Plankowner charlesgrigsby (AT) Looking for old shipmates that were also plankowners
DD-942 Kelvin Grishom QM3 1978 to 1982 grishom (AT) This ship is gone but she is still in our memories.
DD-942 Dennis Grol YN2 64-67 DENGROL1 (AT) Worked in ship's office then ComDesRon 16
DD-942 Fred Gross STG3 73 to 12/76 FGross2 (AT) Did the Charleston Shipyards; GITMO; 2 Med Cruises (Palma !)
DD-942 Joseph Gullo RM3 1974-1976 pag5jg (AT) back to back med cruises & long hrs in the radio shack!
DD-942 Eli Guzman GMGSN 12/68-12/72 BIGELOW942 (AT) OPTIMUM.NET Really enjoyed the NATO cruise 1st half of 1971 and 2nd half of 1972..
DD-942 Chuck Haaser LT 12/78-12/81 ahaaser (AT) Things become more nostalgic as time passes.
DD-942 David Haaseth FN 1970 to 1971 WideGlideDave (AT)  
DD-942 Jimmy Hagwood RD2 1957 to 1960 jimh (AT) (Deceased) plank owner AKA Heavy
DD-942 Thomas Hall SN Plankowner tha284 (AT) Great Ship, Lots of good times
DD-942 David Hall BT3 3/78 to 8/81 davidhall6 (AT) would be nice to here from some old shipmates
DD-942 Bob (Cheese please) Hall HT3 1978 to 1981 wtza (AT) Unbelievable-Kerns&Wheeler on our trip to NH frm Boston-Beck,Thayer,Brune & Westenhover-what a buncha' nuts
DD-942 Ron Hamilton E-3 1976 to late 77 ron275 (AT) Did the Captain's gig, Phalanx testing was a blast
DD-942 Tom Hanna STG 3 1969-1973 tomhanna (AT) Hey A/S division lets hear from you,great times with you guys.
DD-942 John Hansen BT3 2/77-6/79 snipe2 (AT)  
DD-942 Martin Hanson LT(jg) 7/59-4/61 navy59 (AT) ASW, First Lieutenant, Gunnery
DD-942 Bill Harju RM2 1960-61 WAHARJU (AT)  
DD-942 Michael Harper E-3 1966 to 1968 Reprahl3 (AT)  
DD-942 Phil Harrell SN 80-decom pharrell2 (AT) deck division did party the most
DD-942 Doug Hart MM2 74-76 Dahart78 (AT) Great times. Aft engine room was home.
DD-942 Marty Haugen BT2 78-81 tech (AT) Enjoyed this ship. All steam. got my 17+ years of sea duty started.
DD-942 Danny Hays BT3 12/74 to 6/78 pumba_sc (AT) Let me know some of us oldtimers are still around. I live in SC. Lets get together.
DD-942 Bill Hays BTCS 1978-1981 flbcbass (AT) Let's talk/get together
DD-942 Allen ''AJ'' Henderson E-3 1971 to 1973 HENDERSONA158 (AT) MHPD-OHIO.COM  
DD-942 Charles P. Hennessey PN 11/71 to 07/73 Mistike415 (AT) Nato cruise, North Atlantic 1972 / Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Early 1972 / Had a great time with this duty.
DD-942 Marshall Hensley STG3 1967 to 1968  
DD-942 Larry Heppard CS 7/60 - 10/62 larry.sheppard (AT) Always remember her,buddies made,old salts who took me under their wings & made me a good old time sailor.
DD-942 Dennis Himes BT3 70-73 blueflood1 (AT) She is Gone
DD-942 Elmer (Buddy) Himes EM3 1/63 to 5/65 buddy.himes (AT)  
DD-942 John Hinson RD3 1969 to 1971 jnosnih (AT) NATO cruise
DD-942 Jim Hockett BTFN 1980-1983 ghentactor (AT) Made one Middle Est cruise ... BOY was that ever fun! LOL!
DD-942 Joseph Hoffmann SKG3 1/58-7/59 joeandfern (AT) I went on shake down cruise. African cruise around the coast of Africa and cross equator twice.
DD-942 Thomas J. Hohorst, Sr. BT1 7/ 58-2/67 Deceased Died 12/12/12
DD-942 James Holloway GMG3 72-75 midsusna11 (AT)  
DD-942 William Hughes FTG2 1975-1978 wchughes (AT)  
DD-942 Charles Hutchins SN 1957 - 1959 roderick10 (AT) Plank owner
DD-942 Carnell Jackson SM3 1971 to 1974 Carnell. Jackson 59 (AT) INSPECTOR
DD-942 Don (Jack) Jackson MMC 78-80 jaxter62 (AT) Reported aboard as MM!, made MMC in 79, commisioned ens (LDO) Apr 80
DD-942 Jay Jeffries MM2 1974, 1978 to 1980 bottomgun (AT)  
DD-942 Mark Jenning ET2 1978 to 1981 jenningsmf (AT) would like to hear from the ET/EW gang,,, Dink, Jimmysun etc
DD-942 Mike Johnson RM3 6/71-6/73 mikejack84 (AT) I'll always remember the Lady B
DD-942 Jackie Johnson BT3 1978-1981 jackthepipper (AT) it was the best of times and the worst of times what a blast it would be great to hear from you guys
DD-942 Bradley Johnson BT2 1974 to 1978 bsjohn55 (AT) nickname little john - forward fireroom - lets communicate
DD-942 Roy Jones YN1 3/70-6/72 nprjones2 (AT)  
DD-942 Mike Kaczmarek BM3 01/77-1981 kaczmm (AT) Those years were the best and the worst. But,I would'nt trade them for all the tea IN CHINA.
DD-942 Ronald Kellar E-4 1961 to 1964 witkovich (AT) I live in Mt. Prospect, IL.
DD-942 Bobby Kellough SHSN 01/82-11/83 kelloughb (AT) Hello Shipmates drop me a line anytime.
DD-942 Mike Kerns MR3 5/77-10/80 mikekerns58 (AT) remember the downed helo and pilot rescue
DD-942 Howard King CS3 2/59 - 6/61 mohok (AT) Made the Navy a career and retired as a CW0-4 Chief Warrant Officer, Supply Corps. Bigelow
DD-942 William Knoll FTG3 1963 to 1964 bill1943 (AT)  
DD-942 Terry Koss MM2 1975-1977 tkoss (AT) Looking for old shipmates from ''M'' division.
DD-942 Jon Kurylowicz STG2 Feb 74 - Feb 76 jkurly (AT) Known As 'Kurly'
DD-942 lanny lambert SNE3 1960 - 1961 hawkwolf94 (AT)  
DD-942 Dave Lane YN3 12/68 - 12/71 laneboth (AT) First ship assigned
DD-942 Richard (Lucky) Larsen SM 1957 to 1961 cyberhawk (AT) I miss you guys
DD-942 Gary Lawson FN 10/75-7/78 gl881 (AT) boy what a place to grow up,i had a great time,all the beer and girls(a good time)
DD-942 John LeBlanc MM2 1978 to 1981 navretired97 (AT)  
DD-942 Jim LeBlanc ETR3 WES PAC 1967 jiml (AT)  
DD-942 Robert Ledbetter BT2 1978 - 1982 bpledbetter (AT) Shipyard Gitmo mideast great times better shipmates 20 years Retired BTC lets talk
DD-942 Chris Leonard RMSN 12/80-8/82 chrisl471963 (AT) Arrived a BM left an RM-youngest kid onboard (only 17 when i arrived)pretty much remember everyone from 1st div
DD-942 Mark Lewis OS2 9/71-6/73 prosctr (AT) Now living in Tampa
DD-942 Kenneth Lindbloom DK2 1958 to 1959 don.valhalla (AT) Great Destroyer & crew. Crossed the equator on the Bigelow in Oct. 1958 and still have my Trusty Shellback card
DD-942 Kavin Loftin QMSM 11/80 - decom k.loftin (AT) anyone that remembers Qm1 Wes Zink give me shout at
DD-942 Rick Long SK2 12/73 - 6/77 ricksk2 (AT) Charleston/Gitmo/Back to back Meds
DD-942 Philip Lucas MM3 3/58 - 7/61 salucas2 (AT) You have awakened fond memories from long ago .
DD-942 Edward Luebke SH3 1969 eluebke (AT)  
DD-942 Joseph Magner CPO 1960-62, 1964-66 magnerb (AT) My father-I remember being onboard as a child-heard stories-some men would visit the family on weekends.
DD-942 George Magrey SN 3/60- 3/63 gmagrey123 (AT) Bow Hook then Coxsain of Motor Whale Boat. Skipper was Cdr. Dudley. I remember the 1st Med Cruise, I thought I died and went to heaven
DD-942 George Maki IC3 1961-1964 Kelley-Marie (AT)  
DD-942 D. G. Mann RD3 1958-1960 manndg (AT)  
DD-942 Theodore F. Martin (Ted) SOG3 10/60-7/61 tmartin443 (AT)  
DD-942 Carl Martinez GMG2 1977 to 1980 kenuch (AT) Any old shipmates drop me an e-mail.
DD-942 Terry McCue 2/c 1968 to 1969 mcnano (AT)  
DD-942 Tim McNeil HT2 10/72 - 2/76 tpm53 (AT) Nato cruise, Shipyards, gitmo, back to back Med cruises. any R division out there. Hey Fred and Brownie.
DD-942 Douglas Mellor MM2 5/65 - 9/67 mellowdoug (AT)  
DD-942 Paul Mendelssohn FTG3 1966 to 1968 pem216 (AT) Remembering Jim Hamilton GMG2
DD-942 David Miller SN 1960- 1962 mllrdavidj (AT) Was onboard during Med Cruise
DD-942 William Mills RD2 1967to1970 wcmills (AT) Made Med. cruise.
DD-942 James Mixon     Deceased Deceased
DD-942 Mark Monk FTGSN Jun-82 nwrdnck (AT)  
DD-942 Steve Mueller GMG1 2/70-11/73, 11/74-7/75 gunner1 (AT) I loved those 5'' guns
DD-942 Lenny Mulford MM3 76-80 lenny.mulford (AT) Forward Engine Room
DD-942 Richard Mullenix BT3 1964-1967 (AT)  
DD-942 John Mumm SN 08/70 to 0172 jtmumm (AT) Was on the NATO cruise 01/71 to 06/71. Looking for anyone who was in 1st Division.
DD-942 Steve Murray STG2 1968-1970 stevemurray4 (AT)  
DD-942 Harold Mustered SN 1969-1972 jjustforjesus1 (AT) Johnny was our on board chaplain I'm a Pastor now
DD-942 Phillip Muzquiz III HM3 7/82-10/82 pmuzquiz (AT)  
DD-942 Martin Myers SK2 1976 to 1979   My Address is 42 Park Place Saratoga Springs New York 12866 PH. 518-587-6625
DD-942 Rodger Nelson STG2 6/66-01/70 rodgernwithad (AT)  
DD-942 Ron Neugebauer MM2 1/68-8/71 peaneu4 (AT) Port engine room ruled
DD-942 David Norcross E-5 59-62 (AT) radioman
DD-942 Rich Northup OS2 2/79-9/82 rnorthup (AT)  
DD-942 Alfonso (Larry) Oakes RD2 1965-1968 twimbelton (AT)  
DD-942 Michael Oberbroeckling MM2 1/78-1/82 happyjack (AT) phone 563-744-3230 cell 563-876-6049
DD-942 Stuart Onsrud OS1 1/65-12/67 jellyjar (AT)  
DD-942 Joe Louis Padilla SH2 1975 to 1978 capotin56 (AT) Left her from Rota, 1978.....
DD-942 Phil Pagnoni YN2 1968 to 1970 pjamjay (AT) Chief Miller - You were the greatest!! -
DD-942 Eugene Palmer ETR2 8/59-1/61 genepa (AT) Based in Mayport, Fl. Plane guard for USS Saratoga. Two Med
DD-942 Jim Parker E-5 Dec 79 - May 82 jimsun (AT) Electronic Warfare Technician Nickname - 'Jimsun'
DD-942 Duane Payne YM3 1959 to 1961 northlake_2000 (AT)  
DD-942 Jeffery Pearson BMSN 12/80 to 10/82 jpearson (AT) sailed her last deployment, watch her be towed from mayport.
DD-942 Jerry Peck MM2 8/73 - 12/74 Grld_pck (AT) Bravo 4 Supv.
DD-942 Tony Perillo E-3 February 1967-June 1969 User174305 (AT) Did the Westpac tour in 1967
DD-942 Dennis Peters E-4 1965-1968 dpeters298 (AT) AOL.COM  
DD-942 Daryl W. Piersawl SM/PC3 11/73 to 74 darylpier (AT)  
DD-942 Daryl Piersawl, Sr. E-3 1973-1974 darylpier (AT) work as a FT
DD-942 Michael Pindell HT1 7/79 - 6-82 m.pindell (AT) Great Ship
DD-942 Rick Piner OSSN 09/81-10/82 rnpiner (AT)  
DD-942 Marcus Polk YN3 12/63-6/64 sardnap (AT) Worked in the Commodore's Office
DD-942 Mark Porter SH3 11/68 - 5/69 psurveying (AT) I was on several ships while in the Navy. My happiest time was on the Bigelow.
DD-942 Billy Prestage RM2 1978-1980 brobill.prestage5 (AT) pastor
DD-942 John Priddy FTG3 1972-1975 johnkp2000 (AT)  
DD-942 Jerry Priebe SK3 68-70 thepriebes (AT)  
DD-942 Lewis Putnam E-4 11/68-6/70 jcandbubba777love (AT) living in no. georgia now near blue ridge 404-889-3086
DD-942 Chuck Ramirez HTFA 1980-1981 chuckramirez4 (AT) I left the Bigelow just befor guitmo .I saw that you guy's backed that ship down in the gulf in 81 thumbs up!
DD-942 David Reed MM2 1973-1977 Watermakerman (AT) Worked in Main Control then moved back to Bravo 4,
DD-942 Charles Reynolds MM2 1973 to 1976 chief (AT)  
DD-942 John A. Reynolds RM3 1963-1965 N7QF (AT) We were 'haze gray' and always underway......
DD-942 Normand Richard E-6 1960-1962 NormanR101 (AT)  
DD-942 Norman Richards EMFN 11/68 - 11/69 prowlernorm (AT)  
DD-942 Bob Richards E-7 63-65 dixy1125 (AT) my dad-worked in cic. iam looking for any pic. of him. abord .he past away in 12/83
DD-942 Mike Robbins GMGSN 6/81- 09/82 mikefrobb (AT)  
DD-942 Ricardo Roche BT 1979 to 82 rrickytheman4u (AT)  
DD-942 Ralph Royal EM3 1964 to 1966 royalrd (AT) R-Division was not only home, but also family.
DD-942 Marty Rucker SMC 1978-1980 marty_tj (AT)  
DD-942 Dan Rufer GMG3/E-4 77 - 80 d rufer777 (AT) I have some cruise pictures
DD-942 Red Runkle E-3 1973-1976 VRUNRUN (AT) want to hear from rubber ring gang.
DD-942 Bob Rutkey MM3 11/59-11/61 maryrutkey (AT)  
DD-942 Danny Sandridge SK3 9/70-3/74 dmsdd941 (AT) So many memories. 2 Nato tours,yards in Charleston. Gitmo Carribean and a lot of growing up.
DD-942 Dennis Scalzo RDM 1972-75 Deceased Deceased
DD-942 Joseph Schandua SN 1964-1965 jschandua (AT)  
DD-942 Robert Scott BT3 1973 to 1975 r.scott (AT) Fwd firerm-Gitmo, St. Johns,San Juan,Palma-good times-like to hear from snipes-ret as Seabee builder in 98.
DD-942 Keith Scott BT3 1972-1974 keith_scott (AT) Like to find some old friends
DD-942 Terry Seland FTG2 1961 to 1964 bravo3 (AT)  
DD-942 Lonnie Sellers RD3 11/57-8/59 lselld (AT) Was in shake-down cruise at Gitmo & around africa, med , Peru etc. Capt Cain was in command.
DD-942 Bernie Sevra DK2 1978 to 1981 sevrab (AT) Bittinger; Blomquist; Powell; & Keith, I'll never forget you
DD-942 Larry Sheppard SN 9/60-10/62 Larry.Sheppard (AT) I would like to hear from anyone who was on the ship at that time. I was a cook and then a corpsman.
DD-942 Myron Shiplet PO/ST 1/69-8/71 friendslab01 (AT) What a great Nato Cruise in 71. We ran aground.
DD-942 Larry Shiver HT2 1969 to 1972 shiversautoparts (AT) Two NATO cruises and gitmo started as DC fireman
DD-942 Kenneth Simon SN 9/67-12/68 fpo09501 (AT) Did Med Cruise 68 and was there when USS Scopion was lost.:
DD-942 Tom Simonson RM2 68 - 8/70 talnav (AT) my brother Rick was also aboard for a short while
DD-942 Randy Sims SH3 1965 -1967 lmcrandy (AT) worked in barber shop anhd played drums
DD-942 Tom Sizemore SFP2 68-1969 tsize1 (AT) I met a lot of good men while on board, sorry to see her sunk
DD-942 James Sledz GMG3 10/59 to 8/63 jrsledz249 (AT) Change address to 9505 N.Church Dr. Parma Heights, Ohio 44130
DD-942 Bill Smith ET2 1974 - 1977 byzantiumbooks (AT) Retired in '92. Teaching at ECPI college in Virginia Beach!
DD-942 Alfred Smith LT(jg) 1978-1980 nh2ofus (AT) As MPA best trained engineering department in the fleet
DD-942 Arthur Smith SA 69-70 vfwreb (AT)  
DD-942 John Spangler STGSN 1965 to 5/66 jspangler (AT) Did Bermuda, Med Cruise, Dom. Rep., Gemini. Fond memories
DD-942 John Stafford LT(sg) 10/62-6/63 docjonric (AT) CDR,USNR(Ret)-was medical officer for DesRon 16 on Commodore M Radel's staff during Cuban Missile Crisis
DD-942 Allen Stanga MM2 06/66-09/69 debnjr (AT) made wes-pac and med cruise
DD-942 Jack Stanton ETN3 1967-1968 stantonjac (AT) Terry McCue, Ed Carney, Lt. Nyborg, wish I could remember more names
DD-942 Charles B. Stevenson III MM2 11/57- 7/59 charlesstevenson (AT) I'm a plankowner. Glad I found this page.
DD-942 Roger Stewart RD3 67-68 rogeremtp (AT)  
DD-942 Glenn Stewart YNSN 01/69 to 04/69 glenn.vicki (AT)  
DD-942 Victor Stone SM3 09/58-12/58 vstone34 (AT) Only onboard for the goodwill cruise to Africa-Capt Mc Cain was commanding off-we had 2 star Admiral onboard.
DD-942 Richard Sumner SN 09/57-10/59 sumnersb (AT) it was great to be there when she was commissioned
DD-942 Dominick (Nick) Sunseri MM3 1963-1965 dsunseri (AT) Let's talk old times.
DD-942 Frankie Taylor MM3 1-70 8-71 frank79761 (AT) I was in main control,with mates stanga true and treloar
DD-942 David Taylor RM3 9/68 - 5/70 dtpiperdriver (AT) Miss the shipmates, don't miss the bs.
DD-942 Calvin Taylor E-3 1977-1980 calvin_taylor (AT) What's up shipmates ; I am still standing.
DD-942 James Terry RM2 1961-1965 tjames420 (AT) John's right! Bouncing Bigelow was ALWAYS underway..NIYY
DD-942 Don Thalacker BT2 6/81-3/82 tallyhoho1 (AT)  
DD-942 David Thomas SH/E-3 1967-1968 dwtooo (AT) Hated every second...Now I wish I could go back! Met some great guys on board, had good times in the Med '68
DD-942 William (Bill) Thomas RD2 1968 to 1971 wdtbpt (AT)  
DD-942 Walter Thompson SN 10/68-6/69 slazack (AT) Assigned to ships laundry and Communications Yeoman
DD-942 Thomas Thornes FN 1958 tomthornes (AT) Worked in eng rm
DD-942 Ronald Thorns ET2 7/82 - 11/82 Brothor1 (AT)  
DD-942 Robert Thurmond SA 1/61 to 63 brendadean05 (AT) this is my sister Brenda Dean email my phone is 706-265-7803
DD-942 Martin Tocholke BTFN 07/61 to 04/65 maron1 (AT) Forward Fireroom
DD-942 Tony E-3 67-69 bigteep (AT)  
DD-942 Len Trasciatti RD2 1957 to 1960 gltras (AT) Plank Owner
DD-942 Michael Turjanica STG2 SW 1979 to 1982 sailortj73 (AT) E Boston to Mayport to GIZMO to Persian Gulf & back-looking for all the CRAZIES that made it unique
DD-942 Hank Urban QM3 1968 to 1971 henrywurban (AT)  
DD-942 Barry VanCamp GMG2 07/76-11/80 vancamp_b (AT) Caribbean, Med cruise, E.Boston. Fine ship/fine crew.
DD-942 Edward Vaughn HM3 4/66 - 3/68 ecvon07 (AT) I became a man by serving on this ship with such great shipmates
DD-942 Leon Wagner ENS 77 to 79 softballpop1 (AT) Phalanx,chasing russians in key west, the med fighting fires (indian freighter and Uss concord) what hoot
DD-942 Jim Wallace ET2 1976-1979 Jwallace01 (AT) Would like to hear from you.
DD-942 Donald R. ''Randy'' Ward FTGSN 2/72-5/73 ranmarward (AT) 1972 NATO cruise/Arctic Circle
DD-942 Ed Washburn PN3 1068 to 1969 E-Male47 (AT) Hi YN2 Pagnoni, ET2 Mc Cue and PNC Willie R. Miller
DD-942 Barry Watson HT3 9/71-8/73 sailorwatson (AT) NATO Cruise 1972. Sure wish I could remember the names of my ship mates.
DD-942 Jeff Weiner SN 1963-1965 jeff6500 (AT) best time of my young life
DD-942 Tom Weiss SN 9/72-4/75 weissguytom (AT) O-ring Rings, ''FUBIN'', rough seas. They were good times!
DD-942 Oliver Wesley GM 80-81 KEYS1962 (AT)  
DD-942 George Westerhoff ET3 1961 to 1964 geowesterhoff (AT) 2 med cruises, black sea, suez canal
DD-942 Ray Whitehead FT3 05/58-06/60 ray33angie (AT) it was the best of times for a young sailor
DD-942 Kenn Whitlinger DC2 11/64 kwhitlin (AT)  
DD-942 John Wiechmann SM3 2/61 - 11/64 wiechmjr (AT) See K-19; The Bigelow still floats.
DD-942 Mark (aka Opee) Willmon SM3 1972-1975 call 918-917-7062 Had alot of good times aboard the lady. Dam good crew. Looking for shipmates.
DD-942 Bradley Wilson RM3 6/78-6/80 bwhtdg (AT)  
DD-942 Kenneth Wilson E-2 1976-1977 sabellius1 (AT) boats
DD-942 Chuck Wimer BT2 10/80 - 9/82 sixdogsnc (AT) I made BT 3 on this ship
DD-942 Dana Winchell E-5 5/68 to 1970 gwinchell1 (AT)  
DD-942 Bradley Wislon RM3 4/78-6/80 joshw (AT)  
DD-942 Greg Wood EW1 72-75 greg (AT)  
DD-942 Louis Wright EN2 02/79 - 06/82 interlace99 (AT) want contacts from this era
DD-942 Curt Yates E-3 11/76 - 9/77 tripp20 (AT) 2 nd gun mount aft---Hey Gosnell---Grasso drop me a line..Phalanx
DD-942 Curtis Young E-3 1973 until 9/15/75 curtisyoung97 (AT) 1st. Div-BM-crewmates; E Stowers,Ch Dills,Capt Lepack,SM Jackson,Utterback,Cobb
DD-942 Ralph Zettler QM3 Late 1971 to 74 paz15 (AT)  
DD-942 Mark Zinnel STG1 1978 to 1982 mhzinnel (AT)  

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