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DD-552 Ray Burk     Lburk1 (AT) Honoring my father-not yet sure of dates,but this is one of the ship he served on during his 30 yr Navy career.
DD-552 Charles Corrie SN 1941-1945 rcorrie (AT) My father-told many a sea story-ret as Chief EN-overjoyed when found out about reunions/found friend Stanhope
DD-552 Pasquale Costanzo GM2 1943-1945 ccpatc (AT) it was a great ship I and a great crew
DD-552 Raymond F. Merrigan RM   Islndtyme (AT) My father-died in 2000-would love to attend reunions-have info from when he attended-Any info appreciated!!!
DD-552 James Pangburn FC3 12/43 - 10/45 jpangburn (AT) son of deceased crewmember
DD-552 William A. Redden GM?   mreddenrn (AT) I am William's son-he is now deceased. He was a GM on the Evans during the historic attack on 5/11/45.
DD-552 Raymond Snyder COX 8/43-10/47 kym_kyms_99 (AT) Looking for Boatsmen 2nd Class Stanford..any info?
DD-552 Michael Staton     mstaton (AT) Not a shipmate - son of James E. Staton - shipmate
DD-552 Duane Vienna S1 5/44 to 5/45 COMWDV1 (AT) Old Swab Jockey--buy anybody a drink who comes my way near the beach
DD-552 Morris Leon Vincent S1 5/44 to 5/45 movince2000 (AT)  
DE-1023 Dick Adams ET3 2/26 - 11/63 dickadams (AT)  
DE-1023 Elvin Adams RM2 5/67-6/68 wingr43480 (AT) Left some good friends on this ship.
DE-1023 William Allen SO2 1957 to 1958 janbillallen (AT) Compiling ships roster. Please email me
DE-1023 William Anderson SN 1961 to 1965 looking for crew members
DE-1023 Douglas Bailes IC3 1962-1965 sportbikenut2 (AT) Interested in hearing from all shipmates
DE-1023 Stephen Bailey QM3 June 1960 - June 1962 Sdbailey (AT)  
DE-1023 Dean Benton SMRM 10/62 - 63 Deanbenton (AT) Trying find out when was evans in west package I thought it was 9 months
DE-1023 Thomas Bowers STG3 1965 to 1967 tomthemon (AT) found one familiar name looking for others
DE-1023 Tom Brunko   62-65 sparky6 (AT) looking for ray montgomery, from Alabama ? or anyone
DE-1023 Gary Burlog QM3 10/60-09/62 gbirdawg1 (AT)  
DE-1023 James Burpo LT(jg) 5/57-12/59 suedjimb (AT) Plankowner
DE-1023 Bob Castaldi RDSM 1971-1973 bob.castaldi (AT) Pier 91 in Seattle. Sorry I missed all the WESTPAC cruises but we did have a great bunch of men.
DE-1023 Bob Coons BT2 1964-1967 judcoon2000 (AT) like to hear from mates in the boiler room
DE-1023 James Cooper MM5 1966 to 1969 jcooper22 (AT) what a time it was.
DE-1023 Charles Culp SN 1967 & 1968 CCULP1 (AT) HOUSTON.RR.COM I was the doc.
DE-1023 James R. Dale ET3 1958 dalejamesr (AT) Only served for a few months, then to Westpac on DDR-805
DE-1023 Joel DeNeui RD3 1962 to 1965 jdeneui (AT) Love to find some of the CIC Crew! As well as other crew members.
DE-1023 Roger Dickinson LT(jg) 12/56 - 4/58 roger537 (AT) How well I recall our shakedown cruise to Acapulco in 1957.
DE-1023 Lowell Donoho RM1 7/59 to 8/60 ldonoho (AT) Had a great radio gang and a great skipper during tour.
DE-1023 Robert (R.D.) Filkins MM/E-4 1/1965 - 9/68 rdfilkins (AT) hotmaol Love that ship and the man it honron a hero of WW2
DE-1023 Randy Gerber E-3 12/70 to 12/72 rlaframboise (AT) phone 949 975 1424 ex 228
DE-1023 James Gibbons GMG2 1972-1973 valoriegib (AT) (wife's) sold for $60,000 for scrap in 1973
DE-1023 Warent Gilliems GMG1 1963 to 1964 allnav (AT)  
DE-1023 Gordon Hawkins RD3 1/54 - 6/56 hawki5757 (AT)  
DE-1023 Stanley Hendrix SN 1967 to 1968 TEXCAJUN1022 (AT) Started on the deck force then moved to gunner's mate
DE-1023 Bill Heyser SF1 62-63 horable (AT)  
DE-1023 James Hill MM2 8/66 to 12/70 jim.hill (AT)  
DE-1023 Charles Hirsch STG1 1968 to 1969 SQS23A (AT) IOWATELECOM.NET Served onboard as lead ST
DE-1023 Charlie Hunter EM3 Rdiv 3/65-7/68 chunter (AT) 2 westpac cruises. Like to hear from somebody.
DE-1023 James Jones, Jr. SO3 1959 to 1962 jimnnlv90 (AT) Looking for info about collision with USS Kearsarge CVS 33
DE-1023 Bobbie Kearbey BM3 6/62 - 1/65 CABOBOB13 (AT) Found ETHRIDGE-he died few yrs back-found Lewis-satill looking for Charlie J Horton, San Francisco area (reserve).
DE-1023 Bob Keller SM2 1965 to 1967 kell8b (AT) great memories of the far east
DE-1023 Tom Kelly E-3 70 - 71 echo5kilo (AT) Wasn't onboard that long. Made 2 great friends. (1 NY & 1 Philly) Had a blast.
DE-1023 Frederick Keyer RD3 7/58 - 3/61 fjkeyer (AT) Will always fondly remember my time on board her.
DE-1023 Wayne Kluth BTC 8/70-8/72 kluth.w (AT)  
DE-1023 Bill Landes RD2 1970 to 1971 brlandes (AT) Good ship and very good crew.
DE-1023 Layton Malone ST2 1965 to 1968 ldmalone (AT) Happy to find your addresses. Looking fwd to finding more.
DE-1023 Alvin McDermott PC3 04/70-10/70 Katym52032 (AT)  
DE-1023 Ben McGee PO3 1967-1968 Bmcgee332c606 (AT)  
DE-1023 Lawrence McIntyre SN commission Crew captnmc05 (AT) Looking for Robert G. Sandberg from Minn.
DE-1023 Charles McNeill EM3 57-59 coachmcneill (AT) On commissioning crew Bremington, Wash
DE-1023 Bill Meals LT 1969-1970 mealstalko (AT) Selected Reserve Crew Member
DE-1023 Garry Mintier SN 2/61-7/64 judystephens (AT) 2 great west pack cruises-collision with kearsarge-trying to capsize.
DE-1023 Ray Morse TM3 6/60-11/62 raymo (AT) old memories get better with time
DE-1023 James Mosero EM3 1961 to 7/65 Jim750 (AT) R div
DE-1023 John Nock SM3 1966-1968 804-556-6345 LOOKING FOR SHIPMATES DURING THIS TIME PERIOD
DE-1023 James Pearce E-4 65-67 jamesmorganpearce (AT) Played chicken w/Russians; boiler blew up; chased russian sub all over Pacific;best ship in the US Navy
DE-1023 Cline Phillis BM2 12/66-10/68 cep1943 (AT)  
DE-1023 Ronnie Potter RD2 Late 1966 to 10/69 Asparky112 (AT) Can't Find Any CIC Radar Mates. 1 WestPac & 2 yrs Train. Res
DE-1023 Bob Prater STG3 2/70 - 8/71 Bobprater_2000 (AT)  
DE-1023 Jack Price RM1 7/62-10/62 jmpsatd (AT) Relieved leading rm on USS Hooper DE-1026
DE-1023 Alfred (Al) Purcell SO3 8/60-12/63 alfredpurcell (AT) Great shipmates- two cruises to westpac- collision with USS Kearsarge on last cruise
DE-1023 Jerry Rainey SH3 1965-1967 Ship's store
DE-1023 John Ramsey SM4 01/71 to 08/72 johnramsey (AT) Seattle was a great city to be station at
DE-1023 Norman Ritzema DKSN 1962 nritz (AT) Was only onboard from San Diego to Pearl Harbor.
DE-1023 Otto G. Salisbury SH2 put her in commission ogeebury (AT) the ships store was my life ,also the laundry
DE-1023 Dwaine Schafer ETN3 1956-1960 schaferd (AT) Plankowner-Looking for Richard Hansen (on Evans 1957-1959)
DE-1023 Paul Seel STG3 66-68 Paul.Seel (AT)  
DE-1023 Mike Semon SK3 1966-1968 Midonsem22 (AT) Papera was Supply Officer. Good times in Supply.
DE-1023 James Shinn MM3 1/59-1/61 jshinn (AT) What's this about an Evans reunion in 2005?
DE-1023 Michael Skillern ET2 4/62 to 8/65 509-250-2573 PO Box 1336 Goldendale, WA 98620-looking for anyone on DD 62-65 oper w/HUK GROUP ALPHA-TY-smooth sailing.
DE-1023 James Smith MM3 2/57 - 6/59 japsmmith (AT) Plankowner - put her in commission
DE-1023 Almer Smith BM3 11/69-06/72 almersmith (AT)  
DE-1023 Chuck Snyder BT2 1967-1970 charleses (AT) Assigned to Boiler Rm worked with a great bunch of guys,Secrest BT2,Jim Acosta BT3,
DE-1023 Jeffrey Sougnez ET4 08/64 - 09/66 jsougnez (AT) Did the West Pac Cruize and had a good time 65- 66.
DE-1023 James Sutton SN 63 - 65 paniteowl (AT) Jessie Sandlin BM called me mule. Had a great westpac.
DE-1023 Charles Tansey LT(jg) 3/67 - 11/68 tanseycharles (AT) Last CIC officer when she went to the reserve fleet
DE-1023 Wayne Todd SF2 5/66-9/68 swtodd (AT) start navy career in boiler room with bob coons as btfa .
DE-1023 George Weber ET1 1971-1973 Gweber (AT)  
DE-1023 Carroll Womack BT3 3/63-12/64 waywom (AT)  
DE-552 Walter Willis SFC   willis192 (AT) WW2 Vet

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