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DD- Arthur McDonald     banda95 (AT)  
DD- Herbert Wascher BB3 1952-1956 washnwear57 (AT) would enjoy hearing from any one
DD-706 Arthur Adamski EM3 3/60-12/61 whiteeagle (AT) Remember me? The''THE BIG A''
DD-706 Garrie Ashby YNSN 1/1/63 - 1/1/64 Gashby (AT) Had a great time while I was on board.
DD-706 Walter (Walt) Bailey MM3 44-45 Tnvols106 (AT) Deceased 2000. Would love to hear from anyone who knew my dad
DD-706 John Baker FN 1957 to 1960 jbaker179 (AT)  
DD-706 Walter Baldwin SN 59-60 Walterdoc69 (AT)  
DD-706 Leonard William Baltes EM3 11/44-12/46 hclw.baltes (AT) Proud Plankowner
DD-706 Robert Bartlett     flloyd (AT)  
DD-706 Bill Battle IC3 1963-1964 battleb (AT)  
DD-706 Gerald Bayless YN3 1956-1957 jbforcma (AT)  
DD-706 Richard Beckman IC2 1960-1961 rlb300 (AT) Great Crew
DD-706 Don Benson DC3 1952-1954 dben51 (AT) Drop me a line. I would like to hear from you.
DD-706 William Reid Betts RD3 1948 to 1952 wallabetts (AT)  
DD-706 Bud Black BTFN 1969-1970 budblack13 (AT)  
DD-706 John Bower GMG3 1/60-1/62 BOWGADD (AT) saratogais shadow. kin-tucks chow hall
DD-706 Henry Boyea GMSN 01/59 - 04/60 hboyea35 (AT)  
DD-706 Frederick Boyle     fboyle62 (AT) Honorary member (ship named after my uncle)
DD-706 Bob Brittingham BM1 8/68-11/69 rpbrittingham (AT)  
DD-706 Stanley Buckmaster   1944-1946 brian.buckmaster (AT) My father-deceased-I have a few pics (gunnery offs,CIC Team,SKs, Supply Officers, FC Team)
DD-706 John Bullinger FN 8/66 -8/68 boytroy123 (AT) Good times Great Shipmates.
DD-706 William Butler MMC 4/65 to 12/66 scpobut1 (AT) Made E-7. She was school ship for Destroyer School NPNS
DD-706 Albert Calderone     taboo232 (AT) This is my father, died in 64. would like to know about him.
DD-706 Richard Carey IC1 4/1954 - 6/1957 dickcarey (AT) Looking to contact old shipmates. Attended reunions in 2007.2008/2011,2012,2013.
DD-706 George Carpenter BM3 1961-64 smilinrose4u2 (AT) Any friends that served during this time E Mail me.
DD-706 Ted Carter FTG3 1/62-10/64 tedcarter2003 (AT)  
DD-706 Ed Cassidy SH3 01/61 - 01/63 edc (AT) Those were the days. Had a lot of fun.
DD-706 Dayton Castner COX 1946 to 1947 Jocastner (AT)  
DD-706 Sheldon Chandler BT3 10/50-07/54 sheldonchndlr (AT) Contact me for reunion information,
DD-706 Kenneth Christensen ICFN 1960-1963 kchristnsen (AT) Sure were good times!
DD-706 Arthur J. Churchill     meandmyself (AT) My Dad, Arthur J. (also know as 'Davey' for the Davey Crockett hat he wore) passed away in 2000. would like to hear from anyone who remembers him.
DD-706 Dennis Clark QM2 1970 BaldEagle315th (AT) Any QM gang still around?
DD-706 Dick Cleveland QM3 6/44-6/46 dcleve6214 (AT) phone 281-437-8975 want here from anyone
DD-706 James (Jay) Cody MM2 1952 to 1954 theotherjc (AT)  
DD-706 Douglas Cole SF2 1944 - 5/46 janegcole614 (AT)  
DD-706 Peter Crowley RM3 1/62 to 9/62 pcrowley (AT)  
DD-706 W. Raymond Danly QM3 1956 - 1958 boomer2318 (AT) Passed QM3 test-not notified until USNR-wound up as a cop sgt-Hung with QMs,SMs & RMs onboard-email me
DD-706 David Davis BMSN 1959to 1962 dave.davis (AT) It was good to see photo's of the ol can again. Thanks.
DD-706 Wiliam D. Dayton ESN 3/51-12/51 starseed (AT)  
DD-706 Taylor Dean PN2 1957-1960 cincy3838 (AT) Look forward to hearing from you guys. Someone please send me some info on the 2007 reunion.
DD-706 Frank Dell RD2 6/61 - 6/64 fsdell (AT)  
DD-706 Edward Dervan MR3 1967 to 1969 edward.dervan (AT)  
DD-706 Bernard (Barney) Devlin PO1 1950-1955 dowadittynyc (AT) If anybody knows my dad please e-mail me.
DD-706 Joseph DiFonzo   1951 to 1954 rds570 (AT) looking for all machinist mates and boiler tenders
DD-706 Albert DiPetrillo RD3 7/57-7/59, 10/61-10/62 Ola18 (AT)  
DD-706 Richard Dobec EM2 1955-1959 dobec (AT)  
DD-706 Roy Dohack GM2 1944-1945 jimdohack (AT) Deceased 1978, entered by proud son
DD-706 Wells Doty LT(jg) 1963 - 1965 wellsd8425 (AT) Commo, MPA
DD-706 Tom Duffany IC3 9/67-9/69 duffany (AT) Great 2 years
DD-706 Herbert Dula E-4   dulaman (AT)  
DD-706 Edward Durham ET2 1957 to 1958 bgatti35 (AT)  
DD-706 John Eckler SN 1959-1960 Johnftwobucks (AT) Great memories.....Retired SMCS in 1979.Drop me line..
DD-706 Robert Eisenhauer FN 1961- 1963 bobikeman (AT) Hoping to hear from shipmates or reunions
DD-706 Manuel Elizardo CS2 11/52-2/56 mnmdavis (AT) would like to hear from you
DD-706 Harry Emmans MM2 1/60-12/62 emmans (AT)  
DD-706 Bert Faiola SHB3 1953 to 1955 pukafai (AT)  
DD-706 James Farrell MM3 1970 JAPA23 (AT) LOWCOUNTRY.COM  
DD-706 Burton Feit MM34 4/51 -55 Feit.sandra (AT)  
DD-706 Lester Fieldsa ET2 1953-55 (AT)  
DD-706 Robert Fischer EM2 1954-1957 rfischer2 (AT) like to hear from shipmates
DD-706 David ''Dave'' Fisher EM3 9/62 -3/65 captsar (AT) I would like to hear from any of my old shipmates!
DD-706 Charles E. Ford LT(jg) 11/44 - 10/45 cford6789 (AT) Died 1992-Plankowner-gunnery officer-told sons very little of experiences-pls email son Charles Jr. if you knew him.
DD-706 Anthony (Tony) Fordiani DK2 1965-1967 NV00007 (AT)  
DD-706 Hubert Foster GMSA 1949-1950 foster (AT)  
DD-706 Gerard Fraser   1965-1966? ryanal (AT) brother's ship. Trying to find info. He is deceased
DD-706 Frank Freemon FN 1957 ffreemon (AT)  
DD-706 Edward Gallagher MM2 1954 to 1957 ed_g501 (AT) Great 25th Reunion !! It was 50 years in 2007
DD-706 David Gargano FT2 8/58-3/61 dgargano1 (AT)  
DD-706 Robert Garst SM1 12/44-09/45 bobg36 (AT) Above member of the Gainard's crew was my Father. Served as a 40mm gunner and storekeeper on board.
DD-706 Dale Gedeon IC2 5/61 - 11/63 dalenrita (AT)  
DD-706 David Gemmell CS2 12/51-7/55 dpgemmell (AT) 2007 reunion ( 25 ) norfolk va. where we started
DD-706 Henry A. Genovese GM3 7/56-11/59 GNRD706 (AT) Like to hear from any shipmate.
DD-706 David Gibbs MM3 5/53-10/54 davcligibbs (AT)  
DD-706 Larry Ginsberg SN 06/59 - 11/57 NUDY7135 (AT)  
DD-706 Benoit Claude Girard   1950's sandyg5 (AT) My father in law's ship. Would love to hear from anyone kn
DD-706 Donald Golden BT3 3/59 - 3/61 jgolden408 (AT) remember pappy kentuk
DD-706 Charles Golden SK1 11/44-45 golden (AT) Now deceased. Interested in anyone knowing Charles!!
DD-706 John ''Jack'' Gorski IC2 1963-1966 jjgorsk (AT)  
DD-706 Normand Gregoire QM1 8/62-8/65 Normand Gregoire (AT)  
DD-706 Louis ''Greg'' Gregoire MM3 12/65-4/69 Ozarksniper (AT) Proud to serve
DD-706 Richard Grinold LT(jg) 6/61-6/64 rcgrin (AT)  
DD-706 Homer Griswold SN 1961-1963 HomerGriswold (AT) Great Memories
DD-706 Don Hager RD3 1966-1969 donhager_2000 (AT) Great times
DD-706 Mark Hall ETN3 1/63 - 1/65 jollymolly70 (AT) Email address is my wife's. Very interesting duty.
DD-706 Carleton Hallett FT3 10-54 thru 05-57 dfales (AT)  
DD-706 William Hampton EM1 12/51-6/55 rebbill (AT) 706 .. one clean can
DD-706 Clifford Hart SN1 11/45 Marghart1234 (AT)  
DD-706 Bob Hegel EM3 1/56 to 6/57 rhegel (AT)  
DD-706 Mike Heilshorn BT3 1968-1969 highlo47 (AT) great memories
DD-706 Robert Heitzman   1944 - pgneder (AT) Plankowner-died 7/5/04-proud dau-love to hear from anyone that served w/him-want ghildren to know ab gr gfather.
DD-706 Joe Helbe MR2 1967-1969 helbe033 (AT) Couldn't wait to get out when I was in the service, but looking back...many happy memories of great shipmates!
DD-706 George F. Hennessy SN 1952 to 1954 dotgeohennessy (AT) great ship==great shipmates
DD-706 Edward Herrick RM2 12/50 - 6/54 edwardherrick31 (AT) great ship - great crew
DD-706 Stuart Hoffer SN 11/67-02/69 sghoffer (AT)  
DD-706 Dallas Holmberg MM2(SS) 10/61 to 3/63 HEPCO (AT)  
DD-706 Royal Horne BT 44-47 rhorne (AT)  
DD-706 Bill Horsley LT 1963 to 1965 bandb1934 (AT)  
DD-706 Raymond Houghtaling BT2 1968-1970 rnhoughtaling (AT) edit to new e-mail address
DD-706 John Houghtaling QM3 1967-1970 jhoughtaling (AT)  
DD-706 Lawrence Howard SN 1948 to 1950 nancyhow2 (AT)  
DD-706 Roger Hoyt BTFN 1968-1970 rhoyt1948 (AT) I was in aft fire room any of my old friends still around?
DD-706 Floyd Hudson ENS 1944-1945 billhudson (AT) Floyd Hudson died in 2005, at 91 yrs old-Please forward emails to billhudson (AT)
DD-706 Walter A. Hudson MM1 1944 to 1946 dayliner (AT) New E-Mail Address
DD-706 Richard (Dick) Hull RM2 1957-1960 maridick (AT)  
DD-706 Kenneth Hurley BT3 6/67 - 8/69 krhurley1 (AT)  
DD-706 Allan Jacobson SN 1948 to 1952 allan697 (AT)  
DD-706 Calvin Johnson ENS 1945-1946 inccj (AT) I served on the USS Gainard in 1944-1945. The skipper was Capt. Foley. I was a Ensign at that time.
DD-706 William Kaley BT3 1952 to 1956 BBILK (AT)  
DD-706 James Keane MM3 11/61-3/64 .jpeakean (AT)  
DD-706 Brian Kearney MM3 6/67 to 2/69 leilani2 (AT) great times and great trips
DD-706 Clarence Kirby GM1 12/50-6/54 FTCM326650 (AT) kid to a sailor for 20 years
DD-706 Frank Kirkland RM3 11/47 to 1/50 nhsnowbird (AT)  
DD-706 Don Kluth SH(L)2 62-65 grayhoundusn (AT)  
DD-706 Albert Knight PO2 1944-1945 dean_whitwood (AT) looking for others that served with my grandfather
DD-706 Donald Kohlman CS 1957 1960 www.donkohlman (AT) looking for old shipmate's
DD-706 James J. Kuhn DK2 1953 - 1957 beezee013 (AT) James passed away on December 6,2009
DD-706 James Kurucz TM2 1960-1962 JamesKurucz (AT)  
DD-706 Lee LaRivee BMSN 8/66-8/68 llka1rde (AT)  
DD-706 Ronald LaVoie FN3 1/1957-9/1957 ronellen03234 (AT)  
DD-706 Al Levesque BMSN 8/66 to 8/68 alnsis68 (AT) wild ride
DD-706 William P. Little EM3 1946-1950 hdridelive (AT) Father Deceased, Entered by proud Daughter who misses Dad
DD-706 Albert Loftin MM3 1956-1960 loftinal (AT) Trying to get to the reunion in Fla.
DD-706 Harry Lomas FC3 1942 to 1945 h-lomas (AT) Deceased 11-15-2005
DD-706 Ken lowe SM3 61-64 gwl71 (AT)  
DD-706 Phil (Phip) Luchese RM2 1955-1958 pluchese (AT)  
DD-706 Jack Makens SC3 11/44 - 6/46 moral_capitalism (AT) If you're interested in a good Web Site about the Radar Picket duty we saw email me.
DD-706 Robert E. Mason RDSN 8/58 - 11/61 remason499 (AT) 2 years in 1st division (remember Stokes) and 21 years total USN service.
DD-706 Thomas Maxwell MM3 11/59 -1161 pipefitmax (AT)  
DD-706 Ted C. Maybury E-7 1948 to 1952 raintreelds2 (AT) My Dad-chief BM-got shore duty for last 4 yrs-looking for info on John Frazier-lost his life in war.
DD-706 Don Mazzaia EM3 10/62-11/63 d.mazzaia (AT)  
DD-706 Mike McDaniel QM3 07/68 - 03/69 mcdn749 (AT)  
DD-706 Robert McDowell MM2 8/62-3/66 Mj_and_company (AT) Aft engine room
DD-706 Leonard Mcdowell MM2 Jan- 1959 - Aug-1961 llm (AT) nickname Sandy--or--Mac Main Engine room
DD-706 Dewey (Butch) McDuffie STGSN 1969 to 1970 pintandbutch (AT) Who can forget E.G. Trayer and Lt. Kellem? LOL
DD-706 Bob Mercer BT3 1959 - 1961 bob6034 (AT) Mr. Parker was onboard if his family would like to contact me.
DD-706 Jon Merrill MM2 1965 - 1969 jmer1227 (AT)  
DD-706 David Meyers IC2 1968-1970 shearwater (AT) Does anybody know where Mike (Dirty Dog) Magyar EM3 is?
DD-706 James Miller BT2 1/65-10/68 james1060 (AT) My duty station was the forward fireroom.
DD-706 Jay Milliken EN 1951 milliken (AT) I was on board for a short time,then to the USS Rooks
DD-706 Harold Mills BT2 3/64 to 6/67 norrah75 (AT)  
DD-706 Chuck Mitchell BM2 1968-1969 papaw64 (AT) looking for anyone who served on the gainard from 68-69
DD-706 Milton Mlynarski PO1 1944-1946 vze2vyf8 (AT) Deceased 07/14/99
DD-706 Robert Moak RD3 9/55-9/57 bobmoak2 (AT)  
DD-706 Rick Mohun MMFN 1952 and1953 Takiman (AT)  
DD-706 John Moisey DC3 1964-1967 kmoisey (AT)  
DD-706 Anthony (Tony) Mols SK2 1958 to 1962 tonyvirg (AT) Any recall please contact me
DD-706 Walter Mont   1950-1954 Walter.Mont (AT) this was my dad's ship..he's deceased..please contact w/info
DD-706 Ira (Clyde) Moore FC1 1944-1945 dbarnes73 (AT) Deceased 7/11/2007. Entered by proud granddaughter. Would love to hear from anyone who knew him.
DD-706 James Moore SK1 8/61-1/63 jimmooresr (AT)  
DD-706 Hoyett Moore SM2 1958-1960 kiamichimamaw (AT)  
DD-706 Kevin Moriarty EM3 1969-1970 Kmoria3164 (AT)  
DD-706 Richard Mosher RD2 1958 to 1961 rcmosher (AT)  
DD-706 Ronnie Myhand BT2 1967-1970 myhandri (AT) hot in the fireroom
DD-706 Kenneth Nagy RM2 1/67 - 5/68 kennagy (AT)  
DD-706 Willis Nash ET3 47-49 sdsa4 (AT) My father, Willis Nash, passed away January 19, 2009.
DD-706 Wilbur Nichols FT3 1954-57 nicholswilbur99 (AT)  
DD-706 Mart Nortier QM3 1963 to 1965 nortiermd (AT)  
DD-706 Richard Odell SN1 1944-1945 dodell (AT) Deceased - Information entered by Dave Odell, Rich's brother
DD-706 Ronald Oswald IC1 8/69 to 2/70 ron_barboswald (AT) Looking for GM1? Married to Japanese lady took care of my children-ret ICC 77-my son is now CDR,dau is LTCOL.
DD-706 Richard J. Palazzi TE3 1/53-9/56 Richard.Palazzi (AT)  
DD-706 Edward Parker   ? william.dann (AT) Trying to locate anyone that may have known Mr. Parker. He has passed, but daughter would like to know about his service onboard.
DD-706 Charlie Peden EN3 8/67 to 1969 cbpeden (AT) A-gang, great cruise (Med.)
DD-706 James Petrarca S1 1948 chrisjim1951 (AT)  
DD-706 Keith Pettifor BT2 10/54-06/58 khpettifor (AT)  
DD-706 Richard Pettigrew LT(jg) 12/54-9/56 rrpsfc (AT)  
DD-706 Chester Pietschker MM2 1/60 to 1/63 seapee2 (AT)  
DD-706 Donald Porell RM3 1966 to 1968 mnrinva (AT)  
DD-706 Joe Porto YNC 01/57-03/60 Portocarol (AT)  
DD-706 Charles Power SN1 11/44 - 11/45 ChrCarPow (AT) Plankowner-would like to hear from any of my shipmates-live in Fort Pierce,FL-home ph is 772-468-2119.
DD-706 Samuel (Sam) price S1 RM zepprop (AT) Plankowner. 90 and still kicking
DD-706 Glenn Quiggle SN 1970 to 1970 navytide (AT) Began career in DD-706; OCS; ret. 6-2000; CDR USN
DD-706 Charles Reig MM3 1963-1965 creig (AT)  
DD-706 John Reilly BT3 8/48-10/53 jr920 (AT)  
DD-706 Michael (Mike) Reynolds SN 1961-1963 tcs288 (AT) I wish they would name a new ship the USS Gainard
DD-706 Robert Richardson RD2 12/59-3/62 richbobk9 (AT)  
DD-706 John (Rich) Richardson SOG3 1961-1962 Stasia32_2000 (AT) Would love to hear from some fellow destroyer mates. Seems all I find are aircraft carrier veterans.
DD-706 Larry Ritchie IC3 10/55-10/57 ritchielk (AT)  
DD-706 Carmine Rizzo EM3 4/56-9/58 carminerizzo (AT) Interested in hearing from other shipmates
DD-706 Victor Rodriguez SO2 02/49-01/53 rrodriguez (AT) See you all Aug02,2009 in Columbus OH
DD-706 Edward Rourk RM3 02/48 to 04/49 Erourk (AT) Would like to hear from anyone who was aboard the same time I was especially the RMs
DD-706 Wayne Ryan     pvt_jarhead (AT) My grandfather-never got to meet-love to hear any old stories/anything you knew about him-by proud grandson
DD-706 Virgil Sanderson SKC 1970 Deano707 (AT) Retired off ship after serving on USS Soley DD-707
DD-706 Robert Schofield FN 01/66-04/68 bobschofield48 (AT)  
DD-706 Charles Senior SK3 11/44-3/46 hlucas (AT) 352-873-1820
DD-706 Bill Sessa SM2 1/59-8/61 wjskeys (AT)  
DD-706 Richard Shell BMC 1945 (AT) Died May 2000. Posted by his son. Father participated in the Okinawa Campaign and was a proud Tin Can Sailor.
DD-706 Russell Sheridan BT3 7/69-2/70 rsheridan8 (AT)  
DD-706 David G. Shoup QM2 1961 to 1964 toyglass (AT)  
DD-706 Wiliam Simmons SN 1952 to 1954 consims (AT) those were the good ole years
DD-706 Ralph Simon MM2 06/66 - 04/68 bear55 (AT) had a great time hi troy and also bobby young i live in fla ,where is the reunion
DD-706 John Slade CO 1957-1959 jsalde2 (AT) Sdding info for my father-was CO from 1957-59-he's still alive, but now 90 and residing in an Assisted Living facility.
DD-706 Don Smith RD2 1947 - 1950 ke4wvb (AT)  
DD-706 Jimmy Dean Smith E-7 1953-1954 jewels (AT)  
DD-706 Frank Spinka SN 9/46 to 10/47 fspinka (AT)  
DD-706 Thomas Spinneweber MM2 8/66-12/66 tgspinne (AT) Just a short but good stay till discharge.
DD-706 Paul Stacel SA 09/63-02/64 pstacel (AT) hello anybody
DD-706 Joseph Stahon EM2 10/52-10/54 jss30 (AT)  
DD-706 Arthur W. (Bill) Standley LT(jg) 9/55-9/58 arthur.standley (AT)  
DD-706 Mylon Staples MM3 1963-1966 pattystaples (AT) From Penobscot Maine
DD-706 Delbert Stechert HM1 1960 rickquix (AT) Entered by son. Deceased 1992. Please contact if you knew him.
DD-706 Stephen Stefanick N/A 1949-1950 steve.stefanick (AT) Submitted by son Steve Stefanick, My dad passed away in 83. Would like to hear from anyone that knew him.
DD-706 William Steinway CS3 2/52 -11/53 viking025 (AT) posted by son & wife, like to hear from any one who might remember him.
DD-706 John A. Stevenson GM1 4/43 to 10/45 johnscham (AT) I am John's son - served in US Naval Reserve - Dad died 3/93
DD-706 John Stevenson GM 1944-1945 jstevenson (AT) Entered by proud grandson. Passed away 1993
DD-706 Charles W. (Buck) Stinson ET2 1949 to 1952 cstinson (AT) Great duty - especially in New Orleans
DD-706 Harry Strobel SN 1957 - 1958 Hstrobel643 (AT)  
DD-706 Charles Strode EM3 12/59-8/60 chasstrode (AT)  
DD-706 Elwood Summers FN 1946 to 1948 ehsummers (AT) great two years of comradeship with fellow sailors
DD-706 Howard Suppes BT1 1/56 -12/56 HSMS7315 (AT)  
DD-706 Richard Sweeney RM2 6/1962 to 6/1964 rsweeney001 (AT)  
DD-706 Richard Swift SFP3 6/58-4/60 rswift49009 (AT)  
DD-706 Ralph Tasman IC2 10/52 - 6/53 jrtbuilt (AT) Good ship/ great Med Cruise (Jan 53-june 53)
DD-706 Bob Teates RD 1946 to 1947 BobTeates (AT) Great Memories
DD-706 Duane Terry MOMM3 1944-1947 doterry (AT) Plank Owner
DD-706 Wirt Thayer ENS 1946-1947 wirtthayer (AT) CIC Officer
DD-706 John G. Todd MM3 1946-1948 johnreberltoddphs (AT) what a tour of duty with a great bunch of dedicated fellows!!
DD-706 Gerald Tolman FTG3 1962 to 1964 olddecie (AT)  
DD-706 Herbert ''Jack'' Trussell RM2 WWII carverofwood1260 (AT) This was my adopted father...did you know him?? any info appriciated
DD-706 David Tunick SN 9/68 - 4/69 davidntunick (AT) Not sure about the ending date of service on the Gainard
DD-706 Walter Uhde RD3 1962 to 1964 cutieuhde (AT)  
DD-706 Richard Van Lenten ETN2 12/61-4/64 dickvanl (AT)  
DD-706 Francis J. Volz F1 9/46 to 2/48 redvolz (AT)  
DD-706 Danny Wagers BT3 1970 james_wagers (AT)  
DD-706 Jeff Walter STG3 12/65 - 12/67 Jmw706 (AT) The service made me grow-up and take responbilities.
DD-706 Herbert Wascher BM3 1952-1956 washnwear57 love to hear from someone.
DD-706 Ralph Webber RM2 6/58-4/61 rwebber (AT)  
DD-706 John Weiss QM3 1953 to 1955 jaweiss295 (AT)  
DD-706 Alfred Whitehurst DC3 10/50-5/54 jwhitefl (AT)  
DD-706 John Wich EM3 11/67-2/69 BANGZUUM (AT) Great times but even greater shipmates
DD-706 Craig Williams BM3 19/63 - 3/66 Craig4flor (AT) Good times
DD-706 William Williams QM2 1944-1945 pwilli58 (AT) Deceased, 1978. Data entered by son, Pat Williams
DD-706 Douglas Williams RD2 12/61 - 2/64 delta4480 (AT) nice to see you all
DD-706 Paul N. Wilson WT3 1944-1946 jopaul (AT) phone-601-587-7250
DD-706 Ted Wilson COX3 44 - 4/46   Jackson, TN
DD-706 Jim Wintrode E-4 8/69 to 2/70 JWW947 (AT)  
DD-706 Darrel Yager EM2 1961 to 1964 dyager44 (AT)  
DD-706 Robert ''Yaz'' Yazujian   1944-1946 spanner191503 (AT) Deceased. Submitted by proud daughter and grandsons. Would love to hear from anyone that knew my father.
DD-706 Hugh Yoho LT(jg) 1957 - 1960 hughyoho (AT) F Division
DD-706 Robert Young MM2 66-69 cherrytown (AT) looking for any shipmates
DD-706 Raymond Young MM2 69-71 rjy1946 (AT)  
DD-706 Bob Yuhasz RM 1959 yuhaszr (AT)  

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