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DD-188 Herman J. Mansmann SC1 04/43 - 08 /45 jlmans (AT) Ships cook / G.Q. Station Starboard 20ml gunner gally deckhouse
DDG-20 Patrick Abrams E-5 1989-1993 pabrams (AT)  
DDG-20 Dennis Anderson BTFA 72 to 75 tlingitboy1955 (AT) I see Goldy has the Surface Warfare Badge Do I qualify to wear Goldy Surface Warfare Badge? on t-shirt?
DDG-20 Andy (asroc andy) Anderson GMTC 1/73-08/76 gmtcgunner1943 (AT) Retired 1981
DDG-20 Richard Angers RM2 1984 to 1988 rangers (AT)  
DDG-20 Tom Annis HT3 71-73 cmn1952 (AT) Hello to everyone
DDG-20 Benny Apodaca HT2 1989 to 1993 bennyapodaca (AT)  
DDG-20 Roberto (Bob) Appelzoller RM2 08/85 - 03/89 bob.appelzoller (AT) still kick'n
DDG-20 Charles E. Artis RDCS 1965-1969 cartis6416 (AT)  
DDG-20 Dan Ash E-4 7/82 - 8/83 dash1960 (AT) Second Division / FT
DDG-20 Jesse Atwaters GM2 90-decom oldsaltydog86 (AT) ASROC tech
DDG-20 Andrew Bachesta SCPO 1978-81 Aliikand (AT)  
DDG-20 Tom Bacon STG3 10/66 - 4/68 iamsearching2 (AT) Where all the 67-68 WestPac ''AS'' Division guys?????
DDG-20 John T. Bailey EM3 1971 to 1972 j.t.bailey (AT) Lookin for old shipmates.
DDG-20 Mik Barrios MS3 04/89-04/93 mikebarrios (AT)  
DDG-20 Paul Beinlich GMG2 1/91-12/92 yoko_loco (AT)  
DDG-20 Larry Benning SN 9/67 - 3/69 Lbenn18 (AT) just went to reunion in Biloxi.. It was great
DDG-20 Melvin Blalock MM1 12/66-6/68 melvinblalock2 (AT) i would like to git my newspaper going again
DDG-20 Don Blankenship FC1 06/82-04/88 dawgsfan1962 (AT)  
DDG-20 Martin Boller SN 1/68-10/69 martyddg20  
DDG-20 E. Scott Bowmer DK3 1968 - 1970 sbowmer2012 (AT)  
DDG-20 Craig Boyd RD3 1966-1969 craig.boyd1 (AT)  
DDG-20 Joel Braun STG1 1974 to 1979 joel.braun (AT)  
DDG-20 Patrick ''Brewdog'' Brewer HTFN 89-91 three57s (AT)  
DDG-20 Gary Burchard MM3 1971 - 1974 gbird99 (AT)  
DDG-20 Brett Burdick MM3 04/77 - 09/80 brettb (AT)  
DDG-20 Robert Burnz FTM3 9/64 - 12/65 burnzr.itt (AT) Remember when we torpedoed the pier?
DDG-20 Bruce Burt BT 79-81,81-82 bruceandjulia (AT) great times lots fuzzy contact me and clear me up
DDG-20 Christopher M. Burton BT2 Sept. 1969 to April 1973 christopher.burton (AT)  
DDG-20 Mike Byrne EN2 8/79-8/82 BYRNERATTLER (AT) AOL A-Gang where are ya ?
DDG-20 Virgel Cain RD2 1963-1968 vrcjr (AT)  
DDG-20 Dave Cartland MS2 1976-1980   address PO Box 6005, So Hackensack, NJ 07606
DDG-20 Mike Casey EW1 5/74-4/77 doomsdaymike (AT)  
DDG-20 Michael Cava OSC 1976-1978 (AT)  
DDG-20 Wesley K. Chow IC2 1981-1985 leio62 (AT) Old ship but best crew-even Capt Michael Mullens,Adm Chairman of our Jt Ch of Staff-hope to hear frm all of you.
DDG-20 Niel W. Christensen FN 72-72 fangschuss (AT) Check into the Goldy website on
DDG-20 Will Clayviellie E-5 1984 to 1988 willclayviellie (AT) Looking for 1st Div
DDG-20 Leonard Clyde BT3/E-4 spring1980 - 7/83 LClyde7144 (AT) B1 and B2 division
DDG-20 Al Colby LT(jg) 12/81-12/84 acolby (AT) M Divo/B Divo/1st Lt
DDG-20 Gary Collins IC2 85-88 coollins (AT) I miss the Goldy
DDG-20 Mike Conner BT1 1981 to 1983 connermt (AT)  
DDG-20 Patsy Anthony Contessa SNMS 4/87-4/90 patcontessa (AT) I served on the Goldsborough with good men. Love to hear from you.
DDG-20 Lynn Cooper RM2 9/71 - 6/73 lcoop (AT)  
DDG-20 Jose Cotto E-4 01/77-10/80 josecotto56 (AT)  
DDG-20 Don Davey PO3 1972-1975 Justdonjd (AT) Welcome Home
DDG-20 Todd Davis SK2 11/85 - 6/89 ToddRichrd (AT)  
DDG-20 Rick Day MM2 1/74 - 12/75 mrfixit (AT) Got divorced because of this ship.
DDG-20 Refugio De La Rosa E-4 1965-1968 jobec24 (AT) send in new photos of June 2000 reunion in San Diego, Calif.
DDG-20 Chris DeMarzio FC2 1983-1988 chrisde (AT)  
DDG-20 Donald Derr LT(jg) 6/64-9/65 lcdrusn (AT) DESRON 11 Staff
DDG-20 D. A. Dersch STG 1982-1985 no1ischeaper (AT)  
DDG-20 Jeff Diatko MM1 3/81-5/84 chief.1pa (AT)  
DDG-20 David Dietsche FTG1 8/69-3/71 user1303 (AT) Good crew - good ship
DDG-20 Jerald (Jerry) Drabek RMCS 12/75-6/77 fastjerry (AT) Radio gang for 76 curise. email me!
DDG-20 Tom Draughon RM2 12/66-4/68 n6hrj (AT) Just enjoy catching up with old shipmates...
DDG-20 Bruce Eckhardt LT(jg) 69-70 bkeckhardt (AT)  
DDG-20 Doug Edwards RD3 9/69 to 6/71 douge (AT) Hello shipmates
DDG-20 J. D. Ellis DCC 8/90 to 9/92 jdepcr (AT) Emails welcome from whipmates
DDG-20 Jon Enquist SM1 90-decomm cv41sm (AT) Desert Shield(Zanoobia); Rose Festival; LEO OPS(The Ditch)
DDG-20 Larry Fath E-3 11/89 to 1991 Singleiscool (AT)  
DDG-20 Steve Flanigan FTM2 1969-1973 Dadflan (AT) Live In Universal City Tx (just outside of San Antonio)
DDG-20 Howard Freeman MM1 1/70 to 12/70 upd807 (AT)  
DDG-20 Scott Frick HTFN 04/77 to 06/78 tibalt1 (AT) I wish I could do it over again
DDG-20 Larry Fry RD2 3/68-3/71 fryca (AT) It was definitely a learning experience.
DDG-20 Gregory Gakin BTFN 5/82-2/84 BigGuyGakin (AT) Looking for my old buddy Chaz Brown!!
DDG-20 Matt ''Zonz'' Gatto ET2 1985 to 1989 magjr78223 (AT) Original member of the Goldsborough Drinking Team'' and creator of the ''Super Twidget'' cartoon strip. BOHICA!''
DDG-20 John Gibson RD3 1963-1967 john_gibson13 (AT) looking for old shipmates from OI Div.
DDG-20 Brad (Gil) Gilbert FTM1 1966-1972 bgilbert (AT)  
DDG-20 Juan Gomez TM3 sept 1977-jun-1978 jgomez (AT) Its great to see my first ship in the navy. Thanks
DDG-20 Mike Goodell FC2 5/82 - 8/86 mikgoo (AT) liberty cruise '82 followed by Hurricane Ewa, then dry dock.
DDG-20 Curt Gottardi OS2 1973-1977 csgottardi (AT)  
DDG-20 Floyd Greer STG2 04/80 - 10/84 trn64469 (AT)  
DDG-20 Albert Gregory rm3 1965-1968 albegolfing (AT)  
DDG-20 Dennis L.N. Griffin ETR3 1965 thru 1966 griffind (AT) Hey OE Div. divers - remember the Scuba Belle?!
DDG-20 William (Bill) Guy FTM3(SG) 10/15/65 to 11/30/66 bill.g.guy (AT) Remember West-Pac and Viet Nam?
DDG-20 Jim Haag GMM1 3/64-7/69 navyjrh (AT)  
DDG-20 Timothy Hall BT2 6/84 - 10/87 hallpasco (AT) enjoyed the time in pearl harbor and on wespac, medical discharge sept, 88
DDG-20 Thomas Hanley MM3 5/69 to 10/69 thandly (AT)  
DDG-20 George Hanna STG2 1985-1989 shellmhan (AT) 505-287-4030
DDG-20 Ray Harrison STG1 9/74-9/77 prsranch (AT)  
DDG-20 Raymond Hatcher STG2 2/71 - 5/73 tincanray (AT) Moldy and still attached to Goldie.
DDG-20 Michael Haynes OS2 3/88 - 10/92 haynes (AT)  
DDG-20 Ken (Scott) Hilliard FN 76-78 hilliardk8 (AT) Hello to all my old shipmates
DDG-20 Roy Hoffman EM2 11/63-10/65 roy.betty.hoffman (AT)  
DDG-20 Carroll Howell EN1 1985 carrol.howell (AT) Am looking for Earl (Deano) Dean, MM2 A-gang who was from up-state New York..
DDG-20 Christopher Jambois PC3 08/91 to 02/92 cjambois (AT) I was your postal clerk TAD for 6 months
DDG-20 Timothy Jeffcoats GM2 Aug 1982 - Aug 85 dusthopper (AT)  
DDG-20 Haag Jim GMM1 Feb 1964 to 1969 navyjrh (AT)  
DDG-20 Brian Knutson MM2 5/76-11/78 jbknutson (AT)  
DDG-20 Dave Kozloski FTM2 4/64 5/65 kozloski (AT)  
DDG-20 Bob Kramer GMT2 72-75 tkramer (AT) waaaazzzzzuuuupppp!!!!!!!!
DDG-20 John C. Kwok DK2 1973-1974 jkwok (AT) Love to hear from 'OLD' shipmates!!!
DDG-20 Lawrence Lafferty ICC(SW) 1/88-2/91 greenblazer3 (AT)  
DDG-20 Steve Landry SK3 1976-1980 landrysk (AT) Seems so long ago.
DDG-20 Jim Lane BT3 1971 to 1973 jimflane2 (AT)  
DDG-20 Frank Laster STG2 12/69-10/71 flaster (AT) Looking for old shipmates including Steve Wilson BT3
DDG-20 Doug Leach SM3 5/72-12/74 sdbeagle (AT) Remember the shell 8'' shell we got for Xmas in 12/72!!
DDG-20 Jeff Leak PN2 6/85-12/88 jalval (AT)  
DDG-20 Paul Lefford EN3 4/74-5/76 pdlefford (AT)  
DDG-20 Mike Lewis EN3 1966 to 1968 MLShaddy1 (AT) Looking for Dave Carlson
DDG-20 Charles D. Looney SHL3 Oct. 8,68 to Jan,30,70 cdl1148 (AT)  
DDG-20 Donald Loveless BT2 1967-1970 cal915 (AT) Trying to locate former shipmates...especially Frank Brown.
DDG-20 Albert Lozano SN 70-71 tinkerddg20 (AT)  
DDG-20 David Lund MM3 1983 to 1985 dslund (AT) Sure do miss those days. Great ship - great crew.
DDG-20 William Madrigal E-4 1963 to 1965 madrigalw (AT) Im look for James T Nechanicky BM 2
DDG-20 John Maguire IC1 1963 to 1965 gyro (AT)  
DDG-20 Curtis Maki QM3 1973-1975 makic (AT)  
DDG-20 Roberto Mangohig TN 1966-1971 robertmangohig (AT) where can I obtain copy of 38c laws and veterans benefit booklet.
DDG-20 Dale Markuszka BM3 76-79 massager562 (AT) please contact me anytime.
DDG-20 Bob Martin FCC 1989-1991 rcmartin (AT) Fox Div, Gunnery Chief
DDG-20 Anthony Martin ET1 4/63 - 5/67 gpawmartin (AT) eventually ETC - retired in Valley, Alabama
DDG-20 Lloyd Martinez MM3 1981 to 1983 lmartinez (AT) i was young, but those were great times
DDG-20 Alfred Maxwell IC1 64-68 carolynmaxwell (AT)  
DDG-20 Jeffrey Mayer ET3 4/80 - 4/83 alfmeister (AT)  
DDG-20 Kevin McClintock EWC 4/82-9/87 mcclintom001 (AT) Plenty good times was had by all(and we got the job done)!
DDG-20 Todd McCraw OS2 2/79 - 3/82 civman3 (AT) Hey Mac!!...The ''Moldy Goldy''!...where are all the twidgets
DDG-20 W. L. (Mac) McCullough BT2 1967 -1969 LMccul3895 (AT)  
DDG-20 Kevin McGonigal STG2 79 - 81 kevin (AT)  
DDG-20 Steve McLaughlin MR3 Feb. 1982 to Oct. 1982 mc (AT) looking for shipmates
DDG-20 James ''Mac'' McMillian OS3 5/77-11/79 amcmillan (AT) Drop me a line. Any of my shipmates.
DDG-20 James Michie EN3 9/79-2/8I MONKHUNTS (AT) A gang remember BOHICA
DDG-20 Guy Migliaccio RM2 1970-1972 gfmig (AT) Hello to all my shipmates. Drop a line.
DDG-20 John Miller FC2 3/89-decom asurfur (AT)  
DDG-20 Bayard W. Miller (By) SM2 1969-1971 BAYARDSMIND (AT)  
DDG-20 Tim Moran RM1 1971-1975 morantg (AT) Send an email if you remember me
DDG-20 James Nechanicky BM2 1963to1965 ceskyman (AT)  
DDG-20 John Neely RM1 3/82-4/85 onejn (AT) LPO OC Division (great ship & crew)
DDG-20 Larry Neifert YN3 1966-1968 Intrinsics (AT)  
DDG-20 Larry L. Nelson MMCS 8/79-8/79 zuba58 (AT) Like to hear from Shipmates
DDG-20 Wayne Nichols FC3 10/88 to 6/92 nicholsw (AT)  
DDG-20 Clarence Ortega EN2 12/81- 08/84 ortegafamily1 (AT) A-gang are you there?
DDG-20 Alexander Paquet FC2 5/89-6/93 paquetak (AT)  
DDG-20 Robert ''Bobby'' Patton HMSN 11/73-11/77 patton_12549 (AT)  
DDG-20 Bryan Peek PN1 1980 to 1984 bryanpeek (AT)  
DDG-20 Joseph Pick E-5 1986 to 1991 josephpick (AT) aft fireroom
DDG-20 Michael Plecki HT3 74-77 Earthgo00 (AT)  
DDG-20 Larry Pliner IC2 01/71-03/72 ljpliner (AT) Drop aline
DDG-20 Jeff Reopelle GMG2 1977 - 1981 jjreop (AT) I was part of the gunners Elite who made all that noise and hit all those targets.
DDG-20 Alex (L-Rey) Reyes MMFN 2/91 to 2/93 alexreyes03 (AT)  
DDG-20 Mike Reynolds MM3 1985-1989 mreynolds (AT)  
DDG-20 Bob Rhea STGC 6/77-3/80 NavyCWO4 (AT)  
DDG-20 Greg Richeson RM2 83-85 greg (AT) Anyone remember me
DDG-20 Scott Riddlemoser OS2 1972 to 1974 sriddlemoser (AT) known as Mouse'' & always sea sick.............''
DDG-20 Francis ''Jake'' Rindosh FTM2 4/73 to 6/75 jake (AT) Where did everyone go? Send me an E-mail
DDG-20 John Riordan FTM2 1974 - 1977 jcbriordan (AT) Looking forward to hearing from some of my shipmates.
DDG-20 Angel Rivera EMFN 1977 to 1979 arr583 (AT) Don't let my first name fool you, I am of hispanic origin-the name Angel is a common male name in my culture.
DDG-20 Jim Roberts QM1 1976 to 1979 robertsjnj (AT)  
DDG-20 Tom Roberts ETN2 9/68-12/71 rgecon77 (AT) Retired and living in Colo.
DDG-20 Robert 'Rodie' Rodell ET2(SW) 1984-1987 rrodell (AT)  
DDG-20 Tracy Roe GMG2 1983-1985 tvrsign (AT) Retired 2000
DDG-20 Bob Rouiller BT2 2/79 to 5/84 bobspad (AT) retired 6/30/02
DDG-20 Steve Sampson FTM2 1977-1981 swsam (AT)  
DDG-20 Paul Schepers TM3 6/72-6/75 PSchep (AT) See you in San Antonio 2004
DDG-20 David Schmitt YNC 7/77 - 10/80 d.schmitt (AT)  
DDG-20 Frederick Schneider, Jr. MM2 1987 to 1989 schneidley20 (AT)  
DDG-20 Robert Scotti OPS YN 1968-1969 SRE2790 (AT)  
DDG-20 Bob Shanahan STG3 72-74 jack_tar (AT)  
DDG-20 Leland Shaver STG3 1984-1986 lshaver (AT) I would like to hear from people that remember me.
DDG-20 Gus Shull GMM1 68-70 rshull6530 (AT) First tour in Viet Nam
DDG-20 Scott Sichak E-3 1987-1988 ssichak (AT)  
DDG-20 Otis Simpson EM3 11/68 to 4/72 omtoys (AT) Love to hear from old shipmates
DDG-20 Thomas M. Smith SM1 5/74-12/74 smcsmithusnret (AT) RM1 Ralph Runkles - lets go to the club-X movies in the mess
DDG-20 Phillip Smith FTM3 1974 to 1975 Kosmickin (AT) Hello Jake'' Rindosh. Do you know where ''Puss'' Cliff Russ Long or anyone else is hiding?''
DDG-20 Scott Smith GMT3 1979-1981 sjsmith (AT)  
DDG-20 Fredrick (Skeet) Snider E-3 12/82-8/85 sniderof5 (AT)  
DDG-20 James C. Sodergren RD2 5/69-12/71 jsmechanic (AT) Like to hear from old shipmates.
DDG-20 Robert Solazzo HT3 2/69 - 8/72 jmsolazzo (AT) Kaz where are you?????
DDG-20 John Spain RM3 1963 to 1965 NEAMAKRI1 (AT) Old shipmates please email me.
DDG-20 David Sperry JO3 12/83 - 12/86 wendysok (AT) for those who remember me, please contact me
DDG-20 Walter J. (Jim) Start, Jr. MMC 11/82-4/84 jimstart (AT) M Division
DDG-20 Roy Storsved STG3 4/90 - decom storsved (AT)  
DDG-20 Terry Strahl SK3 8/68 to 11/69 strahlt (AT)  
DDG-20 Mike Sturgeon TM1 1991-1993 sturgeonmike (AT) I loved that ship. Sometimes not so much when the forward heads backed up.
DDG-20 Gordon Sundby HT2 Sept 69-Feb 73 shtr (AT)  
DDG-20 Ralph Sylvester BM3 1968-11/69 haelb (AT)  
DDG-20 Chris Taylor BT1(SW) 11/90-decomm chris.t (AT) My third Adams Class and by far the best.
DDG-20 John (Jack) Taylor RD3 4/69 - ?/71 JackTay999 (AT) Transferred to USS Cochrane sometime in 71
DDG-20 Bob VanSpoor OS2 1972-1976 bob.vanspoor (AT) Just seeing if there's anyone out there?
DDG-20 Dan Vliek GMG2 6/70-12/71 dan.vliek (AT) Encouraging all Goldsborough shipmates to join the USS Goldsborough Association.
DDG-20 Gary Walker BT3 6/70-01/72 gwalk20 (AT) great time with a great bunch of guys
DDG-20 Dan Wallace FTG1 1980-1983 danwallace (AT) First US ship to tour eastern seaboard of Australia in +30 years under cmd of Honolulu Harry (Harry Owens II or III)
DDG-20 Jim Walter ETCM 1972 to 1974 jandi2000 (AT)  
DDG-20 Steve Wambaugh RD3 69 to 71 srw1049 (AT)  
DDG-20 Thomas Weaver GMGC 7/67-7/70 thomaswantom (AT)  
DDG-20 Robert Weinheimer LT(jg) 1980-1982 lcdret (AT) We had a grueling liberty tour on westpac.
DDG-20 Michael Williams BMSN 5/77 - 6/79 mw76063 (AT) 1st tour of duty
DDG-20 Randy (Willie) Williams RM3 2/73 - 6/74 randyguitar (AT) Ahoy, me buckos!
DDG-20 Stan Wilson MM3 1975-6 sshgfwb (AT) #2 engineroom crew
DDG-20 Mike Young BT2 5/68 to 9/71 myoung49 (AT)  
DDG-20 James Ziegler MM2 1981 to 1984 jmszieg (AT) Engineering Dept, M-Division, Number 2 Engineroom. Retired and living in Ewa Beach Hawaii.

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