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DD-375 Johnnie C. Carpenter Y2 9/43 - 1/45 jccarp2 (AT) I was in the original crew after the Downes'' was rebuilt and recommissined in 1943.''
DD-375 Willard Elliott GM2 3/38-12/41 c21elliott (AT) Lost Downes (AT) Pearl then USS Hornet(CV8) (AT) Snata Cruz
DD-375 Carl Hickman EM 12/41 hhuckabee (AT) My dad (daughter Heidi)-died 9/15/91-aboard during bombing of Peal Harbor-I don't have full dates yet.
DD-375 Duward 'Buck' Massey Ship's Cook 1/ C NOV.1943 NOV.1944 MASSEYBUCK (AT) HOTMAIL.COM  
DD-375 Clyde Sommer Y2 11/43 to 12/45 beachkids5 (AT) Looking for anyone that would have served during these years.
DE/FF-1070 Keith Abbott AE2 1990 to 1991 Keithabt (AT) I was on the Helicopter crew that went to Equador doing drug ops.
DE/FF-1070 Jim Handy ETN2 1973-1977 jhandy3141 (AT)  
DE/FF-1070 Jim Moore FTG2 1978-1980 jmoore48127 (AT) Leading FTG aft Saunders.S Byrde,Sheppard,Bromund-Boy did we party-won S Diego harbor flag football&softball.
DE/FF-1070 Patrick Purnell FTG/M1 1972 to 1977 purnellpa (AT) FTG MK68 System and FTG/M NATO Seasparrow evaluation
DE/FF-1070 Mike Saraf MM3 1975 to 1979 nitromike55 (AT) Haze gray and underway
DE/FF-1070 Ronald Sechrist FTG1 4/71 - 7/74 ronald.sechrist (AT) Plankowner - PreCom-Seattle-NATO Seasparrow evaluation
DE/FF-1070 Mark Stirtz BT2 71-76 mstirtz (AT) Would love to hear from old ship-mates.
DE/FF-1070 Philip Voorhees ETC 71-73 WIYOT (AT) Plankowner
DE/FF-1070 Theodore Wilson OS3 09/79-06/80 REDHOLYMAN (AT) GMAIL.COM I HOPE YOU BOYS ON LINE
DE-1070 Bob Andrews OS3 8/71-5/74 bandrews (AT) Plankowner
DE-1070 Phillard Balsley SHSN 73-75 PHILLARDEB (AT)  
DE-1070 Michael Bischoff EN2 1971-1973 mikebischoff1951 (AT) Plankowner
DE-1070 David Bloodsworth BT1 5/71 - 9/76 bloodsworthdavid (AT) Ready Now Shamrocks Steam On!
DE-1070 Ed Bossart CDR commissioning to Jun 73 wilmed (AT) Was PCO and CO
DE-1070 Tommy Day PO3 12/69--8/73 tdaysr (AT) plank owner. would love to hear from some of my shipmates. i was one of the cooks :)
DE-1070 Michael Downey MM2 Comm - 1975 sunnabeaches (AT) Plankowner. Anybody heard from Scotty or Brady?
DE-1070 Thomas Green LT comm - 1/73 lescapade (AT)  
DE-1070 Dennis Gusey MR2 comm-2/73 dngusey (AT) Would like to hear from anyone
DE-1070 B. J. Kammerer PN2 1974 - 1977 BKAMMERER (AT) SAN.RR.COM Worked in the Personnel office from 1974 to 1977. Retired in 1993 and now living in San Diego
DE-1070 Marvin Larimore, Jr. BT3 6/71-12/72 marvinlarimore (AT) I was on com. crew28 August 1971. I am a plankowner...
DE-1070 Rick Lippencott BM3 8/71-12/72 lippen54 (AT) Iwould like to hear from some of my old shipmates
DE-1070 John Peterson SM2 71-72 jppeterson (AT) Plankowner
DE-1070 Hal Putnam ETN3 7/73 - 7/76 puttspots (AT) what a time
DE-1070 Michael Rust SM4 1971 to 1974 Mistermr66 (AT) Plank owner out of Bremerton.
DE-1070 William Smart ETN3 4/73-1/74 wsmart (AT)  
DE-1070 Robert Turner QM2 1973 to 1976 gwonga (AT)  
DE-1070 Kenny Walton BT1 1974-1979 kmwalton (AT) Looking for ol' steamers.
DE-1070 Charles (Chuck) Weldele EM2 1971 to 1973 Would like to hear from any of the crew.
DE-1070 Dean Williams EM2 1970-1972 gampawilms (AT)  
FF-1070 Jim Bromund FTM1 1976-1980 jimbromund (AT) Go deep Moe and i'll hit ya! Hi Shep, and Bob !
FF-1070 Russ Browne STG2 1976 to 1979 RussellB51 (AT) D Downer....Sink ex, Bummer!
FF-1070 Rodney Cistrunk BT3 1989-1992 rodcis52 (AT) I still think about the Dirty Downes & crew-good times-looking forward to hearing from shipmates
FF-1070 Rick Cloutier MM3 11/75 - 6/79 rbcloutier (AT) Would be nice to hear from some of the old Snipes.
FF-1070 Brian Connell STG2 10/82-9/86 connellsinmo (AT) Good ship, lots of friends and memories.
FF-1070 Gregory Cooper LT 10/79-10/82 MARCREST (AT)  
FF-1070 Mark Davidson FC2 1982 - 1986 mark (AT)  
FF-1070 David Davis EM3 7/78-11/79 sprk57 (AT) I'm looking for a cruise book from the 79 West pac
FF-1070 Douglas De Voss ENC   devoss (AT) I served 2 tours aboard it was a good ship.
FF-1070 Robert Dulaney, Jr. BT1(ESW) 1983 - 1989 rdulaneyjr (AT)  
FF-1070 Perry Eberly IC2 74/78 Perrydutch.eberly2 (AT)  
FF-1070 Phil Edgar IC2 1974-1976 pedgar (AT) Any old ''D-Downer'' crew out there?
FF-1070 Bryant Ewing TM3 1985-87 TMCG56 (AT)  
FF-1070 Adam Fairbairn SM3 12/83 to 8/86 adam86882 (AT) Wild Bill lives!
FF-1070 Billy Gadbury STG3 1979-1981 gadburyl (AT)  
FF-1070 William Gibson DK1 2/86 - 2/90 Dk1wwg (AT)  
FF-1070 Robert Goulding STG3 1975-1976 sanctuary (AT) Give me a holler if you remember me
FF-1070 Dan Grabow FN 81-93 grafin3 (AT) looking for joe kolo
FF-1070 Charles Grizzell RM2 1974 to 1976 cnpgrizzell (AT)  
FF-1070 Bill Hallman RM3 1971-1973 zekecon (AT) Precomm,San Diego -Comm, Bremmerton- Home port Long Beach
FF-1070 Matthew Hayes BT3 1/89 -5/92 mhayes (AT)  
FF-1070 Danny Henderson RM2 05/86 - 09/89 henderson.danny (AT) Bummed to hear the used my ship as target practice!
FF-1070 Sean Holden FC2 1987-1991 greyravyn666666 (AT) Give me a holler... would love to hear from some old shipmates!
FF-1070 Mike Holder MS 1982-1984 mikeholder20 (AT)  
FF-1070 Jerry Jenkins EW2 1980 to 1981 JJenkins12 (AT)  
FF-1070 Jeffrey Johnson EW1 1978 - 1982 jjohson (AT)  
FF-1070 Thomas Kirckof STG1 7/84 - 7/89 tkirckof (AT) I am already listed, but my email has changed
FF-1070 Dan Korp BM2 1/78-9/81 dkorp (AT) hey squids
FF-1070 Casey Kryzanowski EW1 1979-1983 Caseykaye (AT)  
FF-1070 Pat Kuehl E-4 1975 to 1977 kuehls (AT)  
FF-1070 Edward McKinney STGCS 1985-1988 chip728 (AT) cleanest ship in the Navy. Ready NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FF-1070 Stephen Miroy BTFN 10/75 - 11/76 yorimevets (AT) Now she's a coral reef.
FF-1070 Shea Nieto OS2 1987 to 1990 sheanieto (AT)  
FF-1070 John Nixon BTFA 1992-1993 rckhrd04 (AT) it was either these dates or 91/92. Fn Cistrunk I remember you
FF-1070 Thomas Payeur NC1 9/89 - 6/92 ncc_tom (AT) Was Command Career Counselor
FF-1070 Curtis Prayer BT2 1987-1991 clenrie (AT)  
FF-1070 Ed Raymond ETCS 5/78-6/81 ETCMRet (AT)  
FF-1070 Russell Reynolds IC3 1988-1991 rrussreynolds (AT) would like to talk with old shipmates from 1989-1991
FF-1070 David Richmond BTFA/E-2 1975 - 1976 kanzler045 (AT) Sad to know she is sunk off San Diego-hello to my old shipmates-many fond memories with fellow snipes from eng
FF-1070 Joseph Rivera MM3 1985-1989 joe032865 (AT)  
FF-1070 Donald Russell CDR 8/86-8/88 russd123 (AT)  
FF-1070 Maurice (Moe) Sanders FTG1 12/74 - 6/79 moefun (AT) Ain't nothing like white decks on the Indian Oceans. Where are my 79 WestPAC guys at?
FF-1070 Ronald Sanders YNCS 1976 to 1979 catron (AT) Great Downes WestPac, retired Colorado 1981.
FF-1070 Scott Schroeder ET2(SW) May86-Dec90 kf6umq (AT)  
FF-1070 Randy Scoggins QM3 1982 to 1986 na Find me on facebook:)
FF-1070 Mike Shepherd SN 1976 to 1979 mikeshep1 (AT) WestPac 1979 was pretty cool. Hi Moe.
FF-1070 Harry (H. K.) Smith OSC 12/78-2/80 HKS2249 (AT) Great Ship-Great crew-great memories
FF-1070 Samuel Sowash E-4 7/77 - 8/80 teamsowah (AT) hows things ?
FF-1070 Steve Stuart MM2 1976 to 1981 sstu404 (AT)  
FF-1070 Dwayne Suiter E3-E2-E3 7/79 to 2/82 dwaynesuiter (AT) Good to see so many of us still think about the old boat.
FF-1070 Robert Turner QM1 02/78-04/80 gwonga13 (AT)  
FF-1070 William Williams SN 1978 to 1979 mixer_man7719 (AT) with frist crew on westpack.

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