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DD-987 Jerry Barlow, II HT2 12/85 - 7/88 sgtbarlow10 (AT) My first ship and the best ship.
DD-989 Clarence Albert GMC (SW) 2001-2003 albesu (AT) The Best Crew in the NAV
DD-989 John Alberta, 3rd HT3 1983-1986 BOFORFUN (AT) Looking for any information on USS DEYO DD989
DD-989 Gary Allison GSM3 1996 to 2000 Garfman7821 (AT)  
DD-989 Liliana Alvarado LT(jg) 11/01 - 06/03 liliana_alvarado (AT) Good times!!
DD-989 Manuel Alvarez IC1 08/02-10/03 malvarez36 (AT) Deyo's Victory at War ''Iraqi Freedom'' will be remembered!!!!
DD-989 Christian Apelt OS 2 1/96-7/99 Shaman1272 (AT)  
DD-989 Guillermo Artiaga EM3 1981-1985 Huntingtonluxury (AT) Great Shipmates.. Had A Wonderful Time.. Especially In Venezuela..Love To Hear From Some Of The Guys
DD-989 Emilio Ayonon EMCS 1991 to 1995 emarie_21490 (AT) Served as ship's 3M Coord; met Sailors on the best destroyer.
DD-989 Bruce Baird DK2 4/83-7/85 jbbcpa (AT) My one & only ship & I made the best of it-met some of the best men the Navy has ever produced onboard.
DD-989 Mark Barnum ET1 12/88-4/93 munrab1m (AT)  
DD-989 Steve Belofski BM3 11/89-6/93 sbelofski (AT) Would Love to cruise with her 1 more time! Love the DEYO!
DD-989 Ralph Berrier SKC 1979 to 1983 Granny_in_ga (AT) i agree, we do need a reunion, esp plankowners. best crew ever-on the road again.
DD-989 Francis Berry SK1 11/79 to 2/82 fberry (AT) Plank Owner, Looking for ol'e Shipmates
DD-989 William Black deck SN 1985-1989 blackbill7777 (AT) I need all info my Navy service. I do not know the exact date I was enrolled. I was a four year deck seamen.
DD-989 Elias Blunt IT3 06/2000-01/2002 bkallday0312 (AT) great ship ,good ppl been out for four years now looking to reconnect with old shipmates
DD-989 John Bonaccorso AZ1(AW) 01/98 - 10/98 bonaccor (AT) Would love to hear from anyone on the Med-98 cruise
DD-989 Michael Bortell STG2 5/85-1/87 bortie (AT) Looking to contact old shipmates.
DD-989 John Brake E-1 09/79 - 1982 Vicious (AT) Loved this boat and sorry to hear she's gone. Mr. Ryan if you're reading this, thanks.
DD-989 Rick Breci IC3 3/92-3/94 rbreci (AT) Had a great time a Deyo, loved those steel beach picnics (:>
DD-989 Anthony Brown E-5 2002 to 2003 tonynmel328 (AT) looking for old friends.
DD-989 Jeffrey Buck YN3 4/94 - 10/97 jeffreyjbuck (AT) Will never forget MED 2-94-cliff diving in Greece-keep in touch-anyone heard from Mike Scott or Brian Young?
DD-989 Gary Buffington TM2 1/80-6/81 gbuffington (AT) Plankowner
DD-989 Richard Bullock ET2 10/89 - 1/92 rbullockcbet (AT) 91' Med Cruise was great. Saw old rocks from France to Turk
DD-989 Jeff Campbell FC2 01/86-5/88 bodean_162 (AT)  
DD-989 Jeff Casselberry AE3 6/81 - 10/81 jeffcasselberry (AT) Aircrew with HSL-34-Deyos first helo detachment-nev forget the smoke marker prank during the man overboard drill.
DD-989 Simke Cath MA1 04/00-11/03 sgcath (AT)  
DD-989 Jorge Chairez DC3 1991 to 1995 jorgechairez (AT) Great memories.
DD-989 Chris Chamberlin IC2 1985 - 1988 the. chambos (AT) life long friends and memories from Deyo.. contact me.....
DD-989 Darrell Childress RM2(SW) 9/83 - 11/85 darrell_childress (AT) Sorry to hear about the DECOM, look forward to reunion. Retired Disabled Vet.
DD-989 Gordon ''Cliff'' Christensen CTM1(SW) 04/80-04/83 cliffc6 (AT) 'What do you mean, a ship! CT's don't go to sea!
DD-989 Michael (Mike) Ciarrocca MR2 Plankowner-1982 michael.ciarrocca (AT) Many fond memories. Any re-unions planned?
DD-989 Randy Cohen ET1/SW 82-85 Randycohen63 (AT)  
DD-989 Jason Colagiovanni DC2 1993 to 1997 cola2k4 (AT) To all my buds I served with I hope all is well. May God bless.
DD-989 Ronald Colard ET1 11/79-2/82 jdron84 (AT) Plankowner
DD-989 Torrel Collins FC2 10/99-11/03 torrel (AT) Awesome boat . Contact me if you know me. Miss my old friend
DD-989 Lawrence Connor FC2 6/95 - 1/98 lawrenceconnor (AT)  
DD-989 John Coray LT 4/83 - 11/85 jscoray (AT)  
DD-989 John Costner STGCS 12/01-08/03 John.Costner (AT)  
DD-989 Shane Craig ET3 1991-1995 shanecraig2000 (AT)  
DD-989 Tim Crowley EW3 01/94 - 04/97 celticdefender (AT) In memory of EW2 Rux, who was killed on the USS Cole.
DD-989 Jose Cruzalvarez MS2 11/98-11/01 cruzalvarezn (AT)  
DD-989 Patrick Dally GSM3 11/02-11/03 patrickdally83 (AT)  
DD-989 Edward Davis OS2 1997-1999 oscdavis (AT) Still Active Duty retiring in Jun 2015
DD-989 Larry De Looze GSM1(SW) precom 11/84 broke-egg (AT) Last Plankowner to leave Deyo!!! Sorry to see her decom'd. Miss lots of the old faces. Many of the names here bring me a smile. Drop an email...
DD-989 Brian Delgado GSM3/MA3(SW) 1/01-11/03 b_d5212 (AT) Lots of memories~~Thank god its over!
DD-989 Michael Denk MS1 10/01-11/03 billsgrandson (AT) or afghantested (AT) No you can't have ham and cheese
DD-989 Michael D'Imperio ICFN 01/81 -1982 mikedimperio62 (AT) ldeyo was my first ship m div&e div ..looking for old shipmates.
DD-989 Wilfredo Dizon FN 08/00 - 03/02 (AT)  
DD-989 Jason Dungca FC2 1991-1996 jetjavlin (AT) Cool Memories Great Crew
DD-989 Kevin Dupree FC3 12/90-8/92 doopnc (AT)  
DD-989 Tyler Eifert E-4 00-decom tyler45801 (AT) Last and best damn DC3, like to hear from old friends
DD-989 Micheil Ellis IC2(SW) 03/00-11/03 michealellis (AT)  
DD-989 Fred Esslinger GMG2 precom - 1983 frederickesslinger (AT) plank owner. retired in alabama
DD-989 Mark Evans ETC 9/01 - 11/03 Evansm (AT)  
DD-989 John Evans MR2 2/88-10/91 nolyvbait (AT) The fleet's finest destroyer!
DD-989 Scott Fabacher MS2 10/97 - 04/00 fabsvol (AT)  
DD-989 David Falk EWSN 3/83-7/85 kcd (AT)  
DD-989 James Ferguson STG1(SW) 01/90-02/93, 07/00-10/03 james.d.ferguson1 (AT)  
DD-989 Chuck Feser HT3 4/96-7/97 cdfeser (AT) Best wishes to a great bunch of guys!
DD-989 Matthew Fields E-1 Plankowner 79-82 mxfields (AT) I was in deck div b4 I swaped to the Ingersoll in Mississippi
DD-989 Mike Fisher LT(jg) 8/83-5/86 fisherml (AT)  
DD-989 Tom Fletter ETN2 precom-5/81 thf410 (AT)  
DD-989 Robert Flickinger FC3(SW) 2001-2003 olddirtyflick (AT)  
DD-989 Mark Florance STG2 precom - 8/81 mark.florance (AT) Plankowner
DD-989 Dana Forcier GSM1 79-1984 dana.forcier (AT) Precom Pascagola-Plankowner-proud ship/dedicated crew-many fond memories of shipmates & places we went to
DD-989 Jemaine Frazier DS2 4/92 - 4-97 frazierj (AT) 5 years one cruise, a bunch of CD Ops. But good times! I only wish I had the opportunity to throw my white had under that bridge in Charleston!
DD-989 Jed Frederick HM3(SW) 1997 - 2000 jfrederick1 (AT) Love to hear from you guys! MED 98!
DD-989 Dean ''Alan'' Fuller E-4 09/89- 09/92 Alan33F02 (AT) Med Cruise. Any Snipes out there? SSTC? GSM. M-div A-gang-like to hear from you guys-currently I'm at GA Tech.
DD-989 Billy Gadbury STG1(SW) 07/88-08/90 gadburyl (AT) Retired STG1 1996
DD-989 James Galloway OS2 9/82-10/85 jamnjim6904084 (AT) We be the 'Black Spy Ship' hoist the 'Skull & Crossbones'.
DD-989 Roberto Gambala EM2 1979 - 1982 MasterSiNz (AT) Plankowner of the best ship and none!
DD-989 Charles Gartman OSC(SW) 04/87-10-91 gartman5 (AT) The Elite of the Fleet!! OI Division
DD-989 A. J. Gazzani ET3 1981 -1984 ajgazz61 (AT) Great friggen times.
DD-989 Robert (Bob) Giles DSCS/E-8 10/94 - 12/96 dajammer (AT) My last ship!! Got there right aft 50th D-Day Anniv-retired in 96-fine ship-hate to hear she's not sailin anymore!!!
DD-989 Harold Gippe GMGC(SW) precom - 1985 harold.gippe (AT) Attended the dcommissioning - looking forward to a reunion
DD-989 Terry Glover QM3 11/79 to 09/82 TerryandBillye (AT) Plank owner
DD-989 Lee Green MAC 11/01 - 11/03 usnma (AT) Always ''Brave & Proud.'' Decomm Crew Member - Last CMAA
DD-989 Joshua Gregerson ET3 01/00-12/02 joshua_gregerson (AT) Got out and moved to charlottesville. Paperclip
DD-989 Mark Guhl PO2 5/80 to 7/82 sisko96 (AT) had a great time miss thoughs days at times
DD-989 Michael Guidi GSCS 11/80-5/82 & 11/87-2/90 LifeORily2 (AT)  
DD-989 John Wayne Hall OS2 11/83-3/87 johnwayne.hall (AT) Best memories of my life....Tight crew.
DD-989 Anthony Hanson GSM2 (SW) 02/00-02/02 tony_navy69 (AT) I remember some great times from Med Cruise 01. Trying to find some of my old shipmates! Please contact me.
DD-989 Rich Harper OS2 1994-1998 richard.harper (AT) Did any of you go to the Decom-Ceremony in 2003?
DD-989 Nicholas Harris SH2(SW/SCW) 3/02 to decom nicholas.harris2 (AT) best in the fleet
DD-989 Glenn Hasulak EW1 comm - 6/83 vbprog (AT) any plankowners out there?
DD-989 Mark Hatcher OS2 1989 to 1992 mlhatcher (AT) Good Memories, Some Bad memories......those bad ones were all my doin, but all in all it is well missed.
DD-989 Alex Hawkins EN 1983 - 1991 ahawk35664 (AT) The best ship and crew I served with
DD-989 Elmer Hawley ENFN 4/02-decom erhawley (AT)  
DD-989 Michael Heidkamp E-5 1992-1997 mikeheidkamp (AT)  
DD-989 Wayne Henderson RM1&RMC(SW) 05/81-08/84 waynehender (AT) saw OS2 Rowe, Captain&Mrs Katz on a decom website-would like to hear frm any crew members dur my tenure
DD-989 Kevin Hernandez PNC 8/02-11/03 khernandez13 (AT)  
DD-989 Mark Hewson CTO3 1985 - 1986 hewcrew5 (AT)  
DD-989 Jeffrey Higgins FC1 1982 to 1985 higabit (AT) 963 Feet of Kick-Ass Destroyer
DD-989 Darrell High SH2 1983 to 1987 deehi_99 (AT) Here's Johnny
DD-989 Jermain Hinds MS3 01/97-03/99 jermainhinds (AT) The most notorious cook is back , we worked that cruise... supply kept the crew happy...
DD-989 Dominic Hix QM1 03/94-05/96 domhix01 (AT) Anybody remember QM1 Hix?
DD-989 Glenn Hoppin RM2 1982-1986 Glenn.hoppin (AT) The best crew in the Navy.
DD-989 Kenneth Howland RMC(SW) Precomm - 1982 castlerealty (AT)  
DD-989 Leith Hunt STG2 9/94-7/99 ambassador1971 (AT) Back in NYC.
DD-989 Ernest Jackson NCC(SW) 11/90-11/03 decom ncc.ernest.jackson (AT) 'Brave and Proud'' DEYO's last Command Career Counselor
DD-989 Juan Jimenez PN3 1999-2003 juan.jimenez2 (AT) Awesome Adventure- BZ CDR Hampton
DD-989 Shannon Johnson TM3 10/93 - 07/95 triumph32 (AT) Lots of memories, sure felt some loss to hear of her final demise.
DD-989 Jeffery Johnson E-5 4/95-9/98 liltex90 (AT) Looking to talk to anyone from the radio shack/signal bridge
DD-989 Quintin Jones RM3 1986-89 qdogmagnamblue (AT) I am very sad that the USS Deyo was used as a naval target! I am angry-she should have had better career ending.
DD-989 Richard June EM3 09/92 - 05/94 rtjune (AT) Great time aboard! These are the right dates!
DD-989 Charles Justice LT 06/83 - 03/85 ccjustice (AT) Deyo's been decommed -- gee, I must be getting old!
DD-989 Jason Kaye BM3 Sept 93 - Jun 97 lowskis (AT) Hope all the men I served with are doing well. Great group .
DD-989 Kenneth King OS2 ASAC 10/87-04/91 kking (AT) Maybe not the biggest but without a doubt the badest!
DD-989 Jason Kinsey BM1(SW) 7/01-7/03 jkinsey (AT)  
DD-989 Chris Kirkwood STGC May 94-May 98 chilly1k (AT)  
DD-989 Shawn Kiser FC2 5/97-11/01 elrampo (AT) Gave er hell. Miss everyone. Had a ball.
DD-989 James Kivett GSE2 08/90-0795 GSE1.james.kivett (AT) The Med cruise in 94' was the best cruise ever...
DD-989 Christopher Lagase IC2 04/00-03/02 chrislagase29 (AT) Gonna miss the boys in the IC shop and my friend IC3 TomCal''Caltigarone. ICmen rule ET's drool baby!''
DD-989 Rick Lawson DS2 81-84 rickris (AT) Lots of good memories.
DD-989 Rodney S. Lechwar ET2(SW) 09/01/86-02/01/93 rslechwar (AT)  
DD-989 William Lipsit STG 6/94-12/97 william.e.lipsit.ctr (AT)  
DD-989 Phil Loper FC2 12/98-02/03 phil (AT) Looking to talk to old shipmates.
DD-989 Jenie Lowe IC2/E-5 1995-2000 jenielowe (AT) Had the time of my life onboard the Mighty Warship. Repair 8 Rules
DD-989 Adam Maar GSE2(SW) 5/00-10/03 AdamMaar (AT) Fun while it lasted! Thank God it's over!
DD-989 Jeremy Mabe CTR2(SW) 05/99 - 05/02 cbgt4me (AT)  
DD-989 Joe Marigliano CWO2 1990-1992 joemarig (AT)  
DD-989 Roger Marsan DK2 81-83 Rogerma (AT) always an adventure
DD-989 Trevor Martin E-4 2001-2003 decom mmtrevor (AT) From SH to MA and no cigarettes in the ship store
DD-989 Cliff McDaniel E-6 1999 to 2002 clifford.l.mcdaniel (AT) DD 989 Greatest ship in the fleet to ever serve on!
DD-989 Mark McDow BM2 6/90-6/92 ryr88 (AT) would like to get in touch with the OD DIV
DD-989 Geron McGinnis LT precom - 82 ballisticcoach (AT) E Div then MPA. Fond memories of shipmates and adventures
DD-989 'Smoking Joe Guns'' McKeon LT(jg) precom 1982 josephmckeon (AT) I think of you guy's often. Thanks for the memories.
DD-989 Mark (Mac) McLaughlin STG2 11/86 - 4/89 mwmps271 (AT) So, What ever happened to Iron Mike?
DD-989 Ryan McTeague EW2 (SW) 11/96 - 10/99 ryanmcteague (AT) I would love to hear from any of my old shipmates.
DD-989 Mike Messer CTR2 1/93 - 1/97 messer70 (AT) Great ship, too bad they had to sink her.
DD-989 Larry Mikesell CTA2(SW) 01/80 - 12/81 lamikes (AT) Plankowner. First CT to report aboard in Pascagoula.
DD-989 Michael Miller GSE1 10/80-1/83 mem1126 (AT)  
DD-989 Brian (Red) Miller IT2(SW) 11/97-05/03 colocoolaide (AT) would like to hear from old shipmates
DD-989 Michael Mills RMSN precom to 1983 thesailorman60 (AT) Miss the old girl. Had a great time on her. Plank owner
DD-989 Lenny Mohr HM3 12/85-4/88 wudupalen (AT) from shipyards in maine to charleston sc to Cuba to S America,then the Med. Great times Great shipmates
DD-989 John Monroe MR3 1993-1995 webmaster (AT) Friends Knew me as Johny Utah Contact me SN Sonerall
DD-989 Raul R. Morales BM3 1995-96 rrmlex (AT) Left her during that year's overhaul at the N.N. Shipyard
DD-989 Jeremy Morris DC3 3/95-3/98 mojodc3 (AT) To all that served with me, thank you. and to all that served before me, thank you
DD-989 David Morrow E-4 1995 to 1997 dmorrow1214 (AT)  
DD-989 Brad Mowery CTTSN 10/2002-10/2003 bradkmowery (AT) next command USS Kearsarge separated 03/2007 as CTT2. Current work as Intel Analyst
DD-989 Joseph Mowery ET3 5/81 - 6/82 joseph.mowery (AT)  
DD-989 Ron Muffett SK2 Plankowner-82 rmuffett (AT) ahh to be 18 and on a new ship
DD-989 Kevin Mullins Legal YN Plank Owner kevin (AT) Great Memories
DD-989 Dustin Myres E-3 1999- 2003 damcaprice (AT) damn it was great and for those that can remember i definitely made the most of it.
DD-989 Gregory Negron OS2 12/79-4/83 gnanegron (AT) Plankowner attending decommissioning 11/06/03
DD-989 Joseph Neuman FC1 94-98 Joseph.neuman (AT) Best ride of career
DD-989 Jason Neumeyer HM3 9/00-9/03 jrneumeyer (AT) HM2 Simmons?? Thought I knew all the Corpsman..?.. BZ Deyo!
DD-989 Chris Nicklen MS3 10/89-02/93 nicklen2035 (AT) Decommissioning sad, but I cherish memories of a ship & crew
DD-989 Ken Oliver ET2(SW) 4/90-5/94 jr8fan (AT)  
DD-989 Manny Ortega GSM3(SW)/E-4 8/01 mortega (AT) Regards to all my Deyo shipmates. Email me
DD-989 Jon Ostrander STG2 2/02-10/03 ostranderjj (AT)  
DD-989 Tommy Page, Jr. BM/MS/E-3 1990 - 1992 Tommy.Page (AT)  
DD-989 Jason Parks FN 05/02 - 11/03 jtsparks3119 (AT)  
DD-989 Marlon Peavy ITC 10/01-11/03 Papapea35 (AT) Always ''Brave & Proud!!'' Decom Crew Member Last ITC onboard!
DD-989 David Perez STG2 precom - 1981 davidjpc (AT) Plankowner.
DD-989 Kenn Phillips SN 7/92 - 3/94 panpipes (AT) Good times... Remember Liverpool, '93 Baltic Ops?
DD-989 Mark Pickett E-3 11/92-11/95 usfswimmer22 (AT) Best times that I had in the Navy were on the Deyo.
DD-989 Keith Pierce E-5 05/1996-05/2000 kazox4 (AT)  
DD-989 John Plant STG2 (SW) 07/01-11/03 plantjt (AT)  
DD-989 Armando Pompa IT3(SW) 9/1/00-11/13/03 Dpump777 (AT)  
DD-989 Rodney Price OS1 12/79-02/81 Trojansnake (AT) Plankowner
DD-989 Brad Pyfrin STG1(SW) 10/79 - 2/82 bpyfrin (AT)  
DD-989 Robert Rafferty HT2 11/88-7/92 robkatjusmoose (AT) Med Cruise 89-90
DD-989 Miguel Rangel GSM3 1994-1997 mrangel1976 (AT)  
DD-989 Roger Ray EM1 4/89-10/92 rg_ray (AT)  
DD-989 Ralph Raymond ET1/E-6 8/80 to 11/82 rraymond (AT) Plank Owner, I have the Deyo Flag and want to get it to the Deyo family.
DD-989 Ralph Raymond, Jr. ET1 precom -1982 rraymond (AT) Flew the Deyo flag today
DD-989 Jerry Reichenbach OS2(SW) 9/79-4/85 skyguardian1 (AT) The Candy Store, Ft Lauderdale, April 1980..say no more...
DD-989 Anthony Rich ETC 12/99-11/03 richa (AT) Did it till decom. Best out of my 5 ships
DD-989 Will Roberts STG1/MAC 12/99-8/03 wjroberts (AT) My first & most rewarding ship!
DD-989 Lee Rogers FCCM(SW) 1990-1992 leegrogers (AT)  
DD-989 Don Rountree EWC(SW) 7/93-11/96 apath (AT) Remember EW2 Rux, Killed on the USS Cole and other shipmates
DD-989 Tony Rowe OS2 precom - 4/83 akrdiver (AT) Trying to contact any 'Plankowners'
DD-989 Kenneth Rumaguira E-6 1994-1997 kenneth.rumaguira (AT)  
DD-989 Nick Russo EW2 09/84 - 01/88 russoca (AT) Seems like yesterday! I can't believe she's gone.
DD-989 Antonio Salazar GSE3 09/88 - 04/90 fantonio2013 (AT) Awesome shipmates-great port visits-superb tour-of-duty-incredibly inspired by our commanding officer Capt Smith
DD-989 Solomon Sands MS2(SW) 10/99-11/03 (Decomm) sjsand (AT) There is a good chance that I threw something of yours over the side-Err, that would be you, SM1!!
DD-989 Aaron Scott GSM3 05/97-01/00 wascott1077 (AT) Med Cruise 98 was the best, had a great time.
DD-989 Kevin Seamer EN3 1980-1981 kevinseamer (AT) looking for old shipmates- George A. Mcgee STG-2
DD-989 Samuel Seevers E-3 1991-1992 sam_bo_1970 (AT) Looking for shipmates
DD-989 Rod Sershen BM2 12/98-12/99 bigfreightshaker (AT) Did a short tour and enjoyed every minute of it.
DD-989 J. P. Sevilla LT(jg) 4/99 - 3/01 sevillajp (AT) med cruise 00-01
DD-989 Derek Sharer MS3 11/92-07/96 Djeeper1995 (AT) Brave and Proud
DD-989 Randy Shewmake E-3 1980-1983 rls6070 (AT) a great time in my life to serve on the deyo one of the plankowners, great crew great ship
DD-989 Stephen Shutler FC2 Sep91-Jun95 sshutler (AT)  
DD-989 Rich Sigler EW1 1983 - 1986 raes48 (AT)  
DD-989 Daniel Simmons HM2 1980-1983 oughtado2 (AT)  
DD-989 Ryan Singer FC1 2000-2003 singery (AT)  
DD-989 Rob Six DC3 02 - decom yankeypotroast.r (AT) seen alot with good friends...looking for enjem and tryon
DD-989 Michael Small MS2 1983-1988 rsmall64 (AT) what a ship, we were the best in the fleet, then.
DD-989 Dennis Smith LT 3/83-7/85 dsmith (AT)  
DD-989 John Lorenzo Smith OS3 2/88 - 2/92 JohnLorenzoSmith (AT) Great Ship great Memories. She will be sadly missed. 88-92 Deyo people please feel to email anytime
DD-989 Alan Smith CTR1(SW) 8/91 - 3/93 alansmith (AT) Chief Paul Johnson all NSGA Shipmates forgive you!
DD-989 Raymond Smith BM2 precom 1981 fleapuffy (AT)  
DD-989 Lawrence Smith E-3 1984-1986 larsmi3 (AT) I am looking for friends in deck division
DD-989 Alex Sonalan PN3 06/93-01/97 cwpostcrew (AT) Fair winds and following seas shipmates! email me...
DD-989 Gary K. Sorenson FTCM 1981-1984 GSoren3307 (AT) 'Strike Destroyer'
DD-989 Tom Sousa CTM3 1982-1983 tomsousa (AT) Dont volunteer for SP on your first liberty call!
DD-989 Rick Southard LT Comm - 5/83 rick.southard2 (AT) Plankowner (1st LT & ASWO)
DD-989 Carlos Spicer CTM2(SW) 89-92 spicerknife (AT) I will never forget my time onboard and the places we say.
DD-989 Chris Street DS1 98-02 chrisstreet (AT) By far best ship/command I was assigned. Later gone bye
DD-989 Wayne Suckow ET1(SW) 11/86 to 6/90 wwsuckow (AT) Best damn division and guys I've ever worked with Lek Ronny Mike Westbilly Sean Wardog and the rest
DD-989 Cornie Sweatt GMM3 1988-1991 cornie (AT) great times aboard her
DD-989 Donald Taylor ENS 1980-1981 dtaylor55 (AT) Electrical Officer
DD-989 David Taylor MR1 (SW) 1991 - 1996 dtaylor36 (AT) Haze grey and under way. We definitely earned our liberty ports.
DD-989 Glen Taylor IC2 1/90-6/93 GCREDHEELER (AT) best time of my life
DD-989 Kelvin Thompson E-5 04/93-10/95 midknight35 (AT)  
DD-989 Mark Trimble FC2(SW) 10/94 to 08/96 Badgerinblue (AT)  
DD-989 Jason Turner GMM3 11/96 to 07/99 Jeepw12 (AT) 1of 1st VLS GM onboard any one form the 98 Med get in touch
DD-989 Snyder Ugalde ET2 2000 - 2003 sfugalde (AT)  
DD-989 Bernardo Valiente GM2 1996 - 2000 bernardo (AT)  
DD-989 William Vermillion CMDCM 2002 - 2003 vermillionwcmc (AT) or william.a.vermillion (AT) It was an honor to serve the crew of the USS DEYO-The greatest Destroyer in the Fleet-See you about the decks.
DD-989 Jim Wakefield DS2 4/79-8/81 jhwakefield (AT) Any other plankowners out there?
DD-989 Mark Ward HM3 1983 mdw57 (AT) Good ship and crew
DD-989 William Wash STG 3/1994-8/1994 williamwash (AT) Sonar Technician, fantail crew, sonar dome caretaker
DD-989 Chris Watson FC2 1994 to 1998 cwferret123 (AT)  
DD-989 Mark Webster MSCS (SW) 1991-1994 chefwebster101 (AT) Great Crew,Chiefs Mess
DD-989 Chad Weekley E-5 1/95-6/00 chadweekley (AT) 'To be the best you got to beat the best'' Ric Flair
DD-989 Mitch Wightman GSM1 (SW) 7/87 to 9/92 wightman300 (AT)  
DD-989 Wayne Wilkinson FC3 1986 - 1990 ilovemydamjob (AT) She was the best, no denying that - now, guess I'll have to get my SCUBA on to walk her hallowed passageways.
DD-989 Dennis Willard GM1(SW/AW) 07/01-11/03 dennis.willard (AT) keep it moving
DD-989 Karl Willman EN3 Mar 93 to Dec94 heystjude (AT)  
DD-989 Ron Wise DS2 comm to 1981 wiser (AT)  
DD-989 Jason Wosak OS2 1986 -1990 jwosak (AT) Still smokin.... unlike the Deyo... sad to see her go....
DD-989 Kenneth Young YN3 1981 - 1982 younginmexico (AT) Looking for anyone who remembers places we went on the 1st cruise after we left Charleston-1st cruise she made.
DD-989 Mike Ziolkowski OS3 3/88 -9/90 zskiman (AT) memories of tracker alley - 6 on - 6 off :( ugh!!!!

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