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DD/DDR-870 Charlie Alongi MR3 1960 to 1964 spider1642 (AT) looking for anyone how served on board
DD/DDR-870 John Bouldin EM2 1962-1964   (931) 473-4174---200 Club Dr., McMinnville, TN 37110
DD/DDR-870 Douglas Boyer SH3 1/67-7/70 boyerdouglas48 (AT) Contact me regarding joining USS Fechteler Association and Sept. 2015 Reunion in San Diego.
DD/DDR-870 John Davis MM3 08/53 - 10/54 bar0 (AT) new computer.
DD/DDR-870 Theodore Dazis RMSA 01/58-04/58 tedd3345 (AT) As junior radioman was transfered to NAVCOMSTA Guam in April 58
DD/DDR-870 Glen Graham BM3 1953 - 1957 skparp (AT) Looking For Bill Miller BM
DD/DDR-870 Robert Gutierrez BT3 9/1960-5/64 robertg9483 (AT) Welcome to hear from fellow snipes, I miss punching tubes!
DD/DDR-870 Orie Illi, Jr. MM3 1946-48 orlando.illi (AT) My dad was on the com crew-he died in 92-am a retired Army LTC looking for anyone who remembers my dad
DD/DDR-870 Jack Ivy BM3 1968-1971 jivy (AT)  
DD/DDR-870 Carl Langdon MM2 12/58 to 7/61 c.langdon (AT) Anyone remember Chief Semore? I dont think I spelled his name right.
DD/DDR-870 Gurney Loflin BM2 9/63 to 12/67 wloflin (AT) 59 days up & down coast-temp nev below 95-evaps got shot of salt water-swim call-picnic while anchored off Vnam
DD/DDR-870 Bill C. Mayes ETSN 4/51-11/52 biljoymay (AT) I was in deck force/radar gang/ET gang
DD/DDR-870 Daniel R. Murphy IC3 1965-1969 dannyboymr (AT) Sorry I missed last re-union, will try for 2015 in Colorado.
DD/DDR-870 Darrell (Doc) Penberthy HM3 Mar 1954/Nov 1954 dlppen (AT) round the world cruise 1954 contact me for reunion info
DD/DDR-870 Steve Reid PN3 8/60 to 4/63 sdreid (AT)  
DD/DDR-870 Curtis Toombs MM2 1943-5/1944 cwtoombs24 (AT)  
DD/DDR-870 William Walls F2 1946 to 1948 alwew (AT) net  
DD-87 William Cooper SN 4/46 - 5/48 jcoop1754 (AT) Does anyone remember my Dad?
DD-870 Mike Adler SN 1/66 to 2/68 michael.adler (AT) I was a deck slave my first year, then transferred to weps.
DD-870 Michael Ary RD3 1968 thru decom mgary27 (AT) Hello to radar gang..would be great to hear from you!
DD-870 Jim Barakatt RD3 1951-53 james220 (AT)  
DD-870 Martin Bender MMC 1955 - 1957 Mbender1 (AT) My father served on the Fechteler just prior to retiring.
DD-870 John Billington FN2 7/6/1946 wwwenginechoo (AT) .com  
DD-870 Thomas Bir CS1 1969 to decom tomusn8 (AT) wife put this in, she's making quilt of old patches, needs Fechteler's ship patch, any out there she can purchase?
DD-870 Dennis Blasko BT2 05/65-10/68 thewarden2317 (AT) Desert Rat looking for shipmates
DD-870 Larry Bleckler SFP2 5/63-9/65 blecklersr (AT) would to hear from who served during my assigmnent
DD-870 Jon Blilie ST1 09/69-09/70 jonlmrmo (AT)  
DD-870 James Blinkenberg MM2 1966/1970 Jimjudblink (AT) Best of my life and met a lot of people
DD-870 William (Bill) Blount RD3 7/63 - 1/65 bill-870 (AT) Because of that night in Gulf of Tonkin 8/4/64,Naval career was born-for God & Country-ret as OSCS(SW) in 88
DD-870 Ron Booth YNSN 7/67-12/68 ronnwa1wri (AT) Transferret to a brand new DLG in '69-much better ship!
DD-870 Richard Borges SN 11/51-3/53 Deceased Richard Borges was my best friend on the Fechteler. For anyone who new him he passed on 7/4/2005.
DD-870 Glenn Bourke BT3 11/46-5/48 grbdnb4146 (AT) sailed from east coast to far west china
DD-870 Walter Bowers SN 1946 to 1948 bowersdale (AT) My father served on the USS Fechteler DD-870 .
DD-870 Douglas Boyer SH3 1/67 - 7/70 boyerdouglas48 (AT) Please contact me if you are interested in attending the Fechteler Assoc. Reunion in Las vegas in Oct. 2017
DD-870 Ronnie Brocato SA 69-70 ron12345us (AT) I worked in supply as ships laundryman
DD-870 Willie Brown BT1 4/59 to 2/62, 1/66 to 6/68 willgobro (AT) e-mail me, I'll get back to you
DD-870 Dominic Buffo, Jr. FT3 12/69-7/70 dbuffo3 (AT) Made last USS Fechteler West Pac cruise
DD-870 Jerry Busch STG2 6/67-9/70 jbusch46 (AT) Highlined aboard in the Tonkin Gulf
DD-870 Michael A. Car RM2 3/65-10/67 (AT)  
DD-870 Carl Carlstrom (Hansen) SN 1966-1968 carl.hansen (AT) worked as ship's serviceman in laundry under SH1 Hefkey
DD-870 Bert Castro FN 2/68-6/69 alccastro (AT) Have WestPac cruise book 1968
DD-870 Harley Cheney HTC 1969 -1970 hal (AT) Like to hear from old shipmates
DD-870 Tom Collins QM3 10/65 to 6/67 tjcollins (AT) Exp I would not have wanted to miss for anything/but would not want to repeat-made a lot of good friends & memories.
DD-870 Michael Collins RMSN 11/67-12-68 818-346-2169 radioman best rate in the navy where is rick myers
DD-870 Gene J. Constantine SK3 July 1967-August 1969 genejc (AT)  
DD-870 Kerry Coppock SA 1970 junkmank (AT) still kicking
DD-870 Ronnie Cowles BT2 1965-1967 recuav (AT)  
DD-870 Lee Crile BM3 1965 to 12/67 skbc68 (AT) 2 West pac cruises
DD-870 Paul Crosier MM2 1954-1955 DOR2PAUL2000 (AT)  
DD-870 Joe Dalerno CS3 05/68 to 10/69 js110021 (AT) hearts
DD-870 Mike Davis IC1 12/64 - 12/66 mdavis70 (AT) Would like to contact old shipmates
DD-870 Larry Day BT2 08/67-01/70 larryday (AT) it's been 44 years,any bt's still out there?
DD-870 Alfred DeMatteo TM2 1946-1949 bottmrig (AT) If membership is required to allow this registry
DD-870 Rick Denmark SN 1966-1967 rmdenmark (AT)  
DD-870 Vernon Denney PN2 1961 to 1963 vernondenney (AT)  
DD-870 John Devanney ENS 1969 to 1970 john (AT) Looking for Clyde Tucker
DD-870 Thomas (Doc) Dockery ETR3 1966 to 1969 cowdungdan (AT) Proud to have served...We all gave some...Some gave All...I salute the men and women of the armed forces!
DD-870 Samuel Dockery SN 1968 to decom. samdockerysr (AT) Fly the flags and send that message. Bless all that served.
DD-870 Homer Doster FN 1951-1952 hdoster1 (AT)  
DD-870 Rick Dressler EM2 64 to 67 lsdressler (AT) 3 westpac cruises,station ship hong kong,gu
DD-870 Carl Ducap   1967-1969 rbrasseaux (AT) Would love to hear from anyone who remembers my Dad, Carl Ducap.
DD-870 Will Ebaugh ETR2 4/66 - 12/68 wpebaugh (AT) Two WestPac cruises fine shipmates/great mems-still in touch w/Tom Collins,Jim Hawker,Dan Dockery,Mickey Marts
DD-870 Noel Eberle FT2 1966-1968 neberle1 (AT)  
DD-870 Bruce Empol FN 67-69 Toybuilder63 (AT) Retire Ibew electrician
DD-870 Charles Eschtruth IC3 12/51-4/53 scorganist (AT) I have no computer, but scorganist will keep me in touch
DD-870 Larry Evans DC3 1965-1968 orange123-652 (AT) worked for DC1 Prentice (TEX)-3 gunfire support cruises-was aboard when Forestall caught fire/pulled alongside
DD-870 Dennis Feiock LT(jg) 1/66 - 1/68 dfeiock124 (AT) We had a great crew in CIC!
DD-870 Marshall (Bud) Ferrill BM3 1967-1970 (303) 794-4704 Great learning experience/people. No regrets about the deck force at all, though.
DD-870 Ned Finkelstein E-3 5/66-3/69 finkelsteinned (AT)  
DD-870 Michael Flanery FTG4 10/69-6/70 mike (AT) Still have pics of some of the FTGs I served with, all great memories, except frapping lines to other ships.
DD-870 William Gabie BT2 1966 to 1970 williamgabie (AT) Aft fireroom
DD-870 Richard Galindo QM3 1966 to 1968 rfgalind (AT) Terminal Island,CA to WestPac & back-DESRON 19-Remember Woodard & Haighter(sp) they didn't return
DD-870 Wes Garrett BM/E-4 1969-Decom wes_wendy (AT)  
DD-870 Charles Gaspard EN3 1970-1970 reddude (AT)  
DD-870 Michael Gilmore E-3 1969-1970 gmore.1 (AT) texas
DD-870 David Girod RM1 1966-1970 davidgirod (AT) checked aboard in Long Beach yards as RMSN, shipped over for E-6 off coast of Vietnam.
DD-870 Wendell ''Hap'' Gladish LT(jg) 7/51 - ?53- decom hapgladish (AT) Officer of the deck when we ran over the whale
DD-870 Mike A. Gonzalez SK3 1969-1970 726 flanders san antonio,tx 78214 crossed the equator on the fechteler
DD-870 Rick Goodrich LT 3/66 - 11/67 rjgoodrich (AT)  
DD-870 Joe Greenwood YN1 Late 1968-5/69 metrocop (AT) Got 90 day early out for law enforcement job - CHP
DD-870 Ronald Griffin BTC 1961-1964 Deceased Deceased 05-27-08. Daughters e-mail barbara.trego (AT)
DD-870 Michael Griffin EM3 1946 to 1946 griffin (AT) Plankowner. Transferred when promoted
DD-870 Herman (Ed) Grove FT2 12/60 - 3/61 edsworld2 (AT) Looking for any FTs
DD-870 Tom Gruenberger PN2 1970 tgrue2 (AT)  
DD-870 Frank Gunja RM3 1949-1951 fgunja (AT)  
DD-870 Robert Gutierrez E-3 9/60-5/64 robertg438 (AT) Izzy
DD-870 Ivan Harlander IC3 8/66 - 12/67 Ivan.Harlander (AT)  
DD-870 F.W. ''Frank'' Harness LT 1/66-12/67 fharness (AT) ASW Officer
DD-870 Ken Helmick RM2 1965-66 komneb (AT) We're planning a September 2017 reunion in Las Vegas. Please contact me for details.
DD-870 Thomas (Tom) Hewes ET3 7/50-3/53 thmshew (AT)  
DD-870 John Hill BT2 11/63-8/67 john.p.hill (AT) after fire room
DD-870 Dennis Holstein STG3 1963-1967 Dennis.holstein (AT)  
DD-870 Neil Horowitz E-3 2/63 - 6/66 yelloweye1 (AT)  
DD-870 Lyonal O. Howard EN3 1952-1955 Deceased Deceased 12-21-2017 Ft Collins, CO Burial in Waterloo, IA
DD-870 Robert Howden SM3 6/67-1968 roberthowden1426 (AT) Would like to hear from some of the crew Reddick, Shellenberger, Mel Soto,and the guys on the signal bridge.
DD-870 Clarence Howle RMSN 1946-1949 chowqle4258 (AT)  
DD-870 Jerry MacArthur Hultin LT(jg) 07/64-6/66 jmhultin (AT) Asst Navigator, Deck Officer, DASH Officer
DD-870 Bob Irving SFP3 9/66-7/69 Irvrobert (AT) Where is the ''E'' gang and the rest?
DD-870 Kenneth (K.C.) Jackson RM2 1949-June 1952 kwjaxon (AT) Looking for any of the old group.
DD-870 Glenn Jacobsen SKSN 1969 to 1970 soxfan1950 (AT) gmail. Com want to hear from shipmates
DD-870 Stephen Johnson SN 11/67 steve.olive (AT) Like to hear from shipmates that was aboard when I was.
DD-870 Glen Johnston LT(jg) 64-66 jglen (AT) CIC Officer, AIC, DASH controller-Jerry Hultin had prim resp for DASH. I was just the back-up guy.
DD-870 Robert ''Bob'' Karl MM3 65-67 clambeach (AT) After engine room- 2 westpacs- hey Hablistich you still owe me money
DD-870 James Keenan MM1 8/67 thru 9/68 ut1retjkeenan (AT) Loved that after engineroom crew, even though Chief Hicks hated us.
DD-870 Rick Keiningham RM3 1969-Decom 1970 rick_keiningham (AT) Radio shack rat on last Westpac tour. Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia & Home!
DD-870 Steven King FTG3 6/65-8-68 scking870 (AT) Been known to steer with my feet
DD-870 Gerald Kirkendall MM3 1966-1968 GWK7930 (AT)  
DD-870 Paul R. Kurtz MM3 9/51 - 4/53 PAULRKURTZ (AT) AFTER ENGINE ROOM
DD-870 R. J. Laird MR3 1/70 - 8/70 ljl1926 (AT) Last cruise-replaced Ordona MR1. Australia R&R w/ Coral Sea.Stood Aft Eng Rm Throttle watch. Member R Div
DD-870 Craig (Mike) Lamb SN / E3 or RM3 (?) Spring 1968 or 1969 (?) mike (AT) 2 wk re duty, L Beach Nav yd getting ready for VN sea duty inspection-helped gett sev old radio systems working
DD-870 Will Langer ET2 4/2/48-7/48 willlanger (AT) From San Diego To SF when she caved in the #1 gun.
DD-870 James Laukat STG3 05/69 - 09/70 jlaukat1 (AT)  
DD-870 Jay Lofthouse RD2 2/57 to 4/59 jmlarch1 (AT)  
DD-870 Ernest Long GMSN 1962 to 1965 elong9719 (AT) anyone who was onboard during golf of tonking in 1964 contact me thanks gmsn e long.
DD-870 Bill MacArthur GMM1 1946-1948 BillMac234 (AT) Plankowner/ Fechteler Reunion Association started 1991
DD-870 Bill MacArthur GM1 Plankowner 46/48 billmac234 (AT) Organized several reunions-would someone organize get together-have old mailing lists-cell 203 415 1356
DD-870 Max Madrid SK3 6/63-67 Navymaxmadrid (AT)  
DD-870 Richard Mange SN 1969-1970 rlmange (AT) remembering good times
DD-870 Philip Martin E-4 64-68 opietta10 (AT) new e mail address
DD-870 Bill Martin FTG3 1964-1966 william.martin47 (AT) Served with Gatling, Miller,Boates,Bramblit,Scott,King,Harrsch,Maspero and many Gunner Mates
DD-870 Philip Martin SH3 1964 to 1/68 cheryl10 (AT) 4 west pacs ph.806-378-9984
DD-870 Pedro Martinez   1964-1968 somzel (AT)  
DD-870 Mick Marts ETR2 1967 to 1970 mick (AT) Hello all my shipmates
DD-870 Tom Massingill SK2 7/67 to 1/68 tomchiefshirt (AT) Served with my brother Bm2 Ron Wallace. Retired Air Force CMSgt
DD-870 Bill Mayes ETSN 5/51 till 11/53 biljoymay (AT)  
DD-870 Paul McGee MM2 04/57 to 05/58 h2obeagle (AT) Finest ship of 4 that I served on and great crew
DD-870 Thomas McGraw DC2 6/68 - 2/69 tmcgraw (AT) 6 of these months in Viet Nam--8 month short timer
DD-870 David McIntire SN 9/69-9/70 253-905-7608 Sailed on its last Westpac
DD-870 Gary Meeker RD2 4-68 to 6/70 gary_meeker (AT)  
DD-870 James Melton ETSN 2/66 - 7/66 Jmel409 (AT) Only on board 5 months, transferred to DDG-24.
DD-870 William Minter FP3 1950-52 (June) craftyogi (AT) Looking for contacts for my dad.
DD-870 John Mitchell GMG3 1966-1967 ATSjmitch (AT) One West Pac Tour
DD-870 Frank Montijo FTSN 1951 to 1953 Eandfmontijo (AT)  
DD-870 Ron Moore FA / BT3 12/63 - 6/66 916-991-6026 Would like to hear from anyone on the ship 63-66
DD-870 Daniel Murphy ICman dec.1965-1967 danielmurphymt (AT) 2-west pac cruises, jury rig was the order of day,oil that relative bearing!!??
DD-870 Norbert Nagy SN 8/2/1945 to 10/13/1953 nagysister2 (AT) I am norby's daughter. He died in 1970 and I would like to hear from anyone who knew my dad.
DD-870 James Dale (JD) Nelson SR 7/1950 to 3/1954 n6den (AT) My older brother-deceased-lost him in 59-10 yrs older than me-we never did truly know each other..My loss..
DD-870 Jack Norris LT(USNR) 1950-1952 nnorris (AT) Engnr. Officer during Korean conflict - do you remember him?
DD-870 Edward O'Lone S2F2 2/46 - 8/46 Kolb817 (AT) Edward A. O'Lone died Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27, 2014.
DD-870 Robert Orcutt FPFN 1956-1957 wizzyone (AT)  
DD-870 Jerald Palmateer BT3 10/69 to Decom 9/70 jp1230101555 (AT) Any pictures of damage to bow when we ran into pier at Seal Beach after West-Pac tour around Aug 1970?
DD-870 Ted Pamperin LT(jg) 1/67-9/69 amcatalog (AT) Communications Officer
DD-870 Willie Pittman SFP3 12/64-03/66 williepittmen (AT)  
DD-870 Patrick Pramik RD3 6/68-8/70 decomm pjpramik520 (AT) Knew most crew members during my time onboard-would like to hear from anyone,especially those in OPS Div.
DD-870 Dean Price BM3 12/66-10/69 1948dino (AT) made 2 wespac, saw the Hong Kong riots on the hilltop of HongKong ,watch the fire fight from the sea
DD-870 paul Quigley BM3 Mar 65 - Nov 65   my phone #is 508 746 6697
DD-870 Robert Rebhan E-3 1964 to 1966 rjrebhan (AT)  
DD-870 John Redick SM2 03/66 - 10/67 jredick (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DD-870 Steve Reid PN3 9/60-3/63 sdrker (AT)  
DD-870 Rodger 'Andy' Reinier MM3 1962-1966 andymrwonderful (AT)  
DD-870 Thomas Robins SN 11/65 to 7/66 tmrinst (AT) Looking for shipmates for USS Fechteler Assoc.
DD-870 Terry Ruck E-3 1968 to 1969 Matureplumber (AT) nice west/pac tour plane guarding with the coral sea carrier
DD-870 Robert (Bob) Sanders TMSA 1970-1970 Irnwrkrbob48 (AT) aboard 3 months. decommissioned
DD-870 Robert Sayles RD2 1966 - 1966 rlsayles (AT)  
DD-870 George Schopfer, Jr. MM3 7/62 - 6/65 g77771090 (AT) yahoo I was in the forward engin room mm3
DD-870 Richard Schroeder RD2 64-67 sjshrs (AT) Where are the RD's during this time?
DD-870 Joe Schwaab QM3 51-52 tincanman6 (AT) My 1st of 6 cans, they were all good ships and crews..
DD-870 Jim Seaborg LT(jg) 1967-1968 jimseaborg (AT) was Supply Officer
DD-870 Jerry Shallenberger SM2 4/67 to 9/68 jerry.shall (AT) Many good memories. Hi to Redick and Tom Collins. Still have a pic of Tom and me in Subic bar. Drop me a line.
DD-870 Eugene Skidgel SN 11/63-7/67 dskidgel2 (AT) looking for dates the ship was in Vietnam
DD-870 Terry Skinner FTG3 12/69 - 9/70 skinner-t (AT) Onboard for her final WestPac-best time of my life-made some good friends-still think about them from time to time.
DD-870 Michael Skophammer GMG3 02/68-09/70 pskophammer (AT) Hello shipmates/e-mail me if you remember me
DD-870 Arlen Sloop MO3 3/48-7/50 arlen97 (AT) Still had a great time!
DD-870 Edward Smith FN 7/65 - 4/66 egsmith9 (AT) To operation gamewarden can tho Viet Nam 8/66 3/68PBR Boats
DD-870 Kenneth Stith BT1 12/63-9/66 RUXPIN (AT) PIONEERNET.NET  
DD-870 Ronnie Stokes MM3 1968/1971 jestokes (AT) My father-in-law-died 1989-would love to hear from anyone that might have known him. God Bless.
DD-870 Dennis Stover GM3 3/49- 1953 DG1416tx (AT) Transferred on from USS Rowan DD782.
DD-870 Charles Strait EM/FN1 3/49-1/50 hotfoot (AT) We sailed out a 140 mph typhoon from manila to Korea.
DD-870 Myrl Sullivan MM1 02/47 - 09/51 mmsull (AT)  
DD-870 Darrell J. Thomas STG3 2/66 - 3/69 darrelljt (AT)  
DD-870 William (Billy) Thomas S2-elec. stricker 4/46-8/46 bandbthomas506 (AT) on shakedown cruise --blasted culebra (Sp) & Vieacas (sp)
DD-870 Dalton Thompson SK3 1/63 - 12/63 casanido63 (AT)  
DD-870 Torberg Tonnessen BT2 08/65 - 02/68 Tjtonnessen44 (AT) AKA: Tony. Forward fireroom and Aft fireroom
DD-870 Roger Truran BT2 68-69 rt4usa (AT) Forward fire room crew was a crazy bunch, had a lot of fun on that ship.
DD-870 Clyde Tucker SN 8/69 - 9/70 Clyde_Tucker (AT) Never Again Volunteer Yourself
DD-870 Lorenzo Villa BT1 2/66 to 9/70 LVILLA05 (AT) Looking for 1969 cruise book & FWD fireroom BTs
DD-870 Ron Wallace BT2 1968-70 rlwallace (AT) Its a fine day at sea sir
DD-870 William Walls F2 1946 1948 alwwew (AT)  
DD-870 George Walter BT3 3/68 - decom. gwalter (AT) Retired in 89 as an EAC
DD-870 Weston Warner BT 1960 to1963 swrock (AT) looking for anyone who served onboard
DD-870 David Charles Waskow SA 1967-1969 1301 E Madison St.,Msrshalltown,IA 50158 WD Div out of Long Beach-ship's motto was ''prepared in war & peace''-photos were in the book called The Anchor
DD-870 Larry Waters SFMFN 1970 MC-L-Waters (AT) Onboard for last WestPac and decomissioning
DD-870 Tim Watson YN3 1968/89 WesPac cruise Tim (AT)  
DD-870 Duane K. Watson RM2 1963 to 1965 907-745-3663 920S Chugach St. Apt105, Palmer, AK 99645
DD-870 Eugene Weaver ENS 1959-1961 ejweaver2 (AT) Open to any contacts
DD-870 Lowell Weber MM2 12/63-8/66 lowandwiki (AT)  
DD-870 G. Norbert Weiss E-4 1963 to 1965 orskarsilk (AT)  
DD-870 Robert Wick QM3 7/69-9/70 bjwick (AT)  
DD-870 Howard Williams ME1 04/48 - 09/48 rek2000rek (AT)  
DD-870 Patrick Wilson FTGSN 6/69-471 wilsonspdy1 (AT)  
DD-870 Charlie B. Wilson, Jr. MM2 4/46-11/48 Budar1950 (AT) Probably not too many from this era left.
DD-870 Charles B. Wilson,Jr. MM2 4/46-11/48 BudAR1950 (AT) A A Wellings 1st Skipper
DD-870 Lewis Winter SN 1952-1953 lwinter2 (AT) Was the best time that I had in the service. I loved that ship.
DD-870 John (Buster) Wirtz   1950-52 klipsanbeach (AT) He was my dad that died in 1999 looking for information on the ship - and maybe him from the Korean War.
DD-870 Johnny Wright SA 1/1966 - 3/1967 bowwevil8 (AT) May God bless all those that served in the navy.
DD-870 Jack Yancey GMG2 1966 to 1969 jyancey (AT)  
DD-870 Allan Zlata BM3 1966-1968 609fish (AT) 1 west pac cruise then to NSA DaNang/ Marble Mountain
DDR-870 Carlos Bardin SN 03/57-03/58 cbardin (AT) worked in ships office. I passed out liberty cards
DDR-870 John Bennett RD3 5/60 to 8/62 Centerview, Missouri  
DDR-870 Jack Bigford RD2 4/55-10/58 jbigford (AT) Served aboard out of radar school Norfolk Va. Served under Commander A.H. Damon
DDR-870 Walter Brown MM2 57-60 brownwalt (AT) enjoyed my time aboard.
DDR-870 Bryan Cassandro BT2 1960-1964 socar29 (AT)  
DDR-870 Bill Cherry ETN3 1960 - 1961 rwc (AT) First ship after ETA school at Treasure Island. Left ship for NESEP program in 1961.
DDR-870 David Chomeau LT 1962-1964 davidchomeau (AT)  
DDR-870 Earl Colm EM2 4/58-8/60 edcolm (AT) Good Ship Great Crew
DDR-870 Paul Crosier MM2 1954-1955 dor2paul2000 (AT)  
DDR-870 Bob Crouch LT(jg) 7/57-12/58 bobcrouch (AT) Supply Officer --Great Westpac cruise--would welcome shipmate contacts
DDR-870 John Edwards Davis MM3 8/53 - 8/54 bar-0 (AT) Looking for Hank Kramer
DDR-870 Vernon Denney PN2 1961 to 1963 vernondenney (AT)  
DDR-870 George Estock LT(jg) 1958 to 1960 gfestock (AT) Desire to hear from shipmates from CIC period 1958-1960
DDR-870 Lawrence Eversole RM3 8/59 to 8/60 larryeversole (AT)  
DDR-870 Willliam Finnell SK2 1957-1959 dareman (AT) Electronic storekeeper, ships store, played in band.
DDR-870 David Gibson GMG3 7/59 - 8/61 davidjoycegibson (AT)  
DDR-870 Gordon Gore MM2 1960 - 1962 GORDON.GORE (AT)  
DDR-870 Glen Graham BM3 1953 - 1957 skparp (AT)  
DDR-870 Robert Gutierrez E-3 1960-1964 robertg9483 (AT) Boiler Room
DDR-870 Harmon J. Haan SN 1959-1963 hjhaan (AT) looking for updates and photos since 1961
DDR-870 Jack Hendricks SN 53 - 56 hendricks3 (AT) sn 1953 1956 on board for world cruise 2nd div on d for pre com may 1953 gotoff new port 1956 was in 2nd div retired bmc with 26 then
DDR-870 Thomas (Tom) Hewes ET3 7/50-3/53 ThmsHew (AT) Changing e-mail address
DDR-870 George Hicks RD3 1959 to 1961 geoncaro (AT) If you remember me please contact me
DDR-870 Robert Jenkins RD3 3/53 to 11/54 rejenk1935 (AT)  
DDR-870 Ralph Jones EM1 11/55-3/56 clintmar (AT) One squared away can with 'Demon' Dammon commanding.
DDR-870 Sidney Kane LT(jg) 3/54-3/57 sgkane (AT)  
DDR-870 Jim Kelling SN 1963-1963 jimkelling01 (AT) Weap/Deck Div-BM1 Black & BM3 Bruno-a lot of that time the ship was in the yards at Long Beach for upgrade.
DDR-870 Josh Kelly MM3 12/55 - 12/56 jkelly (AT) Fwd. Eng. Rm. She can take big rolls in big storms.
DDR-870 Burton Knox SO2 12/59 - 5/62 bhk253 (AT) Mess Decks Master At Arms
DDR-870 Rob Kolbeck ETR3 1961 to 1964 REDWAYROB (AT) We were relieved by the Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin.
DDR-870 Ronald Kostritza SN 3/58-3/59 stritz75 (AT) Radar striker, good ship, greatcrew
DDR-870 Allen Krause DK3 1/56 - 10/57 BigAl870 (AT) A good ship, A fine crew, & a great captain, Archie Damon
DDR-870 Vincent (Vince, Rosie) La Rosa SK2 6/56 to 6/58 vinmimi (AT) Boarded in Long Beach,CA 6/56 & left 6/58-thoroughly enjoyed my time onboard-served with fine shipmates.
DDR-870 Don Lancaster RDSN 7/59-10/60 dlancas190 (AT)  
DDR-870 Edwin J. Lauderman RM2 12/53 - 10/55 edja1933 (AT) Hainan Island June 54, World Cruise 1954
DDR-870 Ed Levine SN 1956 to 1959 fstedee (AT)  
DDR-870 Jay Lofthouse RD2 2/57 to 4/59 jmlarchitect (AT) change of email address
DDR-870 Charlie Mac Kay MM2 2/56-6/57 Rmackay845 (AT) Did anyone else spend a month in Hangchow Bay in '56?
DDR-870 John Mardigian SN 11/55-06/57 gregmardigian (AT) looking for old shipmates
DDR-870 Donald Maroney SM2 5/58-3/63 ddr870 (AT) Was deck SN then went to signal bridge-left ship as SM2 in 63 Now retired completely living in Jacksonville, FL
DDR-870 Jerry Martin MM3 11/57-04/59 RETIREDUDEJM (AT) CS.COM I would like from any of my old shipmates.
DDR-870 Paul McGee MM2 04/57 to 05/58 h2obeagle (AT) Of 4 ships I served on the 870 was the best, great crew,taut
DDR-870 Herbert Moulder MR2 01/55 - 07/58 h.moulder (AT) looking for old buddies
DDR-870 Raymond Muir E-2 04/69-09/70 firewall98444 (AT)  
DDR-870 Francis O'Brien ETN3 3/61-7/62 obie413 (AT)  
DDR-870 Rudy Ogas MM2 12/60-05/63 rfbm610 (AT) Looking for shipmates, anyone, or Eng(M Div) Fwd Eng Room
DDR-870 Robert Orcutt FPFN 1956-1957 wizzyone (AT) on board in Newport-left after the far east trip.What happen when we were plain guarding for the diving ship
DDR-870 Warren O'Sullivan LT(jg) 6/60-4/62 osullwk (AT)  
DDR-870 Gene Panicacci FT3 1954 - 1958 mpfarm (AT)  
DDR-870 Spencer Pattison PO2 1960-1963 ljproamers (AT) Putting out a cigarette out in an MG Midget. SchatzeMae!!!
DDR-870 Darrell Penberthy HM3 3/54 to 11/54 DLPPen (AT) World Cruise 1954. Hurricane Hazel 1954
DDR-870 Dave Pond MM3/E-4 1960-1962 pondav (AT)  
DDR-870 Richard Pope SM2 1957-1962 coolpapa (AT) If you remember me, contact me please.
DDR-870 Ronald Pulse BT3 12/56 to 08/60 rpulse (AT)  
DDR-870 James Ramsey SO/E-3 1960 to 1962 james.j.ramsey (AT) West pack cruise corpsman striker. De barked to Hospital Corps School, Sad Diego.
DDR-870 Steve Reid E-4 8/60-4/63 sdrker2 (AT)  
DDR-870 Andy Reinier MM3 1962-1966 andymrwonder (AT) After Engineroom Crew
DDR-870 Teddy Riffe RD3 1960-62 vze2n7nd (AT)  
DDR-870 Mel Rohaus RM3 06/60 to 03/61 melrohaus (AT)  
DDR-870 Ben Rooke RDSN 5/59-7/60 benrookejr (AT) Casmey, Turnham, Amick, Cordova, Purcell, Ackerman any of you read this?
DDR-870 Eugene Sanfilippo SN 1953-1956 info (AT) Any one who severd onboard at this time please contact me or call 253-875-0977
DDR-870 Hank Schlueter FTA2 11/56-4/59 unclehankx2 (AT)  
DDR-870 George Schopfer, Jr. MM3 7/62-4/66 g77771090 (AT)  
DDR-870 Alfred (Junior) Slotness   1959 - 1960 Eslotness57 (AT) My Father-died 1997-served in Ships Office-anyone remembers him? Please email me if you do-Son Eric
DDR-870 John Srack EM3 5/61 - 3/63 john.srack (AT)  
DDR-870 Charles Stephens SO2 6/59 to 6/60 FSUNOLE65 (AT) my nickname was Steve
DDR-870 Larry Tewes RD3 8/53 - 2/55 ltewes (AT) assigned in Long Beach,CA during DDR conversion-served during Korea & completed 'Round the World Cruise' 54
DDR-870 Kenneth Thomas FT3 2/58 to 3/61 thomke1 (AT) Three years of great duty from FT Seaman Apprentice to FT 3.
DDR-870 Leon Tompkins FTG2 1959 to 1963 leontompkins (AT) I am proud to have served.
DDR-870 Raymond Turner EM3 1962 - 1963 rft43 (AT)  
DDR-870 Weston Warner BT1 1960 1963 swrock (AT) phone 541 825-3504
DDR-870 Hugh West CS3 9/54-12/56 hcwest (AT)  
DDR-870 William Whitaker SN 1956-1959 niwhitaker (AT)  
DDR-870 Billy Don Williams CMSN 1960-1962 stoneagebd (AT) Worked on the deck force under Jenkins 3rd class boats, 2nd div, cooked the last two years 2 west pac trips
DDR-870 Steven Winfield SK2 6/62 to 2/63 onegreatday (AT)  
DDR-870 Charles Wright RM3 1959-1960 ibcharley (AT) W0uld like to communicate with anyone during this time, am looking for Alvin Cole MM2 we ran together a lot.
DE-157 Robert (Bus, Buster, Denver) Abernathy EM2 1943 - 5/5/44 t_abernathy7 (AT) Dad-died in 99-onboard when ship torpedoed-received knee injury,then medical discharge & Purple Heart in 45
DE-157 Joseph Coffee LCDR unknown-5/44 (AT) I am his grandson, would love to talk to those who know him.
DE-157 Peter Daggett     padagge (AT) Looking for survivors of the Fechtler, sunk by U-967 5/5/44
DE-157 Bill Duranti     Duranti (AT) My father-died 2/08-onboard from com to sinking in WWII-was a survivor-always talked about his ship/shipmates.
DE-157 John Gill none none jgill (AT) My father Calvert B Gill was the Skipper of this ship. Met a few of the crew. Fine men all.
DE-157 Jesse Shacklett SN 5/43 - 5/44 gshaklett (AT) 615-790-1256
DE-157 Harold (Sam) Shifferly SK1 1943 to 1944 marthashifferly (AT) My dad-served on the ship from commissioning until sunk by torpedo-he is 86 & still active-looking for any info.
DE-157 George R. Taylor SOM2 1943-1944 shirgeo1 (AT)  
DE-167 William Purdy GM1 7/43 - 5/44 smpp4 (AT) My dad-died 11/11/87-survived when ship torpedoed & sunk-also served on USS Breckenridge & USS Hawkins

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