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DD631 Don Jackson FT2   oldnumber37 (AT) just requesting a change of my e-mail address, all previous sent info was correct.
DD-631 Donald Anderson SN1 1953 - 1954 dander2724 (AT) would like to here from someone serving at this time.
DD-631 Andy Antosik FC1 3/51 - 5/55 Andya4358 (AT)  
DD-631 Carl (Sparky) Bennett SC3 1943-46 carl240 (AT) looking for Frank Naram (signal man)
DD-631 Fred Bithell CS3 1952 - 1956 fbithell (AT) I was the ship's baker for three years 702 8788420 LV NEV
DD-631 Winston Boggs BT2 6/51 to 11/54 winandbj50 (AT) A bunch of old farts now
DD-631 Roy Braatz YN3 05/52 - 05/54 navyret19 (AT) Two deployments to Korea and Formosa patrol Currently reside Oconomowoc WI,
DD-631 Neal Brown SN 1956-1958 zebra44zebra44 (AT) Came aboard with friend Bob Botts who was paymaster
DD-631 Thomas Cardwell not sure 1943-1946 debra.cardwell (AT) My father has passed. I have the photos of the graduation class 1943 and the photo from 23 October 1945. also the scoreboard with ships log 43-46 if anyone's is interested in a copy.
DD-631 Bob Danielson S1 10/43 - 05/44 raybeco (AT) dad is deceased; looking for pictures or anyone who knew him
DD-631 Tom Davey BTFN 1952 to 1955 Dvythm (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DD-631 Bill Dewalt LT(jg) 1944-1945 billdewalt (AT) Paymaster during Leyte Invasion & Japanese air strikes
DD-631 William D. (Dave) Eddards FN 8/51-7/53 ( ? ) wlliamdave70 (AT) Would like to hear from anyone during this period.
DD-631 Bruce Ellis MM2 12/1955-1958 bruce (AT) Interested to hear from any BTs or MMs that served on this ship
DD-631 Homer Fleming FC2 1944 to 1945 shanew987 (AT) Hello to all my fellow crewmen. like to here from you 304-765-7912
DD-631 John Flynn ET2 53-55 agumpa (AT)  
DD-631 John Fraser TM2 5/43-12/44 jfraser (AT)  
DD-631 Weymouth Fred S1/SM 1945 fweymouth (AT)  
DD-631 Harvey Gibson BR 1950-1957 dstmoore (AT)  
DD-631 W. H. Pete Godsey BMSN 12/51 to 9/55 pe gen 19 (AT) aol. com Was 5 men from Arkansas on Erben wondering if any tin can s
DD-631 Stuart Grider RD3 1955-1957 greg1865 (AT) My dad (deceased) radarman.. anyone remember him?
DD-631 Harvey Hamerlund EM3 05/44-03/46 vfw748 (AT) My nickname was Hamm
DD-631 Harold Hartman HM1 1953-1954 denaligecko (AT) We called it the ''Scurby Erben''.
DD-631 Dewey Hughes FN 4/51 - 8/53 la1dude (AT)  
DD-631 Fran Hupfer MM2 1943-1946 Tincanfran2 (AT)  
DD-631 Don Jackson FT2 4/56-6/58 donjacksonstkn (AT) Made two trips to WestPac & helped w/decomissioning.
DD-631 Eugene G. Koenig MM3 4/52 to 10/54 gbkoenig (AT) Looking for former shipmates
DD-631 Melvin Lacas SN 1956 to 1958 joyus9741 (AT)  
DD-631 Robert List FN1 1943-1945 cvgorkum1 (AT)  
DD-631 Arthur Luedtke USEN 1951-1954 rluedtke (AT) Harmonica Player
DD-631 Thomas Maple LT 51-52 mapleseed (AT) Have photos and original 51-52 crew list
DD-631 Mike McCartney RM3 1/55-9/55 marypeachs (AT) Looking for shipmates.
DD-631 Charles (Chuck) McGee MM3 09/52-04/56 guysandgalsuniforms (AT)  
DD-631 Richard Moore LCDR 6/52 - 5/54 ogisan_clifton (AT) XO; two deployments to Korea
DD-631 Johnny Mulloy BM3 3/51-11/53 jwmulloy (AT)  
DD-631 Russell Newkirk FN2 1956 to 1957 russnewkirk1937 (AT) looking for photos and shipmates
DD-631 Charles Noble SN1 1953-1956 donpbswfl (AT)  
DD-631 Albert George O'Brien BT1 1943 to 1946 denny3996 (AT) deceased
DD-631 William Orvis   1943 to 1944 bcorvis (AT)  
DD-631 Steve Partin MMC 4/51 - 5/53 w5ihv (AT) In forward engine room all the time I was on board.
DD-631 Don Pennington RD3 1954 to 1956 don1leah1 (AT) Like to here from shipmates
DD-631 Ira Pittman MM2 2/53 - 2/56 hagpitt (AT)  
DD-631 Floyd Romine MM3 1953 to 1957 alrs72 (AT)  
DD-631 Herman Salter RD3 1951 t0 1955 jsalter188 (AT) Also served on the USS Sieberling DE 441
DD-631 Roger Sorrells GM2 12/54-7/58 r.sorrells (AT) First Ship out of Bootcamp/ San Diego CA.
DD-631 Bailey (Buddy) Spears unsure early 1940's jessicawest53 (AT) Very ill, terminal cancer, would like to hear from shipmates
DD-631 Jim Speigal COX Feb, 1944 to Feb. 1946 Yis GolfAOL.Com I would like to talk to anyone that was in the deck force
DD-631 Jim Stokes ENS 3/45 to 6/46 jasjr785 (AT) Note change of email Arddress
DD-631 Thomas R. Stone RD3 11/54 to 11/56 jstonecaca (AT) Would love to hear from any of my shipmates. Looking forward to hearing from you.
DD-631 Donald Turney RM2 1953 to 1954   87219 Spur 26A, Waterbury, NE 68785
DD-631 William (Bill) Valantine TE3 1953-1955 serpicoinv (AT) I was the U S Mail man - Would like to hear from shipmates
DD-631 Charles Watson     dishdr55 (AT) My Dad-lives in Naples,FL-81 yrs old & active-would love to hear from shipmates-if you remember him pls email
DD-631 David Webster GM3 1957 topgunn69 (AT) I have a picture of the gun crew
DD-631 Julian E. Williams BT3 1/52 to 11/53 gwill3182 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates.
DD-631 Theodore Wojcik WT3 1/18/45-2/27/46 tlwojcik (AT)  

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