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DD-921 Ron Dyer SN 10/76-2/79 profblues (AT) Duffy Dyer, Weapons Dept Yeoman
DD-931 Robert Abrams SO1 1961-1963 rabrams (AT)  
DD-931 Butch (Carroll) Adams EM2 2/59-12/60 butch_cg (AT)  
DD-931 Fred V. Albury SN IC striker 11/80 - 82 falbury1 (AT) TAD to IC school when they DeCom her. Love to hear from Sweet,Felder,Griffen,etc
DD-931 Michael Allfrey MM3 1971-1975 menmyk (AT)  
DD-931 David Ancell EW3 82 to decom crew driver177 (AT) I loved this ship and she stays in my heart every day
DD-931 Roy Anderson MM3 4/64 to 10/67 roadrunner1117 (AT) most time spent in after engine room
DD-931 Peter Anderson HT2 1978-1981 peteranton187 (AT)  
DD-931 Patrick Annunziata SN 10/66-5/68 patannunz (AT)  
DD-931 Ronald Apel IC2 1/66- 2/67 ra32852 (AT)  
DD-931 Robert Arnold MMC 7/77 - 8/80 rmarnold (AT) Had the finest Skipper, Cdr. Jim Booth
DD-931 Jerold Arthur BM3 1978-1981 jerrylfb (AT) Looking for old friends, found 1 so far in Texas
DD-931 Robert H. Ashe GM3 1959 - 1961 rhashe (AT)  
DD-931 Joe Assad SK3 1970 jta62650 (AT)  
DD-931 Steve August HT2 1977-1981 augustsa57 (AT)  
DD-931 Charles Bainbridge BT2 12/65 - 10/69 sf1965 (AT)  
DD-931 Howard Baker FTG3 1961 to 1963 hgbaker (AT)  
DD-931 Louis Balli MM3 1965-1967 ljballi (AT) Great duty spent all my time in main control we had a great crew.
DD-931 Scott Barber FTG2 1962 - 1963 warrantywizard (AT) K.T.S.S. Keep The Sherman Smart !
DD-931 Daniel Baril DK3 1967 to 1969 ssmbc1969 (AT)  
DD-931 Gene Barnes BT2 5/55 to 5/59 tunnelrat496 (AT) Plankowner-like to hear from other plankowners or anyone aboard when we made the round the world cruise.
DD-931 Bill Barry FTG3 1967-1969 bill.barry (AT)  
DD-931 Alan Bartleson MM2 1/71 - 6/75 alan.bartleson (AT) Here`s to all , a cold brew. In memory of those who toiled in the four holes, of a tin can.
DD-931 Marshall Barton EN3 1972-1974 marshallbarton32 (AT) CS.COM Looking for old friends
DD-931 Gerald Bayless YN3 1955-1956 jbforcma (AT) Plankowner
DD-931 James Beadling EM3 1960-61 Beadlings (AT) Remember the Bay of Pigs April 61. God Bless to you all!
DD-931 Gary Beals SK2 1962 - 1965 gb205ev (AT)  
DD-931 Rodney W. Beck MMFN 1980-1982 BeckBNSF (AT)  
DD-931 Larry Beers MMFN 1975 to 1977 Lbeers1234 (AT) gmail. Com Got on in Norway taught we were going home wound up in the med got off in Boston had a good time
DD-931 Michael Bell SH3 4/77-2/81 hoosierdaddy1958_997 (AT) I would like to hear from old crew mates.
DD-931 Ira Bernstein LT(jg) 6/59-6/61 ihbern (AT) I have been a member of TCS for many years
DD-931 Jerry Bevil SOG2 1959-1962 jdbevil (AT) Remember Bay of Pigs and Solant Amity cruise
DD-931 Richard Blackwood MM2 1970-1971 rick (AT) Best North Atlantic cruise...ever!
DD-931 Richard Bland Sr., SK3 1974-1978 breaknot (AT) Glad to come aboard
DD-931 Alexander Bodo EM3 2/62-12-62 tcatsal (AT) went on a solant amity cruise to africa
DD-931 Bob Bohl EM2 1966-1968 bbohl1313 (AT)  
DD-931 Jan Borbash FTG2 12/63-4/69 jborbash (AT)  
DD-931 Ed Bossart LT Aug 59 to Jun 61 wilmed (AT) Was Ops Officer
DD-931 Terry Botonis E-5 1973 to 1976 tbotonis (AT)  
DD-931 Jim Bowers BM3 4/76-12/78 JamesMBowers (AT) Glad to see she's going to stay afloat as a museum!
DD-931 Norman Bradley YN2 5/55-5/57 ChrisBrad2 (AT)  
DD-931 Robert Bralliar ENS 1980 Mulepick (AT)  
DD-931 Tom Breidert SK2 April 73-August 75 tbreidert (AT) What a great ship.
DD-931 Bill Britton SN 9/60 - 10/62 b_d_ britton (AT) I operated the ship store during the Africa cruise.
DD-931 Richard Brock RM3 1955 to 1957 dickyb1 (AT) Plankowner
DD-931 William Brock OSC(SW) 4/81 - 11/83 rbnavret (AT) Qualified as JOOD Underway, JOOD watches in Persian Gulf
DD-931 Tom Brown GMG2 1964-1966 tbrown1056 (AT) looking for George Teachout
DD-931 Edward Burgstahler SN 10/62-9/64 edburg911 (AT) My Brother Jack Ludlow and I, Philly residents say hello !
DD-931 David Caraway SN 1965-1966 da71645 (AT) Drove captains barge
DD-931 Joe Cardonita EM2 1968-1972 joecool824 (AT) Had a great tour of duty on the Sherman. I am looking forward to seeing her at her new bearth in the near future
DD-931 Richard Carlson BMCS 1960 crlsn (AT)  
DD-931 Paul Caron SK3 1965 to 1968 pcaron70 (AT)  
DD-931 Clifford Caron MM3 10/55-10/57 cliffordcaron (AT)  
DD-931 Ronald Carroll MS3 1972-1976 chefronc (AT) Unitas 13,S America party time,Getmo,Med cruise,Amsterdam,etc.-great times-hope life has been good
DD-931 Darrell Carruth SO2 12/57 - 11/58 krautygirl (AT)  
DD-931 Barry Cattabriga SM3 1964-1967 sunmma (AT) Wish I could do it all over again
DD-931 Richard Cersosimo (Satch) YN1/E-6 3/70-7/72 YNCUSNRET (AT) I was known by my nickname ''Satch''
DD-931 Whaley Cherry EN4 1980 to 1982 REGINAFLIP (AT) Wish I could do it one more time!
DD-931 David Chilberg ETN3 1962 - 1964 chilbergs (AT)  
DD-931 Bob (Chris) Christensen ETR2 1964 to 1965 flyboy.bob (AT) She'll make a great ''Museum Ship''
DD-931 Louis Christmas RM2 1964-1966 Espresso1941 (AT) RMC(SW)(Ret), Virginia Beach VA, Forever a Tin Can Sailor
DD-931 H. Thomas Clarke SN 1959 to 1961 hclarke (AT)  
DD-931 Donald Cloud BMC 7/76 - 12/79 dcloud20 (AT)  
DD-931 Donald Cloud, Sr. BMC 7/76-12/79 dcloud20 (AT)  
DD-931 Ernest Coderre FM1 1955 to 1958 pitterpat (AT) Would give anything to locate Eugene Wilson [Willie]
DD-931 Leslie Cole BT3 3/65 to 7/68 ecolle (AT) worked foreward fireroom
DD-931 Marty Comley BT3 1979 - 1982 kymarty (AT)  
DD-931 David Conklin GMG2 1975 to 1978 conklin8360 (AT)  
DD-931 Ed Conley GMGC 9/74 - 6/79 econley8 (AT) 1 of 4 tin cans I was on-other 3 were USS Cony DD-508, USS John King DDG3, and USS Wm. V. Pratt DLG-13
DD-931 Richard Connors GMG3 1965-1967 magbe (AT) would like to find Richard Dickinson
DD-931 Raymond E. Corbett BMSN 10/80 - 10/82 Rallirish (AT) Best ship to have ever served on!
DD-931 John Cordeell DC2 2/67 - 2/70 Johnc (AT)  
DD-931 Wayne Courtney RM3 1971-1973 wayne_courtney (AT)  
DD-931 Jim Cousin PNSN JUL 69 to OCT 69 NASCARJIMONE (AT) CS.COM  
DD-931 Salvatore Cucuzza GMG3 7/61 - 7/63 saltor60 (AT)  
DD-931 E. Randy Cuff ETR2 1/70 - 2/74 rcuff (AT) I'm glad now that I was a part of it all.
DD-931 Joseph Curtin RM2 11/55 to 05/57 jjcdd931 (AT) Plankowner
DD-931 Robert E. Dahmer MS1 1974-1976 r.dahmer (AT) Rough riding sucker. I now live in Walnut Cove,NC.
DD-931 Walt D'Allaird ET3 1/57-3/59 roamnusa (AT) We Spread Oil on troubled waters Cruise, Round the World '58
DD-931 James P. (J. P.) Davis STG2 1969 to 1971 davisj (AT) Looking for shipmates. AS Division (Wonderful World of Ping)
DD-931 Ronald J. Davis Jr FTG2 Oct 1978-Oct 1981 xgijoe (AT) looking for old shipmates
DD-931 Jim Deckert ETSN 11/58 to 3/60 rarepair (AT)  
DD-931 Daryl Delagrange RD2 1970-1971 Invicta5508 (AT)  
DD-931 Roman (Butch) Denissen QM2 1962-1964 rjdeniss (AT) Let me know about Save The Sherman. Pass the word on this web-site
DD-931 Mike Dennis RM1 1962 (I think) rdennis1 (AT) Made med cruise on FS in 1962. Was pulled off Willis A Lee for cruise.
DD-931 Fred DeWitt BT2 9/55-7/58 golfgal731 (AT)  
DD-931 Gary Deyo BT2 1/72-1/76 Roxanned (AT)  
DD-931 John Dickinson PN3 10/69 - 6/70 pncm_1 (AT)  
DD-931 Gary Dicks MM3 1963-1966 gary3778 (AT) best years of my life would to contact shipmates
DD-931 Charles (Digger) Diggs GMGSN 1982 diggscw (AT) This sealed my love for the sea. I served in 5 more ships thereafter. retired in 2002.
DD-931 Dave Dispense BMSN 1957 to 1959 dd931 (AT) She was a great ship
DD-931 Russ Donovan MM3 1963 to 1967 DONRDJJ (AT)  
DD-931 Pete Droesch MM2 9/75-6/77 milrat03 (AT)  
DD-931 Ralph Duff HTC 1981 to decom. Tel. #717-789-9752 Last chief HT with Don Taylor
DD-931 Allen Duncan RM3 1977-1981 algin (AT) welcome contact from shipmates.
DD-931 Robert Duncan SN 11/60 - 8/62 JDUN 636 (AT) I was a cook and a baker
DD-931 John Dwyer RDSN 08/56-08/57 j.dwyer9 (AT)  
DD-931 Ron Dyer SN 10/76 - 02/78 profblues (AT) Duffy Dyer Weapons Department Yeoman
DD-931 Larry Eidsvaag YN3 1971 to 1973 larrymass (AT) Best time of my life
DD-931 David Enos EM2 1961-1962 denos2 (AT) Would like to hear from anyone that was aboard when I was
DD-931 Bob Erpelding BM2 1969 - 1970 boberpelding (AT)  
DD-931 Jerry Archyo Eshbaugh MM3 1959-1963 Jerry eshbaugh (AT)  
DD-931 Roger Esker TM3 1965 to 1968 rogeresker (AT) w
DD-931 Larry Evans HTC 4/78-11/80 orange123-652 (AT) Best ship duty of them all! I'm on Facebook send me a friend request or E-Mail!-went to 2016 reunion-great time
DD-931 Roger Ewing BT2 03/81-10/82 ewingrd2000 (AT) Decomm crew, retired 2002 as CWO4
DD-931 Daniel Farbotnik BT3 1962 to 1963 Dclfarbs3 (AT) Enjoyed the Med Cruise. Cuban crisis was a scare.
DD-931 Larry Farris MS1 02/79-03/80 at ms1 usn ret cell phone 606 584 3156
DD-931 Robert Faulkner MM3 2/82 - 5/82 robfaulk (AT) Decommissing Crew
DD-931 Charlie Flannery MM2 1966 to 1969 Flann118 (AT) Spent time in Main Control
DD-931 Frank (Doug) Florence SO3 1960 & 1961 pvrdg1 (AT) yes,I remember the 'bay of pigs,.How about the 4 day storm from Barcelona,Spain to France
DD-931 Charles Foreman SA 1961 - 1963 cforeman (AT) hello to all my shipmates and God bless
DD-931 Mike Forino IC2 1/60 - 5/63 home (AT)  
DD-931 Robert Foster MM1 11/55-1/59 rfoster12 (AT) Plank Owner BIW Hull 324
DD-931 Charles Freeze ETR2 1964 1966 curly (AT)  
DD-931 Chuck Fry SK2 10/74 - 9/75 chuck (AT) Get ship, a lot of good times in the med
DD-931 James (Pappy) Ganson SM1 1953 to 1959 sho1 (AT)  
DD-931 Alex Garrison EN3 1974-1975 tag1 (AT)  
DD-931 Robert Gerrich GMG2 1959 to1963 robertgerrich (AT) Retired as gmcs in 1975
DD-931 Donald Gerrity RD2 1959 to 1962 dgerrity1 (AT) Med cruise,solant amity,bay of pigs, missile crisis. Fantastic years!
DD-931 Joe Gillotti EM3 6/61-11/63 jagillott (AT)  
DD-931 Marcus Glass BTFA 1976 to 1977 willowoodmlg (AT) Aboard in Boston and Charleston
DD-931 Barrett J. Gleixner LT(jg) 6/59 - 8/62 barrettg (AT)  
DD-931 Allan Golz MM3 1963-1964 alsrods1 (AT) great gang in main control
DD-931 Arthur Gomez RD3 7/64-11/66 radarman931 (AT) I registered for Tom Peltin. My sympathies to his family.
DD-931 Scott Gomez ETN2 6/77-9/79 scott (AT)  
DD-931 Raymond Gore, III MM2 1977--1981 rvgore (AT)  
DD-931 Bruce Graham DK3 1975-1977 Grrahamslam (AT) Started in Deck. I'd love to hear from anyone!
DD-931 Bernard Grauer SM2 9/66 to 4/68 blgrauer (AT)  
DD-931 Richard Green SMSN 6/57-5/59 rejgreen (AT)  
DD-931 Robert Green SF2 1968 to 1971 rlgreen1 (AT) Look forward to contact from old friends. Robert
DD-931 Bruce Griffis E-3 74-77 bruce.griffis (AT) worked in oil lab
DD-931 Tim Grisham MM3 1978 to 1981 autocrafters (AT) man you guys have gotten old
DD-931 Robert Guinup MM3 1968 to 1970 rg98765432 (AT)  
DD-931 Sergio Guiterrez HM2 06/80 to 08/82 SERGIO (AT) It was a great time.
DD-931 Steve Guthartz CS3 1971 to 1973 sg383 (AT)  
DD-931 William Haberer SM3 5/58 - 3/60 billhabe (AT) We earned a green E'' during a monsoon in the Philipines on our round the world cruise.
DD-931 Ralph E. Hale ST1 1975 to 1976 lonewolf9 (AT) Looking to hear from my shipmates..
DD-931 James Hall SOG2 1961 to 1963 skips49chevy (AT) Join the Forrest Sherman Foundation and help keep her afloat
DD-931 Earl (Larry) Ham BTC 1978-1979 eham110695 (AT)  
DD-931 Ernest Harman RM3 03/1975-06/1978 eharman931 (AT) we will save the Sherman
DD-931 Michael Harrington LT   catmike (AT) Bravo Zulu Destroyermen
DD-931 Patrick Harrington RMSN 1975 to 1976 pharrington109 (AT)  
DD-931 Steve Harris LT(jg) 4/62-12/63 harrisorg (AT)  
DD-931 Arthur Anthony Harris HN 06/80 to 08/81 atony_harris (AT) Deck division and Medical
DD-931 Brian Harris GMG2 1979-1981 bptharris (AT)  
DD-931 John (J. J.) Harrison RM3 9/73-5/76 pawpawjohn (AT) It's 30 years since I last saw her but everyday I'm reminded of something that happened.
DD-931 Bill Harrison GMSN 1955 - 1959 BILLCEIL16 (AT) Plankowner - proud of it.
DD-931 Derry Harrison PO3/E-4 1977 to 1981 jd_harrison_4 (AT)  
DD-931 Joe Hauser BM3 1978-1980 HAUSER42O (AT) TO HEAR FROM SHIPSMATES
DD-931 Roger Hawes EM3 5/78-10/81 rdhawes (AT) Capt. Booth was the best Commander I've ever served under!
DD-931 John Hawk BT3 11/55-9/57 papajhn (AT)  
DD-931 Broyce Hazell GMGSN 06/77-07/78 hittinglure (AT) Remember Me? Diving of 03 level into Charleston Harbor.Still alive/don't know how!!!!
DD-931 Graham Heald     healdiepops (AT)  
DD-931 Walter Hearnes PN3 1972-1973 wshearnes (AT)  
DD-931 Bill Heider FTG2 1974 - 8/77 wheider (AT) Just saw the old girl in Philly (8/08) Brings back great memories
DD-931 Steve Herron CWO3 1981 to 1982 steveherron (AT)  
DD-931 Steven Hess LT(jg) 1960-1962 shess1 (AT)  
DD-931 Kim Hildreth MM2 1975 to 1977 kim_hildreth (AT)  
DD-931 Roy Hinote SK1 1965 to 1966 NLHinote (AT) Roy Hinote passed away at the beginning of the 66 Med cruise, may he rest in peace.
DD-931 Rob (Herbie) Holt RD3 12/69 to10/71 holtnotes (AT)  
DD-931 Dale Howard MM2 1966-67 dalehoward (AT) Great time in my life
DD-931 Jim Hubbard IC3 9/77 - 6/80 jimh (AT)  
DD-931 Stuart Hubbard STG2 1979-80 sjsc (AT)  
DD-931 Craig Huff OSSN 73 to 75 CRHuff931 (AT) served my country saw the world made some good friends
DD-931 William Hunt E-9 7/74 - 7/76 gayneills (AT) anyone who remembers Chief Hunt. Last ship he was on! Family love to hear fr u
DD-931 Edward Hutchinson BTCS 1967 ed.hutchinson (AT)  
DD-931 A. Illges LT(jg) 03/60 - 06/62 aillges (AT)  
DD-931 Terrance Jeske EM2 10/64-3/67 terrancepedrita (AT) Lasting memory that carved my lifes future.I was an EM-furthered my education in Elec field for rest of my career.
DD-931 Gary John PC3 5/74-11/77 countfenring007 (AT) Underway! Shift colors! Do Not Ratate or Rodiate?????????
DD-931 Roger Johnson SM2 1965 to 1966 rogeraj (AT)  
DD-931 Kenneth Johnson RD2 6/63 to 11/63 kjohn1940 (AT)  
DD-931 Rowland Johnson ET1 7/58-12/58 kalakala (AT)  
DD-931 Robert Jorgensen SN 1959-1961 rjgrumppa (AT) Wish could help her more in her hour of need than I am.
DD-931 James Jowers MM2 1/57-10/60 pearseed (AT)  
DD-931 Charles Julius E-3 1973 -1975 chrlsjulius (AT) She was a great ship had a lot of great time abord her.Wish I could do it all again on the old girl smooth sailing
DD-931 Hank Kanavel EM3 10/59-11/61 mhk63 (AT)  
DD-931 John Karcich OS2 01/72-05/75 tincan931 (AT)  
DD-931 Samuel W. Keats TM2 4/62-2/66 swkeats (AT)  
DD-931 Wayne Kinder IC3 1961 - 1963 Wounded (AT)  
DD-931 Terry King RM3 1978 to 1980 kingtj1 (AT) Looking for RM1 Dave Tanguay,, I belive server on board from
DD-931 Jim King FTG3 1976 to 1977 jking9 (AT)  
DD-931 Henry L. Kingsburg YNC 1957 to 1959 KINGSUSN (AT) Small compared to two carriers previously assigned to.
DD-931 Alfie Kline SM3 6/65-2/69 klinetommy (AT) looking for any 1ST Div. or signal gang members
DD-931 Glen Knotts HM3 1964 to 1965 knotts_glen (AT)  
DD-931 Dean Kohlwey FTG2 1966-1969 kohldea (AT)  
DD-931 Martin J. Kolarsick SA 10/68to 1/70 seadog931 (AT) great ship,enjoyed my time aboard
DD-931 Steve Koval SMSN 1975 to 1977 sek1979 (AT)  
DD-931 Wayne Kruger LT(jg) 4/76-3/79 WKruger (AT) Served as ASW Officer and First Lieutenant
DD-931 Bruce Lafleur HT2 1974-1977 ht24955 (AT)  
DD-931 Carl Laguzzi FTG3 7/66-10/68 nascarcarl6 (AT)  
DD-931 Alfred R. LaNeve MM3 1955 to 1956 fredsnow (AT)  
DD-931 George A. Lavigne ETN3 7/76 - 1/77 lavigga (AT) Temporary assignment during overhaul in Boston, MA
DD-931 Steve Lawless RD1 10/66-10/69 stevelawless (AT)  
DD-931 Ray Leasure FTG2 01/74-07/77 WWW.DAGITEM (AT) LETS SEE THE MED AGAIN
DD-931 Mike Lester BT2 7/71 to 7/74 mike931bt (AT) bring her BACK
DD-931 Robert Light BT3 1960-1963 lboblight (AT)  
DD-931 Edward Light ETN3 12/60-7/62 elight (AT)  
DD-931 Roger Like OSSN 1981 to 1982 rogerlike (AT)  
DD-931 Devern Linkugel SN 57-59 none at present Phone 785 744 3291
DD-931 Jerry Litsinberger MM2 1979-1982 imod4ever333 (AT) best time in my career
DD-931 Jack Long SK1 6/71-6/72 jacklong1945 (AT) North Atlantic, Boston shipyard overhaul, Carib/GTMO
DD-931 John (Jack) Ludlow SN 7/61- 7/63 no e-mail avab. 12016 Knights Road, Phila., PA. 19154-2816
DD-931 George Lussier RM2 3/65-3/67 DD931RM (AT)  
DD-931 Randy Lynch PN2 4/66 to 5/69 randyrlynch (AT) worked in ships office handled enlisted mens records
DD-931 Norman MacIntyre LT 10/66-05/69 nmacintyre (AT) Engineering Officer
DD-931 Michael Mallach HM1 1969-1970 mallachmj (AT)  
DD-931 Robert Malloy BM2 3/70-11/73 vtwin (AT)  
DD-931 Stanley Manchester SN 1959 to 1961 stan_manchester (AT) int Bay of Pigs
DD-931 Andrew Mangano RM2 1960 & 1961 TRUMPAT (AT)  
DD-931 Peter Margaritis MIDN3 6/68 - 9/68 pmargaritis (AT) My first time at sea. What a wonderful experience! Caught her in Boston, we sailed down the coast to Gitmo.
DD-931 Richard Marinelli IC1 12/63-9/66 seahook (AT)  
DD-931 George Marshall SKC 3/66-6/68 gc (AT) Great crew of storekeepers
DD-931 Claude Martin SO2 1957-59 clamar (AT)  
DD-931 Ron Martin SN 11/77-6/79 idctrainer (AT) Weiner is that you? said the CO to man floating in water at 2 in the morning.
DD-931 Robert Mase BT3 10/70-4/72 maser (AT) I still have my model of her, hottest fire rooms in the Navy
DD-931 Gerald Mason MR2 5/62-1/66 gerdel (AT) great recent reunion
DD-931 Raymond Mathis IC3 1961-1962 yar2339 (AT)  
DD-931 Leonard Mathis HT3 11/76 - 6/80 muggs3158 (AT) would like to hear from shipmates
DD-931 Robert Matonte BM2 4/62 - 6/66 rmatonte (AT)  
DD-931 Leonard McCabe HMC 6/59-4/62 akjlatshaw (AT) My best time while in the Navy
DD-931 Pat McCaffrey SK3 1963 bpmccaffrey (AT) just checking out old times
DD-931 Chuck McCarthy BT2 1971-1975 BLUESRI (AT) I owe i great deal of thanks to John McNamara Oil king
DD-931 Ronald McCoury RD2 7/69 to 5/72 ronmccoury (AT) love to hear from old shipmates. Kurt keep on keepin on, get a home for the sherman
DD-931 Thomas McCoy FTG 1975-1979 tmccoy (AT)  
DD-931 Ralph McDonald HM1 1980-1981 bobralf (AT) it was a privilege to serve with capt.Booth.
DD-931 Michael McIntyre ETN2 10/71-2/74 mjmcintyre1 (AT)  
DD-931 Michael (Red) McKinney BT3 1972-1975 mike.mckinney (AT) good times! worked hard and played hard.
DD-931 Robert McMurtry QM3 1971 to 1973 bpmcmurtry (AT)  
DD-931 John (Jack) McNamara BT2 1970 to 1973 jackm (AT) Great Ship Great Guys
DD-931 Thomas McNicholas BT3 12/67-11/69 CRRATUR169 (AT) Spent my first christmas overseas in Greece,Dec.1967
DD-931 Bob Mehlrose SFP3 1961 - 1963 bmehl931 (AT)  
DD-931 Douglas Mellor MM2 9/67-9/70 mellowdoug (AT)  
DD-931 John Gary Meteyer QMSN 1960 1962 jgm2001 (AT) great ship and crew
DD-931 Frank H. Meyer MM3 Nov. 1959 to Jan. 1962 Frank.Meyer (AT)  
DD-931 David Meyer MMC 10/67-6/68 Vze39d8g (AT)  
DD-931 John D. Miller MM2 April 72 - August 75 johnmiller_masonrd (AT)  
DD-931 Paul Milton E-2 11/2/1969 paulmilton6831gmail.vom great ship
DD-931 Ronald Mitchell FTG1 1977-1982 Fatman48 (AT)  
DD-931 Michael Mocilenko EW2 1978 to 1982 denizens59 (AT) Retired and relocated to Englewood , FL. Is there anybody out there from the good ole days?
DD-931 Anthony Mondelli MM3 2/56 - 10/29/59 anthony mondelli (AT) She is the first new class destroyer comm after WWII proud to have served aboard her. She deserves to be visited by the american public
DD-931 Anthony Mondelli, Jr. MM3 8/56-10/59 anthonymondelli (AT)  
DD-931 William M. Montgomery CAPT 8/59-8/61 WMMontg (AT)  
DD-931 William Morris BM3 1969 to 1970 bnavy (AT)  
DD-931 Roger Morton EN2 1/77-10/80 rmorton6 (AT)  
DD-931 Charles Mousseaux SA 80-81 CHARLESINPIERRE (AT) WEBTV.NET  
DD-931 Tom Murphy OS2 6/72-11/75 Tmu953 (AT)  
DD-931 Joseph Murphy LT(jg) 4/76 - 8/79 JMurphy116 (AT)  
DD-931 Donald Murray MM3 11/55-6/57 plankowner (AT) Plankowner
DD-931 Paul Nace LT(jg) 1967-1968 paulfnace (AT)  
DD-931 Jim Naughton GMG2 9/67-3/70 motiveman (AT) Best looking can in the fleet!
DD-931 Jack Nealon SM3 1973 to 1974 jnealon (AT)  
DD-931 Joe Mike Noblitt FN 6/64 - 3/66 JMsTessa (AT) Was assigned to her out of boot camp..
DD-931 John Nye MM2 1973-1975 vulcan72 (AT) Ah, the good times! To be young again...
DD-931 Barton Oates EM3 11/70 12/73 boates (AT) norway in 71 unitas 13 and way too many trips to gitmo. lets not forget boston after the fire.
DD-931 Joe O'Brien BM3 JAN 1971 - SEPT 1971 BMOBIE (AT) looking for deck force
DD-931 Roger Odle EN2 5/76-6/80 770-503-5551 loved the guys in r- div call me
DD-931 Ted Older QMSN/YNSN 3/57-12/59 tolder (AT)  
DD-931 Lawrence H. Olivier SN 1955 thru 1957 olivier (AT) Plankowner
DD-931 Mike Owens DC3 1969-1970 kbillyo (AT) Love to hear from old shipmates
DD-931 Garry Papagno MSSN 1974-1977 garrypapagno (AT) wheres all the Mass. boys don munroe, Paul Schroder, Cool Breeze, Jack M.
DD-931 Matt Parfitt EM3 11/73-06/75 610-593-5316 aye mates
DD-931 George Parrish FN 1966 to 1967 gparrish (AT)  
DD-931 David Peek IC2 11/77-3/81 Peek8283 (AT)  
DD-931 Louis Pepin EM2 1962-1964 Louis_Pepin (AT)  
DD-931 Ronald Perkins HT2 12-81 03-82 rperkins14 (AT) short timer/ anyone remember
DD-931 James Perry RD2 10/69 - 05/71 james.perry (AT)  
DD-931 William L. Phillips, Sr. E-3 1972 to 1975 jadekuanyin (AT) aft leaving military chgd name to Samuel L. Kesler-looking for shipmates aboard same time-laundry dept,supply div
DD-931 Fred Pierce RMSN 1955 - 57 fpierce (AT) plankowner
DD-931 John Pileski ST1 73 to 75 johnepileski (AT) just looking for old crew members.( Ski.)
DD-931 Philip Pineault BT3 1965 to 1967 p_pineault (AT) like to contact others who served with me
DD-931 Albert Pinkman BT3 1974-75 apinkman (AT) Had alot of good times. Especially the med cruise
DD-931 Herman Player RM2 1977 player4 (AT) Enjoyed going to Cuba. Like to look at the rooster tail it would kick up on the way back to port in Charleston, SC
DD-931 Dale Pohl HTC 2/82-decom dlpohl (AT) What a great crew and ship. ralph duff initiated me into the chief's world.
DD-931 Larry Pourron EM2 1962 to 1965 lp38 (AT)  
DD-931 Douglas Powers GMG/SN 3/63-9/63 dwpowers44 (AT) Great Ship and crew and mount 52, made a Med cruise. Great experience would do it again always on my mind.
DD-931 Curtis Preston MS3 6/73 to 6/77 curt954 (AT)  
DD-931 Curtis Preston, Jr. MS3/E-4 10/73 - 6/77 curt954 (AT)  
DD-931 Ken Price SN 2/63 1/65 mjnkenprice (AT) The Qm gang was Chief Browning. Qm2 Dennissen,Bill Hutton, Ski and myself!
DD-931 Scott Price GMG2 1980-1982 sprice (AT) Boy am I glad that's over
DD-931 Terry Pullig SN 1955-57 elafleur (AT) Plankowner. Would like to be informed about reunion
DD-931 Wendell Pyle ETN2 1975-1977 wenpyle (AT)  
DD-931 William Quinion FTLG2 2/11/58- 9/12/59 4U2SPK2ME (AT) NYCAP.RR.COM Book available from Xlibris (How God Found Me) non fiction about cruise and VA lack of care
DD-931 Dave Ramsdell MM3 1963-1966 Ezshifter (AT)  
DD-931 Bill Randell, Jr. MS3 2/75-7/77 brrr10 (AT)  
DD-931 Richard Ratchford SFM3 1962-1966 richieratch (AT)  
DD-931 James Rawls SFP3 1/61 - 63 usnpete (AT) RET USN 843-558-9356
DD-931 John Ray ET1 1973-1975 jackray2 (AT)  
DD-931 Ralph Reitz MM1 11/55 - 1/59 capnreitz (AT)  
DD-931 James Reno ET2 61-63 preno (AT) Best time of my life. A great ship and crew.
DD-931 Michael Reynolds MM1 1978-1980 squidcountry (AT) phone Number: 308-367-7516
DD-931 Jim (JR) Reynolds MM2 1976-1980 Snipes214 (AT) After engine-room topwatch....
DD-931 Nicholas Ricci E-3 1981 - 1883 nickricci456 (AT) so sad she being scrapped a couple good years on her
DD-931 Ron Roach OS3 5/80 to decom Gravie57 (AT) yahoo,com  
DD-931 Michael Robertson RD2 6/67-5/68 mike.robertson (AT)  
DD-931 Bob Roethke STG2 1972-1975 thesailorbob (AT) Hello all
DD-931 Douglas Romeiser EM1 1977-1979 douglas.romeiser (AT) Any shipmates out there who was onboard during that time and took the Med cruise, Nova Scotia, Bermuda, Virgin Islands, Panama.
DD-931 Richard Roseberry SOG2 1959 - 1962 rosebery (AT) 2400 Washington St. Columbus, IN 47201 812-372-4279
DD-931 Tom Roseberry GMG2 1977 to 1980 rosebet (AT)  
DD-931 Frank Rudl MM1 10/59-9/61 Phosphate (AT)  
DD-931 Thomas Ryan SN 1961 to 1963 would like to hear from some of my old shipmates
DD-931 Craig Ryff BT-FA 1972-1973 craigryff (AT) Forward fireroom.Left shortly before Newport's base closing.
DD-931 Donald Lee Sampley RM3 Nov.67-July 68 dlsamp (AT)  
DD-931 Theodore (Sandy) Sanborn BT3 78-80 buda1956 (AT)  
DD-931 Sherman Saunders BTFN 1981-1982 shermansaunders (AT) greetings to the Aft-fireroom from 'Forrest', Daytona Beach.
DD-931 Robert Savaglio ST1 1968-1973 rjsavaglio (AT)  
DD-931 Darrell Sayer BT3 7/72 to 11/75 Jsay2008 (AT) Trying to locate others who served with me on the USS Forrest Sherman
DD-931 Walter Schenkel FTG2 62 to 64 StudieGT (AT) Save the Ship
DD-931 Gary Schmottlach QM2 9/71-9/73 NOAWY (AT)  
DD-931 Frank P. Schweibenz RD3 1/59 - 1/61 schweif (AT) Your club was recommended to be joined at our ship's reunion
DD-931 Robert Scott BM2 1974 to1978 scottslll (AT)  
DD-931 Kenneth Seaman RM1 1965 to 1966 kjscwo3usn (AT)  
DD-931 Calvin Sears IC3 06/79-09/80 cwsears (AT)  
DD-931 Louis Seymour BT2 2/79 - 7/81 doginwoods (AT) An engineering first, 1200psi superheated boilers.
DD-931 Randy Shelton LT(jg) 5/69-7/72 randy.shelton (AT)  
DD-931 Donald Short BT3/E-4 4/68-1/72 dwshort (AT) Aft Fireroom Rules
DD-931 Gene Shreiner RM3 10/63-1/65 gshrei (AT)  
DD-931 David Shuman EW1 1978 - 1982 deshu-airtronics (AT) davedewild (AT)
DD-931 Cal Shummon QM2 10/74-10/77 quartermaster56 (AT) Quite a ship for her time-One of my best friends in life was Evander Wright sk1 at the time ..ret Master Chief
DD-931 Edwin Siebert EM2 11/55-5/57 EdsOffRamp (AT) Plankowner
DD-931 Robert Siegel MMFN 05/74-10/78 rivratatnetzero.com1 (AT) I miss her/rest-her
DD-931 Richard Sill BT-FN 1960-1963 rsill (AT) greatest ship in the world
DD-931 Jim Slider BMC 7/67-6/68 & 7/74-7/76 JSlider55 (AT) Aol.Com I manage the Campground at Dam Neck Annex in Va.Bch.Now..
DD-931 Alan Slingerland EMFN 10/60-5/62 qdraw (AT) In memory of Tom Peltin
DD-931 John Sluus GM3 1960-1961 Slu246 (AT) Save the Sherman
DD-931 Thomas Smith STG3 9/65 - 8/66 rgd473 (AT)  
DD-931 Leon Smith SFM3 4/62-6/63 vilsmith (AT) Great bunch of guys in ''R'' div
DD-931 Mike Spellman FN 1981/1982 mike_spellman1 (AT) I have a club in yahoo clubs, uss forrest sherman
DD-931 Anthony Spinelli RM3 3/56-7/58 Spin (AT)  
DD-931 Adam Sprague BMSN 1981-1982 grumpyadam (AT)  
DD-931 Joel Stanley SO2 1960 jstanley (AT)  
DD-931 Arthur Steiger EM3 1063 to 1966 ASTE332722 (AT)  
DD-931 Bill Stelzer RM1 60's wstelzer (AT) great ship
DD-931 James Stephens OS3 8/78-11/82 Acts4_12 (AT) OSCS(SW) USNR, Jacksonville, FL
DD-931 Tommy Stephens SKSN 12/81 - 11/82 im_texcritter (AT)  
DD-931 Victor Stettner MM1 1973 to 1975 mcpostet_usn_ret (AT) What a can-do ship, I for one did a lot of growing and learned a lot about shipmates.
DD-931 Mark Stevens BT3 5/80-11/82 mark.stevens (AT)  
DD-931 Russell Story RM3 11/55-6/57 rusglo (AT)  
DD-931 Arthur Nelson Sullivan QM3 7/65 - 7/67 anskipsullivan (AT) A positive impact on my life, when do we leave for the Med?
DD-931 Charles Summers MMCS 7/67 1/68 CSumm5648 (AT)  
DD-931 Gerald Surprenant QM3 1970 to 1971 rollercoaster13 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DD-931 Michael E. Szarek CS3 1970-72 dchef (AT)  
DD-931 Al Tamashasky ET3 1960-1961 ajtamerica (AT)  
DD-931 Dick Tatten LT 1963-1965 dtatten (AT)  
DD-931 Donald Taylor LT(jg) 10/81 - 11/82 dtaylor42 (AT) Served as the ship's last DCA
DD-931 Ron Taylor RM3 1978-1981 four4luv (AT)  
DD-931 Kenneth Terry RM2 1978 to 1981 kentterry (AT)  
DD-931 John Thomas BT1 1977-1980 VETTEDAD11 (AT)  
DD-931 John Thomas, Sr. BT1 8/77-12/79 vettedad11 (AT)  
DD-931 Michael Tillmann MS3 9/77-9/79 mtillmann5 (AT) I loved the sea. There are days I wish I could sail again.
DD-931 Nicholas Triglianos SN 9/63-9/65 ndt12 (AT) Looking for 1st Division shipmates. 2002 Reunion was Great!
DD-931 Denis Tsukalas CDR Sep 81- Oct 82 dtsukalas (AT)  
DD-931 Edward Ulrich SN 9/65 - 8/67 eddie726 (AT) webtv.met  
DD-931 Fredrick Urban GM2 1959 to 1962 kroman35 (AT)  
DD-931 Tom Ursetti IC2 4/74 - 9/77 Plan 931 (AT) Serving on the Sherman has helped me to realize that the most important thing in life is to be a good shipmate
DD-931 Perry Veverka EN2 1974 - 1977 njinman (AT) Hello gentlemen.
DD-931 Terry Vitan SN 1976-1980 Terryohio (AT) Last of the Great Gun Ships!
DD-931 John Vitkevich SN 07/72-11/73 johnvit (AT) A BIG 4.0 to Kurt Wagerman & his CREW for saving Last of the Great Gunships-I'm still in Newport-401 952 1953.
DD-931 Norman Volstorf BT3 1974-1976 nlvolstorf (AT)  
DD-931 Larry Votaw MM3 1964 to 1967 loksmith (AT)  
DD-931 Bryan Wadleigh BT3 12/78-06/82 Lapinsky40 (AT) Looking forward to hearing from old shipmates
DD-931 Kurt Wagemann YN3 57-59 kurt.wagemann (AT) contact me if interested in 2004 reunion
DD-931 Billy Wagner MS1 1978 - 1982 bil wagner8 (AT)  
DD-931 Jerry Wakefield MM2 1962 thru 1965 gwake8 (AT)  
DD-931 Ralph (Doc) Walden HM3 5/82-11/82 sgtdocwalden (AT) Met her in Bahran on the way to meet the Kennedy Carrier Group. Was her last Med cruise.
DD-931 Chester Walden HM3 5/82-11/82 DocWalden (AT)  
DD-931 Frank Walton BT3 1955 to 1965 MAYOR2 (AT) PTD.NET Plankowner. First man off the ship, in a storm to the hospital in Bermuda ;(
DD-931 Michael Warren LT(jg) 8/68-12/69 mwarren0458 (AT) retired 1986, CDR USNR
DD-931 Ronald Weber E-3 1957 Pastorona (AT)  
DD-931 Peter Weld MMFN 3/72 thru 9/73 rhubarb1 (AT)  
DD-931 Thomas Wells GMG3 1969 to 1973 tlwels (AT) Great four years! Hope to hear from shipmates from that era.
DD-931 Ron Wesenberg TM3 1963 to 1967 weezy387 (AT) Boatswaines mate for 2yr's, then switched to Torpedoman's mate for 2yr's
DD-931 Jim West ETR2 1970 to 1971 j.w.west (AT) Looking for Bill Lewis... RD on Sherman 1970
DD-931 Art White LT 7/64-10/66 hibou312 (AT) EMO, ComDesRon Staff
DD-931 David Williams BT3 2/82 to decom chillbo2002 (AT) The last cruise she made was a HOT one, but a good one.
DD-931 Wil Williams FTG2 10/70-6/75 welshgardens (AT) Lookin up old friends. Remembering long nights in Main Batte
DD-931 Richard Williamson EMFN 1963-1964 rwilli23 (AT)  
DD-931 Johnny Wilson RMSN 12/65-6/66 hdxlxo (AT)  
DD-931 Bill Wolverton STG3 10/74 - 6/77 ki7f (AT) P.O. Box 816, Spanish Fork, Utah 84660 (Ham Radio, KI7F)
DD-931 Bob Wood OS2 1977-1980 bobwood (AT) see your site
DD-931 Robert Woodall QM2 1979-1982 woodbigrob (AT) Great ship, great crew. I miss all those guys.
DD-931 John Wooton BT2 1963 to 1967 lovtoc0k (AT) worked in the after fireroom.
DD-931 Thomas Zelie CT3 4/63-10/63 tzelie (AT)  
DD-931 Mike Zordel GMG2 1978 to 1981 mczordel (AT) would like to hear from old shipmates
DD-931 William Zwirz HN/SN 11/65-11/67 conedwil (AT) best time of my life on that ship
DDD-931 Patrick Annunziata SN 10/67 - 5/69 patannunz (AT)  
DDG-98 Thomas Perry FCC precom-6/07 kd4ufd (AT)  
DDG-98 Scott Vaughan CTTC 06/12-01/15 scott.vaughan7504 (AT)  
DDG-98 Vincent Wenban GSM2 02/05 - 08/06 vinceacu5wpa (AT) I have to say that I miss smoking my Damn Cigars ''while onboard''.

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