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DD887 Thomas Tatum BM3 4/68-8/69 tomtatum (AT) Worked for Chief McKee - deck force Seaman->BM2
DD-887 C. H. David Abram LT(jg) 10/58-8/60 davidabram35 (AT)  
DD-887 Thomas Aceto RM3 08/64-08/66 tlaceto (AT)  
DD-887 Paul Adams, II SN 9/70/9/72 peadams (AT)  
DD-887 Jim Adell LT 1970-1971 jim_adell (AT)  
DD-887 Richard W. Allen, Jr. S1 Plankowner-7/3/1946 pallen317 (AT)  
DD-887 Mike Andrade RD2 12/69-2/73 mikey4wins (AT)  
DD-887 Richard Ashton STG2 1969-1970 richard_ashton (AT)  
DD-887 Donny Aultman RM3 63-64 don.Aultman (AT)  
DD-887 Harold Austin FN 3/62 - ? 62 the2austins (AT) Fwd eng rm-remember an MM2 ''South Side'' Joe Underwood-nothing but great memories of my Navy days.
DD-887 John Banse QM2 69-72 jb (AT) Would like to hear from my Ship Mates.
DD-887 Rustine Barr FN Nov 1967 - Jan 1969 ruscon (AT) would enjoy hearing from anyone
DD-887 William Basco GMG3 1966 to 1968 bill_basco (AT)  
DD-887 Robert Bears BT3 7/72-12/73 kkenai2 (AT)  
DD-887 William (Bill) Bell EM2 Aug - 52 to may - 56 bell08 (AT)  
DD-887 Leonard (Frank) Blake SK3 12/54-4/57 bellboy12721 (AT) I operated the Ship's store and Electronic spare parts storeroom while on serving on this sip.
DD-887 Hue Blankenship BT3 1957-1958 dmat77 (AT) please add me to any ship reunion news or updates regarding the hosting of these events. Thanks.
DD-887 Benard Bove   1955 - 1958 ChristopherMBove' (AT)  
DD-887 Jim Boyett MM3 6/58 - 10/60 jwboyett (AT)  
DD-887 Michael Bramer EN3 1/1/70 -9/15/71 Sharmike1112 (AT)  
DD-887 Mark Braun OS2 6/71-73 racketjeep (AT) Didn't love it but got a few good things out of it!
DD-887 Garry H. Brown RD3 10/57 to 9/59 ghbrown (AT) Hey Pitton,Glad to see your still alive.
DD-887 Jack Bundy     defeytert (AT) Posted by Neice
DD-887 Eldon Burkett TM3 9/50 - 11/52 sgt985 (AT)  
DD-887 Arthur Burton E-4 3/ to 1971 wyasin (AT)  
DD-887 Edward Burton E-2 69-7/70 burtonEDD887 (AT) trying to find out friends from the ship
DD-887 Tom Camp LT(jg) 5/68-9/69 presidentussbrinkleybassdd887 (AT) Pls. contact me to get the USS Brinkley Bass DD887 Association Newsletter
DD-887 Neil Carley MM3 68-72 neilcar (AT) Had a great time but the Navy was not for me ...
DD-887 Edward Carlson     brunocarlson (AT) Son of Eddie'' Contact him via my email''
DD-887 Bill Carroll RM3 3/53-1/54 nu5c5 (AT)  
DD-887 Carl Cavaretta RD3 12/66 - 12/69 carlcavaretta (AT)  
DD-887 Chuck Cermak SOG 11/61-8/64 Chuckandjessiecermak (AT)  
DD-887 Larry ''Tuna'' Chapman MM3 1962 to 1965 tuna_62 (AT) Trying to find Terry Green
DD-887 Bob Chiodo SKN 10/60 - 04/61 bobchiodo (AT)  
DD-887 LeRoy Clark EN3 1968 to 1969 cleroyjr (AT)  
DD-887 Donald Cloud, Sr. BM1 10/69-12/69 dcloud20 (AT)  
DD-887 Terry Coash BTFN 1973 tcoash (AT)  
DD-887 Earl Coleman MM2 1968 to 1969 facsta53 (AT) Live in Pennsylvania and would like to swap info and names!
DD-887 Don Connolly FT3 6/54 to 2/56 seacall40 (AT) Transferred in 56 to the Henderson DD 785, discharged 2/57
DD-887 Tom Cook RM2 1962 to 1965 mt517 (AT)  
DD-887 Frederick Cooper SN1 1947-47 Soon to be 89-like to contact anyone who remembers me-was known as ''slim''-6'2'' 159# blue eyes from Lodi
DD-887 Clifford H. ''Reverend'' Cooper MMFN 3/55 - 3/59 Rev7303 (AT) Forward Engine Room
DD-887 Rev. C. H. Cooprer MMFN 3/55 - 3/59 Rev7303 (AT) Also Served A Year on The USS Laws DD - 558
DD-887 Jim Corrigan SK/E-4 1962-1963 Grumpyjim58 (AT)  
DD-887 Myron Counts YN2 10/71-4/72 mkcrac (AT)  
DD-887 Brad Davidson LT 1/70-5/73 ebraddavidson (AT) DCA and Eng Off.
DD-887 Alfred W. Davis RDM3 10/45-02/48 2940 Bear Ln. Hiawassee, GA. 30546  
DD-887 Max Dayton MM2 4/51 - 9/54 Maxncaroldayton (AT) good time when i was on the Bass
DD-887 Allen Dendy BTFN 11/72 to 12/73 abertha2 (AT) Part of the Decom. crew
DD-887 Frank Dengler LT(jg) Jan 68 - Jul 69 pdengler (AT) alternate e-mail: denglerf (AT)
DD-887 Donald Derr LT(jg) 4/62-4/64 lcdrusn (AT) Went from ship's company to DESRON 11
DD-887 Ron Dier RM2 1973-til the end! rdier (AT) Never really got used to the Reserve Fleet
DD-887 David Dillingham E-2 Trying to find shipmates
DD-887 John Domeika     susan.domeika (AT) Submitted by daughter
DD-887 Mike Don Carlos EM2 1970-1972 bigfootbuck (AT) David Stroesner was my boss while I was onboard. A great ship and a privledge to seve with the men onboard
DD-887 Frederick Dover RD1 15/71 3/72 sealeg3 (AT) Retired from NRD Denver as NCCM on 15/08/84
DD-887 Jim Elder EM1 1964 to 1970 jelder77 (AT)  
DD-887 Herbert Eldridge FTG2 12/63 - 12/66 heldridge (AT) Looking back, it was a good experience and a great destroyer
DD-887 Robert Elliott RM2 Jan 70 - Jan 73 Bornraised (AT) Two tours SE Asia Feb-Aug 70 Mar-Sept 71; Did Austalia trip
DD-887 Harry ''Pepperoni'' Elmore TMT2 1/52-11/54 stephieart (AT) Like to hear from Pat DePinto, Charles Craig and any others
DD-887 Dave Evans MM2 1951-1955 djenve (AT) I'ts been a long long time but the memories are still there
DD-887 Raymond Evors BM3 9/50 to 4/52 evorsht3 (AT)  
DD-887 John Farmer SN/E-3 7/69 - 12/70 kfarmer2011 (AT)  
DD-887 Lee Felthoven BT2 1968-1972 felthol (AT) Forward Fireroom
DD-887 Robert Fischl LT 2/70 - 12/71 robtdfischl (AT) Have attended five reunions so far - they are a lot of fun!
DD-887 James Flemmer BT3 1968-1972 fjflemmer (AT) Foreward Fireroom
DD-887 Vernon P. Floyd FN1 1947 vpfloyd (AT) Put Thru Dry Dock in 1947 Nov.-Dec.
DD-887 Floyd Fouquet SN 10/71-73 spcs8 (AT) transferred to the orleck
DD-887 Tom Fritz SN 1/60-7/60 sky5 (AT) Go Navy
DD-887 Raoul Garcia DC1 8/68 - 12/71 rgarcia934 (AT) Great ship. Outstanding crew.
DD-887 Robert Z. Gibson FA 50 rzgibson/DECEASED  
DD-887 Jody Gittins ETR2 Sept 73-Dec 73 jgitt (AT) De-commissioning crew for transfer to Brazil in December 73
DD-887 Robert (Bob) Glenn MM 1951-1953 ricejrtc3 (AT) I am doing this for my father. He does not have an email address
DD-887 Steven Goodman STG3 9/65-10/67 Sailor1214 (AT) SAR Yankee Station,fire support ground forces
DD-887 Marvin Gordon SM1 June 55 - July 58 gordons (AT) Destroyer Division 52
DD-887 Dorance Gray QM 8/65-6/67 HEAVYRSQ6 (AT) posted by proud son
DD-887 Steve Gray BT3 Jan.71-April 71 stevgray (AT) was a short timer in the after fire room
DD-887 Paul Gutman PN3 2/56-9/57 pgutman (AT) Still glad to be aboard
DD-887 Billy Hall BT2 6/49 - 4/51 billynhall (AT)  
DD-887 Robert Hall RD2 8/58-5/61 Ashley40 (AT)  
DD-887 Robert ''Bob'' Hamilton LT(jg) (ASW Officer) 4/69-7/70 Rjham165po (AT) I look forward to catching up with old shipmates.
DD-887 Al Hamilton SO2 1952-1955 ranos (AT)  
DD-887 Ronald Hansen ETR2 12/66-06/67 radioman (AT)  
DD-887 Ben Haun S1 7/47--7/50 benhaun (AT) Just turned 77 and have been trying to find out what ever happened to the Bass would like to hear from all you guys that were aboard on these 3 yrs
DD-887 Duane Haven ET3 11/56 to 8/59 duanehav (AT) Des Div 52
DD-887 Thomas Hawkins BM1 1/6/70-7/1571 tet1968usn (AT) The turning point of my life aboard the Bass.
DD-887 Bill Hawley BT 1966 to 1967 bshawleys (AT) Looking for shipmates,please e-mail
DD-887 Robbie Herron QMSN 4/53 - 11/54 robbie vfwdd887 (AT) signal bridge pilot house
DD-887 Williw (Ray) Hodges GM 1/47-10/49 rayhodges1 (AT) Looking for any Ship mates 1947-1949 I was Gun Capt. on 20mm and in #2 5 inch Gum Mount
DD-887 Albert Hooper FT2 5/58 - 9/60 ahooper (AT) Would like to hear from anyone.
DD-887 Lowell Horner MM3 1952 to 1955 r7e8n9 (AT) Do you remember me?
DD-887 Eldon Huber CSSN 1955-1959 bocephus.em87 (AT) Loved every day-I was a cook, baker & dispersing clerk.
DD-887 George (Tom) Hueston BT3 6/70-9/73 th25_06 (AT)  
DD-887 Daniel Hursh STG1 1968 to 1970 dhursh (AT) The Brinkley Bass was my 3rd of 7 ships (one of the best)
DD-887 Bill Husa ICFN 1961-1963 billll (AT) anyone remember someone ringing the general alarm in subic?
DD-887 Sid Ingram STG2 70-72? Attended two WesPac cruises then later to Tacoma, WA. It was a PITA at the time but I learned a lot as a sailor.
DD-887 Ernest A. (Joe) Innes, Jr. STG3 1964 to 1968 mmsinnes (AT)  
DD-887 Thomas Jacobs BM2 6/72 - 5/74 seahorsefortom (AT) Was on her when sold to the Brazilan Navy and the name was changed to CT. Mariz E Barros D-26
DD-887 Wayne Jarvie STG3 59-61 wayne_jarvie (AT)  
DD-887 Donald Johnson PO 1956/1959 tundracold (AT) Searching for Robert Bush Boilerman from Louisville KY
DD-887 Chuck Johnson SN deck hand 10/65 to 3/69 cjohnson05 (AT) cell phone 9063706931
DD-887 Bill Jones BT2 12/61-7/64 billintahoe (AT) got out when ship went to San Francisco for repairs, Ship yard hired me on the spot.
DD-887 Robert Jones ET2 10/50-4/53 viennabob162 (AT) Remember Kalma-Gak, Hodo Pando?
DD-887 Ramee D. Jordan RD/SN 2/46-2/49 3228jordantwo (AT) I'm 77 years old now. Please contact me to discuss our stories for remembrance
DD-887 Keith Joseph BTFA 7/73 bayou_blaster (AT)  
DD-887 Gene P. Kaehn MM3 50-53 lori_studinski (AT) My Dad-he's gone now but would like to hear from anyone who knew him. I have great pictures of his to share
DD-887 Don Kinnaman MM3 49-52 dbk53 (AT) looking for John Leach, John Jorden
DD-887 Dwayne Koget SN 11/51-8/55 jazbpw (AT) posted by brother
DD-887 Leo (Skip) Kruze FTG2 1966 to 1968 jskruzen (AT)  
DD-887 Morris Ladner FN3 1952 to 53 cmmarcia (AT) Posted by Daughter
DD-887 Will (Ed) Lassiter CDR 1964-1966 amygeurin (AT) I am Ed Lassiter's daughter, Amy, and wanted to let you know that Dad passed away on 2/23/17 at 91 yrs old!
DD-887 Fernis LeBlanc, Sr. FN MM 1955-1957 fs (AT) looking Gordon D. Baker & Carl D. Sheldon
DD-887 Jerald Levins SN 4/59 - 3/61 jlevins409 (AT) worked in engineering log room as logroom yoeman, also Frank Moorefield was oil king
DD-887 Herman Lewis E-3 5/65 to 2/66 hlewis8445 (AT) good duty>>>has fun with you guy
DD-887 Kenneth Lindblom ETN3 5/63 to 8/64 kjlindblom (AT) write me if you were aboard these dates
DD-887 George Lipetzky FT3 12/51-7/55 GMLIPETZKY (AT) ATT.NET 7104 W., 32nd, Sioux Falls, SD
DD-887 Joel Little BMSN 1957 to 1958 joel (AT) Does anyone have a desent photo of the Brinkley Bass?
DD-887 Jon Logue E-2 3/69 - 8/71 raddad0426 (AT) yahoo great ship & crew-my time onboard i will never forget-long live GRAPES (aka) Jason first class PO aft engin room
DD-887 Victor Longo FTGSN Feb.65 to Aug.66 VHLJR (AT)  
DD-887 Daniel Love GMG3 1/66 -3/68 dannybboy66 (AT)  
DD-887 O'Neil Mabile MM3 03/62-08-64 mabileoj (AT) Never tell everything you remember
DD-887 Charles B. Marple   1945-1947 cbmarple (AT)  
DD-887 Wilbert Mathis E-3 2/63-10/64 310-631-9165 Cell Phone 310-874-4466
DD-887 Robert McCormick BM3 7/64 to 6/66 www.rdmc1946 (AT)  
DD-887 Randy McFarland RM3 72-73 Thenewmacs (AT)  
DD-887 Tim McGrath STG2 1971 - 1073 Timothyjmcgrath1 (AT) Verizon. net Decomm. Crew
DD-887 James R. Miller MM3 02/56-11/57 28239 160 St. RR 2 Box152 Waseca,MN  
DD-887 Robert Ernie Miller STG2 1965-68 divotspapa (AT) any shipsmates welcome to contact me
DD-887 Jack Miller SK3 1967 to 1969 jmiller300 (AT)  
DD-887 Dennis Morgan BT2 1/66-10/69 dennismorgan (AT)  
DD-887 Ron Morley EM3 3/65 to 8/67 cmorley (AT) survived the collission with the Waddel
DD-887 Kenneth Mounce LT(jg) 1952-1953 MOZ28 (AT)  
DD-887 Charles Mueller QM3 68 to 71 aercoab (AT) Looking for ship mates
DD-887 Walter Norskog HM1 1975 - untill we crossed decked to DD886 echo29 (AT) Was at happy ship
DD-887 Phiilip Nudd HM3 1971 - 1972 philipnudd (AT)  
DD-887 Robert Overgaard BM3 7/64-7/66 overgaardr (AT)  
DD-887 George Pace BT3 1951-1954 pacegeor (AT) new Address: 473 S 640 W Lehi, Ut. 84043
DD-887 Howard Packman SM2 12/53 thru 8/57 ihpackman (AT) great seeing old shipmates at the reunion in Chicago Aug 2007
DD-887 Gary Panzica RM3 1964 - 1968 gp57 (AT) Like to hear from any old shipmates...
DD-887 Charles Peppard MM2 8/59-8/62 cpeppard (AT)  
DD-887 Ernest Perioux     aaprioux (AT) Ernest is my late father. I'm trying to info to give my son
DD-887 James Phillips ETSN 1953 to1955 jimphil1 (AT) It's all cloudy in my mind
DD-887 Francis (Frank) Picard BT3 1-1948-4-1949 franpic (AT) Would like to hear from some that remembers me
DD-887 Jim Pitton RD2 1958 to 1962 jimpitton (AT) Any cruise books out there from this era?
DD-887 Kenneth Platt SN 4/51 to 07/53 ken_pla (AT)  
DD-887 Kenneth Post BT3 3/51-10/54 kenhorse (AT) Oil king-Looking for Charles R. Clayton
DD-887 James E. Powell MMC 53 thru 54 jetboat55 (AT)  
DD-887 Robert Price STG2 1969 to 1973 rprice010 (AT) deployed Jan 1970 and May 1971 to WESTPAC, crossed equator on 9/20/71
DD-887 Terry Reardon SH3 11/67 to 1/69 tpwillie (AT) ships barber, won't clip you now.
DD-887 John Rhoten YN3 8/66 - 1/70 kgrjdr (AT) I would like to hear from anyone on the BASS, that served at the time I did
DD-887 John Rice SO2 7/55-6/58 jrice379 (AT)  
DD-887 Tommie Robbins SF3 1/65 - 7/67 Tommie (AT) Survive the Waddell collision ,alive and bless in Ms.
DD-887 Wayne Schilling MM2 10/56 - 10/58 Love to read Navy books-fond memories-suffered stroke 3 yrs ago-would welcome hearing from shipmates.
DD-887 Richard Schmidt SH3 2/69 to 10/72 randjschmidt (AT) on board my entire tour of duty
DD-887 Bobby Scott DK1 01/65-10/67 willas (AT) enjoy being a tin can sailor best duty ever had
DD-887 Michael Shellenberger GMG3 1964-1967 Mikesbrin (AT) gmail,com Guns, Gunner, Noel Eugene Thompson
DD-887 Frank Sherwood RD2 5/69 - 3/71 fsherwood (AT)  
DD-887 Bob Sites IC2 7/55 - 8/57 bobandjoyce454 (AT)  
DD-887 Stanley Paul Skrzynski GM2 01/46-03/47 chips301 (AT) whereabouts of Raleigh Woodrow Ballou ?
DD-887 Hilliard Juan Smith SN 8/56 to 9/58 hilliardsmith (AT)  
DD-887 Paul Southman PhM 1945-1947 LVRJR (AT) On behalf of my deceased (1/12/10) uncle Paul, I register his name as crewmember of the 887
DD-887 John Spreitzer FTG2 1965-1964 jdspreitzer (AT)  
DD-887 Kevin Spurlock MMFN 10/70-7/72 kevspur (AT)  
DD-887 Charles W. Squires QM2 10/52 -5/54 lorettasquires (AT)  
DD-887 John Stafford EM2 1961-1965 elkper (AT) Known as Pat
DD-887 Pat Stafford EM2 1961-1965 ELKPER (AT) JUNO.COM  
DD-887 Paul Stageman RMC 1966-1969 pstageman (AT) Radio man Chief and Signalman Long Beach, CA and two deployments.
DD-887 Frank (Steve) Stevens BM3 4/65 - 11/67 yrc304 (AT) Worked for Andy Belair,survived collision with Wadell-proud to have served on her-love to hear frm shipmates!
DD-887 Louis Stewart STGC 9/66 - 3/71 loustwrt (AT) Great ship, great crew, the longest duty station of my career.
DD-887 Goody Stg   9/65-10/67 jackpot624 (AT) would love to hear from my shipmates
DD-887 Bill Stover FTG2 1/65-2/68 wstover (AT)  
DD-887 David Stroessner EM1 1968 to 1972 razor3back (AT) good crews and a very good ship
DD-887 Marvin Stubblefield BM3 2/46-6/49 1306 S. Darlington, Tulsa, OK 74112 Phone 918-838-7573
DD-887 Larry Summers MM2 5/58-6/63 biglarry39 (AT) Looking for Eugene Hunt
DD-887 Kenneth Sutton BM3 8/65-9/67 ksalpha913 (AT)  
DD-887 Donald Swagerty SN-Ships office 8/57 - 10/59 donaldswagerty (AT) Great trip.
DD-887 Don Tedesco MM2 4/52-8/55 donteco3 (AT)  
DD-887 Donald Thompson MM2 58/61 Dtom (AT) I would love to do it all over again. Shame we only can go around life once!
DD-887 Arnold Tracey RDSN 1969 - 1970 arniet (AT)  
DD-887 Bob (Pops) Trkovsky OS2 11/70 -11/73 bobtrkovsky (AT)  
DD-887 Larry Tyler MM2 67 to 6/70 larrywt106 (AT)  
DD-887 Longo Victor     vhljr46 (AT) change e-mail address
DD-887 Dave Vroman MMFN 11/66 - 07/68 dvroman (AT)  
DD-887 John Watkins HMCS 12/67 - 12/70 jwat129727 (AT)  
DD-887 Jack Wheeler BT/E-3 6/66-2/67 cactusj069 (AT)  
DD-887 Ronney Whitley FN 2/72-7/72 bigron52 (AT) Was on board when made move to Tacoma,Wash.
DD-887 John Wigmore LT(jg) 1/52-6/53 jgwigmore (AT) Encinitas, CA 92024
DD-887 Jimmy Woods SN 1957-1961 nrwoods (AT) I'm alive and well in Oklahoma...any shipmates out there?
DD-887 Elvin Wrede MM2 1962 to 1965 wred42 (AT)  
DD-887 Rodney Wright MM2 62 to 63 rwright0101 (AT)  
DD-887 Don Wyatt EM2 8/57-9/58 dwyatt37 (AT) Looking for Ed Livingston-Kenny Wasson-Charles Cross
DD-887 Ralph Yant RMSN 7/63-4/64 rytbyant (AT)  
DD-887 Richard Yard S2 1945-1946 Roadking_xo (AT) Would like to hear from anyone during this time served..
DD-887 Lawrence Yoder BT2 1965-1966 LYods1 (AT) I was on top watch in the after fireroom in Vet Nam.

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