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334 Jim Asher BM3 70 - 71 jimasher50 (AT) Looking for shipmates I served with. I was in 1st div. Was in Guam for ceremonies.
334 Norman Jenkins BM 1959 thru 1962 suzyj1123 (AT) I made this for my Dad, who goes by Bud and went by Jenks on this ship.
DD-334 Glenn Birdsell IC3 10/56-6/58 gbirdsell (AT) Was part of the pre-commissioning crew.
DE/DER-334 Olaf Harken ENS 1966-68 pf.holloway (AT) Looking for anyone who knew Olaf during this time Please email:
DE/DER-334 Harry Leeland howard ? ? 987eather16 (AT) this was my father
DE/DER-334 Jerry Johnston BM3   johnston785 (AT) Looking for some information about about J. Gomez, BMSN on Forster in 1965 & 1966.
DE/DER-334 Charles Marvel SON2 6/1944 to 10/1946 CCMCappy334 (AT) One of the most impressive things I remember is crossing Atlantic Ocean in Feb.-experience I will never forget
DE/DER-334 Wayne Miller SN 1963 waynesrepair (AT)  
DE/DER-334 Steven Sullivan   1970's Slc65 (AT) Looking for someone who may have known my dad while he served.
DE/DER-334 James Tremel ETC 64 -12/67 chris.yerardi (AT) My good friend-looking for anyone that served with him in China Sea in 2/67-pls call James 619-255-1055
DE/DER-334 Raymundo Yrigoyen FN 10/56 r14100 (AT) pier 91
DE-334 James Abbey F2 1943-1945 Plankowner MichelleRenee68 (AT) My grandfather-never spoke of service time but w/Ed Lehto's son's help I/m learning about ship/crew during WWII.
DE-334 Valovalo Aoelua BM1 1962-1965 jailer5555 (AT) Looking for anyone who can help me locate deck logs documenting ships presence dur Viet Nam war.
DE-334 Gordon S. Arnold Shipfitter/E-4 1965-1968 martiarnold50 (AT) Looking to re-connect with friends from Navy days.
DE-334 Dale Hayes RM 1943-1945 ladylibra9111 (AT) I am his granddaughter and have enjoyed his stories of war. He has since passed away on September 26,2010
DE-334 Robert Hibbard FN1 8/45 - 6/46 lhibbard52 (AT) My Dad served on the Forster. He summers in NY and winters in FL.
DE-334 Lloyd A. Hurst EM3 1/44-10/44 lahurst (AT) Member of original Forester commissioning detail Orange, Texas
DE-334 Edward Lehto YNC 1/44 - 10/45 s_lehto (AT) My dad Ed Lehto passed away Jan 1992, in San Jose, CA. I have all his ship photos, and Forster info
DE-334 Charles Marvel SOM2 10/44- 5-46 ccmcappy334 (AT) Would like to hear from any relative of anyone who served at this time.
DE-334 Daryl Murphy E-3 61-63 cbyte1 (AT) Ships Barber
DE-334 Samuel Quesada RDSN 1958-1961 SamuelQuesada (AT)  
DE-334 Freddy Tebeau EM3 1/70-10/70 freddytebeau (AT) would like to hear from shipmates.
DE-334 William H. Trammell FN 57-58 banddtrammell (AT) First ship, will always remember the Forster
DE-334 James Van Wagner QM3 1/44 to 7/44 jimvan (AT) Served from com until 7/44 when trans-we escorted 2 convoys frm Norfolk to Med-were attacked by German air 4/44
DE-334 Frank Whitney SN 1970-71 (sold) fdwaction52 (AT) Small crew of us helped train South vietnamese then sold ship to them. was one of the youngest on the ship!
DER-334 Bill Albright LT 62-64 billalb (AT) XO
DER-334 Kenneth Anderson EM3 67-11/69 chasinhd (AT) This is my brother, he served aboard the Forster 2 yrs, honorably discharged in Nov on 69.
DER-334 Herb (Andy) Anderson STG3 1967-1969 herband1 (AT)  
DER-334 Douglas Baehr EN3 1961-1964 dug01 (AT)  
DER-334 Greg Bendlin EN2 1/68 - 10/69 gbendlin (AT)  
DER-334 Glenn Birdsell     gbirdsell (AT)  
DER-334 Jim Branchaud RM2 9/66 - 12/69 jimb177 (AT) dates aboard and email update
DER-334 Rufus Brownlee EN5 1961 thru 1963 budbrownlee (AT) served as oil king
DER-334 Jim Brummitt EM3 1/59-12/62 217-877-5754  
DER-334 Phil Burton RD2 7/63 to 9/66 phibur (AT) Operation Market Time and Viet Nam 1965 and 1966
DER-334 Tom Carroll SK2 1/70 - 2/71 tcarroll48 (AT) Pearl to Key West via Panama Canal-lucky to get to Atlantic-ended up in Drydock in Mayport-hole rusted in hull
DER-334 Jon Clawson EN3 03/60-11/62 clawson (AT) what is up with operation Dominic?
DER-334 John Collins LT 6/67-3/69 johncollins (AT)  
DER-334 Stan Correll SO2 June 58-May 61 scorrells (AT)  
DER-334 Gary Cox DO3 09/67-07/69 gary910_2000 (AT) Looking for friends who know I was on this ship. I worked in engine room 3.
DER-334 Michael Crocker EN2 12/64 - 3/66 michaelcrocker (AT)  
DER-334 William Culnon RM3 1/67 - 7/67 mculnon (AT)  
DER-334 William Cureton SF2 12/63 - 5/66 tjcure (AT) Spent 21 Yrs Navy Service - Retired 1983 as CWO3
DER-334 Darell Fell IC2 11/57-12/58 dfell (AT) Trans to Forster frm Wilhoit, both ders while at pier91 in seattle bef we were reassigned to baker docks in Hawaii
DER-334 William Filson IC2 1966 to 1969 w.filson (AT)  
DER-334 Carl M. Flowe BM3 1/70-7/71 mflowe3333 (AT) Left ship just before it was turned over to South Vietnam.
DER-334 Fred Gallaway   1968-1969 glenda.gallaway (AT)  
DER-334 Ronnie Glynn BM2 1969 to 1970 rglynn46 (AT) Had a good crew and a lot of fun times.
DER-334 Leonard Gozdowski BM3 1964 to1965 lennyg1 (AT)  
DER-334 Herbert Gregg YN3 9/58 - 7/60 HGregg6617 (AT) Stood deck watches, radio messenger, and radar watches. Enjoyed it all especially my shipmates.
DER-334 Richard Hallowell RD1 10/64-6/66 2dickhall (AT) First DER on Operation Market Time, Vietnam 1965-1966
DER-334 Daniel Hanna EN2 57-63 daniel.hanna (AT) 6 yrs onboard in Seattle pier 91 & Pearl HI.Seen lots of good sailors come and go while aboard-they were good times
DER-334 Max E. Harksen LT(jg) 11/62-6/64 maxharksen (AT) Becoming a Shell Back, heavy seas while on winter patrol in the north Pacific, liberty in Samoa, New Zealand.
DER-334 Dale Harrison RD2 4/64 to 8/67 dale_harrison1 (AT) cox net Served 4 yrs-apprx 3 yrs & 4 mos on this ship-remember all the good times and great shipmates from that time.
DER-334 Edward Herberholz QM3 03/66 - 09/67 rherber (AT) Two tours to VN for Market Time Ops
DER-334 Ross Herberholz QM3 3/66 to 9/67 rherber (AT) Remeber good and bad times
DER-334 Tom Holycross EN 1967-68 holycrosspat49 (AT) This was my husband, who died Dec 8,2017. He was an engine mechanic 1967-68.
DER-334 Bob Hoover EN3 6/62-8/68 hoover9447 (AT) Bering Sea Patrols, Nuclear Weapons Tests, Operation Deep Freeze, Market Time Patrols.
DER-334 Roland Huff FN 9-58 to 9-59 rlhsr913 (AT) also served on USS Badoeing Strait CVE-116 56-57,USS Wilhoite DER 397 57-58,USS Forester DER 58-59
DER-334 Fred Humm QM3 7/70-10/71 humm (AT) Took down Union Jack (AT) decom ceremony in Guam 71-part of small crew who trained Viet sailors to run the ship
DER-334 Allen Johnson RD3 1956-1959 pjblack10 (AT) Pre Commisioning Crew
DER-334 Michael D. Johnson EN2 9/66 - 10/69 michael_johnson (AT) Ship logs for 66-69?-diagnosed with diabetes-remember smelling farm chemicals in eng rm while in VN-any help
DER-334 Scott Johnson SN 10/65 to 8/67 kingpinlv (AT) 2XMarket Time in Radio. Top Secret Crypto
DER-334 John Jones EN3 1969-71 JONESjohnnygumbo (AT) helped train Vietnamese crew. (541) 689-1095
DER-334 Mike Jones GMG3 11/64 to 1/67 jonesmike (AT)  
DER-334 Ervin Juenemann ETR3 2/62 - 8/63 juenemann (AT)  
DER-334 Howard Kay SO3 11/59 thru 2/62 Intrlud (AT)  
DER-334 James Keeling RD2 6?58-5/61 jashel (AT) Lots of good memeories, Barrier duty, one Westpac
DER-334 Eugene King SK2 5/61 - 8/62 bettyking (AT) yahoo.copm operation dominic nuclear testing
DER-334 Dale King ETN3 9/67- 8/68 131 4th Street Little Valley, NY 14755 Looking for other shipmates
DER-334 Jerry Laner EM2 1963 to 1967 lanerfa (AT) Need info that we were on land/had liberty in many ports in Nam& can ran bay need proof of boats on ground.
DER-334 Tim Malwitz RM1 9/61 - 9/64 timmalwitz (AT) 1st west pac tour-teletupe repair school in hawaii-tran to nas marimar in cal-then back to hawaii to uss small
DER-334 Richard Martin EN3 12/69-decom dawson735 (AT) Helped train Viets. They sleep together????
DER-334 John Martin EN1 2/67 to 8/67 bonniem (AT)  
DER-334 Doug McClure SN 9/69-4/1/71 dmcclure1 (AT)  
DER-334 David McGee SN/YN3 4/65-2/97 allret (AT) Presently retired in Bryan, Tx. Glad to hear from all.
DER-334 Bill McKinney ETR2 10/66 to 4/69 wemco (AT) Looking for friends Vietnam Tours
DER-334 Donald L. Monroe EM3 2/58-12/59 owyheerr (AT) wow! duty
DER-334 Arthur J. Moser LT(jg) 10/56 to 5/59 ajoseph.moser (AT) pre commissioning- Long Beach- Seattle(pier91)- Pearl Harbor
DER-334 Mike Murphy ETR3 1964-1966 Murphy57chevy (AT) N. Pacific-rough seas! Hawaii, Far East, market time, good guys and lots of memories.
DER-334 Leslie (Lane) Nelson FC3 1956-1958 nelsonsfolly (AT) pre-commision crew,san diego,pier 91 seattle,great memories.
DER-334 Conrad (Connie) Nelson EM3 12/66-11/69 conradlnelson (AT) Would like to acquire our ship's patch that had ORION on it.
DER-334 Rick Norman RD3 1963-1967 melbourne-rick (AT) 1st ship. barrier patrol/japan (2)/ hong kong/ subic bay (gag)/ viet nam....tons of memories
DER-334 Reid Oberle RD3 1964-1966 I grew up on the Forster
DER-334 Richard Osborn ETN2 1968 to 1969 rlosborn (AT)  
DER-334 Martin (Nick) Parrish AGAN 03/59 - 03/61 kwthunder1 (AT)  
DER-334 Paul Pennington RD2 2/59- 6/62 penningtonpaul (AT) westpac cruise, hongkong station ship, mary soo
DER-334 Larry Peters RD2 8/66-10/69 larry.peters (AT) Vietnam, Taiwan Patrols & Hong Kong Station ship.
DER-334 Fred Plitz STG2 1962-1964 fplitz (AT) Find old buddies
DER-334 Samuel Quesada RD3 58-61 SamuelQuesada (AT) Anyone Still out there!!!!!
DER-334 Theodore Radecki RD2 7/65 - 9/68 tedradecki (AT) Market Time Vietnam served with a lot of great people
DER-334 Joe Rheinschmidt BT3 1970-71 wrench (AT) We turned the Forster over to South Vietnam Sept,1971.
DER-334 Jack Rose RM1 1967-1968 kb0yyg (AT)  
DER-334 James Scott ETN2 10/56 - 07/58 scotty34 (AT) Precomissioning crew Long Beach; Pier 91 Seattle.
DER-334 Mark Seacrest GMG3 66 -69 seacrestml (AT) She was an old but good ship.
DER-334 Steven Sears RD2 3/63-6/66 dog1944 (AT) Was aboard forfirst Marketime Patrol in Gulf of Tonkin
DER-334 Eugene C. Selby RD2 1962 to 1963 Brandiwine2 (AT) Looking to hear from you guys
DER-334 Paul Severson LT(jg) 12/59-4/62 pseversonc (AT) Would like to write a book about the ship, need photos, etc
DER-334 Irving Sheldon RM3 6/67 to 9/69 Irv_Sheldon (AT)  
DER-334 David Starr LT(jg) 8/68-5/70 dhs (AT)  
DER-334 Tom Sullivan RM2 10/69 - 6/71 tsullivan4 (AT) Left Forster in Key West to Kretchmer
DER-334 Rogers Sweeten ET3 9/60 - 8/62 jamsta88 (AT) Living in Central California.
DER-334 Labron 'Ed' or 'Tate' Taylor RM2 10/60 to 02/65 solarman863 (AT) retired RMC jan a Solar Energy Contractor. in Fla.
DER-334 Richard T. Taylor DK2 March 1967 to Jan. 1968 dtaylor (AT)  
DER-334 Lou Tennenini RM3 7/69 Lou_Tennenini (AT) Only aboard a short time - learned a lot. Good times.
DER-334 Edward Townsend EN3 11/70 - 9/71 caded51 (AT) helped trained the viet nam sailors also contact me (AT) 8707237121
DER-334 William Trammell FN 3/57-10/58 banddtrammell (AT) First ship, will always remember the Forster
DER-334 Donald Gene Turner RD2 Jan 56 - Nov. 58 indy_jonz (AT) I was on the commissioning cruise out of San Diego in '56
DER-334 Gary Ward RM3 10/56-10/57 gpfs (AT) Pre-comm crew Long Beach to Seattle
DER-334 Glenn Wilkerson DKSN 6/66-7/67 diecasnut (AT)  
DER-334 Richard Woodcock SH(S)2 12/67 to 8/68 woodcock2014 (AT) Trying to locate Richard Granese DK2 from New York City
DER-334 Raymundo Yrigoyen EN3 1956 r14100 (AT) forster der 334 pre com long beach,ca 1956 to 1957

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