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APD-130 Jack Burgess RD2 9/66 to 1968 Jack.burgess55 (AT) Best buds Dave Cobb and Gary Prokash
APD-130 John Dougherty HN 1963 jsdough1 (AT) My home phone is 812-3766149 ' was with A Co. 3rd recon as a co. corpsman, got on at
APD-130 Leon Ellis ETSN 11/54--1/58 le7818 (AT) Would love to hear from other Shipmates of this time
APD-130 Tony Montes, Jr. EM3 10/62 - 8/66 tonyhotrod (AT) Anyone serving aboard above noted vessel on dates shown above, feel free to contact me via email.
APD-130 Bill Steinberger ETR3 2/62 to 8/63 billunsuz (AT)  
DE/FF-1083 Fred Brunk LT(jg) 8/73-12/75 jfbrunkusn (AT) You can all get the Vietnam Service Medal retroactively-send to Navpers requesting xchg for 1 of your AFEMs.
DE/FF-1083 Harold Crowson ET2 1971-1973 censp (AT) Harold is still kicken! Not his email address but I will get him to info.
DE/FF-1083 Robert Dulaney, Jr. BT2 1/75 - 11/81 rdulaneyjr (AT) I was relieved by BT2 Joe Dulaney (not related)
DE/FF-1083 Mark Kedik MMFN 2/74-9/75 kedik (AT) Aux-1
DE/FF-1083 Christoper O. Koechig MM2 Fall of 74 to 8/77 ckoechig (AT) full steam to evacuation instead of 2 weeks in Australia!!
DE/FF-1083 Stephen Nelson FA 1971 hotvwsteve (AT) retired
DE/FF-1083 Neal O'Bannon FTM4 2/74-3/76 clydeob (AT) What ever happened to Petty Officer Duck?
DE/FF-1083 T. J. Staub FTG3 72-76 tjstaub (AT)  
DE-1083 Dan Althof FTG2 5/73-6/74 dalthof (AT) Capt. Nelson was the greatest!
DE-1083 Alan Ashworth RM3 71-74 akapaa05 (AT) Plankowner. Good memories/still have a few navy buddies I keep in contact with
DE-1083 Gary Banyai HT2   gbanyai (AT) Plankowner
DE-1083 Phil Carey GMG2 1971-1972 curly100 (AT)  
DE-1083 Donald Chuck ETR2 1974-1976 dmchuck (AT)  
DE-1083 Bruce W. (B.W.) Garren HT3 12/71 - 11/74 bwgarren (AT) Hey Guys! I'm still alive.
DE-1083 Thomas Gentz BT3 1971 to 1973 furnhosp (AT)  
DE-1083 Keith Goppert MM3 Oct 73 - Apr 77 gopman55 (AT)  
DE-1083 Bill Haimes LT 4/73-6/75 cdrcompass (AT) Cheng-Did she steam!
DE-1083 Michael Halmick FTM2 2/74-6/77 sanford (AT) Two WestPacs, helped evacuate Saigon in 1975. Loved Subic.
DE-1083 Thurman Hargrove E-2 1973-1973 thargrove (AT) Was dischared for medical. Oh how i miss my ship.
DE-1083 Norman Johnson EM3 71-73 captdoom (AT) I gave em hell and hell they gave me,shellback the easy way
DE-1083 Mark Kedik MMFN 2/74-9/75 kedik (AT) AUX-1
DE-1083 Paul Langenbach SK2 2/71-2/73 p-langenbach (AT) Picked up ship in Boston. I am a Plankowner
DE-1083 Jim Lavelle BT3 12/71 to 12/74 Jim (AT) Plank Owner, S America, WESTPAC. New email 2015. Would like to hear from other Plank Owers and or Snipes.
DE-1083 Wayne Longmire GMGSN 12/71 - 10/73 possum50 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1083 Alex Martinazzi MMFN 1972 - 1973 martinazzi (AT) Was a kid-trained for smokers-worked with aux equip flight qtrs general quartered at aft steering-1st WesPac
DE-1083 Deb Monson N/A N/A dmonson (AT) Friends: I am a county VA director asking for assistance regarding Operation Frequent Wind.
DE-1083 Greg Moravec   1973 to 1977 cvmoravec (AT)  
DE-1083 Jerry Nichols E-2 1972 to 1974 jerrylnichols (AT) I would like to hear from others that served aboard the cook
DE-1083 Leonard Papp YN2 1971-1973 ljpapp38 (AT) Plankowner-where are Thomas,D Dresback B Anderson-have bth cruise bks-pics of Shellback & Cruises-email
DE-1083 Frank Pazdric ETN2 1973 - 1976 frank.pazdric (AT) Great ship with a great crew.
DE-1083 Dennis Poorman ETN2 1973-1976 dgp296 (AT)  
DE-1083 Arnold Priddy E-5 1971-1974 tontoa1151 (AT) The Best Memories of my life
DE-1083 Allan Ritz BT2 2/73-9/76 homeyshiny (AT) three westpacs and becoming a shellback, what more can I say
DE-1083 Gregory Schmidt RM2 12/71 - 10/74 jujueyeball_69 (AT) Plankowner. Please respond. Also: where's Dave Dresback?
DE-1083 Paul Sprague QMSN 74 to 76 psprague (AT) Recent stories in the press surrounding the evac's of Viet Nam--brought back alot of memories of times and events that I will never forget! 35 Years ago!
DE-1083 Norman Sturgeon BT3 1972-1975 n.sturgeon (AT)  
DE-1083 Robert Warner BM3 10/71-7/75 bobwarner4 (AT) Plankowner
DE-1083 Larry Waters SF2 9/71 - 9/72 MC-L-Waters (AT) Plank owner
DE-1083 Dave Wells E-3 7/72-4/73 docdavewells (AT) Wasn't on ship long, got Chrons disease & discharged-over 25 operations,cancer,&now on dialysis-still kicking!
DE-1083 Joe Zielinski GMG3 11/74 - 4/78 Joe.zielinski (AT)  
DE-714/APD-130 Gerald {Jerry} Aucoin EN3 57-60 jbauc (AT) I would like to hear from shipmates
DE-714/APD-130 Dale Baker RD2 1958 Dale.Baker (AT) I came over to the Cook from the USS Balduck APD 132.
DE-714/APD-130 Ernie Beauregard E-4 1962 - 1966 mylhaso (AT) Lots of great memories !!
DE-714/APD-130 Marv Ostberg E-5 early 1956 to 07/59 mostberg (AT) good experience esp. trip to far east in 1957
DE-714/APD-130 Jack Scott ET3 1965 - 1967 jcs (AT) My first ship & first WestPac. Decided to make it a career.
FF-1083 Michael Baumeister BMC 9/72-6/75 e7boats (AT)  
FF-1083 Joe Benevento HM3 8/86-4/88 jbenevento (AT) Made westpac summer of 87
FF-1083 David G. Bentz HTC 1975 - 1980 dgbentz (AT) Best Ship in My 20 yrs in the Navy-best Capt I ever served under Jerry McMurry-best crew I ever served with.
FF-1083 Tracy Birch EM3 8/82 - 5/84 penntrace (AT) Reported aboard after leaving USS Turner Joy after decommissioning. Hello to all
FF-1083 Jon Braithwaite DK2 87-90 jonbraithwaite (AT)  
FF-1083 Daniel Branham BM3 1991-1992 dbranham (AT) My first and best ship. I miss serving and sailing on her.
FF-1083 Steve Carlson STG2 77-81 secarlson (AT) Human Being Society
FF-1083 Ron Carrier ET2 8/80 - 5/82 ron.carrier (AT) OE Division, ''Liquiiiiiid Luuuunch!''
FF-1083 Mark Carroll STG3 08/1990 04/1992 mark.c.carroll (AT) civilian email sonarman (AT)
FF-1083 David Cichon SM2 76-80 lynkel4 (AT) 803-447-0927
FF-1083 Tim Clancy GMG1 July 76 - Aug 77 navygunz16 (AT) 'Hot breakfast for the crew' Clint Sims
FF-1083 Chris Clink MMFN 81 snowbreeze1 (AT) came on fro uss coral sea-went to austrailia aft Irain host cris-assign to A div-Southpac-now Charleston,SC
FF-1083 Gary Conrad OSSN 1991 - 1993 garywconrad (AT)  
FF-1083 Charles Crabtree ETR2 9/74-10/75 ccc1062 (AT)  
FF-1083 Marc Daniels HM3 04/83 - 01/85 dmarc424 (AT)  
FF-1083 Brian Dauenhauerbrian SH3 86-90 Briandauenhauer (AT) Started in disbursing, later in the ship store
FF-1083 Ralph Duff HT1 1973-1977 popduff (AT) Does anybody have pictures of the HT party at Marilyn's super inn Subic city 1976 ?
FF-1083 Terry Duffy ET2   trduff (AT) I was there during the mid 80's
FF-1083 John Erickson E-3 9/75 - 10/76 jerickweb (AT)  
FF-1083 Randy Ferrier STG2 10/77-2/81 rsf5502 (AT) Beancorn!!!
FF-1083 Mark Fitzsimons GMM2 5/77 - 1/80 fitzsimons.mark (AT) From Hunters Point to the Mars - What a ride!
FF-1083 Steven Foertch MS3 3/80-3/84 foertch2 (AT) Would like to hear from former shipmates.
FF-1083 John Frampton HT2 11/83-4/87 firemedic45 (AT) HT's will put out any fire or blow out any crapper!!!!!!!
FF-1083 Sal Hernandez OSCM 2/89-4/92 saljr46 (AT)  
FF-1083 Steve Hinkle PNC 8/82 - 12/85 Bremerton560 (AT)  
FF-1083 Kevin Holland OS 1989 to 1991 kholland1970 (AT) proud to have served aboard
FF-1083 Kevin Hoskins STG3 1976 - 1980 kdhoskins (AT) Time For A Reunion! Contact If Interested.
FF-1083 Douglas Hudson HT3 3/76-10/77 DDOUGPAT (AT) Lets go to Subic Bay one more time!
FF-1083 Michael Hurt MR3 1989-1992 michael_hurt (AT) Good ship. We always had half a crew.
FF-1083 Rocky King STGSN 1978 to 1981 ralanking (AT) I would have made petty officer if I had stayed in.
FF-1083 Wayne Klatt MM2 1974 to 1979 wklatt (AT)  
FF-1083 David Leggett EW1 10/91-4/92 dleggett48 (AT)  
FF-1083 William Levin E-3 1/74 - 9/76 blev00 (AT) I miss the Cook and the men who served with me. May you all have fair winds and following seas.
FF-1083 Joe Lewis BT3 79-82 Joe121958 (AT) I was injured in ship collision on May 14 1979 USS Cook lands on Mars.
FF-1083 Ernie Lopez FN 1990-1992 NEO_95356 (AT) good to see old faces. had lots of fun on this ship
FF-1083 Bill Lorei GMG2 12/74 to 8/77 blorei (AT) Served during evac of S Vietnam 1975 Operation Frequent Wind
FF-1083 James Mahaffey E-3 1984 to 1988 james.mahaffey (AT) 1st division rocked, lets hear from you deck apes!!
FF-1083 Darrell (Marc) Marcantel HT3 1975 to 1979 laughingdawwg (AT) looking for old friends that i served with had a great time
FF-1083 Charlie (Gunner Mac) McDonald GMG2 4/76-11/77 gunnerMac (AT) Lets start having reunions
FF-1083 George McKay BT3 4/82 - 4/86 Bigtrae1 (AT) BT Hot Hot Job OH YAAAAA
FF-1083 Jim Mckee PC3 11/86-08/90 jmckee (AT) Mail Call !!
FF-1083 Greg Naki E-4 1986-1990 BIGDADDYNAK (AT) hey looking for anyone in the great gig caper!
FF-1083 Jeff Newman STG2 1988 -1991 jeff.newman (AT) Made '89 Westpac. I left just beofre decommisioning
FF-1083 Cesar Olivares BM3 6/82-8/83 gunsupboats (AT) Ch Bunch,BM3 locket of 1st div-also with MR Plumbly on the bridge-who can forget SN1 Vassey #1 deckape
FF-1083 Bob Orta STG1 1978-79 rro (AT) 26CX/114 maint, LPO, warrant selectee
FF-1083 James Putney E-6 5/85-3/88 putneyjamesray56 (AT) Had a great time on the ship.
FF-1083 Tom Rice BT2 76-79 trice81040 (AT)  
FF-1083 Bruce Rieley STG2 7/79-7/81 therieleys (AT) Commonly known as BigBird
FF-1083 David Roberts QM2 7/77 - 11/80 trust40 (AT) Served during the Hostages in Iran.
FF-1083 Robert Rodriguez CMC 10/86-1/90 dorbor45 (AT) out standing crew, ship made all commitments and picked up a few awards.
FF-1083 Bennie Rogers EM1 3/72 - 8/75 brogers (AT) Any Cook sailor that can't tap dance....need not apply!
FF-1083 John Rydzewski MM3 1988 to 1991 jtski67 (AT) Never thought I would be looking up old shipmates! Ski
FF-1083 Alan Scott ETC 8/79-12/82 shadowmutt23 (AT) Great ship great times. I recognize Wheeler and Z-man from the list.
FF-1083 John Sergey FTG3 1981 to 1984 jsergeyiii (AT)  
FF-1083 Douglas Sheridan SM3 87-91 DOU2127714 (AT) Maricopa.EDU  
FF-1083 Michael Sowers YN3 1979 msowers98 (AT) I was the Engineering Log Room Yeoman.
FF-1083 Joe Stovall HT3 1985-1988 Joemelstovall (AT) Would like to find a Westpac 87-88 cruise book-contact me at 256-495-2805-thx & hope to hear from you.
FF-1083 Norman Sturgeon BT3 1972 to 1975 n.sturgeon (AT)  
FF-1083 Steve Sullivan GMT2 1977-1981 Sullivan3416 (AT) I would like to hear from some old shipmates
FF-1083 Mark Swann SM1 01/86 - 01/87 mswann (AT)  
FF-1083 David Thorpe EW3 89-93 thorpey812 (AT) The BEST Ship in the Fleet. Go Cook Shipmates Go!!!
FF-1083 Bruce Wheeler EW2 1-80 3/82 bucfan61 (AT) did a couple of cruises..
FF-1083 Phil Wilson HT2 1981 - 1984 perdie (AT) Lets make one more westpac!!!
FF-1083 Michael Wright OS2 2/87 - 7/90 gj100xtra (AT)  
FF-1083 Sergio Zamora BT2 2/80-10/82 sergenergy1 (AT) Had fun on the ship. Miss some of the guys.
FF-1083 Mark Zimmerman ET3 1977-1980 mazim (AT) Z-Man from OE Division
FF-1083 James Ziolkowski FC1(SW) 1991-1992 zlkws (AT) My last ship-who knew an injury on active duty would end my career-26 schools cost taxpayers over $2M.

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