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DD/DDR-805 Robert Cothran ICFN 10/57-10/61 MyWW2Uboat (AT) We (3 ICs) were the ones who showed the nightly movies.if anyone remember me-would to here from you.Thks.
DD/DDR-805 John Cox SM3 8/57-8/59 friscohandyman (AT)  
DD/DDR-805 Kenneth Dandurand FN 62-64 dandur805 (AT)  
DD/DDR-805 Thomas Dempsey FA 1957-1958 haleyquinn (AT)  
DD/DDR-805 Paul Gunn SN 56-59 pgunnretired (AT)  
DD/DDR-805 Manuel Hernandez ? 1/58 - 1/60 robhernandez (AT) My Father passed away 12/06 in Phoenix, AZ. Good Bless all who knew him.
DD/DDR-805 John Sodren BT3 1965-1967 mevkgs (AT)  
DD/DDR-805 George Spicknall EN2 1952-1955 gbspicknall (AT) Have attended last 5 reunions
DD/DDR-805 Raymond Wiederhold RD2 4/56 to 2/57 cashboxfox742 (AT) Where's Hall RD1 or any of the gang from the first Australian cruse in July 57?
DD-451 Charles A. Bailey WTC1 10/42 - 10/43 lybaileyvt (AT) Charles died on 05/30/2002.
DD-451 John Ray Bain   WWII shelby6856 (AT) Deceased 3/24/21-3/25/06 Son Mike Bain email
DD-451 Creteau Greorge SM1 1942-1943 cret (AT)  
DD-451 Paul Horvath   4/11/42 to 10/7/43 phorv26305 (AT) My grandfather was Bela Horvath He was on the Chevalier from begin to end-looking for some info about him.
DD-451 Paul Hunter S1 1942 cltt1218 (AT) Looking for info about my uncle Paul Roger Hunter from Jackson,OH who was KIA on 10/42.
DD-451 Carmen Laurano EM2 1942-1943 sara_laurano (AT) grand daughters e-mail
DD-451 Ed McDonald TM2 thru 10/6/43 redsix1 (AT) My father-Plankowner-very much alive and living in Salem,MA-still has his hair,teeth & all his merbles at 93 yrs old.
DD-451 Francis McTague WT2 42-45 maviza (AT) Francis H.mac McTague is living in watervliet n.y. 518 273 2310
DD-451 Donald Murphy TM2 12/42-10/43 smurphmiller (AT) don't have a computer but you can reach me via my niece
DD-451 Paul O'Brien F1 July 42 Oct 43 harp (AT) Pres. Survivors Asso.
DD-451 Milton Reeve S1 1942 - 10/43 mjr383rr (AT) I am Milton Arthur Reeve's Nephew. My Father named me after his brother who was killed in action. I am very proud of my Uncle and his Shipmates.
DD-451 Francis ''Curly'' Schaffer   1942-1943 hneubert (AT) Grandson's E-Mail
DD-805 Jack Abbott E-3 4/67-6/69 jack (AT)  
DD-805 Radford B. Allen PhM2 February-October 1947 Allen (AT) Went aboard in Tsingtao, China from Benevolence AH-13.
DD-805 Richard Almen DC2 10/68-9/69 carmenalmen (AT)  
DD-805 Douglas D. Angel, Jr. BM3 1966-1967 dangeljr (AT) Westpac 1966
DD-805 James Atkinson FCSN 1949-1950 jamesatkinson4210 (AT)  
DD-805 Patrick Augusr BT2 1967-1969 ppaugust (AT) would like to hear from shipmates from forward fireroom
DD-805 Arthur Banks SF3 1/45-12/45 ajoebanks (AT) Deceased - Any info would be appreciated by son.
DD-805 John Belair GM3 1955-58 catfhjohn (AT)  
DD-805 Michael Bess CS3 1962-1966 lobess (AT)  
DD-805 Ralph M. Black ST1 1968 - 1972 macblack44 (AT) is anyone still around from the fox div.
DD-805 James (Jim) Blair BT3 10/49-08/51 jadoblair9 (AT) anyone out there who worked in the after boiler room?
DD-805 Richard Brady EN3 1963 to 1965 rbhessman (AT) assigned to the helo hangar
DD-805 Patrick Brennan BT2 3/67 - 7/70 pat (AT) Would like to hear from any of my old shipmates
DD-805 Ken Bricker GMG2 9/69-8/70 kenbricker (AT) great ship, GMG1 Tom Jordan was a good guy to work for.
DD-805 Robert Brown GMM2 1945 - 1946 lbrown (AT) Dad was a lank wner I'm looking for shipmates
DD-805 Jack L. Brown E-5 4/69 - 12/70 jacbrown89 (AT)  
DD-805 James Burke MM3 01/60 to 07/60 jimbetty10 (AT) Made one cruise to Japan in forward evaporators water gang
DD-805 Gary Campbell MM3 1967-68 garlan (AT) R-Div..Westpac cruise '67
DD-805 William Capp ST1 8/65-9/69 wcapp1 (AT) Would be interested in contacting any old shipmates
DD-805 Robert Harold Carrigan SN 1946-1950 mustangharold1928 (AT) Would Like to hear from anyone who served while I was there.
DD-805 Richard Chase EN3 1962-1966 rlchase7 (AT) mm then en
DD-805 Steven S. Ciosek FN1 1944-45 donnyct (AT) My father-died 4/20/98-got his theater pin as they crossed dateline although Japanese had surrendered.
DD-805 Oren Clark MM3 1944-1946 lindaloumn (AT) Plankowner - Deceased - my father
DD-805 Robert Cochran PO3 1945 to 1950 corkycochran (AT) please send me any info on this person.
DD-805 John Cole SM3 4/70-1/71 jhillascole (AT) Dwyer and Gould nagged me into doing this.
DD-805 Jerald (Jerry) L. Cox MM2 1963 to 1965 lscox525 (AT)  
DD-805 James R. Dale, Jr. SK3 1971 to 1972 jdale (AT) on board when sold to South Korea
DD-805 Everett Davis HT3 11/68 - 6/72 grandpaof15 (AT) I would like to get a hold of anyone i served with.
DD-805 Robert Dawes FN 1966-1969 robertdawes48 (AT) I would like to hear from my old shipmates.
DD-805 Carl Day S2 1946 kd4tsc (AT)  
DD-805 Anthony DelSole SM3 1962-1965 rrphillips (AT) Tony can be reached thru Rich Phillips
DD-805 Alfred Denofre SN 12/70-4/72 Ajdeno (AT)  
DD-805 Allen Dotzenko BMSN 3/63 to 1/67 aDotzenko (AT) See you in Biloxi, MS in Sept.
DD-805 Allen Douglass RD3 62-66 akdouglass (AT) I wish the carrier would tell us she was turning…
DD-805 Scott Dowling HN 69-70 pilgrim (AT)  
DD-805 Michael Downey BM2 69 to 72 dsam01 (AT) looking for shipmates
DD-805 Mike Dwyer SM2 9/69-4/71 destroyersailor (AT) Made the 1970 WestPac cruise & the Shellback initiation on 11/13/70-still have good friends from the Chevy.
DD-805 James E. Fiano SM 1967 to 1969 Weezy_66 (AT) Like to locate shipmates-like to know how to rec cru bk I paid for at the time-now in Connellsville, Pa-thx
DD-805 Ray Flores BT1 1971 - 1972 ryflores (AT) retired 1975
DD-805 Alan J. Frey MMC 12/69-7/72 freya (AT)  
DD-805 Jim Furman PNSN 12/64-11/66 djfurman13 (AT) Would like to here from old shipmates
DD-805 Colnul Galbraith WT3 Plankowner 1945-1946 smokey (AT) Plankowner
DD-805 Jim Glass SM3 1964 to 1966 jwglass (AT)  
DD-805 Steve Golden ETR3 1970 to 1972 sgoldensr (AT)  
DD-805 Paul Golla MR3 64-66 paulgolla (AT) I was a seabee and and ended up as a BU1( builder first class)
DD-805 Rick Gould SM2 5/70-4/71 rickgould7 (AT) I was transfered to the USS Roger when I made SM2 541-730-5246
DD-805 Dan Green SM3 11/66 - 8/69 Dgreen (AT)  
DD-805 Doug Guinn BM3 6/67-11/69 rguinn1213 (AT)  
DD-805 Don Hall RDM3 1945, 1946 donaud (AT) (May-Oct) and drh271 (AT) From May thru Oct. e/mail address is donaud (AT)
DD-805 George Hamilton, Jr. LCDR 11/44 to 11/45 ham005 (AT) (son's email) Son looking for Dad's shipmates & recollections. Eng officer
DD-805 Joe Hansil   4/67-1/71 hansil (AT) Would like to catch up with any of the guys that were on the Chevalier when we were in San Diego and Vietnam
DD-805 Doyle Hensley GMGSN 1963 to 1965 phyllie5656 (AT) made one west pack cruise, left ship while in Hong Kong
DD-805 Jack Hill SM2 69-72 arewe.there.yet (AT)  
DD-805 Tom Hill LT(jg) 6/68-11/69 tehill (AT)  
DD-805 Bill Hoffman BT2 64 to 66 billthesailor4 (AT)  
DD-805 John Hoover RM 44-46 aprilproctor582000 (AT) this was my father
DD-805 Scott Horn MM2 64 to 66 julhorn (AT) water king
DD-805 Michael Hostetler MM2 1968 to 1971 mhspecialties (AT) Worked in main control and aft engine room. 2 west Pacs
DD-805 Jack Howard   1960-1963 bforaker (AT) I am trying to find anyone that remembers Jack Howard....
DD-805 William (Bill) Ivie ET1 1968 to 1970 WBIvie (AT) Remember some great guys on the Chevy
DD-805 Glenn Jewell MIDN 1969 glenn.jewell (AT) PIRAZ & NGFS instead of Woodstock! Thanks to the Snipes for showing this Midshipman Hong Kong!
DD-805 Harnagel John SKSN/E-3 1963 to 1968 harnagelj (AT) My first ship in the Navy.
DD-805 David Johnke STG2 1970-1972 chikintrk (AT)  
DD-805 Mark Johnsen STG3 2/71-7/72 mjohns45 (AT) Would like to hear from anyone that was in FOX Division
DD-805 Dick Johnson ETC 06/70-06/72 shipmatejohnson (AT)  
DD-805 Calvin Kaiser ET2 12/45 - 7/46 calkaiser (AT)  
DD-805 Edward Kearey FC3 Jan 1949-Dec1950 kearey (AT) Also served aboard USS Yarnall DD541& USS Strive AM117
DD-805 Gary Keil E-4 1968 to 1971 gkeil54 (AT)  
DD-805 Kenneth (Dave) Kent QM2 1968 to 1969 kdkent (AT) home port San Diego
DD-805 Henry Kern BT1 66-67 Kernjjkern (AT)  
DD-805 Chuck Kim CDR 1968 to 1971 chasrkim (AT) Bill Citadino (sp?) where are you?
DD-805 Richard King LT(jg) 7/65-8/68 dickking (AT)  
DD-805 Dave Klein MM2 1967-1971 kleindave (AT)  
DD-805 Donald Lantz GMG3 1969- 1970 donandrose (AT)  
DD-805 Kenneth E. Layser STC Oct 69 - May 72 layser (AT)  
DD-805 James Lewis BT3 3/67-9/69 jtreesroot (AT) like to here from anyone aboard same time
DD-805 Ken Lilly RM3 2/68-9/68 dd805usschevalier (AT) Great bunch of guys in the Radio Gang!
DD-805 William Michael Lindsay   1969-1972 adegoll (AT) this is my step-dad. he did a tour in Vietnam on this ship.
DD-805 Edmonds Mackey LT(jg) 3/62-12/64 mackeyinc (AT) What do you say after 40 years? I still think of the ''Chevy''
DD-805 John Mako FN 12/64 - 7/65 jmak047361 (AT) Assigned to BT's right out of boot camp worked in aft boiler room with Sizemore/ Eagle even got to be a mess cook.Always in trouble!
DD-805 Jim Markgraf CS3 1966 1968 riggerfisher (AT) some good times hope everyone well call (AT) 856-562-1326
DD-805 Philip Marks FTG2 1/63-5/66 psmarks39 (AT) cruised 63 & 65. on MAA force.Chief MAA was FTCS Jack Fleming. looking for James Scott FTG1
DD-805 George May LT(jg) 1944-1946 pjmay (AT) Plankowner
DD-805 William J. Mayo MM2 9/69 - 1/71 bmayo (AT) Reed Point, Montana
DD-805 Bob McClure LT 1967 - 1968 bobmcclure (AT)  
DD-805 Martin McColley MM2 1961 to 1963 wanmac (AT) like to hear from anyone who served during my time
DD-805 Mac McCullough E-3 7/67-9/69 macmccullough (AT)  
DD-805 Frederick McMillan QM2 10/64-10/65 usnsnp (AT)  
DD-805 James Miller SK3 7/67 to 9/69 jhmiller (AT)  
DD-805 Jerry (Muley) Moore BT2 1963-1968 Jrrynbnn1 (AT) Looking for other BTs or FNs in same period
DD-805 Brian Mulhern E-4 1967-1969 mulhern1973 (AT) Would like to hear from Jim Miley ,James Woods or any other shipmates I associated with.
DD-805 Patrick Murphy TM3 67-68 pcwho (AT) Hello to all Chevy mates
DD-805 Norbert Nagy SN 8/2/1945 to 10/13/1953 nagysister2 (AT) My father-died 70-serv on USS Chevalier&USS Fetcheler-not sure wh yrs-like to hear frm anyone who knew him.
DD-805 Dwight Nelson RM3 1966 - 1970 deac805 (AT)  
DD-805 Herschel Oak SN 1955 dustin.sutherland (AT) Researching my cousin ''Sonny''-he died 11/55 while onboard-I would like to know the circumstances
DD-805 Lonnie Pack E-3 5/65 to 7/66 lpack60 (AT) wow.con like to hear from any one that made westpac cruise 1965
DD-805 David Panozzo BT3 3/69-5/72 dapanoz (AT) hoping to hear from anyone who served during these years
DD-805 Joe Phillips BTFN 1948 to 1949 joedotapi (AT) R FROM OLD SHIPMATES
DD-805 Richard Phillips RDSN 1962-1964 rrphillips (AT) Would like to hear from anyone onboard during that time
DD-805 Tom Pincock RM2 1966 to 1968 tspincock (AT) Had a really good time serving on the Chevy send me a line if you remember me
DD-805 Doug Quinn BM3 6/66 - 11/69 rguinn001 (AT)  
DD-805 Kenneth Rauch SN 12/70 - 07/72 rauchk (AT)  
DD-805 Richard Ray BT3 02/69-06/72 ray2947 (AT)  
DD-805 Javier A. Reyes BM 10/71 JrKs1 (AT) Looking for shipmates and ships patch
DD-805 Chuck Reynolds CTSN 8/67-8/68 chuck_reynolds (AT)  
DD-805 Charles Richards QM3 67-68 cadreamor (AT) great ship
DD-805 David (Doc) Richardson E-3 3/61 3/63 dwinkler (AT)  
DD-805 Steven Richmond SN 7/2/1971 amanwithanedge (AT)  
DD-805 Harold Robben BT3 1/69 - 6/72 seabee1322bu (AT) Oil King ,and BT one of the twins , I retired from the navy 2007
DD-805 Mort F. Rogers S1/QM 1/46-5/46 msrogers (AT) interested in Qm,Sm. about that period-still alive.
DD-805 Terry (Ratman) Rottier FN (Main Control) 03/70-07/72 Lz04f7 (AT) Would like to hear from anyone who was onboard during this time. Westpac 71-72
DD-805 Joseph Sabol SN 1943-1946 mariasamuelsson (AT) Deceased - Family of Joseph A. Sabol requests information
DD-805 Kenneth Schaefer BT3 Aug.68 - Nov.71 schaefe (AT) Looking for shipmate - Charles Hall
DD-805 John Sequeira SN 4/65-5/67 sequeiratrucking (AT) Would like to talk with anyone from 66 West-pac. Spent a lot of time on bridge watch. Still have that cruze book.
DD-805 Franklin Shaffer BT3 3/69-7/71 feschevy59 (AT)  
DD-805 Nick J. Silva PN3 1968 to 1970 silvanick (AT) What ever became of the ship?
DD-805 Terry Slagle FTG3 6/70-6/72 terenceslagle (AT) always wondered what happened to all my old shipmates
DD-805 Larry Smith BMSN 1/63 to 9/65 larryjamessmith (AT) Thorstad if you read this, thanks for watching after a teenager in the navy!!!
DD-805 Myron Smith GMG3 10/62 - 11/66 warchief (AT) What a ride. good memories. really great ship
DD-805 Philip Sobrane BT3 Dec. 65 - Nov. 68 Steamer817 (AT)  
DD-805 Howard Stofer LT(jg) 1/65-11/67 hstofer1 (AT)  
DD-805 Donald Strong SA 8/71-7/71 cwo4bosn (AT)  
DD-805 Guyce Tennison ETRSN 6/62-11-62 punkinman2 (AT) short time on ship, good memories
DD-805 Thomas Trbuza SK3 1971-1972 Tracer50000 (AT) I often Think of the great times and good friends on the Chevy even to this day!
DD-805 Gary Turner IC1 6/70-6/71 gary_a_turner (AT)  
DD-805 Antonio Vattiato BM3 4/67 to 11/69 vholtsville (AT) Miss you guys, had a great time on my two tours of WESTPAC. I was known as King Rat.
DD-805 Robert Walker SN 1948 rkwalker (AT) I came aboard just after the ship was rammed by a sub and lost her bow. Aboard at Long Beach for repairs only.
DD-805 Richard Walz STG3 9/65-10/69 rwalz (AT) Fox Division
DD-805 Joe Welsh SN 1967-1968 lockedinthe60s (AT) Still kicking - just not as high!
DD-805 Ron Wesson STG3 65-68 ronaldwesson (AT)  
DD-805 Lee Whelpley SM1 1962 - 1969 lw95 (AT)  
DD-805 Martin L. Whitcomb FN 1971-1972 mjkee5whit (AT)  
DD-805 John D. Williams MMC 11/68-12/70 ojisanjohn (AT) did my time aboard then went to shodu.
DD-805 Steve Winston ETN3 66-68 winston711 (AT)  
DD-805 Ernest Worthen SHSN 1960 to 1963 Ozthena (AT)  
DD-805 William Wright ET2 1944-1945 gspencernj (AT) My grandfather is 92. Looking to correspond with shipmates
DD-805 Osborne (Geronimo) York     ussblack (AT)  
DDR-805 Doug Allbright ET2 8/57 - 9/58 dougsailor (AT)  
DDR-805 Del (Don) Avants MM3 1960 to 1964 Indianprwd (AT) I see a few names on this you were aboard the same time
DDR-805 Sam L. Basco BTFN/YNSN Jan 57 to Aug. 60 fatsam (AT) Fwd Fireroom & Engineering Logroom
DDR-805 Don Benjamin EM2 54-55 tsr20 (AT)  
DDR-805 James Blair BT3 1049-1951 jadoblair9 (AT) trying to find info on the chevalier
DDR-805 Roger Boyce ME2 6/50 - 5/52 ronanbo (AT) Like to hear from shipmates who i served with, if any of you ole kuts are still around.
DDR-805 Thomas Brooks RD3 1950 to 1953 tbrooks122 (AT) Anybody out there remember me?
DDR-805 John Bulleri ETR2 01/58 - 12/60 jlbulleri (AT) Best experience and training of my life - best crew and great times working together.
DDR-805 Bill Buxman ET3 6/60-5/61 billbux (AT)  
DDR-805 Robert Cage RD1 1953-1956 LUVINGRVING (AT) Contact me at 301-559-8497
DDR-805 Mark (Herby) Caldwell GMSN 11/50 to 3/54 herb1932 (AT) truing to find Frank Stazzio,cook from Albany N.Y.
DDR-805 Robert (Bob) Callahan FTSN 2/58-9/60 bcallahan02 (AT) mk2 gun control
DDR-805 Murdock C. Carson FT3 1952 to 1955 carsons2002 (AT) Hosting ships 17th reunion in Biloxi, MS Sept 9/8 to 9/11 29
DDR-805 Weldon Earl Clanton SM1,QM 1947-49 vettmo (AT)  
DDR-805 Joe Clein FT2 6/55 to 6/57 ddr805joeclein (AT) I maintain the roster of shipmates interested in the ships reunions, this year will be the 21st, 2008
DDR-805 Ronald Cousart FTM3 1958 to 1971 navyret81 (AT) retired 1981 as MCPO
DDR-805 John Cox SM3 8/57-8/59 friscohandyman (AT)  
DDR-805 Robert L. (Lee) Cunningham ET2 5/54-12/55 xbuckeye1 (AT) Retired in '91 from the computer industry, northern CA mtns.
DDR-805 James R. Dale ETR2 1959 dalejamesr (AT) The other James R. Dale who served on the Chevalier
DDR-805 John Davis MM3 04/51 - 08/53 bar0 (AT) I am building model of her, any pics of top side, would help
DDR-805 William Davis SNG 1959 to1960 cooter75156 (AT) best ship of all 3
DDR-805 Robert (Curly) Davis RD1 1953-1957 bob davis1535 (AT)  
DDR-805 John Michael Dobrocke SN 1956 to 1957 dobrocke (AT)  
DDR-805 Joe Ferrante BT3 3/47-12/51 peggyfrrnt (AT)  
DDR-805 Paul Gunn SN 1956 - 1959 pgunnretired (AT) blomand. net  
DDR-805 James Hillard SH2 4/51 to 11/54 jameshillard (AT)  
DDR-805 Joe Hulon BT3 1/51-11/54 JHULON2 (AT) Would like to hear from those who served with me.
DDR-805 Wesley Jackson ET2 6/49-11/51 TJack805 (AT) Has it really been 52 years since we cruised to Korea?
DDR-805 Roger Jaimeyfield SN 1955-1956 LCRJ2108 (AT) Assigned 1st div. then, hospital corpsman striker aka ''Doc''
DDR-805 Andrew (Andy) Johnson RT2 5-1959/2-1962 orchid (AT) Would like to find a picture of this ship !!!
DDR-805 W. Phil Jordan ENS Nov 45 to Jun 46 clyphi (AT) The Chevalier is still in service in the Korean Navy(2001)
DDR-805 Keith Koenen QMSN 06/1958-11/61 bigrockfarmer (AT) played on Ship's basketball team when we won the 11th N. D. league championship. Still have trophy.
DDR-805 John Kuchta LT(jg) 1951 - 1952 jpkpck6000 (AT) Interested in hearing from anyone serving during my time.
DDR-805 Robert Larsen BT3 08/59-08/60 anchorklankerman (AT) looking for anyone who served in the boiler gang during that time, great ship
DDR-805 Brad Luton ETN3 1957-1960 bluton (AT) Looking for John D. Arnold. Happy to hear from any shipmate
DDR-805 Russ McCreary QM3 1957-1958 silverunltd (AT) Are any of you guys still alive?
DDR-805 Thomas McMahill     mcburtis (AT) my father-dates(?) rank(?) help fill in blanks for fam histo
DDR-805 Richard Monse MM3 1/64-10/64 richardmonse (AT)  
DDR-805 John Moore GM3 1955 to 1959 jrpamoore (AT)  
DDR-805 Bill Mulligan CMM 6/50-6/56 billmulligan (AT) retired USN CWO-2, enjoying hunting and fishing
DDR-805 Charles Murrell MM1 8/52-854 charnan31 (AT)  
DDR-805 Verner L. Newman III YNSN 1953 verner3 (AT)  
DDR-805 George R. (Dick) Overman SOG2 7/51 - 9/52 doverman (AT)  
DDR-805 Carl H. Posey SM3 3/61 - 10/61 chpozee (AT) CO W.W. Upshaw; Knudson, where are you
DDR-805 Ernest Potter QMSN 3/48 - 10/51 egpgolf (AT) would like to here from anyone who served when I did Thanks
DDR-805 Guy Roberts BT3 1956-1957 mjstef (AT)  
DDR-805 Thomas Ryan RM3 9/59-5/61 t.ryan15 (AT) Like to get in touch with Spence RM3
DDR-805 Steve Saiz EM3 1956 to 1959 ssrfalcon (AT)  
DDR-805 Gene Satterfield Satterfield SK1 12/53 to 7/56 mgsatter (AT) Looking for old shipmates who served aboard when I did. For ex GM J. J.Wroblewski and Art Bohn a storekeeper.
DDR-805 Jerry Schulte RDSN 1959 to 1960 jerschu52 (AT) Grants Pass, Oregon
DDR-805 Marvin Shain QM3 54-56 Spottercat (AT)  
DDR-805 Alfred Smith TE/RM2 0/58 - 9/59 alsmith217 (AT)  
DDR-805 Robert J. Smith EM3 8/52-8/53 robjo9632 (AT) I have picture of 4 cans in division. Last ships out of Wonson harbor after peace treaty.
DDR-805 Leonard Splawn FN 1946-1948 duwah (AT) Alive and well and living in South Arkansas
DDR-805 Howard T. Springer MM3 3/56-10/57 htspringer (AT) 'Ahoy mates'' Where are you ? I'm in Marysville, WA.
DDR-805 Bill Storey BMSN 1952 to1955 storeybh (AT) Hosting ships 16th reunion in Branson, Mo. 9/11 to 9/14/2003
DDR-805 William (Steve) Thomason BT2 10/58 to 3/62 chevalier 1958 (AT) like to hear from any old shipmates 1958 to 1962
DDR-805 Bobby Whisenhunt RD-3 03/56-03/58 rywhiz (AT) This is the only ship I served on in my short naval carrer.
DDR-805 George (the Bug) Wibbeler SN 1961 to 1962 kungfudad (AT) Anyone remember Tom Futch?
DDR-805 Jack Wilz FT2 1952-1955 wilz (AT) Interested in hearing from shipmates

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