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DD-385 J. W. Chappell BTC WWII Art59dar (AT) Mr.Chappell told me stories of his time with TF16
DD-385 Earl MacFarland     boompamac (AT)  
DD-385 Harry Reeves GM3 1940-1943 hreeves76 (AT)  
DD-385 George Smith WT1 1942 geousn1 (AT) Gimme a growl
DD-385 J. B. Williamson WT3 1942-1945 williamsont (AT) Deceased Dec. 2007
DD-385 John Wilson     Deceased John S. Wilson Jr. Has past away 6-5-24 to 3-6-09
DE/FF-1076 Mark Simone MM3 7/79 - 7/82 mchuskies (AT) Haze Grey And Underway
DE/FF-1076 James Smith SN 71-73 jmar (AT) signalman/ deckhand
DE/FF-1076 Michael Thompson ENFN 01/73-07/76 mjthom_714 (AT) Would like to communicate with former shipmates
DE1076 Chris Williams CS3 1971-1974 cw45 (AT) Plank owner, Cook-Willie
DE-1076 Robert Avendano E-3 3/74 -12/75 ravendano56 (AT) Was a snipe & I see Hockenberry on the list , a lot of memories on that ship , hope all the crew is doing well ???
DE-1076 Terry Christopherson SN 73-75 thchrist (AT) Goat
DE-1076 Richard DeJarnett SK3 1971 - 1973 humblespirit (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1076 Bill Dietrick E-3 1973-1975 roadkingbill (AT) I was a snipe in the boiler room {Hells 1/2 acre}
DE-1076 Ric Galli FTM3 1972 to 1975 riccigjr (AT) Two WEST PAC's , Alaskan Cruise
DE-1076 William Hockenberry E-5 71-74 FordLiq (AT) I was a Boiler Tech,
DE-1076 Roman Huculak SN 12/71 romlak (AT) My nickname was Huck. Remember the Calhoun daily inspections?
DE-1076 Dwayne Iverson E-3 1971 to 1973 iverson (AT) worked in the fireroom, plank owner
DE-1076 Bill Johnson YN2 7/71 to 10/74 wjohn1428 (AT) Ship's Office, plankowner, 2 Westpacs, Indian Ocean
DE-1076 James Kenneth BM3 1971 to 1972 nascar.38 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1076 Denny Lewis FTG1 1971-1975 debbndenn (AT) nucleus crew (AT) Todd Shipyards, plankowner
DE-1076 Robert McDevitt BM2 7/71 - 7/72 mack777_45 (AT)  
DE-1076 Joe Metzner HT3 12/7-44/79 luv2gambl3 (AT) like to hear from the hole snipes (grumpy, hooker, sandy)
DE-1076 Ernie Mitchell SK2 3/71-3/73 Plank owner; great crew! Loved time at sea. Caught up with Denny Lewis after 40 years
DE-1076 Bill (Clay) Partridge ETN2 1971-1972 COUNSEL522 (AT) Enjoyed bringing her into Comm-cool crew-often think of your kindness for replacing funds stolen from my wallet
DE-1076 Dennis Rigsby STG2 1/73 thru 1/74 DHRIGSBY (AT)  
DE-1076 William Seligsohn OS3 7/71-7/73 willliamseligsohn (AT) plank owner,westpac cruise 72/73
DE-1076 Stan Slater RM2 07/71-08/73 stan49man (AT)  
DE-1076 Aubrey D. Smith E-4 1971-1973 aubrey.d.smith (AT) Wuld like to here from Plank owners of the Fannnig DE 1076 I was boiler tech(nick name Hambuger
DE-1076 Ed Thomas BT3 1972 to 1975 TopSideRider (AT) recognize alot of people here, say hello
DE-1076 Dennis Thompson BM3 6/71 - 6-74 denthomp9 (AT) Plank owner
DE-1076 Bill Trojanowski BT2 1971-72 WT2S (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1076 Carlos Vasquez SN 01/74 to 10/74 youknowthedrill (AT) Would like to start a USS Fanning Reuion. They sometimes called me Chico First Division
DE-1076 David Vik BT2 7/71-9/74 ddavid114 (AT) Plankowner
DE-1076 Tom Voorhees QMSN 73-75 abc (AT)  
DE-1076 Chris Williams CS3 1971 to 1974 cw00 (AT) plank owner, cook
FF1076 Daniel Daigle BM2 1987 to 1991 rotomold (AT) Had some great times great deck division!
FF-1076 Dave Andrews RM2 6/75 7/77 dandrews20 (AT)  
FF-1076 Jimmie Bales EW1 1971to1975 jimbales (AT) Plankowner, like to hear from other ones
FF-1076 Ed Bouton CDR 5/89 - 5/91 edwin.h.bouton.jr (AT) Great crew and wardroom!
FF-1076 Greg Bradwell HT2 5/75 - 10/79 shioc8 (AT) had good time especially with hole snipes
FF-1076 Gary Clark E-3 1874-1978 rednecck32 (AT) great crew
FF-1076 David Cormier FN 1976 to 1977 daco7680 (AT)  
FF-1076 Thomas Crutchfield AMS2 3/85-8/85 crutchfield (AT) HSL-35 DET 6
FF-1076 Francisco Deguzman SK3 1982 to 1985 deguzmanf (AT)  
FF-1076 Raymond H. Denison RMC(SW) 10/86-10/90 rmcsw (AT) The most rewarding 4yrs in the Navy. RET RMC(SW)
FF-1076 Jerry (Debbie) Drake MM1 1977 to 1981 saphireyes69 (AT) This is Jerrys' ex (better half lol) would love to talk to
FF-1076 Melvin Dvorak OSCS(SW) 09/82-06/88 midwestboater (AT)  
FF-1076 Harry Dyck CDR 8/82-11/84 thedycks (AT)  
FF-1076 Matt Erickson HT3 6/84 to 7/86 kk5dr (AT) Great experience, but I wouldn't wish to do it again.
FF-1076 Randy Ferrier STG3 11/75-10/76 rsf5502 (AT) Been to Guam lately?
FF-1076 Gary Gillen OSCS 6/75 - 6/78 gary41gillen (AT)  
FF-1076 Ed Goodboe DC3 1990 to 1993 arff7981 (AT)  
FF-1076 Dale Hagstrom STG1 1985-8/90 ? hagstrom (AT) reported aboard mid westpac 1985 in Diego Garcia, 5yrs 2mo
FF-1076 John Hankins GMG3 1985-1988 jhankins (AT)  
FF-1076 Daniel Hogan MS3 Feb 79-Apr 82 danhogan (AT) Now when I think back I smile...
FF-1076 Dan Houchins E-3 1979 to 1981 hooch556 (AT) Haze Gray And Underway
FF-1076 David A. Johnson ET2 4/84 - 2/87 david.a.johnson (AT) Served with: ET2 Pat Harris, ET1 Troy Martin, ET1 Gilday
FF-1076 John (Little John) Johnston BT3/E-4 7/71 - 9/74 johnchbbck5 (AT) plankowner-great times-lower level boiler operator, sst oil king,DC pity officer,love to hear from rest of boiler gang
FF-1076 Don Kartzmark FC3(SW) 8/88 - 5/90 d1kartzm (AT) Had Fun! Did too much mess cranking...
FF-1076 Mark Lucitt STG2 1977 to 1981 mlucitt (AT) Good ship, fine crew; finish lunch and turn to.
FF-1076 Ed Martin BT3 11/72-12/75 Edward_martin91932 (AT) Served in the fire room saw a couple of guys esp Ed Thomas
FF-1076 Gary Mathis MM3 1972 to 1975 gamathis54 (AT) would like to hear from the snipes hockenberry, joe metzner
FF-1076 Lawrence McClintick EMC 1974-1977 juanita (AT)  
FF-1076 Robert McDevitt BM3/BM2 71/72 rivermackrat (AT) Plankowner
FF-1076 Kevin Means AW2 09/79 - 03/80 kevinpmeans (AT) HSL 35 Det 5 First ones at ''Gonzo Station''
FF-1076 Charles Meek GMG1 5/88 - 11/90 meek (AT) Proudest tour of duty throughout my military career.
FF-1076 Scott Miller ENFN 5/81-7/83 smiller9962 (AT)  
FF-1076 Bill Moore LT 1982-1983 margimoore (AT) Weps and Ops for a month.
FF-1076 Raymond Murphy AW2 1974 rayfmurphy4 (AT) Attached to Helicopter Deteactment ( Det.#1 HSL-35 )
FF-1076 Raphael Myers EM3 1983 to 1986 Great times,great shipmates,got my sea-legs onboard this grand old gal.This ship was part of the real Navy!
FF-1076 Mark Orhelein QM3 6/75 - 1/76 HARLEYRIDER55 (AT) MCHSI.COM It was an adventure
FF-1076 Doug Palfrey SM2 1976-1977 palfrey (AT) Holy cow! It doesn't seem that long ago!
FF-1076 Philip Papineau STG2 1975 to 1977 pacifictide (AT) Reigned as the senior 3rd Class PO for a long time.
FF-1076 Michael Powell PNCS (SW) 11/81 - 12/84 saltydog14 (AT) Three of the greatest years I spent in the Navy. Super personnel to have served with.
FF-1076 Danny Rhudy GMT2 12/76 - 10/79 rhudyd (AT) I met a lot of great people and the best of friends, wish I could find them again for memories sake.
FF-1076 Gary Rocco BT2(SW) 1980 to 1983 connie.brown1 (AT) twas a long time ago!!!!!!
FF-1076 Matthew Russell STG2 1982-1987 mrussell (AT)  
FF-1076 Kevin (Spur) Spurlock MM2 10/75-9/77 kevspur (AT) Good duty!!
FF-1076 James Thomas OS2 4/75-6/76 jfkthomas (AT)  
FF-1076 Jim Thull BM3 1991 to 1993 fireman845 (AT) Some of the best people in the world!!!
FF-1076 Ted Tiefel STG1 1991-1992 ted (AT)  
FF-1076 Todd Tillman BM/E-4 06/83-08/87 happytrucker62294 (AT) Good time onboard-great friends/shipmates & spade games. i miss it. also had the best food onboard their too.
FF-1076 Bill Trojanowski BT2 4/71-8/72 n2ezg (AT) Part of the ''Commissioning'' crew. Plankowner
FF-1076 Nate Turnbow AEAN 09/79 - 03/80 nateturnbow (AT) Air Det rules
FF-1076 David Underwood MMCM(SW) 1989 to 1993 olsailor (AT) 3M Coordinator, M Div LCPO, great tour, decomm crew, hot ship transfer to Turkey as Adatepe D 251 If my memory serves me correctly.
FF-1076 Daniel Warner RM3 08/85 - 01/89 wbros2000 (AT)  
FF-1076 DeWatne Wheeler BT2 88-91 bt2wheeler (AT)  
FF-1076 Robert White HT2 1974 to 1968 bobw1069 (AT)  
FF-1076 Thomas White SN 1982-1986 Furfinsfeathers42 (AT)  
FF-1076 Ricky Williams STG1 1/84-4/88 rickywilliams05 (AT)  

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