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DD/DDE-719 Gary Craig BT2 69-73 gary.craig (AT)  
DD/DDE-719 Herman Fritzke LCDR June 1961 - Oct. 1962 fritzke2ho (AT) retired as CAPT, USN in 1979
DD/DDE-719 Dale Hedberg BMSN 6/58-9/59 dhedberg (AT) Let the good times roll!!!
DD/DDE-719 Stan Hunt RM3 1/70 - 4/73 wdwgsm (AT)  
DD/DDE-719 Jerry Ingram GM2 6/59 to 1/63 marthaingram01 (AT)  
DD/DDE-719 Douglas Redmon, Sr. BM 1967-1971 nrtplee (AT) My father (deceased) would like to touch base with his fellow brothers/shipmates-have pics of him & others.
DD/DDE-719 Ronald Schmidt EN3 2/56-5/57 rsschmidt1934 (AT) Had a good time and forwarding knowlage in my NAVY carrier
DD/DDE-719 Robert Vandeventer SM1   retusndd799 (AT)  
DD/DDE-719 Karey (Kim) Wise STG3 4/72-4/74 events (AT) updated email
DD-718 George Murray MM2 02/70 9/71 SIVER_23513 (AT) I am still around to.......L COLES
DD-719 Glen E. Anderson BT2 5/69 to 8/72 epperson (AT)  
DD-719 Doug Andrews QM2 71-73 doug.andrews (AT) A mile off the DMZ on the last day of 'Nam. Remember?
DD-719 James Marion Atkinson BM 19/59 - 8/60 deziner124 (AT) Can anyone attest to overhaul in Pearl during those dates? Thought it was Fram I but everything I read says no.
DD-719 Anthony Bailey BM3/BM2 1963-1965 arbailey3 (AT) galloping gray ghost of the vietnamese coast
DD-719 Albert H. Bair III EM2 4-68 to 5-71 AHJB3 (AT) Great idea, thanks!!!!!!
DD-719 Albert Bair, III EM2 4/68-4/71 NAVY719 (AT)  
DD-719 Mike Baker FTG2 3/65 - 2/68 mikejudybaker (AT) Trying to find a way to contact Pat Walsh
DD-719 Robert L. Barbier ETR2 1967-68 capt_bob (AT) Retired from USN-Reserves in 1999
DD-719 Charles Bassett LT 06/60 - 07/63 rdbchb01 (AT)  
DD-719 John Beattie, Jr. BTFN 1972-1975 Whiteking8042 (AT) Hi ship mates,I miss all of you guys and hope you all doing good:)
DD-719 John Beattie,,Jr. BTFN 1972-1975 Whiteking8042 (AT) Hello Shipmates, I miss all of you guys.and I think of you guys all the time hope you all doing well.
DD-719 Ed Bechtholt TM2 74-76 bechtholt (AT) I live in San Diego and I am retired
DD-719 Walter Benavitz RM2 5/65-4/69 benavitz (AT) 8 yrs of active duty. Ret. as NAVRES CDR with 42 years svc
DD-719 Jim Bierly CSSN 9/70-1/72 James_Bierly (AT)  
DD-719 Thomas Biermaas GM 1963 to 1967 Biermaas3 (AT)  
DD-719 James Bills, Jr. TM1 1957-1960 hula111 (AT) My father died in 1988 but I would enjoy communicating with anyone who knew him.
DD-719 Rodney Bishop BT2 5/66 12/69 rwstbishop (AT) Like to hear from any of the guys who worked in the holes
DD-719 Jim Black RD3 1968 to 1969 Blacksconst (AT) Would love to hear from mates
DD-719 Ken Van Bladel QM3 71-73 kvanbladel (AT)  
DD-719 Robert Blank OS2 6/71-8/75 sail (AT)  
DD-719 Terry Botonis IC1 1971-1975 tbotonis (AT) Looking for old shipmates
DD-719 Daniel Bowers ETR2 1/67-12/68 dan.bowers69z (AT) wepons dept. div 3 DASH
DD-719 Alan F. Bowles SN 1963 to 1965 hootawl (AT) would to hear from shipmates
DD-719 James S. (Steve) Brewer SHB3 1973 to 1975 basscat01 (AT)  
DD-719 Bert Brigman MM2 8/66-12/69 brigmanbert (AT)  
DD-719 Ollie Burroughs MMFN 8/72-7/73 hdspringer (AT) Went on first Wes-Pac aboard Eppe..
DD-719 Richard Butler FN 5/71-2/72 (AT) 1st WestPac-worked for MR1 Simonson-thks for your help-sent me to MRA School-been machinist ever since
DD-719 Richard Carpenter SN 1952-53 Sailho (AT) 2nd Div, Gunnery, Supply (Sickbay)
DD-719 William Castonguay HM1 1967-1968 EppieDoc719 (AT) Deceased July 2005
DD-719 Antonio Castro   09/1965 to 1967 graciacastro (AT) I need to get proof show we did go to inland in small boats a few times-if you remember,please email me the info
DD-719 Larry Caswell E-3 Cook 6/70-9/73 hogman (AT) traveled allot of water on the ''Peppy'' Eppy..............
DD-719 McGhee Charles IC3 04/69 - 03/71 sankore (AT)  
DD-719 Stan Childs SOG2 12/60-2/64 stan.childs (AT)  
DD-719 Don Chinery QMC 1972-1974 donchinery (AT) Had a great career-ret LCDR, LDO aft 30yrs-now live on coffee farm in Kona,HI. Aloha to shipmates.
DD-719 Leslie Coles MM3 1967-1971 Lescoles1084 (AT) Yes I am still around, USN Retired who would have ever thought.
DD-719 Brian Collins BM3 4/69 - 11/72 bricol66 (AT)  
DD-719 James Collins IC2 10/62- 6/65 jcoll4224 (AT)  
DD-719 George Cree RM2 1972-1973 gbcree (AT) I would like to hear from old shipmates!
DD-719 John L. Cummings FTG1 Nov 62 - May 66 johncumm (AT) I thought I'd never get to Westpac. Finally 65-66.
DD-719 Lionel De La Fuente RM2 01/62-12/65 ldelafuente6 (AT) MADE 62 WESTPAC--FRAM--65 WESTPAC
DD-719 Dale Dickerson YN3 1971 to 1973 daled59 (AT) 36 Years? Seems like just yesterday. Aloha.
DD-719 Frederick Dover RD1 12/65 - 6/66 sealeg3 (AT)  
DD-719 Lewis Easter MM3 2/53-8/54 MMCSUSN1 (AT)  
DD-719 Dave Ebling GM1 1969 to 1971 debling (AT) Shipmates - Send me an e-mail
DD-719 Roger Eckstorm E-3 1972 cen14403 (AT)  
DD-719 Dan Ecton MM2 2/69 to 6/71 villard55 (AT) Also on USS Taylor
DD-719 Ronald Egan BT3 11/69 - 4/72 ronjstl (AT) We had good times and bad times..I only remember the good.
DD-719 Garry Elliott BT3 1972-1975 garryelliott3 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DD-719 Richard Farley PC3 7/67-12/69 farleyr002 (AT) time of a life time
DD-719 Charles J. Fay BM1 11/52-11/54? avispon1 (AT) Charles Fay died 2004 . . . Would love to hear from anyone who knew my Dad . . . Thanks, Mike Fay
DD-719 Fred Feldman STG-SN 8/65 - 9/67 FRFLMT (AT) Would like to communicate with someone I was over seas with, especially 2nd division
DD-719 Bill Fox EN2 1/67-1/70 wmfox (AT)  
DD-719 Tim Frissk BT3 5/68-8/71 tjfrisk (AT)  
DD-719 Ronald Froman YN2 03/75 - Decom ron.froman (AT) Love to hear from any shipmates onboard when I was, and who might have crossdecked to the McKean.
DD-719 John Frost RM3 11/72 to 4/74 frostie29609 (AT) Been talking to George Cree and Ken Toby'' Taylor''
DD-719 Dennis Frost MM3 1959 to 1962 d.r.frost (AT) After engineroom 3.5 years
DD-719 Frank Gallant SF2 6/64 - 68 fmgallant (AT) Galloping Gray Ghost of Viet Coast-went anywhere/anytime to help. Provide food for choppers landing on helo deck/riverboat that came alongside often.
DD-719 Rick Gilbert AN 1966 to 1967 hboatdp (AT) Wanted off then, but look back with fondness.
DD-719 Dwight Glasner BT3 2/64-8/66 glasnerd (AT) remembering the day the Hornet tried to peel us open
DD-719 Roy (Doug) Gleaves E-3 1973-1974 gleaveo (AT) looking for 1st. div.
DD-719 Gary Gorka SM3 2/70 - 11/69 Ggork (AT)  
DD-719 Dave Greco SN/E-3 2/67-3/68 dgreco002 (AT) rochester Gen quarters in aft gun mt-Wilcox was gun mount capt-off nam ear 68-left at subic bay for duty in Danang.
DD-719 Jerry Griffin SN 1960 -1963 jgriffin27 (AT) Deck & supply laundry w/SN Chase-looking for SN Borne(worked sickbay) & SN Hamilton-like to hear frm shipmates
DD-719 William Gunderson MM2 1957 to 1958 william6262 (AT) Always ready to get underway (after engine room)
DD-719 Christopher Gutowski SN April 1971-November 1972 cggutowski (AT) AKA 'Guts Gutowski' pie eating champion
DD-719 Dennis Hale MM1 1970 to 1970 dhale (AT) I would love to hear from old shipmates
DD-719 Ervin Hardison CS3 01/52 to 04/54 ehardison11 (AT) good ship,but cold cond 3 watches off wonson
DD-719 Ed Harper EM2 6/60-12/60 elharper (AT) I would like to get in touch with old shipmates
DD-719 Rob Harrelson SN 3/69-12/70 Robbharrelson (AT)  
DD-719 Lemual Ray Harris BT3 11/63 - 10/66 hshome (AT) Would love to hear from anyone that cares to communicate. phone:757-961-7235
DD-719 Dale Hedberg SN 11/59-10/60 dhedberg (AT)  
DD-719 Ken Higdon BM3 10/65-03/67 khigdon (AT) May all that served on the Eppie..Your trure ten can sailors/
DD-719 William C. Hoffman E-5 4/70 - 9/73 stinky1997 (AT) Boiler tech
DD-719 W. N. Holderfield GNG2 5/66-12/69 holderfieldlee (AT)  
DD-719 Gary Hooper SK2 4/70 - 4/71 konitzfan (AT)  
DD-719 Kirk Hornshuh BTFN 9/72 - 7/75 kirkhornshuh (AT) Great ship.
DD-719 Thomas Hulsey RM3 1964 to 1967 tomhulsey (AT) I live in Cincinnati, OH, Retired from AT&T,
DD-719 Jonnie Hurt FN 1965-1968 jchurt1 (AT) has anyone have a record of ship movements from 1964-1969?
DD-719 Neal Hutcheson ST1 6/67-5/68 nlhutch (AT)  
DD-719 Brian Ingoldsby SN 2/68 - 12/69 bingoldsby (AT) Went into Deck Force-was trans to Radio after 6 mos (I was a Ham Radio Operator/they needed someone fast)
DD-719 Vincent J.Volk GMG3 Jan 68-Dec. 69 VVolk (AT) Feel Free to E-mail
DD-719 John Jolly RM2 1966-1967 JJOLLY (AT) PROECINC.COM  
DD-719 Ira Jones   1969-1972 MMMIKALA (AT)  
DD-719 Mike Jostedt YN2 1969-1970 mpjostedt (AT)  
DD-719 Steve Kaminsky SK2 5/64-11/67 pairofskis (AT) Live in Chicago suburb, Banker for 35 years
DD-719 Bob Keller SF3   lopaka1002 (AT)  
DD-719 Robert Kennedy BT3 1962-1965 kennedy128 (AT)  
DD-719 Dallas Kershner OS2/RD2 4/70-8/73 none 17580 Vierra Cyn. Rd. Salinas, CA 93901-3333
DD-719 Thomas Kielty BM3 1971 to 1973 tjkielty (AT)  
DD-719 Patrick Killinger   4/67 to 12/70 pkillinger (AT) Would like to hear from some old friends
DD-719 Tony Kime RD2 6/63 - 5/66 Kime’s.square (AT)  
DD-719 Harry W. Knecht, Jr. BT2 1960 to 1963 hkjrreired (AT) look'n 4 Dennis Pittam MM-2, from Jal,NM
DD-719 Dale Kragh MM3 5/71 to 5/73 dandidale (AT) would like to hear from from shipmates
DD-719 George Krepps MM3 7/72 to 11/73 dd719aoe1 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates.
DD-719 Charles Kruger IC1(SS) 70-73 cwkdbf (AT) Served on both skimmers & boats
DD-719 Joe Kuhar RM1 1966 hukking (AT)  
DD-719 Dennis LaChance BT1 8/62-7/65 ldrlachance (AT) Our honeymoon I think Only one of the three I served on. Also DD747 58-61, DD470 65-67
DD-719 James Larrivee SN 1953 to 1955 yankee34 (AT)  
DD-719 James Laugheed SN/E-3 1/71-12/72 shibye6 (AT) Looking for photos of when USS Epperson was docked or close to land .in Dang, cam rhan bay.
DD-719 Richard Lawley E-3 10 1961 to 08 1965 RPLawley (AT)  
DD-719 DuVal Lawrence MM3 2/73 - 2/75 duvalandkay (AT) like to hear from snipes, any year.
DD-719 Mark Layman BTFN 3/75-1075 mlayman (AT) Don't miss the fronts of #3 & #4 boilers!!
DD-719 Phil Leopold E-3 1962-1964 kline123 (AT) Fram Mk-1 in Hawaii, West Pac, VietNam, Australia
DD-719 Morgan Little LT(jg) 8/68-12/69 mlittle (AT) Thought it was all here. Got lost?!
DD-719 Robert Little STG2 12/69-06/74 bobandbetsylittle (AT)  
DD-719 Clinton Logan SA 11/56 -8/57 yorkieloverclint (AT)  
DD-719 Joseph Long SK3 8/66 - 8/68 jmlong (AT)  
DD-719 Thomas Ludwiczak EM2 1968 - 1971 tom_l (AT) Arrived aboard by hiline-3 WesPacs-standing generator watch in Main Eng-Hong Kong,Sasebo,Yokuska,Subic Bay
DD-719 Wallace Luna, Jr. BT3 6/68-1/70 WALLYLUNAJR (AT)  
DD-719 Walt 'Red' Lyon FTG3 July 66 - Jan 68 epiconsult_2000 (AT)  
DD-719 Stephen Magga SM2 05/70 - 08/75 smagga (AT)  
DD-719 Ermal Mahone MMFA 10/70 to 11/72 mmfa_mahoney (AT) want to hear from you
DD-719 George Stanley (Stan) Mancil SN 1964 to 1966 jeanmancil (AT) To what does send request refer>?
DD-719 Tim Mann MM3 8/68 to 7/72 gemsrwe (AT)  
DD-719 Harold Mardock SK3 61-63 h.mardock (AT) I operated the ships store
DD-719 Bill R. Martin FTCS 1965 to 1968 fifirider (AT) In honor of my father (10/24 - 10/2007) If you knew Bill, feel free to contact me and share a memory! Thanks.
DD-719 Michael Mayland EM3 3/71-11/73 MPISCES18 (AT) after 30 years I've found you fella's back
DD-719 James (Mike) McBean BM3 1964 to 1966 ckinsum1 (AT)  
DD-719 Douglas McDonald LT(jg) 7/70 to 6/72 dougmcdonald (AT) retired CAPT, SC, USNR...October 99
DD-719 Charles McGhee IC3 4/69 - 3/71 peterson77 (AT)  
DD-719 Richard Meador QM3 05/74-12/75 rmj504 (AT)  
DD-719 Randall Millard HT3 70-72 rantoon51 (AT) fresh air snipe hated the fireroom
DD-719 Donald Miller GM3 1960 to 1962 DON8614 (AT)  
DD-719 Ora Miller MM1 2/74-Decom moose (AT)  
DD-719 Wilbur Miller MM2 4/49 to 8/51 wkm21 (AT) Still kicking. Like to hear from old shipmates
DD-719 Harvey Mitchell FTG3 1970 to 1972 nikond70 (AT)  
DD-719 Dan Moeller ET1 June 69 to Feb 70 soundguy58 (AT)  
DD-719 Gary Morse RD2 1964 to 1967 gamorse (AT) Great ship. Great duty. Great home port. Great ship mates.
DD-719 Robert Murphy LT(jg) 4/69 - 11/70 rjmurphyjr (AT)  
DD-719 Douglas Nelson IC2 1/58-12/60 d7r2d2 (AT)  
DD-719 Dan Ninedorf ETR3 Oct 68 to July 70 ninedorf (AT) There is a new device a transistor, you'll never see one6/68
DD-719 Barton Noone LT(jg) 1963-1965 Bortnoone (AT)  
DD-719 Duane Nottger MM3 1/53-6/56 notch (AT)  
DD-719 Roy (O.B.) O'Brien, Jr. E-2 72-75 my69f1001pickup (AT) Looking for old shipmates,Yep I'm still around Seattle.
DD-719 Paul Ostrom ET1 9/66-12/69 ostrompaul (AT) Have question about 1969 westpac
DD-719 Gary Owens SA 1969 to 1970 owensgary13 (AT) Into water when a plane went down in Vietnam & someone flashed a camold-car wreck w/G Weatherroid,C McGee
DD-719 Paul Payne FN 9/68-12/68 dodgerstb (AT) My first ship in the Navy
DD-719 Erwin (Bill) Peckat EN3 1968 to 1969 peckat (AT)  
DD-719 Erwin (Bill) Peckat, Jr. E-5   peckat3 (AT)  
DD-719 Tom Peltin ETR3 11/65-08/68 tp (AT)  
DD-719 Alfonso Pena RD3 4/61-10/63 pena.alfonso (AT) Retired from USAF 1985
DD-719 Bill Peters BT2 11/72-11/75 birchrun52 (AT) change of e-mail address
DD-719 Lanny Peterson HM1 1968 to 1969 lanles (AT) Great Ship and Great Crew, proud to have served in real Navy
DD-719 Jaime Picoc HT3 71-73 loloika (AT) Subic was the 1st for many things was it not?
DD-719 Ron Pivik BT2 08/64 to 5/68 lynronpivik (AT) Still live in Wyoming (Green River) If you are on I 80 stop
DD-719 David Poland BM 1973-1975 RETCHIEF2001 (AT)  
DD-719 Jim Polark EM3 10/69 - 11/72 jpolark (AT) Hello to All. Hope life has treated you well. Jim
DD-719 Karl Quaas GMT3 11/71-2/74 qfarm (AT) wonder if 'guts' can still eat as fast
DD-719 Buford Rains MR3 1961-1964   ph#316 524 8804
DD-719 David Reichert MM2 8/66 - 12/69 davereichert (AT) People just don't believe my stories!
DD-719 Van Rhodes BM3 5/71 1/72 cycocyco (AT) Served in West Pac in late 71
DD-719 Gary Richardt FN 9/72 to 5/75 garyrichardt (AT) Dingus has arrived
DD-719 Greg Roberts FTGSN 01/68 - 10/68 glr1200c (AT)  
DD-719 John Rogan MM3 1964 to 1967 John (AT)  
DD-719 Dennis Rose ETN2 66-69 kenika98 (AT)  
DD-719 Bob Ryan IC2 1971 to 1975 bob_ryan (AT)  
DD-719 Larry Samuels FM 2/53-2/55 larsam (AT) Forward engine room lower level & trottle
DD-719 T. Leonard Sanders BTFN 1973-1975 wagoncook (AT) I was Bagpipe playing BT
DD-719 Dave Saxon BT3 1971-1972 saxon31 (AT)  
DD-719 Mike Scarano SM3 1966-1969 my_key (AT)  
DD-719 Rick Schlup SM3 1961 to 1963 bellair (AT)  
DD-719 Ken Schneider EN2 7/70-4/72 MOKENA5 (AT) some great memories,great friends
DD-719 Ken Schroeder BM3 03/51-07/53 kschr (AT) Great crew
DD-719 Dennis Sellers BM3 6/67-1/69 sellers (AT) anybody who served under Cpt. Wallace
DD-719 Robert A. Shiley ETC Aug1964 - Jun 1967 bshiley123 (AT)  
DD-719 Bob Simpson LTjg as 1st Div, EMO & CICO 6/73 to decom golfer6236 (AT) Although Pearl was my duty station of choice,I was thrilled when the Peppy Eppy joined DesRon-37 in Seattle.
DD-719 Truett (T) Sims ET3 3/69 - 12/70 tsimslv (AT) does anybody know how to reach Joe Hensley, ET3, Lubbock, TX ?
DD-719 Joseph Smitty Smith BT1 9/64-9/69 Smicoffee (AT) just like to hear from as many of the old bunch as possible
DD-719 Les Soderlund IC2 6/70 - 9/73 ldsoder (AT) Looking for old shipmates Mike Lincoln & Jim McMakin
DD-719 Rick Sorrell SM3 1968 to 1969 Rsorrell (AT) I was one of 3 guys from Alabama during this time - Rob Harrelson, T Sims and myself.
DD-719 Bill Speechley E-3 11/67 -1-69 videobill1124 (AT) It was a one time life experience...
DD-719 John Spoonamore ETR3 Jan 1963- Jul. 1965 jswarf (AT)  
DD-719 Richard Stahl BT2 11/67 to 1/69 hatchet63 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DD-719 Gary Starks EN2 (EM) 1966-1967 trickworker (AT) Fueled Helo`s in flight off of Viet Nam!
DD-719 Earl Stong RD3 1963 to 1965   Boyertown, PA
DD-719 Ray Stutz BT1 1974 to 1975 raztuts (AT) Was in chge of aft firerm-BTCS Murphy & GMGC Casebeer were a few of the more colorful mems of crew.
DD-719 Philipp Sullivan DC3 69-72 phil (AT) Love to hear from all mates, especially 'fresh air snipes' !
DD-719 Larry Taggart SO1 spring 1956 to 12/58 bflac (AT) I have history & cruise book, 56-58, some of you may be int.
DD-719 John Tanner SF3 10/69-8/74 jetit (AT) I have talked to randy and phil, I miss the DC-gang
DD-719 Ken Taylor RM3 9/72 - 1973 kt1027 (AT) When the Epperson changed home ports and became a reserve ship, My
DD-719 Jeffrey Thompson LT(jg) 11/67 - 4/69 jltjh (AT) trans frm Epperson to First ANGLICO, FMFPAC (Fwd Obs Marines/Army in I Corps,Vietnam)-ret Navy res 9/93
DD-719 Allan Thompson LT(jg) 8/67-6/69 ajthomp (AT)  
DD-719 Richard Tindall ETR2 1970-1973 orthoryk (AT) Operation End Sweep
DD-719 Don Tortorice STG3 8/66 to 12/69 seetort (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates that made the cruise to Sydney and Viet-Nam 67 & 68
DD-719 David Tyrrell FTG2 1/71 - 6/73 sans-dieu-rien (AT) We should have sank that Russian Freightor
DD-719 Roger Usborne LT 7/64-4/66 rwusborne (AT)  
DD-719 Ken Van Bladel QM3 7/71 - 4/73 kvanb50 (AT)  
DD-719 Tom Van Dorn CS3 01/71 - 04/72 panman48 (AT) Cooking on the Epperson was the best job I could have had.
DD-719 Robert Vandeventer SM1 10/64-11/66 retusndd799 (AT) Best ship in the fleet.
DD-719 Don Vannucci RM2 1969 to 1970 donvannucci (AT) Would love to hear from any shipmates
DD-719 Ray Ventura BT2 1968 to 1970 rmven2733 (AT)  
DD-719 Vince Volk GM3 1/68-12/69 vvolk (AT) I was proud to serve on such a fine ship and great crew!
DD-719 Jim West Lt 2/66 to 2/69 jwest43 (AT)  
DD-719 Sam White MM2 1964-1968 samnmarwhite (AT) Looking for new members for the Epperson Association. Email me for information.
DD-719 Gary Wilcoxson GM3 1973 to 1975 gwilcoxs (AT)  
DD-719 Joseph Williams SN 6/61 - 12/64 barcly200187 (AT) Worked deck division and then galley
DD-719 Jerome Williams Williams LT(jg) 02/68-01/70 bigsteamer (AT) Great to hear from any shipmates who don't drool mush!
DD-719 Steve Wilson EM3 11/65-9/68 tincan719 (AT)  
DD-719 Kim Wise STG3 4/72-4/74 wiseimages1 (AT) how'd those 'sweepers do coffee w/o their pots?
DD-719 Wellman C. Wong HM2 4/70 - 3/72 excelrep (AT)  
DD-719 Dan Wootan STG2 4/72-10/74 dlmw14daniel (AT)  
DD-719 Roy Workman FN 1969 dcworkman1980 (AT) I have prostate cancer from exposure to agent orange-I am looking for someone who can verify I was on this ship.
DD-719 Percy Wright EM 1969-1971 grayloc (AT) looking for Perry Thomson
DD-719 Allan York RM2 1960-1962 I think alyork (AT)  
DD-719 Mike Zoltek OS3 71-75 zoltekm123 (AT) Where are you Tim Sullivan,Doug Evje, Terry Minter, Raliegh Nash, Steven Muzzy
DDE-719 Donald Anderson SN1 1951 - 1953 dander2724 (AT) would like here from anyone who was aboard during this time
DDE-719 Calvin D Bayless SO1 8/52 to 5/56 kelly.bayless (AT) My father-speaks fondly of time onboard-made many friends-enjoyed San Diego reunion-love to hear frm anyone
DDE-719 Frank Blaser BT2 3/49-9/52 BLASE (AT) SPEEDNETLLC.COM  
DDE-719 Ed Bolda TM2 11/54 - 6/56 edbolda (AT)  
DDE-719 Bill Briggs LT(jg) 1951-1954 briggs (AT) live in columbia basin area of eastern washington
DDE-719 George Brooks SH3 3/51-4/52 gbrooks30 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DDE-719 John Canady SA 1960-1962 johnneiel (AT) I MISS THE OLD GIRL
DDE-719 Richard Carpenter SN 1952-53 sailho (AT)  
DDE-719 Richard Caswell TM3 1950 - 6/52 ecaswell (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates aboard at that time
DDE-719 Joe Caudillo E-3 6/58 - 1961 jcaudillo39 (AT)  
DDE-719 Joseph Cestone FT2 4/55 to 10/57 joecjax (AT) Loved Hawaii
DDE-719 Kline Courtney BM3 1951 to 1953 klineb (AT) A clean Ship and good crew
DDE-719 Gordon Crandall RDSN 1949-1950 gorlin (AT) I'm listed as a plankowner.
DDE-719 Joe Davis GM3 1957-1960 joeoldswabby (AT) The ship at the time was a combined DD and ASW.
DDE-719 Donald Derr SO2 6/56-6/58 lcdrusn (AT) Retired from the navy in 1975 as a LCDR
DDE-719 Geno Di Natale SOSN 1949-1952 eugened18 (AT)  
DDE-719 Joseph Dixon Corpman Striker 1/56 to 11/57 patpiperjo (AT) Does anybody remember parties in sick bay?
DDE-719 Jim Doss RM3 52-53 w7nqo (AT) Had lots of good times aboard the Eppy
DDE-719 Doug Drake SN 10/60 to 9/62 WBen87 (AT) hotmail.lcom Looking for shipmates.
DDE-719 Charles J. Fay BM1 1952 to 1954 howie1947 (AT) (son) Would like to hear from any of my deceased dad' s shipmates..............Mike Fay
DDE-719 Anderson Findley LT(jg) 10/58 - 11/59 Andy (AT) Also served in USS Epperson DDE-719 & USS Fitch DMS-25/DD-462-retired as LCDR in 77. Living in Denver CO.
DDE-719 Leon Fortner RDSN 1961 to 1964 tlf59 (AT)  
DDE-719 Joe Foster BT3 March 1953 - Nov. 1954 dojo (AT)  
DDE-719 Willard Foster GM2 1952-58 iralf (AT) bellsouth>net Favorite of all ships that I was on.
DDE-719 Dennis Frost MM3 1959 to 1962 bear.22country (AT) I was in after engine room for 3 years.
DDE-719 Lee E. Gates   1955-1959 pbabyt02 (AT) My father-died 1996-looking for copies of photos of him-I only have 1 photo of him while he served in Navy-TY
DDE-719 Jim Gilbert SN 1952-54 Sturho (AT)  
DDE-719 Jim Grygo TM3 1952- 1954 grygo (AT) Nickname: 'Gyro'
DDE-719 William Gunderson MM2 10/57 - 12/58 william6262 (AT) Always ready to get underway (after engine room)
DDE-719 Jerry D. Hamilton   1962 lindarice1605 (AT)  
DDE-719 Edward Harper EM2 1960 elharper59 (AT) Looking for Carl Cabe, James Finney
DDE-719 Frank Hartman ET1 12/49 to 5/51 hartm08 (AT) It would be nice to hear from some of you old guys.
DDE-719 Jim Heatly PN2 1952-1955 james (AT) We still haven't forgotten the Alamo.
DDE-719 John Holechek SO3 10/57 to 6/57 john710 (AT) Good ASW crew. Had lots of fun.
DDE-719 William Howard BT2 1958-1964 billandcarolhoward (AT)  
DDE-719 Lyn W. Jaques RMSN 1950 to 1951 ljaques (AT) Where's all the Korean Vets
DDE-719 William Johnson M3 1953-54 Bwillie2 (AT) Enjoyed the trip to Annowetok
DDE-719 Robert Jones 3/c 1951-1953 weezee (AT)  
DDE-719 Edward King FT3 1958 to 1961 clauking (AT)  
DDE-719 Roy C. Kirkland MM2 1955 to 1958 ckirkland1 (AT)  
DDE-719 John Kline FN1 1949--1951 jhkline (AT) I was at Bath, Maine, waiting for ship to be built. Then we sailed down to Boston, pick up rest of crew.
DDE-719 Wendell Koerner LT(jg) 6/61-4/63 wkorj (AT) Attorney in St. Joseph, MO, since 1968.
DDE-719 Selean Koury RM 1950 to 1952 koury82 (AT) korean service
DDE-719 Walter Kuhne HN 1950 to 1952 wsk.jak (AT) Be nice to hear from shipmates aboard then. Maybe I gave you a shot.
DDE-719 Charles (Dick) Lesher SH3 3/19-11/52 Acey.Ducey (AT) On my second 20 since 1969
DDE-719 John Lindahl TM2 ? 1957 to 1960 jlin1206 (AT) This the first of four ships that served aboard. (dates are my best guess).
DDE-719 Russell Llewellyn SN 1951-1954 thelark (AT) Was a good ship
DDE-719 Jose Marquez EM2 1960-1964 nowayj (AT) Reired as CEC in 1985. Live in Las Vegas, New Mexico.
DDE-719 Phillip Marr SOG3 11/57-6/59 phillipmarr (AT) Fox Division
DDE-719 Juan Masa SN 03/52-10/55 volcomdude156 (AT) Remembering typhoon that strucked while transiting the Formosa Straits.
DDE-719 Mike Micone DK2 5/54-5/56 mamicone (AT) New email. A great ship.
DDE-719 Don Miller GM3 1960-1962 dandydon300 (AT) Looking for shipmates from 1960-1962
DDE-719 Walt Milowic RD2 1948 - 1950 milowy (AT) Plankowner -USS Epperson
DDE-719 Ted Moody SA 52 t77moo (AT)  
DDE-719 Lee Moritz DK3 1952 to 1954 MTIC1956 (AT) Great ship to serve aboard
DDE-719 Kenneth W. Morrison FT3 6/52 to 9/54 kpopo (AT) Great ship, Great Crew
DDE-719 Harold Myers SO2 1952 to 1954 hmyersok (AT) 2nd tour to Korea and Operarion Castle (1st H Bomb detonations)
DDE-719 Kenneth (Frenchy) Naillieux BMSN 05/58 to 11/61 nailu (AT) Like to hear from shipmates
DDE-719 Wiliam Parker Neal, Jr. BT2 1950-1954 parkann (AT)  
DDE-719 Dave Nelson SN 5/55 - 11/56 Caroledayzee (AT)  
DDE-719 Duane Nottger MM3 12/53-6/56 notch (AT)  
DDE-719 Thomas O`Connor EN2 4/55 to 12/58 ThomasTomchar (AT)  
DDE-719 James Olson SFP3 1957-1960 oleann (AT) Like to hear from Peppinger or Harper or any shipmates.
DDE-719 Jack K. Patterson BT3 1957-1959 jkbpatt (AT) Nick name Pat
DDE-719 Leonard W. Paulson CPO/ENS 60/62 LeonardPau (AT) DesDiv252 staff Radioman/Made LDO ENS and exferd
DDE-719 Alfonso Pena RD3 4/61-10/63 apena13 (AT) Retired from military in 1985 and now reside in San Antonio
DDE-719 Duane Poe MM2 9/57-6/59 jlzahner (AT)  
DDE-719 Tom Powell ET2 10/50-2/53 thomas_powell3068 (AT) Go, Eppey Maru!
DDE-719 Deane Radke STG2 10/60-4/65 d.radke (AT) looking for old shipmates - the 7 SOGSA's that boarded 10/60
DDE-719 Jack Reiding SO2 11/51 - 53 jackhandle (AT) great ship
DDE-719 Richard (Dick) Roatch MR3 59/61 arelar50 (AT) Lost my cookies many times in machine shop, seasick
DDE-719 Roland Roy SH3 8/53-1/55 roanddo51 (AT) Too many to mention,
DDE-719 Tom (Ken) Seawright RM3 1958 to 3/1961 westxtom (AT) in Kewanee Il, now, be glad to hear from all . (WA5WQC)
DDE-719 Joseph Shelor FT2 12/59 - 7/62 jrshelor (AT) Retired from the rat race and living well in Greeley, CO
DDE-719 Art Silver FT2 1952-1955 art_silver (AT)  
DDE-719 David Smith TE2 7/51 to 10/54 mickydavid (AT) Originally from Arizona now living in San Francisco Bay Area
DDE-719 Douglas Smith SOG2 7/58-8/61 smith4451 (AT) I have enjoyed the reunions that I've been to. Good to see old shipmates
DDE-719 Walter Spurlock RD2 1952 to 1954 wbspurlock (AT)  
DDE-719 William Steel QM1 10/51 - 11/52 billsteel (AT) Great ship, captain & crew! I think fondly of my time spent onboard .
DDE-719 Wayne Arlo Swanson MM2 10/56 - 9/57 1405 7th Ave. NW, Austin, MN 55912 Nick Name Swede
DDE-719 Arthur (Ray) Terry SOG3 11/52 to 12/53 raytkf6qjp (AT) Member, USS Epperson Association
DDE-719 William Thompson MM2 5/60-12/60 bilfay (AT) Wild Bill aft engine room. Short timer transfer from USS Sproston. Old shipmates please contact me.
DDE-719 Ron Tschudy LT(jg) 3/61-3/63 ctschudy (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates.
DDE-719 Ed Turney ET1 1949-1951 ed.turney (AT) Plankowner
DDE-719 Richard Van De Velde EM Plankowner-11/14/51 suzannewright628 (AT) My dad-died 26 yrs ago-found pic of ship (''Electrical Gang'') w/names on back-looking for info about his service
DDE-719 Mike Whitehead QM3 3/57 thru 7/58 mikewhitehead (AT) Living in Marysville, Washington
DDE-719 Winston Wilson     seems2Blost (AT) My grandfather-deceased-would like contact from anyone who knew him-Grandson,Ian Evans-email me
DDE-719 Herbert Wright EMFN 5/58-10/58 2508 So. Magnolia Rd., English, IN 47118  
DDE-719 Michael Yates RM2 7/60-7/63 jmike719 (AT)  
DDE-719 Allen Ziehr SO1 9/51 - 6/54 plowboy (AT) Looking forward to the 2001 reunion

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