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DD- Edward V. Popham FC 1942-1944 gppopham (AT) My father-onboard Dewey?-described what I believe to be TF-38,and the typhoon-anyone remember him?
DD-349 Jack Aldis   1941 - 1945 dsalvador (AT) Jack doesn't do email, but I will relay for him. Dave Salvador (Jack's neighbor)
DD-349 William Carnell   1944 - 1945 jandjjp (AT) My grandfather served on the Dewey during WW2. Jim Privee
DD-349 Johnnie C. Carpenter Y1 9/1/45 - 10/18/45 jccarp2 (AT) The last enlisted man to be transferred after decommissioning.
DD-349 Robert Loyd MOMAC3 4/44 -4/46 robert_loyd (AT) I ran everators& moter whale boat Bob Loyd
DD-349 William (Bill) Maguire     jmaguire20 (AT) My father served aboard approx late 30's to mid 40's-anybody remembered him-any stories that could be shared?
DD-349 Paul Muenzenmeyer   12/1/44 Brhansberger (AT) Paul is my father, and has died,but would love to from anyone who may have known him
DD-349 Lorin Nelson GM1 1/44-12/45 freejay4 (AT)  
DD-349 Robert Shirey LT(jg) 1943-1945 Spilsby (AT) My father-died 1998-any shipmates remember him-would be interested to know about his service & the ship
DD-349 William R. Waugaman GMC 1944 hdbp2009 (AT) My father served twice in the navy 1932-36 1941-45 he was a very patriotic an reenlisted
DD-349 John Yike RM2 3/44-9/45 jjy349 (AT)  
DD-45 Gary Brookins Master Chief 1984-85 brookins (AT) Brother of David. I would like to hear from any of my brother's shipmates
DDG-45 William Adabody SH2 6/75 to 2/79 JANAN (AT) Let's talk old times
DDG-45 Jeffrey Anderson ET1 1985-1989 janders51 (AT)  
DDG-45 Steve Baggs EW2 7/76 - 12/80 sbaggs (AT) El Bago here. GITMO to the yards. Great shipmates/good times
DDG-45 Jamie Baxley FTM2 6/79 to 8/83 bumfumble1 (AT)  
DDG-45 Bill Beede GMM2 1981 to 1983 wpbeede (AT)  
DDG-45 Bob Bennett EN1 1980 Unclebob52 (AT) A-Gang
DDG-45 Carl Billings HT2 2/73 - 12/76 nub_51 (AT) Urgent need to talk to Shipmates Summer 76 Cuba. Looking for Eddie Nixs
DDG-45 Kenneth Bloom DC3 88-90 brendaka (AT) like to hear from anyone, great boat, when engineering got liberty
DDG-45 Jeff Bolton MM2 8/85-4/88 boltonjs (AT) Had some good times and some bad. Soccer in Turkey '87
DDG-45 Rob Braithwaite OS2 3/76 - 4/79 rbwaite (AT)  
DDG-45 James Bridges IC3 1/80-2/82 netranger77 (AT) 2 engine rules anyone remember (Cheng Papa Smurf)(big red)
DDG-45 Fred Brown OS2 4/75 - 12/79 fredwbrown24 (AT) Looking for a UNITAS XX Cruise Book if anyone is willing to part with one.
DDG-45 Michael Brown OS2 11/77 to 6/79 singlpilot (AT) Served with some great people on this ship
DDG-45 Daniel Buentello CWO2 1984 to 1987 dbuentello (AT) Fire Control Officer
DDG-45 Guy Campagna IC3 75-78 guyacampagna (AT) JR
DDG-45 Rob Cart SH2 1976-1978 rthecarts (AT) would like to hear from Bill Adabody or anyone else
DDG-45 Greg Claunch FTM3 7/78 - 3/81 gregordio (AT) Med 78 Unitas 79 ''Smoking n Stroking 45''
DDG-45 Brian Cote DS2 10/83 - 2/89 padcote (AT) Always looking to swap some 'ol Navy stories
DDG-45 Steve Coughlin BM2 4/80-4/84 steve coughlin (706) 377-4088 like to hear from old shipmates from the day
DDG-45 Tom Croson MM2 87-90 mystic (AT) A Gang
DDG-45 Richard Cudd ENFN May 89 to July 90 EN2831 (AT) Hey you old BTs, E-mail me if you want to talk about the old days
DDG-45 William Curtin, Jr. GMM3 5/76-6/79 bcurtin92 (AT) looking for the old missile house gang gitmo76 med77-78 dewdrop inn great ship
DDG-45 Rob Davis GMG2 10/84-8/90 rob2293 (AT) NRC Memphis REDCOM9
DDG-45 Michael Dean HT3 10/83 - 2/86 deanmechanical (AT) Best ship and crew in the Navy. Good luck to all of my shipmates. I think of you often.
DDG-45 Douglas Delles MMC 1982-1987 douglas.delles (AT) we were it gents the first and finest
DDG-45 Charles Dillman FC3 84-88 theozmancometh (AT) Fond memories now; can barely remember chipping non-skid. .
DDG-45 Bob Drake EM2 5/78-8/81 bandtcans (AT) many great memories with a great bunch guys
DDG-45 Michael Duncan MM2 1985-1989 duncan55000 (AT) Served in Engineroom 1 (Main Control)
DDG-45 Russ Elder OS3 3/76 to 4/79 elderdwy (AT) we had a hell of a time
DDG-45 Bobby Elmore BT3 3/79-4/82 bobby261 (AT)  
DDG-45 Ralph Evans BT2 1982-1987 davidevans (AT) Send me an email
DDG-45 Ross Fulkerson BT3 6/76 6/80 the redneck (AT) Bodine,booty, puppy,burding,where you at.Ok bodine I know where you are
DDG-45 Robert Gajda BT2 74-78 Beerhunter1 (AT) I have your BT punch & 4 feet of pipe thread
DDG-45 Todd Gillock DC2 08/87 to decom todd.gillock (AT) My first ship! Had a ton of fun there with lots of memories.
DDG-45 Daryl Greene MM2 (SW) / GSM1(SW) 12/87 - decom dGr9842692 (AT) Aft eng room-many good memories-cross rated to GSM & ended my tour in 8/93 on the USS Hewitt dd-966.
DDG-45 Alvin Hammonds BT3 8/86-12/90 hammondsa_98 (AT) hey now would like to hear from anybody i served with especially my brother in law mike webb
DDG-45 Tommy Hawk OS3 8/83- 3/87 THawk63 (AT)  
DDG-45 Dave Hayes BT3 1984 to 1988 BIGREDHUSKER2003 (AT) what is happening
DDG-45 Edward Heidenthal HT2 June 1979 June 1981 heidenthal1 (AT) Just dropping anchor to say Hi.
DDG-45 Chuck (Charles) Henry BT2 5/85 to 5/86 tornado (AT) attached to after fire room, worked under BT1 Demotrouff
DDG-45 Steve Herron BT1 1973 to 1976 steveherron (AT)  
DDG-45 Douglas Hodges BT3 1976-1979 dchodges (AT)  
DDG-45 Max Holdcraft E-4 3/76 - 12/79 maxholdcraft (AT) Cheers Shipmates
DDG-45 Ray Ives OSCS 1980 to 1984 RAYEVIE (AT)  
DDG-45 Mike Johnson MMFN 1981-1983 blknk1422002 (AT) I know Michael Johnson who was on your ship in nam
DDG-45 Robet J. Jordan GMCS May 1985- Feb. 1988 gmcse8 (AT)  
DDG-45 James Justice E-3 5/80-6/83 justice_randel (AT) ''cherry pie for the crew''
DDG-45 John Keefer DS2 4/82 - 7/85 keeferjm (AT)  
DDG-45 Jerry King GMC(SW) 06/84-02/88 WIVNVMC (AT)  
DDG-45 Robert Kulp LT(jg) 07/86-08/89 rkulp (AT)  
DDG-45 Jerry Lewis FC1(SW) Nov87-Jun90 jrlewis (AT)  
DDG-45 Howie Lind LT 7/84-5/86 howie.lind (AT)  
DDG-45 Kevin Littell ET2 11/81-11/84 kevinlittell (AT)  
DDG-45 Timothy Lutzko GMM2 1989-1990 flyingcossack (AT) Decommisioned her after last cruise in the gulf
DDG-45 Mike Manley RM3 7/80 - 1/83 mtmanley60 (AT)  
DDG-45 Tarrell Martin EM3 5/81-1/85 Ridgerunner4u (AT) outstanding crew!
DDG-45 Mike McAdams LT 1987 to 1990 dmmcadams (AT) Fire Control Officer, then Weapons Officer the last 3 months in preparation for decom. Retired 1998 LCDR.
DDG-45 John McCracken GMC 3/86-8/89 MsDizzy (AT) This is his sons moms e-mail address Deceased 7/6/2002
DDG-45 Edward Meeks OS2 9/77-9/79 clownie7 (AT)  
DDG-45 Scott Moonen BT1 4/83 - 5/85 scott (AT)  
DDG-45 Mathew Moraux RM3 12/86-2/89 moraux66 (AT)  
DDG-45 Steven Morrison GMCS 81-85 steven.morrison (AT) Looking to contact FCCM Shileikis
DDG-45 Jack Mort ET2 9/10/87-9/10/89 JackLM57 (AT)  
DDG-45 Paul Mortensen E-4 1/79-10/82 plmrtnsn (AT) Was a mess management specialist.
DDG-45 Don Muehlberger OS2 6/82-6/86 donm1964 (AT) Where's all the OS's?
DDG-45 Franklin Murrieta E-3 78-80 murrietafrank (AT) served on board #2 fire room, have found some and looking for others
DDG-45 John Nance QMC 1979-1981 purpleducktwo (AT)  
DDG-45 Jeffery Newton BT2/E-5 4/78 - 8/81 Bodine1959 (AT) wheres the rest of the wrecking crew?
DDG-45 Hosea Pelham RM3 09/79 - 01/82 hosypee (AT) Anybody know how I can get a USS Dewey DDG-45 Patch and a DESRON4 patch? What's the web-site?
DDG-45 John Petrichko SKC 12/77 - 4/81 esnsi (AT) Leading SK and CMAA UnitasXX, WATC, Med 78
DDG-45 Kenneth Pinnick BM3 11/77 to 8/82 kpinnick6180 (AT) looking for personnel fom 1st division gunnersmate or ops division especially os2 Keven Turner
DDG-45 Carl Posey SMC 09/75 - 08/77 chpozee (AT) Last sea duty, retired on shore duty 4 years later - Good duty and great skipper, Cdr. Mike Kalleras
DDG-45 Joe Posney LT(jg) 5/81-3/85 jposney (AT) Have fond memories of a great crew
DDG-45 George Raezer SKSM 1980-1981 desertsurfers (AT) Hello Fellow Deweys
DDG-45 Kevin Rider SK3 2/85 - 6/87 kevin_rider (AT) Looking for Joey Barrow, Lyn 'Stumpy' , Otto, and Floyd Read
DDG-45 Keith Roberts MM2 11/77-7/80 keith_o_roberts (AT) Looking for the snipes
DDG-45 Alfredo Rodillas PNC 1/82-8/82 arodilla (AT)  
DDG-45 Charles Rogers BT1 4/78-4/83 bt1 (AT)  
DDG-45 Drew Roper E-5 1981-85 devrix2004 (AT) Yes Pup is still going strong....whats up sheppard?
DDG-45 Michael Royster MM2 6/86-6/89 mikeandshawn84 (AT)  
DDG-45 Craig Sahms OS2 1977-1980 zoomem2000 (AT)  
DDG-45 Nathan A. Saunders GMG3 June 1978 - Sept 1981 nathanasaunders (AT)  
DDG-45 David W. Sawicki BT2 Feb 74 - Sept 77 steamin_demon (AT) Bonafide Lifer, 20 yrs., retired BTC (SW) - contact me
DDG-45 Mark Schnetzky BT1 10/80 - 10/83 wizardcontrols (AT) Elmo,Bodine,Ashford,Moon,Lauderdale & wild bunch-Y'all shoot me a note-would be good to get reacquainted.
DDG-45 Wayne Schrader SM1 06/79-02/81 whozyourdaddy_1 (AT) Lord, where did the time go? Would like to hear from all.
DDG-45 Michael Shanahan BT2 12/98-8/90 shanahanmj (AT) Hang out in the cal lab during main space fire drills!
DDG-45 Dan Sharpe OS2 78-81 Dan.sharpe (AT)  
DDG-45 Tim Sheppard OS2 5/79 to 9/82 timshep (AT) Gibbabuzz!!!!
DDG-45 Greg Simmons GMM1 6/84-5/88 griz1200 (AT)  
DDG-45 Steve Skorak MMFN 2/79 to 10/81 sskorak7 (AT)  
DDG-45 Daniel L. Skubis HM2 1980 - 3/82 daniel.skubis (AT) Where is Rick Stewart from the ''A'' Gang?
DDG-45 James Slayton MS3 1974-1977 dewey45 (AT)  
DDG-45 Billy Sobota RM2 1985-1987 bsobota2000 (AT) looking for shipmates
DDG-45 John Solarz FTM2 1979-1984 jjnt (AT) Looking for all those ''Mamba Jambas'' on the Dew Drop Inn
DDG-45 Andrew Stedelin DC2 1985 to 1988 andrewstedelin (AT) Lot of good memories
DDG-45 Keith Stika GMG1(SW) Jul 80-Sep 82 AGMChasn (AT)  
DDG-45 Shayne Strobeen BT3 6/85-7/87 shtrobe (AT) What's up snipes?
DDG-45 Ken Styles OS2 10/86-7/90 teachstyles (AT)  
DDG-45 Donald Taylor LT 1982-1984 dtaylor55 (AT) Electrical / Auxiliaries Officer
DDG-45 Jimmy Thompson IC2 7/74 - 7/76 one4tumble (AT) retired in 99 as IC1 now teaching IC C schools in Norfolk
DDG-45 John Trueblood FTMC 1975-1977 bubbette (AT) Was the last ship I was on
DDG-45 Richard Wallace IC1 12/73-03/78 richwall (AT) Hello, Wally here, say hello
DDG-45 Mike Webb GMG2 6/86 - 2/89 pirate_at_sea (AT)  
DDG-45 Arl Weinrebe BT2 1977-1980 kd0bjw (AT) found a few any one else still out there
DDG-45 Jim Williams FTG3 6/76-9/80 jawstres (AT) Willie (from the gun gang). Howdy, all
DDG-45 Dennis Willis SK2 1973-1977 aquarii2 (AT)  
DLG-14 James (Henry) Aldrich MM3 (Busted) 1966-1969 zachary1988 (AT) DaNang 1968, Pueblo Incident, Med, Sonar snag, Expolsion Toulon, I saw it all.
DLG-14 Donald W. Banker QM3 Dec. 1961 to Aug. 1963 MrDon623 (AT)  
DLG-14 Charles Barnum BT2 1960-1962 cdb200465 (AT)  
DLG-14 Michael W. Bartik ENC Jan 74 - Sep 77 mikemarty (AT)  
DLG-14 George Bassett STG2 08/68 - 10/69 gbjr4 (AT)  
DLG-14 Jim Bateman BT3 10/65-7/69 jimbateman621 (AT) was on the 69 med cruise got off the 7/69 to get discharged .worked fwd fire rm.
DLG-14 Al Bilodeau RM3 6/1960-3/1963 jbilod7142 (AT) cuban missile crises
DLG-14 John Bolek EM3 2/65-7/66 jbolek (AT) looking for Dewight Rice EM3,Jim Cook EM3, John Bricker EM3 James? Demunda
DLG-14 Jacob Borgman BT2 1961 to 1965 jakeborgman (AT)  
DLG-14 Paul Bowen SN 3/65-11/67 skyhawk249 (AT) I was a cook/nitebaker, I live here in south carolina
DLG-14 Lou Bruckmoser MM2 11/59-6/61 annlou (AT) Plankowner. Great Ship,Great crew
DLG-14 James Buggelli HMSN 12/59-11/60 Pilotcaf42 (AT) Great adventure for a 17 year old.Hated going back to Puerto Rico ever weekend... haven't been back since.
DLG-14 Bruce Burding BT2 3/73 - 6/78 burding (AT)  
DLG-14 John Burke RD3 68-70 josh123260 (AT)  
DLG-14 Michael Butler FTM2 1970 - 1974 mbutler37 (AT) Came aboard in Philly shipyard for re-commisioning, plankowner!
DLG-14 John Butts RM3 1968 to 1969 budtogo (AT)  
DLG-14 Steven Chanin   1972 to 1974 spchanin (AT) Main Propulsion Officer
DLG-14 Terry Chapman EM2 1965 to1968 tchappost (AT) Served during WESPAC cruise, Dewey was a great ship, Navy was a great life
DLG-14 William (Bill) Christian SK3 1962 to 1966 wchristian12 (AT) Looking for shipmates
DLG-14 Bill Clark SOG2 2/62-12/64 bclark42 (AT)  
DLG-14 John R. (Jack) Clements FTM2 9/67-11/69 roxeyclem (AT)  
DLG-14 Thomas Cooney QM3 12/73-12/75 tcooney (AT) Came onboard in the middle of the Med Cruise '73
DLG-14 Roy Cordle SN 2/66-10/69 mountainpawpaw (AT)  
DLG-14 Henry Cordova QM3 11/67 - 12/68 morningfart (AT)… Whatever happened to Samuel Douglas, BMC?
DLG-14 Harry Cottrill SN 1/66-5/67 HCCottrill (AT)  
DLG-14 Bill Crenshaw MM1 10/59-2/61 crenshawbill (AT) plank owner
DLG-14 John Crowling RM3 67-69 john (AT) It would be nice to hear from some of radiomen. It has been a long time.
DLG-14 James A. Curry RMSN 4/62-5/63 peppertc (AT) 1st Ship. Major memory(Cuban Missle Crisis)
DLG-14 Jack D. Davis SFP2 1959-1962 jack (AT) Plank Owner
DLG-14 Walter Dean SM2 or SM1 3/61 to 4/63 P.O.Box 21 Farner,Tn.37333  
DLG-14 Terry Dernbach RM2 1/63-8/63 terrydern41 (AT)  
DLG-14 John Derr LT 12/61 - 12/63 captainjohn181 (AT) I was the first Qualified OOF - Nuclear TF to Med
DLG-14 Thomas Dickerman QM2 5/67-9/68 tdickerman (AT) Tom Wham thanks for the memories of our WesPac cruise
DLG-14 David Dohner STG2 1968 to 1969 dcdohner (AT)  
DLG-14 Howard Doran RM3 4/64-8/66 HARLEYCAT45 (AT) Great radio gang and signalmen on Sea-rogue!!!
DLG-14 Alan Dunsmore LT(jg) 59/ 61 alduns (AT)  
DLG-14 Michael B. Duquet MM2 1959-1961 marcobones (AT) any you old salts still around?
DLG-14 Danny Eldridge SHSN 8/72 -4/74 dannyeldridge58 (AT) Came onboard in Vietnam-Med cruise-worked in laundry-ran ship store-Need to talk to anyone who rem me in 3/74.
DLG-14 Carl Elin SN 1/69-11/69 nilec (AT) anybody from the 69 Med cruise drop me a line!
DLG-14 Efrain Feliciano E-3 1970-1972 efrain2724 (AT) They called me ''Paco'' and I was a Boatswainmate
DLG-14 Richard Fisher FTM3 11/67-9/68 bigbear1232003 (AT)  
DLG-14 Bob Fliegel LCDR 1973 to 1975 rfliegel (AT) Ops Officer
DLG-14 Warren Fread MMC 4/61 - 8/63 wofread (AT) 970-824-5133
DLG-14 Warren Fread MMC 04/61-08/63 wlfread (AT) My dad passed away on 12/06/11. This is my email address if anyone knew him.
DLG-14 John Gavelek ETN2 9/66 -11/69 aka_searogue (AT)  
DLG-14 N. Richard Gornall QM2 1/66 - 12/67 scubaric (AT) It was a good time.
DLG-14 Roger Gray EN3 73-75 roger.gray (AT)  
DLG-14 Philip Grosskurth CS3 7/70 - 04/73 ohperry7 (AT) Served under Capt Conrad J. Rorie Now Retired Admiral
DLG-14 David Hall LT(jg) 10/68 - 12/70 hallsofnc (AT) on board for the sonor dome and the explosion in Toulon
DLG-14 David Hansen RM3 1/60 - 12/62 hotflashes66 (AT) this is my daughters email address
DLG-14 Bill Hardy GMM2 7/65 - 8/66 billys1956 (AT) Luv to hear from GM Div Crew,Rolka,Hines,Powis-would really like a Ships Patch 3 x 5 for my blue work jacket.
DLG-14 Leonard Hare, Jr. FTM2 1968 to 2 days before toulon explosion sonny_hare (AT) Stayed until 2 days before explosion-left-reported back to uss tidewater until dischg 10/69
DLG-14 Larry Hearn RM2 1967 - 1968 starceo (AT)  
DLG-14 Richard Heidl FTG3 7/62-7/63 rlheidl9915 (AT) First ship in Navy
DLG-14 Juan Hernandez FN 6/62 to 1/65 JOHNNYPOT (AT)  
DLG-14 Bruce Hoffman OS3 1972 - 1975 brucehoffman (AT) Looking for guys from OI Div
DLG-14 Vernon Hurdle FN 9/68-11/69 vhurdle (AT) Had just got off of watch 30 minutes before explosion accured in the same boiler room
DLG-14 Charles Insinga SH-3 07/64-01/67 Charliei316 (AT)  
DLG-14 Francis (Jack) Jackson   61-64 safalf (AT) my dad-onboard bef trns to USS Scorpion, then Vietnam-he died rec-would love to hear from anyone who rem him!
DLG-14 Tom Jarrell ET2 9/60-8/62 t.jarrell (AT)  
DLG-14 Jerry Johnson BT3 1/65-10/68 jjaircond (AT) Some of my best memories are from the Dewey.
DLG-14 Keith Kasbaum IC3 10/68-11/69 k.p.kas (AT) screw snider
DLG-14 Louis Kinch BT3 1961 to 1965 Blessed4ever (AT) Would like to find Gary Lewis and other BT's
DLG-14 Charles Larson RM2 1961 to 1964 chaslauna (AT) Thanks for making this site available - Peace with Power!
DLG-14 James S. Lindsay RM3 1960-61 jslindsay (AT)  
DLG-14 Clarence Little BM3 1967 -1968 LCJ2321 (AT) WESPAC Cruise contact me.
DLG-14 LeRoy (Lee) Long ETR2 6/69-7/72 atackm611 (AT) recommissioning plank owner, philly shipyard to Nam
DLG-14 Greg Luckett BT2 4/71 - 5/74 luckettg (AT) B Div., Forward fireroom, hello shipmates!
DLG-14 Jack Lucot FTM2 6/60-12/62 jacklucot (AT) Most of what I needed to know I learned on the Dewey
DLG-14 Robert Lukacs SF3 60 - 61 LukacsR (AT)  
DLG-14 Larry Macko RD2 66-68 lmacko1rcb (AT)  
DLG-14 Roger Mandel E-4 6/66 - 4/68 RMandel (AT) Electronic Technician SPS 29 RADAR, SPS 8 and SPS 4
DLG-14 John Marshall RM2 08/70 - 11/73 johnmars (AT) Glad to hear from any shipmates!
DLG-14 Burton D. Maxwell BMC 11/71-02/74 dacamax (AT) Retired in Aug. 1978
DLG-14 Paul McElhaney CWO2 2/67 - 11/69 paul28 (AT)  
DLG-14 Joseph McIlwain FTG3 1964-1967 amcilwain (AT) Any shipboard members while I was in, please feel free to contact me (my daughter's email address).
DLG-14 Richard (Dick) Melton RD2 1963-5/66 rmelton (AT) would be great to hear from shipmates
DLG-14 Herschel (Ed) Melton RD2 1965-8/68 roanoke_red_dog (AT)  
DLG-14 David Mietus PN2 1973-1977 dmietus514 (AT) East Coast Reunion happening in Charleston, SC June 2010. Email me or there are groups set up on Facebook.
DLG-14 Mike Minestra OS4 7/1971 to 8/1974 papamino (AT) Looking to hear from any shipmates
DLG-14 Charles Morgan BT3 1961 to 1963 MORGAN1732 (AT) ATT.NET Plankowner after fireroom great cruise to North Atlantic great shipmates
DLG-14 Bill Moser QM3 1970 - 1972 mrbill24 (AT)  
DLG-14 Vic Munn FTM 8/68 to 6/69 vsmunn (AT) Looking for Steve Walling & JT Little
DLG-14 P. A. (Nick) Nicholls CPO 1968-1969 wlittle103 (AT) Looking for anyone who remembers my brother Nick
DLG-14 Cary Nicholson GMG3 1966 to1969 boncarnick (AT) ASROC gunner's mate-Westpac and Med cruise
DLG-14 Charles Nolan BM2 1962 to 1969 chuckie9 (AT)  
DLG-14 Chester (Ed) Ohle E-3 12/73 eohle (AT) Joined ship on MED cruise 73. Also went on the North Atl.
DLG-14 Bill Oterson RM2 1962 to 1964 bill (AT)  
DLG-14 Gary Palmer MM3 7/68 to 3/69 DEEPFREEZEGAR (AT) Let me know your location / my brother Glenn was an IC2 too.
DLG-14 Charles Peterman ET3 07/60-12/60 cpeterm (AT)  
DLG-14 Scott Peterson GMG2 5/68 Sep389 (AT)  
DLG-14 Jim Petroski BT3 1965-1967 pugsley (AT)  
DLG-14 Robert (Peeps) Pieper FTCM 1964-1967 bobpeeps (AT)  
DLG-14 Jim Pierson FTCS 1964-1968 jappeg (AT)  
DLG-14 Steve Pirotte STG3 1/70-3/72 sjp15013 (AT)  
DLG-14 Phil Porter MM2 1965-1967 pporter44 (AT) Left before wespac cruise
DLG-14 Michael A. Ramos SK3 1966 mramos (AT)  
DLG-14 Frank Ray HMC 7/71 to 8/73 brorat2 (AT) Retired from the Navy off Dewey.
DLG-14 John Rice PO3/BM 1971-1972 jhn_rice (AT) I served under commander ja mack in the tonkin gulf previous to this I served on board dewey under capt. Rorie
DLG-14 Prince Riggs SM2 4/62 to 7/65 zipriggs1 (AT) came aboard a seaman duece
DLG-14 Charles Ringled E-3 1972-1973 ringcharlie (AT) Hi to all you old bastards...
DLG-14 William (Jim) Ritter BT3 12/59-10/62 reelfix (AT) the best time of my life was here, until I got married.,commissioning ,no.europe tour,med. carib shakedown
DLG-14 James Russell FN 1971-1973 jamesrussell72 (AT) looking to talk to shipmates in forward fireroom
DLG-14 Theodore Rykoski FTM2 1963 to 1965 rykoski109 (AT) looking for shipmates
DLG-14 John Savino BT 1971-1974 kmklock0401 (AT) My Uncle John passed away in 2000, looking to connect with anyone who served along side him
DLG-14 David W. Sawicki BT2 Feb 74 - Sept 77 steamin_demon (AT) Anyone seen my BT punch?
DLG-14 Roger Schulrud MMCS 4/66-5/70 Thunder_148 (AT) Decom Dewey 11/69, placed Blandy DD 943 in Commision 1970
DLG-14 Rick Semos SMSN 1960 to 1962 amayzinggg (AT) looking for singlemen and quartermasters I served with.
DLG-14 James Skewes EN 10/69-10/71 skewesj (AT)  
DLG-14 James Slayton MS3 1974-1977 dewey45 (AT)  
DLG-14 Gary Smith GM3 8/62 - 2/65 gsmith28 (AT)  
DLG-14 Richard Smith SN (FTG) 9/65 -5/66 richardasmithesq (AT) Trying to locate Bill Sawyer FTM3 when I was aboard.Awaiting start of FT ''A'' sch. Spnt 4 or 5 mos. in 4th div.
DLG-14 Dennis Smith GMM2 1968-1970 dennisbsa (AT) I was helmsman when we 'lost' the sonar dome !
DLG-14 Paul F Sparandera BT2 3/71 to 5/75 ticodew14 (AT)  
DLG-14 Stewart Strait GMG 9/59-9/61 scstrait (AT)  
DLG-14 Paul Strogen ETR3 5/60-8/62 pstrogen (AT) Warm nights on deck in the Caribbean, 27 knot runs into port
DLG-14 Bennie Stutts BT2 1959-1962 336-993-8701 Any plankowners please call.
DLG-14 Fred l. Sullivan MM3 1961 to 1964 fjsull (AT) looking for old shipmates
DLG-14 Michael Swartz FTM2 9/67 - 11/69 Mswartz918 (AT)  
DLG-14 Steve Tindall FTG1 1973-1976 paulpauly (AT)  
DLG-14 Walter Trauceniek RM2 12/59-8/61 waltert1225 (AT)  
DLG-14 Thomas Valentia RD3 07/65-06/67 ltror (AT) looking for members oe and oi division
DLG-14 Thomas Vanlentia RD3 07/65-06/67 ltror (AT) correcting error in my email address
DLG-14 William (Bill) Vestal CS3 11/59 to 5/61 billvestal (AT) Orig.crewmember ...Plankowner
DLG-14 Thomas R. Wagner ENFN 5/66 9/67 navy47 (AT) Great ship to be on and Great crew to be with
DLG-14 John Walker QM2 1968 to 1969 jpwalker16 (AT) I attended her decommissioning and the commissioning of the newest Dewey DDG-105.
DLG-14 Frank Welch BT2 12/59 - 4/61 n1fus (AT)  
DLG-14 Oliver (Sonny) Wells FN 10/63-10/64 sonny (AT)  
DLG-14 Terry Wheat HM3 1967 to 1968 tdwheat (AT) The best Ship I served on
DLG-14 Dennis Willis SK2 1973-1977 dennis_w46 (AT) Looking for Med-cruise shipmates
DLG-14 Ken Wiltshire ENS 1965 to 1967 KenWiltshire (AT) MPA
DLG-14 Billy Worrell MM3 11/71-6/74 wcworrell (AT) M-div, Main Control
DLG-14 Art Wright DS2 9/69 to 1/71 awright8 (AT) From the Phili shipyards to Nam
DLG-14 Marty Yaniga RD2 6/62 10/65 mrtyyan (AT)  
DLG-14/-DDG-45 Johnny Hobbs SH3 1972 - 1976 johnny37643 (AT) I worked in the ships store.
DLG-14/DDG-45 Michael W. Bartik ENC 1/74 - 9/77 mikemarty (AT) change of email address
DLG-14/DDG-45 David Bergevin OS2 1/74 - 5/77 dbergevin515 (AT) Exercise Northern Merger(Fall 74) was an eye opener-Copenhagen,Germany,UK,Gaeta,Italy-What a ride!
DLG-14/DDG-45 Brian Chabot BT2 05/72-05/77 bchabot_retbtcm (AT)  
DLG-14/DDG-45 Joseph Green FTGC 05/74 - 01/78 and 06/82 - 06/85 josephgreen1 (AT) Living in Southern California.
DLG-14/DDG-45 David Mietus PN2 8/73 - 9/77 dmietus514 (AT) Hoping for a reunion.... please get in contact
DLG-14/DDG-45 William Rose HT3 1/74 - 6/77 brose2ann (AT) I would like to talk to any of my old shipmates 509-542-0955
DLG-14/DDG-45 Chris Sharp STG2 1973-1975 (AT) My Navy days were the best ! Wish I had never gotten out.
DLG-14/DDG-45 James Slayton MS3 1974 to 1978 jimusn (AT) I worked in the Wardroom, Co/Xo's MS, also Galley
DLG-14/DDG-45 Ernest Tomberlin SM2 9/74-1/76 ettom723 (AT) Any shipmate from my time onboard drop me a line.

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