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  David Fowler   4/42--10/42 maureen.fowler (AT) My uncle served onboard near Savo Island--he went down with the ship-just want to connect if anyone was there.
DD/DDR-874 Earle Brooks EM3 1966-1969 gibrooks (AT)  
DD/DDR-874 Hubert (Shorty) (Hugo) Chambers MMFM 58-60 hugo539 (AT) would like to hear from any of my shipmates.looking for don sizemore.
DD/DDR-874 Glen Clifton STG3 12/66-8/67 gmc-mkc (AT)  
DD/DDR-874 Robert Ellis SN 2/61 - 9/63 viperbob (AT) Looking for Phil Harris ET? or anyone whilling to chat. My earthlink address is N.G.
DD/DDR-874 D. Rex Garrett MM3 61-63 IKE_09 (AT)  
DD/DDR-874 Bill Harlan BT2 5/57 to 6/62 bharlan888 (AT)  
DD/DDR-874 Richard (Dick) Harrison RM3 5/57-9/59 mystery69kbh (AT) Dick died in 2003-thought I'd add him to the crew-if anyone remembers him I'd love to hear about it-his daughter
DD/DDR-874 Charlie Kappas MR3 1965-1969 Charlie.Kappas (AT)  
DD/DDR-874 Joe Mulligan ETN5 1969-1972 lotggii (AT)  
DD/DDR-874 William Myers RD2 a/49 -12/52 wjmyers (AT) looking for korean vets
DD/DDR-874 Leroy Overbey BTFN 3/55-7/58 overbeyl (AT) would like to say hello to an old shipmate
DD/DDR-874 John Sellers, Sr. SN2 6/45-1/46 lizwidener8 (AT) This was my Dad, he passed away 12/98. If anyone knew him or of him please feel free to
DD/DDR-874 George Swift BT3 1959-1962 2swiift (AT)  
DD/DDR-874 Clearon Wright, Jr. MM2 4/63-3/66 cwright68 (AT) Looking for Bobby Ables--MM3
DD-46 Steve Desjadon RM 1915-1918 cheezpoofdaddy (AT) This was grandfather's ship in WWI .Havephotos (AT) postcards
DD-46 Paul Mack PO 1915-1916 cheezpd (AT) My grandfather-have pics inc FDR (Sec of Navy)-like 2 hear frm others w/relatives on this ship-lots of cool stuff to share!
DD-485 Warren Craig WT2 2/10=42 budc16 (AT) also uss shubrick dd639
DD-485 Louis A. Cruz SN 5/42 - 10/42 Survivor
DD-485 Edward Ferreira   1942 jasson.ferreira (AT) My grandfather is trying to locate any shipmates.
DD-485 Duaine Whitten   4/42-10/42 whtt47 (AT)  
DD-874 Bob Arp MM3 1966-1970 Jarp (AT)  
DD-874 Dennis Barlow PO3/E-4 6/66 - 8/68 dmb874 (AT) My best to the great men with whom I served.
DD-874 Dennis Barlow, Sr. RD3 6/66 - 8/68 dmb874 (AT) Great Crew and Great Ship
DD-874 Alan Crow E-3 11/67 - 1/71 alanmcrow (AT) Trying to contact men I served with: Larry Richardson, Mark Wishart, etc
DD-874 Dick D'Acri GMG2 69/70 RFDACRI (AT)  
DD-874 Norman Darden GM 1951-1955 jeremyj7676 (AT) My grandfather is 83 years old from St. Louis Missouri
DD-874 Bob Davenport SK2 1967 to 1971 bedavenport1123 (AT) To all my Navy buddies it was great serving with you. Trying to locate my old supply division pals
DD-874 Richard Delbridge   1954 to 1955 810-621-3688  
DD-874 Walter (Phil) Detlefsen STG3 10/69 - 1/71 pd1 (AT)  
DD-874 Don Ebensberger BT2 Mar 70 Jan 71 ebensdon (AT)  
DD-874 Jim Edmonds IC2 1947-48 blejge (AT) Were you there the morning she blew up?
DD-874 Harry ''Pepperoni'' Elmore TMT2 4/55-10/55 stephiearrt (AT) Would like to hear from fellow shipmates.
DD-874 William E. Fashbaugh FTC 1965-1968 Gunnerfash (AT)  
DD-874 Rex Hagen YN3 1967 to 1970 cheesehead207 (AT) Started in deck force, then to weapon's Dept YN to ship's office-bunked with guys from 2nd divi (GMs)
DD-874 Larry Hays GMG1 1967-1969 lfhays (AT) Best cruise Australia
DD-874 Clarence Hull RDM2 1945-46 cehull (AT) like to find x shipmates Grubb Ginsberg
DD-874 Bill Ihnow SKG3 1955 to 1956 mrbanjo (AT) Also served on the John W. Thomason
DD-874 Chris Jarvis EM3 9/69-01/71 Chrisjarvis371 (AT) Greatest ship in the Navy
DD-874 Gary Jeffers MM3 1968 to 1970 jeffers.gary (AT) 307 nw 73rd street Gladstone , Missouri 64118
DD-874 Joseph King RD2 6/47-6/50 joking746 (AT)  
DD-874 Joseph W. Kirchner MR3 3/46 to 12/46 perfectjj (AT)  
DD-874 Tom Louizou MM2 1945 tlouizou (AT) reg. by his son (Tommy) - anyone that served with him?
DD-874 Louis Lueker SM3 1958-1961 l.lueker (AT)  
DD-874 Pete Macaraeg     Deceased My grandfather was a cook-loved it-died in 2000-served during Korean & Vietnam wars always on this destroyer.
DD-874 Roy Morris MM3 11/68-02/71 looking for MMFN kerry Smith of Evergreen,Colo. Also info on the Duncan Reunion this year in Mobile, AL
DD-874 Al Odabashian FTG2 1969 to 1970 alodabashian (AT) Great ship
DD-874 Billy Rieken 3/c 1/52 to 5/56 stormydawn94501 (AT) Would like to here from you all.
DD-874 Rodney Ritter IC3 05/69 - 02/70 texrrodd (AT) I was Hy-Lined over after Hawaii in May 1969. Served with IC3 Robinson and R-Division.
DD-874 James Shackelford RD3/E-4 6/67- 7/69 shacke (AT) assigned to Div 1: CIC
DD-874 William H. Smith SM3 44/46 Bulletbil1 (AT) Plankowner retired in Mesa Az. Remember the cinamon toast ?
DD-874 George Swift BT2 11/59 2/61 1/61 1/63 2swiift (AT)  
DD-874 Walter (Buddy) Taggart   1945-1949 blair.taggart (AT) My grandfather-died in 1991-looking for info or tohear from anyone who served with-grandaughter Blair Taggart.
DD-874 Dave Wear Personnelman 3/c 8/68 to 11/70 davewear3 (AT)  
DDR/DD-874 Andy Suchon BMSN 11/68 - 1/71 dadsgonehuntig (AT) had good duty with my brother bm3 connie. had a bunch of great shipmates all so.
DDR-874 Howard G. Adkins DC3 1956-1957 adkinshg (AT) would like to contact shipmates
DDR-874 Larry Anderson ET2 1957-1959 larryfanderson (AT) wish to contact shipmates of same era
DDR-874 Milton Bedenbaugh SN 1959 to 1962 mbedenbaugh (AT)  
DDR-874 Ronald Boaz SK3 Sept 62 to July 64 ronald_boaz (AT)  
DDR-874 Darrell Bogar MOMM2 45-46 darrellb (AT)  
DDR-874 Everett Bonner GMSN 1957 to 1960 diamondfaneb (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates
DDR-874 Bob Boothroyd BT3 1965 to 1968 reboothroyd (AT)  
DDR-874 Aaron Borchers RD3 1961-1963 aborchers (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates.
DDR-874 John Branca EN1 05/24/68- tumblewd-98 (AT) Lots of gun line hours, great crew,Australia visit
DDR-874 Billy Brewer MM2 12/66 - 11/69 billy.r.brewer (AT)  
DDR-874 Bob Brooke SOG2 1961-64 bob_brooke (AT)  
DDR-874 James R. (Jim) Brown BT1 1961 - 1964 jbrown (AT)  
DDR-874 James Brown BT2 1957-1960 jimrbrown (AT)  
DDR-874 James Bumb FN 64-67 bumb.jamesbumb (AT) 530 621-2797 call anytime
DDR-874 James Byrnes SN 1957 jj_byrnes (AT)  
DDR-874 Winston Caldwell LT(jg) 2/51 to 3/52 caldwin (AT) Returned to Korean waters in 1952 aboard USS Iowa (BB61).
DDR-874 Fel Cespedes SN steward 3/61to3/63 fmcespe (AT) would like to talk to anyone onboard the same year
DDR-874 Wilfred Chartier   1954 to 1955 bill.chartier (AT)  
DDR-874 Bill Cherry LT 1968-1970 rwc (AT) Operations Officer
DDR-874 Glen M. Clifton STG3 12/3/66 - 8/10/67 gmc-mkc (AT) Like to correspond with old shipmates.
DDR-874 Ralph Covell MM3 1952 to 1955 covell (AT)  
DDR-874 Alan Crosby BM3 10/67-6/69 alanscrosby (AT) any one on board with me please drop a line!
DDR-874 Bob Davenport SK2 1967-1971 bedavenport1123 (AT) Fantastic crew to have on our team-Australia great ports we hit-anyone who was aboard with me email me
DDR-874 Raymond Michael Eckard ETR2 Oct 1966 - Aug 1969 rmeckard (AT)  
DDR-874 Lawrence V. Edwards RD3 Nov.1948 - Nov. 1949 pacidrm (AT)  
DDR-874 Robert Ellis SN 02/61-09/63 viperbob (AT)  
DDR-874 Dennis English SO2 1/61 - 5/63 englishdj (AT)  
DDR-874 James English BT2/E-5 8/59 to 10/61 myjim40 (AT) would like to hear from Bill Harlan and former shipmates
DDR-874 Hoyt Ergle   1949-1950 imahammnow (AT) My dad-deceased-if you remember him pls email-put his name in the subject line so I don't delete it as junk mail.
DDR-874 John Evans QM2 10/59-11/61 j_evans48 (AT)  
DDR-874 Harvey Foster EN3 10/48 - 5/52 fosterdm (AT) ccountry. com Looking for Van Earl Allain
DDR-874 John Galloway GMG3 10/66 to 01/70 Sweetgfmwebtv1 (AT) Great ship/great crew. Would like to hear from old shipmates...Is BM3 Perry from Texas still alive.
DDR-874 Timothy Gardner EN3 12/59-4/63 nanamater (AT) I would to hear from anyone who serviced on board the duncan on the dates ABOVE
DDR-874 James Gibbons GMG3 1970 valoriegib (AT) (wife's) liked last reunion in San Diego (2000)
DDR-874 Richard Gillet BT2 Dec. 1960-Sept. 1964 rjgillet (AT) For reunion info contact me or go to
DDR-874 Rudy Groom MM3 7/50-5/52 groomrm (AT) Looking for shipmates
DDR-874 Don Guest FTG3 2/62 - 11/63 donlyng (AT)  
DDR-874 James Hall EM2 1958 to 1963 highway126 (AT)  
DDR-874 James Hamilton BT2 12/54-3/57 hamiltonj37 (AT) adelphia wanting to hear from any who remember the good times
DDR-874 Bill Harlan BT2 1957 to 1962 bharlan541 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates from same years
DDR-874 Phil Harris FT2 3/60 to 10/63 flippp2489 (AT) Where are ya Steve K.?
DDR-874 Jim Heckelsberg MMC 6/58 - 1/62 jnh_hobbywood (AT) Advanced to MMC during FRAM II overhaul, AFR & Mn Control.
DDR-874 Bob Henderson RD3 9/66- 5/69 rockinrobert62 (AT) Would like to find Harvey Miller.
DDR-874 Leland E. Hewgley RM2 12/1951- 1/1955 leh31 (AT) until Feb 15, 2002 E-mail changes to leh31 (AT)
DDR-874 Trellis Hicks SN 01/59 to 08/61 coloradograyusa (AT)  
DDR-874 Bruce N. Higginbotham FTG3 3/65-7/68 higginbotham29649 (AT)  
DDR-874 Harry E. Hinton SO3 11/50 - 8/51 demoshinton (AT) keep up the good work!
DDR-874 Michael House GMG3 6/64-8/67 (AT) looking for larry pope
DDR-874 William A. Hurst FTG3 62 thru 65 willy (AT) Tex , Paul, Skip would like to hear from any of old gang
DDR-874 Ed Jack GMG2 59 to 63 ed-jack (AT)  
DDR-874 Maurice (Bud) Jackson RD3 1951 - 1954 budjackson (AT)  
DDR-874 James (Jim) Johnston FN 5/63-9/66 SQDCCLR (AT) After Eng. rm.
DDR-874 Richard (Dick) Kohler MM3 58 - early 60 bikerdickinltown (AT) the best time of my life, especially the 1st time in Yoko
DDR-874 Ron Lemasters PN3 4/67-6/68 rlemasters14 (AT) Looking for shipmates to join Duncan Reunion Association
DDR-874 Vernon Lovely BT3 3/65- 9/68 dukediesel8 (AT) Nice to talk to some of the BT crew members and other Duncan crew !
DDR-874 Nicolas Lucero MM2 11/48 - 3/52 ericyvonneg (AT) (daughter) Would like to find John Colley
DDR-874 Lester Lynch SF1 11/1986 6/1953  
DDR-874 Mike McBride BM3 7/65 thru 12/67 mikemcbride (AT) Is Larkin Hall, BM3, alive or dead?
DDR-874 Roland (Ron) Medler RM1 1959~60 medlerr (AT)  
DDR-874 Mike Meier RD3 1965-1969 metaledger2 (AT) came aboard as SA 1st div-Mr Bergan & Mr Cherry saved me from a life of chipping paint-where is Swifty Wilson
DDR-874 Edward Messersmith DK2 3/52-2/56 joangelowmi (AT)  
DDR-874 Glen Minnich STG3 6/65-1/68 gemarb (AT) 1st of four Tin Cans !
DDR-874 Douglas A. Morin RM3 05/64 - 12/66 dam16001 (AT) Member Duncan Crew & Reunion Association (DCRA)-like to hear from former crewmembers interested in joining.
DDR-874 Phillip Murphy SFM3 6/62-7/64 phillipmurphy23jumpstreetne (AT)  
DDR-874 Peter J. Murray SN Nov 66 - Sep 67 ddr874pm (AT) creator - & SecTreas Duncan Reunion Assoc.
DDR-874 William Myers RD2 4/49 to 12/16/52 wjmyers (AT) looking for Korean vets
DDR-874 Tom Myrick BT2 1962 to 1969 N6JOJ (AT) COX.NET  
DDR-874 Dennis Nelson CS3 02/64-10/66 clovercreekllc (AT) 3 tours to Nam. Remember all the fresh bread! Contact (AT) e-mail.
DDR-874 Jesse Nunnally RMC 1961-62 jcn1 (AT)  
DDR-874 Ernie Nye TM2 1960 to 1963 ehnye (AT) will answer any and all from shipmates
DDR-874 Jack Olsen BT3 1951 - 1955 ittsmine (AT)  
DDR-874 E. Bruce Osgood ETR2 1966-1969 ebdlosgood (AT) Signed on as Seaman advanced to ETR-2
DDR-874 Ken Penland GMG3 11/67-6/69 kenpenland39 (AT) like to hear from some old friends
DDR-874 Eli Penn MM   txsoren (AT) Would be great to hear from anyone who served aboard during Korean War days. /s/ Eli
DDR-874 Raymond Perry MM2 63-65 rocksaltray (AT)  
DDR-874 Franklin Perry RM3 50-53 fperry069 (AT)  
DDR-874 Earl Porter FT3 9/59-1961 earlp (AT) Any and all answered.
DDR-874 Bob Poston TM1 8/63-7/64 postontmcm (AT) DDR-874 was my only Small Boy in a 30 year career. Landed in SanDiego.
DDR-874 Alan Price MM3 Oct 65 to Jan 68 coyotehap (AT)  
DDR-874 Randall Ray GMG2 1964 to 1968 rrray2 (AT)  
DDR-874 Joseph Retcho SC3 2/45 - 12/45 jritalia (AT) Would like to hear from the plankowners,anyone from S Div.
DDR-874 Raymond Ruggiere SN 1964 to 1967 Raymo (AT) Looking for E5 James E Grane
DDR-874 Jim Scarlata SN 1/61 - 9/63 JESCARLATA (AT) FINSVCS.COM  
DDR-874 Dee Schuyler MM2 56-58 dee.schuyler (AT) Like to hear from former Shipmates
DDR-874 Daniel Seward RD2 4/61 - 7/64 deseward (AT) Weed or Seaweed
DDR-874 Gary D. Sherman FT2 1958-59 gdsherman001 (AT) Final cruise to Westpac before discharge
DDR-874 Thomas Short STG2 1963 to 1966 theshorts (AT) looking for Larry Jones
DDR-874 Rick Shumaker EM3 12/65-9/69 Rshuma5406 (AT) Still Sailing
DDR-874 Robert Slate DCFN 2/56-1/58 bobsps (AT)  
DDR-874 William Clark Smith YNC 1950-1951 wclark (AT)  
DDR-874 Don Smith GM3 1954 to 1956 dsmith387 (AT)  
DDR-874 Edgar Smith 3/c 1962 eesmith21 (AT)  
DDR-874 Terry Snyder CS3 10/62-8/65 tksnyder (AT) Duncaneer's information found (AT)
DDR-874 Richard (Mickey) Spillane MM3 10/66 to 2/70 rspillane9595 (AT)  
DDR-874 Fred Strang MM3 1955 to 1958 flstrang (AT) Would like to find other shipmates aboard (55-59)
DDR-874 Frank Surette MM3 12/65-1/68 ftdkt (AT)  
DDR-874 Gordon Sutton FN 58-59 gordonhd (AT) Hi to all I served with!
DDR-874 George Swift BT2 11/59 1/63 v5860 (AT)  
DDR-874 John Takalo STG3 09/65-06/68 john1449 (AT) first enlistment served on her
DDR-874 Loren Thoman RD2 9/57-9/60 tspace (AT)  
DDR-874 Dennis Tissot MM2 1967 to 1970 Den4934465 (AT) Submitting my Father's Information
DDR-874 Eugene Toulou SM2 3/57-9/60 etoulou (AT)  
DDR-874 Hubert (aka) Hugh Truelock SFPF 1956 - 1959 Truelockd (AT) Like to hear from any shipmates including Walter Mays
DDR-874 Karl van Leuven RD2 1/60-9/60 k.vanleuven (AT)  
DDR-874 Wayne Videgar MR3/P1 6/11/59 to 6/26/61 Popsvid (AT) I started at MM3-P1 and changed my rate to MR3-P1. I admired my Commanding Officer H.E.Thornhill, Jr.
DDR-874 Giovanni Viola HM3 Late 1951 jackv8331 (AT) need information from 1951
DDR-874 Charles Vollrath MM3 4/68 - 8/68 chuck278 (AT) was a short timer , in for the yard period in lb
DDR-874 Robert E. Williams SN 1947-1948 robertewillie (AT) I was in the Compartment 03-02-48 when we had the blast - w
DDR-874 Robert E. Williams SN 11/47-4/48 robertewilliams (AT)  
DDR-874 Clearon R. Wright, Jr. E-5 04/63-03/66 debjane68 (AT)  
FFG-10 Matt Boschert ET3 1979-1983 bluedog5131 (AT) Onboard when we lost Mike Wrubel-mates,Bernie Gervais,Sam Perry,Mike Deroy,Frank Kukelski email me.
FFG-10 Frank Brennan RM2 1979 to 1981 Frank.Brennan2 (AT) Plankowner
FFG-10 Jose Corpus YN1 7/85-5/88 jcorpus (AT)  
FFG-10 Thomas Davis SK1 1979 to 1985 tbdavis24 (AT) Plankowner
FFG-10 Roger Gagnon LT 5/90 to 8/93 drgagnon (AT) Only served 4 yrs in the USN but had a great experience on Duncan-still keep in touch with some of my shipmates
FFG-10 Michael Hartman SK2 10/83 - 7/86 Hartman8104 (AT)  
FFG-10 Lynwood Hill SN 05/80-10/82 lynwoodhill13 (AT)  
FFG-10 Darrell Maguire STGC (CPOC) 1979-1983 djmaguire (AT) Plankowner Senior Enlisted Man at time of Commissioning
FFG-10 Robert Medill BMCS 5/84 - 3/86 pamedill (AT)  
FFG-10 Tim O'Connor STG2 3/86 - 9/89 timoc69 (AT)  
FFG-10 Walter Reed YN2 01/80-06/81 wreed3 (AT) Plankowner
FFG-10 Ubilio Rivera MSSN 1981 to 1983 geeeho6 (AT)  
FFG-10 Jacob Sandoval GSE1 4/89-12/91 jakeblade9 (AT) Looking for DC2 Robert A. Ward.
FFG-10 Bradley Vanhille EN1 1979 to 1983 encswvanhille (AT) Plankowner
FFG-10 Robert Wachenfeldf RM3 1990-1993 rkwachenfeld (AT) Sorry it was Decommed . Was proud and Honored to br on that ship R.I.P. Duncan

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