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DD-710 Ronald Alphonse GM3 1952 to 1956 rlalphonse (AT)  
DD-710 Charles Anderson SN 2/61-2/63 silvercloud (AT) would love to get patches & photos
DD-710 Arnold Anger GMSN 6/56 - 10/58 RBINHOOD0063 (AT) CMDR Ed Lane made it the best ship at that time, GOD BLESS
DD-710 Robert Arnold MM2 5/70 - 10/70 rmarnold (AT)  
DD-710 Dwaine Baker ICFN 1956 to 1960 Jonathanhbaker (AT) Remeber the storm December 1958?
DD-710 Robert J. Battiato FN 1959-1960 rbattiat (AT) Hope to hear from anyone that served at this time.
DD-710 Edward Becker EM2 1964 to 1965 esbeck451 (AT)  
DD-710 Jerry Beers   1966 JB285 (AT)  
DD-710 William Belber BT3 1948-1950 wbelber (AT) Trying to find John Yost From Penn.
DD-710 Larry Bennett BM2 1962 - 1964 Ksgbennett (AT)  
DD-710 Perry Benson ENS 07/60 to 09/61 bensops5177 (AT)  
DD-710 Charles Bilteau SN 1960 to 1961 clbmbb (AT)  
DD-710 Michael Jr. Boggi MM3 1960 to 1962 M. Boggi (AT)  
DD-710 Michael Boggi, Jr. MM3 1959 to 1961 mattybudlight (AT) change date aboard & e-mail address
DD-710 William Brings BTC 1969-1970 abtchief (AT) Short time period I sailed with Gearing, first Med cruise for a reserve trainer, that was trying.
DD-710 Phillip Bruno SFP2 1958-1962 philliac (AT) Would love to hear from shipmates.
DD-710 Mark Buckingham EMFN 72 - 73 Tookerhill (AT)  
DD-710 George L. Burns, Jr. MM3 1945-1946 moosefan35 (AT)  
DD-710 Carlton A. Caron SK3 6/46 to 10/47 sqawbetty (AT)  
DD-710 Sam Carter S1C 3/46-8/47 cartersw (AT) I am interested in contacting anyone aboard during these years.
DD-710 David Ceresoli FN 1950 1952 sgt.rock (AT) I was in the after engine room. anyone remember the fire when the generator blew up .
DD-710 Gerard Clement RD1 12/51-04/55 nynex01 (AT)  
DD-710 Dave Connelly RM3 1970 to 1971 djc47 (AT)  
DD-710 Paul Cuny EM2 1959 to 1962 plcuny (AT)  
DD-710 Phil Curran SH3 1/66-2/68 Philpc1 (AT) Good Cruises
DD-710 Ronald Curtis TM1 Aug 60 - Apr 63 gunner1 (AT)  
DD-710 Dan D'Aurelio BT3 1971 to decom dadaurelio (AT) We rocked and rolled 'til the end. She was a great ship....
DD-710 Thomas Davis SK3 1968 to 1972 tbdavis24 (AT)  
DD-710 Frank De Santo BT2 1971 - 1973 frankie241 (AT) Those old Destroyers sure were not made for pleasure!
DD-710 Roe Dennis SFP3 1962-1964 suddenimpluse126 (AT) a very enjoyable 2 year cruise with some great guys
DD-710 Milton Deputy RDM 8/62-8/64 Shotgunk32 (AT) Served during Cuban blockade
DD-710 Frank DeSanto BT2 1971-1972 frankied2412000 (AT) Went to USS Sierra AD18 after Ship Decom. Great Days
DD-710 Henry DeSoto BM3 1945 to 1946 dad8 (AT)  
DD-710 Todd Diener QM2 1967 to 1969 Hottoddy2 (AT) Med cruise 68 was best cruise in my time in Navy; great crew and great friends.
DD-710 Fred Dietelbach MM3 69 to 71 Debgrace (AT) nick name dietz.hi, would like to talk to someone that carry me up to sick bay when I fell down M division ladder. When it knocked me out. I am having problems with the V.A. All these years . Someone has to know who took me to sick bay. I need those pers
DD-710 Jack Doherty ETR2 9/59-4/60 acornjack (AT)  
DD-710 Leo Dougherty RM2 1967 - 1968 leod1948 (AT) I was transferred to the Gearing from Fleet Training Group in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
DD-710 Jim Dowling BM3 1966-1967 jdowlingneptune (AT)  
DD-710 Randall Drake RD3 1963 to 1965 egdrake44 (AT) or wants2retir Sure doesn't seem like 40 years ago--Sure miss the good time
DD-710 Arthur Durant GMG3 1968-1970 PONGOS (AT) MEDIAONE.NET Keep up the good work. Nice site
DD-710 George Evans SN 9/66-9/68 pyno (AT) Ziggy, I remember you.
DD-710 Herman Feldstein SN 1952-1956 hermanfeldstein (AT)  
DD-710 Steven Ferguson MM3 6/56 - 6/59 svferguson (AT)  
DD-710 Abram (Bud) Flurie F2 1946-1948 moosefan35 (AT) Would like to find any shipmates
DD-710 Victor Fredda LT(jg) 7/58-6/61 vwictr (AT)  
DD-710 Joe Froio MM3 1963-64 terrys1toy (AT)  
DD-710 Raymond Garceau QM2 1968 to 1971 raymond.garceau (AT) Gearing sailors should visit Gearing site ( to find more info on the Gearing/reunions.
DD-710 Anthony Gates RM2 07-07-1946 to 03-18-1949 ynotsetag (AT)  
DD-710 Ervin Gaylard STG3 1968 to 1970 ervingaylard (AT)  
DD-710 Dennis Genier BM3 1968-1969 dgenier (AT)  
DD-710 Tony Giarmo   1964-1966 TONYGIARMO (AT)  
DD-710 Frank Goetschius LT(jg) 6/63 - 6/65 spwineguy (AT)  
DD-710 Michael Gokay IC3 70-73 magokay (AT) Was a great ship had alot of good times. Met alot of great people.
DD-710 Vernon Gonzales FP3 1956-1958 gakreger (AT)  
DD-710 Guy Gordon MM3 12/68-10/72 boogeyman79 (AT) where are the rest of the MM's?
DD-710 Warren W. Groeneman SOM2 3/45 - 3/46 wrmrgr 2 Plank owner. Looking for John Armstrong.
DD-710 Richard Hanley LT 1/55-9/56 dickhanley17 (AT) Operations Officer under Mark Woods, CO and Ed Lane CO
DD-710 Tom Hanson RD3 1954 to 1956 tomhanson302 (AT)  
DD-710 Donald Harrington Midshipman 6/51-8/51 ltjgnavy (AT)  
DD-710 Jack Harry BT2 1968 - 1972 jack_who (AT)  
DD-710 Conrad Hebert MM2 1948-1952 cardinal1771 (AT)  
DD-710 Richard Hendricks PN1 9/68-5/69 RichHendrickNavy (AT)  
DD-710 Jeff Hendricks E-4/SH 12/68 - 10/70 jhendricks (AT)  
DD-710 Robert Henold CS3 1959-1962 robert.henold (AT) sweetpea
DD-710 Donald Hilaman FTSN 1952-1954 donbell1934 (AT) Looking for Bill Koury or Jim Patton
DD-710 Larry Hoekstra MM2 2/65-19/67 larryandkip (AT) Snipes Rule
DD-710 James Hoeschen SN 1962 to 1964 jdhoeschen (AT) The missiles of October 1962
DD-710 Harold Hollifield MM3 4/55 to 12/59 HAROLD1D (AT) Great reunions
DD-710 Lennart Holmberg CDR 1970 to 1972 lenholmberg (AT) CO
DD-710 Bill Houghton ETN2 08/67-12/68 cowman9898 (AT) had a good time on board
DD-710 Charles Hughes MR3 1955-1955 chazer19801 (AT) Waiting to hear from shipmates
DD-710 Roger Ingmire BT3 1961 to 1965 5678go (AT) Med Cruises, Shakedown Cruises, Cuban Missile Crisis
DD-710 John Intranuovo SN 68 - 69 johnnyi50 (AT) deck crew member med cruise loads of fun
DD-710 William Iozzino BMSN 2/52-6/54 onewilliam (AT) looking for shipmates
DD-710 Lumir Jedlicka FT3 1970 to 1971 ljedlicka (AT) I wonder what became of Pete Tweetie?
DD-710 Al (Big John) Johnson BT3 1970 to 1972 AJGOLFER (AT)  
DD-710 William Jones SM3 1967-1968 bjonesva (AT) Spent most of my time up on the Signal Bridge. Good to see some of the great crew I was part of on this site!
DD-710 Leslie Keller FN Nov. 1972 btb92473 (AT)  
DD-710 Paul Kelly MM3 59-61 shipwreckkelly (AT) anyone out there ?
DD-710 Bill Killinger CS3 1951-1954 bkillinger (AT)  
DD-710 Donald Kochevar YNSN 7/59 - 6/60 Duck300bowl (AT) Legal YN-handled leave & liberty-mailman during med cruise-looking for Bob Laba,little doc Brendle,Raul Rapoza
DD-710 Thomas Kopriva SR 12/72-7/73 tkopriva (AT) Served as a messcook in the chief's quarters.
DD-710 Darrell Kuhlmann SK3 62-65 darrell.kuhlmann (AT) New Address
DD-710 Richard M. Lafleur SN 1964-1966 reflect1 (AT) I'm the one that painted all of the ships plaque
DD-710 William Lambert FN2 May 3, 1945 - 1946 Chances62 (AT) This is my daughter's e-mail but she can get messages to me
DD-710 James Leach BT3 61-65 Jimleach7 (AT)  
DD-710 Bob Liposchak ETR3 12/65-8/66 bobl (AT) Where is William Fields?
DD-710 Carl Lloyd RM3 5/45-2/46 dd710 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DD-710 Lloyd Love OSC 1972 to decomm llove (AT) Sad to see her go
DD-710 Tom Manos SN 1972-1973 pitlog (AT) My first ship. Went to CP Cecil after decom. Hi to all!
DD-710 Ron Masnik LT(jg) 8/57-11/60 hrmasnik (AT) was the DCA
DD-710 Robert Mays RD2 1954 - 1957 mustang714 (AT) We were young once!
DD-710 Larry McBeth STG2 5/67 - 9/71 lgm150nyvi (AT)  
DD-710 Denny McCarron SN 1967-68 dennymccarron (AT) Remember rescue of F-4 crew from USS Forrestal???
DD-710 Ray McCarty   1949 to 1952 mccarrty7 (AT)  
DD-710 William McFadden SK3 6/62-6/64 wsmcfadden (AT)  
DD-710 Chuck McGregor RM2 1969 to 1972 chuckmcg (AT)  
DD-710 Paul McKenzie FN 9/66 to 7/67 nuclearbt (AT)  
DD-710 Paul Mechem MM1 1963 to 1965 pmechem (AT)  
DD-710 Martin Meislin YN3/E-4 6/64-6/66 MSMeislin (AT) Adelphia.Net I attribute my standards today to the 2 years aboard the Gearing and working under and over some of the best sailors in the US Navy
DD-710 John F. Miller RM2 Feb 59 / Dec 61 mulch (AT) Also spent six months on board USS Beale (DDE-471)
DD-710 Bradley Moran 3/c 1/54-8/56 njmarie831 (AT)  
DD-710 Robert Murray SN 2/72 - 7/73 murray2031 (AT) After decommissioning I transferred to C. P. Cecil (DD-835)
DD-710 Richard Overton BT1 01/53-11/56 richoverton (AT) anyone know the whereabouts of Pelt Bt-1, Barton Fn-1, Baker cpo, Crane Bt-3
DD-710 Steve Pataska ETR3 1967 to 1968 spataska (AT) had a great time while aboard
DD-710 David Perry IC2 1967 to 1968 dperry2003 (AT)  
DD-710 Wayne Perry CS3 1963-1967 wdperry (AT) it was great to see some shipmates at last years reunion
DD-710 James Petreikis BT3 1963-1965 jimjane (AT)  
DD-710 William Pillow QM2 1959 to 1960 btll.pillow (AT) Would love to hear from shipmates.Hated to hear about Gearing being scrapped.
DD-710 James Prass E-3 1967-1968 lsoh11 (AT) Worked in ships service and would like to hear from some old buddies.
DD-710 Don Provost LT(jg) 1964-1967 donprov (AT)
DD-710 Bailey Pryor RD3 1959-1960 lowdog (AT) Clamp down all weather decks, polish all topside britework
DD-710 Dave (Robbie) Roberts TM3 02/64-03/67 HDavidRoberts (AT) Neversail, missed Med went to Fl. (AT) Cape. Great!!!
DD-710 Dennis Roe SF3 7/62 - 7/64 suddenimpulse126 (AT)  
DD-710 Jake Roush EM1 1963-1966 pandj (AT) Also aboard the USS Keppler DDE 765, USS Lester DE 1022,
DD-710 David Rousseau TM3 1968 -1970 DavidR (AT) The best of times and the worst of times
DD-710 Don Ruggles MM3 2/55-6/56 druggles1120 (AT)  
DD-710 Frederick Seiwell STG2 1965-1968 west.highland (AT)  
DD-710 George Sherman GMM1 1968 to 1970 lizsherman42 (AT) hotmail  
DD-710 James Shortt MM2 1952-1955 jdshortt (AT) Looking for shipmates. I worked in the engine room.
DD-710 Ronald Smith RM3 55-56 humbirds (AT)  
DD-710 Art Stacy RD3 68-71 pirate40 (AT)  
DD-710 Frank Stevison MM3 1966 to 1968 fstevison (AT) Looking for Richard Butts and Paul Richards
DD-710 Robert Stone SK3 1/59 to 9/59 rlsstone (AT)  
DD-710 John Sykes ETN2 69-70 jdsykes (AT)  
DD-710 Sylvan Tanner LT(jg)   Liftmanfl (AT)  
DD-710 Roger Taylor STG2 12/68-10/69 LP902 (AT)  
DD-710 Hershel Thrasher STG2 09/62-06/65 whthrashersha (AT) 2 Med cruises-3 Caribbean Cruises-Cuban Missile Crisis
DD-710 Tom Turner GMSN 1964/1967 mhr (AT)  
DD-710 Michael Vagianos MM2 8/70-9/71 mv1313 (AT)  
DD-710 Lonnie Vause BM3 3/70-2/71 jvause (AT) Nickname Bo Vause
DD-710 Tim Wade FN 02/60-02/62 timhwade (AT)  
DD-710 Ronald Waxon IC3 1960 - 1961 ronwaxon (AT)  
DD-710 William (Ed) Wells BM3 11/62-11/64 Trailblazer710710 (AT) I am Interested in communicating with shipmates of my time.
DD-710 Richard White   1950 to 1951 keithwhi (AT)  
DD-710 Herman Wing RMC 58-59 hm2834 (AT)  
DD-710 Bob Witkowski FTG3 65-66 rjwemail (AT) Web Site
DD-710 William Writt YN2 1968-9 writscrakr (AT)  
DD-710 James Zang LT(jg) 1966-1967 jameszang555 (AT) Had fun but was glad to leave. Went to Viet Nam with PBR's
DD-710 Clayton Ziegler BM3 66-68 claychickyz (AT) 1st. med cruise..seeking other shipmates
DD-710 Delmar Zuercher PhM3 5/45 to 5/46 dzuercher (AT)  

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