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DD-836 Allen (Abe) Abrahamson RD2 03/60 - 12/62 allenabes (AT) great ship and shipmates
DD-836 Steve Adkins BM3 1971-1973 boneman152 (AT)  
DD-836 John Aldrich GMG2 61-65 jlaldrich43 (AT) Great Ship, Great Crew
DD-836 Gerald (Alex) Alexander YN3 5/18/54 to 5/19/56 jalexander (AT) Great experience and great shipmates
DD-836 MIchael Anderson BM3 4/69 to 11/70 MCA 8647 (AT) g Hello to all shipmates-a special hello to guys in deck div-a salute to greatest BM1 Anthony Sindelir
DD-836 James Archer GM3 1948-1949 masied (AT)  
DD-836 Edward (Archie) Archuleta BT3 1974 to 1976 AUMINE (AT) LDSLIVING.COM Great crew and great ship
DD-836 David Armitage SK3 09/06/71 - 08/22/73 armo (AT) The best darn Tin Can that was in DesRon3
DD-836 Jeff Armstrong RD3 1966 - 1968 astrong4 (AT) The Mighty Mac was there for the Forrestal!
DD-836 Loyed Arnold     ezgruv (AT) I am Loyed's son, looking for shipmates, info, and pictures
DD-836 Stanley Baggett GMG2 '71-'73 slbag66691 (AT) Greatest ship I served on (officers/enlisted men I served with)-no other ship could have done or did what we did.
DD-836 David Baier BT2 7/69-8/70 Scotdude (AT) I really enjoyed my time on board. Would like to hear from shipmates.
DD-836 Louis Behner MM3 1950 sallou (AT) 11546 Broad Leaf Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32225
DD-836 Mike Bender MMC 1948 - 1950 mbender1 (AT) Looking for old shipmates - please contact
DD-836 Chris Bengfort SN 75-76 YVONNE19556 (AT) Enjoy seeing names of guys I served with
DD-836 Joe Benkert ICFN 6/72-12/73 Jtrekneb (AT)  
DD-836 Rich Bernier EM2 1968 to 1971 bernier (AT)  
DD-836 Jim Blakely SH3 6/64-12/67 jblakley1 (AT) Ship's barber-would like to hear from shipmates
DD-836 Harold Blakemore RM2 1945 - 1947 Blake1331 (AT) Flag Allowance
DD-836 Myron Bland HM3 1972 to 1974 wanchidoc (AT) Great times
DD-836 Kurtiss Bluemel MM3 1969-1973 ford (AT)  
DD-836 Harold Boatman RD2 1958 to 1962 bookshelf (AT)  
DD-836 Cliff Boyd MMC 12/50 to 10/52 cliffb6104 (AT) The Chief snipe in CIC
DD-836 John Branca EN2 04/29/60-10/29/62 tumblewd98 (AT) Great ship,duty and crew
DD-836 John A. Briggs IC3 1971-1974 briggsnd (AT) I would love to hear from my shipmates
DD-836 John Brown S1/RDM 7/45 - 7/46 jbb561 (AT) I served aboard from the Commissioning in Boston until my discharge. Are any o my shipmates still around?
DD-836 DuWain Brundage RM3 3/69 - 4/70 duwain (AT) Highlined aboard from oiler (Pasumpsic?)-Sub Bay,Kaohsiung,Danang,Cam Ranh Bay,Sasebo, N Korea, Hong Kong,
DD-836 David Buck CDR 1973- fadinr (AT)  
DD-836 Paul Burgund RD3 8/65-5/67 bowhuntr5358 (AT) Have health issues do to our tour in/around VietNam-anyone else had them?pls email-ty guys for being there with me
DD-836 Roland Burke LT 12/67-4/69 ronburke (AT) Old tired but tough little ship. Great crew. Very busy.
DD-836 George ''Larry'' Butler E-3 1971-1973 glarry (AT) AHOY MATEYS!
DD-836 Anthony Carnevale TM1 4/45 - 12/45 pbond (AT)  
DD-836 George Cassity RM3 74-76 decom George_A_Cassity (AT) Hey There!... SHIPMATES!
DD-836 David Castelveter SM 1972 to 1973 drdac12000 (AT)  
DD-836 Ed Caufield EM3 1974 to 1977 ecaufield (AT) Nothing like a WestPac on the Big Mac!
DD-836 Joseph Chama E-4 1969 1973 josephchama836 (AT) mighty mac greatest destroyer in the navy
DD-836 Robert J. Christenson EN3 Feb. 53 to June 54 PeeWee (AT) Good ship lost coin toss was transfered to Tucker
DD-836 Lawson Clark MM2 1959-1962 bseeling64 (AT) looking for shipmate
DD-836 Clarence Clark Y2 1946 kentuckyderby (AT) Great ship. Fond memories.
DD-836 Terry Clark RM3 8/66-4/69 terryclark1219 (AT)  
DD-836 Bill Coats GM3 1951 to 1954 guston33 (AT) like to hear from ship mates & about any reunions for our ma
DD-836 Steve Cole 3/c 1969 to 1971 stevec (AT) Hi everyone
DD-836 Doyle (Don) Cook BM2 1950 - 1952 dwc1837 (AT) Great ship Great Crew
DD-836 Charles Corbin FM 12/64-3/66 chuck (AT) Tough bunch of snipes
DD-836 Michael Cordes PC3 6/67-12/67 mcordes (AT) To the Forestal's survival and the women in Sasebo
DD-836 Nicholas Corio SK3 05/64 - 12/67 Turbieman (AT) Like to hear from my shipmates during my time aboard
DD-836 Murry Corito Y3 1945 to1946 thecoritos (AT) Great Service, great shipmates
DD-836 Ronald Corkran BT2 1975-1976 ronaldcorkran (AT) snipes run the ship. Worked in after fireroom
DD-836 Gary Corley FTG2 1969-1972 gcorley (AT) Looking for all MAC sailors for a reunion in Reno in March
DD-836 John Cornelius SKSN 2/71 to 12/74 jcornelius09 (AT) Best ship in the fleet.
DD-836 Ray Coronado SN 7/64-8/66 rjcory1 (AT) Had great job running the Post Office aboard for 1st yr & 1/2-greatest crew ever-Best & First Destroyer I was on
DD-836 Douglas Cossel BMSN 1959-1963 dcossel (AT) 1-360-293-4293 See you at the reunion next year.
DD-836 Norman Crawford MM1 1955-1956 normalhana (AT) I enjoyed being aboard Her! Great Ship great crew.
DD-836 Michael Cruse E-4 1966-1968 cruse48 (AT) Would like to hear from anyone I served with. I was the young squirt (17) that everyone picked on.
DD-836 Pete Curtin LT(jg) 9/63 - 8/65 pmcurtin (AT) Great ship, fine shipmates. An honor to be part of ships' company of the Mighty Mac!
DD-836 Tom Davis CDR 7/75 - 10/76 kirraka (AT) Last CO of GKM/last WPac deployment
DD-836 Theodore Dazis RMSN 12/59 - 11/60 tedd3345 (AT) Funny. The date aboard example is the exact month and year I joined the crew.
DD-836 Jim Deis RM3 1968 to 1970 deisjim (AT)  
DD-836 Truett Dick   1952 803-478-2715 I Would love to heard from any of my former shipmates
DD-836 Andrew Dierlam DC3 1959 to 1970 lorileesilver (AT) My father's family would like to hear from anyone who knew him-any pics would be greatly appreciated-thank you.
DD-836 William Doak MR4 1957-1960 doak.bill (AT) only ship i ever served on,but if i had to go back,i would want the Mack.
DD-836 Kenneth Domiano E-4 5/70 - 7/73 kdomiano (AT) like to hear from shipmates
DD-836 Ronald Donner SK2 03-51 to 10-54 mickeydonner (AT)  
DD-836 Curtis Dotson     cemetery/ (AT) This was my father, any info or photos appreciated
DD-836 Michael Drasen RM3 1972 to 1973 Mdrasen1 (AT) I served with a great bunch of guys!!!
DD-836 Dick Elslager RD2 8/63 - 8/66 dick (AT) Best memories
DD-836 James Engelken LT 72-75 jime (AT) Operations Officer
DD-836 Doug Erck EN3 6/69 to 9/72 dougndeb (AT) A gang
DD-836 Mike (Eric) Erickson SM2 6/68-10/71 mehs836 (AT) 30+ years is too long to be out of touch!!!
DD-836 Robert Fancher SM3 11/69 - 7/73 fancher1201 (AT)  
DD-836 Charlie Farr GM3 1951-1955 Cwf65 (AT) I'd love hearing from anyone who served on the MacKenzie
DD-836 Jeffrey Fawks BT3 1973 to 1976 jeff_fawks (AT) Great memory's.
DD-836 Michael Fitch BT2 3/74-3/76 gunz4all (AT)  
DD-836 Floyd Flack SKC 1966 flackfw (AT)  
DD-836 Steve Fletcher SH2 Jan 72 - Sept 75 stevef (AT) Haze gray and underway
DD-836 Rick Foster YN2 1968-1970 RFOSTER609 (AT) The guys that surved on the MAC during this two year deployment..are..A Band Of Brothers
DD-836 Burt R. Francis, Jr. LT(jg) 1966-1968 brfrancisjrversaillesky (AT) ASW Officer
DD-836 Paul Frederick RD1 12/68 - 8/70 ibfred (AT)  
DD-836 Fred Freeman CS2 1968 to 1970 ffreeman (AT) Best ship I was ever stationed aboard
DD-836 Gary Fritz GMG1 3/73-5/75 ojfson2 (AT)  
DD-836 Greg Gainer SN 6/66 to 68 GGainer (AT) I have alot of memories about the mighty mack
DD-836 Benny Garcia MM2 1968 to 1970 (AT) Liked Japan , Taiwan, Phillipines Thailand and the great bunch of guys i served with
DD-836 Jerry Gardner BTCS 5/69 to 5/72 gardusnret (AT)  
DD-836 Tracy Garner FTG2 6/69 - 2/71 tracygarner (AT)  
DD-836 Lynn Gaylord RD3 4Dec70 to 29Dec72 ositriad (AT)  
DD-836 James George BT3 1958-1962 James (AT) Hey Guys Email or call me: 559-901-2046 Love to hear from any of you!!
DD-836 Richard Gibbens LT(jg) 6/69 - 12/70 rjg1110 (AT) Served as DCA - great ship. Retired CDR
DD-836 James Gibbons GMG2 1974-1976 valoriegib (AT) (wife's) best destroyer I served on
DD-836 Michel Giedd MM1 1964-1968 sgiedd (AT)  
DD-836 Gary Gillis QM3 1952-1956 dd836 (AT)  
DD-836 Sidney Gluck Y1 02/46 - 11/47 yoyosidgluck (AT) would like to make contact with old shipmates
DD-836 Larry Goff HT2 11/70-12/73 skgff (AT) Great R Division
DD-836 Chuck Gore LT 1/76-9/76 brassbinnacle (AT)  
DD-836 Mike Goss LT(jg) 2/71-10/73 michaelgoss (AT)  
DD-836 John (Tex) Graham EM3 5/1/45 grah4453 (AT) Was on the shakedown cruise, would love to hear from old shipmates
DD-836 Jim Gray ETN3 1958-1960 LS3Z51 (AT) Great ship, crew & Captain
DD-836 Bob Greenawalt RD2 1964-1968 Rgreenawalt (AT) She was the best tin can in the Navy......
DD-836 Roy Carl Grider, Jr. GM3 5/50 to 1/52 grider6 (AT)  
DD-836 Thomas Griffith RD3 1956-1958 n5gf (AT)  
DD-836 Terry Gunzenhauser SH3 9/71 to 6/74 gunzterry (AT) Now an Iowa boy. Working as a Firefighter/EMT-22years.
DD-836 James Hagan     shagan (AT) Looking to get ahold of shipmates of my father's
DD-836 J. B. Hall STG2 4/69-5/72 j.b.hall (AT)  
DD-836 Allen Hall S1 1945-1946 awhall (AT) Can't recall exact months
DD-836 Stephen E. Hammons SK3 1973 - 1974 selhammons (AT) Look me up. (She was a fine boat.)
DD-836 Jim Hampton BT2 10/61 to 05/65 coach_jim_98 (AT) Spent my whole time aboard in the After Fireroom. Served 22 years and retired as BTCM.
DD-836 Richard Harbaugh EM2 4/60 - 10/62 didhar (AT) The only GOLD E DD up to that time
DD-836 William Harrison FT 1/64-2/67 billharr (AT) best crew
DD-836 Phillip Harry GMG3 6/63-9/66 theharryscabin (AT)  
DD-836 Eugene Heisler EN3 10/66 - 12/67 heislerteresaandgene (AT)  
DD-836 Carl Herzog RD2 2/49 - 5/53 buddybanjo836 (AT) Lots of salt in my sea bag !!
DD-836 Fred Hewig QMSN 1947 -1950 fdhewig (AT) are any of us left????????????????????????????????
DD-836 Raymond Hicks IC3 1975-76 Raymondhicks (AT)  
DD-836 Gerald (Jerry) Hoagland STCS 1964-1966 hoagland (AT)  
DD-836 Matt Hoffstetter GMG3 1975-76 hoffstem (AT) What a bunch of great memories. Anyone remember Lasongo
DD-836 Daniel Hogan SN 11/47-4/50 POPSHOGAN2004 (AT)  
DD-836 Ed Holsopple FTG2 3/67-12/67 doned444 (AT) Remember lost 74 of USS Frank E. Evans-never been mem on VietNam Mem Wall in DC call your Cong or Sen
DD-836 Wayne Holum MM3 1951 to 1953 whtsmyln2002 (AT) We gave then hell.
DD-836 Francis Hooley ET2 1956-57 Bebaone (AT)  
DD-836 James House OS3 70-73 jlh836 (AT) where have you all been ? 6 Reunions ?????
DD-836 J. Max Hurley RD1 8/63 - 865 maxjoy (AT) Brooklyn Navy Yard to H P Yokosuka Japan
DD-836 Leonard Hurst RD2 1951-1954 Katie (AT)  
DD-836 Jim Jensen FTG2 1968-1970 jjsfotos (AT) Best ship in the NAV. Hello West-Pac Sailors.
DD-836 David Jensen GMM2 5/63 - 10/66 jensen-d (AT)  
DD-836 Jack Jentz EM3 6/63 to 6/65 Westby580 (AT)  
DD-836 Armand Johnston FN 10/72 - 11/73 armand_johnston (AT) EN striker then went to work in IC shop with Westrom and Briggs
DD-836 Fred Kaeberlein MM3 1/64-8/66 kayfredkaeb (AT) First & only ship I served on-was great ship full of great sailors-made many friends & we steamed a lot of miles
DD-836 Ken Kamper FTG3 10/64---6/68 digger642 (AT) many good memories
DD-836 Richard Karas FTG3 1964 to 1966 rk3102 (AT) Great ship, great memories. Went by nickname of Alex.
DD-836 Glenn Keilar LT RAN 1973 rancman (AT) Australian exchange officer - lived in CPO's mess. YEA!!!
DD-836 Larry Keller MM2 9/69-3/70 zxkeller (AT) Would like to hear from Machinist Mates 1969-1970
DD-836 Ed Kelly, Jr. FT2 3/51-11/55 edsk (AT) Our band made USS IOWA break out their band while refueling.
DD-836 Thad Kennon E-5/2/c 9/5/60 - 3/7/64 thadkennon (AT)  
DD-836 Edward Kielbasa RM2 6/56 - 7/58 ekpapa (AT) Great ship and Captain, John Newland was C.O. when I was on her. We got the Gold Efficiency E
DD-836 William J. Kilbourne RD3 1966-1968 sccoast (AT)  
DD-836 Terry Kilburn BT3 11/62-12/64 tkilburn0889 (AT) Aft Fire Room
DD-836 Walter Kirsten YN3 67-68 boomer (AT) Ship's Office
DD-836 Kenneth L. Kniskern LT(jg) 10/49-9/51 kennmar2 (AT) First Lt.
DD-836 Francis Kotsur WTR 1948-1949 rmarkich1 (AT) I will recieve e-mail for Frank
DD-836 Donald Kronberger MM2 3/57-9/62 Donaldkrn (AT) Mack was my first ship, Best one in the fleet(Gold E)
DD-836 Bill Lance BMSN 1963 to 1966 blance (AT)  
DD-836 Jerry Lane MM3 3/56-10/57 jlane (AT) I have moved from Wa state to El Paso Tx.
DD-836 Donald Lashomb   10/44-2/47 karenkrise40 (AT) any info on my dad I sure would enjoy
DD-836 Glenn LaVergne FTG3 6/68 - 9/70 HGL1146 (AT) Nick Named (Cajun)
DD-836 Robert Lees BTFN 1972 to 1973 harleybob885 (AT)  
DD-836 Keith Lemke SO2 6/55 to 8/57 jlemke (AT)  
DD-836 John Levendosky GMGSN '68-'69 jaxonlev (AT)  
DD-836 C. R. (Dick) Lower BTN3 1947-1950 psoh (AT) Will give any contact info to my Dad. Would like to find shipmates. Any info on William Red Hayes ?
DD-836 Pat Lowery RMSN 6/49-5/50 pjl (AT)  
DD-836 Celestino Lucero TMSN 1951-1955 Butterflykitten (AT) Guys in 2nd div. and torpedo div. 52-54.Contact me. 'Lucy'
DD-836 Richard Luniewski   1/44- 12/45 ? pitt72 (AT) Just looking for any info on my father, thanks
DD-836 Bill Maness HT3 1972 - 75 Manessbill (AT) gmail  
DD-836 Bill Manning SF1 7/45 - 8/46 bill-sarah (AT) I would like to hear from anyone.
DD-836 Gerald (Marty) Martin BMSN 1958-1961 geraldmar0 (AT) best part of my life.; great friends, great ship.
DD-836 Craig Mathis STG3 1968 to 1970 c-mathis (AT) Great ship, great memories, great crew.....
DD-836 Richard Matthies QM2 2/63 - 4/67 rmatthies2 (AT)  
DD-836 William Maxfield MM3 1956 9/9/1958 xchief93 (AT) Served in The Aft Engine Room.
DD-836 Pete McCauley RM2 1949-1950 rrpmczt (AT) I would like to hear from anyone who served with me.
DD-836 Larry McDaniel RD2 may 1970- dec 2 1970 srandy1 (AT) aol great ship and crew wish it could have been longer
DD-836 Dave McLean SK3 1969-1972 webmaster (AT) The Official GKM Website -
DD-836 Harry McNabb BM3 48-50 fanmac (AT) Passed 12/29/73, spoke of his MacKenzie as the best ship he'd. In his memory..would like to hear from shipmates
DD-836 Richard Meech SN 3/1949 - 4/1950 rcmeech1 (AT)  
DD-836 James (Jack) Mercer SM3 3/58 - 11/61 jwmercer (AT) Great ship and crew-2 WestPacs,Hong Kong twice,dry doc in Subic Bay-running over a sub-great memories
DD-836 Charles (Bob) Meyer RM3 11/59 - 6/62 Bjmeyer1964 (AT)  
DD-836 Merlyn Miles BT3 61 to 64 lavick8 (AT) I went by my middle name Lee.
DD-836 Addis (Buddy) Miller QM3 6/68-5/69 ammiller (AT) Great ship; always ready
DD-836 Terry Miller STG3 5/68 - 1/70 dd836 (AT) Check out the GKM website at
DD-836 Brian Moe MM3 1966-1969 williammoe7 (AT)  
DD-836 James P. Moore RD3 1958-1960 Tincanrider836 (AT) First ship and the best.
DD-836 Clarence (Pat) Moore ENS 1945 to 1946 patmoore866 (AT) Second Division Forever!
DD-836 Raymond (Ray) Morrow FPFN 10/55-6/58 qmorrray (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DD-836 Terrence Mortensen STG2 7/68 - 2/71 tdmort (AT) One of the select few who completed the LAST 2-yr cruise....
DD-836 George E. Murphy SN 1959-1960 rico325 (AT) two years on a heavy cruiser,then went to the real navy on the big mac.good ship and crew.
DD-836 Walter Nelson RDSN 7/61 to 11/62 nelsonwaltoscs (AT) My first ship...will never forget her!
DD-836 Jeff Nibert OS3 1974-1976 jeff (AT) Greatest bunch of Guys on a Great Ship
DD-836 Corio Nicholas SK3 1964 to 1968 Turbieman (AT)  
DD-836 Gary R. Norman FTG3 1970 to 1972 rvfreetoroam (AT) Great Ship, Great Crew, Very busy and effective WEST-PAC tour of duty.
DD-836 Douglas Null BM3 6/70-5/72 douglasnull (AT) Memories are starting to fade!....
DD-836 Al Nunn SM2 12/69-7-73 ocman257 (AT)  
DD-836 Jim Ogburn LT(jg) 8/59 - 7/62 jameseogburn (AT) The best group of NCO's in WesPac won that gold E
DD-836 John M. Oliver FN 1970-71 nova70 (AT)  
DD-836 Larry Orton MM3 7/58 - 4/60 orton3 (AT) PH: 1-435-427-3868
DD-836 Warren Owler S1 7 1945 to 7 1946 plumrn2 (AT) like to know if any one else is around
DD-836 Charles L. Palmer EM2 1968 - 1970 cpalmersr (AT) I'm living in San Diego
DD-836 Robert Park TM3 1945 -1947 DEWB (AT) like to hear from any somebody about ships reunion
DD-836 Gaylon Parker DC3 64-66 gk4gks (AT) Have you heard from Andy Dierlam or Josh Bidwell? Please put DD836 in subject box due to virus & spam.
DD-836 Mike Parker BM3 09/69-06/71 mike.parker (AT)  
DD-836 Terry Patterson RM2 1962-1963 alnavpat (AT)  
DD-836 Wilfred Pelletier ETN2 65-68 wpelletier (AT)  
DD-836 Dennis Petron TM 1950-1953 pete50 (AT)  
DD-836 Mike Phillips PC3 12/59 - 11/62 mcphil (AT) everyone loved me when the mail came aboard
DD-836 Wallace (Ron) Price E-4 8/74-11/76 cptron5 (AT) looking for DD-836 QM's , wholaver you out there?
DD-836 Robert L. Rainwater E-5 6/66-06/68 djcriss (AT) Does anyone remember my brother Robert Rainwaqter ?
DD-836 Ronald Ramey MR3 12/61 to 4/65 glassman101 (AT) My first and only ship, lots of good memories
DD-836 Roberto Ramos SM3 9/73 - 12/75 rramoscsw (AT) Looking for any shipmate that served during that time frame.
DD-836 Jerry Resheske SO3 1957 to 1958 jerrynancy (AT) Finest ship in the fleet
DD-836 Dale Rhea ET2 1961 to 1964 dalerhea (AT) She was a gold 'E' ship and crew
DD-836 Kenneth E. Rhodes BT1 Nov. 1970 - April 1972 kennethrhodes (AT)  
DD-836 Donald Rhodes RMSN 1951-1953 donrhodes1 (AT) She was a great ship
DD-836 William Rice STG2 8/63-10/66 wcrice (AT) Retired as Force Master Chief after thirty years. Served on four destroyers, this was the best of all!
DD-836 James Roberts STG2 10/69-12/72 polecat (AT) Part of my life that will never leave me-couldn't have had better people to share it-the names bring back great memories.
DD-836 Paul Robinson RM3 6/69-8/72 paul.robinson20 (AT) Serving aboard the Mighty Mac made me a proud American. I'll never forget her!
DD-836 Ron Robinson STGC 6/63-4/65 + 1/72-75 ronrobinson1 (AT) member USS Geo. K. Mackenzie Association
DD-836 Larry Rosa SK3 1969-1972 larryrosa (AT) Retired U S Post Office Hey Tony Salcido send me a E-mail, I'm also on facebook
DD-836 Antonio Rossmann LT(jg) 1964-1966 ar (AT) Homeport Yokosuaka; Tonkin Gulf; DeSoto Patrols.
DD-836 Marcello Rotunda BM3 Dec 74 to Sept 76 mjr19542003 (AT) Great Ship and Great Crew retired in 95 as BMC
DD-836 Delbert Routon E-3 1961 (AT) routon62 great ship
DD-836 Bernard Ruhnke LT(jg) 1973 - 1976 bernard.ruhnke (AT)  
DD-836 Samuel Sadak     bestchoice2 (AT)  
DD-836 Tony Salcido E-3 1969 ROMANTIC MUSICAL (AT) Hey, guy glad doing fine. Ret frm Post Office 28 yrs-anyone tell me about Larry Green DK2.
DD-836 Joe Santoro BT3 9/71-2/72 jogolfer (AT) good ship mates
DD-836 Sammy (Squirrel) Scalf MMFN Jan72- Mar74 sjscalf (AT) Super bunch of guys and the greatest ship ever!
DD-836 Curt Schmalz MM3 1/65 thru 12/67 cdschmalz (AT) If anyone knows where Teddy Dykes or Fred Kaberlien is please let me know.
DD-836 Thomas Schramel E-6 1971 to 1973 tomschramel (AT) Of the three ships I served on in six years of sea duty. this was. by far. the best in every aspect.
DD-836 Ronald Schulz ETR3 9/70 - 9/72 rschulz (AT)  
DD-836 Gerson Schumow RMC/SC 6/71 - 9/73 deepdivingdavid (AT) Best Damned Ship & Shipmates ever!
DD-836 Gerald ''Missouri'' Sebastian BTFN 1951-1955 ronrehagen (AT) In Truman Vet Hospital, very sick, would love to hear from any shipmates thru my daughter. Cards, letters, photos etc. Thanks
DD-836 Kenneth Selle E-3 1972 to 1975 bpowder (AT) My best to the crew of the forward engine room
DD-836 Gary Sellon QM3 1971-1973 gwsellon (AT) Good times on a Great ship during bad times
DD-836 Timothy Sexton MM3 9/71-2/75 GKMDD836 (AT) All former GKM Sailors please Email me
DD-836 Thomas Sheehan FT2 1955-1957 sheehan1957 (AT) New email address/May2005
DD-836 Allen Sigurdson SN 2/62-6/65 ASigur1573 (AT) Great Ship, Great Crew, Great Fun, will never forget her
DD-836 Anthony Sindelir BM1 1967-1970 tt357sig (AT)  
DD-836 Michael Sink ETR2 1968 to 1971 msink (AT) Worked in DASH Hangar. Loved the MAC. She was a great ship.
DD-836 Mike Slater MM3 71-73 slater (AT) I was proud to have served on the ''Mighty Mac''
DD-836 Stephen Smith LT(jg) 9/1970 - 12/1972 stephengsmith (AT) Highly effective people on a highly effective ship!
DD-836 Charles Smith BT2 1972-1975 catfish1953 (AT) Fwd. fire room
DD-836 Hal Smith RM3 6/70 to 7/71 cartoad (AT)  
DD-836 Robert Snell DC2 1970-5/70 cdunham1 (AT) Looking for anyone who may have known my father (died 5/26/71 on land patrol)or how i can get his medals
DD-836 Donald Snider SO2 12/61-6/62 elroy1 (AT)  
DD-836 Ralph Stella SN 09/59 - 08/61 rstella11 (AT)  
DD-836 Gerald Stern FC3 1947 stargena (AT)  
DD-836 Don Stewart SN 1968-69 don.stewart2007 (AT)  
DD-836 Carl Streeter GMSN 1959 to1961 carlstreeter (AT) The 40 MM Gun Gang was the best!
DD-836 Willis ''Will'' Summers EN2 1963-1967 SummersSearch (AT) In memory. Would like to hear from anyone. Jules-daughter
DD-836 John Sussilleaux LT(jg) 2/65-8/66 capnjack (AT) Served in Weapons Dept. under COs Barton and Casper.
DD-836 Andrew Szych GMM3 7/63-3/66 papeters (AT) From Brooklyn Navy Yard to Yokosuka, Japan, '64-'66
DD-836 Richard Teasdale MR3 6/1974 -12/1975 rtisme3555 (AT)  
DD-836 Kirby Tenhulzen PN3 1/72 - 8/73 kirby-tenhulzen (AT)  
DD-836 Leroy Thompson OS3 6/74-10/76 thompsol (AT)  
DD-836 Eugene Thompson MM3 1971-1975 ethom1953 (AT) What's up
DD-836 James (Tex) Tomme SOG3 1951 to 1953 jimtomme (AT) Like to hear from shipmates
DD-836 James Ulysses BT3 1958 to 1962 jamesgeorgephd (AT) This email: ( will be good til I die-my permanant Phone Number: 863-662-8312
DD-836 Dan Vallerga EM2 1964-1966 vallergad (AT)  
DD-836 Dick VanCleave ET1 1974 dvanc (AT) Looking for old friends
DD-836 Steven Von Querner SO2 1960 to 1962 stevevq (AT) Gold E all the way, Best Tin Can in the fleet, lots of good times
DD-836 Richard Waddell SO2 7/58-1/61 wrichard670 (AT) Great Gold E ship, made two West Pac cruises. Good times!
DD-836 Phil Walker ENS 1972-1974 Phil.Walker (AT)  
DD-836 Albert (Wap) Wapstra SM2 1967 to 1970 awapstra (AT) Great ship. Met my wife in Yokosuka. Still married 32 years
DD-836 Joe Warlick S2 1948-1949 cootabug (AT) Enjoyed every day I was aboard.
DD-836 Roger Waugh ETR2 1957 to 1960 rchmwaugh (AT) Best ship in the division. Made 2 West Pac trips.
DD-836 Jim Weaver GM2 10/49-7/52 jimkate (AT)  
DD-836 Brad Weeks ET3 56 - 57 bweeks04 (AT) Served in the OI Division.
DD-836 Douglas C. Welsand SOG3 OCT 1964-DEC1967 CHIEF945 (AT)  
DD-836 Robert Westbrook EM2 1963 to 1966 rcwestbrook (AT)  
DD-836 Angelo White SH3 1974 to 1977 awhite49 (AT) BT1 Larry Mayfield drop me a line!!
DD-836 Gary White STG2 31 July 69-6 Jan 70 gwhite18 (AT)  
DD-836 Robert (Willie) (Bob) Williams IC3 5/68-3/70 williams3061 (AT) Played music & cards in IC room, great ship, great crew
DD-836 Gary J. Williams RM2 Feb 55-May 57 garyjww (AT)  
DD-836 Joseph Lee Wise BMSM 01/53 - 02/56 jmhwise (AT) Great ship; would love to hear from shipmates
DD-836 Don Woodhull YN1 7/59 to 6/53 woodhull (AT)  
DD-836 David Wright FA 1/76-10/76 intrepid4 (AT) Big Mac' was my first ship-she made me love 'cans' forever!
DD-836 Larry York RD2 8/59 - 6/63 pops905 (AT) Only West Coast to fly a gold E the best tin can in its day

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