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ADGE-1 Terry Kelbassa E-3 10/71-5/72 KampersCamping (AT) Loved being on that ship.
ADGE-1/AGFF-11 Steve (Lank) Barton BM3 & BMSN 11/73 - 8/76 1-205-300-3727 Old friends call me !
AGDE-1 Russ Bates FTG3 3/71-3/73 batescomm (AT)  
AGDE-1 Chuck Bingham FTG2 6/69 - 5/70 jeanbingham (AT) good times w/Sessler,Murphy,Micheal,Venccus,Locker-made 1 qwespac CRUISE-this was floating shore duty-loved it!
AGDE-1 Glenn Boudreau BT3 1971 to 1974 bluelady (AT) Would like to hear from some of the old crew from the hole!
AGDE-1 John Burks BT3 1972-1975 oldfireman_2000 (AT) lLike to talk to someone from the hole.
AGDE-1 Stu Churchill MM3 6/73 - 12/73 orangemanstu (AT) My before gig prior to enterning Nuclear Power School - was aboard for a Med Cruise and it was a blast!
AGDE-1 David Clark FN 4/68-09/69 aoae (AT) was in naval hostipal ri. for three months ended up on uss allagash-ao97 then uss santa barbara ae-28
AGDE-1 Michael Coggins QM3 1974 - 1977 mjcoggins (AT) I'm right here Dix! And Smitty, you're right. Where the heck is Manny Vital?
AGDE-1 Stephen Creedon CTR-SN 6/72-6/72 stevecreedon (AT) RosiRoads-Fredrikstd ASROC Launch COMSEC
AGDE-1 James Cross QM3 1965-1967 jamescjcross (AT) Plankowner
AGDE-1 Harold (Tiny) Crowell STG2 6/75 - 3/77 haroldcrowell (AT) I miss all of my shipmates.Would like to contact Manny Vital if possible
AGDE-1 Mickey Dalrymple BT3 08/1966 to 02/1968 yooperscooper (AT) Left Glover to attend BT ''B'' and ''C'' schools.
AGDE-1 George Donnelly SN 1969-1970 georgeadonnelly (AT) Looking to find out where our ship was from August through October 1969
AGDE-1 Robert Dowdall FTG3 10/66-1/68 rdowdaoo04 (AT) Never sailed, drydock crew. Like to hear from shipmates.
AGDE-1 Robert H. Dowdall, Jr. FTG3 65-68 rdowdall04 (AT) Dan Mastella are you out there ? How about Symens ?
AGDE-1 Peter Eaglin PC3 01/75 01/78 Fishnmajician (AT) Watching PBS showCarriers)-got me thinking if there was something on the web about the Glover.
AGDE-1 Edward Freda BM1 64 to 65 egfreda (AT)  
AGDE-1 Michael Furtado BT3 1971-1973 mtfurtado50 (AT)  
AGDE-1 Steven Gottlieb ST1 1968-1972 two-hams (AT) Check out
AGDE-1 James Herten STG3 1974-1976 jamesfherten (AT) Remember Andros Island?
AGDE-1 Robert Hoffman BT2 1974-1978 rwhuff (AT) Anyone out there who remembers me Please e-mail me. My nick name was Huffy. Where is everyone?
AGDE-1 Norman Kleboe BTFA 01/73-08/73 nkleboe (AT)  
AGDE-1 Dave Knickerbocker EN2 5/73-10/75 neeko49 (AT) Had good times with great people!!!
AGDE-1 Al Kubiak SN 9/70 - 3/74 rekaeps51 (AT) Wonderful memories on the Glover.. from being seasick (wasnt that wonderful) to hitting some of the best ports!
AGDE-1 Larry Leaver ETR2 6/65 - 8/66 maxwell62 (AT) Plankowner
AGDE-1 Steve Luck GMG3 9/67-10/70 sluck (AT) Went on a Med cruise just before I got out. Saw the ship being cut up for scrap in Wilmington, NC in the 1990's
AGDE-1 George Massie EM2 4/68 to 1/72 g_massie (AT) Ed Locker was my brother
AGDE-1 Terry (Red Mon) Mohn YN3 76-79 iomoth48 (AT) What a ride that was ! A few of you i tried to contact by your email's are no longer valid
AGDE-1 Donald (Donny) Morgan SH3 1974 to 1978 debakey3000 (AT) Home Port Norfolk,Va
AGDE-1 Brian Mountain BM3 12/72-7/75 brianmountain6996 (AT) Looking for U
AGDE-1 Peter Nilsen   1971 to 1972 peter51949 (AT)  
AGDE-1 Mark Paakki MM3 12/1970-7/1972 mapsz71 (AT) Although at the time I didn't want to be aboard a ship, my time onboard was a unique and fulfilling experience
AGDE-1 James Padilla FTG2 1969 - 1974 jpadcap149 (AT) where are all you characters? I have a place for a reunion, let's do it! please contact me, looking for lots of friends.
AGDE-1 David Pequita   1969 to 1971 DPEQUITA50 (AT)  
AGDE-1 Michael Preusker STG2 11/66-10/69 mpreusker (AT) Glover was 1 yr old when I boarded in Boston. Sonar installation,testing ,operating.
AGDE-1 Robert Roch QM3 11/65-10/67 harleyman456 (AT) Plankowner
AGDE-1 Steve (Rotten) Rothenburger BM3 8/75-6/79 Serothen (AT) Good times.What a ride.Looking for nutter butter and sacks. Call me 704 754 0747
AGDE-1 Roger Rousseau SH3 1/66-6/67 rrousseau13 (AT)  
AGDE-1 Kenneth Sandow MM2 1965 to 1967 kensandow (AT)  
AGDE-1 Denny Satterfield STG3 1968-1970 sattboss (AT) Miss Gary & Ken
AGDE-1 Charles Shepherd BM2 01/73-09/75 cshepherd53 (AT)  
AGDE-1 Douglas Somers     brandaris (AT) Got the 26' whaleboat frm Glover-using her for training prog w/ US Nav Sea Cadets-love to hear frm int crew mems.
AGDE-1 Don Sortor E-5 1975-1979 dcs1 (AT)  
AGDE-1 Jack Stewart PN1 3/75 - 2/77 jste298955 (AT) Had a great time onboard-Danny Poncheaix & I worked in the Ship's Office together-best crew & best memories.
AGDE-1 Delano Turner LT Weaps Off delano.turner (AT)  
AGDE-1 Marc Tuton STG2 7/76- 9/79 marcs37terraplane (AT) didnt see Glover on your list- 'twas a Garcia class highly modified for sonar research
AGDE-1 Mark Vestich MM2 74-75 mvestich (AT) There is a USS Glover group on Facebook in case anyone is interested.
AGDE-1 Manny Vital BM1 1/73 - 12/76 vital50 (AT) Spent 27 yrs in Navy on 9 ships-Glover was best of all-I'll be at reunion in July 2009 and the beer better be cold
AGDE-1 Donald West GMG3 1974 to 12/1978 westdonnie56 (AT) just looking for some old friends
AGDE-1 Ken Winser SN 5/72-5/74 Kennethwinser (AT)  
AGDE-1 Bill Witty MM2 4/74-5/77 wvwitty (AT)  
AGDE-1 Ernest (Jim) Wright MM2 8/72 - 9/74 jimandjoy50 (AT) Looking for John Gary Greenwood (JGOOD)
AGDE-1/AGFF/FF-1098 Ishmael (Ichie) Ruiz YN3 09/78 - 07/82 nyclesleap (AT) Pls rep-anxious to hear from someone who rems me when we served the same time-lived in New York City.
AGDE-1/AGFF-1 John Noble E-4 1974-1977 flstci02 (AT) Remember the Bermuda Cruise in 75-it was spring break, girls girls girls everywhere
AGDE-1/AGFF-1 Bill Witty MM2 4/74-5/77 wvwitty (AT)  
AGFF-1 Terry Antonacci CTI3 03/78 - 08/78 anton (AT) My first ship and first deployment out of ~40 deployments during my career. Great time!!
AGFF-1 Denver Brady STG3 1976 to 1978 Bradylonewolf (AT)  
AGFF-1 Mike Farris OS3 1978-1980 mfarris (AT) Became a Shellback and changed hull to 1098. Many great memories!
AGFF-1 Harry Gibbs ASTR2 75 to 78 Mountain-man1 (AT) Good years and great friends
AGFF-1 Steve Lapp BTFN 76-78 lapp74r (AT) good people good times
AGFF-1 Sam Locklear SN 12/73 to 8/76 sammyicecream (AT)  
AGFF-1 Frank Phillips STGSN 2/76 to 9/79 fxp57 (AT) What a trip it was! I designed & painted the ST/BM logo on the fantail during the 78 mid-east ride
AGFF-1 Luis Rivera FTG3 1976-1979 LuiRivera (AT) Left Chicago for warmth of Arizona-TY Lord for the memories and the great people you've placed in my path.
AGFF-1 Kenneth Stewart BT1 1976 to 1978 cassie_castle (AT)  
AGFF-1 Glenn Sweeney SN 3/76 to 11/76 Blueii2u (AT) Manny, e-mail me, quick!
AGFF-1 Marc Tuton STG2 11/76 - 8/79 Marcs67Camaro (AT) Feel free to reply, one and all. Would love to hear from ya'll!
AGFF-1 Mark Weber EMFN 1976 to 1977 mweber954 (AT)  
AGFF-1/FF-1098 Fred Baranowski BT3 4/79-8/82 Amphibski (AT) Like it was yesterday Grew up on that ship with guys I'll never forget
AGFF-1/FF-1098 Bobby Barbee MMCS (SS/SW) 9/78-5/81 beeare420 (AT) Last of 7 ships I served on in 21-yrs-ended up as Command Senior Chief-hard work but enjoyed my tour aboard her.
AGFF-1/FF-1098 Mike Clark MMFN 12/78 - 5/80 mdclark (AT)  
AGFF-1/FF-1098 David Mangs GMG2 10/77-12/80 dmangs (AT) 2nd Division under GMG-1 George and GMG-2 Holland
AGFF-1/FF-1098 Harry Simpkins MM3 8/78 - 1/82 harry1667 (AT)  
FF-1098 Clarence Albert, Jr. GMT1 82-86 albesu (AT) I miss the Glover and our stay in the shipyard in Greece
FF-1098 Pat ''Bam'' Bamrick QM2(SW) 1984-1988 seasnake64 (AT) 1st Glover Reunion- Marblehead, MA July 2-5 2009
FF-1098 Gustavo Beltra HM1 89-90 beltrag (AT)  
FF-1098 Michael Bost MM2 7/82-5/84 mb0560 (AT)  
FF-1098 Brian Bostic STG2 9/79-5/84 bkbsoftball (AT) Had many ok times and great times plaaying softball and wearing Hawaiian shirts with the Booze Brothers.
FF-1098 Martin Brammier RM2 10/81 - 5/85 marty6203 (AT) Served with some of the most influencial people in my life-Continued military career in the army as a drill sergeant.
FF-1098 Ed Briley BT2 1980 to 1983 EBriley (AT) Left the ship while in Drydock in Scaramonga, Greece
FF-1098 Bobby Caffee BM3 05/1982-01/1985 bobbycaffee (AT) some of the best times of my life miss it daily
FF-1098 Louis Cavaliere LT/Chief Engineer 6/77-6/79 captainusn (AT) Shellback
FF-1098 Michael Cavic OS2 1982-1986 cavic1303 (AT) Great memories!
FF-1098 Stan Christman BT2 1977-1980 stanley.christman (AT) Lots of good times and lots of loooong work days!
FF-1098 John Clark EN 10/77-476 johns2tk (AT) started in Philly yards/Norfolk/Cuba/East Coast. ENFN
FF-1098 Sweet Cleveland SK1   sweetc1098 (AT)  
FF-1098 Jay Conti OS3 1981 to 1985 jconti3547 (AT) I survived Scaramunga! Glaiser, Rick James and Tripple Treat CCC!
FF-1098 Michael Cook MMCS 10/85 - 11/89 mhc286 (AT)  
FF-1098 Randy Crabill MM2 1983 to 1988 crabillrc (AT)  
FF-1098 Michael Garie SMSN 1988 to 1990 scarygarie (AT) looking for my buddy Bott, Kalos Taylor or Happening Harris
FF-1098 Glenn Gavan LT 9/86 - 4/90 ggavan (AT)  
FF-1098 Nicholas Glavocich BM2 01/77-08/82 vss587dir (AT) Glover Lover
FF-1098 Marty Haugen BT1 86-89 tech (AT)  
FF-1098 Paul Herring FCCM 4/83-8/85 pkhnav (AT) Sure like to hear from old shipmates
FF-1098 Jeff Jump OS2 1987-1990 jjump (AT)  
FF-1098 Curt Kuhn GMM2 10/86 - 07/90 kuhndog (AT)  
FF-1098 Robert LeDonne E-5 1983-1987 ledonnerobert (AT)  
FF-1098 Ray Margotta OS1 01/1981 - 05/1984 raymondmargotta (AT) lost ship's screw leaving venice to pershin gulf in 1983
FF-1098 Jeff Mason RM3 7/85-8/87 F@#ker, Fighter and a Tin Can Rider!
FF-1098 Garie Michael SMSN 1988 to 1990 scarygarie (AT)  
FF-1098 Mark Moore E-3 11/84-11/86 photonology (AT)  
FF-1098 Javier (Tony) Moran GMG2 1983-1989 citymouse21 (AT)  
FF-1098 Kevin Napier BT2 5/82-8/83 kevin_napier (AT)  
FF-1098 Jeffrey Orr GMSN 1986 - 1988 howdy19022 (AT)  
FF-1098 Michael Parsley MM2 6/78-6/80 parsley_d (AT) Two Mid-East,two hull numbers,to many trips to Rico for gun trials. Two many good times to count.
FF-1098 Terry Poole SK3 1984 to 1988 terryp (AT)  
FF-1098 Ishmael (Ichie) Ruiz YN3 09/78 - 07/82 nyclesleap (AT) From NYC, then go ahead and email me we can talk about old times. hope to hear from you guys.
FF-1098 Bill Slaughter YN2(SW) 82-86 CoachBill29 (AT) From Glasier to Norman,with CCC as exec.
FF-1098 Larry Smith STG2 82-84 htimsl (AT) Thanks for the memories!
FF-1098 Don Starbuck LT/CHENG 02/89 - 06/90 starbuckdon (AT) Last P-Fired Cheng in the USN -SIMA -We're not the Last 1052
FF-1098 Steve Stavlo MM3 02/86-1988 sstavlo (AT)  
FF-1098 Norman Stovall OS3 (SW) 11/87 - 06/90 sto40go (AT) Would love to hear from all shipmates!
FF-1098 Cleveland Sweet SK1   c-sweet (AT)  
FF-1098 David Sylsberry ET2 1982 to 1985 sylsberry (AT) Unbelievable.
FF-1098 Tom Tanner OSSA 1988-1990 ttanner911 (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates.
FF-1098 Anthony Tigner BM2(SW) 1986-1988 tigant36 (AT) ''Look out sharp shipmate''
FF-1098 Marc Tuton ST2   Deceased I am sorry to report that Marc passed away before Christmas 2016 due to cancer
FF-1098 Mickey Usry BT2 1980-1983 Mrnodor (AT) I learned how to understand the chain of command.
FF-1098 Jesse Vineyard BM3 11/81-6/85 Jessevineyardii (AT) Great memories Greece ship yard
FF-1098 John Ross Walker OS1 1988 to 1990 helandladdy (AT) Last inport OOD watch when Glover trans to MSC 6/90-had ensign for almost 15 yrs-now at Glover Museum
FF-1098 Paul Wilcox BM2 82 - 86 djpman07 (AT) Meds, Greece Shipyard, and all the good memories.......also I was the ship's DJ
FF-1098 David B. Wright HT1 1987-1988 (Approx) Besse7295 (AT)  
FF-1098/ADGE-1 Jean Anderson wife/HTC 1971-1975 nanajean (AT) I was one of 1st ship's ombudsman/ active in wive's club/lo
FF-1098/ADGE-1 Douglas Blauschild BT3 1968 to 1972 maxiebear1 (AT)  
FF-1098/ADGE-1 Charles (Tony) Duerr LT(jg) 1967-69 tonyduerr (AT) Great memories of those exciting times.
FF-1098/ADGE-1 Terry Kelbassa E-2 9/71 - 5/72 KampersCamping (AT) That was one hell`ve a time in my life in Boston !!!
FF-1098/ADGE-1 Ed Locker IC3 7/68 to 7/71 elocker (AT) Boston Yards - Wine Tasting at the Tunnel Cafe
FF-1098/ADGE-1 Ken Winser SKSN 1973 1974 www.kbead (AT) got on in yards Boston got off yards Philly
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Michael Allison GM3 1973 to 1975 mallis9967 (AT) Look Out Sharp!
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Philip (Buzz) Baker MM2 6/72-1/75 zubbie65 (AT) One of the pit snipes(ER). I wonder where MMC Pryor is.
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Chuck Bingham FTG2 5/69 - 4/70 JEANBINGHAM (AT) Get in touch
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Anthony J. (Tony) Bjelke GMG3 1974-1976 trbjelke (AT)  
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Douglas Blauschild BT3 4/68-1/72 maxiebear1 (AT) Marblehead to Rosie Roads to Crete
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Emmett Charles ETR3 1969-1974 ercharles3 (AT) hotmail  
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Steve Clifford SK3 7/71-1/73 inspsc (AT)  
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Lynden Cyr ET1 1972-1973 bigcyr (AT)  
FF-1098/AGDE-1 David (D. J.) Dick ST1 1968-1973 dc524 (AT)  
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Jim Dinkel SN 65 to 67 ji (AT) I was a plankowner
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Stephen Dixon QM3 1974-1976 stephen.dixon (AT) Looking for M. Coggins
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Bob Dowdall FTG3 1966-1968 rdowdall04 (AT) In drydock my whole tour
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Steve Elliott SM3 67-70 usnsm (AT) great memories
FF-1098/AGDE-1 John Fry RD1 10/66 - 4/67 frycpa (AT)  
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Michael T. Furtado BT3 1971-1973 mtfurtado (AT)  
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Steven Gottlieb ST1 5/68-10/72 twohams (AT)
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Gene Harrison OS1 1972-1976 chien (AT)  
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Dennis Hawkins RD2 1969-1973 dhawkins (AT) It wasn't a job, it was an adventure.
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Michael Herrick E-4 8/74-3/78 mccthrrk (AT) I would any information on the Glover.
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Bill Hunsinger ETR2 7/65-2/67 capbillh (AT) plankowner
FF-1098/AGDE-1 David Keeler ETR2 6/72-12/74 dmkfinsvcs (AT)  
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Terry Kelbassa SN 9/71 - 5/72 KampersCamping (AT) Had the wildest time of my live on that ship
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Al Kubiak SN 1970-1974 ibkub (AT) I have some pics of fellow shipmates!!
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Robert Lee MM3 1973 general-lee874 (AT) party ship
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Ed Locker IC3 07/68 - 07/71 elocker (AT) Was on in BNSY when the ''Fish'' was installed
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Eugene (Gene) Meabon SN 8/65-1/68 GMEABON (AT) Please feel free to contact me
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Herrick Michael MR3 4/74-2/78 mccthrrk (AT)  
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Kenneth Mitoma STG3 1969-1972 kenmitoma (AT) hotmail  
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Michael Preusker STG2 1966 to 1969 michael.preusker (AT) Sonar installation/ testing/operating aboard Glover.
FF-1098/AGDE-1 James Ramey CS2/E-5 68-70 jaram45 (AT) Looking for Bob Comier, Dick Sessler, Jerry Deneal,
FF-1098/AGDE-1 William Schafer BT2 1972-1976 Schafers (AT) Where are all the boys from the Hole ? 1972 to 1976?
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Lacy Scott CS3 70-71 Lacy-AnnScott (AT)  
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Raymond (Henry) Smith EM2 09/71-11/74 HOORAY200 (AT)  
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Gerald Smith ET1 1968-1971 threesmiths (AT) I have great pictures of the Glover's arrival in the Azores
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Frank Sortino RM3 12/70 to 6/72 fsort71957 (AT)  
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Julien V. ''Jerry'' Wayne, Jr. ETR2 12/73 - 1/75 jvwayne2 (AT) leading radar tech
FF-1098/AGDE-1 Ernest ''Jim'' Wright MM2 08/72-09/74 joy051 (AT) Looking for Gary Greenwood and Roger Beauregard
FF-1098/AGFF-1 Marc Bolinger STG2 3/77 - 12/81 marcbolinger (AT) My first ship and the best crew. We had good times and bad times, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. Bolo
FF-1098/AGFF-1 Thomas (T.J.) Conroy OS2 11/74 - 7/78 www.Kingcraber (AT) Lookout Sharp
FF-1098/AGFF-1 Jimmy Faires TMSN 1975-1978 dkirkley05 (AT) Can only think of one thing- UNFORGETTABLE
FF-1098/AGFF-1 David Mangs GMG2 8/77-11/80 djm45 (AT) Worked in 2nd Division under GMG-1 George
FF-1098/AGFF-1 Ernie May SN 04/77-11/78 emay171057MI (AT)  
FF-1098/AGFF-1 Donald (Donny) Morgan SH3 Barber 1974 to 1978 debakey300 (AT) Feel free to contact Bama the Ships Barber
FF-1098/AGFF-1 Lee Smith RMSN 1975 - 1978 chopper (AT) Uncle Smitty Lives !!! Where is Manning Vital ???
FF-1098/AGFF-1 Marc Tuton STG2 Nov 76-Aug 79 Tricone4 (AT) Feel free to contact me, one and all!
FF-1098/AGFF-1 Alan Watson STG2 2/78-1/80 mgactivities (AT)  

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