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DD-607 Thomas Anderson LCDR   gallen1 (AT) I saddened to report that my uncle Tom passed away on April 28, 2009-he served onboard for most of the war.
DD-607 Howard Bobbitt Warrant Officer 1942 to 1945 kaffyb (AT) My father (passed away in 1998) told many stories of his time aboard the USS Frazier. Would love to hear more from anyone who might have know him.
DD-607 Elliot Brown LT CMDR 1942-1943 ognos.home (AT) Elliot M. Brown was my grandfather. He died in 1984 due to complications of Alzheimers. He was proud of the men he served with. He is buried at Arlington Cemetery.
DD-607 Arthur Burdge LT(jg)   jim8975 (AT) I was given a 40mm shell cut down and made into an ash tray with Lt.JG Burdge name and ship
DD-607 Samuel Coulston GM 1942-1946 jodidrader (AT) My dad-looking for pic of the crew/my Dad?-he told me stories-love to share w/someone who knew him
DD-607 Alexander Daubert   1942 sd-6 (AT) My friend past away last year and his father was on the USS Frazier. Just thought I would add his name. If anyone wants to write me who knew him, please do.
DD-607 Olier Davis, Jr. F2 9/44-10/45 jdavisre (AT) In memory of my dad olier davis jr who died in 1977-if anyone knew him & would like to write to me please do
DD-607 Bert Forester RM2 09/42-11/45 kimforester (AT) My dad would love to hear any news of his fellow shipmates.
DD-607 James Frazer GM3 7/42 - 9/44 amanda2568 (AT) Looking for info reg grandfather-lost all military rec in a fire-passed away before we could get any info-would be won to have stories to tell my son.
DD-607 Theodore Gordon LT RDM 1943 - 1945 tgordon (AT) My father, Theodre Gordon, was the radar Officer on the USS Frazier during the battle of Iwo Jima. He died this January 17th, 2007. Iwould really like to hear from anyone who knew him and could share some stories.
DD-607 Robert Grady   42-43 MY85BEARS (AT) My grandfather-(passed away)-if you knew him and would like to share some stories I would be forever greatful.
DD-607 Merton Grayson   08/42 - 10/45 teresa.williams (AT) My uncle(died 1/19/09)pretty sure he had attended a USS Frazier reunion-was very proud of his Navy service.
DD-607 James H. Hefner PhM3 4/43-9/44 jhhefner (AT) Just looking around
DD-607 Ben Helms COX 1943 - 1945 helmsj327 (AT) My grandfather-died 2002-brought back german mauser-can anyone explain how he got a german in the Pacific?
DD-607 Donald Hinkel 2/c 1942 to 1945 hinkel.dan (AT) My dad passed away September 05-2009 he loved what he did.
DD-607 Floyd Hudson RT1 1942-1943 billhudson (AT) Floyd Hudson died in 2005, at 91 yrs old-Please forward emails to billhudson (AT)
DD-607 Keith Jackson SN1 6/45 to ? adena_hunter1 (AT) Looking for my friend Geno Angeloff
DD-607 Robert Jenner SN1 (FC) late 1944 - 1945 bjenner (AT) Would like to hear from fire control people. Wes Thomas?
DD-607 Harvey Johnson QM3 12/43-7/44 sandy.timmons (AT) What happened to Capt Brown's replacement ?
DD-607 Charles Preston Jones unknown 9/42 to 1945 bakimes (AT) In Memory of my Father who passed away 9/21/1996.
DD-607 Earl (Buck) Jones not sure   smoss6 (AT) Buck is my grandfather. He does not have a computer.
DD-607 Jake Josey     becky11049 (AT) My-died in 2007-remember going to reunions as a young girl-love to hear from anyone who remembers him :)
DD-607 Archie Kelley LT 1943-1944 nukesub (AT) Executive Officer
DD-607 Forest Kovaleski     raktesting (AT) My dad (deceased) served on this ship-wondering if any of you guys knew him and had any stories to share with us.
DD-607 Ernest Lahti GM3 6/45 to 4/46 blackoiler (AT) I'm the current Sec./Treas. of our Association. There will be a Gathering'' of the family in Nashville, TN. in Sept.''
DD-607 Joseph Langdell LT 7/42-9/43 JOELANGDELL (AT) TEDLANGDELL.COM  
DD-607 Robert Lapachet   1944-1946 barchet (AT) My dad-died 5/01-My mom no longer uses e-mail-met many of Dad's shipmates at the 2001 Reunion in Seattle.
DD-607 Elmer C Maplethorpe F1 15552 gcmaple1 (AT) My dad served aboard until May 1943.
DD-607 Robert W. Mathews SOM1 9/430-01/46 mbcapplegate (AT) First reg frm Frazier; any others left? My Grandfather died since post info-anyone rem him-love to hear stories.
DD-607 Haywood Mathews Not Sure 44-45 ? mmathews (AT) In memory of my father from Lafayette,LA
DD-607 Hugh McChesney LT/LT(jg) 44-46?? Captric0085 (AT) My dad passed but wonder if anyone knew him??
DD-607 Joseph Miskinis Unsure Unsure rmiskinis (AT) My grandfather served,radar or comm (not sure-I was 7 when he died) any info for my family would be wonderful!
DD-607 Carl Ragan WT3 (T) 3/43 - 10/45 ccragan (AT) My father Carl C Ragan Jr.. served on the USS Frazier. He died in an auto accident in March, 1957.
DD-607 Alstern L. Rieck EM2 1943-1946 caddyfinch (AT)  
DD-607 Silvio Righello CPO 4/41- 6/45 rmissio (AT) My father -(died 11/10/01)-love to hear from anyone who has memories of him. Janet Righello
DD-607 Paul Roberts QM3 1943 to 2/46 fredroberts188 (AT) contact me if you remember me
DD-607 Joseph Saizan     Birds2see (AT) President USS Frasier Friends & Family Reunion-we have annual reunions-next one in St. Louis 9/12-15/2013
DD-607 Patrick Thomas Scally     68sharkman (AT) My name is Tim. In memory of my Dad, who passed Oct. 1970, I would love to hear from anyone who knew him.
DD-607 Henry Slivinski Not Sure 44-45 lslivinski (AT) In memory of my Grandfather. Anyone know him?
DD-607 Leroy Smith COX 1942-1944 wanda-marlowe-allison (AT) My father-very young (17) when joined navy-also served on USS Harry F. Bauer-has many photos I'd like to share.
DD-607 Russell Ulsh ST 44-45 jeffulsh (AT) My dad new Hank Slivinski and Wanda, I'm his youngest son & remember him his wife and kids.
DD-607 Royce Walley SN1 3/42 - 4/46 dwalley (AT) Youngest of 4 boys-mother had to sign for him to go in (only 17 yrs old). Served his entire time on USS Frazier.
DD-607 Paul Wetzel EM1 1944-1945 tomwetzelsr (AT) My dad was Acting Chief PO on the Frazier at the end of WWII.
DD-607 Stacey Yurczyszyn     gyurch (AT) In memory of my beloved father

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