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DD- Raymond Shellenberger     Duffy104 (AT) In memory of my Uncle Ray.
DD-215 Joseph Blasko S1 1942 - 1943 danaandbobblasko (AT) My father-died 3/23/07-onboard when she rammed U-405 11/1/43-he survived-served during Iwo Jima and Okinawa
DD-215 Charles Bowman, Jr. MM 8/43 -sunk 11/2/43 jessebowman52 (AT) Dad went to rest 11-2-92
DD-215 Domingo Concha SF2 1943 alan (AT) I am looking to connect with any former ship mates who knew my uncle. He was lost in the battle of Nov. 1943.
DD-215 Gerald Flynn PO 1939-1943 terrence.flynn (AT) My father-served dur final battle & aft the war-switched services to US Coast Guard. He died at home in Fl 8/04.
DD-215 Zendzian Frank PO 1942-1943 ohio2001 (AT) Uncle Frank passed in December 1996
DD-215 Woodard ''Sie'' Landers CPO 11/43 krlandersphd (AT) My father-died 4/76-interested in corresponding with any of his shipmates from the Borie. Kerry Landers
DD-215 Bob Maher CFC 11/1940-11/1943 bobmaher01 (AT) On board when BORIE was lost in the North Atlantic
DD-215 Walter W. Parrish SM1 11/40 - 10/43 WWPARRISH (AT) Greatest bunch of shipmates in the Navy! Was transferred off hours bef she departed on last fateful trip-tragic loss.
DD-215 James Pate S2 1943 dapate46 (AT) My father-in-law died in June of 1986.
DD-215 Paul Emil Piper ENG 1920 to 1926 ThreeofNine (AT) My grandfather served on her-had great memories-I am trying to find any info on ship mates-ships roaster, etc.
DD-215 Stanley Rupe     rueso (AT) My father was aboard this ship on November 1943 during the final battle. These men were real heros.
DD-215 Alice Scott S1 1942-1943 scottussborie (AT) My dad Quincy Scott,was a survivor of Bories last stand.Was also (AT) Leyte Gulf & Tokyo Bay.
DD-215 Roland Stroebel BM1 1940-43 davidstroebel (AT) Looking for all shipmates especially family of Joseph Kiszka
DD-215 Norman Vincent COX 1942-43 mike.vincent50 (AT) vincent, norman.j. 666-93-14/coxwain.
DD-704 Darcell Adams En2 1953-1957 mla1936 (AT) 319-351-7415/cell319-430-3033
DD-704 Joe Ainslie EMP2 1955 - 1959 eightja (AT) looking for old shipmates & ships reunion dates & places
DD-704 Joe Ainslie, Jr. EMP2 1955 to 1958 eightja (AT)  
DD-704 Michael Albertson FN3 1972-1973 malbert1110 (AT)  
DD-704 Rollen Alles   44-46 Ameds27 (AT) In memory of my grandfather 'Papa'
DD-704 Frank Almeida MM2 11/55 -07/59 blackhawk1959 (AT)  
DD-704 Rawley Arrington SM2 9/59 - 10/61 rarrington (AT)  
DD-704 Brett D. Ash, Jr. RM2 09/1963 - 09/1966 bda2306 (AT) Great ship mates. CDR A.L. Blanks. Wonderful C.O.
DD-704 David Baber SN 1965 to 1966 dbaber (AT) Loved the ship and mates -saw one I know, Bill Snodgrass.
DD-704 John Barish SM2 12/65-7/69 johnjb (AT)  
DD-704 Gene Barnes BT2 7/59 to 7/60 tunnelrat496 (AT) had some really good times traveling from norfolk to richmond va every week end with my ship mates..
DD-704 Raymond Beaudoin GMG3 6/20/61 - 4/27/62 rabeau1 (AT) Good ship
DD-704 Bill Becker GMGSA 1970-1972 bbecker1231 (AT) Reserve crew in Alexandria VA prior to active duty
DD-704 Levi Bell BM2 2/66-4/68 BOATSP02 (AT)  
DD-704 Alvis Benton GMG2 2/65 to 9/69 BIGAL63 (AT) WINDSTREAM.NET  
DD-704 Richard Bernier BM3 1951 to 1955 jan_dickbern (AT) looking for shipmates esp.vincent verini
DD-704 Charles Besse TM2 1944-1946 kbesse15 (AT)  
DD-704 Joe Beverly EM3 1958 to 1959 pope1 (AT) I was Log Room Yeoman - Looking for Barnett and Gillespie -
DD-704 Ron ''Bish'' Bishop RM3 10/57 to 7/60 thebishops (AT) CQ CQ CQ
DD-704 Al Blanks CDR 8/63 - 5./65 ablank (AT) Commanding Officer - a great tour of duty. Great tour, great ship, great crew.
DD-704 Fred Bodkin PC3 5/64-4/65 fcbod (AT) Like to hear from old(?) shipmates mail call..... mail call
DD-704 Roger Bohl MM3 08/66 - 11/69 widetracta (AT) Great Time in my life / no regrets
DD-704 Escolastico Bonilla PO2 1948-1951 rebecca92509 (AT) My dad is looking for fellow mates who worked in the engine room
DD-704 Joe Bott SM2 1966-1968 eojttob (AT) Remember the Head on Collison w/Bulk Petrol??.
DD-704 Rich Bozzi BT3 1968-1969 rboz6569 (AT)  
DD-704 Robert Bradshaw FTG2 9/63-10/66 bluriley (AT) I'm a lot better on that guitar now!
DD-704 James Breen SN 6/46-9/47 boompa (AT) As good a golfer as I was a sailor
DD-704 Tom Bresse RD3 01/57-10/59 tombresse (AT)  
DD-704 Richard Briggs S1 1943-1945 buckeyeeagle971 (AT) my father was one of the wounded on august 9 1945,,he passes away in 2013
DD-704 Gary Brodine RM3 1968-1969 stickbmak (AT)  
DD-704 Thomas W.Brown SH2 4-59 to 4-60 Tom in Whiting (AT) Web tv.Net In charge of ships store
DD-704 Russell Brown SOG2 6/59 - 10/61 rus92020 (AT) Part of the sonar gang-Fox Division
DD-704 Richard Buckner EM3 1945-46 Bucko1123 (AT)  
DD-704 David Bullock 3/c 1/68 - 3/70 irisheyezrsmilin (AT)  
DD-704 Stan Butler TM2 1970-1971 swbutler (AT)  
DD-704 William F. Cain CEM 9/44-10/45 JOEDCAIN25 (AT)  
DD-704 George C. Campbell ETSN 1951-AUG 1953 CAMPBELLGC (AT)  
DD-704 William Carman BM2 7/49 - 7/53 plainold3490 (AT) trying to relive my career
DD-704 Jim Cena RM2 62-66 tshado (AT) Called Boats'' GR8T ship GR8T guys GR8T Radio Gang''
DD-704 William Clancey DK 1967-1969 porthollow (AT) Looking for old shipmates.
DD-704 Tom Clark PO3 1967-decom thenubble2004 (AT) (Sister's email) Looking for shipmates of my brother
DD-704 Jim Clarke SOG3 1/55-1/57 jaclarke1936 (AT) Remember the Suez passage?
DD-704 Cecil Craft TM1 1950-54 campbellgc (AT) Cecil was my half-brother. We served on the borie at the same time. Cecil passed away in 1999 at Bethel.Ct
DD-704 Ron Craig SN 8/62-10/64 rdcraig1 (AT) I reenlisted aboard the Borie for a Class A Hospital Corpsman School, Great Lakes, IL.
DD-704 Laurence Crapo PN2 1962 to 1964 lwcrapo (AT)  
DD-704 William Crisp BM3 1968-1970 BILLCRISP (AT)  
DD-704 Kenneth W. Curry QM3 1952-1956 myrrdhyn (AT)  
DD-704 Brad Curtis LT(jg) 12/70-6/72 mrcloserock (AT) served as Main Propulsion Assistant
DD-704 Thomas Dale FN 1945 thru 12/47 TOMJODALE4 (AT) Trying to locate him.or any relatives. Thanks.
DD-704 Alex DePalma EN3 5/60 - 8/62 depalma08857 (AT) anybody agang jw davis mr3c
DD-704 Ronald G. Dolar MMC 1952-56 rdolae (AT)  
DD-704 Gordon Drumheller SM2 12/59 -05/62 fgdrum (AT)  
DD-704 Tommy Ellison DC3 19666-1968 tellison (AT) Went to North Atlantic, Gitmo, Med, WestPac,
DD-704 Karl Emrich RMC 9/69-5/70 wa4sbc (AT) Looking for shipmates
DD-704 Michael Errington ETR2 7/64- 7/67 erringtonmike (AT) like to get email from shipmates, CDR. AL Blanks great C.O.
DD-704 John Everly E-3 1961 to 1963 everlysea (AT)  
DD-704 Donald Ezell MM3 1970-1972 doneaster77 (AT) looking for information as to how to contact David Tucker
DD-704 Bill Ferguson BT2 1968 to 1969 wildbjf (AT) good times
DD-704 Frank Ferraro BM2 1967 to 1968 Franksawdust (AT)  
DD-704 Duane Ford ETR2 1967-1969 cappyduane (AT)  
DD-704 Bill Fossum MM3 1958 to 1960 fossumjr (AT)  
DD-704 John Foster LT 65-67 jcf456 (AT) Weapons Officer
DD-704 Richard Fotion SN 11/63 - 06/64 rfotion (AT) Joined Borie for pre indoctrination to Sonar School.Deck force.Great time/crew.SOSSUS after Borie.
DD-704 Dorris (D. J.) Fournerat RM3 1955 to 1957 DJLAPSCO (AT)  
DD-704 Robert Frey LT(jg) 9/58-5/60 bobfrey (AT) Remember when we recovered Sam?
DD-704 Harry Friedrich ICFM 9/51-7/53 friedbear (AT)  
DD-704 William Fulton MM3 1955 to 1959 usandu2 (AT) any pictures of on-board, please send, would love to see
DD-704 Laurence Furey LCDR 1965-1967 Tykefurey (AT) Commanding/Executive Officer
DD-704 Leonard Gagliardi BT2 12/51-6/55 WOODMAN676 (AT)  
DD-704 Lewis Gallagher MM3/P1 12/57-09/60 xtrannyman (AT) friend of Bill W. 27 years
DD-704 Charles Gilbert SOG2 1963-1965 charlieretired08 (AT)  
DD-704 Lees Gregory QM3 1952-1955 leesgregory (AT) Good ship, great crew.
DD-704 Robert (Bob) Haley FNDC 10/55-8/57 lclmsn (AT) I wouldn't take a thing for the memories and fellowship
DD-704 Robert Hallisey IC2 1957-1960 rojha (AT)  
DD-704 Ronald Hamann EM2 68 nam cruise rmh90n (AT) i was not overly fond of witlow-remember him?
DD-704 Allan Hanoski RD3 1963 to 1966 alterhan (AT)  
DD-704 Clark Hanson ET1 1965 to 1966 clarkhanson (AT)  
DD-704 Dave Harbula ETR2 9/65 to 9/67 (814) 398-2651  
DD-704 R. Douglas Harrod   2/63 - 6/66 doug.harrod (AT) Retired in Oregon
DD-704 William Hart SN 10/1953 to 1/1956 hart (AT)  
DD-704 Jerome Harvey EM1 9/44 - 10/45 paharvey04 (AT)  
DD-704 Phillip L. Hatton SK3 11/66-10/68 plhatton52 (AT)  
DD-704 Dick Hayes LT 1964 - 1966 usna62 (AT) Chief Engineer
DD-704 Dwight Hayes LT(jg) 1951 to 1953 drhayes (AT) Engineering Officer
DD-704 John Hedrick IC3 1953 to 1955 johedrick (AT)  
DD-704 Warren Hemple SN 1961 to 1962 mthemple (AT) Looking for Seaman who remember our good times
DD-704 Joe Henderson RD2 3/58-6/60 belflls (AT) was transfered to Lind 6/60 as senior div. p.o.
DD-704 Robert R. Hesse GM2 1960- 65 excaliber53 (AT)  
DD-704 James (Mike) (JD) Hill RD1 1962 to 1965 mikehill.1 (AT)  
DD-704 Francis Horan ET3 9/58-4/62 fandehoran (AT)  
DD-704 Jerry ''Sam'' Houston QM3 2/64 - 12/64 jhouston (AT) Great ship and crew. I loved being quartermaster.
DD-704 David Houtzel E-6 1955-1957 choutzel (AT)  
DD-704 Robert Hubbard FT2P1 6/56-8/59 RLH1010 (AT) Always happy to hear from old shipmates. 269 345-1956
DD-704 William Jenkins BT1 1962-1965 wfj1 (AT) After fire room and mess decks M.A.
DD-704 Daniel Johnsen MM3 7/53 - 4/57 3-3400 Kuhio Hwy. B-310, Lihue, HI 96 milwaukee dan
DD-704 Bob Johnson QM2 1965 to 1967 rwj1220 (AT)  
DD-704 Daniel Jones RD2 5/66-10/68 danjones (AT)  
DD-704 William Jones SH3 1962 to 1965 WD.Jones (AT) Medfield, Ma.I have another photo of the Borie 704. How do I send it to you
DD-704 David Jopp MM3 1964 to 1966 kde (AT) Good times
DD-704 Mark Kaplowitz BT3 1971-1972 sidehackvnvmc (AT) When the USS Borie was decomissioned, I went to her replacement, USS Laffey DD724.
DD-704 Vernon Keller PC3 10/62-2/64 VLKSHORTY (AT) Good times with the OC Division
DD-704 Paul Kelly YNSN 01/52 - 06/53 BorieDD704 (AT)  
DD-704 Kenneth Kimble SOG3 1962-1964 kimblekp (AT) Cuban Crisis, Med Cruise, St Croix, Finland, Valberg
DD-704 Edward King SO3 4/52- 4/55 KnEdKng704 (AT) All a long time ago
DD-704 Bill Koester BT3 2/65-8/67 bill_koester (AT)  
DD-704 Ulysses Kollecas S1 1943-1945 Rich.green74 (AT) Killed during kamikaze hit 8/9/45-anyone with relatives onboard between 43-45, please contact me. God Bless!
DD-704 Ken Kooyman E-3 1968-69 bookit1948 (AT)  
DD-704 Bill Kussow GM3 1965-1967 sharon3bill (AT)  
DD-704 Dick Lamason QM3 1966-1967 cherielamason (AT)  
DD-704 John Landis LT(jg) 1955 to 1956 jacklandis (AT)  
DD-704 Pete LaRue GMGSN 62 to 64 rueman1943 (AT) Looking back at it now, some of the best times of my life.
DD-704 Earl Le Bon MM2 1961-1965 earl_le_bon (AT)  
DD-704 Roger Legg SHL3 5/67-3/69 rogerlegg2003 (AT)  
DD-704 Jim B. Lloyd BT2 6/65-2/69 www.ruffpeepers (AT) did you ever think you would miss it ?
DD-704 Gerald Luenzmann FT2 7/57 to 5/59 gluenzmann (AT) great crew, great fun, grand adventure - looking for photos
DD-704 Thomas Luter LCDR 1968 to 1969 tluter (AT) Executive Officer
DD-704 Joseph Makuch BMSN 1962 1964 Magoopaint (AT) worked hard played harder and drank the hardest
DD-704 Myron Manker LT(jg) 6/62-6/64 manktn (AT) Comm. Officer / EMO. I'll never forget my ''tin can'' tour.
DD-704 Jack Manning FN 1958-1959 Goodwin.billy (AT) served with R.L. Budd, Clair Thompson, both BT2
DD-704 Lawrence Mardeusz SN 1966 1967 lmardeusz (AT) Great time on board. Looking for levi bell, ardie brown.
DD-704 Edwin Markham CS2 1968-1970 markham.studios (AT) Did you make the Vietnam cruise?
DD-704 Wayne A. Martin DK 1963-1966 wayne23343 (AT) any shipmates serving during that time
DD-704 John Martin   1944-1945 Placdeb (AT) For my dad
DD-704 Malberta (Mal) Matthews Not certain 1944-46 live2seekhim (AT) Dad was always proud of his time on the Borie under Halsey
DD-704 William Maue YN3 3/68 - 12/68 btmaue (AT) Looking for shipmates from Vietnam Tour in 1968
DD-704 Merle (Red) McCalips     tabycat641 (AT) entry for my grandfather who is now deceased.
DD-704 Robert E. McGarvie RD2 67to69 rem (AT) erienet  
DD-704 John McGee RD3 1964-1967 RD3,jpmcgee (AT) 2 meds,1north atlantic,red sea,and cuba. Loved to chase russian subs
DD-704 Lawson McKenzie ENG3 2/47-2/50 lawson_mackenzie (AT) Slippers& Daggers buddys for life.
DD-704 Tom McNeany DC3 5/62 - 9/64 TMCNEANY (AT)  
DD-704 Owen McOmber RD3 7/70 - 7/72 omcomber (AT) used Skip and nickname Seadog
DD-704 Bob Merchant SOSN 01/54-06/55 rmerchant (AT) 517-741-3285 Wonderful memories-would love to hear from old shipmates
DD-704 Richard Mess EM2 12/53-09/56 4mess001 (AT)  
DD-704 Raymond Metzger YN3 1962-64 rayrosemetz (AT) Cuban Blockade 62 - Med Cruise 63 - North Atlantic Cruise 63
DD-704 Joe Meyers SK1 1951-1955 jfkrmeyers (AT)  
DD-704 Andrew Miles   1946 bradfence (AT) In memory of my dad . deceased Dec 1974
DD-704 Frank Milinazzo DK3 8/51-5/54 fjmi220 (AT) Career Navy. Retired 4/71.
DD-704 Walter Miller SM3 1960 to 1962 geg228 (AT) remember the atlantic hurricane we rode in?
DD-704 Bill Miller BT2 6/65 - 11/67 bpmiller (AT) Never thought I would miss it.
DD-704 Edward Mitchell EN3 1969 snipe873 (AT) if anyone was on board for the apollo 11 space shot or in 69 contact me. i was in R Division
DD-704 Robert Mondor FT3 6/51-6/55 rbmondor (AT) Great ship also enjoyed my time served.
DD-704 John Moore LT(jg) 5/54 - 6/57 gaubs1 (AT) operations / CIC
DD-704 Ron Moore GMG3 1971 gypsy_moore (AT) Member of the Ready-Reserve crew when it was stationed in Alexandria, VA-She was replaced by DD-724.
DD-704 Terry Morris STG3 10/65-5/67 tmorris9 (AT)  
DD-704 Elmoe Marvin Mullins QM3 1962-63 marvin.mullins1 (AT) I remember the Seahorse. Cuban Crisis and the surfacing of the Russian Sub with the Kennedy.
DD-704 Thomas Murphy BT2 4/15/48 8/15/51 Tmm (AT)  
DD-704 Bernard (Bud) Murphy   1944-1945 jerry (AT) Father-in-law (deceased)
DD-704 Mike Myrtle GMG3 5/67-10/68 mmyrtle (AT) Also onboard during reserve status, est 1971-73.
DD-704 Garry Neel RM3 1965 - 1966 gaben1 (AT) Was transferred to USS Northampton just before Vietnam tour.
DD-704 Joe Nelson RM3 1954 to 1956 jnelson13 (AT)  
DD-704 Dan Nickola DC2 6/69 - 4/71 Dantidal (AT) Anyone know the name of civilian shipyard the Borie was in just bef it became reserve destroyer? Please email.
DD-704 Fred Norman FN 1971-1972 Fred.Norman (AT)  
DD-704 Daniel O'Brien LT(jg) 6/54-6/57 dobrien (AT)  
DD-704 Bob Oddo ET3 8/51 - 5/55 banjo (AT) Let's hear from shipmates!
DD-704 Raymond Owens RD1 7/66-6/67 owensrw (AT) Best DD I ever served on.
DD-704 Nicky Padillo or Padilla F1 1946 to Unknown ddpeirce (AT) Possibly from Sunorra or Sucorra, New Mexico
DD-704 Robert (Bobby) Pearce     bkweikert (AT) Deceased (1998), Grandson looking for information
DD-704 Daniel Peirce F1 4/46-10/47 DPEIRCE (AT) looking for shipmates approx. that era of time
DD-704 Paul Perkins PN1 1953 Lobtrap8 (AT) Would like to hear from Shipmates.
DD-704 William W. Pestridge, Jr. GMG3 1969 - 1970 sawdust48 (AT) Had some good times !
DD-704 Jim Peterson RM2 1951-1955 jpeterson23 (AT)  
DD-704 Chris Petropoulos 3/c 08/49 to 06/52 chris535353 (AT)  
DD-704 Duane Pieri FN 1962-1965 jakep717 (AT) still miss it.
DD-704 Jerry Pivak FN 1957 to 1959 jpivak (AT)  
DD-704 Bruce Plummer SN 6/60 - 5/61 bruceplummer (AT)  
DD-704 Earl Ponceti MM3 1955-1957 ponceti (AT) Would like to share exp w/shipmates on Suez Can Cruise & any oth shipmates that served in this time frame.
DD-704 Roy Poronto TM3 1955 -1957 rporonto (AT) Anyone remember the Suez Canal Cruise?
DD-704 Lee Prather RM2 01/62 - 07/64 leeprather (AT) Good times in OC division
DD-704 Irvin Probst MM3 1962 to 1966 probst 1940 (AT) good time best in my life time remember gitmo and med
DD-704 Harold Puckett EM3 1969-1972 gold750 (AT)  
DD-704 William Purvy RD3 1963-1967 sansd (AT)  
DD-704 Vincent Randazzo BMSN 12/53-3/57 razzel (AT) Remember when we got hit by a torpedo
DD-704 Joe Rauch MM2 2/62-10/62 jtrauch (AT)  
DD-704 Charles Ray RM3 1961 - 1962 chazrayjr (AT)  
DD-704 Roger Reed SN 1962 to 1962 repete59 (AT) A lot of wonderful memories and many many great friends.
DD-704 William Regan LCDR 3/62-11/63 par4rick (AT) Memory of my father
DD-704 Michael Reik RM2 Nov 66-Mar 68 reikm2 (AT)  
DD-704 William Retz RADM 65-68 retzw (AT)  
DD-704 Thomas Rittenhouse SN 1971 to 1972 tmcr10673 (AT) Who remembers one eye Jack's bar?
DD-704 John B. Roberts TMC 4/47-10/49 RBJ437 (AT) would like to hear from shipmates during my time on board
DD-704 Dale E. Robinson FN1 5-44 thru 6-46 derobinson (AT) looking for shipmates this period. Do you remember seahorse?
DD-704 Stephen Romero STG2 1963-1966 srdd704 (AT) E-Mail me
DD-704 Rene Roy ET3 1966-1968 RoyRene (AT) On way to Vietnam, transferred to USS Boston CAG1 in Subic
DD-704 Richard Russell GMG3 1/65 - 11/66 rrussell_4 (AT) Cuba, North Atlantic
DD-704 William Ryan ET3 11/47-8/48 irishbilly (AT) Took Reserves on Cruises to Panama, Cuba, PuertoRico 6-8/48
DD-704 Ray Sanderbeck FN 1947-1950 raysanderbeck (AT) Interested finding shipmates. Also served on DD-857 USS Bristol
DD-704 John P. Sartin SA 6/49 jpsartin (AT) Reserve cruise out of New Orleans
DD-704 George Sautter   1972 pat.sautter (AT)  
DD-704 Vincent Schairer EN3 62-64 Vinmonique (AT)  
DD-704 Charles Schiavo RM1 11/16/62 - 11/27/63 ? tonigirl7 (AT) In Memory of my Father
DD-704 Richard Schlottman PC2 2/61 rick.schlottman (AT)  
DD-704 George Shadowens SKC 4/68 - 11/69 gshadowens (AT) trans from USS steinacker dd863 (AT) Guam enroute to Viet Nam
DD-704 Abe Sheehan IC3 1951 to 1954 AGS1120 (AT)  
DD-704 Larry Shilling RD2 1/70 to 4/72 lshilling1950 (AT)  
DD-704 Don Shorts ENS 1947-1948 fourstacks (AT) Also listed under DD-126 and DD-866
DD-704 Allen Siefert EM3 12/57-7/59 sandyandallen (AT)  
DD-704 Carl P. Sigona MM3 1951-1953 CPSBBS (AT)  
DD-704 Rodney Smith RD3 11/56 to 9/58 ramrods (AT)  
DD-704 Nelson Smith   68 -70 ovittjoe (AT)  
DD-704 Bill Snodgrass BMSN 7/65-6/67 jsnod128 (AT) Mediterraneum, North Atlantic, Cuba (2), ran paint locker,
DD-704 Carl Spanish TM3 3/68-10/71 carspan (AT)  
DD-704 Jerry Stankovich BT2 1971 to 1972 jerry.stankovich (AT) Had great times in Alexandria, VA & remember Jack's bar!
DD-704 William Stanley DK3 approx 11/60 to 10/62 billstanley (AT) Anyone remember BM 3rd Class - last name ''Via'' I believe
DD-704 Byron Starr EM3 8/48 to 7/51 bstr73797 (AT) My Father had passed away in November 2005. I am his son Byron B Starr jr
DD-704 Doug Stefanko SK3 1956-58 stefanko1277 (AT) gmail.comwould would like hearing from anyone who served with me. Where is Art Powell?
DD-704 Robert Stiebing SN 12/61-11/63 stiebing (AT) now living in Balto. Md.
DD-704 Dan Stone SF3 5/45 aldan1 (AT)  
DD-704 Don Stoner E-3 Dec,62 to Jan 66 Stonerdon (AT)  
DD-704 Dennis Swartz ETN2 6/62 - 9/64 dswartz3 (AT)  
DD-704 Donald Sylvia BT1 10/51 -5/55 DonaldBLeadfoot (AT)  
DD-704 Dennis Tetkowski ETR3 167-1968 dtetkowski (AT)  
DD-704 Dallas Tharrett QM2 68-69 Woodartbydallas (AT)  
DD-704 Hal Doug (Tex) Thomas   1968-1969 cherylt1029 (AT) Looking for husband's shipmates.
DD-704 Randy Thompson STG2 11/66-9/69 randy (AT) Med cruise '67. WestPAC '68
DD-704 Leroy ''Lee'' Timmons ETR2 12/61 to 6-62 onedeccie (AT) Looking for shipmates from FRAM time in Portsmouth, 1962
DD-704 William D. Tompkins Unknown   jmtkmt (AT) My father (died 1996)-onboard during the Korean War-loved to tell me stories of his time aboard her.
DD-704 Tim Trujillo SN 11/66 - 11/67 tim.trujillo (AT) Deck ape-went to assault boat cox school at Little Creek (Norfolk)-remember BM3 Bell,BM3 Deverne,SN Snodgrass
DD-704 Frederic Tunaitis GM 1958 to 1960 frederic.tunaitis (AT) Looking for shipmates
DD-704 Carlos R. Valdez E-3 1948 carlos.valdez (AT) Dad was aboard in '48. His Tele is 210.223.4945. Anyone know of Charles C. Brooks?
DD-704 Charles Wagner MM2 1/52 - 10/55 chamarwag (AT)  
DD-704 Ronald Wahl YN3 1958-1962? druiadan (AT) My father. Looking for any stories regarding him.
DD-704 Gayle Wald LT(jg) 1966-1969 gayle.wald (AT) North Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Vietnam deployments.
DD-704 Roger Weiler EN3 67 to 69 rweiler (AT) looking for old shipmates
DD-704 Dan Wellehan LT(jg) 5/56 - 11/59 dwelleha (AT) I would love to catch upnwithsome of you.I am alive & kicking in Yarmouth, Maine
DD-704 Michael West GMSN 1965 to 1968 trwest83 (AT) My father-looking for any information while he was on board the USS Borie. I know very little. Please help!
DD-704 John Wettroth LCDR 1963-1965 jwettrot (AT) Served as XO
DD-704 Colin White     cadmaster54 (AT) Trying to find Jimmy-He served on the Borie in Vietnam. His dad was frm the UK & Name was Fred White
DD-704 Thomas (Whitey) White MM3 1955 to 1959 tawhite729 (AT) Would like to hear from the old gang.Where is Almeida?
DD-704 Stuart K. White, Sr. EM3 1944-1946 appraisal (AT) I was looking through the internet with my grandfather, and we found this site-I have updated his contact info.
DD-704 Thurman Whiteley MM2 1962-63 thurman (AT) Great ship and crew. Boy did we have fun in the Med
DD-704 Ron Wildrick MR3 1966-1967 rwildrick (AT) A great time in my life-my shipmates were my family-just like the three musketeers it was-One for all and all for one!
DD-704 Russell B. Wiley E-2 4/63-?/66 cgossett (AT) What a great life building experience for American youth !
DD-704 Clancey William DK3 1968 porthollow (AT) Looking for old shipmates.
DD-704 James Windett SN1 12/48 - 10/49 jwss87 (AT)  
DD-704 Ray Winskus FTG3 2/68 - 7/69 ray (AT) Live in Fremont, CA
DD-704 Robert Wolfe DC2 11/62 -11/66 RANDLW (AT) Just looking for shipmates
DD-704 Jay Worden EM3 3/66-10/68 jw (AT)  
DD-704 Harold Young RM2 4/49 to 8/52 halmaryou (AT)  
DD-704 Stephen Zachar RM3 1955 to 1957 stephenp (AT) Suez Canal Cruise, Middle East, Mediterranean, Cuba
DD-704 Thomas Zimmerman HN 1970 - 1970 tezimmerman (AT) Looking for several friends
DD-704 Bob Zumwalt FTG2 1966-1969 robert_zumwalt (AT)  

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