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DD-986 Scott Akins E-4 1996-1998 akins_scott (AT) She's gettin' sunk for Rimpac '04!! Sad sad day.
DD-986 Linn Allen IC1 7/80-2-85 linnallen (AT)  
DD-986 Randy Angevine GSE1 1986 to 1989 rangevine (AT)  
DD-986 Antonio Aquino GSM2 11/90-11/95 taquino (AT) fond memories , especially the liberty overseas
DD-986 Casey Arnold ET2 1991 to 1994 hcarnold (AT) Great times!!!
DD-986 James Azevedo FTM1 12/79 -6/83 jazevedo (AT) NSSMS tech. Great ship with a great crew.
DD-986 Craig Baptista E-3 1991-1993 Cbaptista (AT)  
DD-986 Mark Beaudreault ET2(SW) 7/95-5/98 mbeaudreault (AT)  
DD-986 Nick Bello BM3 1996 to 1998 dzznik (AT) Greatest Boats team ever
DD-986 Jeffrey Berndt STG2 1979 to 1983 jeffberndt (AT) Plankowner...could not be at Decom. Feel old!
DD-986 Todd Brannon HTFN 96-98 Ptbrannon13 (AT) Many memories made on the Hill.
DD-986 Bobby Briggs RM3 01/82-09/85 fkit73312 (AT) I miss it sometimes
DD-986 Tommy Britney MR2 11/79-05/82 TBrtny (AT) Plankowner
DD-986 David M. Brown GMG1(SW) July 1992-Feb 1998 usnavgunner (AT)  
DD-986 William Brummett STG2 1985-1987 wjbrumm (AT)  
DD-986 Eric Burcher HT2(SW) 2/96-12/97 elburcher (AT)  
DD-986 Devin Cadigan OS3 1996-1998 cadigan (AT)  
DD-986 Christopher Carnevale GSM1(SW) 1983 - 1988 ccarnevale (AT)  
DD-986 David Carrick BM1 11977 to 1979 bmc113 (AT) plank owner
DD-986 Jeremey Cowles IC3 94-97 jlcowles (AT) Whats up CE division!
DD-986 James Creel ET2 1979-1982 ffredskity (AT) Plankowner
DD-986 Kevin Crow HT1 2/91 to 3/97 klcmetal (AT)  
DD-986 Walter (Ken) Croxton IC1 1985-1986 anchorcop (AT)  
DD-986 Robert (Bob) Cunningham GSE1 1979 to 1981 rcunning (AT) Pre-com nucleus crew. I just found out she was sunk. Damn.
DD-986 Erman L. D'Alesandro GSEC(SW) July 79 / May 83 ermand (AT) Pre-Comm best stated as, 'Take a Hike'....
DD-986 Joe D'Amaro STG3 1/1990 - 8-1992 jdamaro (AT) CSA-4 the SQR-15 Crew
DD-986 John Darling RMSN/SA/SR 96-97 uccleaner (AT) YAH! I effed up alot. I made some best friends. I failed. I'm good.
DD-986 James Delao GSMC 1987-1991 jldelao5 (AT) Great crew. Like to here from you.
DD-986 Robert DeRocher ET1 May 89- Oct 92 Bderocher (AT)  
DD-986 Frank DeSantis YN2 11/79 to 1/81 fjdman (AT) Plankowner
DD-986 Michael DeWire OS1 11/79-03/81 med194400 (AT) Plank Owner
DD-986 Matthew Dressing DC2 1995 to 1997 mattcathy2001 (AT)  
DD-986 Paul Dubetsky FC1(SW) 6/83-8/87 Padubet (AT)  
DD-986 Gary Earle RM3 1991 - 1994 no-feer (AT)  
DD-986 T. J. Edison TM3 11/81-6/85 tracy.ctr.edison (AT) Best ship I ever served on!
DD-986 George Eggiman EN2 07/84 to 12/87 georgeeggiman (AT)  
DD-986 David Ellet SM3 08/90 - 10/92 davidellet (AT)  
DD-986 Sterling Elmer BM3 1982-1984 coachcleaner (AT)  
DD-986 Jason Esau GSM3 1/89-1/91 JasonEsau13 (AT) Looking for Craig Taylor and Art Poppe call 425-876-7683ASAP
DD-986 Larry Flake HT2 9/80 Larry.Flake (AT)  
DD-986 Jim Freese CWO2 8/84-1/89 jfreese (AT)  
DD-986 Tim French LCDR 1979 to 1981 timofrench (AT) Plankowner - XO
DD-986 Dorien Fullilove SN (SW) 1994 to 1996 DLF115 (AT) I miss the crew. Great first duty station. Liberty Call!!!
DD-986 Benjamin Futch RM1 1991 1995 benjamin.futch (AT) Great Ship
DD-986 Michael Givens GMM3 1987-1989 myke-1 (AT)  
DD-986 David Grandsard BM2 1996-1998 grand3 (AT)  
DD-986 Tim Hammond GSM2 10/86 to 09/90 timincv (AT)  
DD-986 Gerald Hancock GMG2 4/88-8/91 skeeter (AT) Best Guns in the navy
DD-986 Matt Harburn CW2 90-94 mharburn (AT) EMO
DD-986 John Harrison STG3 1980-1981 jandkh (AT)  
DD-986 Steve Hartshorne LT 10/79 - 9/82 SHartshorne (AT)  
DD-986 Ed Heintz GSM2 11/79 - 11/81 ceheintz (AT) Plankowner
DD-986 Anthony Henson EW1(SW) 02/96-04/98 ahenson4 (AT)  
DD-986 Voir Hillaire ET2 1988 - 1992 Contact me via the webpage
DD-986 Barry Hudson OS1 02/81-07/84 Bbhud007 (AT)  
DD-986 Merle Hutchison ET2 09/89 - 03/94 hutch770 (AT) In retrospect,was a fun time-too bad I didn't know of her sinking-lived in HI at the time-would of wanted to watch.
DD-986 Ronnie Jackson PC3 8/79 - 5/82 r73jackso (AT)  
DD-986 Randy Jackson GSM1(SW) 1989-1991 amdvar (AT)  
DD-986 Novak Jamey ET2(SW) 6/96 to 5/98 jamey.novak (AT) Great Ship! Great Times!
DD-986 Sylvester Jones TM-1(SW) 6/83-85 SYLNMARY (AT)  
DD-986 Rex Jump BM2 1979-1980 rexandrose (AT) Plank owner. Piped the ceramony for the commisioning.
DD-986 Robert Kiesel OSCM(SW) 4/82 - 4/85 (AT) Great Ship - Great Crew
DD-986 Robert Kinman FC2 08/91 to 05/94 mrshoosh (AT)  
DD-986 John Koenig OS2 2/81-7/84 jdkii (AT) took her out on her frist three west pacs, great ship!
DD-986 Jack Lakely STGC(SW) 1984-1986 bigjake104 (AT) Retired from Hill on Jan.31, 1986
DD-986 Ron Lemke DC2(SW) 8/89-8/91 ronlemke (AT)  
DD-986 David Libuszowski EW2 1994-1996 User260084 (AT)  
DD-986 Rich Lott ETC(SW) 92-94 rlott (AT) Looking for IC1 Gordon Lyons.
DD-986 Mike Lutman FTG1 1979 to 1983 tlamguy (AT) Plankowner-superb crew-awesome ship now. Perfect ship/crew to start 30 yr career-I'm done 12/1/07-thx to all who helped make this a great voyage.
DD-986 Craig MacDonald STG3 3/90 to 3/92 craigmacd (AT) Trophy Lounge!
DD-986 Keith Mattis QM1 8/78 - 12/80 KM5356 (AT) Pre-Commissioning crew & Plankowner
DD-986 Rubin Maulden E-4 11/79-1983 ram2kam (AT) I sure miss the good old days aboard this ship! Plankowner
DD-986 David McAuliffe OS3 1979 to 1982 dpmcauliffe (AT) Plankowner
DD-986 Jeffrey Meals GMG2 10/89 - 06/91 jmea1 (AT)  
DD-986 William F. Meloy OTM1 1984 to 1987 wfmeloy (AT)
DD-986 Ken Merten ETC(SW) Jan 85 - Apr 88 kenmerten (AT) Retiring from Japan October 2000 - See ya' soon!
DD-986 Karim Mitchell OS2 02/28/93 - 06/12/96 Hotby911 (AT)  
DD-986 Jade Molina RM2 1994-1997 jmolina (AT) I definitely miss it sometimes. Love to hear from you boys!
DD-986 Jerry Montoya BMSM 08/79-05/83 jlm_17tinkerbell07_ (AT) Plank Owner
DD-986 LaVerne Moore FC1 01/84-06/87 barnaclebill2000 (AT) currently PCU Bulkeley (DDG-84)
DD-986 Jason Moore MSSN 1994 to 1997 jasonmoore68 (AT) Fresh pastries
DD-986 Thomas Mueller E-5 8/84 - 8/87 thomasm760 (AT) Where have all the storekeepers gone?
DD-986 Shawn Murphy EN3 07/91-12/94 s_murf748 (AT)  
DD-986 Clint Murray RM3 1991-1994 clintmurray29 (AT)  
DD-986 Robert Myers STGC(SW) 1990-1993 rmyers1 (AT)  
DD-986 Wayne Neill OS3 1982-1985 wpneill (AT) Great ship!! Sad to see it go. Wish it was made a museum.
DD-986 Joseph Oaks GSE3 1990-1992 trell (AT)  
DD-986 Jimmy Oliver FC1 10/94 to decom blown63chevy (AT) Great ship and crew. I'm now FCC Retired
DD-986 Richard Owen GSM2 05/82 - 07/82 owenrickw (AT)  
DD-986 Thomas Pekol GMMSN 1981-1983 Pekolt (AT)  
DD-986 Scott Peterson ET2 4/93-11/97 speterson (AT) Miss it
DD-986 Allen Peterson GMGC   simcgunner (AT)  
DD-986 Brandon Phillips DC3 01/1987-10/1989 brandon.phillips (AT) Greatest ship/crew ever-R Div leadership frm top Rupert Lucas,Harkness,Ski,Walters,Richardson-dominated drills.
DD-986 Everett Probasco HT2 6/80-11/83 egglemont (AT) I enjoyed those years but would not want to do it again. I felt bad to here it was sunk.
DD-986 Javier A. Ramos E-6 8/90-2/92 anjara (AT)  
DD-986 Eric Ramsell STG3 12/89-8/93 eramsell (AT)  
DD-986 Mike Rannow STGCS 88-91 moto_miker (AT) Anybody know where Jeff Wilson is?
DD-986 Jesse Reed BM3 1982- 1984 SAJEReed (AT)  
DD-986 Carl Reedy E-4 1988-1990 mrreedy (AT)  
DD-986 David Remmem GMG2 06/92-08/97 DLRemmem (AT)  
DD-986 Tommy Reynolds BM2 6/93-11/97 tommy.reynolds (AT) Great Ship with a Great Crew. Made a lot of freinds. was Sad to see the Happy Harry go.
DD-986 Howard Reynolds SK3 10/79-6/82 howard.reynolds (AT) Plank Owner
DD-986 Robert Richardson DC3 1988-1991 Robs44mag (AT) Need a cup of Java at the HT shop.
DD-986 Joe Rizkallah E-3 11/88 - 6/91 jar (AT) aka Seaman Riz
DD-986 Howard Samendinger FC1(SW) 1984-1989 hsamendinger (AT)  
DD-986 Mike Samendinger FC1(SW) 1984-1989 mikesamendinger (AT)  
DD-986 John Schul ET1 1979-1982 jschul (AT) Plankowner
DD-986 Lyle Schwenke MS3 1979 to1982 lyle_schwenke (AT) Plank owner. great ship and crew
DD-986 Ron Sellers GMM3 12/85-05/88 Aloe2302 (AT) Great experience. Lots of great memories. Great crew.
DD-986 Rick Shelar GSM2 1979 to 1982 shelars (AT) Pre-comm
DD-986 Keith Smith STG2 10/79-10/83 keeto1960 (AT) Plank Owner Pre comm
DD-986 Jason Spradlin SN 2/97-5/98 jna05 (AT) Looking for old shipmates
DD-986 Jay Steed SN 1996-1998 jsteed (AT) best group of friends i ever had!would love to here from ya.
DD-986 Wade Stephens IC2 7/84 - 11/87 wade (AT) fond memories, good ship, & great crew
DD-986 Cary (Doc) Thomas HM2 80-81 theknife (AT) Any body heard from Pat Brown ? (2nd class cook)
DD-986 David Thorstad GMG2 9/85-5/87 dthorstad90 (AT) love to hear from my shipmates
DD-986 Pat Tracy LT 79-81 pat (AT) Plankowner, MPA
DD-986 Brent Uffelman STG3 1991 to 1995 brentuffel (AT) Sad to see ship sunk for RimPac
DD-986 Jason Voss DCFN 01/97-4/98 demian_morrian (AT) Great ship, great crew
DD-986 Douglas Wade BM3 1981-1983 WADE (AT)  
DD-986 Steve Waltner OSC 03/93-02/97 Steven.T.Waltner (AT)  
DD-986 Marty Weghorn OTM2 7/86 - 10/88 mweg2002 (AT) SQR-15 dudes?
DD-986 John G. Welch ET2(SW) 1/92-2/96 john1986stang (AT)  
DD-986 Whittney Wheeler STG2 1993-1998 WFWheeler (AT) Last AN/SQR-17 Tech, miss the ship and crew
DD-986 Vincent Willis STG2 06/92-06/95 sonzhine (AT) ca rocked. wheres danny vallejo and garza at?
DD-986 Eric Wilson STG3 11/92-10/96 eric.a.wilson (AT) I have been on five ships, and she was my first and best ship.
DD-986 Joe Winter LT 81-83 fuyusan (AT)  
DD-986 Michael Zakrajsek LT 1/79 -1/81 mustang8 (AT) Elec Readiness / Elec Warfare / Intel Off.
DD-986 Chris Ziegler STG2 11/86-8/89 convgt68 (AT)  

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