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DD-836 Larry Rosa SK3 1969-1972 larryrosa (AT) Retired U S Post Office Hey Tony Salcido send me a E-mail, I'm also on facebook
DD-836 Antonio Rossmann LT(jg) 1964-1966 ar (AT) Homeport Yokosuaka; Tonkin Gulf; DeSoto Patrols.
DD-836 Marcello Rotunda BM3 Dec 74 to Sept 76 mjr19542003 (AT) Great Ship and Great Crew retired in 95 as BMC
DD-836 Delbert Routon E-3 1961 (AT) routon62 great ship
DD-836 Bernard Ruhnke LT(jg) 1973 - 1976 bernard.ruhnke (AT)  
DD-836 Samuel Sadak     bestchoice2 (AT)  
DD-836 Tony Salcido E-3 1969 ROMANTIC MUSICAL (AT) Hey, guy glad doing fine. Ret frm Post Office 28 yrs-anyone tell me about Larry Green DK2.
DD-836 Joe Santoro BT3 9/71-2/72 jogolfer (AT) good ship mates
DD-836 Sammy (Squirrel) Scalf MMFN Jan72- Mar74 sjscalf (AT) Super bunch of guys and the greatest ship ever!
DD-836 Curt Schmalz MM3 1/65 thru 12/67 cdschmalz (AT) If anyone knows where Teddy Dykes or Fred Kaberlien is please let me know.
DD-836 Thomas Schramel E-6 1971 to 1973 tomschramel (AT) Of the three ships I served on in six years of sea duty. this was. by far. the best in every aspect.
DD-836 Ronald Schulz ETR3 9/70 - 9/72 rschulz (AT)  
DD-836 Gerson Schumow RMC/SC 6/71 - 9/73 deepdivingdavid (AT) Best Damned Ship & Shipmates ever!
DD-836 Gerald ''Missouri'' Sebastian BTFN 1951-1955 ronrehagen (AT) In Truman Vet Hospital, very sick, would love to hear from any shipmates thru my daughter. Cards, letters, photos etc. Thanks
DD-836 Kenneth Selle E-3 1972 to 1975 bpowder (AT) My best to the crew of the forward engine room
DD-836 Gary Sellon QM3 1971-1973 gwsellon (AT) Good times on a Great ship during bad times
DD-836 Timothy Sexton MM3 9/71-2/75 GKMDD836 (AT) All former GKM Sailors please Email me
DD-836 Thomas Sheehan FT2 1955-1957 sheehan1957 (AT) New email address/May2005
DD-836 Allen Sigurdson SN 2/62-6/65 ASigur1573 (AT) Great Ship, Great Crew, Great Fun, will never forget her
DD-836 Anthony Sindelir BM1 1967-1970 tt357sig (AT)  
DD-836 Michael Sink ETR2 1968 to 1971 msink (AT) Worked in DASH Hangar. Loved the MAC. She was a great ship.
DD-836 Mike Slater MM3 71-73 slater (AT) I was proud to have served on the ''Mighty Mac''
DD-836 Hal Smith RM3 6/70 to 7/71 cartoad (AT)  
DD-836 Stephen Smith LT(jg) 9/1970 - 12/1972 stephengsmith (AT) Highly effective people on a highly effective ship!
DD-836 Charles Smith BT2 1972-1975 catfish1953 (AT) Fwd. fire room
DD-836 Robert Snell DC2 1970-5/70 cdunham1 (AT) Looking for anyone who may have known my father (died 5/26/71 on land patrol)or how i can get his medals
DD-836 Donald Snider SO2 12/61-6/62 elroy1 (AT)  
DD-836 Ralph Stella SN 09/59 - 08/61 rstella11 (AT)  
DD-836 Gerald Stern FC3 1947 stargena (AT)  
DD-836 Don Stewart SN 1968-69 don.stewart2007 (AT)  
DD-836 Carl Streeter GMSN 1959 to1961 carlstreeter (AT) The 40 MM Gun Gang was the best!
DD-836 Willis ''Will'' Summers EN2 1963-1967 SummersSearch (AT) In memory. Would like to hear from anyone. Jules-daughter
DD-836 John Sussilleaux LT(jg) 2/65-8/66 capnjack (AT) Served in Weapons Dept. under COs Barton and Casper.
DD-836 Andrew Szych GMM3 7/63-3/66 papeters (AT) From Brooklyn Navy Yard to Yokosuka, Japan, '64-'66
DD-836 Richard Teasdale MR3 6/1974 -12/1975 rtisme3555 (AT)  
DD-836 Kirby Tenhulzen PN3 1/72 - 8/73 kirby-tenhulzen (AT)  
DD-836 Leroy Thompson OS3 6/74-10/76 thompsol (AT)  
DD-836 Eugene Thompson MM3 1971-1975 ethom1953 (AT) What's up
DD-836 James (Tex) Tomme SOG3 1951 to 1953 jimtomme (AT) Like to hear from shipmates
DD-836 James Ulysses BT3 1958 to 1962 jamesgeorgephd (AT) This email: ( will be good til I die-my permanant Phone Number: 863-662-8312
DD-836 Dan Vallerga EM2 1964-1966 vallergad (AT)  
DD-836 Dick VanCleave ET1 1974 dvanc (AT) Looking for old friends
DD-836 Steven Von Querner SO2 1960 to 1962 stevevq (AT) Gold E all the way, Best Tin Can in the fleet, lots of good times
DD-836 Richard Waddell SO2 7/58-1/61 wrichard670 (AT) Great Gold E ship, made two West Pac cruises. Good times!
DD-836 Phil Walker ENS 1972-1974 Phil.Walker (AT)  
DD-836 Albert (Wap) Wapstra SM2 1967 to 1970 awapstra (AT) Great ship. Met my wife in Yokosuka. Still married 32 years
DD-836 Joe Warlick S2 1948-1949 cootabug (AT) Enjoyed every day I was aboard.
DD-836 Roger Waugh ETR2 1957 to 1960 rchmwaugh (AT) Best ship in the division. Made 2 West Pac trips.
DD-836 Jim Weaver GM2 10/49-7/52 jimkate (AT)  
DD-836 Brad Weeks ET3 56 - 57 bweeks04 (AT) Served in the OI Division.
DD-836 Douglas C. Welsand SOG3 OCT 1964-DEC1967 CHIEF945 (AT)  
DD-836 Robert Westbrook EM2 1963 to 1966 rcwestbrook (AT)  
DD-836 Gary White STG2 31 July 69-6 Jan 70 gwhite18 (AT)  
DD-836 Angelo White SH3 1974 to 1977 awhite49 (AT) BT1 Larry Mayfield drop me a line!!
DD-836 Robert (Willie) (Bob) Williams IC3 5/68-3/70 williams3061 (AT) Played music & cards in IC room, great ship, great crew
DD-836 Gary J. Williams RM2 Feb 55-May 57 garyjww (AT)  
DD-836 Joseph Lee Wise BMSM 01/53 - 02/56 jmhwise (AT) Great ship; would love to hear from shipmates
DD-836 Don Woodhull YN1 7/59 to 6/53 woodhull (AT)  
DD-836 David Wright FA 1/76-10/76 intrepid4 (AT) Big Mac' was my first ship-she made me love 'cans' forever!
DD-836 Larry York RD2 8/59 - 6/63 pops905 (AT) Only West Coast to fly a gold E the best tin can in its day

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