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  Jack Lynch, Jr.   8/42 - 12/45 profire58 (AT) My dad-looking for info on his tour of duty-was 15 when he went in-been deceased for about 23 yrs-any info helpful.
DD-412 George Alldredge UKN 6/42 (AT) My father-did not like to talk much about the war-he is at Arlington National Cemtery passed 06/1969.
DD-412 Derek Benda   6/42 Dbenda (AT) Would love to hear from any of my Grandpa Ribby's shipmates
DD-412 Nancy Bresheras   01/42-06/42 nbreshears (AT) George Willis West was my mother's first cousin. He died at the Battle of Midway. He will always be a hero in our family.
DD-412 Daniel Carlson Chief 1940 to 6/42 rmihills (AT) My wife's cousin (was killed 6/42-awarded Silver Star-USS Carlson DE-9 was named for him. Did you know him?
DD-412 Robert Enright LT 6/42 jimnrite (AT) Would like to hear from anyone who knew my cousin Bob
DD-412 Linton Evans     zwanda1 (AT) My father, Linton Evans, is a survivor of the sinking and just celebrated his 90th birthday.
DD-412 Woody Fugate RM 6/42 ggay02 (AT) My bro in law-died 3yrs ago-had a book about sinking of Yorktown, which is lost to me-looking for title/author info to fnd copy.
DD-412 Kenneth Horner SN 6/42 kehorner (AT) I believe that my uncle Kenneth McMahon was killed while serving on the Hammann
DD-412 Marshall Jones BR2 6/42 kweej2001 (AT) Marshall was my uncle and looking for any info about him.
DD-412 Elmer L. Jones F1 5/40 - 6/42 elmer702 (AT) would like to hear from any old shipmates.
DD-412 Mardi Karr     mckarr (AT) Like to talk to anyone who knew my Uncle Robert Enright or who was onboard USS Enright, named for him-TY.
DD-412 Frank Korman   1942 crosdar50 (AT) My half brother who was lost at sea.
DD-412 Leslie (Jack) Martz   through 6/6/42 may241939 (AT) My grandfather (died June 10, 2001). Would like to hear from any of his fellow crew members who remember him.
DD-412 Scott McIntyre ENS   scottmcinty (AT) Looking for info on my uncle, Ens. Clyde Collamore Elmes, Jr. who was killed on the Hammann at Midway.
DD-412 James Mulhair   through 6/42 applebyfamily (AT) My mother's cousin who I was named after - James Appleby
DD-412 William Opdencamp FCM2 1939? - 6/42 qmcaz (AT) I have a B&W 8x10 portrait of Opdencamp in my collection.
DD-412 Robert Parramore FN for boilers presumed dead 6/6/1942 rparramore (AT) My uncle-died when ship was torpedoed-if anyone has any info or knew him would love to hear from you
DD-412 Jay Plaisted F2 3/41 to 6/42 marpl (AT) I'm 84-a hilite of my life when admlrals Nimitz & halsey visited us at pearl city hosp-halsey set at foot of my bed
DD-412 Robert Richardson   01/42 - 06/42 jackrich (AT) Robert Richardson was my cousin and served aboard the Hammann with my brother, Warren Richardson. Both were lost in the Midway Battle.
DD-412 Warren Richardson   1/42 - 6/42 jackrich (AT) Entered for my brother, Warren Jay Richardson, lost at sea June 6, 1942 aboard the USS Hammann.
DD-412 Paul Rose MM 1939-1942 ckpodesta (AT) Paul was my grandpa. Looking for photos or memories.
DD-412 Joseph Sanes MM2 11/41-6/42 Jsanes (AT) Joe was my father. Passed away 7/8/15 age 93
DD-412 Francis Scanlan   1940-1942 was529 (AT) Francis was my cousin, he went down with the ship, any info
DD-412 George Self SN ? to 6/42 enonville61 (AT) George was my uncle. Like to talk with anyone who knew him.
DD-412 Thomas Smith MM2 ? - 6/42 Snook1969 (AT) Looking for any info or recollections regarding my Grandfather: Thomas H. Smith (Smitty) - Silver Star recipient and Hamman Survivor.
DD-412 David Stagg unknown 6/42 davidstagg (AT) My great uncle,Roy Stagg,died during Battle of Midway--Just trying to find more info about the Battle & great uncle
DD-412 James Still SO3C 10/41 to 6/42{Midway] domaon (AT) Jim was my brother-Passed away 6-02
DD-412 Bertie M. Stukey S2 ? to 6/6/42 jerry.stukey (AT) Bertie was my uncle who want down with his ship. Would like to share info about him or his ship.
DD-412 Robert L. Sturgeon RM1 6/42 tsturgeon1 (AT) M father-survived sinking but grievously wounded in midsection-died in 97 frm int bleeding-finally succ to injury?.
DD-412 Laura Timmerman   12/41-???? Tamaitiotamoana (AT) My g-pa (Fred Timmerman) was on the USS Hamman. Please e-ma
DD-412 Manley Trask   from-to 6-6-42 Kbeck05 (AT) Manley was my first cousin. I am doing a genealogy study.
DD-412 Arnold True RADM 8/39 to 6/42 rmason1102 (AT) I am looking for wife or kids of Cdr.A.True
DD-412 George Watson CWO ? to 6/6/42 randy (AT) George is my father (still living!). Anyone know him?
DD-412 George Willette   through 6/42 jgaye (AT) My wife's uncle & family namesake; anyone remember him?
DE-131 Jack Lynch, Jr. MM1 1943 to 1945 profire58 (AT)  
DE-131 Francis Matson SM 1939-1942 bronko91 (AT) Father-in-law-died 5/5/03-blown overb/pron dead whn ship struck-moved when put into bodybag-anyone know story?
DE-131 John J Shrum   1942-1945 Dfrank1201 (AT) This was my late grandfather. I have many photos with sailors names/ home states.
DE-131 Lester Plato Shuford   1942 - 1945 cshuford08 (AT) My father-in-law-died 11/2/12-if you knew him, any info would be appreciated to be added to our ancestry.

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