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DD-745 D. L. Adkisson RD3 1965-1966 dladk (AT)  
DD-745 John R. Allen   1951-1953 feather (AT) John Allen was my father (died 1973 age 41) have all of his Navy pictures and information.
DD-745 Orson Allred QM3 1962-1963 DD745 (AT)  
DD-745 Bob Arbogast SM3 6/44 to 5/46 arbo27 (AT) What ever happened to Winnie?
DD-745 Rex Baker SM2 9/60-12/63 rex55555 (AT)  
DD-745 Robert C. 'Bob' Baker IC3 3/55-11/55 jrbacres (AT) Would enjoy hearing from anyone aboard during that time.
DD-745 William Baker TM3 1949-1953 USMC777 (AT)  
DD-745 Gary Barnett BT2 1968-1969 bud101_2 (AT)  
DD-745 Ray Belardinelli ET3 1956 to 1958 wilnsur (AT)  
DD-745 Don Bennett RD3 1966-1968 ussbrush745 (AT) Cincinnati Ohio, looking to hear from shipmates. Best way to reach me is to call (513)708-9156
DD-745 Wayne Bennett MM2 1/54-7/56 wlbennett53 (AT) I'd like to hear from anyone aboard from 1/54-7/56
DD-745 Willard Blackburn   1944-45 ? blackburn31 (AT) My grandfather-I'm fairly sure he served on this ship-anyone knows anything about him or remember him at all?
DD-745 Jim Blue SM3 2/63-9/65 res6nsfi (AT)  
DD-745 Martin Bock SOG2 1961 - 9/63 bockrmr (AT)  
DD-745 Richard Boreman WT3 1945-1946 lori3599 (AT)  
DD-745 Jensen Boulle ET1 6/56-8/57 jrboulle (AT) Last sea duty
DD-745 William D. Brown SFP3 4/65 to 6/67 dbrown (AT) Looking for Jim Teasley
DD-745 Jon Burgess SF3 1963-1966 JBurgessht2 (AT) anyone onboard at this time sf's,- mm's - bt's
DD-745 Thomas Cannon Not known 1960-1963 brushre (AT) Tom was my brother-in-law, he died of heart failure in 1992, worked in the engine room, anyone remember him?
DD-745 Robert Cannon YN3 10/65-12/66 Saguaro9876 (AT) Looking for Robert Rand or any other shipmates
DD-745 Ed Cavin BM3 1968 Ed.Cavin (AT)  
DD-745 Woodie Chartier ET2 1957-1960 buchart (AT) Looking for Dick Petit ET2
DD-745 Pete Chavez BT3 1965-1967 pchavez20 (AT) just looking for some of the crew i hung around with.
DD-745 Dennis Clark MM3 1956 to 1959 deny543 (AT)  
DD-745 Daniel Cook BTFN 1967-1968 dancook (AT)  
DD-745 Ivan Cooper SN 4/58-4/59 igcoopsr (AT) I was in deckforce and mount 51 for GQ. Do you remember Chief Kindness
DD-745 Brian Craven BMSN 1969 to 1969 ravens50 (AT) Trying to locate crew members during that time. Write back
DD-745 Archie Crawford PNC   archie (AT) I am already listed. Chane my EMail to (archie (AT)
DD-745 Lloyd Croom BT1 3/61 - 8/62 LC_MUSTANG289 (AT)  
DD-745 Howard Croxton SKSN 8/57-11/61 croxton18 (AT) looking for Harold Brook and Walter Exum
DD-745 Nik Davis FTG2 3/64 - 2/67 cablesbynik (AT)  
DD-745 Rick Davis GMGSN 10/65-7/67 rdavis (AT)  
DD-745 James Davis EN2 1951-55 jimandjeandavis (AT)  
DD-745 Bill DeHoney IC1 1969 bdehoney (AT)  
DD-745 Charles Dolab DK3 1967-68 asu1965 (AT) Thanks Larry Mack for getting me on board.
DD-745 Jack Donohue RD2 6/65-1968 jackdonohue (AT) Shipmates 65-68, send me an email
DD-745 Ronald (Ron) Douglas CS3 1954 to 1956 xiowanaz2 (AT)  
DD-745 Jim Dunnington ET3 1965-1968 dunningtonj (AT) Love to hear from anyone in Ops-Crazy Horse saloon,Grande Island,Paulines in Subic,25 cent San Miguels
DD-745 John Ebel   WWII pebel53503 (AT) My Dad served on the Brush during WWII in the Pacific. Wondering if he's still got any shipmates out there.
DD-745 Edward Foust BMSN 1950-1953 geew (AT) (435) 652-9974
DD-745 Robert Fralix E-3 1967-1968 robertfralix (AT) trying to find MacDaniiels MME5
DD-745 Eloy Freitag S2 1943-? frdayboy (AT) Would like to hear from anyone who might have known my Dad.
DD-745 Kenneth Fricke EN3 1964 to 1966 kw.fricke (AT)  
DD-745 John Frink SK2 09/66-09/67 jtfrink (AT)  
DD-745 Howard Fritz     hfritzim (AT) I am already listed, but this is my corrected email address:
DD-745 John Galindo GMG3 1966 to 1969 john.galindo (AT) looking for a cruise book for same time period.
DD-745 Robert Gallops FT1 46-52 gallopsr (AT) Dad was on the ship when it was hit in Korea
DD-745 Doug Galvin MM3 12/67-09/69 djclassic6517 (AT) 1 Westpac cruise, reserve fleet then onto DD789 and DD807
DD-745 Robert Goldfried LT(jg) 2/69-6/69 rrdsg (AT)  
DD-745 Chet Goldman TE3 1953-1955 ananaki (AT) whoever remembers me...say HELLO!
DD-745 Gregorio (Goy) Gomez RD3 10/65-12/67 IMTCEO (AT)
DD-745 Rob Goorley FTGSN 05/65 - 06/66 rob_goorley (AT)  
DD-745 Olin Hadden BMSN 1/55 thru 9/55 ohadden29334 (AT) would like to hear from anyone aboard at these dates
DD-745 Mark Halperin LT 1966 to 1968 markhalperin (AT) was Chief Engineer; would love to hear from shipmates
DD-745 Danny Hansen GMG3 65-67 mariandan (AT)  
DD-745 Nelson Washington (NW) Hardy GM3 1951-1954 marjorie.53 (AT)  
DD-745 Don Harper not certain 1948-1955 reginaalley (AT) From Shawnee, Oklahoma, Don was my Dad. Would enjoy hearing from his fellow shipmates.
DD-745 Egbert Harris SN/GM 1943-1946 jgdrtec (AT) Like to hear from anyone on this ship
DD-745 Jim Harris FTG3 8/65-1/67 jamesharris64 (AT)  
DD-745 Robert Hawley S1 1945/1946 albohaw (AT) like to hear from anyone on board at that time
DD-745 Jean G. Hazlegrove S1 1944 to 1946 jhazlegrove (AT) open to hear from any mates
DD-745 William (Smokey) Heath BT2 01/64 to 10/67 home (AT)  
DD-745 Jerry Hennis EM2 1968-1969 jwhennis (AT)  
DD-745 Richard D. Herring QM1 10/62-6/63 chopper2 (AT)  
DD-745 Jack Hillhouse RM3 Korean War hillhousespl (AT) My dad (died 1991) was onboard-I found someone on this site was looking for him-very proud of him-thank you all.
DD-745 Walt Hummel SM1 1969 walthummel (AT) was only on the brush for about four months awaiting my discharge.easy duty
DD-745 C. Dewey Hungerford RD3 8/51-12/54 deweyhungerford (AT) Our capt. was known as the mayor of Wansan harbour
DD-745 Norman Jackson PFC 1951-1953 pbrjackson (AT) My father(died 2004)-looking for anybody that served whim/has photos-TY-son Paul addr:3440 Sheriff Ln,Ponder,TX
DD-745 Gerald Jacobus SN 4/55 to 1/58 gwjacobus (AT) Shell Backs are Great 1957
DD-745 Douglas Janelle SN 1959 to 1960 dougjanelle (AT) 1st Div deck force, GQ in Mount 51, transferred to radio gang
DD-745 Dan Johnson MM3 1958-1961 danimal0815 (AT) Would enjoy hearing from former shipmates 813-899-1184
DD-745 Robert Johnson BT3 08/60 to 06/63 captaingene (AT) 1st ship-enjoyed my duty-we tested A bombs at Christmas & Johnston Islands '62-love to hear frm shipmates
DD-745 Gene Johnson BT3 1960 - 1963 gene1ae (AT) Looking for shipmates during this time period
DD-745 Joe Jordan LT(jg) 1953-1956 josephfjordan (AT) Looking for old shipmates
DD-745 Patrick (Pineapple) Kahawaiolaa SM2 03/65-03/67 elamafarms (AT) O/C div Peck,Ulmer,Stewart,Donahue Gomez,Escalantes,Moore,Berry,Chance,Ganley,Jesse James Alford
DD-745 William Kallay RD2 9/59 - 8/60 w.kallay (AT)  
DD-745 Stan Kerschner CS3 6/65 - 4/69 Sokerschner (AT) Yahoo. Com  
DD-745 Stanley Kerschner, Jr. CS/E-4 1965-1969 Sokerschner (AT) 3 tours on her to nam.
DD-745 Bud Kindy YNSN 1958 to 1961 hkindy (AT) Logroom Yoeman
DD-745 William Kirchner BM3 12/66 - 10/68 REO1 (AT)  
DD-745 Ronald Klein ETR2 1/66 - 6/68 kleinonaudubondr (AT)  
DD-745 David Koehler RM3 1965-1966 dmkoehler (AT)  
DD-745 Dean D. Kohler RM2 12/51 - 9/54 dkohler1 (AT) Looking for Jack B. Hillhouse RM3
DD-745 Paul R. Kurtz MM1 4/53 - 2/55 PAULRKURTZ (AT) After engine room
DD-745 Gaylord LaGraves   1945 - 1945 gogbadgers (AT)  
DD-745 Gary Lanyon BT2 1966 to 1969 glll (AT)  
DD-745 John Larney ETN2 1963-1965 J.Larney (AT) selling real estate
DD-745 James Larrivee SM2 1959 to 1960 yankee34 (AT)  
DD-745 Herman Light BT2 1963 1966 pipeman1 (AT) I would like to hear from any shipmates on board 63-66
DD-745 Forrest ''Trees'' Linderman SOG2 1959-1961 FLinderman (AT)  
DD-745 Herman (Moe) Litton GM3 1945-47 meaux (AT) Would like to hear from anyone on board during that time
DD-745 Jay Lofthouse RD2 4/59 to 7/59 jmlarch1 (AT)  
DD-745 Daniel S. Machado BT2 08/50-1/53 603-888-1126 319 E, Dunstable RD, #207B Nashua N.H. O3O62-4207
DD-745 Manuel Macias BMSN 1965 to 1967 macias8407 (AT)  
DD-745 Larry Mack EM3 68-69 manpamack (AT) looking for Jerry Selemi or westpac guys call 5036570384
DD-745 Jack Madigan SOG3 1960-1961 frgpnd (AT)  
DD-745 David Magana LT(jg) 3/63 - 11/65 rossmoor (AT) interested in contacting shipmates that served with me
DD-745 Alfred Martinez SD2 1967 to 1969 fmar10nez (AT)  
DD-745 Russell Maxwell BT3 6/51 to 2/55 remaxwell (AT)  
DD-745 James May Cook 9/1950 - 5/53 kanah2o (AT) Does any one remeber my father the cook on the USS Brush between 9/1950 and 5/1953?
DD-745 Dennis McAvoy BT1 1/67 to 5/68 dmcavoy (AT) another great wespac trip,great crew. Phone # 520-558-2454, portal,az.
DD-745 Jim McClenahan RD2 6/52 - 9/55 Mccthescot (AT) Looking forward to 2004 ship's reunion in Branson, MO.
DD-745 Charles McCloskey EN3 11/52 12/53   617 773 1161
DD-745 Charles Medler RD2 1951- 1954 cmedler (AT)  
DD-745 Quenton Miller MM2/C Feb. 1946-Oct.1948 ussbrush (AT) Ship's reunion held each year. Contact me for information
DD-745 David Morrison BT 1965 66 67 kf4hwm (AT)  
DD-745 Stanley F. Morse MM3 7/67-2/69 ESrom1 (AT)  
DD-745 Howard Murphy BT3 12/63 - 9/67 howardwmurphy (AT) We have a ship reunion each year. Look forward in seeing everyone.
DD-745 Frank Nicholson SH3 4/57 to 4/58 franknicholson (AT) Supply Division
DD-745 Lars Oakander SN 8/67 to 3/69 lars.oakander (AT) Great experience
DD-745 Walter Oller RM3 1952-1953 waltoller (AT) Attended Reunion Oct.24-26, 2002 Great Time
DD-745 Jerry Oneyear FTG2 1962 to 1965 jerryonyr (AT)  
DD-745 Jim Pagel BTFN 1968-1969 jimpagel5082 (AT) new email
DD-745 Jim Parker MM3 6/48 - 2/50 walliye (AT)  
DD-745 Gaylord Parker. CS3 1963-1967 parkergjr1 (AT)  
DD-745 Billy Pavlovsky   1954-1957 lpavlovsky (AT)  
DD-745 William Peirce QM2 1968-1969 whpeirce (AT)  
DD-745 Richard Penny BM3/E-4 05/67-10/67 poolplayer_80203 (AT) looking for 1st Div shipmates and friends, especially 'Campos' and Al Godlewski from Hamtramack, MI. Viet Nam ''sea dragon''
DD-745 Dick Petit ET2 5/58 to 8/60 rdp69 (AT) Looking for Woody Chartier from the ET Gang
DD-745 Joseph Pfeiffer, Sr.     jpfeiffer1967 (AT) He is a plank owner - This is my father
DD-745 Sanford Phelps SO2 06/52 - 04/55 samp745 (AT) redhead--called Sandy
DD-745 Charles Piester RM2 9/48-1/52 kathy.piester (AT) I live in Elkhorn,WI-about 45 miles s/w of Milwaukee-love to hear from anyone & chat about brush experiences
DD-745 Clyde Priest WT3 2/46 - 12/46   Please phone Clyde at (951) 769-6907 or write to him at 1642 Sera Moon Dr., Beaumont, CA 92223-2046 .
DD-745 Donald Quigley CDR 1952-1953 quigleyd (AT) Deceased 6/6/1997; email is son's address
DD-745 David Richardson SN 1963 -1964 dwinkler (AT) phone # 660-547-3479
DD-745 Kenneth Roberts EM3 1963 to 1967 kennethglna (AT)  
DD-745 Jim Robinson MM3 1963-1966 jrobinson1212 (AT)  
DD-745 Enrique (Rick) Rodriguez MM2 1963-1965 enriquej (AT) after engine room gang - great memories, great group of men to serve with. Would like to keep in touch
DD-745 Paul Rodriguez   1951 to 1958 sirsergio (AT) Hi this is Paul and I am looking to contact any of my shipmates from 1951-1958
DD-745 Donald Rogers RD3 1963-1964 donteri (AT) Looking for radar shipmates in Tonkin Gulf Incident
DD-745 Chester Rollins MM3 1965 to 1968 itcpdean (AT)  
DD-745 John Root, Jr. GMG3 1968 to1969 jcroot (AT)  
DD-745 Tom Roth EM3 1/63 - 8/65 Tomcroth (AT)  
DD-745 Billy Joe Rowland BT2 1/63 to 8/66 jrowland (AT) Looking for information on dates of cruises while on.
DD-745 Ed (Russ) Russell MM2 1963-1964 djoetr (AT) The Brush was my 3rd ship in my 4 years of duty. I worked as a Master of Arms.
DD-745 Phil Sager MM3 68-69 (918)247-5083 po box1093 kellyville,ok.
DD-745 Jerry Salemi EM 7/66 - 7/69 jerrysalemi (AT) larry Mack found me, now where are you
DD-745 Allen Seesman S1 1943-1946 Seezarman (AT) Ph. 207 439-2163 Would enjoy hearing from you.
DD-745 Thomas Seigler DK3 1969 - 1970 trseigler (AT)  
DD-745 Lloyd Sellers SOSN 4/50-9/50 pingjockey92650 (AT)  
DD-745 Jim Sexton SN 02/57 - 01/61 jimbo4_354 (AT) sn straight out of bootcamp served 24 yrs retired 1980 SMC
DD-745 Clyde Siddens SM3 7/58 - 3/62 Mapa (AT) Great experience, WESPAC ASW duty
DD-745 Bill Siener BMSN 3/54 - 1/56 APITBILL (AT)  
DD-745 James Sinclair EM3 7/69 to 10/69 sinclair5171 (AT) spent most of summer and fall '69 in Seattle transferring stuff to the USS Braine DD-630, the Brush's replacement.
DD-745 Harlan Skillingberg MM3 1968-1969 hjskilly1 (AT) one VietNam trip,then to the reserve fleet, and then decomissioned
DD-745 Loran Slothower MM3 1965-1969 arlosloth (AT)  
DD-745 Roy E Smith BM2 12/45 -2/46 fixitroy (AT)  
DD-745 Carl Smith ST1 1/68-10/69 navyveteran (AT)  
DD-745 Louis Stewart SO1 5/61 - 6/63 loustwrt (AT) My first destroyer
DD-745 Donal Straley   1951 to 1955 downhilldon1 (AT)  
DD-745 Clarence Struthers RM2 4/1962 - 5/1965 clix60 (AT) would like to contant any on board during this time
DD-745 Robert ''Bob'' Stull DC3 1967-1969 worn2frazl (AT)  
DD-745 Benny Taguchi MM2 1966 to 1969 bensair (AT)  
DD-745 Omer W. Taylor not sure 1943 meandtominfla (AT) My dad served on this ship in WWII
DD-745 Dave Thick BT3 65-67 dockman55 (AT) 989 856 2068
DD-745 John Thomas FTG3 6/65 - 11/67 ab9wg (AT) Proudly servesc as a Tin Can Sailor on 2 WESPAC cruises during Vietnam years
DD-745 Phil Travis PN3 1950-1953 saltydog1931 (AT) The old Beano brought us through a lot.
DD-745 Donald Usher FT3 58-59 dgu39 (AT)  
DD-745 John W. Vanatta RADIO/SA 10/49-1/50 johnvanatta (AT)  
DD-745 Dave Wade EM1 10/69 - 06/69 wades (AT) LT USN Retired
DD-745 James Walker FTGC 2/68 - 11/69 Jollyjim (AT)  
DD-745 Weston Warner BT1 1963 to1965 swrock (AT) looking for shipe mates aborad at this time
DD-745 David Warner FN 1960 to 61 dabowar (AT)  
DD-745 Eugene D. Webb BT3 1952 to1955 hey2pat (AT)  
DD-745 Henry Westrich   9/45 - 11/48 fuzzysdaddy (AT) alternate email, please copy, home phone 623-546-5560
DD-745 Charles Wheat S1 2/46 - 9/49 ezlife1992 (AT)  
DD-745 John C. White ETR2 1962-1964 jw9976 (AT)  
DD-745 Larry Whittaker RD3 1963-1965 l_lwhittaker (AT)  
DD-745 Roland Woodard RM2 1961-1963 vtman69cam (AT) Great tour of duty on the Brush
DD-745 Tunney Yardley MM3 1948 to 1952 573-885-2946  
DD-745 Thomas Zissos S1 1944 - 1946 218-879-6658  
DD-745 Stanley R. Zlatniski SN1 9/44 - 2/46 panajdek (AT)  

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