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DD-584 Vonceal Adams SN1   yvonneadcox (AT) My Uncle-Lost at Sea-Did you know him?
DD-584 Nicholas Alexander     Wayne_S_Alexander (AT) My father-died 4/97-many times he told us it was Fletcher Class-told about escort of Roosevelt to Casablanca
DD-584 Ralph Anderson   1943 - 1945 TWILIGHTSURF (AT) Deceased
DD-584 Edward Armeen   unknown lluckydar (AT) This is my Dad. (Deceased in 1996) Does anyone know him?
DD-584 Mickey Armstrong S1 1943-1945 m1ke_armstrong (AT) My dad-died in 1992, just bef 50th reun-I have several artifacts of his-am glad to chat with any shipmates of his.
DD-584 Walter Barrett     oldjakesfd (AT) Walter was my uncle died 26 mar.1945.
DD-584 Matthew Blaine FC2 1943 - 1944 mattb9515 (AT) Transferred off before disaster. Still active.
DD-584 Charles Boucher   Deceased m-j-b (AT) Do you know my brother?
DD-584 Francis Brand     bxrxt79 (AT) this was my dad and would like to know more about him
DD-584 Howard Brown SN 1943-1945 boydm (AT) Dad died 2 yrs ago-survived explosion-was seriously inj-had clear mem of that day & sometimes had nightmares.
DD-584 John Brown QM   jebrown (AT) My great uncle killed by mine. Anyone have any info on him?
DD-584 Rodrigo Caffoni SM3 1943-1945 MrCarfungi (AT) I am seeking info about my uncle who died aboard ship
DD-584 Frank Campolieto S1 1943 1944 F Campolieto1 (AT) correspondence welcome
DD-584 Andrew Carlino   1943 -1945 Phone 508 675 0683 Contact welcomed.
DD-584 Paul Chepurko S2 8/29/1944 Pchepurko (AT) I am looking for anyone who knew Jack Hughes.
DD-584 Al Chevrette COX 1943-1945 jecjcb (AT) Current Halligan historian - Contact welcome!
DD-584 Paul Christy FC3 Launch to 3/26/45 marnemt (AT) Paul was my uncle. He was lost on 3/26/45. Does anyone remember him? Contact welcome.
DD-584 James V. Civitano S2 1943-1945 cassandrafanara (AT) Trying to locate James V. Civitano-we may have a connection-could be my grandfather-Cassandra Fanara
DD-584 James Civitano   1943-1945 jimmyv26 (AT) My dad-died 1973-went down with the ship (survivor)-Anyone available for info? Like to know more about him/his ship.
DD-584 James Civitano (Deceased)   1943 to 1945 hazarahnd (AT)  
DD-584 Milton Cohen SN1 ? to 3/26/45 sd100 (AT) Anyone know my uncle who died at sea?
DD-584 Sam (Santo) Colombrito Unknown   jfrey4 (AT) Uncle was lost at sea - any info ? ? ?
DD-584 Ted Creveling SK2/C 1943 to 1945 Trainfc (AT) aol USS Benevolence AH 13 1945- 1946
DD-584 Raymond Elandt BR 1943-1945 tbpokora (AT) He is my uncle, alive, blown off Sbd side when mine blewup
DD-584 Harry Ergott WT 1943- Sunk cedarcreekk9 (AT) My dad Harry was aboard when it sunk. He is still living.
DD-584 Edward T. Grace lcdr 2/45-3/26/45 edward.daniel (AT) 2nd cousin; lost with the ship. Any recollections about him?
DD-584 Robert Houser RM3 1/44-3/45 bettylowry (AT) I'm writing a book about the Halligan and Bob Houser and want a photo of the radiomen in 1944-45
DD-584 Robert H. Hunter SK 1941-1945 mhunter574 (AT) My Uncle-aboard when it hit mine-was never recovered-if you knew him/about him pls email-Maggie Shaver-Hunter
DD-584 Walter Kasey TM   KASEY.MK (AT) My father-one of thelucky ones that survived the mine episode.
DD-584 Frank Kidwell F1/MM2 1943- 1945 KRKidwell54 (AT) This was my Dad. He was one of the survivors. Know him?
DD-584 Joseph Killian TM3 1943-1944 supval (AT) Transferred off before the disaster.
DD-584 Melvin Lackey WT1 7/43-3/45 Ph-816-353-0349 I swam out of the fireroom
DD-584 Thomas Loeffel RT1 1943-1945 Laru014 (AT) Tommy was my uncle.He died when the ship struck the mined in 1945.Did anybody remember him?
DD-584 Paul S. Longinotti unknown unknown longinot (AT) This is my dad. He died in 2004.
DD-584 Constance Lovett SN 3/12/45-sinking mmlovett (AT) Jacob Leroy Travis was my brother. Any info greatly appreciated.
DD-584 Edmund (Eddie) Molloy SN1 until ship hit mine Gala9505 (AT) Lost ... My Dad would like to talk to anyone who knew him.
DD-584 John Poremba FN 1943-1945 rpor488 (AT) Son of John. Trying to find someone who might have known dad
DD-584 Lewis Seaburn Powell SN1 11/6/44 to 5/12/45 Jgrumsey2 (AT) My grandfather-was lost at sea when ship hit a mine in the waters off Okanawa on March 26 1945.
DD-584 William (Bill) James Powers     denanddeb (AT)  
DD-584 Carl Prantl Unk 1945 cprantlsr (AT) Looking for Info - He was my brother
DD-584 John Robert Price S2 unknown-3/26/1945(KIA) wiperwill (AT) (My Grandfather-KK)
DD-584 Joseph Racovicky GM2 3/45 pbk10 (AT) killed in action 3-26-45 anyone know him? have info?
DD-584 Andrew Sasway S1 43-45 bottomfeederhoop (AT) Andrew was my great uncle
DD-584 Richard Shaver Store Clerk   mhunter574 (AT) Trying to find anyone left who knew my uncle whom I never met. Please mail me!
DD-584 Stanley Sheffer   ?-3/26/45 hazjansco (AT) I am his niece, did anyone know him?
DD-584 Simon William (Bill) Shore, Jr. S2 1943-3/45 cjs2265 (AT) Bill my cousin, KIA Halligan. He died just before I was born...have loved him all my life.
DD-584 Charles Staton S1/RM 1943-3/45 firstshotzy (AT) He is my brother- in law-- tho' i never got to meet him -- D oes anyone remember him ? ???
DD-584 Albert T. Tanaro   8/43 to 3/46 tanaro2 (AT) grandson.
DD-584 Albert J. Torregrossa SC3 8/19/43 -? mhd1977 (AT) My father (died 1987)-loved his time in the navy-wondering if anyone out there knew him-was a cook
DD-584 Christian Trust TM3 1943-1945 fairwayguy2 (AT) This is my dad. He is still active
DD-584 Oscar Turi COX 1945 mike_turi (AT) My uncle,but never met him-I only know him through my fathers storys,any info on him would be great
DD-584 Leonard Washburn SEA1 KIA 1945 allisonsaint (AT) My grandmother's husband who was MIA/KIA shortly after they married in 1945. I am looking for any information.
DD-584 Lloyd White CBM 1943 - 1945 dellrich3 (AT) Lloyd, my father-in-law, is still alive and well. His memories of the service and the war are very sharp, still.

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