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  Kip Wentz   1969 -1975 saratan182 (AT) My father was aboard between those years. He was a boiler room attendant. According to my mom.
DD/DDR-808 Ron Clawson RM3 1955-57 cheleted_iron (AT) See everyone at the reunion in Mount Pleasant, SC
DD/DDR-808 Charles Cobb MM3 1945-1946 rosemash (AT)  
DD/DDR-808 Jack Coelho MM3 1967-68 coelhodsnjoseph (AT) Aft eng room-mostly operated the evaps & drank coffee-love to hear from Frankie Dowey and Leon Hendricks
DD/DDR-808 Ralph Demel E-3 1970-1973 rad19503 (AT)  
DD/DDR-808 Dick Fabian RMSN 1952-1953 dgf2487 (AT)  
DD/DDR-808 Raymond Garneau     dave564 (AT) Please email me the web site so I can put Raymond on it letting everyone know he 11/24/08. TY David Garneau
DD/DDR-808 Charles Gregory PO2 10/51 - 4/55 cbetcgreg (AT) Looking for Arthur Leaf of Staten Island and Joseph Sabol of Ludlow, VT
DD/DDR-808 Robert Hudson MM3 5/55 to 3/59 rehudson6 (AT) Like to here from shipmates
DD/DDR-808 William Kiesner E-4 9/1963 -7/1966 Kiesman (AT)  
DD/DDR-808 Edward Meleschuk BT3 10/65 9/69 meleschuke (AT)  
DD/DDR-808 Arthur Morse FN1 1945-1946 rt_morse (AT) HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU.
DD/DDR-808 Alvin Carl Osborne GM2/OC 1944 akajack (AT) looking for information on Walter Taylor
DD/DDR-808 Wayne Thompson ETN2 07/69 - 06/70 wthompson7274 (AT)  
DD-808 Fred Aguilar CM2 12/68 - 09/72 Faguilar (AT) Excited to see old shipmates once again
DD-808 Thomas Allen ADR2 1968 mrtomtruckdrive (AT) Was on to take care of the Two Drone Helicopters. Enjoyed the Rough Seas. Good Crew Aboard This Ship
DD-808 James Bachtel SH2 3/66 to 12/69 jimbachtel (AT) phone 813 662 7179
DD-808 James (Jim) R. Baggenstoss RD2 July 66 to Aug 69 jrbaggen (AT)  
DD-808 Jack Barley MR1 1971 Westpac jackba (AT)  
DD-808 Dan Beeler RMSN 8/72-5/73 dbeeler (AT)  
DD-808 William Beslow YNSA 1970-1971 Wbeslow (AT) First westpac wow. Did so growing up
DD-808 Phil Bliss GMG2 4/65 - 12/68 kpbliss (AT) 3 West Pac cruises, first can up the Saigon. Buckley - #1 can!
DD-808 Karl Blumer YN3 1969 to 1971 kbandmablumer (AT)  
DD-808 Stanley Bogdanowicz CS3 12/46- 6/50 Flynnbog (AT) World cruise was greatest, Far East was also great
DD-808 Mike Bonifay BM2 11/68 - 09/70 michaelbonifay (AT)  
DD-808 Randy Bozelle SM3 1970 - 1973 rbwild (AT)  
DD-808 Mike Cale GMG3 1966-1968 calem (AT)  
DD-808 J.T. Carlson BT2 7/64 - 7/67 www.steelpacks (AT) 40 Knots-no smoke.....Sea trials after fram mk-1 at PSNSY-
DD-808 Jerrie Cate RM2 Nov 64 - Feb 66 jdcate (AT)  
DD-808 Pete Chinnici EMFN 1971-1973 friendofhesse (AT) One WestPac 4/72 - 11/72-Would love to hear from any of my shipmates!
DD-808 James Christiana FP2 1950 to 1952 jjchrisjr (AT) best duty i had
DD-808 James A. Christiana Jr. FP2 1950-52 JIM AND JANE (AT) Service time june of 48 to july of 52.
DD-808 Charles Cobb MM3 1944-1945 Rosemash (AT) Looking for Jack Kuhns, George Crowley, Bill Wells
DD-808 Franch Cody TMO3 8/68 - 9/70 fcody001 (AT)  
DD-808 Michael Cresswell ETR3/E-4 2/72-4/73 Mcmikecress1 (AT)  
DD-808 Clyde Cummins DC2 12/49 - 12/52 buc284 (AT) Any of you old geisers still alive from shipfitter shop call
DD-808 Philip Daleo SN 1967-1972 oldslt54 (AT) i wood love to hear from anyone that was on the ship on the westpac cruise
DD-808 James Daniels STG2 12/70 - 11/72 jwd98056 (AT)  
DD-808 Arthur F. de la Parra ET3 Dec 1945 - Jun 1946 PARRABXVIL (AT)  
DD-808 Ron Dewing FN 1966 -67 Mdewing (AT) Its been a long time
DD-808 Larry Dimmitt RD3 1964 to 1965 dimmittlarry1 (AT)  
DD-808 Carl Dunn FN 4/48-5/49 wino13 (AT) this is out standing
DD-808 Bob Easton SN 1963- 1964 dino5 (AT)  
DD-808 Dennis Emerson EM2 2/64-10/67 costaplenty1 (AT) I don't think I'll ever forget
DD-808 Dick Fabian RMSN 1952-1953 fabe (AT)  
DD-808 Harold Ferguson SH2 10/68 - 5/72 harold.ferguson (AT) 940 733 7085,1604 Bert Drive, Wichita Falls TX 76302
DD-808 Randolph Fiion BT3 1968 to 1968 kc7zna (AT)  
DD-808 Tommy Francis GMG3 03/68-10/68 tfranctis (AT) Mt 52 gun line, Liberty 7th Fleet Club, Phil. ''Outstanding''
DD-808 Donald Fullerton RM3 1970 - 1972 dgfullerton (AT) Looking for anyone that was aboard ship as part of the radio room.
DD-808 Bill Furze CS3/E-4 10/68-8/72 furzebd (AT) Why was this ship not included on your list of destroyers?
DD-808 Frank Garrett HM1 65-66 fgarrett1 (AT)  
DD-808 Bruce Garrett BT3 1969-1973 bruski7 (AT)  
DD-808 Vincent Gerace RM2 1965 - 1967 vgerace (AT) Looking for Ron Parker
DD-808 John Getz S1 Dec 46 Oct 47 jagetz (AT)  
DD-808 len Gigliotti EM2 7/64-2/66 (AT) looking for Peter Lish, Arnaldo Loya or Allan Cox
DD-808 Spence Goldthwaite SO2 4/56 - 3/57 Spenceg (AT) Always called 'Goldy'
DD-808 Paul Grater STG2 64-66 paul.grater (AT)  
DD-808 Roland Gregg TM2 1967 - 1969 papato8 (AT) Where have all the good times gone.
DD-808 Larry Hedin RM2 1/67 - 4/69 HEDINMON (AT)  
DD-808 M. B. Henderson FN 3/65-3/67 mikeh0 (AT) After Fireroom
DD-808 M. W. (Pete) Hickman RD3 1966-1968 petehicman (AT) looking for any radarmen
DD-808 Ron Hlavinka LT(jg) 1965-1967 ronhlavinka (AT) 2 Westpac tours, CO's Gardner and Eidson. I was EMO.
DD-808 Lowell Hodges FC3 03/45 - 06/46 lhodges4 (AT) in Sun City, AZ
DD-808 Charles Horsman MM2 11/45 to 12/45 horsman.wayne (AT) Was transferred to USS Benner DD-807
DD-808 Sam Jacobs RD3 63-66 sjacob5 (AT) Sat Cong!
DD-808 Jeff Jones E-4 1969-1971 jlj949 (AT) Looking for information on the whereabouts of R. D. Renny Brown
DD-808 Henry Josey ET2 8/66-12/67 hc josey (AT) wash Would like history from comm. to decomm.
DD-808 John Julien IC3/IC5 1970 to 1972 jwjulien (AT) To all the other blue and brown water vets, hope you are having a great Veterans Day 2008.
DD-808 George Justice QM3 1957 to 1959 georgejustice (AT)  
DD-808 Mike Keating RM3 July 67-July 70 sherry_keating (AT)  
DD-808 Bruce Kiker IC3 ~ 05/64 to 12/66 wbkiker (AT)  
DD-808 Vern Kincheloe FTG2 1964 to 1966 evkinch.vk (AT) Was selected for NESEP in 66-aft 4 yrs at Purdue, went to nuclear power training & then to nuclear submarines.
DD-808 John King BT2 1962 jking333 (AT) I was in the after fireroom.
DD-808 Dean Kirkpatrick MM3 03/56-11/56 ldkirkpatrick (AT)  
DD-808 Colin Knutson ETN2 8/66-8/68 colinknutson (AT)  
DD-808 Jim Krick ST3 Oct 66/July70 owlob (AT) If you remember me, e-mail me. My nickname was 'Cricket'
DD-808 Rhea Larsen TM3 1964-65 vrlarsen (AT)  
DD-808 Rick Larson MM2 11/66 - 10/69 rickl (AT) I was Water King for 2 years
DD-808 Larry Lawson GMG3 Mar 72 - Jul 73 larrysr (AT) decom crew.took jack down for the last time.
DD-808 Henry (Pete) Lish EM3 01/64 - 09/66 jpflorida (AT)  
DD-808 Donald Lytle RM2 12/64-12/67 afarmersboy (AT) harold hoak, tom kaiser, yes you too vince--friends forevert
DD-808 William J. Maliszewski IC3 6/63 to 9/64 LTDLOCK (AT)  
DD-808 Michael Malloy ICFN 05/66-08/67 michael.malloy (AT)  
DD-808 Roy Manbeck DK2 1966-1970 rmgm (AT)  
DD-808 Bob Marchioni SN 71-72 RMarchioni (AT)  
DD-808 James T. (J.T.) Martin MM3 1946-1947 jtdotmartin (AT)  
DD-808 Arthur Mason BM2 1963-1967 littlealm (AT) Looking for 1st Div. shipmates
DD-808 Bob Mayer FN 08/65 - 05/67 mrramayer (AT) If you were aboard, love to hear from you
DD-808 Mick Meixell IC2 6/70 to 5/72 mickmasters (AT)  
DD-808 Edward Meleschuk BT3 10/65 - 9/69 ed.meleschuk (AT)  
DD-808 Charles Miller FT2 8/65 to 12/68 millercw (AT)  
DD-808 Bob Moore RMSN Nov 1971- decommision firecapt_90 (AT) I loved sailing on this much fun.
DD-808 Arthur Morse FN 1945 1945 rt)morse (AT) it's been a long time.
DD-808 David Nastase EM3 68-71 danastase (AT) It's been 40 years! Where did the time go? Would like to catch up with shipmates from my era.
DD-808 David Nutter ICFN 1972-1973 tincanman_99 (AT) I already have a profile created but my email address has changed (see above).
DD-808 Bill O'Malley MM3 9/65-12/69 topper320 (AT) who can forget
DD-808 LeRoy Pacheco MM3 12/60 to 2/62 lerbon (AT)  
DD-808 Lloyd Palmer STG3 May 1967 - March 1969 lpalmer (AT) Nicknamed 'Louie', Subic Bay liberty, Westpac 1968, The Best
DD-808 William payne S1 nov. 1945 -june 1946 dubpayne (AT) Great site
DD-808 Bobby Pilgrim BM3 1966 to 1967 b+pilgrim (AT) Went aboard in 1966 in SanDiego and went to Shipyard in vallajo cal.Left the ship in Nov.1967
DD-808 Terry Priestley RD1 1963-1968 twpriestley (AT) Remember ''Crash'' Gardner and the Hanson.....
DD-808 Noyce 'Robbie' Roberson FN 1969 to 1971 westhipoo (AT) Do you rember the happy nut?
DD-808 James Rohrick RM3 7/48-10/52 JRRLBJ (AT) CORRECTING DATES ABOARD TO 7/48-1052
DD-808 George Rollins E-3 4/68-5/70 andyspahaw (AT) looking for shipmates-Westpac 68,69-70-seen her ships bell (St. Marks by the sea Lutheran church,Palm Coast,FL)
DD-808 Fred G. Roybal Ops Spec/E-5 1969-1972 fgroy48 (AT) 505-426-5031 Desperately looking for my fellow radarmen 1969-72-need help seeking disability for injury while on board-pls call.
DD-808 Lewis Rozolis YN3 1945-1946 Lsrozolis (AT)  
DD-808 Carl E. Ryan SHSN 1970-decomm carlryan_sr (AT) CAN DO, we still do..
DD-808 Gary Schaffnit SN 9/65 - 2/69 frankensam (AT) lots of good times ---looking for shipmates-asroc gunners
DD-808 Jack A. Schark SN 4/66 - 10/67 jaschark (AT) It been a Long time since Wespac tour
DD-808 Frank Schoenbeck DC2 9/69-2/71 satchthemo (AT) WesPac of 69-70
DD-808 Duane Schultz BT2 5/67-5/70 winnebound (AT)  
DD-808 Robert Staples S1 1945-1946 staplm7 (AT)  
DD-808 Joseph Strunak EM 1953 to 1956 jmyaks (AT) My dad-died 9/10/2011-talked about his navy days-loved working on ship that used to be docked by Intrepid in NY
DD-808 William Stuckey MM2 8/66-8/67 wasbill63 (AT) Forward engine room, evaps.
DD-808 Wayne Thompson ETN2 8/69 - 7/70 wthompson7274 (AT) I reported aboard the day of the Moon Landing!
DD-808 Jim Todd EM3 1970-1973 decom. crew jtodd3 (AT) it would be great to hear from some of the guys ,especially the guys in r-div
DD-808 Mike Walker RM2 Aug 1971 thru Dec 1972 rex1949 (AT)  
DD-808 Rowland (Rick) Warrick ETN2 1/10/69 to 6/25/73 rowlandwarrick (AT) probably longest 'citizen' on board (AT) decommissioning time
DD-808 Philip Wass TM3 1968-1970 phil.wass (AT) torpedo away,straight an hot
DD-808 Clyde Way Ship fitter 3C 1944-1945 sdyer03 (AT)  
DD-808 William Wiley TM 63 to 65 wiley4 (AT) This is sons address.
DD-808 James Willis GM 3/45 til 7/46 aliciafayewillis (AT)  
DD-808 James Willis, Jr. G/3 GM 3/45 til 7/46 MichaelWillis56 (AT) love this site
DD-808 Roger Winters FN 6/66-12/67 raw (AT) West Pac. 8 -17-66 Happy Birthday I was 23
DD-808 J. Patrick Wood ETN2 9/71 - 5/73 jpwood (AT) 1972 (April to Nov) WestPac to Vietnam for NGS. R&R in Subic Bay, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
DD-808 Jordan Woodrow EN3 1971 - 1973 tswoodrow(AT) 1 WestPAC - Hong Kong, Singapore, Subic - NGS (A-Gang)
DD-808 Michael Wyatt MM 3/c 12/65 to 8/68 vfwvet5789 (AT) Looking for shipmates
DD-808 Dennis Zaske RM3 2/67 to 5/68 lkwabedo (AT)  
DDR-808 Robert J. Acosta RD2 1/57 - 5/60 bob.acosta (AT) 3 WestPac cruises-like to contact shipmates esp James Klaverweiden (sp??) & David T. Burlison
DDR-808 Karryl K. Anderson ETR2 Nov. 1958 to Aug. 1960 beckarryl (AT) Robert's (Andy) little brother
DDR-808 Robert (Andy) Anderson ETR2 10/59-3/59 robert.anderson14 (AT) 2 wespacs with Aust. and New Zealand
DDR-808 Gilbert Anema ME3 1956 to 1957 gla (AT) Deceased. Son would like to hear from shipmates.
DDR-808 Leo Bennett GM1 3/52-8/54 benreb (AT)  
DDR-808 Charles Bogart RDSN 1959-1961 cmabogart (AT) When and what ribbons did she earn?
DDR-808 Robert Brodeur GM 1952-1953 khanpac (AT)  
DDR-808 Joseph Brown SM3 1959-1960 Joebrown11532 (AT)  
DDR-808 Bob Bush BT3 2/54-11/56 440-333-4086
DDR-808 Ron Clawson RM3 1955-57 2ronc2 (AT) Next reunion in 2004
DDR-808 John Conly ETR2 1/66 to 9/68 conlylaw (AT)  
DDR-808 Bob Corbin FT3 58 to 60 b_corbin (AT) Maintained the Mk-5 Target Designation System w/ GQ in CIC
DDR-808 Alan Cosper ET2 7/55-12/57 acosper (AT)  
DDR-808 James Coy SNTM 6/61 to 3/62 jcoy1 (AT) looking for sn, kelly from mass,
DDR-808 Lawrence Crabb MM3 5/49-12/53 bustercrabb1 (AT)  
DDR-808 George Delaney FT2 8/49 to 4/52 gadelaney (AT)  
DDR-808 Joseph Dering EM3 4/50-3/53 jdjosephd (AT) Like to hear from anyone in Electrical or IC. gang
DDR-808 Benjamin D. Dolgin SM3 4/56 - 6/57 bddolgin (AT) 1956 WestPac Cruise...signal gang..made SM2 in reserves...
DDR-808 Wells Doty ENS 1962 - 1963 wellsd8425 (AT) EMO
DDR-808 Eric Ellison ETN2 5/55-5/57 w2ibb1 (AT) Best time ever
DDR-808 George Estey FTGSN 12/60 - 12/62 gwestey (AT) Go Fox Division
DDR-808 Homer Evans GM3 1954 to 1958 hevans2 (AT)  
DDR-808 Francis Faulkner SMSN 3/59-3/60 flags (AT) Get Ur Done
DDR-808 Ron Fox EM2 1958 to 1960 RONALD_FOX (AT)  
DDR-808 Terry Fry ETR3 7/60 - 6/62 hotwire399 (AT) Looking for Jesse Wickizer and John T. West
DDR-808 Felix Garneau SN 1951-1955 garneau (AT) love to hear any and all
DDR-808 Raymond Garneau ICFN 53 - 55 garneau (AT) looking for frank rocha
DDR-808 Joe Hallauer GMG3 1/61 - 10/63 jhallauer (AT)  
DDR-808 Marvin Hanks MM2 2/61 - 10/61 anobin (AT)  
DDR-808 Ed Heiland SO3 57-59 anon2554 (AT) 2 westpac cruises, Aust. & N. Z., made Shellback
DDR-808 Robert J. Hill, Jr. DC3 4/57-6/59 rahill (AT) 2 westpac cruises,Aust.&N.Z.-Shipfitter gang
DDR-808 Joe Johnson SKSN 1962-1963 mickeyj (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DDR-808 Dean Kirkpatrick MM3 3/56-11/56 ldkirkpatrick (AT)  
DDR-808 John Kozitzky LT(jg) 10/44 -8/46 johnmkozy (AT) am looking for Stan Atwood, Doug Dobson, John O'Brien
DDR-808 George Kronschnabel YN3 12/51 - 12/53 gkay (AT) we made two Med cruises and Newport was our home port
DDR-808 Charles Malloy MM3 9/52-3/55 oliver7606.charles (AT) Would like to renew membership. Since I last joined I am now 100% disabled (service connected) with asbestosis.
DDR-808 John Marino BT2 1956-1960 wood.butcher6 (AT)  
DDR-808 Michael A. Mazzone YN3 l950 to 1952 Dolly33 (AT)  
DDR-808 John R. Mc Elroy TEM2 1950-51 macs111 (AT) Was one of three mailmen on board at same time
DDR-808 Leroy Metz HN Striker 6/60-6/62 leroyimetz (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates.
DDR-808 David Mittell LT 8/55-6/57 mittell (AT)  
DDR-808 Gary Muzzulin EM2 1959-1962 MUZZULINI (AT) See you at reunion in Oct. 2004
DDR-808 Frank Neuman RD2 1960-1963 fneuman (AT) Radarman. Worked in CIC. WestPac 1961 & 62
DDR-808 Ed Lynn Norton EM3 1959 ELYNNNORTON (AT) From GA, Cell # 706 318-1111
DDR-808 Bill Orvalla EM3 10/62- 2/64 wandawawho (AT) She was my 1st ride-won't ever forget that
DDR-808 Donald Partin SO2 2/56 - 1/58 dwpartin (AT)  
DDR-808 Marc Pittman ET2 6/57-8/59 ag-goat (AT) Aus-NZ cruise, made Shellback. Carry card always. Joto,ne?
DDR-808 Robert Rehberg IC2 2/61 - 2/64 robert.rehberg (AT) 602-617-6048
DDR-808 Roger E. Rice SN Nov 60-Sep 61 rjar (AT) Would love to hear from anyone, especially those on my watch
DDR-808 Bob Robinson PO1 2/53 to 4/55 BobandKayRobinso (AT) I was leading Personnel Petty Officer in ship's office.
DDR-808 James Rohrick RM3 7/48-10/52 jrrlbj (AT) saw a lot of the world aboard her.
DDR-808 Milford Sanders ET2 4/58-6/59 bunnysanders (AT)  
DDR-808 Kurt Schaefer RD3 6/63 - 4/64 kschaefer_669 (AT)  
DDR-808 Martin Schelsteder BTFM 1958-1960 ynnhoj39 (AT) good ship to be on
DDR-808 Michael Schiraldi FT3 04/53 - 10/56 doctormts (AT) Looking for Toby Romer; I was best man at his wedding.
DDR-808 H. Dean Shick EM2 1960-1963 urrealty (AT)  
DDR-808 Ray Sorrell STG2 62-63 rfsorrell (AT) Looking for anyone in Fox Division
DDR-808 Charles Stanislav ET3 2/53 to 9/54 CandPStan (AT) Aol.Com  
DDR-808 Ed Stinnett MM2 2/52 estinnett (AT)  
DDR-808 Ken Stone ET3 3/63-2/64 kjstone34 (AT) phone: 740-965-1886
DDR-808 Karl Stroh MM2 1955 -1958 strohk (AT) I was in Fwd. Eng. Rm. and have the 56- 57 cruise books.
DDR-808 John Tamlin YN3 8/59-10/61 jokatamlin (AT) Will be great to locate old shipmates
DDR-808 Richard Tarbuck ENS/LT(jg) 1956-1959 eagles-roost (AT) Right full rudder all ahead flank!
DDR-808 Robert Terhune RD3 11/56 to12/57 btred58 (AT) Hasty Scout Roger Out
DDR-808 Richard Tobias FT3 9/59 - 9/60 rltobias39 (AT)  
DDR-808 Robert Tterhune RD3 11/56-12/57 btred58 (AT) new email address
DDR-808 Paul Turang RD2 1962 to 1964 paul.turang (AT)  
DDR-808 John West ETN3 1960-62 westjt (AT)  
DDR-808 Charles L. White RD3 1961-1963 stuckchuck (AT) Shipmates send me an e-mail
DDR-808 Edward Wilks SSML2 2/51 to 5/52 usn808 (AT) USN808 (AT)
DDR-808 Arbie Woolsey RM3 1957 to 1960 arbie.woolsey (AT) like to hear from shipmates of that era
DDR-808 Toby Young ETR3 8/60 to 1962 doxe_4downs (AT)  
DDR-808 Bill Zimmerman RDSN Feb. 53 to July 54 zimwil (AT) Would like to locate Bob Hutton RD3

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